This poem index has been provided by the Sam Houston State University and is repinted here with their gracious permission. It is not current and her latest books are not indexed here. Their holdings do not completely overlap with that of the University of Iowa, but it was thought worthwhile to reproduce this index in the finding aid.


AEL              An Examined Life
BMB             Behind This Mortal Pone
CAS             Conversations and Soliloquies
FOS              In Fervor of Sun
FOSAP         In Fervor of Sun and Perspectives
LW                Last Words
LWR             Last Words Revised (UI does not have)    
SS                 Skyscapes
Copy refers to a holding at Sam Houston State which is not available at the University of Iowa. Copies may be available from the Special Collections Department of Sam Houston State University.

Poem Title Book Page #
1988 - The September Debate Copy
A City on the Hill LWR 53
A Cry in the Dark Copy
A Damp December in Texas, 1992 SS 26
A Democratic Society LWR 48
A Dirge Copy
A Documented Dying Copy
A Dying Animal CAS 60
A Fear Copy
A Grave Among the Immortals Copy
A Grief Without a Pang Copy
A Kind of Benediction Copy
A Kind of Triumph Copy
A Life-Time Supply Copy
A Modest Manifesto Copy
A Note from Leyden Copy
A Piece of Cake Copy
A Presentable Corpse Copy
A Proposal CAS 35
A Psychic Transformation LWR II
A Remedy Copy
A Reminder SS 28
A Reply Copy
A Takeover LWR 54
A Thinking Reed CAS 61
A Vision Copy
A Way of Life Copy
A Withered Daffodil (After Ben Jonson) Copy
Abdomenal Copy
Acorn falls, the milkweed sails away BMB 146
Advancement of Learning CAS 132
Addendum Copy
Advice to the Newborn Copy
Advise Copy
After Lives, "The Pathography Perplex Copy
After Snowfall BMB 63
After Virtue: A Study in Moral Theory: A Review AEL 51
Against the Voice of the Age BMB 80-81
Age of Criticism CAS 153
Age of Criticism AEL 69
Alien and Expatriate? LWR 26
Alien Bird BMB 111
Alienation CAS 66
Alienation Copy
Alone Copy
Although my though lies in my open hand BMB 147
Always the mist and rain have had high power BMB 144
Amateur CAS 8
Amateur and Scholar Copy
Ambiguity of Beauty CAS 116
Ambition CAS 148
Ambivalence Copy
American Strategy CAS 107
An Explanation Copy
And a Postscript LWR 73
And After Bear the Rose FOS 24
And After? Copy
And daffodils have drunk sunny dew BMB 143
And Gladly Teach AEL 93
And No Birds Sing SS 23
Anecdote Copy
Animal Kingdom LWR 39,40
Anniversary (1902-198?) AEL 18
Anodynes CAS 140
Anodynes AEL 92
Answer Copy
Ant and I, The Copy
Anticipation BMB 136
Anti-Dante AEL 63
Antinomies CAS 145
Antinomies AEL 17
Antithesis Copy
Apocalypse BMB 11
Apologia Pro Vita Sua Copy
Apology (for Eleanor Clark) Copy
Appeal FOS 8
Appraisals Copy
Appropriations of Ezra Pound  CAS 108
Approximation BMB 107
April Twenty-fifth Copy
Ars Poetica CAS 114
Artist    Copy
Artist and Anchor Persons CAS 154
As Angels in Some Brighter Dreams FOS 86
As In time swift-gathered floods BMB 86
As Wave the Sun FOS 85
Aspiration Copy
Astronauts CAS 122
Attempt at Explanation LWR 87
Aubade Copy
Author's Note Copy
Autre Temps, Autres Moeurs AEL 77
Ave atque Vale CAS 74
Awakening FOS 133-134
Awakening FOSAP 135-136
Babel Confounded AEL 127
Ballad I, II FOS 140
Ballad I, II FOSAP 142-143
Ballad I, II, III LW 68-71
Balm to the mind BMB 94
Bards if Passion and of Mirth 1,2 CAS 86-87
Baroque AEL 72
Basics Copy
Battle of the Books Copy
Be assured! Be comforted! BMB 110
Beauty, Truth, and Goodness CAS 115
Before I Wake Copy
Behind This Mortal Bone CAS 94
Behold the Lie FOS 118
Behold the Lie FOSAP 119
Benediction    LWR 77
Benediction (1928- 1970) BMB 163
Bent Twig AEL 19
Betrayal CAS 67
Betrayal FOS 9
Better Late Than Never Copy
Beyond Freedom and Dignity I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX LW 23-34
Bias Copy
Bible Story Copy
Bicentennial I, II FOS 164-165
Bicentennial I, II FOSAP 169-170
Bicentennial I, II, III, IV LW 47-55
Biografiends CAS 90
Birthday Poem Copy
Blinded SS 31
Bliss of Solitude, The (For Charles and Mary De Shazo) Copy
Body CAS 55
Body and Soul, 1, 2 Copy
Bond-Servant 2 Copy
Bonfire BMB 95
Bonus CAS 49
Bottom Line CAS 37
Bottom Line AEL 59
Bottom Line, The LWR 55
Bow, The Copy
Brotherhood of the Wasp CAS 99
Builder:  A Tribute Copy
Burden of Mortality Vladimir Horowitz in Moscow AEL 28
Burning Fountain, The Copy
Bush, Quayle, and the Anti-Abortionists Copy
By Any Other Name AEL 73
By Love Alone FOS 19
Calumny! Copy
Canticle I, II FOS 31-32
Chacun a son Gout 1,2,3 CAS 20
Chanson BMB 89
City on a Hill LW 56
Class and Underclass CAS 96
Classical Politics AEL 58
Clean Wound that Cuts the World FOS 93
Clinical Notes 1 Emphysema Copy
Close Reading, 1, 2 Copy
Coffee Hour ( for H.M.) BMB 82
Cogito CAS 127
Collected Edition Copy
Colloque Intime BMB 43
Commitment I, II FOS 121-122
Commitment I, II FOSAP 122-123
Communication Copy
Communion CAS 1
Company Manners CAS 64
Compensation of Age AEL 39
Confession, 1, 2 Copy
Conquest CAS 69
Conquistador FOS 108-109
Conquistador FOSAP 109-110
Consciousness and its Contents CAS 117
Consensus 1,2,3,4 CAS 62-63
Conservation of Energy Copy
Contents of Consciousness, The  Copy
Contradictory Chorus CAS 118
Contrition of Age  AEL 45
Conversation and Soliloquies CAS 12
Coping, I, 2 Copy
Corollary CAS 110
Cosmic Egg, Origin of the Universe, and End of the World LWR 63
Cosmic Perspectives LWR 44
Couch Potato Copy
Counsel in April BMB 70
Cowardice Copy
Creativity CAS 28
Creativity LWR 16-19
Creature Comfort I, II, III, IV FOS 142-147
Creature Comfort I, II, III, IV FOSAP 145-150
Creatures and Creations CAS 134
Cremation CAS 82
Crime  Copy
Crime in the Snow FOS 114-115
Crime in the Snow FOSAP 115-116
Critics and Scholars Copy
Cultural Change 1,2 AEL 85-87
Curiosa Felicitas Copy
Damnation Copy
Dark BMB 100
Dark Ages AEL 49
Dawn Copy
Dawn Walk BMB 64
Dawn:  Through A Glass Darkly SS 25
Day Labor Copy
Daybreak CAS 44
Daybreak AEL 23
Daybreak:  1,2  SS 32,33
De Mortuis Nil Nist Copy
De Senectute AEL 38
Dead Thoughts CAS 120
Dear Rabbit Copy
Death of God, The SS 22
Death's Large Democratic Fingers BMB 98
Debt FOS 124
Debt FOSAP 126
Debt, The LWR 81
Debts Copy
Decent Drapery of Life AEL 82
Declaration of Independence AEL 75-76
Decree Copy
Dedication BMB 137
Dedication to the Intellectual Life BMB 115
Defeat Copy
Defiance Copy
Democratic Capitalism LWR 49
Departure Copy
Depravity AEL 78
Depth and not the Tumult of the Soul FOS 120
Depth and not the Tumult of the Soul FOSAP 121
Description and Classification 1,2,3,4 CAS 4-7
Despair Copy
Destination AEL 56
Deus Absconditus LWR 65
Devil in New England FOS 160-163
Devil in New England FOSAP 165-168
Diagnosis BMB 74
Dialectic I, II, III BMB 72-73
Dialogue Copy
Dilemma CAS 100
Diminution Copy
Dirge Copy
Discount CAS 51
Disorientation CAS 11
Disposal: Toxic Waste AEL 31
Dissipation of Energy Copy
Dissolution CAS 78+
Distance Copy
Distinction LWR 20
Divinity and Art Copy
Dover Beach Again BMB 161
Downward Flight BMB 106
Drama of Consciousness
Dream I lately walked within BMB 33
Dregs Copy
Druids amd Dryads SS 3
E pur si mueve! Copy
Early Snow BMB 18
Early Spring- Full Moon BMB 42
Earth Song      LWR 31
Earth Song I, II, III LW 79-81
Earth-Rise LWR 61
Economies and the Ego BMB 116
Ecstasy CAS 29
Elementary Logic BMB 71
Emblems Copy
En Garde CAS 57
En Voyage CAS 73
English Language Copy
Envy CAS 50
Ephemerae Copy
Epigraphs Copy
Epilogue AEL 124-126
Epitah for "modernism" in Literature and Literary Criticism AEL 48
Epitaph (Archibald MacLeish 1892-1982) Copy
Eros and Psyche I, II FOS 105-107
Eros and Psyche I, II FOSAP 106-108
Essence and Substance:  An Examined Life (In Memory of Hartley Burr alexander) Copy
Essential Explanations LWR 85,86
Et Tout Le Reste Est Litterature AEL 34
Eternal Recurrence CAS 123
Eternal Recurrence AEL 114
Eternal Verities CAS 131
Ethic and Aesthetic  LWR 21-25
Ethic and Aesthetic I, II FOS 123
Ethic and Aesthetic I, II FOSAP 124-125
Even Jove FOS 52-53
Even the Swan Copy
Even These Copy
Evidence, The Copy
Evolution CAS 149
Excursions Among Ambiguities CAS 104
Excursions in Ambiguity Copy
Exhortation LWR 83
Exile CAS 77
Exiles and Gath CAS 98
Exorcism LW 1
Exorcism LWR 27,28
Explanation Copy
Exploration and Discovery Copy
Explosion of "The Challenger": Postscript AEL 99
Explosion of the Spacecraft "Challenger": In Memoriam AEL 97-98
Exposition Copy
Extension of Tiem, 1, 2 Copy
Fable of the Critics I, II LW 61-64
Faites Vos Jeux CAS 68
Fall:  Status Quo Ante Copy
Fame  Copy
Fame and Fortune CAS 80
Fame and Fortune CAS 95
Farewell Address to the Body Copy
Favored Nation Copy
Fear No More the Heat of the Sun     LWR 75
Fear No More the Heat of the Sun I, II LW 82-83
February : East Texas LW 84
Fell of Dark, The CAS 78
Fellowship of the Very Old Copy
Fiction Copy
Fin de Siecle Copy
Final Hour AEL 122
Final Metaphor FOS 198
Final Metaphor FOSAP 205
Finalities CAS 70
Finalities AEL 11
Fireweed Copy
First Fall, The Copy
Five Poems LWR 68-72
Flight From Philosophy CAS 128
Flowers BMB 84
Food Copy
For Edwin Ford Piper BMB 126
For Edwin Piper (From Paintrock Road) BMB 53
For Elizabeth Atkins (1891-1962) BMB 131
For Hartley Burr Alexander I, II, III, IV BMB 127-130
Forces of Good and the Forces of Evil AEL 80
Forecast Copy
Foreign Language Copy
Fortunate Failure, The Copy
Foster Daughters In Memory of Hartley Burr Alexander Copy
Freedom of Speech AEL 52
Free-Fall LWR 62
Fresh Spring in all Her Green Completed FOS 94
Frigates and Books CAS 72
From "Self Dependence" (Matthew Arnold) Copy
From Loves Awakened Root FOS 99
From Tomorrow on to Yesterday BMB 119
From Yeats to Yeats CAS 90
Funeral Urn AEL 2
Furies, The Copy
Futility Copy
Gardener Copy
Gender of Poetry, 1,2 Copy
Genesis of a Poem Copy
Genius Copy
Gentleman in the Dust Coat AEL 70
George F. Kennan CAS 157
Ghosts AEL 121
Gift, The LWR 13-15
Glass House BMB 65
Gleanings Copy
Goals Copy
God and Money Copy
Golden lads and Girls I, II LW 72-73
Golden Mean, The Copy
Good Death, The Copy
Good Society, The LWR 47
Goodby and God Bless You! Copy
Grand Strategy Copy
Gratitude FOS 11
Gray Curtain SS 17
Great Beast, The Copy
Great mountains, desert, ocean, like a dream BMB 159
Greatness Thrust Upon Them AEL 79
Greeks Bearing Gifts FOS 147x
Greeks Bearing Gifts FOSAP 152
Green Thought in a Green Shade FOS 102-103
Green Thought in a Green Shade FOSAP 103-104
Grief AEL 119
Grief BMB 25
Grouse and the Goshawk CAS 146
Guided Imagery CAS 54
Hallucination Copy
Hands BMB 30
Harbinger BMB 45
Hard Knots CAS 135
Haunted Lover FOS 113
Haunted Lover FOSAP 114
Hazards Copy
Hear, O Love BMB 22
Heaven's Atmosphere Copy
Helen Vendler (Scholars, Writers, Critics, and Professors) Copy
Hellas Copy
Helpful Hints, 1, 2 Copy
Here is a weight of loveliness to bear BMB 141
Heredity LWR 32
Heredity and Environment I, II BMB 117
Heredity and Environment I, II, III, IV, FOS 125-128
Heredity and Environment I, II, III, IV, FOSAP 127-130
Heritors Copy
Hermit Thrush, The Copy
Heroes and Hero-Worship  LWR 35-38
Heroes and Hero-Worship I, II, III, IV, V LW 42-46
Hide and Seek Copy
Holism:  or Who's in Charge Copy
Holy Days? Copy
Homage to Texas CAS 113
Homeless, The Copy
Honest Confession Copy
Hooly Blisful Martir Copy
Hope CAS 65
How Many Miles to the Millennium AEL 113
Hubris Copy
Human Condition vs. Classical Tradition AEL 57
Humanities LWR 45
Hurricanes Copy
Hymn CAS 40
Hymn to Morpheus Copy
Hypothesis CAS 150
I am Afraid BMB 16
I am like a Worshipper BMB 14
I am not a tree BMB 52
I Await that Hour FOS 78-79
I don’t know this Stranger BMB 13
I Have Lived, I Have Preened CAS 160
I knew the sound of its dark coming BMB 13
I know that for a breathless Space BMB 12
I Shall Bend my Head BMB 41
I think there will be music on earth BMB 154
I will look once more on the haw tree BMB 108
Identity BMB 38
Idle Curiosity SS 14
I'll Tell You How The Sun Arose SS 34
Illusion BMB 112
Imminence CAS 76
Immorality Copy
Immortal Construct AEL 129
Immortals AEL 30
Imperative Copy
In Challenge:  Not Defense Copy
In Heaven and Earth I, II, III, IV FOS 67-72
In Lieu of Courage AEL 41
In Memorium:  Jessie Newell Montgomery (1891-1991) Copy
In Moderation Copy
In Praise LWR 76
In Praise of Dictionaries and Their Makers Copy
In the Interest of Truth CAS 32
In the Last, the Innermost Abyss FOS 13
Inconsistency Copy
Indecent Drapery AEL 83
Indecision Copy
Indentured Copy
Independence Day Copy
Ingrate BMB 67
Inquire of the Closing Rose FOS 64
Inquisition BMB 114
Insouciance Copy
Inspriation Copy
Introvert BMB 68
Inventing chinese Poetry Copy
Invictus Copy
Inward Eye, The Copy
Iowa Poet Copy
Isolation Copy
It is as Though our Spirits Comprehended FOS 2
J'Accuse, 1, 2, 3 Copy
Job Redivivus I, II FOS 152-153
Job Redivivus I, II FOSAP 157-158
John Adams LWR 33,34
John Donne Copy
John Sununu CAS 158
Joie De Vivre CAS 46
Joie De Vivre AEL 68
Juggernaut Copy
King Fraud LW 57-59
King Fraud LWR 51, 52
Knowledge and the Image of Man Copy
Knowledge is like a vast and ancient grove BMB 155
Knowledge of Good and Evil FOS 129-130
Knowledge of Good and Evil FOSAP 131-132
Lady LWR 41-43
Lament AEL 120
Lament for those Lost on Land FOS 119
Lament for those Lost on Land FOSAP 120
Language of Theory and the Language of Poetry CAS 15
Last Journey Copy
Last Questions Copy
Last Things SS 24
Late or Soon FOS 30
Later Leda FOS 110-111
Later Leda FOSAP 111-112
Leaders, The LWR 46
Legacy CAS 93
Legacy of Greece AEL 117-118
Legendary Lovers I, II, III FOS 40-42
Length of Days CAS 45
Length of Days AEL 10
L'Esprit s'addresse a L'Ame BMB 90
Lessons of Age, 1, 2 Copy
Let Them Try Art Copy
Letter to V Copy
Libido Sciendi Copy
Life Copy
Light Verse on Dark Subjects Copy
Lilies of the Field CAS 79
Little Elegy AEL 128
Little Parables I, II, III, IV, V FOS 174-180
Little Parables I, II, III, IV, V FOSAP 181-187
Lo, He Comes! Copy
Lonely Death CAS 94
Long Pursuit AEL 95
Long Trek, The Copy
Loss Copy
Lovely and Illusionary BMB 24
Lovers who Must Say Farewell FOS 80-81
Loves Image FOS 95
Love's Missal Through Today FOS 66
Love's Mystery I,II, III, IV FOS 33-37
Low Key SS 27
Lullaby FOS 5-6
Lusts of the Flesh Copy
Lyric Impulse, The Copy
Magnolia Bloom FOS 166
Magnolia Bloom I, II FOSAP 171-173
Mainstream CAS 92
Mainstream America LWR 56
Marchen Copy
Mark of Cain AEL 101
Mark Van Doren and the dialogues LW 37-39
Market Place, The Copy
Marriage Poems I, II, III FOS 54-56
Mass and the Elite CAS 97
Matin BMB 37
Mea Culpa (For Elisabeth Wittman) BMB 133
Meaning and Being Copy
Meaning and the Moon I, II LW 9-11
Meaning of Evolution LW 12
Meaning of Evolution, The LWR 57
Meditation CAS 38
Meditation BMB 91
Meditation on Ideas of Good and Evil AEL 65
Meet Mr. Eliot CAS 162
Meeting (for Margaret) Copy
Melodrama BMB 79
Memorial Day - May 26, 1986 AEL 100
Memory CAS 139
Mens Sana In Corpore Sano CAS 34
Message FOS 10
Message and Messenger Copy
Message is the Message CAS 163+
Metamorphisis LWR III
Metamorphoses CAS 14
Methaphor Copy
Microcosmography FOS 89
Mind and the Machine CAS 137
Miracle FOS 90-91
Mirage with Music FOS 104
Mirage with Music FOSAP 105
Mirror Image CAS 3
Misanthropist AEL 66
Misappropriation of Ezra Pound 1,2 CAS 109
Miserere Domine CAS 16+
Miserere Domine AEL 27
Mobilization of the Sages Copy
Mock-Heroic BMB 85
Modernism Copy
Mood Copy
Moonshine on the Rocks I, II, III, IV FOS 148-151
Moonshine on the Rocks I, II, III, IV FOSAP 153-156
More Appropriations CAS 111-112
Morning SS 29
Mortal Essence Copy
Mother of God, The Copy
Motives and Motifs CAS 102
Mountains over Persia I, II LW 35-36
Mulier Sapiens I, II, III, IV FOS 167-170
Mulier Sapiens I, II, III, IV FOSAP 174-177
Music at the Close CAS 83
My Acquaintance With Poets Copy
My Contribution LWR 67
My Native Tongue Copy
My Soul's Face BMB 44
Mystique of the Unicorn Reborn at Marcus Copy
Nature and Art SS 15
Necessity Copy
Negative Capability CAS 85
Neurosis Copy
New Patriotism": or Peer Pressure AEL 74
Newer Euphuism AEL 54
News that stays News CAS 159
Night Piece BMB 113
No Man's Land CAS 75
No priest absolves as surely as the past BMB 160
No Winter Landscape FOS 22-23
No world could be more lovely  than ours now BMB 142
Nostalgia Copy
Not Before The Servants Copy
Not in a Dream of Paradise FOS 82
Not In Galilee FOS 3
Not Marble CAS 81
Not Marble AEL 8
Notes Copy
Not-Quite Posthumous Life, Theq Copy
Now as blue evening pales BMB 156
Now in an April morning after rain BMB 140
Now while the wine is untasted BMB 62
O Sole in Whom my Thoughts Find all Repose FOS 83-84
O Sun Invisible FOS 88
O Unknown Powers FOS 132
O Unknown Powers FOSAP 134
O Weave White Garlands BMB 12
Obession Copy
Obituary Copy
Obsequies AEL 7
Odd Antiphony LW 13
Odd Antiphony LWR 30
Old Gospal Hymn Copy
Old Locals LW 14
Old Locals, The  LWR 29
Old People I, II LW 3-4
Old People I, II LWR 1
Old-Fashioned Song FOS 25
Olive Tree BMB 32
On Growing Old"-- Matthew Arnold AEL 36-37
On Not Meeting Edna Millay (for W. Martin) Copy
On Sex Education Copy
Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny (On a Newborn Baby Sleeping) Copy
Open Conspiracy AEL 53
Optimal Condition Copy
Optimism Copy
Or Even Babies? Copy
Ora Pro Nobis BMB 17
Origins Copy
Osteoporosis 2 Copy
Our Lady Copy
Our Native Language Copy
Our Native Tongue Copy
Out of Harm's Way SS 18
Painted Veil AEL 81
Palliative Copy
Parable- The Shattered Web AEL 13
Participant Copy
Parturition Copy
Past and Present AEL 62
Pastime Copy
Pastoral BMB 105
Pathology Perplex CAS 90
Patterned Web AEL 3
Peace Without Price FOS 87
People vs. Public Copy
People whose pure tongue I do not speak BMB 153
Personal Relations Copy
Perspective:  Cosmic or Comic LWR 59
Philosopher? Copy
Philosophers and Cave Dwellers Copy
Pilgrimage AEL 4
Planetary Ecology: Genesis-- Yes? Apocalypse? No. AEL 109-112
Planetary Music AEL 104-108
Plastic Art CAS 16
Plays Many Parts Copy
Pleasures of the Imagination CAS 21
Plutocrat CAS 2
Poem As a Safe Place CAS 25
Poem For My Ninety-second Birthday Copy
Poem For Your Birthday FOS 50-51
Poem Not for Music FOS 20-21
Poems - Not quite Posthmous Copy
Poems for Ruby Copy
Poems for the New Year AEL 20-22
Poetic Technique Copy
Poetry of Appearances:  How Things Look, 1, 2, 3 Copy
Political Process LWR 50
Politics Farewell Copy
Polluters AEL 55
Pope and the Virgin Copy
Population Explosion LW 60
Population Explosion LWR 66
Portrait BMB 39
Portrait of Bessie Copy
Portrait of the Mind Copy
Post Script Copy
Postscripts CAS 136
Prairie Poet Copy
Prayer CAS 101
Prayer AEL 130
Prayer BMB 120
Precursor Cursed Copy
Predecessors, Et Cetera, Amy Clampitt Copy
Preface Copy
Premature Burial AEL 33
Presiding Deity SS 4
Price of Longevity, The Copy
Principles and Politics CAS 36
Prisoner Copy
Prognosis BMB 75
Proof of Love I, II, III FOS 96-98
Prophet With Honor, 1, 2 Copy
Prophets and Prophecy Copy
Protective Integument Copy
Protest FOS 14
Prothalamion I, II, III FOS 76-77
Provisional Reply Copy
Psychomachis or the Blight of the Precursor Copy
Public Address Copy
Pulverized Mythology Copy
Pursuit of Happiness CAS 48
Pursuit of Happiness AEL 94
Pursuit of the Muse BMB 78
Pygmies vs. Dwarfs:  The Great Debate Copy
Quandary BMB 76
Quatrains LW 5-8
Query Copy
Query Eight Copy
Query Seven Copy
Question, The Copy
Questions, The Copy
Quod Erat Demonstrandum Copy
R.I.P. Copy
Raison D'Etre AEL 67
Rallying the Troops CAS 106
Reality vs Fantasy (For Dorothy) Copy
Realms of Being CAS 121
Realms of Being LWR 58
Reasons for Writing LWR 12
Recalling Whitman Copy
Recurring Dream of Evil Portent BMB 99
Recycled Copy
Red and the Black Copy
Redskin of Paleface? CAS 24
Reflections on Immortality FOS 171-173
Reflections on Immortality FOSAP 178-180
Reflections on Immortality LW 74-75
Relativity CAS 125
Release Copy
Religious Residue Copy
Remedy LWR 88
Remembered Spring ( For Lee Andrew Weber) BMB 132
Reprieve AEL 89
Requiescat CAS 84
Reservoirs of Mount Helicon, The Copy
Residium BMB 46
Residual CAS 119
Resolution Copy
Responsibilities of the Artist CAS 156
Responsibility for Poetry CAS 13
Retrospect I, II, III, IV, V FOS 57-61
Return FOS 135-137
Return FOSAP 137-139
Revelation Copy
Rewards Copy
Rite de Passage Copy
Robert Frost and the Better Half of Poetryq Copy
Rock 'n Roll 1,2,3, CAS 17-19
Rock, the Sea, and the Gull FOS 138-139
Rock, the Sea, and the Gull FOSAP 140-141
Rock, the Sea, and the Gull LW 65-67
Romantic Nostalgia AEL 64
Roots of American Order AEL 71
S.D.I. CAS 152
Sagacity BMB 15
Salvage Copy
Salvation CAS 43
Sanctity of Bigotry CAS 163
Sand Waste BMB 123
Say not the struggle Naught Availeth Copy
Schopenhauer and the Porcupine Copy
Sea Change, 1, 2 Copy
Second Childhood Copy
Second Death CAS 89
Second Death AEL 90
Second Sight I, II, III, IV V FOS 43-47
Second Thought BMB 77
Self Dependence 1,2 CAS 58-59
Self-Sufficiency CAS 56
Shadow BMB 83
Shaping Force of Love FOS 15
Shifting Mist CAS 155
Silence CAS 71
Silenced Copy
Silver Skies SS 16
Since Even Leaves BMB 26
Sing-Along AEL 46
Singer to Singer I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII FOS 189-197
Singer to Singer I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII FOSAP 196-204
Sisters BMB 40
Skoal! Copy
Sky Babies SS 9
Skywatch: 1,2 SS 12,13
Sleep-Walker AEL 5
Slightly Grudging Praise Copy
Smog Copy
So is the meagre banquet spread BMB 47
So Let It Be Copy
So Much you are Offered BMB 54
Social Order AEL 50
Soliloquy CAS 143
Sometimes I come upon you Unaware BMB 138
Song ( When I am Old) BMB 19
Song (Lady for a Little Day) BMB 27
Song for a Masque BMB 31
Song-- Love is not a Gift FOS 26
Songs Before Winter I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII BMB 101-104
Songs for a Spinet I, II, III,  BMB 28
Space-Time - Time-Space Copy
Spinning Sight FOS 48-49
Sports as a Unifying Element CAS 33
Spring Song Copy
Spunk Copy
Stanzas Written in Dejection, Near Houston Copy
Star Wars CAS 151
Star Wars AEL 103
State of the Nation CAS 30
Status Quo CAS 47
Status Quo-Ante CAS 88
Stigmata of Poetry Copy
Still Life--Chrysanthemums FOS 141
Still Life--Chrysanthemums FOSAP 144
Strange Gods in Greece FOS 154-159
Strange Gods in Greece FOSAP 159-164
Stranger FOS 101
Strategic Retreat Copy
Stricken Deer CAS 147
Strife Divine, The Copy
Stump Speech CAS 9
Style and Authenticity in Postmodern Poetry CAS 103
Subjectivity Copy
Submission SS 30
Success CAS 52
Suds SS 10
Suicide Machine, The Copy
Suitable Attire Copy
Summa AEL 123
Summa FOS 199
Summa  FOSAP 206
Summer Showers SS 11
Summit AEL 102
Summons FOS 4
Sun Draws the Rose, the FOS 63
Super Collider CAS 133
Survival or Success CAS 53
Suspense SS 21
Sycophants Copy
T. S. Eliot in 1988 Copy
Task Copy
Test Copy
Testament AEL 14
Thanksgiving, I, II Copy
Theocracies Copy
Theodicy CAS 42
Theodicy AEL 60
Theology AEL 61
They also Serve LW 40-41
This afternoon an infant comes to call BMB 148
This afternoon I have had too much to say  BMB 151
This Corruptible AEL 12
This Edge of Shadow I,II FOS 100
This is the little picture of the world BMB 152
This World's Defeat FOS 75
Thorny Hedge shuts close my heart BMB 36
Thought Caught on the Wing CAS 138
Thoughts Copy
Threatening Weather SS 20
Three Cheers for Prettiness Copy
Three Lives:  A Non-fiction Novel in Verse Copy
Through flushed and flowering spring BMB 149
Throughout the cycling year BMB 121-122
Time and Tempo Copy
Time-lag or Plus Ca Change CAS 31
Tired Rabbit, The Copy
To a Pot-Professor and Certain Professor-Critics I, II BMB 96-97
To an Acquaintance BMB 134
To charm your ear is now my privilege BMB 157
To My Colleagues- Past, Present, and Future-- In English Departments Everywhere AEL 32
To the Poor Loveless Ever-Anxious Crowd FOS 27-28
Toll Copy
Tortuous, tormented, tortured, the descent BMB 158
Touchstones CAS 27
Touchstones 29
Tragic Dialogue Copy
Transubstantiation BMB 66
Travel Guide SS 5
Treachery CAS 144
Treason Defined FOS 116
Treason Defined FOSAP 117
Trial, The Copy
Tribute to John Updike CAS 161
Twelve Quantrains LWR 2-4
Two Poems CAS 10
Two Poems For Jeane Kirkpatrick Copy
Two Women (For Elizabeth Atkins and Louise Pound) Copy
Tyranny of Greece CAS 130
Ulmus Americana    LWR 74
Ulmus Americana I, II LW 76-78
Unacknowledged Legislators Copy
Unequal Contest LWR 89
Universal Mind LWR 60
Until Copy
Upbeat CAS 91
Urania AEL 26
Uses of Poetry CAS 22
Valentine FOS 38-39
Valiant AEL 9
Values CAS 126
Vanity AEL 40
Varieties of Religious Experience, 1, 2, 3 Copy
Verbal Behavior LWR 5-11
Verbal Behaviour I, II, III, IV, V,VI, VII, VIII IX,  LW 15-22
Verbal Defiance Copy
Verification CAS 23
Very Old, The Copy
Vesper BMB 21
Virtue  Copy
Virtues Forced Upon Us CAS 41
Virtues Forced Upon Us AEL 84
Visitant Visited BMB 69
Vista SS 7,8
Vocabulary Copy
Vocation AEL 116
Vortex Copy
Vorticism, 1 Copy
Wager, The Copy
Waking Dream BMB 49
Wall of Fire AEL 25
War and Cease-Fire Copy
Watching the horses from a neighboring field BMB 145
Weather Report SS 19
Week in Rock, The Copy
Weeping Philosopher, The Copy
Welcome Song FOS 65
What does it "Mean" to be SS 1-2
What If CAS 124
What is Beauty BMB 10
What is I, II, III FOS 16-18
What Price Old Ladies? Copy
What Then? CAS 39
What We Learn Copy
What We Read CAS 142
What We Write CAS 141
When I Have Fears AEL 42
White Flowers AEL 91
Why Pretend? LWR 64
William Gass and Humphrey Carpenter's A Serious Character CAS 105
Wind! Linsten! (The Linden Flower) FOSAP 113
Wind: Listen: (The Linden Flower) FOS 112
Winter Bound BMB 118
Wisdom of Age AEL 44
Wisdom:  The Beginning Of Copy
Withered Rose AEL 6
Without Honor Copy
Woman of Thebes FOS 7
Women I, II, III, IV, V FOS 181-188
Women I, II, III, IV, V FOSAP 188-195
Word AEL 16
Word, The LWR IV
Words About Death BMB 20
World Enough and Time FOS 73-74
World Without End Copy
Worldly Goods Copy
Wound and the Bow AEL 43
Writers' Workshop Inspiration CAS 26
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod CAS 129
You are my flower of youth BMB 139
Your sudden piercing cry sounds in my ears BMB 150
Zero Gravity Copy