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Box Contents List

Railroad Forms


Box F-1


Folder 1

Aberdeen, Huron and Southern, 1948.

Adams Express, 1914.

Akron, Canton and Youngstown, n.d.

Alabama, Tennessee and Northern, 1926.

Alaska Railroad, 1930.

Algiers, Winslow and Western, 1968.

Alton and Southern, n.d.

American Brotherhood of Railway Trackmen, n.d.

American [Railway] Express Company, 1889-1927.

American Freedom Train, 1975.

American Locomotive Company, 1939-1946.

American Railroad Company of Porto Rico, n.d.

American Refrigerator Transit Company, 1928. Amtrak, 1979-1986.

Ann Arbor Railroad Company, 1943.

Apache Railway Company, 1906 and 1954.

Arkansas Railroad Company, 1964.

Arkansas and Ozarks Railway, 1952-1957.

Arkansas Southern Railroad Company, 1903.

Arkansas Valley Railway, n.d.

Arkansas Valley Railway Light and Power Company, 1912.

Armour Car Lines, 1906.

Armour-Cudahy Refrigerator Line, 1890.

Arms Palace Horse Car Company, n.d.


Folder 1-B

American Railway Association, 1930.


Folder 2

Arms-Yager Railway Car Company, 1924.

Astoria and Columbia River Railroad Company, 1906.

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company, 1881-1974.

Atlanta and Saint Andrews Bay Railway Company, 1971.

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company, 1927-1961.


Folder 3

Atlantic Shore Railway, n.d.

Bachman Valley Rail Road Company, n.d.

Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation, 1951.

Baldwin Locomotive Works, 1933.

Baltimore, Chesapeake and Atlantic Railway Company, 1914

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, 1902-1985.

Bangor and Aroostook Railroad, 1954.

Barney and Smith Car Company, n.d.

Bay Area Rapid Transit, n.d.

Bay State Street Railway Company, n.d.

Beaver, Meade and Englewood Railroad Company, 1932.

Beira-Division of Exploration of Porto, 1950.

Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad Company, 1948.

Belt Rail Road and Stock Yard Company, 1933.

Belt Railway Company of Chicago, n.d.

Bevier and Southern Railroad Company, 1955.

Bingham and Garfield Railway Company, n.d.

Blue Ridge Railway Company, n.d.

Board of Railroad Commissioners of the State of Montana, 1966.


Folder 4

Boston and Albany Railroad, 1941-1951.

Boston and Maine Railroad, 1849-1974.

Bridgton and Harrison Railway Company, 1932.

Brimstone Railroad Company, n.d.

British Columbia Electric Railway Company, 1932.

British Railways, 1949-1960.

Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company, 1920.

Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, 1912.

Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks, 1958.

Buffalo and Erie Railway Company, n.d.

Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway Company, 1914.

Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railway Company, 1876­-1902.

Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Company, 1871-1872.

Burlington and Missouri River Railroad in Nebraska, 1890­-1895.

Burlington, Muscatine and Northwestern Railway Company, 1947.


Folder 5

Burlington Northern Railroad, 1971-1985.

Burlington and Northwestern Railway Company, 1877.

Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway Company, 1971-1978.

California Western, 1966.

Camas Prairie Railroad Company, n.d.

Cambridge Eastern Railroad Company, n.d.

Canadian Car and Foundry Company, 1943.

Canadian National Railways, 1933-1965.

Canadian Northern Railway Company, 1913.

Canadian Pacific Railway Company, 1914-1977.

Cananea Yaqui River and Pacific Railroad Company, 1907.

Canon City and Cripple Creek Railroad Company, 1901.

Carson and Colorado Railway Company, 1898.

Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway Company, 1959.

Cedar Rapids and Marion City Railway Company, 1908.

Central Car Service Association, n.d.

Central Iowa Railway Company, n.d.

Central Railroad Company of New Jersey, 1913-1954.

Central Pacific Railroad, 1876-1902 and 1974.

Central Vermont Railway, 1954 and 1974.

Charleston and Western Carolina Railway Company, 1951.

Charlotte, Monroe and Columbia Railroad Company, n.d.


Folder 6

Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company, 1907-1967.

Chessie System Railroads, 1973-1985.

Chester Traction Company, 1884.

Chesterfield and Lancaster Railroad, n.d.

Chicago and Alton Railroad Company, 1887-1921.

Chicago and Atlantic Railway Company, 1888.

Chicago, Burlington and Northern Railroad Company, 1888.

Chicago Car Service Association, 1906.

Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad Company, 1902-1955.


Folder 7

Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company, 1886-1966.


Folder 8

Chicago Great Western Railway Company, 1898-1970.

Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer Railroad, n.d.

Chicago and Illinois Midland, 1947.

Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville Railway Company, 1934­-1955.

Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska Railway Company, 1887.

Chicago, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway Company, 1905.

Chicago and Milwaukee Electric Railroad Company, 1910.

Chicago, Milwaukee and Saint Paul Railway Company, 1887-1921.

Chicago, Milwaukee, Saint Paul and Pacific Railroad Company, 1931-1977.

Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railway, 1923-1961.

Chicago and North Western Railway Company, 1893-1988.


Folder 9

Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company, 1894-1958.


Folder 10

Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company, 1884-1972.


Folder 11

Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company, 1884-1963.


Box F-2


Folder 1

Chicago River and Indiana Railroad Company, n.d.

Chicago, Rock Island and Mexico Railway Company, n.d.

Chicago, Rock Island and Texas Railway Company, n.d.

Chicago, Saint Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railway Company, 1905-1953.

Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad, 1950-1967.

Chicago Terminal Transfer Railroad Company, 1900.

Chicago Transit Authority, 1960.

Chicago and West Michigan Railway Company, 1887.

Choctaw and Memphis Railroad Company, n.d.

Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad, n.d.

Cincinnati and Great Northern Railroad Company, 1873.

Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railway Company, 1888.

Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway Company, 1948-1951.

Cincinnati Northern Railroad Company, 1917.

Cincinnati Union Terminal Company, n.d.

Citizens Electric Railway Light and Power Company, n.d.

Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and Saint Louis Railway Company, 1892-1899.

Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis Railway, 1885.

Cleveland and Eastern Traction Company, 1918.

Cleveland, Painesville and Eastern Railroad Company, n.d.

Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad, 1884.

Clinchfield Railroad Company, 1923.


Folder 2

Coast Line, n.d.

Colorado Midland Railroad Company, 1923.

Colorado and Southern Railway, 1941-1960.

Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek District Railway Company, 1911.

Colorado, Texas and Mexico Railroad Company of Oklahoma, n.d.

Columbia National Railroad, 1942.

Columbus, Delaware and Marion Railway Company, n.d.

Columbus, Hocking Valley and Toledo Railway Company, 1885­-1888.

Columbus and Toledo Railroad Company, 1881.

Connecticut Valley Railroad Company, n.d.

Consolidated Railroads of Cuba, 1952.

Continental Tank Car Company, 1927.

Conway Scenic Railroad, 1983.

Cornwall and Lebanon Railroad Company, 1882-1904.

Council Grove, Osage City and Ottawa Railway Company, 1886.

Cripple Creek Central Railway Company, n.d.

Cripple Creek and Colorado Springs Railroad Company, 1919-1942.

CSX Transportation, n.d.


Folder 3

Cumberland and Maurice River Railroad Company, 1883.

Danville Gas, Electric Light and Street Railway Company, n.d.

Dayton and Western Traction Company, 1932.

Dayton-Xenia Railway Company, n.d.

Delaware and Hudson Canal Company, 1898.

Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company, 1889-1954.

Denver, Kansas and Gulf Railroad, 1890.

Denver, Northwestern and Pacific Railway, n.d.

Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Company, n.d.

Denver, Rio Grande and Western Railroad Company, 1923-1975.

Denver Union Terminal Railway Company, n.d.

DeQueen and Eastern Railroad Company, 1960.

Derby Street Railway Company, n.d.

Des Moines and Central Iowa Railroad, 1948.

Des Moines, Iowa Falls and Northern Railway Company, 1903.

Des Moines Union Railway Company, n.d.

Des Moines Valley Railroad, 1866.

Duluth and Iron Range Railroad Company, 1919.

Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway Company, 1889.

Duluth, Missabe and Northern Railway Company, 1905.

Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway Company, 1901-1967.

Duluth, Winnipeg and Pacific Railway Company, n.d.

Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, 1983.

East Broad Top Railroad, 1964.


Folder 4

East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad, n.d.

Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway Company, 1938.

Ellis Car Company, 1894.

El Paso Union Passenger Depot Company, n.d.

Empire United Railways, n.d.

Erie Railroad Company, 1890-1959.

Erie-Lackawanna Railroad Company, n.d.

Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad Company, 1894.

Florence and Cripple Creek Railroad Company, n.d.

Florida East Coast Railway Company, 1935-1954.

Fort Benning Transportation Corps, 1944.

Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Southern Railroad Company, 1966­-1974.

Fort Smith and Western Railway Company, 1930-1934.

Fort Worth and Denver City Railway Company, 1906 and 1955.

Fostoria and Fremont Railway Company, n.d.

Franco-Ethiopian Railway, n.d.

Galesburg and Great Eastern Rail Road Company, 1957.

Galveston; Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway Company, 1902.

Galveston, Houston and Henderson Railroad Company, 1936.

Georgia Railroad, n.d.

German State Railroad, 1954.

Gowrie and Northwestern, n.d.

Grand Trunk Railway System, 1911-1917.

Grand Trunk Western Railroad Company, n.d.


Folder 5

Grays Harbor Railway and Light Company, 1935.

Great Northern Railway Company, 1891-1970.

Great Western Railway Company, 1936.

Green Bay and Western Railroad Company, 1961-1988.

Guantanamo and Western Railroad Company, n.d.

Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Company, 1909 and 1940.

Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad Company, 1948-1971.

Hamburg Railway Company, 1902.

Hannibal Connecting Railroad, n.d.

Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, 1938.

Havana Electric Railway Company, n.d.

Heber Creeper, 1974.


Folder 6

High Point, Thomasville and Denton Railroad Company, 1956.

Hill City Railway Company, n.d.

Hoboken Manufacturers Railroad Company, 1939.

Hudson River Railroad Company, 1864.

Illinois Central Railroad Company, 1911-1971.

Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, 1977-1985.

Illinois Terminal Railroad Company, 1955-1966.

Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Company, 1910.

Indiana, Illinois and Iowa Railroad Company, 1902.

Indianapolis and Saint Louis Railroad Company, 1875.

Indianapolis Union Railway Company, 1924.

Interborough Rapid Transit Company, 1920.

Inter-California Railroad, n.d.

Intercolonial, n.d.

International and Great Northern Railroad Company, 1910.

International Railway Company, 1940.

Iowa Central Railway Company, 1890-1902.

Iowa Railway and Light Corporation, n.d.

Iowa Southern and Missouri Northern Railroad Company, n.d.

Ireland-State Railways, 1950.

Iron River, Stambaugh and Crystal Falls Street Railway Company, 1928.

Jacksonville Southeastern Line, 1894.

Jacksonville Terminal Company, 1947-1967.

Johnstown Passenger Railway Company, 1894.

Kansas City, Clay County and Saint Joseph Railway Company, 1915.


Folder 7

Kansas City, Clinton and Springfield Railway Company, 1890­-1900.

Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis Railroad, 1892-1898.

Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railway Company, n.d.

Kansas City Northwestern Railroad Company, 1933.

Kansas City Southern Railway Company, 1936-1977.

Kansas City Terminal Railway Company, 1957-1965.

Kansas City and Topeka Railway Company, n.d.

Kansas City, Wyandotte and Northwestern Railroad, n.d.

Kansas, Oklahoma and Gulf  Railway Company, 1932-1964.

Kansas and Sidell Railroad Company, n.d.

Kentucky and Indiana Terminal Railroad Company, n.d.

Keokuk Union Depot Company, 1891-1906.

Keokuk and Western Railroad Company, 1891-1898.

Lake Erie and Detroit River Railway, 1900.

Lake Erie and Western Railroad Company, 1887-1924.

Lake Huron and Northern Ontario Railway Company, n.d.

Lake Shore Electric Railway Company, 1928.

Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Company, 1886-1908.

Lake Terminal Railroad Company, 1971.

LaSalle and Bureau County Railroad, n.d.

LaSalle Street Station, n.d.

Lehigh and New England Railroad Company, 1912.

Lehigh Traction Company, 1894.

Lehigh Valley Railroad Company, 1888-1963


Folder 8

Little Rock and Memphis Railroad Company, n.d.

Live Oak, Perry and Gulf Railroad Company, n.d.

Long Island Railroad Company, 1889-1917.

Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad Company, n.d.

Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal, 1950.

Louisiana and Arkansas Railway Company, 1903.

Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company, 1922-1954.

Ludlow and Southern Railway Company, n.d.

Maine Central Railroad Company, 1954.

Manila Electric Railroad and Light Company, n.d.

Manitou and Pike's Peak Railway Company, 1888.

Market Street Railway Company, 1925.

Mason City and Clear Lake Railroad Company, 1914.

Meridian and Bigbee Railroad Company, 1971.

Mexico. Central Railroad, n.d.

Mexico. Chihuahua and Pacific Railroad Company, 1899.

Mexico. Mexicano Railway, 1891 and 1936.

Mexico. National Railway, 1935 and 1961.

Mexico. Northern Railway Company, n.d.

Mexico. Sonora Railroad, n.d.

Mexico. Sud-Pacifico Railroad, n.d.

Michigan Central Railroad Company, 1899-1920.

Midland Terminal Railway Company, 1902-1939.

Midland Valley Railroad Company, 1909 and 1954.

Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railway Company, 1893.


Folder 9

Milwaukee and Saint Paul Railway Company, 1873.

Mineral Point and Northern Railway Company, 1906.

Mineral Range Railroad Company, 1924-1929.

Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern Railway, n.d.

Minneapolis and Saint Louis Railway Company, 1902-1970.

Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Sault Sainte Marie Railroad Company, 1901-1977.

Minneapolis Street Railway Company, n.d.

Minneapolis and International Railway Company, 1939.

Mississippi, Hill City and Western Railway Company, n.d.

Missouri and Arkansas Railway Company, 1946.

Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company, 1890-1964.


Folder 10

Missouri Pacific Railroad Company, 1895-1958.

Missouri Railroad Company, n.d.

Mobile Light and Railway Company, n.d.

Mobile and Ohio Railroad Company, 1865.

Modesto and Empire Traction Company, 1966.

Montana Rail Link, 1988.

Montana Western Railway Company, n.d.

Municipal Railway OT San Francisco, n.d.

Muscatine and Iowa City Railway Company, n.d.

Napierville Junction Railway Company, 1967.

Nashville, Chattanooga and Saint Louis Railway, 1911-1949.

Nassau Electric Railroad Company, n.d.

National Express Company, n.d.

Nebraska Central Railway Company, n.d.

Nevada Northern Railway Company, 1912.

New England Street Railway Company, 1896.

New Foundland Railway, 1949

New Orleans Great Northern Railroad Company, 1906.

New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal, n.d.

New South Wales Railways, 1961

Newton and Northwestern Railroad Company, 1901-1906.

New York Central Railroad Company, 1900-1975.


Folder 11

New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company, 1915.

New York, Chicago and Saint Louis Railroad Company, 1927­-1963.

New York Dock Railway, 1916.

New York, Lake Erie and Western Railroad Company, n.d.

New York and New England Railroad Company, 1895.

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company, 1879-1971.

New York, Ontario and Western Railway Company, 1933-1942.

New York, Providence and Boston Railroad Company, 1851.

New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad Company, 1898.


Folder 12

Norfolk and Western Railway Company, 1908-1964.

Northern Alberta Railways Company, 1944.

Northern Pacific Railway Company, 1899-1977.

Northern Pacific Terminal Company of Oregon, 1964.

Northern Railroad, 1929.

North Missouri Railroad, 1863.

North Pennsylvania Rail Road, 1873.

Northwestern Coal Railway Company, 1906.

Northwestern Oklahoma Railroad, 1976.

Northwestern Pacific Railroad Company, 1953.

Oahu Railway and Land Company, n.d.

Oconee and Western Railroad Company, n.d.

Ogden, Logan and Idaho Railway Company, n.d.

Ohio River Railroad Company, 1898.

Oklahoma - Southwestern Railway Company, 1932.

Old Colony Railroad Company, 1876-1888.

Ogden Union Railway and Depot Company, 1951.

Omaha, Kansas City and Eastern Railroad Company, n.d.

Ontario Northland Railway, n.d.

Oregon Electric Railway Company, n.d.


Box F-3


Folder 1

Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company, 1907.

Oregon Short Line Railroad Company, 1898-1913.

Owensboro and Nashville Railway Company, 1895.

Pacific Car Demurrage Bureau, n.d.

Pacific Coast Railroad Company, n.d.

Pacific Express Company, 1897-1907.

Pacific Fruit Express Company, 1923.

Panama Railroad Company, 1916-1948.

Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway Company, 1963.

Pecos and Northern Texas Railway Company, n.d.

Pella-Leffler Short Line Railway Company, 1917.

Pemberton and Hightstown Railroad, n.d.

Penn Central Transportation Company, 1979.

Pennsylvania Railroad, 1898-1967.


Folder 2

Pennsylvania and Atlantic Railroad Company, n.d.

Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines, n.d.

Peoria and Pekin Union Railway Company, n.d.

Peoria Railway Terminal Company, 1960.

Pere Marquette Railroad Company, 1911-1938.

Philadelphia and Reading Railway Company, 1872-1935.

Philadelphia Traction Company, 1894.

Phoenix Union Station, n.d.

Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and Saint Louis Railway Company, 1910.

Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Saint Louis Railway Company, n.d.

Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad, 1940.

Pittsburgh Locomotive and Car Works, 1894.

Pittsburgh, Shawmut and Northern Railroad Company, 1909-1930.

Pittsburgh and Western Railway Company, 1902.

Plant System, n.d.

Plymouth Locomotive Company, 1986.

H.K. Porter and Company Light Locomotives, 1894.

Portland Electric Power Company, n.d.

Providence and Worcester Railroad, 1881.

Pueblo Union Depot and Railroad Company, n.d.

Pullman Company, 1903-1966.

Quanah, Acme and Pacific Railway Company, 1969-1975.

Quebec, Montreal and Southern Railway Company, 1910.

Quebec North Shore and Labrador Railway, n.d.


Folder 3

Quincy, Omaha and Kansas City Railroad Company, 1920.

Railway Express Agency, 1906-1971.

Folder 4

Railway Express Agency, 1921-1956.


Folder 5

Railways of Australia, 1983.

Raritan River Rail Road Company, 1953.

Reading Company, 1928-1954.

Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad Company, 1950­-1952.

Richmond Light and Railroad Company, 1910.

Rochester, Lockport and Buffalo Railroad Corporation, n.d.

Rock Island and Dardanelle Railway Company, n.d.

Rock Island and Oklahoma Railway Company, n.d.

Rock Island and Peoria Railway Company, n.d.

Rock Island Southern Railway Company, n.d.

Rutland Railroad Company, 1946.

Saint Johnsbury and Lamoille County Railroad, 1949-1967.

Saint Joseph Belt Railway Company, n.d.

Saint Louis, Arkansas and Texas Railway, 1894.

Saint Louis and Hannibal Railroad Company, 1891 and 1931.

Saint Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railway Company, 1891.

Saint Louis, Keokuk and Northwestern Railroad Company, 1893­-1900.

Saint Louis-San Francisco Railway Company, 1901-1976.


Folder 6

Saint Louis Southwestern Railway Company, 1982.

Saint Louis Southwestern Railway Company of Texas, 1899.

Saint Paul and Des Moines Railroad Company, n.d.

Saint Paul and Duluth Railroad Company, 1897.

Saint Paul and Sioux City Railroad, n.d.

Saint Paul Union Depot Company, 1915 and 1953.

Salt Lake and Utah Railroad Company, 1918.

Salvador Railway Company Limited, 1951-1958.

San Diego Electric Railway Company, 1937.

Sand Springs Railway Company, n.d.

San Luis Southern Railway Company, n.d.

San Luis Valley Southern Railway Company, 1943.

San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad Company, 1906­-1914.

Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corporation, 1983-1986.

Scranton Traction Company, 1894.

Seaboard Air Line Railway, 1910-1959.

Seaboard Coast Line Railroad Company, 1967-1977.

Shenandoah Valley Railroad, n.d.

Shippers' Car Line Corporation, 1929.

Silverton Railway Company, n.d.

Sioux City and Northern Railroad, 1890.

Sioux Falls Traction System, n.d.


Folder 7

Southern Railway System, 1901-1964.

Southern Express Company, 1906.

Southern Iowa Railway Company, n.d.

Southern Kansas Railway Company, 1887.

Southern New York Railway Incorporated, n.d.


Folder 8

Southern Pacific Company, 1947-1951.


Folder 9

Southern Pacific Company, 1887-1977.


Folder 10

Southern Pacific Company, 1937-1947.


Folder 11

Southern Passenger Association, 1944-1947.

Spokane International Railroad Company, 1951-1964.

Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway Company, 1910 and 1951­-1965.

Springfield Street Railway Company, n.d.

Standard Fruit and Steamship Company, 1939.

Stockton Terminal and Eastern Railroad, 1975.

Stuttgart and Rice Belt Railroad Company, n.d.

Syracuse, Lake Shore and Northern Railroad Company, 1925.

Tela Railroad Company, 1925.

Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway Commission, 1933.

Tennessee Central Railway Company, 1954.

Terminal Railroad Association of Saint Louis, 1957.

Texarkana Union Station, n.d.

Texas Electric Railway Company, n.d.

Texas Mexican Railway Company, n.d.

Texas Midland Railroad, 1905-1906.

Texas and New Orleans Railroad Company, 1950.

Texas and Pacific Railway Company, 1904-1949.

Tionesta Valley Railway Company, 1933.


Folder 12

Toledo, Peoria and Western Railroad, 1910-1958.


Box F-4


Folder 1

Toledo Railways and Light Company, 1913.

Toledo, Saint Louis and Western Railroad Company, n.d.

Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway, 1969.

Tuckerton Railroad Company, 1910.

Twin City Lines, n.d.

Uintah Railway Company, n.d.

Ulster Transport Authority, 1957.

Union Pacific Railroad Company, 1876-1977.


Folder 2

Union Pacific Railroad Company, 1929-1988.

Union Terminal Company of Dallas, 1964.

Union Terminal Railway Company of Saint Joseph, Missouri, n.d.

United Railways of Havana, n.d.

United States Express Company, 1897-1912.

United States Railroad Administration, n.d.

Valley and Siletz Railroad Company, n.d.

Vandalia and Pennsylvania Lines, 1905.

Victorian Railways, 1943.

Virginia Midland Railway Company, n.d.

Virginian Railway Company, 1923.

Virginia and Truckee Railroad Company, 1876-1899.


Folder 3

Wabash Railroad Company, 1892-1957.     .

Wabash, Saint Louis and Pacific Railway Company, n.d.

Washington and Old Dominion Railroad, 1949-1954.

Washington-Virginia Railway Company, n.d.

Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Northern Railroad, 1946-1953.

Waverly Short Line, n.d.

Waynesburg and Washington Railroad Company, n.d.

Wells Fargo and Company Express, 1911-1917.

West End Street Railway Company, 1915.

Western (Alabama) Railroad, 1880.

Western Australia Government Railways, 1947.

Western Express Company, 1917.

Western Maryland Railroad Company, 1910.

Western Pacific Railroad Company, 1914-1964.

Western Passenger Association, 1904.

Western Refrigerator Line, 1899.

Western Union Telegraph Company, 1876-1959.

Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad Company, 1919.

White Pass and Yukon Route, 1899.

Willamina and Grand Ronde Railway Company, n.d.

Wisconsin Central Railroad Company, n.d.

Wisconsin Central Limited, 1987.

Wisconsin Electric Lines, 1983.

Wyoming Railway Company, 1942.

Yosemite Valley Railway Company, n.d.


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