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Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary Arts:

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Series I -- Artists' Works and Correspondence   A-E   F-M   N-Z

Series II -- Gallery Announcements

Series III -- 3-D Works




Fabian, J. (USA). Work, no date

Factor, Syman "Symbol-man" (USA). 1 photocopied work with address. n.d.


Fahheldy, Heuk

Fais, Maria

Fajo, Jan (Hungary). Postcard, black and white photos of his work and 4 catalogues, 1970 --1972

Fakkeldij, H.

Fallico, Arturo. 

Fallout Press, Mail art in Context, Charlotte, 1996-1997. mailed slide of exhibition

Falmer, J.C.

The Famous for Fun Foundation

Fan Club Fan Club

Farancz, William

Faricy, Leslie

Farley, Bill (USA). Color photograph "Concrete Poem," 1973

Farm Biscuit

Farm Pulp

Farrington, Will

Farwell, R.

Fasnacht, Heidi. untitled, bound work

Fate Records. Letter 1982, short note and order form for products

Faulkner, Jim

Fawcett, John. 2 letters, 1980. Correspondence regarding arrangements for a rubber stamp exchange and announcement of Fawcett's rubber stamp drawing show at OK Harris, New York

Fax Art Shows

Featherspring International Corp. 2 letters, 1980. Information about obtaining foot supports

Fedorowicz, Jerzy and Ludmila Popiel (Poland).


Ken Friedman/Box 2/49.

Black and white photographs 4 collaborative works 1970 --1972

2 works by Popiel 1965

Work by Fedorowicz 1972.

Feelisch, Wolfgang (Netherlands).


6 copies of Vice Versand sales brochure for "Topical Art for your Household," no date

Letter regarding exhibition of Milan Knizak, at Dortmund Museum, 1972

Feeney, Eileen

Feinstein, Leeroy

Felter, Jas (Canada).(Folder not found, April 2004)


Envelope postdated 1977 with a sheet of stamps by Felter (stuck to inside of envelope)

Reprint of K. Friedman "Fluxus and concept art," Art and Artists, October 1972.

Felts, Neil


Fe-mail Art

Fencott, P.C.

Ferdinande, D. and G.

Fereira, William

Ferguson, Jim (USA).


"A Political Cartoon," 1972

2 postcards. (Postcards not found, April 2004)

Fernandez, Felix

Ferrando, Bartolome (Spain). Assorted printed concrete poetry works by Fernando, David Perez, Rosa Sanz and Mercedes Calpe, ca. 1979

Ferrella, Lynne


Festa de Letra

Fey, Sandy

Fier, Bruce

Fierens, Luce

Filliou, Robert (France).


Postcard "Envelope," 1976

Exhibition brochure and copy of letter to Ken Friedman

Fillpot, Clivo

Fin, Sera (Germany).


2 letters 1981 (one undated).

Booklet/documentation? titled "Postneodadaesque Retropost," 1981?

6 photocopied works, poster and postcard, no date

Fine, Ada B.

Fine, Jud.


Article titled "Confessions," February 1976.

Postcard for a 1981 exhibit at the Margo Leavin Gallery.

Finger, Jelly

Fingesten, Peter

Finlay, Eric

Finlay, Ian Hamilton. From 'Rapel', 1963 (Card)

Fiorini, Greg


Fischer, Hal

Fischer, Herve

Fish, Julie

Fish, Pat. Postcard, 1980. Invitation for submissions to "Fashion Plate," deadline July 1980

Fishback, Kurt (USA).


A collection of articles about this photographer.

2 black and white photographs of Ruth Bernhard and Peter Van Denberge, 1980.

Letter 1980

Photo folio in Petersen's Photographic, October 1980

Fishel, Michael

Fishman, Mark


Five/Cinq Aesthetics (Canada). Postcard and a stock certificate for a quantum, 1978

Flack, Audrey (USA).


Postcard, c. 1972 -- 1973

7 works, c. 1972 -- 1973

2 issues of The Sock of the Month Club, c. 1972 -- 1973

Flannery, Diane. 3 postcards, 1978

Flatland (USA)

Fleming, Bradford. 2 empty envelopes, one dated 1977 and the other unmailed with logo of The University Art Gallery, University of Massachusetts

Fletcher Corporation

Flint, Gary

Flores, Aaron

Florian, Mircea (Romania)

Fluxshoe Add End A 72-73. England: Beau Geste Press, 1972. promotional pack and addition to fluxshoe catalogue

Fluxus West

Fluxus Zone

Flying Pencil Studios (USA). "Artist's Dozen" 1978 Calendar. 29 artists contributed work.

Flynt, Henry (USA). Copy of "Communists Must Give Revolutionary Leadership in Culture," 1965

Flyrod, Zebco. Letter, 1979 with small photocopy of a Queen Elizabeth rose. Water damaged?

Fobes, Dave (USA).


2 letters, 1979.

Postcard, c. 1979.

Fodor, Charles A.

Foley, Cynthia

Folk Concepts of Outer Space

Folon (France). Postcard "Ecrire," 1974

Fong, Donna

Fontana, Bill

Fontana, Giovanni

Fonteles, Bene

The Foot Square Space

Ford, Charles Henri

Ford, Merrily.


Approximately 10 letters, 1978 -- 1982.

Assorted photocopies

Envelope, 1981.

Ford, Simon

Fords Framing


Forest, Fred

Format - Art and the World

Fornari, Cindy

Forte, Paul

Forti, Simone.


Brown bag used as envelope

Assorted articles about Forti's activities

Photograph of Forti in action

2 notices for Forti dance/movement workshops

Model for a press release for Forti and Peter Van Riper (husband) presentation of "Big Room," no date

Fortune, T.

Foster, Lynn Charles (USA). Postcard, 1983.

Foster, Stephen C.

Foundation for World Music.


Various internal papers regarding this organization.

Minutes of two meetings (December 8, 1980 and December 9, 1980)

Certificate of incorporation

Position Paper on 'World Music'

Fox, Cyndi

Fox, Harry

Fox, John. Gallery invitation, Sept 10, [1977 or 1983].

Fox, Michael

Francis, Claude

Francis III, Harley (USA). Letter and stamp art, 1977.

Francke, Cees (Netherlands). 2 letters, 1977 -- 1978. One contains information about Padin/Caraballo Defense Committee and other includes short note and listing of 2 projects to submit work to

Francois, Charles

Francis, Mary

Frangione, Nicola (Italy).


Artists' postcard 1980 inviting work for "House of Artist,"

Poster for show (postcard not found April 2004).

2 invitations for shows.

2 photocopied and a printed work, ca. 1980 (Not found April, 2004)

Envelope, 1980.

Frank, Joachim

Frank, Nancy (USA). 1 postcard, 1 envelope, 1 postcard set, 1977.

Frank, Peter and John Armleder, Endre Tot. Richard Hamilton "Composer" postcard from all three from Switzerland

Frank, Shirlee

Franklin Furnace. Various exhibit announcements and checklists

Franklin, Phil

Franks, David, Destroying Narcissus, Artscape, 1992. booklet of photocopied body parts.

Franzen, G.

Franzen, Piet (Netherlands).


Mailing of "Sema-Cahier" work in paper


Postcard with information about the Sema-Cahier (art and project), a project which one subscribed to in order to receive 4 issues of art works.

3 envelopes with works, ca. 1981

Freedman, Jacqueline (USA). Color photocopy announcement for show of book

Freedman, Marcy

Freedman, Tera

Freeman, Thad (USA).


Book-Tales My Grandfather Told His Knee

Related printed matter to artists' book

Photocopy of review by Freeman from Openprocess, Vol. 3, No. 5, San Francisco State College, March 13, 1968.

Fricker, Dietrich

Fricker, Hans R.

Fridjonsson, Helgi. 16 postcards in envelope, 1979.

Fried, Robert

Friel, Fintan

Frohes, Ein

Fudsworth, Penis. Letter, June 1981

Fuente, Larry

Fugate-Wilcox (USA). Slides and color photo documentation of public art project sponsored by Actual Art Foundation, New York, July 1983

Fujioki, Cheryl K.

Fuller, Buckminster

Fuller, Matthew

Furnival, John (UK).


Assorted printed works

Exhibition announcements and photo-documentation

Black and white documentation from his work " Europe and Her Bull," 1967

Furry Couch

Furtwangler, Felix M.




Gabriele, Castelli

Gaglione, William.  See William Gaglione Papers.


Gajewski, Henry K.


Galantai, Gyorgy (Hungary). With his wife, Julia, the Galantais are co-curators of the Artpool archive in Budapest.


3 envelopes (dates undecipherable) containing documentation for show of material received by Artpool before 10 April 1980, (Kuldott Muveszet, 1 -- 20 April 1980).

Postcard and stamp sheet, no date.

Galdamez, Jesus Romeo (El Salvador).


5 envelopes dated 1980 (2 undecipherable).

Postcard and 4 printed works, ca. 1978 -- 1980. See also: Eleanor Kent for 1981 serigraph by Galdamez

Galeria Adres (Poland). Gallery announcements for this conceptual/alternative gallery in Lodz c. 1972. Artists include Ewa Partum (director?), Andzej Dluzniewski, Borowski, Swidzinski, Wodiczko, Andrej Kostolowski

Galeria Akumulatory (Poland).


Gallery exhibition announcements for this gallery in Poznan 1973 -- 1975. Artists include Yutaka Matsuzawa, Jerzy Rosolowick, Andrzej Berezianski, Joan Mathews and Andrzej Kostolowski, Jerzy Kalucki.

20 posters for gallery Akumulatory shows, 1973 -- 1977

Galerie Matane

Galerie St. Petri (Sweden).


Catalogue for Hernik Have, 1974

4 other show announcements

Galeria Sztuki (Poland). See: Actual Art's Gallery

Galerie Rudolf Zwirner (Germany).


Postcard for show featuring the work of Zaj Abend, Donnerstag, and Wlater Marchetti, 1968.

Program from gallery?

Galeria Rysunku

Gallery Yves Arman (USA). Set of 23 postcards illustrating limited edition prints for sale

Gamboa Jr., Harry. Mailing, 1977.

Gang Violence/ Drug Abuse Prevention Manual

Garbe, Gerd

Garcia, Carlos. Set of cards and rubber stamp titled "Country of Origin," Ecart publications, no date

Gargoyle Mechanique (USA)

Garnet, Eldon

Garnhum, Ken

Garnica, Jorge

Gasowski, R. E (USA).


2 announcements for shows: 1) collages and assemblages at Wake Forest University , Winston-Salem , November/December 1979; and 2) Foster Gallery, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 1977.

Letter from Department of Art , Arizona State University. Work, postmarked 1978

Gatewood, Charles

Geebles, Nib. Tales from the Decline of the Delirious Heyday of Facts. booklet with a narrative and drawings

Gehres, Paul LeRoy. Drag Queen Rock Star Jeans, 1992. collage booklet, photographed by Bruce Weber

Genet, Marc

George, David

George in Georgia (USA). Also known as George Brett (2 folders).


Folder 1:Numerous mailings, other assorted items. Dates of correspondence seem to be between 1977 -- 1981.

Folder 2: Numerous assorted objects, printed matter and postcards, ca. 1975 -- 1978

Foler 3: Various works including "The artist's thumbprint" -- a memorial after Manzoni, 1978. Souvenir album of Toronto.

George, Susan

Georgia, Riya

Geraldo, Baron Von. Real name Gerald Karlovec (USA) (in letter dated 1977).


Approximately 18 letters, 1976 -- 1977.

10 postcards and 3 works, ca. 1978

Gerlovin, Rimmary and Valery (Russia).


Articles, catalogue, and materials relating to controversy surrounding Lucy Lippard's review of the "Russian Samizdat Art Show: 1960-1682" at Franklin Furnace, February 1982

Material related to Samizdat show,

2 works "The Plan of Cemetary of the Interchangeable after-life advice," 1979 and untitled drawing with syringes, 1982

Envelope, 1983.

Gerry, Joseph

Gerz, Jochen (German). 1968 exhibition announcement for John Furnival and Openings Press, 1968

Gezelschap, Thee en Taart

Giacinto, Formentini

Giacomucci, Ubaldo (Italy). Bambu letter, 1983, and 5 assorted postcards

Giankos, Steve. Exhibit poster.

Gibbs, Michael (UK).


"Numerations," 1978-folded card with numbers 1 -- 9 handstamped

Invitation by Gibbs to a performance titled "Piece in a Minor Key," at Bedaux, Amsterdam , April 28. See also: Jiri Valoch file for piece for Des Moines Festival of the Avant-Garde, 1972

Giersch, Martina and Steffen (E. Germany)

Gifreu (France). Envelopes (2) dated 1978 and 1980

The Gifted Line

Gilbert and George (UK). 2 black and white photos of pages from unknown Gilbert and George book

Gilman, Howard

Gilmore, Jane

Gini, Gino

Ginsburg, Jeff  Oversize Box 1

Ginzburg, C.R.

Giudo, Pavesi

Giuseppe, Bedeschi

Glasser, Dale

Glaven ( USA ). Postcard, postdated 1980

Glaze, Lionell

Glazer, Ann (USA). 16 slides of her work

Glushchenko, Alexander (Russia). The Angel's Anatomy and Conzona for the Gholem, Moscow: 1995. imagery and text translated by Willi Melnikov.

Glynn, Ed

Gnazzo, Anthony J.

Goldberg, Brian

Goldoni, Maurizio

Golikoff, Edwin (USA). 2 postcards, 1973

Golikov, Egg Golik.


4 letters, 1980. Enclosed are writings and assorted material and notice about documentation for the "Postcard Preservation Society," 1980 show in Australia

12 letters, 1976-1980, and 3 postcards.

Golinsky, Vivienna

Golkowska, Wanda (Poland). Four works 1970 -- 1972

Gomez, Antonio

Gomez, Manuel

Gonzalez, Elpidio

Gonzalez, Haroldo

Gonzo, Edward R.

Good, Bill and Emmy

Good Stamps-Stamps Goods

Goode, Joe

Gordh, Bill and John Malpede (USA). 1978 press packet for performance "Dead Dog Lonely Horse"

Gordon, Coco (USA). Publicity and documentation from various performances

Gosewitz, Ludwig

Goulart, Claudio

Gould, Norm

The Grabiron Kid

Graffiti Grafix

Grafiche, Arti

Graham, M.

Gramse, Tom (Germany?). Brochure for show at Galeria Permafo, Poland, 1973

Graves, Lee (USA). Assorted drawings and collage book c. 1967

Gray, Alex (USA).

Grayson, Michael

Greades, Betty

Greathouse, T.

Gregory, Bob. The Procedure, Iowa City: PhotoStatic Publication, 1986. booklet of collage

Gregory, Gloria J.

Greenberger, David (USA). Editor of Duplex Planet.


Assorted postcards 1979 -- 1982.

Five letters, 1979 -- 1980.

17 postcards, 1979 -- 1981

Printed work 1979

2 envelopes with text piece, 1979

Greentree, Carol

Greve, T.

Grey, Damien (USA)

Greyscale (USA)

Grifa Press

Griffin, Sylvia K.

Griffith, Bill

Grillo, Paul


Grimm, J.

Grinberg, Buky

Grisi, Laura. Exhibition poster, 1978.

Griswold, Jack W.

Groh, Klaus (Germany).


3 letters c. 1978, and 2 letters and postcard.

2 envelopes, one envelope contained Info Magazine #26, 1977 (edited by Groh).

7 works, c. 1977 -- 1979.

2 page curriculum vita

Groschopp, Michael

Gross, Ronald

Group Koca Kola

Groupo Texto Poetico, (Spain). Assorted works by Bartolome Ferrando, David Perez, Rosa Sanz, and Mercedes Calpe

Grumman, Bob

Gruppo Alternativo (Italy). Postcard for "Poetry & Reality" theme at "World Exhibition", Feb. 1980.

Guarino, Rocco Aristide

Guerini, Giampaolo

Guerrero, M.

Guerrilla Art Action Group (USA). Jon Hendricks and Jean Toche. "Criminal Code Reform Acts of 1979/1980," 1980. 1p.

Guldalli, Tolga

Gulyas, Gyula. Photo-work, no date



Gut, Elizabeth

Guthrie, Lynn and Andrew Guthrie (USA). In Pieces, Boston. booklet of poems and graphics

Gutmann, Ethan

Gwynne, Jacqueline

Gyorgy, Vincze Ferenc


H.A. IM. H.I.

Haas, Jeff C.

Haava, A.

Hacker, Karl-Friedrich

Hachtman, Tom

Haddock, Eerie Billie

Haddock, Maxin

Haddock, Subwaxin

Haderek, Galerie Tilly

Haesler, J.T.

Hafacker, Janet

Haggard, Moana. Postcard, 1980, announcing Haggard's birthday party

Hagglund, S. Gustav

Hahn, Horst (Germany). Postcard 1976

Hainke, Wolfgang

Halas, Miloslav

Half Japanese

Hall, Gigi G.

Hall, Laurel


Halselen, John D.

Hamb, Laura

Hambleton, Richard (USA).


2 stickers and a stamp sheet, 1979.

Postcard "Urban Painting," 1982

Hamilton, Dick

Hamilton, Richard

Hanneman, Holger

hans Oiseau-Kalkman

Hansen, Al (USA). Signed postcard "Nuuk Magic Fire Woman," 1979

The Happy Stamper

Hardbound Ed

Hardiker, Amendant and Miekal And. Polynoise. small booklet

Harford, Michael

Harp, Steve (USA).


The Talking Cure, Photostatic Publication, 1986. xeroxed booklet

Caderno Diario: A Visit to Portugal, Iowa City, PhotoStatic Publications, 1988. travel journal with photographs

Harper, Maria

Harrigan, Alberto (Brazil).


Exhibit brochure of Harrigan's work at the Galeria Homera Massena, August 1979. Includes biographical information and reproduction of works.

Documentation for show of works in Valencia, 1977

Harris, B.

Harris, R. Dalton. 3 letters, 1977 -- 1978

Harrison, Helen and Newton (USA). Materials related to Baltimore Serenade piece, 1982

Harroff, William

Hartmann, Janet M.

Hartz, David.


Art Karmix. comic about art

Time to Kill: Dedicated to the Ready Maid. with Michael Horvath

Hase, Masafumi

Hauer, David. Letter, 1981, responding to Durland's concerns regarding a mail art show at Hampshire college

Haufen, Graf

Hauser, Sharon

Have, Henrick. 3 works, no date

Hawes, Alex G.

Hawthorne, Kirsten

Hayakawa, Wynne.


2 postcards, 1981 -- 1982

Letter, 1981, with note, newspaper clipping, and photocopied work.

Work and envelope 1978

Hayden, Michael

Haymes, G.C.


Hefland, Glen et. al. (USA). Dinette Set, 1984. food related booklet with prose and collage

Heidsieck, Bernard

Heilman, Hans

The Heilman Shepard Postal Annex

Heisler, Faith. Heisler's name and address on small fragment of an envelope

Held, John. 6 letters, 1980 -- 1981. Includes two copies (February and March 1981) of Bulletin, the calendar publication of the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute, in which are listed projects of Held's

Hellerman, William

Helman, Cecil

Helmes, Scott (USA).


5 letters, 1979 -- 1980.

6 postcards and 2 photocopied works, ca. 1979 -- 1980

Henderikse, Jan

Henderson, Gary

Hendricks, Geoff (USA).


4 sky postcards, no date. See also: Buczak, Brian.

2 postcards by Henricks, 1971 and 1973

Henrickson, Thomas, Martha and Sebastjan

Hendricks, Jon (USA).


#1, 2, and 4 of postcard works titled USA Justice. In collaboration with Jean Toche, no date.

Business card for Backworks. See also: Guerrilla Art Action Group

Henry, Jon

Herbert, Anne ( USA ).


2 letters and postcard, c. 1981.

"The Rising Sun Neighborhood Newsletter," 1981

Herlin, J.N.

Herman, Christian (Velocity) (USA)

Herrera, J.P.


Hersh, M.

Hershman, Lynn.

Heske, Marianne.

Hetherington, Debra J.


Hibbard, Bill. Letter, 1981, about recent events in their lives and move to Tulsa to study at The Victory Bible Institute. Includes booklet about the institute and "This New Life," by Billy Joe Daugherty, no date

Hibbard, Tom (USA).


Human Powers, 1986. booklet of poems

Brief Eternities, Iowa City: PhotoStatic Magazine, 1989. booklet of poems

Nocturnes, 1990. booklet of poems

Flowers, Clouds., Iowa City: PhotoStatic Publication, 1987. booklet of collage with captions

Hibbard, Tom and Joe Uphoff (USA). Surrealist Philosophy, Arjuna Library, 1987. booklet

Hibbert, Martin. Zig Zag: A Mythological Collage, Cheshire: Stride, 1986. booklet

Hickney, J. , untitled, Iowa City: PhotoStatic. booklet

Hiemstra, Marvin R. I'd Rather be a Phoenix! San Francisco: Juniper Von Pfitzer Press, 1976. intrepid visions of feathers and other observations

Hiess, Peter

Highways and Byways

Higgins, Dick. See Dick Higgins Collection.

Higgins, E. F. See Edward F. Higgins III Collection.

Higgins, Jerome J.

Higgins, Warren R.

Hilare Moderne (France).


Rock 'n Roll Quantique, 1990. small booklet

RauQue Aine Roles Quand Tique,1990 . small booklet

Art Oeufs!, c.1988. small booklet

Revues, c.1989. small booklet

En Corps, 1989. small booklet

Underground, Overground, 1991. small booklet

Hill, Crag (USA).


Make Your Own Poem from Scorebroadsides, no date.

I'm, Scorebooklet #2

Corporate Profile Crag Hill, Alea, 1984. photocopy file

Hilcoch, Steve

Hillinger, Edith.

Hilsinger, Judy

Hilton Fine Arts

Himmel, Markus

Hine, Dirk

Hine, Tom. Article about Cavellini Stickers.

Hinton, Christopher

Hinz, Colin

Hirsch, Meyer and Harley Lond (USA). Diagram of artist/gallery/communication systems printed for "Use value of the gallery and the mechanics of manipulation." Funded in part by La Mamelle Inc. San Francisco, 1977.

Hitchcock, Steve (USA). Hitchcock was editor of Cabaret Voltaire. See also: Cabaret Voltaire


18 letters, 1977 -- 1979.

Assorted items, invitations for submissions to themes issues of Cabaret Voltaire, etc. On January 18, 1979, Hitchcock writes about having suspended publication of Cabaret Voltaire due to his school schedule.

3 envelopes with works, postdated1977 -- 1978

Photocopied sheet.

Hoare, Tyler James (USA). Color photocopy, 1975.

Hobar, Leigh Nicole

Hobner, Guido

Höch, Hannah (Germany).

Hoehn, K.

Hoerig, Sandy

Hoffberg, Judith. 6 letters. 1978 -- 1979.

Hoffman, Jill.

Hoffman, Joanne

Hogan, Jamie (USA). Postcard, no date

Hogan, Matthew

Hokey, Nikki

Hol, Jim

Holden, Karen

Holladay, W. (USA). Letter with work, 1977.

Holland, Diane

Holle, Dav

Hollingworth, Keith (USA). 3 letters. c. 1978.

Holmes, David (England). Copy and Pass Hell, Derbyshire. booklet

Holmes, Mimi

Holt, Helen.

Holt, Susan

Holzer, Jenny (USA). Printed invitation to participate in electronic sign project for Presidential election, c.1980.

Holzhueter, Jean

Homeyer, Petra

Homler, Anne (USA). Exhibition announcement

Hompson, Davi Det


Hooks, Carn

Hopkins, Art

Horiike, Tohei. Rubber Stamp Art, edition Shimizu, San Francisco: 1979.

Horikawa, Michio

Horn, Stu (USA). Aka Northwest Mounted Valise. (2 Folders)


Folder 1: Large number of printed works, ca. 1979 -- 1981.

Folder 2: Two collections of Horns works: i) contains cover letter "this package contains pages from all stages of The Valise....", 1968-1971; ii) assorted printed materials, The Daily Planet, NYCWB & Weekly Review publications ****

Horowitz, Ida (USA). Invitation to take part in a "communication piece," 1973

Horobin, Pete.

Horpes, Cleet

Hosier, Tom (USA).


Envelope, no date, with three small works.

Gallery announcement and notice concerning submissions for future issues of Hosier's Modern Correspondence magazine.

Printed work and business card, no date

Hosszu, Michel

Hot Glass Works

Hotchkin, Rev. Joshua Scott. The Malcontents Manifesto: A Book of Discontent. booklet of prose

Hough, Steve (USA)

Houghton, Merri.

House of Peace

Houser, Chris

Houston, Bruce

Howard, Carl

Howard, Rob

Howard, Ruth. Questionnaire for "Artists Internat'l Newspaper," 1983.

Howe, Horace A.

Howell, Kathy

How to Secede Publications #1, 1991. mailed booklet

Hsieh, Sam. Printed matter and announcements related to three of his performances, 1981 -- 1983 ****

Hsieh, Tehching

Hubbard, Bill (USA). Letter 1979

Hubbard, L. Ron

Huber, H.R. (Switzerland). Letter and instructions for installation of his work 1972

Huber, Joseph (Germany).


4 letters, 1980 -- 1981, each with short note.

5 postcards, no date

Huber, Wolfgang

Hubert, Pierre-Alain (France). A packet of assorted documentation of about this 'fireworks' artist

Hudak, John (USA)

Hudinilson Jr.

Huebert, Jennifer (USA)

Hughes, Irene

Hugunin, Jim (USA). Letter, 1977

Humble, John

Hunn, Lydia (USA). Press packet and photocopy of work for show at P.S.1, 1983

Hundertmark, Armin (Germany).


Announcements for publications

Printed card by Jean Paul Darriau, no date

Anonymous printed card

Postcard (G. Brus, 1978) and exhibit checklist

Hunt, Byran

Hunter, Allan


Hunter, Ian

Hunter, Rev. (USA). Convertibles, Adelphi, MD: Newark Press, 1986. poem booklet

Hunter, Sue. booklet, 1981

Huth, G. with intro by Crag Hill (USA). Wreadings, Port Charlotte, FL: Runaway Spoon Press, 1987. booklet of "pwoermds"

Huston, Doug

Hutton, Tara.

Hyatt, M. Poster for International Mailart Show Olympic Games, Muse and Orwell's "1984" Los Angeles, July 22 -- August 12, 1984


Hype World


I.A.C. Editions. no. 1-3, 5-10, 13-41, 1972

Ickle, Lori

Idle Time

Igloo, Alex "TorridZone" (USA). Editor with Scarlatina Lust of Smegma magazine.


6 postcards 1980.

9 letters. 1978 -- 1982 (3 undecipherable).

Collage work, 1978.

Calls for work for Smegma magazine.

Artists' calendar for 1982 (with Scarlatina Lust).

5 postcards, ca. 1981.

2 artists' stamp sheets 1981.

1 cassette tape "Gossip," July 1983 with letter.

IL More


Ilic, Dragan (Yugoslavia). Documentation and reviews of his performances

Image of lobster dedicated to Buster Cleveland, signed by artist (illegible), 1981 Oversize Box 1

Image Factory

Image 35/Jet Color Lab. advertisement, 1981

Images & Information. Envelope 1977.

Impossible Theater


Imprisoned Eye, Sao Paulo, Brazil: 1975. large photocopied booklet



Incestuous Rubber Stamp Co.

Inch Art


Indiana, Robert

Indigo, Crimson

Inex (USA).


2 photocopies

3 postcards ca. 1981

Information Sickness


Ink and Image

Inky Fingers

Integral Unit Recovery


Inter-Dada 80. Information about this four day festival, May 1 -- 4, in Ukiah, California, and participant registration form


International Artists Cooperation (Germany). Edited by Klaus Groh (see file). This file contains photocopies of #22, #24, #25.

International Association of Letter Art

International Cultureel Centrum

International Entropy Annex (USA)

International Network for Aesthetix Therapy in Art Systems (USA). Envelope 1979.

Internatonal Society for the Promotion of Insanity (ISPI)


Irland, Basia

Iros, Jape

Irwin, R.





Island Cottage Arts

Isom, Ronald (USA). Drawing, postmarked 1978


Ivancic, Becky (USA).

Iversen, Lisa

Iverson, Joan (USA).


Jacks, Robert

Jackson, Frank (UK). Squatting in West Berlin, London: Hooligan Press, 1987. pamphlet

Jackson, L. (USA). Letter 1979.

Jackson, Leavenworth (USA).

Jackson, Peggy Allen (USA).

Jacobs, John (USA). Editor of Hype & Posthype.


Copy of Hype, copy of Posthype, no date.

Gallery announcement card for '100 Artists Show' at Ten Windows on 8th Ave., New York, April/May 1982.

2 postcards

2 black and white photos

Hype money

Jacobs, Michael (USA).

Jacobson, Beth (USA).

Jaffe, Debbie (USA). Master Slave Relationship: Soundtrack to Black Leather Bondage, Indianapolis: 1987. booklet

Jafrate, Keith. In Heaven, Cheshire: Stride Publications, 1984. booklet of poems

Jager, Bernhard

James, Duncan M.

Janet, Janet

Janet Janet and Norman Conquest -Wedding

Janko, Jack

Jankowski, Angela (Switzerland).

Jankowski, Matty

Janos, Major (Hungary). Three photo and text works, no date

Janssen, Ruud

Jaroslav, Supek (Yugoslavia)

Jarvis, Bianca (USA).

Jaz, Kat (Reptiles of the Mind).

Jean, Vivian (USA).

Jean Le Gac

Jean-Pierre, Naud

Jeeves, Mahatma (USA). 2 postcards, 1979

Jekel, David. Postcard, 1980

"Jenny." 1991. booklet of collage and poems

Jens Pepper ( WEAST)

Jensen, Dale. The Troubles, Berkeley: Mother's Hen, 1993. booklet of poems

Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Material Store Inc

Jesch, Birger

Jessen, Mari Beth

Jett's Cafe (USA). 3 flyers for shows.

Jines, Milt

Jittery Sphincter Laboratories

J K Post.

Joans, Ted

Joanland. I think it was the stuffing, photo, 1978   Oversize Box 1

Joens, Linda. 2 letters, 1980 -- 1981, with mail art show submissions materials

John Brown Book Club

John Street Studio

Johnsen, T.K. Letter 1978.

Johnson, James

Johnson, Jim

Johnson, Leon  Oversize Box 1

Johnson, Marvin.

Johnson, Ray (USA).


6 works and 2 empty envelopes, 1978 -- 1981.


Mailed poster for a 1968 Richard Feigen Gallery Exhibit

Photocopy art work

4 works 1968 -- 1978

Chain letter from Ray Johnson to John Evans to Ken Friedman, postmarked 1974

Bill de Kooning's Bicycle Seat, no date.

Letter from N. Carolina Museum of Art to Bill Gaglione concerning Johnson's mail art, 1976

Letter from A. Banana to Cleveland concerning Silhouette University, 1977.

Johnston, Jeremy W.

Joki (West Germany). Gina for President, Minden: Kunst-Bahnhausen, c.1988. booklet

Jones, Baird

Jones, Bill.

Jones, Hazel

Jones, Jim

Jones, Joe (USA). Announcement for "Flux-Harpsichord Konzert," Germany, 1976

Jones, Mrs.

Jones, Nancy Ann.

Jones, Ronald (USA). Postcard and 2 sets of slides of his work

Jones, S.

Jonge, Ko de (Netherlands).


2 letters- invitation to take part in 'Open and Closed' project, 1978, and Documentation of rubberstamp show "Directions for Use," 1980 at Stempelplaats, Amsterdam

Envelopes with work, 1978, 1979, 1982.

Jordan, Linda.

Jorgensen, Tod (USA). Color photocopy, 1981

Joseph, Rene

Joy, Denise and Daytona Beach (USA). The Mark, 1987. photostory booklet


Joyner, Jerry

Juin, Jacques (Germany).


Letter, no date

Invitation to mail show "Internat...Fool!," deadline 1980

Julio Plaza

Jung, Kim (W. Germany)

Jupitter-Larsen. Poster for "Aktion" show, November 1982

Jurich, Judy

Jurkiewicz, Zdzislaw and Maria Michalowska (Poland).


9 works and a catalogue 1971 -- 1973

2 postcards, 1976 ****

Just, Marcel (Switzerland).


2 letters, 1977

Postcard, no date


K., Elizabeth (USA). mail with assorted small works,1979.

K., Pat

Kaczmarek, Grzegor

Kafka, Citizen. [Previous ATCA researcher has ascertained that the following people were involved with "Citizen Kafka": Jerry Allyn, Remy Dios, Richard Hambleton, Ray Johnson, and Ray Kelly. I have no information to confirm or deny (S. Perkins, June 1998)]


Business card

Visiting card.

2 pieces of fabric with zebra and skull designs

Child's handkerchief

Kahane, Lisa (USA).


5 black and white photos of reception for "inch show"(?), no date

5 black and white photos documenting Fluxus performances ("Young Fluxus"?)

Kahn, Robert

Kahn, Tobi. (articles about his work - no actual work in folder)

Kalkmann, Hans-Werner (Germany).3 postcards- one dated 1971, My Polluted Body (West Germany), 1972.

Kallweit, R.

Kaltenbach, Steve

Kamien, Len (USA). Letter, 1979

Kamin, Franz (USA). Announcement for performance, postdated 1982

Kamperelic, Dogrica

Kano, Betty (USA)

Kantor, Istvan (Canada).



2 announcement cards for Neoist projects

Kaplan, Stephen (USA).

Kappis, Datlef (Germany)

Kaprow, Allan

Karam, David

Kariya, Hiroshi.


3 postcards

Printed sheet, 1982

Karolie, Luella E.

Karras, Maria. The Greek in Us, My Grandmother and I, Los Angeles: Women's Community Press, 1977.

Kasnowski, Chester (USA).


Envelope, 1981.

Printed work, 1978

Kastle Brill


Katayanagi, Claudia

Kato, Kowa (Japan)

Kattenstroth, Ulli

Kaucher, Candy.

Kaufman, Bob. Does the Secret Mind Whisper, SanFrancisco, City Lights Books, 1960.

Kaufman, Daniel

Kaufman, Jan Wilson

Kaufmann, Peter

Kawiak, Tomek (Poland). Documentation of Interventions in Poland and Paris, 1970 -- 1971


Keaton, Moma

Keech, B. C.


2 artists' postcards, one dated 1981 and the other undecipherable.One documents a postcard project and show of documentation and the other seeking correspondents.

Postcard, 1981.

Letter with postcard, 1981.

Keefe, K.A (USA). Professional Driver, Phoenix: Plutonium Press, 1989. small booklet of poems

Keenen, George

The Keeper

Keffer, Mark W.

Keguenne, Jack (Belgium)

Keller, Pierre (Switzerland). Materials and printed matter relating to his "KK=Kilo Kunst" project, 1972

Kelli, Bernardox J.

Kelly, Bernard

Kelly, Bette Ann.

Kelly, Ray (USA). Announcement for show at A Salon, New York City

Kelly, Robert

Kempton, Karl with intro by Bob Grumman (USA). Fission, Port Charlotte, FL: Runaway Spoon Press, 1988. small booklet of "severlation" poems

Kennedy, Krissy (USA). Postcard, postmarked 1977

Kent, C.

Kent, Eleanor (USA). (3 Folders).


Folder 1: Numerous letters and postcards 1977 -- 1982.


Announcements for shows of her color photocopied work.

Numerous color photocopies

Folder 2: 7 letters to Steven Durland


Numerous works and texts by Kent

Folder 3: 12 postcards


Assorted drawings and miscellaneous materials. Includes a serigraph by Romeo Galdamez (Mexico)

Keown, Gary

Kerns, S.

Kersey, Bert

Keslin, Lea

Kessler, Leonard

Keszthelyi, Gyula. 2 works, no date


Key, Frank (UK). House of Turps, London: Malice Aforethought Press, 1989. booklet of prose

Kierspel, Jurgen (West Germany)

King, Gary

Kinney, Robert and Donald (USA). Demons, San Diego: Monozygote Productions, 1994. booklet about videa production

Kinsella, Jack (USA). 2 letters, one postmarked 1977

Kinsey, Susan

Kirby, Victoria.

Kirkeby, Per (Denmark).


Postcard announcing show at Galeri St. Petri, 1973

Packet of 5 works, cover letter dated 1967 ****

Kirkman, Bob.

Kirsten, Richard.

Kirwin, Liza

Kiser, Karen (USA).  AKA Goose Express

Kite Post.


Klammer, Dislokate (USA).


Postcard, 1980.

Letter, 1983.

Klee, Paul

Kleerebezem, J.

Klein, Jim

Klein, Jules (USA). Postcard, 1981

Kleinberg, J.

Kleindinst, Sylvia

Klensch, Chas. H.

Klimov, Vladimir and Willi Melnikov (Russian). The Bird has Expended their Wings, 1995. poetry and photoemotiations

Kling, Laura

Klingbeil, Jim (USA)

Klintberg, Bengt af, The Forest Diver, (Sweden) 1974.

Klossner, Keith Y.

Knapp, Andy.

Knaus, Wick. Letter 1981?, and drawing on card

Knizak, Milan (Czechoslovakia).


Work, no date

Work, postmarked 1968

Pamphlet published by Beau Gest Press concerning sentencing of Knizak by Czech court, title "Action on Behalf of Milan Knizak"

3 envelopes and assorted works and documentation. Aktual #3 (a magazine) was in the large brown envelope and is now in ATCA Periodicals. ****

Knoblauch, Ann.

Knowles, Alison (USA).


Poster for Knowles' "The Book of Bean," no date

2 postcards 1982 and ?

"List of Possible Transactions Between the Reader and the Book of Bean"

Postcard 1979

6 small untitled works, include photos and drawings, no date

Postcard invitation to Knowles' show at the Judson Gallery, with personal note on back, January 12 -- 31, no year.

Koche, Hannah

Kocher, Sandra

Kochi, David (USA). Japanese paper fish, no date

Kocki, Donald. 2 letters. 1978. Letter about a proposed publishing project that contains a Japanese kite fish

Kocman, J. H. (Czechoslovakia). 2 rubber stamp works, Planaxol Chromatographic Book, 10 Pages

Koda Farm

Koehnline, James (USA)

Koepcke, Arthur

Koetsier, Hans

Kohler, Carol D. Letter, 1980, with a black and white copy of a Mohammed color photocopy (Unita 869)

Kokin, Lisa. Flyer for exhibit "Batiks."

Kolho-Ihring, Iris

Komar and Melamid (Russia). Documentation related to Ken Friedman's purchase from Komar and Melamid of 3 souls. Enclosed also a letter to John Brown re: sale of her soul and KF article about this project, 1980 -- 1986.

Konechne, Teresa (USA)

Konieczny, Marek

Konsumkunst, Wulle

Konyves, Tom

Kornfeld, Art

Koronakos, P. Odysseus.

Kosch, Barbar

Koski, Martti (Finland). My Life Depends on You! 1989. booklet on telepathic amplifier testing - two copies

Kostelanetz, Richard (USA). 5 copies of Kostelanetz's "Autobiography," no date

Kos, Paul (USA). Documentation of "rEVOLUTION: 90 minute invisible weight exchange from artist to target­40 pounds small arms ammunition," 1971 ****

Kostelantz, Richard, Rain, New York: Assembling Press, 1967.

Kostiuk, Michael (USA). 2 works, no date

Kowal , Cal (USA). Brochure for Kowal book titled "This Space Reserved," Chicago: Gilbert Gallery, 1979

Kramarsky, Wynn

Kramer, Jurgen (Germany). Letter, 1979, information about the magazine The 80s. Subscription information and back issues information, #1, 1978; #2, 1978; #3, 1978; #2 1/2, 1978.

Kramer, T.W.

Kriegel, Fanny

Krivacka, Lisa

Kruusamae, Ilmar (Russia)

Kryptogame Product

Kuchlick, Elizabeth (Xerox Corp.).

K, Tom

Kuhn, Lorrie (USA).

Kujawa, Alice.

Kulas, Elizabeth.


5 letters. 1977 -- 1979

Miscellaneous articles/writings regarding art and politics, and invitation for project involving definitions of art

Artists' book, in manilla envelope to Diane, titled "Excerpts from My Diary: 1965 -- 1966," no date. (but back photo is dated 1972) (not found 9/04)

3 print/collage works and assorted photocopied works 1976 -- 1977.

Kunin, Richard.

Kunst, Fachbereich

Kunz, Suzan. Envelope 1976.

Kupersmith, John

Kustermann, Peter and Angela Pahler. Invitation for "Mail Art '82 for Peace" show, December 1982


Kyouji, Kojima

Kytohonka, Arto


Labbe, Ron. Letter, 1982, inquiring if Durland still doing stamps

Lacey, Peter

Lachowicz, Andrej (Poland). Galeria Permafo publication for exhibition of artists including Lachowicz, #2, 1972

Lacloche, Francis (France). Letter, 1978, Requesting Durland to fill in questionnaire about mail art for possible exhibition

Lacy, B. W. (USA).


2 letters, 1979. Same graphic in both letters and short note in one.

Photocopied work, 1979

Lacy, Suzanne.

Ladd-Firth, Brian/Julie (Objekt) (USA)

La Difference

L.A. Dinner

La Direccion

Ladik, Katalin (Yugoslavia). Postcard, 1980

Lake, Eva

Lake, Linda.

Lakner, Laszlo


Lama, Burt.

Lamarre, Paul

L' Amateur D' Images

Lamb, Dave. Mutinies: 1917 - 1920, Oxford and London: Solidarity. published scholarly essay

Lambert, N., Snapshots, New York, 1981

La May, Ruby.

Lane, Brian.

Lane, Joe (USA)

Lane, Pinkie Gordon

Laporte, Christian (France)

Lara, Mario (USA).


5 letters. 1980 -- 1981. Letters include call for submissions for Commonpress #37 "Things To Think About In Space," edited by Lara and published 1980

4 postcards, 1980

Color photocopy, no date

3 works, one dated 1979.

Laremont, Jane

Largaespada, John


Larsen, Jupitter.

Larson, Karen (USA). Postcard, 1978

Larter, Pat (Australia).


7 envelopes with collage works, c. 1970s.

Photocopied work from Pat and Dick Larter.

Laske, T.E.

Laskin, Gary (USA). Printed sheet "Help Save the Hollywood Sign Landmark," postdated 1978

Last Words of Dutch Schultz, Dutch Schultz, Dutch Schultz, Produktion, 1986. booklet

Lastname, Bradley.


4 letters postdated 1979 -- 1980.

Postcard, 1978.

2 empty envelopes, presume to have contained issues of Bile? Note: Doug Manley (see file) refers to Bile in one of his letters.

The Cultivation of Peas in a No-Crop Economy, Chicago: The Press of the Third Mind, 1987. a play in one act

Laszio, Jean-Noel. Postcard, 1989

Latham, John (UK). Black and white photo of "Derelict Land Art," no date

Latitude 53 Society for Artists. 1982 invite to submit to photo-copy show

Lau, Suzette

Laufer, Susan

Laurie, Gorey

Lausten, Thorbjorn (Denmark). 4 printed works, postmarked 1978

Lava Guy

Law, Andrew

Law, Carol.

Lawson, Pat.

Laxson, Ruth.

Lazin, Lynn


Leanord, Nifty

Lebel, Jean Jacques

Leblanc, Dominique (France)

Lebow, Marion.


LeClair, Lawrence

Lee, Donna.

Lee, Jim

Lee, Laura.

Lee, Leslie.

Lee, Loree.

Lee, Petra

Lee, Victoria.

Leeds, Alice Whitman

Leeh, L.

Lefevre, Jean Claude

Lefforge, Noel.

Lefkowitz, David

Leigh, Michael

Leinwand, B.

Leissl, H.G.

Lemaitre, Maurice (France). Publications available from Le Centre de Creativite


Lenart, Bruno

Leni Maria de Silva Franco

Lenoir, Pascal

L'Enseigne des Oudin

Leonardo, Santo (Italy). Gallery announcement , 1977

Lepine, Marc. The Marc Lepine Memorial Scrapbook, 1990. "A Frank Publication A Special Edition of Singin' Dose Anti-Psychotic Blues

Lepor, Shat

Lere, Mark

Lerner, Allan J.

Lerner, Sandra. Ruffled Passions, Synapse Press, 1980.

Leroy-Cruce, P. (Denmark)

Levin, Sandy

Levine, Les (USA).


Christmas card, 1972

"Catalogue of Services: Museum of Mott Art Inc.," 1972

Levy, Dan (USA)

Levy, Judy

Levy, Paul M.

Lewis, Bonnie.

Lewis, Nicholas. Photo postcard "Sweet Naval Orange," no date.

Lewis, Susan

Lewitt, Soll

Libellus (Belgium). This magazine was dited by Guy Schraenen of the Small Press Communication archive. Letter, 1980

Library of Art

Lieser, Ron

Lieverse, Jaap

Life Light Newsletter (USA)

Light Bulb. issue no. 2, special Halloween issue with a variety of items

Light Work

Lightworks. Mailing and exhibition catalog for "Lightworks Envelope Show," 1978.


Liljenbert, Erik. Another "Rum" Publication (Denmark)

Lime, Torbjorn

Linder, Charles Keating

Lipchak, George A.

Lipman, Joel ed. 11X30, Toledo, OH: Toledo Poets Center, the Ohio Arts Council and the University of Toledo.


vol. 1, no. 1

vol. 1, no. 2

vol. 1, no. 3

vol. 2, no. 1

vol. 3, no. 1

vol. 3, no. 2

vol. 4, no. 1

vol. 4, no. 2

Lipton, Alan and Kim Schweizer, Beatrice Helena Rose Lipton, Berkelay: March 11, 1996. Birth announcement collage

Lisboa, Unhandeijara (Brazil).


2 postcards, 1977 and 1978.

Work with target, no date

Letter with work, 1977.

Lister, Amy Sue

Liuzzi, Oranzo

Livarno, Piero Simoni

Liverpool Academy of Arts

Liversidge, Peter

Livia Cases

Liz and Val


Llama, Llunar


Lloyd, Gary

Lloyd, Ginny.

Loeffler, Carl

Loeffler, Kent

Loftus, Karen

Lohr, Helmut

The Lollipop Central

Lomax, Judith.

Lombardo, Susana

Lomholt Formular Press (Denmark). Published by Niels Lumolt.


8 letters. 1980 (Danish postmarks unreadable), most of envelopes empty

Artists' postcards, 1979, 1980.

2 posters for "Mr. Klein," a show at Galeris St. Petri, Lund -a show organized by Tom Elling and Lomholt Formular Press, 1979 and "Mr. Klein" index/invitation.

Cards to be completed by Durland for submission to this show.

Lomholt, Niels (Denmark). Postcard, 1980

Long Beach Museum of Art. Fanzini, Bicentennial Project 1976

Long Gone Press (USA). Postcard, no date

Lonidier, Fred (USA)

Lord Byron

Lory, Ekkehard

Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art. Press release and guest pass for "Artwords and Bookworks," 1978.

Lott, Sally Jean.

Louie, Rosco

Love Letters in Rubber

Lowes, T. (Ireland)

Lowney, Paul B.

Lozano, August.

Lozano, Dan. (see Danozano for work relating to "Lozano, Dan")

Lucas, Bonnie (USA).


Set of slides of work

Black and white photo documentation of 2 works


Lucchesi, Gretchen and Fred Dicker.


Photograph "Portrait of the Artist," no date

Postcard, 1980

Luce, Mr. and Serge Segay (Belgium and Ohio). POSTFLUXBOOKLET, No. 10.,

Luce, Mr., and Fa Ga Ga Ga (Belgium and Ohio). POSTFLUXBOOKLET, No. 12.

Luck, Rainer (Germany). Etching, untitled, 1978

Luckett, G.L.S.

Luick, Lars

Luigetti, Serse (Italy)

Luis Da Rocha, Jose

Lukacs, Georg

Luna/Sea Press

Lupus, Constantina. Minotaurus: the Ship of Fools. Encinitas, CA: 1990.

Lurati, Eva (Switzerland). Six black and white photos of works from the series "Ashes," no date, note on back says "From the collection of Kenneth Scott Friedman"


Lurri, Toby

Lusignoli, Guglielmo

Lust, Scarlatina (USA). See also: Alex Igloo.


6 letters, most with work, 1978-1980.


4 envelopes,1981 -- 1982, one contains invitation to her second Annual Oktobrefester.

Christmas card, 1980.

11 postcards (4 color photocopies), 1981 -- 1982.

Luthi, Urs

Lyall, Tria

Lynne, Jill


Mabuse, Corrinna.

Machart, Christoph (Germany).


1980 invitation to submit work to Commonpress #39. It came out in 1981.

Letter, 1983.

Maciunas, George (Lithuania).


Fluxkit labels

2 black and white photos of table top prototypes

Flux stationary (Maciunas?)

US flag and skull

Foot and shoe

Coat and nude

Glove and hand (2 copies)

Hi Red Center Clinic cards

Fluxfest Prague 1966 program

"U.S. Surpasses all Nazi Genocide Records,"

Fluxfest Sale printed sheets

Diagram of Historical Development of Fluxus ****

Mackay, David

Mac Lennon, A.

MacWithey, Doug

Madam X (USA). Postcard, 1978. Printed piece, no date

Maddox, Brent

Madeiros, M. (Brasil). Letter, 1979, seeking submissions for 2 shows in Brasil (Folder not found, April 2004)

Madison, Lea

Magalhaes, Odair

Magget and Son

Maggi, Ruggero.


Potabilita, small work

10.-22.-38 Astoria, Ontario, Canada: The ASFI Press, 1988. magazine of xerographic art

The Official Astoria Postcard set. set of postcards


Makinen, Reima

Malacorda, Marika.

Malanga, Gerard

Malcolm, Patricia.

Mallander, J.O. (Finland). Postcard

Malloy, Judy (USA).


11 envelopes, 1980 -- 1982.

Postcard, 1982

Show announcements for La Mamelle, and benefit for Site, Cite, Sight Inc., alternative San Francisco space.

3 envelopes with contents, ca. 1981,

Postcard, postdated 1981,

Printed work and an artists' calendar for 1980.

Copies of chapters 1 -- 5 of Malloys' 'The Big Zucchini'.

Page from cartoon series, "Echew IBM Salesmen," 1979


Malone, Kirby

Malpede, John (USA). See: Gordh, Bill

Malquori, Roberto

Malvin, Sven

Mamelle, La. (Contemporary Art Support Network) (USA). 7 flyers and mailings concerning events at La Mamelle.

Maniacs for Mace

Mancusi, Tim (USA).


Christmas card

collage, photocopy

Postcard, 1978.

Mango Dave

Manley, Doug.


19 letters, 1979 -- 1982

4 postcards, 1981

Assorted photographs

Mann, William

Manning, Russell

Manon (France).

Manouchehri, Nezam/Nora

Mansion, Gracie. 3 letters, 1982. Includes review of the Gracie Mansion Loo Gallery (in her apartment)

Manuel, Victor

Manyum, Wallop (USA). Postcard, 1983

Mappo, Rhoda.

Marable, Manning (USA). Black America: Multicultural Democracy in the age of Clarence Thomas and David Duke, New Jersey: Open magazine Pamphlet Series, 1992. political pamphlet

Marcellin, Liz

Marck van der, Marc. 48 Rugged Wheels in 7 Ways, University of California Irvine, 1976 catalog

Marco, Joe De (USA).


6 postcards, ca. 1981

Photocopied page, 1980

Marcolla, Jolanta (Poland).


"Zeskok," 1972

Brochure with statement and CV

Marcos (USA). Seasons greetings cards and letter, postdated 1981

Marian, Koguciuk (Poland)


Marin, Manuel

Marinetti, F.T.

Marino, Cosimo

Markosian, Lee. Dear Diary: September 12 - October 6, 1987, San Francisco: Gog Books, 1989. booklet of a travel diary in Nepal

Markowitz, D.


Marley, Scott

Marlin, Brigid

Marlowe, Willie

Marquez, Jerry.

Marron, John

Marroquin, Raul. 2 pamphlets documenting projects of Mad Enterprises Inc., Amsterdam

Mars Tokyo

Mars, Diana (USA).

Marsh, M.V.

Marsh 3, Stanley (USA). Envelope, 1977.

Marshall, Stanley

Martin, Joy.

Martin, Ross (USA).


Portland, ME: 1993. photocopy of Martin's latest "book," poems and collage

Easy Eye-Gate, Portland, Maine: 1991. booklet of graphics, collage

Martin, Stephen-Paul.


Corona 2500, Score publications, Oakland, CA. Typewriter poems

The Flood, Port Charlotte, FL: Runaway Spoon Press, 1992. Typewriter poems

ADVANCINGreceding, Port Charlotte, FL: Runaway Spoon Press, 1989. text and image booklet with introduction by Lloyd Dunn

Martin, Vance

Martinou, Sophia (Greece)

Marton, Koppeny (Hungary)

Marx, Graciela ( Argentina ).


6 envelopes, circa 1979 -- 1981. One envelope contains information about the Mamablanca documentation. (not found, 4/04)

4 letters ca. 1978. (not found, 4/04).

2 invitation to projects

Participant list for Mamablanca project and envelope in which the Mamablanca catalogue was mailed in, 1979 -- 1980

Marxhausen, Karl

Marx-Vigo, G. E. (Argentina). 'G.E. Marx-Vigo' was the name adopted by Graciela Marx and Edgardo-Antonio Vigo, for the works produced during their two year collaboration during 1977 -- 1979.


Assorted stamps

4 letters with works

4 postcards, 1978

3 works, ca. 1978

Mary Ellen (USA). 2 photo postcards, 1980

Marzidovsek, Mario (Yugoslavia). Spacely Inverse Project, Yugoslavio: 1985. mail art booklet

Mason, Seth (USA).

Massacre in El Salvador's Morazan Province: December 7 - 17, 1981. San Francisco: Solidarity Publications, 1982. On President Reagan's Certification for Aid to El Salvador. Two Statements By the Political-Diplomatic Commission of the FMLN/FDR of El Salvador

Massey, Bill

Massey, W. Bryan III. My Mothers Boyfriend Gets so Drunk that he Slobbers on Himself, Fort Worth, TX: Genuine Lizard. pamphlet of poems

Masuda, Naoko (Japan)

Mataré, Felice

Mather, Mick.

Matkovic, Slavko

Matney, Gordon (USA)

Matson, E.

Matsuzawa, Yutaka

Matter, Max. Reproduction of 2 works, 1970

Matthes, Karsten (E. Germany)

Maurer, B.

Max, Dan

Maxwell, William (USA). 5 sheets of slides. "Complete set, do not separate" written on folder from which the slides came, works from 1979 -- 1982.

May, Michael A.

Mayer, Peter. Visual Hornbook from Scorebroadsides, no date.

Mayor, David (UK). Printed sheet with information about "The Egg Placement Group"

Mazzoleni, Liberia

McAdams, Jeff.

McAlpine, Bruce

McCaffery, Steve


McCallion, Barry (USA).


3 postcards c. 1970 -- 1972

Work, no date

McCallion, Mary.

McCarthy, John NADA (USA)

McClure, Marcie-Kristin. series of color copy collage

McCorkle, M.L.

McCormick, Roberta

McCray, Marilyn (USA). Letter 1979.

McElroy, Lee and Nancy

McFadden, Leon

McGuff, Luke (USA).


Georgetown, Seattle: Makeupaname Press, 1993. booklet of prose

New York New York, Seattle: Makeupaname Press. booklet of prose

McGuire, Catherine.

McGuire, Diane.

McInnis, Mike (USA)

McKawn, Susie

McKay, Liz

McKenzie Productions

McKinnon, Patrick (USA).


The Belize Poems, Duluth: Suburban Wilderness Press, 1992. booklet of poems

Prophet of Outrage, Duluth: Suburban Wilderness Press. booklet of poems

The Search for the Silicon Soul, Sterling, VA: Mockersatz Zrox, 1986. booklet of collage poetry

Crimes Done Long Ago, Iowa City: PhotoStatic Publication, 1985. booklet of collage poetry

McKinnon, Paul

McLean, Des

McLimans, David

McMahon, Paul. Envelope

McManus, J.E.

McMillan, Jerry

McNair, Julie

McNeil, J. Michael

McNeil, Mary Ann.

McNeill, Anne (UK)

McVarish, Emily

McVey, Mary

Mclure, Steve

Meade, Richard. Announcement for the 1st Los Angeles Erotic Mail Art Show 1980

Meador, Michael (USA). AKA Coffee Break Design

Mealiffe, Mary K.

Mechanical Garden

Medeiros, J. (Brazil).


2 invitations to participate in the Festival de Artes do Natal

Postcard 1977

3 printed works and invitation to submit work

Media Arts in Translation

Media Blitz (G.K.M.S.)  (USA)

Mednick, Scott A.

Medrano, Gina

Medrano, Noel

Megargel, Don

Mehren, Janet

Mehrl, C.

Mela. ed. Rosanna Barbiellini. Florence, Italy: Autumn, 1976

Melchert, James (USA). 2 postcards 1980 -- 1981

Melis, Juraj

Melles, Stella

Melnicove, Mark. Untitled from Scorebroadsides.

Melnikov-Starquist, W. (Russia)

Melstrom, W.S/

Men, Capetas and Ivald Granato. Printed sheet in envelope, no date [Note: these names might not be correct]

Menary, Mark.



Arts and Crafts Guild (USA). Newsletter, 1980.

Art of Mendicino. Made in Mendicino advertisement



Mercado, Santiago

Mericle, Sally.

Merkowitz, Dave.

Merlin, Ivan Jelincic

Mertz, Fred (USA). Eskimo King book comic/kits, 1977

Merz Mail

Mesciulam, Plinio (Italy). See: Mohammed

Messina, Xandra.

Metal Dog

Metallic Avau. Also known as Roger Avau. Exhibition announcement for show of his work at La Galleria Dell'occhio, 1981 -- 1982

Metcalfe, Eric. Also known as Dr. Brute.

Metidieri, Diogenes G.


Metzger, Thom (USA).


The Invisible Hellhole, Rochester, NY: 1988. booklet of prose

This is your Final Warning, 1988. booklet of prose

Ziggurat Boys, 1989.

Mew, Tommy (USA).


Postcard, 1981.

Mailed poster, 1980.

4 flyers for shows, 1979-1983.

Meyer, Kalon.

Meyer, Morris

Meyer, Peter (Sweden)

Michael, J. Creighton (USA). Letter postmarked 1977

Michalowska, Maria (Poland). 4 works, two of them black and white photo-tryptichs, 1971 -- 1973

Michelle (USA).

Micro Future. Letter, 1979

Micro Gallery (USA). Founded by James Antonie. 2 sheets of slides of peoples installations in this miniature gallery

Miedzynarodowe Triennale Rysunku

Mifune, Nunzio

Mignore, Emanuele Morgan

Mihaltianu, Dan (Romania)

Milinkovic, R.

Miller, David

Miller, Don P.

Miller, Gerry

Miller, Harriet

Miller, Joni. Letter, 1978, regarding meeting Durland for interview about book she and Lowry Thompson are working on The Rubber Stamp Album.

Miller, Larry

Miller, S.

Miller, Scott

Miller's Class

Milliken, Don (USA). AKA Orworks.


5 letters. 1978 -- 1981

Postcard, 1978

Stampsheet, no date

Copies of correspondence between Mike Crane, Ken Friedman, and Milliken regarding his responses to questionnaire soliciting information for Crane's Correspondence Art book

2 photocopied works, no date

Milliken, D.P. Thinking about Oakland, 1986. poetry and prose

Millmann, Honey M.

Millmann, Louise M.

Mills, Aric

Mills, Emilie

Mills, Joan.


Mimica, Svjetlana (Croatia)

Minimal Volumes

Minkoff, Gerald (France). Documentation of works and projects

Minick, Scott

Ministero de Transportes, Turismo y Comunicaciones

Minor, James (USA). South Dakota Odyssey: Beyond the Frontal Plane. booklet of line art

Minoy (USA)

Minshall, David (UK)

Miscellaneous Materials. Assorted materials, works and postcards, mostly anonymous

Mislaid Information (Australia). 1980 call for submissions to magazine of same name

Miskowski, Mike (USA).


Applianoidal Grphcus Birthday Elaps 4/89, Florence, AL: Abscond, 1989. booklet of drawings

Suburbreal Drive: A Scattering, Florence, AL: Abscond, 1987. booklet of poetry and drawings

Single page drawing, 1988

Missmanhl, S.


Mitchell, Chris (Scotland). Popular Facial Structures, Glasgow. booklet of prose and photocopied images

Mitchell, Rheba K.

Miti, Lula (Italy)

Mittendorf, Angela and Henning

Mitzo, J. 1978 band poster for the 'Screamers'

Mizukami, Jun (Japan). Printed works and book, "Through a Codex," (1965 -- 1977)

Mizzi, Denis

The Moadster

Mod Orb.

Mohammed (Italy). Also known as Plinio Mesciulam.


9 envelopes, 1979 -- 1981.

Works from Mohammed's projects, including Aka Plinio Mesciulam.

4 lettersand 1 postcard to Steven Durland, 1979-81

2 letters, 1979

Moje, Dieter

Moline, Jo Ellen

Mollett, Michael (USA).


7 letters, 1978 -- 1980.

Program for Dadafest L.A., 1980.

Exhibition brochure for 'The 64 WV Bus,' a 5 year project of Mollett's.

2 postcards, ca. 1980.

Envelope postdated 1978 with printed matter works and 3 other works on page.

Blammo, 1992. booklet of poems


Monday, Mary.

Money for Food Press. Organized by Brian Buczak and Geoff Hendricks. 1980 catalogue of publications, and flier for Hendricks sky show

Mono (USA).

Montalvo, Cesar Toro

Montana, Ruby

Montilla, Manuel (Panama)

Montin, Andrea

Montrony, Donna Mae

Montuada Unworks Factory

Moon ( USA ).


Chain letter, 1978

3 empty envelopes.

Color collage, 1977

Assorted printed works/texts and a tie

Moore, Barbara.

Moore, Betsy.

Moore, Frank

Moore, Patrick (USA). Future Safe: Estate Planning for Artists in a time of Aids. New York, NY: Estate Project for Artists with AIDS, 1992. pamphlet

Moore, Peter (USA). Black and white photograph, unidentified subject, 1966

Moore, Randy (USA). Perryville, MO: 1986. booklet of imagery

Moore, Stephen

Moran, Jorge. Late Line, 1977 entry for artwords and bookworks

Morandi, Emilio (Italy)

More Mail Art from Kansas City.

Morgan, Don

Morgan, Pete (UK). Ringsong, 1977entry for artwords and bookworks

Morgan, Robert.

Morgan, Sue and Holly O'Grady. Tree Guards, NYC, 1982

Morice, Phil (France)

Morillo, Robert

Morimura, Yasumasa

Morines, Lawrence de

Moritz, Mary

Morphesis, Jim. Gallery opening 1979.

Morris, Chuck (USA)

Morris, Michael

Morris, Pam (USA).


Envelope, 1979.

Photocopied work, no date

Morrison, Bill

Morton, Verne

Moses, Oz

Moufarrege, Nicholas

Moulinier, Didier (France). La Poire d'Angoisse, Bordeaux: 1984. mail art booklet

Moulton, Charlie

Mozal, F. Del

Mr. Postcards

Mr. Social Control (UK).


On the Brew with Fatty Clarke, 1993. booklet of prose

Rantomatic, Beachheads in Space Production by David and Hugh. flap narrative based on exquisite corpse

Muenstermann, L.D.

Muff, Margie

Mulcahy, Kevin (USA). Postcard, 1978

Muldoon, Brian.


4 letters, one with "add-to" work for Cleveland

2 postcards, 1978

Munger, June

Munoz, Patricia Laura

Munson, Howard

Muntadas (Spain). Gallery announcement of videotape presentation titled "On Subjectivity," 1978.

Murkland, Pat

Musaem Hermeticum

Musee De La Poste

Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas- Isabel Morasso de Nava

Museo D'Arte Contemporanea (Brasil). Mailed postcard, 1977.

Museo Italo-Americano

Museum of Modern Rubber

The Museum of Museums

Museum of Temporary Art (M.O.T.A.)

Musicmaster (USA)

Musser, Jerry King

Mutt, Horage

Mutt, R. (USA). Postcard, no date

Myers, George. Postcard to Fred Truck, November 1982

Myers, Jo-Anne Echevarria

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