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MsC 531


The Clarice E. Krieg
Twelve Days of Christmas Collection

IOWA CITY, IOWA 52242-1420
TELEPHONE: 319/335-5921
FAX: 319/335-5900

August 2001

limited to outstanding or unusual colors

Black - G1b/5, G1e/1, G4bf/9, H1b/1, K3a/1, M11/1, N13/1, N14/5, O41/2

Blue (light) - D4cf/4, E3d/1, H4b/1, I4b/2s1, I4b/2s2, K1e/2, M31/1, N13/6, O14/3, O31/2, O43/1s1, O43/1s2, O43/1s3

Blue (medium) - A4a/1, D1d/2, D1e/2, D2b/7, D3c/5, D3e/3, D4a/3, D4a/5, D4d/5, D4e/4, E2d/2, F2e/1, G1d/3, G1e/8, G2df/7, G3e/2, H3e/1, I1a/1, J2a/1, K3e/1, L1a/1, M13/7, P5/3

Blue (dark) - B1e/2, C2d/8, C3b/3, C3d/3s2, D1a/6, D2b/2, E1b/2, E4d/2, G3cf/1, H4b/3, I1d/1, J1a/2, J3a/1, K3c/1, P3/4

Brown - C3a/6, D2a/2, D3a/8, G3cb/3s1, G4bf/3, G4eb/4s1, G4eb/4s2, M12/5

Copper - B2e/4, B4b/2, G3bf/3, P2/2

Cream - E3a/1, K3b/1, K5/1, M14/1

Gold - B1b/2, B1b/3, B1d/1, B2b/3s1, B2b/3s2, B2b/5, B2c/1, B2d/5, B3a/3, B3c/2, B3c/3, B4b/1, B4b/4, B4c/1, B4e/2, B4e/4, D2d/1, D3d/3, G2b/3, G4b/1s1, G4c/2, N13/5

Gray - D4d/1, G3df/4, G4bb/3, H4b/4, I2b/1, K1c/5

Green (light) -C4e/1, D1b/1, E2e/1, G2e/4, G3a/1, G3bf/7, G4c/3, G2b/1, P2/1

Green (bright) - B1a/2, B1c/2, B3b/2, B4c/4, C2d/5s3, D1d/1D2b/6, D2e/3, D3e/7, D3c/4, D4e/1, E4b/6, G2b/4, G2c/1, G2c/2, G4a/1, G4c/7, G4ef/4, H4e/2, M23/5, M24/1, Z2/1-12

Green (dark) - B3b/5, C2a/3, C2d/1, C2d/6, C3a/5,C3a/8, C3a/9, C3d/1, C4bb/1, C4bf/2, C4bf/8, D1d/3, D2b/5, D2c/1s1, D4b/1, E1a/a, F3a/5, F3b/1, F4c/1, G3a/8, G3cb/2, G3cf/4, G4bf/7, H2c/1, H3b/6, H3c/1, H3cb/1, H3c/3s2, I1c/2, I2e/1, I3a/1, I3c/1, I3d/3, I4c/1, J3b/2, J3d/1, K3c/4, O14/1, O33/8, P4/3, P4/4

Ivory - F1a/2, G2df/4s2, G3bf/1, G3df/1, G3df/3, H3b/1, H3b/3, I3a/1, I3b/1, I4b/1, I4d/2, J4b/1s1, N14/1, N31/1, N31/2, N34/1

Lavender - F4e/1, H3a/1, I4b/2s2

Magenta - F3d/2s2, F4d/1s1, G2b/1, G3cb/1, H4c/1

Maroon - C1d/1, C4c/1s2, I3b/2, M13/12, O31/3

Orange - F1a/9, F1a/9s2, G4c/3, I1e/1, K1c/3, K4d/1

Pink - B4d/3, C4c/2, D1a/2, D1a/4, D1b/2, D1d/5, D2d/6, G1e/4, G3a/2, G3cb/4, G3cf/6, J1d/1, M12/3, M13/3, P3/1

Purple - B2e/1, B3d/1, B4d/3, D3d/1, G1d/1, G1d/4, G3db/4, G3df/9, H3a/4, J5/2, P4/2, P5/4

Red - A4c/1, B1a/1, B2a/2, B2b/4, C2b/5, C2d/5s2, C2e/1, C3a/3, C3a/4, C3a/7, C3b/1, C3b/4, C3c/1C4d/1, C4e/1, C4w/2, C4e/3, D3a/2, D3a/3, D3a/9, D3a/10, D3b/7s1, D3b/7s2, D3c/2, D3c/3, D4a/4s1, D4a/4s2, D4b/5, D4cf/6, D4e/3, E3b/2, F2d/1, F2d/3, F3a/4, F3b/3, F3d/2s1, F4c/1, G1a/2, G1c/4, G2c/3, G2c/4, G2db/1, G3bb/2, G4eb/3, G4ef/3, H1e/2, H2e/1, H3a/2s1, H3a/2s2, H3b/5, I4c/2, I4d/4, I4d/6, I5/1, K3c/3s1, K3c/3s2, M23/4, M33/2s1, M24/1s1, N24/1s2, O13/2, O33/4

Silver - B2d/2, B3a/1, B3b/3, B3b/4, B3b/6, B3b/7, B4b/3, C2d/7, C3d3s2, M2 1/3, O33/4

Tan - C3c/2, C4bf/1, C4d/3, D1b/3, D1c/2, D2d/7s1, D2d/7s2, D2e/1, D3b/4, D3e/1s2, D3e/2, D4a/6, D4b/2, D4cb/3, D4cf/3, E1d/1, F2b/4, G1e/2, G2a/2, G2a/3, G2df/8, G2e/3, G3db/3, G3e/1, G3e/8, G4ef/2, H2b/2, H4b/2, I2a/1, I3c/1, K3e/4, M12/2, O33/6, O34/1, O53/1, Z31-12

Turquoise - B3b/2, B4e/1, C3d/3s1, E1a/4, G1e/5, G2df/9, G3cf/3, G4ef/1, H1e/1, I4d/3, L1d/1, M23/6

White - A3b/4, D4a/5s1, D4a/5s2, D4b/6, D4cb/2, D4d/6s1, D4e/2, E1a/3, E1d/2, E4a/1, E4b/1, E4b/5, F2b/1, F3c/1s1, F4b/2, G2e/1, G3a/5, G4bb/1, G4bf/2, G4bf/4, G4db/2, G4df/2, H1a/1, H2e/2, H3c/4, I4d/1, J3b/1, J3d/1, J4a/1, J4c/3, K1c/1, K1c/2, M13/2, N33/2, P2/4

Yellow - A1b/1, D2b/3, D2d/8, E3b/1, G1b/4, G1c/1, G3c/7, G3bb/3, G3cf/5, G3e/7, J5/4, M12/1, N13.2, O41/1, P3.5, P5/5

Yellow Green - A3d/1, B2d/1, B2d/3, B2e/3, B2e/5, B3a/2, D1d/6s1, D1d/6s2, D2d/2, D2d/4, D3a/6, D3b/6, D4cf/5, D4d/2s1, E4b/4, E4c/1, E4e/2, F1a/3, F3c/1s2, F4a/2, F4b/1, G1b/3, G1d/5, G1e/7, G2a/4, G3a/3, G3db/1, G3db/2, G3e/6, G4bf/5, G4c/2, G4df/1, H2d/1, H3e/2, I3d/2, I4d/5, K1b/3, K1e/1, K3e/2, M13/1, N14/3, P3/2, P3/6, P4/1



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