Sonja Henie did NOT star in, or SKATE in this show. Rather, she co-produced it with Arthur M. Wirtz. This was a permanent year-round show at the Center Theater (later an NBC television theater, originating "The Voice of Firestone", etc., and much later, "Studio 54") in N.Y. This theater was originally intended, when Rockefeller Center (Radio City) was developed, to be the new home, in the 30's, for The Metropolitan Opera. Met officials did not find the acoustics to their liking, and thus it became the home for ten years, from 1940 to 1950, for the ice show (which changed productions and name: "Icetime", "Stars On Ice", etc., and eventually "Howdy Mr. Ice", above) produced by Henie and Wirtz. The primary reason that Sonja Henie herself did not skate in ANY of these productions, was that Ms. Henie, all-time 10 year World's, and 3-time Olympic Champion, was on tour, skating, with her huge "touring" show, "The Sonja Henie Hollywood Ice Revue", also produced by herself and Arthur Wirtz, the whole time This show also played New York each year for  a week or two at Madison Square Garden and this remained her exclusive New York appearance each year. She was also the biggest female film star of the time for several years and was busy making the ten or so movies she starred in, in Hollywood,  when her touring show was on break each year.


Carl Moseley