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The Clarice E. Krieg
Twelve Days of Christmas Collection

IOWA CITY, IOWA 52242-1420
TELEPHONE: 319/335-5921
FAX: 319/335-5900

August 2001


Abel Cards - E4b/2
Accord Cards - E1a/2
Age Concern - P16/5
Alaska Crippled Children's Christmas Card - L5/2 [shown right]
Allen - see T.V. Allen Co.
Allport Editions - L1a/2
Almanac Gallery - P13/5, P16/4
Alzheimer's Disease Society - P5/7
Ambassador Cards - G1b/6
American Artists - D1a/5, E4d/1, O33/5s1, O34/2
American Artists Group - E3a/1, G3df/3, O33/5s2
American Cancer Society - B3a/3
American Elegance - G1c/2
American Gallery - K1e/3
American Greeting Corp. (inlcuding American Greetings and American Greetings Company) - B1c/1, B2d/5, B4c/4, C3b/6, C4d/4, D1b/5, D2a/4, D2d/3, D3a/9, D3b/1s1, D3b/1s2, D3b/2, D3b/8, D4b/5, E4a/2, G1b/3, G1c/2, G2v/1, G3bf/10, H1a/1, I1c/1, I4c/1, I4d/1, K1b/2, K1e/3, K3c/3s1, K3c/3s2, K3e/4, M13/12, M23/4, M33/2s1, M33/3, M34/1, N31/1, O11/1, O42/1, O43/1s1, O431s2, O43/1s3, O43/5
Americana Tidings - F2b/4
Animal Farm - L6/2
Aries Design - D1a/13s2, M13/6
Art Guild Greetings, Inc. - I2e/1
Artis - C3d/3s1, G4bf/9
Artistic Cards Ltd. - F2b/2
Bannardo Publications, Ltd. - M21/4, O33/7
Barton-Cotton, Inc. - C2a/2
Beacon Square Press - G3bf/9s2
Beaux Arts Edition - D2d/8, G4bf/1
Blue Mountain Printmaker's Design - J1a/1, J1a/2
Bottman Design, Inc. - K3a/4
Brett - D2b/1s1, D2b/1s2
Brett Studios - see Jan Brett Studios, Inc.
Britannia - C3a/10, F3a/2, F3a/4, F3a/10, G3e/9
British Heart Foundation - E3c/3, F1a/7, F2d/3, G1a/3, G3a/9, P13/5
Burgoyne - C2b/4
Burgoyne, Inc. - C4bf/12, N14/6, O11/2, O33/2, O43/4
Buzza Cardoza - D4e/6, G4c/4
CCA Stationary - M33/4
CLIC - see Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood Trust
Camden Graphics Ltd. - B3a/4, F2b/3
Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood Trust - G3a/11
Cancer Relief, Ltd. - N13/9
Care Cards - E2d/2, H3a/3
Carlton Cards - D1b/5, C3c/3, I3a/2, M34/1, N13/7
Carol Cards - D2b/2
Carole Smith Gallery (including Carole Smith) - M13,11, O41/2
Carter Cards - G3bf/9s1, G3bf/9s2
Caspari Ltd. - H2b/3, H2c/3; See also H. George Caspari, Inc.
Celebrations by Gibson - H2b/4, O31/3
Century - J2b/1
Century Graphics - L5/3
Century Regency Greetings - B4e/3
Charmcraft Publishers - B3e/1s2, D4b/4
Chicago Heart Association - G1e/3s3
Children's Orthopedic Hospital and Medical Center, Seattle - G3df/2, K1a/2
Christmas Festival - P2/7
Christmas Gems - D4a/1, G3bb/1, G34/1
Christmas Jewels - G3a/2
Christmas Originals - G2e/2, G3db/1, G3db/3, H1d/1, H3b/4
Christmas Sparklers - I2a/1
Christmas Unlimited - 023/1
Chayson's - C3a/6
Classique - E3d/3, M24/1
Cleo - D3a/7, F3e/1
Cleo Wrap - C4bf/4
Clinton Cards - D3a/10
Cole, Oina - see Oina Cole Collection
Coloriginals - M13/10
Contempo - Z2/1-12
Cornucopia - D1a/7, F1a/9s1, F1a/9s2, J1a/3
Cotillion Cards - D1a/2, D2a/1
Creative Papers - Z3/1-12
Crisis - P16/2
Cross - see Greene Cross
Current, Inc. - F2b/4, H3b/7, M14/4, M14/5, P193/1
Curtis Swann - B3b/2, P3/1
Cystic Fibrosis Trust - P13/3
D'art Noel - F1a/12, F1c/3, G2a/6
Dash - see Irene Dash Greeting Card Co., Inc.
Deer Crest - C4bf/1
Diving for Pearls - K3a/6 [shown right]
Dixon, J. Arthur, Ltd. - see J. Arthur Dixon Ltd.
Drawing Board, Inc. - B3b/6, B3d/4, G3df/4, G4ef/2
Drawing Board Greeting Cards, Inc. - C2b/5, C2d/5s1, C2d/5s2, C2d/5s3, C4c/1s1, D3d/2, D4b/7, E4a/6, E4b/6, G3bf/4, G3df/1, H2b/1, H3b/3
Duncan McIntosh - D4e/5, G3df/8s2
Duncan McIntosh Collection - D3d/5s1, D3d/5s2, G3df/8s1, G4ef/6, H1d?2, I4d/6
E-C Art - B2b/2
EAS Publications - D1a/8
Earth Care - J5/5
Earthnotes - J5/5
Editons Limited - J1a/1, J1a/2
Elliott - see Kristin Elliott, Inc.
Equinox Designs - J3b/2
Evergreen Press - O43/3
Famous Artists Studios, Inc. - B1b/1, G3e/1, N13/4
Famous Classics - I4c/2
Fantusy - C2d/8, F4e/1
Fine Arts Graphics - C3a/10, F2a/2, F3a/4, F3a/10, G3e/9
Forers - L7/3
Forget-Me-Not - B2b/5, B4c/4, D1b/5, D2d/3, D3b/1s2, G1b/3, G2c/4, K3c/3s1, K3c/3s2, M23/4, M34/1, O11/1, O43/1s3
Fraser - see Gordon Fraser
Fravessi Lamont, Inc. - F1a/3, F1c/1
Friedman and Massimo - G1a/5
Gallery Collection - G3e/4s2, H3a/2s2
Gallery Live - D1a/14, G2a/1
Gibson - C4bf/8, D4e/1, G3a/2, G3a/3, G3bb/1, G3e/6, G4eb/4s1, G4eb/4s2, I3a/1, N33/2, O34/1
Gibson Christmas Star-Lites - D4a/5s1, D4a/5s2
Gibson Greeting Cards, Inc. - B4c/1, M24/1
Gibson Greetings, Inc. - C4bf/4, H2b/4, O31/3
Goose Street - D4b/10
Gordon Fraser - E1a/8, P12/1, P13/1, P14/1, P15/1
Grand Award - I4d/5, J4c/2
Grant - C4bf/1
Graphic Creations, Ltd. - G3db/4
Gray Dove - G1c/3s2, G1c/3s3
Great Arrow Graphics - G1a/5
Greene Cross - I3a/3
H. George Caspari, Inc. - E1b/2, E2b/1, H2b/3, H3c/3s1, H3c/3s2, O14/3, O31/1; see also Caspari
H.L. - D1a/15, G3a/10s1, G3a/10s2, H3a/4, M11/2, P13/3, P13/4, P16/2
Hallmark Cards, Inc. - B1c/2, B3d/1, C3e/1, D1a/1, E2d/4, E4b/5, G1b/1, G1b/6, G3a/1, G3bf/3, G4db/2, H2c/1, H3b/1, I3a/2s1, I3b/1, I3c/2s2, I4b/1, I4d/2, J4c/1, J4d/2, Kic/2, K1e/2, K3b/1, K5/2, K5/3, M12/1, M13/2, M14/1s1, M14/1s2, N14/4, N33/4, N34/1, O23/1, O33/3, O43/2, P4/1
Halloween Flamingos - L6/1
Hartland Cards - G4bf/8s1, G4bf/8s2
Harts and Flowers - G4bf/8s1, G4bf/8s2
Hawthorne Sommerfield - G2df/2, I4d/3
Heartland Classic - D4d/2s2
Help Mentally Handicapped Children - N13/1
Help 33 Charities - N13/8
Helping Hands - F3a/6
Heritage - I2e/1
Holiday Elegance Collection - D3a/7, F3e/1
Holly Tree - F1a/4, K1b/4
Hollywood Showcase - G1d/3
Home Farm Trust - P13/4
Hot Off the Press - G3a/11
Image Arts - B2b/2, C2d/7, C3c/1, J3b/3
Image by Design - H3a/4
Imperial Cancer Research Fund - D3a/10, E1a/7, P5/6 [shown right]
Inkpot Studio - K3c/7
Institute of Logopedics - D1c/1
Irene Dash Greeting Card Co., Inc. - D3e/3, G4ef/5
J. Arthur Dixon, Ltd. - D2c/4, F2b/2, F3a/12, M12/6, M23/7, P5/7
Jan Brett Studios, Inc. - G3bf/8
Jennex Enterprises Ltd. - G4bf/8s2
Jodds - E1a/7
Jooles Limited - O16/4
Hoseph Weld Hospice - F1a/6
Joys of Christmas - D4d/2s2
Kaycrest - D1a/2, D2a/1, G4bf/1, G4c/3
Keepsake Cards Inc. - K3c/7
Kristin Elliott. Inc. - F3b/4
La Borde, Roger - see Roger La Borde
Lamont - see Fravessi Lamont, Inc.
Lawrence, Stephen - see Stephen Lawrence Co.
Lifeboat - F2a/1
Lillian Vernon Corp. - H4b/3
Ling's Cards - G3a/10s1, G3a/10s3, H3a/4, M11/2, P16/2
Mamelole Press Ltd. - F3a/8
Marcel Schuman Co., Inc. - E1a/3, N13/2
Markam Publishing - G3df/7
Masterpiece Studios, Inc. - C4bf/3s1, C4bf/3s2, K1c/1
McIntosh - see Duncan McIntosh
Maxie and Me, Inc. - G4bf/11
Me Too - O13/1
Medici Society - O42/3
Meri Meri (Quite Contrary) - See QC
Metropolitan Artists - D3d/5s1, D3d/5s2, G3df/8s1, G4ef/6, H1d/2, I4d/6, K3c/5
Metropolitan Greetings - D4cf/1
Metropolitan Museum of Art - I3a/1, I3a/4, L7/1
Michael Woodward Licensing - M11/2
Michigan Cancer Foundation - C3a/2
Mid-Wessex Trading Co. Ltd. - F3a/5, P16/2
Mission Card - G1d/3, G2a/5
Missions to Seamen - M12/6
Morse - see Simon & Nicky Morse
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - J2a/1, M13/9
NCH Action for Children - E4a/7
National Audubon Society - D2b/4
National Schizophrenia Fellowship - O33/7
National Trust (Enterprises) Limited - D1a/11, E1a/6, F3a/7
Neiman Marcus - D2b/1s2
Noel Tatt, Ltd. - F1a/6, F1a/11, F3a/5
Noel Tott Appeals - O33/8
Norcross - C3a/1, D3b/7s1, D3b/7s2, D4b/3, E4b/1, G1d/1, G2a/4, L3c/1, K3c/2, K3d/1
NuArt - M14/2
Nu-Art Etchcraft - B2b/2
Oakbrook - G2df/8
Oina Cole Collection - P12/3, P13/6, P14/3, P16/3, P19/1
Olympicard - C2e/1
One Step Beyond - Z4/1-12
One World - D1a/8
"Original Art" design by Brook - B3c/1, D1c/2, D1d/3, G3cb/5
Orthopaedic Hospital - D3a/5
Oxfam - C2d/2, D1a/8, D1a/9, E1a/1, Hia/3, P2/6, P5/8, P13/10, P14/5
P.S. Greetings - D3b/9
Paintspot - E4a/7
Paper Craft Composition - D2d/8, G4bf/1, G4c/3
Paper d'Art - F1a/12, F1c/3, G4a/5
Paper House Group - D1a/13s1, D1a/13s2, D3a/11, F1a/10, F3a/6
Paper Magic Group, Inc. - C3d/3s1, G4bf/9, M14/6, M23/6
Paper Rose Publishing Company - K3a/6
Paperchase - G1a/4
Paperlink Ltd. - D1a/7, D1a/16, F1a/9s1, F1a/9s2, F3a/3, J1a/3
PaperTroupe - C1a/2
Paramount Cards, Inc. - F4c/2
Paramount Line, Inc. - G3a/4
Pastel Brushworks - A3b/1
Pen & Inc. - L3b/1
Plus Mark, Inc. (and Plus Mark, an American Greetings Company) - C3b/3, C3b/6, E4a/6
Postal Publications Limited - P15/4
Possi - P13/7, P14/4
Prudent Publishing Company - G3e/4s2, H3a/2s2
QC - P13/8
Quality Crest - G1e/3, G2df/4s2
Quite Contrary - see QC
Rainboworld! Special Edition - H2b/3
Recycled Paper Products, Inc. - D1e/2, D4b/6, G3a/5, H3b/6, J4a/1, J4c/3, K1a/4, K2b/1, L3d/1, L3d/2, L6/1, L6/2, L7/2, P13/2
Recycled Royale Charity Cards - O14/2 [shown right]
Red Farm Studio - G3a/6
Red Kite Designs Ltd. - K3a/5, P18/1, P191/1
Regatta - D3a/11, F1a/10
Regency - B2d/1, B4b/5, D4a/7, F3d/3, G3cf/5
Renaissance Greeting Cards, Inc. - D4b/8
Reproducta - G1a/1
Robot Design, Inc. - F1a/8
Roger La Borde - D1a/10, F3a/11
Royale Publications Ltd. - O14/2
Running Rhino Design - A3b/1
Rust Craft - O24/1
SX - D4b/9
Saks Fifth Avenue - D1b/4
Samaritans - F3a/5, P14/2
Sands Print - D4e/2
Sandy's Greetings - D4e/2
Sangamon - G3a/12, G4a/3
Save the Children - D2e/3, F1a/5, F3a/1, M13/8, O33/1, O43/6
Save the Children Fund of B.C. - M13/7
Saving Lives at Sea - F2a/1
Schurman - see Marcel Schurman Co., Inc.
Sharpe, W.N. - see W.N. Sharpe Ltd.
Shelter - F3a/3
Shoebox Greetings - K5/2, K5/3
Shosha - G3e/5, H1e/1
Sierra Club - L1b/1
Simon & Nicky Morse - A4a/1
Sixty-Acre Co., Inc. - I4c/2
Smith, Carole - see Carole Smith Gallery
Sommerfield - see Hawthorne Sommerfield
Stephen Lawrence Co. - J3b/2, Y356, Y3/57, Y3/58
Sunrise Publications, Inc. (including Sunrise) - D4a/8s1, D4a/8s2, F3b/2, G3b/2, J5/6, O14/1, O42/2, P15/3, P16/1
Sunshine Card - D1a/6, G1b/2, G1b/5, G4bb/3, H1b/1, H3a/1, H4b/4, N12/1
Swann - see Curtis Swann
T.V. Allen Co. - D3b/5, K3a/3
Tatt, Noel, Ltd. - see Noel Tatt, Ltd.
Tesco Stores Ltd. - F3d/2
Time for Christmas - D3d/5s2, K3b/4
Tiny Talk - H1a/1
Two Bad Mice - F3a/2, K3e/5, P13/9, P15/2
Vernon - see Lillian Vernon Corp.
W.K. Block Print - E2df/1
W.N. Sharpe Ltd. - F3a/9
Washington National Cathedral - P2/5
White Christmas Originals - O24/2
Wild Card Co. - L5/4
Woodmansterne Publications, Ltd. - D3a/1, O23/2
Woodward Licensing - see Michael Woodward Licensing
Working for Homeless People - H2a/1
World Wildlife Fund - G3cb/6
Wragg Designs - D3a/1, D4a/9, O23/2
Ziggy - K1b/2, K3e/4



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