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Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary Arts:

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Series I -- Artists' Works and Correspondence   A-E   F-M   N-Z

Series II -- Gallery Announcements

Series III -- 3-D Works




Nagler, Jacinta

Nagy, Peter

Nahpro, Art

Nakamura, Masako

Nakagawa, Alan.

Name, Billy

Nana, Tarzana B.


1 letter, 1979

1 envelope, 1976

4 photos and layout drawing

Nannuci, Maurizio (Italy). 2 postcards: "Poem," 1968 and "Sixty Natural Greens," 1973/74

Nantle, Nikki

Nappa, Nico

Naraghi, Mitra

Nash, Charles (USA). Second Hand Drugs, San Francisco. booklet of short narratives

Nash, Susan Smith and John M. Bennett. Burn Scorpionic. Luna Bisonte Prods, 1993. leaflet

Nassar, Donna

Nasson, Elmer E.

Natalia (Poland).


Untitled work, 1973, and Galeria Permafo brochure for Natalia's work, 1979

Galeris Permafo brochure (1972) with various artists' works and Natalia's

National Postal Museum (Canada)

National Stampagraphic

Nations, Opal (USA).


10 letters, 1976 -- 1981

Postcard 1981

Poster for Nations show at Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, 1978

5 postcards, 1980 -- 1982

10 printed works, 1979 -- 1981

Nation, Polly Esther


2 Postcards, 1977, 1981.

4 letters

3 artworks

Nato, Le Peintre

Navares, Guillemot

Navarro, Tony (USA).


Envelope, 1979.

Christmas Card, no date.

Nayler, J and Somerville, P.

N.D.  (USA)

The Nea Tapes

Neaderland, Louise

Neal, Kenneth

Near the Edge

Negativland (USA)

Neoism. 2 posters for Neoists performances/apartment festivals

Neoist News-Agency

Neon de Syro

Neo Phyte

Net (Poland). Jaroslaw Kozlowski and Andrzej Kostolowski, envelope and 2 sheets of text, 1972

Neuberger Museum, New York. Program for "Fluxfest '83"

Nevai, Andrew

New Agency

Newark Press (USA)

Newell, Susan

Newman, Amy

Newton, Richard (USA).

Announcement for shows, 1979.

3 photo postcards, 1976 -- 1980

New Wilderness Press (USA). Tape cassette insert sheet for "Sampler Cassette," put out by NW Press, 1977

New York Correspondence School

New York Rocker

New York School of Hot Art

Nexus Press

Niccolai, Giulia

Nichol, B.P. Song from Scorebroadsides, no date.

Nicholls, Peter

Nicholson, Paul

Nickelettes, Les.  8 advertisment mailings from this San Francisco performance group

Nickerwink, Kebig

Niggel, Tomas.

Nikethana, Viswa Shanti

Nilo, Humberto (Chile)

Nilsen, Frederick

Niotou, Henri (France).

4 letters, 1978 -- 1979.

Announcement for 'The World's Highest Priced Sculpture' project

Nimmer, Larry

Nirvano, Comet (USA). Large printed sheet titled "Anti-Calendar," 1973

Nitsch, Hermann

Niulue, D. Drummond

NKFD.  AKA Nice Kids from Downey

Noa Noa

Noah, Barbara and Arlene Golant. The Salvador Deli, 1977 menu

Noble (USA)

Nobrega, Alexandre

Noguera, Pere

Nolan, Janet

Nold, Wilfied (Germany)

Noli, Tom. 2 black and white photocopies: one, 1981, inviting submissions for a magazine and the other rubber stamp images on a receipt form (?).


Non-Local Variable (USA).

Nordo, Guttorm

Northampton Museum of Modern Art. Director: S. Durland. 1980 outline of project The Biennal Report of the Performance Bank

Nortin, Judy.

No-se-No Gallery

Nova, Gary Lee.

Novick, Honey

Novickis, Julian.

Null and Void Artworks

Nur, Kocak

Nussberg, Lew (Germany?). 4 oversized postcards of color photos, 1968 -- 1973


N.Y. Slick


Nyman, Kjell


O., Brenda


Ochoa, Sandra.

Office of the State Architect- Ms. Leath Johnson

Ogaz, Damaso (Venezuela).

O' Dell, Kathy

O'Donnell, Ellen

O'Grady, Holly and Sue Morgan. NYC Tree Guards, NYC, 1980

O'Hare, Michael

Oh Susanna!

Ohlmann, Aloys.

Oisteanu, Andrei

Oisteanu, Ruth. postcard

Oisteanu, Valery

Ojda, Fredo (Poland)

Okamoto, Kat (USA).

Okragly, Helen.  (Start Products)  3 postcards

Olbrich, Jurgen ( Germany ).

5 letters, 1980.

Various pieces of documentation for the show 'In A Small Frame,'

Exhibition announcements for Olbrich shows.

Envelope: Color photocopies, Eintritt Frei, poster etc.

Envelope: Assorted works and letter, February 1983

Letter accompanying catalogue "On the Edges of Reality."

Oldenburg, Claes (USA). "16 Postcards," Edition Hansjorg Mayer, 1976

Olearczuk, Peggy Keppel

O'Leary, Dennis

Oleksiuk, Andrew (USA)

Olesen, Muriel and Gerald Minkoff. (Switzerland)

Oliva, F. (Italy)

Olsen, Cherie (USA).

Olson, Curtis (USA). Urban Guerrilla Postering: You can do it, Peace Factory, Alexandria, VA: 1994. booklet

Olson, Richard.

5 letters. 1979 -- 1980.

Postcard, postdated 1979


Omar, Vecchio

Omnibus Press


Oncle George

One Kendall Square

O'Neill, John.  Uniart submission, 1977.

Ong, Warren (USA). Iowa City: PhotoStatic Publications, 1986. booklet

Ono, Yoko (Japan). Exhibition announcement from magazines, 1990

O'O.K.S. arp

Open Head Arts (Greece)

Open Space

Open Up Poste

Oppenheim, Dennis (USA). Black and white photograph of "Life support system for a premature by-product (from a long distance)," 1981

Oppenheimer, D. Ruth.

Orchard Gallery

Ordover, Jerald

Ore, Tim

Oren, Michael. Postcard, 1980


Ori, Luciano (Italy). 4 black and white photographs of visual scores, one dates 1972.

Orozco Ocana, Juan, ed. (Spain). Taller Andaluz De Poesia Inista, Seville. booklet of words, collage and graphics

Orratto, Frank

Orridge, Genesis P.

Osterhage, Linda

The Other Publisher. Publishers catalogue, Winter 1981 -- 1982

Ott, Bob.

Ott, Sabina.

Ou Art

D'Oultremont, Juan ( Belgium ). Letter, 1980, seeking work for mail art show

Ovcinnicoff, Andrea (Italy)

Owen, Terry.

Owens, Ashley Parker (USA). The Rodney King Verdict and the Riots Which Followed, Chicago: Ace Backwards, 1992. mailed booklet of prose, poems, imagery

Ox, Jack

Ozory, Georg

Oz Prods Ink (Canada) booklets

Cleaning the Document Glass, 1979

Moire Patterns, 1979



Paashaus, A.

Pachetti, Marco

Pacific Rim Artistamp Congress

Pacific Rim Consciousness


Pack, Tom

Packlick, Kathleen (USA).

10 letters, 1978 -- 1982.

3 postcards, 1981.

Various gallery announcement for Packlick's shows.

5 postcards, 1978 -- 1981.

Photocopied page

Letter with 2 photocopied works, postdated 1979

Padin, Clemente (Uruquay).

Esquema: Grado 13, 1972.

Mailed work.

Pafe, William

Pag-hat the Rat-girl

Pagan, Juan

Page, Robin.

Pagliasotti, Robin.

Pahler, Angela.  See Peter Kustermann

Paik, Nam June (Korea).

Printed sheet "Fluxus island in Decollage Ocean,"

Advertisement for Decollage #4, 1963

4 printed sheets, including an unnumbered "The Monthly Review of the University for Avant-garde Hinduism"

Paiveis, Juan Enrique

Palaia, Franc

Palaypay-Borfitz, Lenee.

Palla, Marian.  1 letter to Gaglione

Palma , Ray Di. Envelope: Assorted rubber stamp works titled "Original Confidential"

Palmer, Mark (USA)

Palos, I.

Palou, Joan (Spain).

1 packet, 1980, with a book and an article by Palou-Llibre Amb Una Sola Fulla!, no date, and "Colleccio per Astronautes Sucarellosos: 26 Dibuixos," La Llorina #3, 1980. (not found 9/04);

Envelope, postdated 1980 with 2 folded sheets of card inside and a small drawing on this material


Pappa, Peppe

Pappas, K.

The Paperpool

The Paquette Family

Paridaen, Sjoerd

Parker, Philip

Parker Owens, Ashley

Parot, John. R.V. Salutes the Perils of Everday Livin', 1991. booklet of collage and text

Parsons, Geo.

Parsons, Albert. Brix and Bottles: A Magazine by, For & About Squatters and Protesters, San Francisco: Autumn 1984.

Parsons, Bruce

Parsons, Michael.  Project for a two year circular letter, 1977.

Participation Project Foundation

Parti, T.

Partridge, Loren

Partum, Andrzej (Poland). Printed sheet, "A Manifesto of Insolent Art," 1977

Partum, Ewa

Passee, Arnold

Passof, Peter C.

Paszkiewicz, Yach (Poland)

Patamia, Marian.  2 letters to Gaglione

Patrick and Co.

Patrick, T. (USA). Also known as Tom Patrick, ed. of Eat It Up.

5 letters. 1980 -- 1982

Announcement for KPFA 'Radio-Active,'

Announcement for Tom Patrick and Helen Holt show at SF State University, 1982.

2 postcards

Photocopied work, 1980

Patssi.  Also Gronk and ASCO. 

1 letter


8 photographs sent as postcards (to Gaglione)

Patterson, Clayton (USA). Gallery announcement

Patton, Kata (USA).

Paul's Cafe

Paul. Printed sheet, "Paul's Kinetic Manifesto,"

Paula (USA). Postcard, postdated 1981

Paulauskas, Bill. Lusty Frond Spines, Woodhaven, NY: DreamState Press, 1993.

Pavane, Candella

Pawson, Mark

Payack, Peter

Payne, Nina

Paz, Hilda (Argentina)

P.C.D. (Austrailia)

Peace Press, The World Community Event, 1972

Russell ( A.C. Peare)

Pearl, Camelia

Pearl, Robin

Peculiar Productions, The Suburbs of Hell, San Francisco: For Sleeping Dogs. photocopy pamphlet of collage and poetry

Pedicini, Aulo

Pedrotti, Flavio

Peeslee, Julee (USA). The Devil Walks Among Us, Boulder, CO: Dislexic Comic Publications, small booklet of art and text

Pelavin, Daniel

Pelieu, Claude (France). Work in Artifacts of the Eternal Network exhibition

Pembroke Press

Penard, Remy

Penone, Giuseppe

Pepe, Guglielmo


Pereira, Teresinka ed.

International Poetry. University of Colorado, 1985.

untitled compilation of various poetic and collage works

Perelman, Bob

Perez, Victor (USA)

Perfetti, Michele (Italy). Call for original photographs for exhibition, June 1978.

Perkins, Dan. Writing on the Wall, Iowa City: 1983. comic/collage booklet

Perkins, Edward M.D., Ph.D. (USA). The Violin: 400 Years of Perfection, Iowa City, IA. booklet of text

Perkins, Stephen (USA). Nursing Notes, Iowa City, IA. collage pamphlet

Permanent Press (Canada). Printed matter related to this press including small booklet titled "All Work is Neurotic," no date

Perneczky, Geza (Hungary). Invitation to participate in project and return sheet

Perrella, Lynne

Perrin, Cindi L.

Peshke, Janice (Canada).

Petasz, Pawel (Poland).

various letters with small printed works, c.1977 -- 1979

Letter with 2 rubber stamps by Petasz,1981

Poster for show at Sztuki Gallery, 1977

various postcards

Assorted works

Peters, Ursula (USA).  International Association of Letter Art

Petersen, M.

Peterson, Ericka

Petevtil, Tucker.

Petrauen, A.

Petrisko, Peter (USA)

Petruccelli, Emilio

Pezold, Frederike (Italy).

Pezzatini, Lorenzo (Italy).

Announcement of Pezzatini's artist in residence at Brookline High School, Massachusetts, from March 18 -- 27, 1981.

Exhibition announcement (4 copies) for show at University of Massachusetts, Student Union Gallery, December 1977

Pharais, Laura.  1 postcard to Gaglione

Phillips, Barry

The Phillips Collection

Phlegming, Rhonda

PhotoStatic Magazine (USA). The Devil's Daughter, Iowa City: PhotoStatic Publications, 1986. found manuscript

Pi-non geo.

Picabia, Francis

Picasso, Marlon

Piepol, Di. Photocopied work, postmarked 1978

Pier van dijk/ Robert Joseph

Pierce, Danna J.

Pierce, Lowrell

Pietro, Turco

Pike, Ric

Pilcher, Barry Edgar (UK)

Pin, Dr. Cotter

Pindel, Howardena (USA). 

Pink Tile Productions.

Pinkel, Sheila. Fear is our Gross National Product, 1983.


Pinkston, Carolyn

Pinya, Jaume

Pioneer Junior High School

Piper, Adrian (USA). "Funk Lesson," by appointment only, 1982

Pipeline Productions

Pira, Marc. Soft Concrete Cooking. small booklet of photocopy art


Pissarro, Kata

Pissier, Philippe

Pittore, Carlo (USA).

6 postcards, 1980 -- 1981

Assorted stamp sheets

Duplicate copy of Me magazine with stamp sheet affixed to cover (water damaged).

8 photocopied works

Pitts, Ms. (USA).

Announcement for rubber stamp and post card show, postdated 1981.


Placek, Wes

Planet of Love

Plantenga, Bart

Platania, Rosario

Plate, Peter with Photographs by Dana Smith (USA). An Exploded View, San Francisco: 1987. small book with text and photographs

Plattner, Patricia

Platvoet, Anne

The Pleasure Tendency

Plebney Graphics. Announcement from Sir Charles Hedley Buckinghall of his acquisition of Plebney Graphics, February 1980

Pliskow, Dan.

Plug In Inc.

Plum, Professor (USA).

2 envelopes, 1981 -- 1982.

2 works

Plumb, Andy

Plunkett, Ed (USA). 2 unopened letters addressed to Plunkett

Pluym, L.

PN2 Experiment, Book Six: Poetry Newletter, Pennsylvania

Poinsot, Jean-Marc (France).

Pokorny, Jaroslav

Polansky, Lois (USA).

3 black and white photos of bookworks, 1979


Poleskie, Steve

Politi, Giancarlo

Political Art Documentation/Distribution. Duplicate announcements of 'The February 26th Movement' conference/meeting, February 1982

Polkinhorn, Harry.


The Illusion of Reality: An Interview with Dick Higgins, San Diego State University: 1987.

Summary Dissolution (with introduction by Dick Higgins), Port Charlotte, FL: Runaway Spoon Press, 1988. booklet with art and text

Pollacci, Bruno

Pollard, Michel.

Pombo, Falima

Pomorski, Zbigniew

Pompidou Centre (France). 2 invitations to shows: Walter De Maria and Fabrizio Plessi, both 1982

Pondelicek, Mary B.

Miss Pooka

Popcorn Fancy

Popiel, Ludmila (Poland). See: Fedorowicz, Jerzy and Ludmila Popiel


Por La Paz

Porter, Bern (USA). Printed work, no date

Posada, Vito (USA)

Posey, Sandra Mizumoto

Posey, XXQQ

Postal Art Network

Postal Machines

Postcard Palace (USA).

Postcard Preservation Society (Australia). Invitation for mail art exhibit 'Everywhere in Chains,' 1980

Poste, C.W.

Posto del Sol

Potts, Joe


Powell, David.

Muse(sic). booklet of collage

No Image, 1987. booklet of rubbings

Powers, Joanne (USA).

Pratt, Dandra

Praupins, Edward.

Preda-Sanc, Marilena (Romania)

Prefeitura do Municipio de Sao Paulo

Press, Manic d. (USA). The Eternal Scene, San Francisco: 1986. small booklet of prose

Pretolani, Angelo

Pretty Peaches

Price, Daniel.

Printed Editions. Announcements for publications and catalogues of publications

Printed Matter (USA).

3 letters regarding sales of Durland publications, 1978 -- 1979.

Book catalog, 1979.

Artist books catalog

Private World (USA)

Professor Dada

Project Space

Prothman, Peter. Six Pop-Up Postcards, Chainfuck, inc, 1986. booklet of postcards

Prusas, Jurgen

Prymorski, Z.

Pryor, S. (USA)

Przyjemskiego, Leonarda (Poland). Pamphlet with text and photos documenting actions, no date

Pucci, Giancarlo

Puchalski, Gregg (USA). 5 sheets of printed matter, no date

Pujol, Carles

PUNHO. no. 4, Pernambuco, Brasil: 1978. collaborative publication with work by Bill Gaglione and Bill Brusky et. al.

Punno, Harry

Purves, Ted


Pym, Peter.

Winter Souvenir. small booklet of text

A Network/Sculpture: Scenes from the Forthcoming Unreleased Movie, Shaved Fish Audio-Video. booklet of imagery

Entire Machine Movements: Scenes from the Forthcoming Unreleased Movie, Shaved Fish Audio-Video. booklet of imagery

741 Checkup, Shaved Fish Audio-Video. booklet of imagery

75 Railroad Years: Gaubahnbrucke, Bat Inc. Publishing, 1988. booklet of imagery

Down at Kamenzin's Ground, Bat Inc. Publishing, 1987. booklet of imagery

Action!, Bat Inc. Publication, 1987. booklet of imagery

Hey, Sweetheart, 1988. comic book

Nocturne, b/w, 1985. comic book


Q. Novelties

Queen of Stamps

Queer Times (UK)

Quikkopy Mail Art

Quinn, Bill (USA)


R+D Group

R. Dick Trace It (Canada). Envelope, 1979

R Dog Press

Rabascall Atelier

Rabbit, Bo

Radio Free Dada (USA). (Also known as Studio LeClair) 2 letters, 1981. One includes graphic and the other an illustrated article by Gillian La Rose from Adverts newspaper, Santa Rosa , about the 1980 'Spanish Kitty's Revue of Erotic Art,' 1980

Radio Werewolf (USA)

Radtke, Waldemar Jr.

Postcard, 1980

Flier inviting submissions to the Poster Brigade's 'Internationalist Art Show in Opposition to World War 3,' 1980


RAG Magazine

Ragged Edge Press

Ragle, Kathryn

Rahman, Mona Abdel.

Rahman, Musa Abdel.

Rahmani, Aviva

Raimond, Joe (West Germany).

Doc Wor Mirran: Jelly from Above, Germany: eMpTy Publications, 1985. booklet of collage, graphics and poems

Doc Wor Mirran: Falling to Achieve Freedom, Nurnberg: eMpTy Records, 1987. booklet of graphics, poems and 45 record

Doc Wor Mirran, 1987 Galerie Leer broadside

Doc Wor Mirran, 1986 promotional broadside and letter

letter from Raimond to S. Perkins

Letter from Raimond, 1987


Rain Rien Evermind

Rainbow, Ceci.

3 letters. 1979 -- 1980

Invitation for the '1979 Color Postal Art Exhibit'

Ralph, Indian

Rama Lama


Ramm, Andrea von

Rampa, T. Lobsang and images by Gene Duplantier. My Visit to Venus, Clarksburg, W. VA: Saucerian Books. booklet with flying saucer narrative

Random, Steve (USA).

Stamp sheet, 1983

3 Envelopes with enclosures,1983

Postcard, 1983

Randy Reality

Raphael, Dan.

Here the Meat Turns to the Audience , Baltimore: The Shattered Wig, 1991, booklet of poetry

Finding the Dog, Seattle: Bomb Shelter Press, 1988. booklet of poetry and prose

Raponi, Umberto

Rasala, Sue.

Rasmussen, Steen Moller

Rastorfer, Jean-Marc (Switzerland).

Envelope, 1981.

Assorted invidual artists' stamps, no date

Rauschenberg, Robert

Ray, Bill (USA).

5 letters and 2 postcards, 1981.

Photocopied work, 1981

Work in collaboration with Sheldon Polsky, 1981

3 postcards, c. 1981

Untitled booklet

3 other undated works

Ray, Charles (USA).

Ray, Rex.

Ray, Violet

Ray/Borreo Mailing

Rayozone Studios (USA)

Ready-Made Rubber

Re-cycle Art

Redding, Harvey

Redfern, Danny

Rediscoveries Newsletter (USA)

Reflection Press, Violence Permanente: Albrecht d., n.d.


Rege, Barbara. Work, 1984-3 sheets inviting additions and to be sent back to Rege. An homage to Cavellini

Regild, Carsten (Sweden).

Regular Pyramid. Envelope, 1982

Rehfeldt, Robert (Germany).

Mailed typewriter art, 1979.

1982 Contart mailing.

Letter and 5 envelopes, 1981

Invitation to a postcard show, and exhibition brochure for 2 person show which one of whom is Rehfeldt at Klubgalerie, Berlin, January 1980

2 printed works 1977 and no date

3 postcards and a print

Rehfeldt, Ruth (Germany).

Mailed "Typewritings," 1979.

4 envelopes, ca. 1979 -- 1980.

Photocopy of a letter to S. Durland.

4 postcards, ca. 1978

5 concrete typewriter poems, 1979 -- 1980

Reichard, Stephen

Reichhold, Jane.

Reid, Terry.

Reid-Cunningham, James. Visible Words, Cambridge: 1992. booklet of text and graphics

Reider, C.

Religious Art Guild

Rene-I am the Best Artist

Rene, Denise

Renner, William T.

Restrepo, Tulio (Columbia)

Reva, Jim (USA).

Letter, 1981

Invitation to submit to mail art show 'Make Something Happen With A Postal Message', 1980/81

3 postcards, 1980 -- 1981

Rex, Monica

Reyer, Diane

Reymond-Lepine, Sylvie (France). Basic, Paris: 1988.

Reynolds, Jock (USA).

Postcard with photo by Reynolds

Letter/work 1972

Rhinehart, Brian


Ricart, J.

Riccardi, Joan

Rice, Boyd (USA).

Postcard "Andre as Marcel as Prose," no date, multiple copies

Homage to Ken Friedman postcards

Rice Freedman-Zachery

Rich, G. Color photocopy

Rick and Karen.

Ridder, Willem de (Netherlands). Exhibition announcement, 1979

Rife, Steve

Rigney, Ruth.

Rigsby, Marshall

Rinnestein, T.

Rinteln, Casandra von

Rio, Marcus do

Rippel, Larry

Risk, Joe

Ritger, Amy Volchok

Ritzel, Fred

Riviello, Robert

Riz, Marisa da

Robbins, Tom

Roberts, Hugh

Roberts, Tom and K.L. with intro by Ivan Stang. Homo Patrol, A Helpless Anger Production, 1989. comic

Robertson, Clive (UK). Brochure updating Robertson's projects, particularly "A Year of ..F," 1973

Robertson, Kirk. Paintings: From Bowwow to A Cheeky Gamble Bathed in Light from Scorebroadsides, no date.

Robertson, Stephanie Lewis

Robic, Jean-Francois


Robin, K.

Robinet, Alain

Robineau, Francois

Robinson, William

Robot Vegetable.

2 letters, 1981.

Postcard, 1978. with large drawing

Robson, Eurie


Rock and Roll Confidential, Dave Marsh ed.(USA). You've Got a Right to Rock, Los Angeles: 1989/1990. pamphlet

Rockola (USA).

Postcard, 1982.

Various works on paper and cardboard, c. 1980s

Sheet of stickers, 1980

Rockwell, Julie

Rockwell, Sally

Rod (USA). Postcard, postdated 1975

Rodgers, Vimala


Rodney, Sur C.

Rodriguez, Janice M.

Rodrique, Ray.

Rogers, Blake

Rogers, Rick

Rohr, Ulla

Roll Mag (Postal Flow West).

Rombout, Luke

Rome, Pamela.

Romero, Alejandro (Mexico)

Romney, S. Taylor

Ron Con Koma and Amok Noc Nor

Ron's Hobby Arts

Ronan, Stephan.

Ronchi, Demos

Root, David

Roquet, Maurice (Belgium).  Theatre Mental

Rosa, Joan.

Letter, 1981

Invitation to show 'Send your own game or toy,' 1981

Rosa, Salvatore de. September 1985: photocopy graphic

Rosamilia, Enzo

Rosamilia, Peppe

Rosanom, Jad E.

Rosco, Louie.


Rose, David. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles: House of Raasche, 1971. an original portfolio of 10 sketches

Rose, Matthew

Roseanne-aranatau. Black and white photocopy, no date

Rosebud (USA).

3 letters. 1979 -- 1980. One includes call for works for the 'Super Orson Wells Look-alike Pageant,' another has documentation for this show.

Printed work (by Bill Helfrich), 1977

Rosen, Norman

Rosenberg, Marilyn (USA).

5 letters. 1980.

10 postcards, 1980 -- 1981

Assorted printed works

2 letters with printed works, postdated 1980

Rosenthal, Barbara (USA)

Rosler, Martha

Rosolowicz, Jerzy (Poland). Assorted works 1968-?

Rossman, Joel

Rot, Diter (Germany). Dieter Roth

3 postcards 1968 and 1973

Brochure for Westermann Gallery

Rothenberg, Erika (USA).

slides of her work

Copy of "Morally Superior Product Vers 1: White Family: 30 seconds,"

"Morally Superior Products: A New Idea for Advertising,"

Rotundo, Kevondo

Rough Draft (USA)

Roux, Betty Fong

Row, Michael.

Rowland, Anita.

Royce, Atelier

Royce, Rose (USA). Postcard, postdated 1981.


Rubber Art Ink.

Rubber Brothers

Rubber D'Art

Rubber Stamp Madness

Rubber Trick's Ink

Rubber, Grace.


Rubberta Stampling

Rubberoid, Rudy.

Rubini, Katterini. Letter, 1980.

Ruch, Gunther. Letter, 1980.

Rudlue, Stephanie

Ruhe, Harry (Germany).

Postcard from Ruhe

Card by Colen Fitzgibbon and Robin Winters, 1977

Rumble. Envelope, 1981

Rundgren, Todd

Runner, Marsha Anne and Jimmy

Running Dog Post

Rupocinski, Robert

Rupp, Klaus

Russell, Randy and Sean Wolf Hill. The Dharma Scum: a Garage Novel, Sandusky, OH: ToBoSo Publications, 1984. booklet of narrative

Rutherford, Rachel.

Rutkovsky, Fran.

Rutkovsky, Paul. Catalogue, Tallahassee, Florida, 1983.

Rutzky, Ivy Sky (USA).

A Handset, 1979

Commencement, 1978

Graduation card to Ken Friedman

Slides of his work

Envelope containing information about Likomeng, the Secret Songs, a performance by Renee Rockoff

Ryan, Anthony.

Ryan, Phil (Australia).

Rypson, Diotr

Rys, Juliette.


S/M Designs

Sackner, Ruth

Sadler, Ada.

Sadler, Don.

Saito, Takako (Japan). Cut card/announcement for exhibition 1989, Galerie Lara Vincy, Paris

Saito, Toshinori (Japan).

Sakolsky, Ron

Salt City Post

Salt Lick Press.

Review of Salt Lick Magazine in Nola Express, August/September 1973

Flier with interviews of visitors to '500 Envelopes, A Conceptual Art Show'

Salvadori, Remo (Italy). Printed work, 1982.

Salvatore Paradise

Salyer, Any.

Samalea, Enrique

Sammee, Jessica

Sampson, Teresa.

Sam's Café.

Assorted printed matter ca. 1970

Envelope with assorted printed matter, no date, but similar to above

Sam's Recycle Shop (Canada).

3 letters. 1981.

Documentation for Japanese mail art show 'Modern Art '80.'

Postcard, postdated 1981

Photocopied work

Altered bondage photos

San Antonio, Phyllis.

Envelope dated Feb 27, ?. Enclosed? Heights art theatre listing and illustrated sheet

Envelope postdated 2 February 1978, enclosed letter concerning future converation with John Waters

Envelope postdated June 2, 1979, enclosed form letter

San Francisco Day School

San Francisco International Toy Museum

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Brochure for conference: "Artists' use of Telecommunications in Contemporary art and performance: "Simulated Tele-Performance Series"

Sanders, Robert (USA). Postcard, 1982.

Sanchez, Pico.

Sandlin, David

Assorted works

U may already be a sinner, book dedicated to Buster Cleveland, 1995  Oversize Box 1

Sandwich, R. Postcard, postdated 1981.

Santiago, Daniel (Brazil).

Saperior, R.

Sarapata, Marie (Germany).

7 letters. 1977 -- 1979.

Postcard, 1980



Sassi, Fabio

Sato, Seiko.

Satze, Eryh

Saumer, Joan

Saunders, Adrianne

Saunders, J.L.

Saunders, R. (USA).

2 letters 1979 -- 1980.

Documentation for 2 shows organized by Saunders: 'Gallery between the staircases,'1980 and untitled show at Sill Gallery.

3 postcards, 1980, 1981.

Announcement for Saunders exhibit at the Flag Gallery, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

Mailed packet with an introduction speech and photocopied works, 1980.

mailed works on paper

Sauter, Carole

Savage, Kimo.


3 black and white photocopies, ca. 1981

Postcard 1981, and a color postcard 1981

Saville, Ken

Sawano, Mizue. Postcard

Sbizzera, Marco

Sbrissa, C.


Scalzo, Claudio Di

Scanlan, Peter

Scesniak, Pamela


Schantz, Tom

"Schede" rue de l'arbre benit

Scheer, Frank

Schenk, J.

Scherer, Deidre

Schiesser, N.

Schiff, Jean

Schill, Ruedi.  Postcart

Schlafke, F.A. von

Schlapfer, Ida

Schlesinger, Gil

Schlesser, M.

Schleusner, Connie

Schlitz, Bud.

Schloss, Arlen. 2 exhibition announcement, c. 1980

Schmidt, Angelika (Germany).

3 letters. 1977, 1981.

Submission for Durland's "Cover Show."

Schmidt, Arno (Germany). Assorted materials relating to this writer

Schmidt-Olsen (Denmark). Envelope 1981 and invitation to send work to 'Bodies of Artists,' 1981

Schmit, Tomas (Germany). Postcard announcing work by Edition Hundertmark.

Schneck, Carol A. (USA).

Holding On, San Francisco. booklet of poems and pictures

Feedback #2, Lancing, MI.

Somebody Asked me What you Wrote about and all I Could Think of was AIDS. booklet of poetry and prose

Schneider, Laurie. Chronicle: A Journal of 1987, Score booklet, Oakland, CA.

Schnyder, Achim (W. Germany)

Scholte, Willy

Schraenen, Guy

Schreibman, Vida

Schroeck, R.D.

Schroth, Mary Angela

Schult, Ha

Schulting, Kalle (Germany). 1993. collage booklet

Schultz, Tomasz (Poland).

4 envelopes 1979 -- 1980.

4 postcards.

2 works on paper.

"Red-Y Made," postcard

Schulz, Friedhelm


Schumacher, Rose

Schumann (USA).

The Unreason, VT: Troll Press, 1991

Bible, VT: Troll Press, 1991

Schumans, Marjo

Schure, Robert. Twink, 1958. Drawings by R. Zimmerman

Schwab, Jennifer

Schwab, Rick

Schware, Wendy.

Schwartz, Alan

Schwartz, F.

Schwarz, Arturo

Schweinebraden, J.

Schwenk, Kathryn

Schwind Foundation

Scotland, Sam.

Scott, D.

Scott, Lisa

Scott, Michael (UK).

Scott, Nancy G.

Scott, Richard (UK). 1979 invitation to participate in show 'Post Restante' at the Liverpool Academy of Arts, June/July 1979

Scott, Sheila (USA).  Miriads of Pyramids, 1976.

Secunda, Arthur (USA). Letter, no date. This letter accompanied his sponge submission (Camembert President, 1977) to the Cover Show, curated by Durland

See Spot Run

Seemayer, Stephen (USA). Black and white photo documenting performance, no date

Segall, Andrea

Seiei, Jack

Sein, M.

Selby, Spencer. Stigma, Oakland, CA: no date.

Selfe, Ned.

Selkirk, Calum (UK)

Sellers, Sue

Sellyeh, Lisa

Seltman, Robert (USA). Printed matter "Biographical Chronology Test: 1951 through to 1982," and "Girlfriend Wanted," 1982?

Senecal, Sandra

Sensitive, Mr. (USA). Postcard, postdated 1977

Sensoria (Canada)

Setten, Hank Van (Holland). Assorted prints and photographs of works, 1984 -- 1987.

Sever, Rossi

Shafer, Jeremy

Shafer, Mike (USA)

Shannon, John (USA). Decadence, Canton, MI:1988. cardboard book

Shanahan, K.

Sharp, Anne (USA)

Sharp, Willoughby

Shaw, Jim

Shaw, Joyce Cutler

Shearin, Kathleen

Shekerjian, Haig and Regina.

Stolen Thoughts, poem

Behold, the Sun is Shining, poem

Shelton, Edwin.

Shep, shep, shep

Sherarts, La Vona.

Sherfield, Norman. Just Say No, no date.

Shields, Bill. Drinking Gasoline in Hell. 1988. Poetry

Shields, Jenie

Shilling, Gary

Shimamoto, A.U. Shozo

Shimomoto, Yoko

Shiomi, Mieko (Japan).

Printed matter

Explanation of 'Spatial Poem' project and invitation to participate in 'Spatial Poem No. 4: Shadow Event,' 1971

Multiple copies of postcard announcing complete work of Spatial Poem, 1976

Spatial Poems 4 - 9

Untitled colllage

As it were Floating Granules, Tokyo: Japan Federation of Composers. original fluxus musical score

1708 East Main (USA). Cover letter (1979) from Nancy Gunn and information, reviews, gallery calendar (1978 -- 1979), etc... about this alternative gallery in Richmond, Virginia

Shirt Press.

Shlittmer, Eric (USA).


Shogren, Anna

Shores, Michael. collage and poetry

Dangerous Days, 1988.

The Book of Daze, 1990.

Ancient Stories, 1990.

Do Your Own Comic!, Allston, MA: American Living Press. booklet of comics

Short, Jim

Short, Steven


Show, Lang

Shumway, Bill.

Shut, Carol


Sie, Kiem.

Siegel, Jules. Franklin Furnace Archive Posters, New York.

Sikora, Rudolf (Czchoslovakia).

Silitch, Jenny

Sillitoe, Cynthia

Simpkins, Miss M.

Simpson, Jerry

Silva, Marcondes

Silva, Falves (Brazil).


Photocopy of a letter and postcard work.

Letter with postcard, 1977.

5 postcards, ca. 1978 -- 1980.

Assorted individual artists' stamps

Assorted printed works and series of printed works

Silvi, Fulgar C.

Silviera, Regina (Brazil).

Simon, Baudhuin (Belgium)

Simon, E.T.

Simon, Thomas

Simone, Gianni (Japan)

Simoni, Piero

Simpson, Chester

Singendonk, Fotj/Joe

Singer, Joel (USA)

Sipprelle, Diane (USA).



4 postcards, 1981.

2 announcements for shows in which Sipprelle participated.

3 printed works, postcard, postdated 1980

Card piece from Pawel Petasz completed by Durland and Sipprelle

Sir Q (Frank Ferguson) (USA).

2 envelopes 1981 -- 1982.

A large number of printed works, stickers, c. 1978 -- 1979.

1 postcard

Skinner, Roger D.

Skooter (USA)

Skullerud, Nancy.

Sleeples Schlafer

Sloan, De Villo. (USA)

Ourang-Outang, 1986. poetry

Alloy, 1987. poetry with Ruth Schowalter

Paperbirds, Auburn, AL: Paperbirds Press, 1987. small booklet of poems, typewriter art with Ruth Schowalter

Sloan, Stephen.

Sluterbeck, K.R.


Smallville Funny Farm


Smegma (USA).

Smegmail, 1979.

various Smegmart, mailed work, 1980.

4 Postcards, 1979.

Calendar, 1980.

Calendar, date unknown.

"Smegma: The Magazine" matchbook

Smith, Alonso G.

Smith, David (USA)

Smith, E.Z.

Smith, K. Mary

Smith, Ken B.

Smith, Jen

Smith, Larry D.

Smith, Pauline (UK).

2 envelopes, one is 1978.

5 mailed works, 1977 - 1978.

Photocopied work, 1977 - 1978

Smith, Robert Charles

Smith, Sheila. Shelf Life (USA) New York: 1989.

Smith, Slim (UK). Bab's Rhumba, London: 1991. collage booklet

Smith, Stephanie.

Smith, Winston.

The Satirical and Surreal Montage Art of Winston Smith, San Francisco: Fallout Productions, 1982. collage magazine

various mailed copied collage items

Smolinski, Eugeniusz (Poland). Paper work "Reverse," no date

The Smudge

Smyth, Sheila (Canada)

Snarl! Handbook of Leeds Animal Liberation Front. (UK) 1984

Snyder, Art

Sock of the Month Club


Soffer, James Lee

Soft Press (Switzerland). Also known as Frank Ferguson. 2 envelopes, 1 dated 1982, the other no date

Sohm, Hanns

Sokol, Milan (Slovakia)

Sokolowska, Krystyna (Poland).

Exhibition catalogue

4 works circa 1972?

Solar Z.


Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Solovak Sincerity Society

Soluble Fish

Something New to Worry About. 1983 pamphlet

Sommers, L.

Sonal, Eugene. Letter, 1979

Sonneman, Eve. Real Time, New York: Printed Matter, 1976

Soo Hoo, Joyce

Soon 3

Sorensen, William (Denmark).

3 envelopes with assorted works

Proposals for works and printed matter c. 1974 -- 1976

Sosnowski, Zdzislaw (Poland).

Posters and photographic documentation of shows at the Actual Art's Gallery (see also Actual Art's file)

Assorted photographs of actions

Works by other artists associated with the gallery

Gallery publications, writings, documentation and works of Sosnowski, ca. 1972 -- 1976

Soundchaser Productions.

Letter, 1979

Information about the 45 records released by Los Microwaves band

Soup, Jenny

Southand, Craig

Sousa, Almeida E. (Portugal)

Souza, Al (USA).

6 letters and 3 postcards 1977 -- 1981.

3 exhibit announcements for Souza show

Collaborative stamp sheet

List of unknown exhibition and participants.

2 postcards, one dated 1977

3 artists' stamp and rubber stamps pages

Spaans, Peter (Netherlands)

Space Dump Performances

Spaceangel (USA). Aka Thomas Cassidy and Musicmaster. Assorted works, no date

Spaid, Gregory Preston


Spangler, Kitty.

Sparling, Ken. Wendysstomach two. small narrative

Spaulding, D.C.

Spectacular Times (UK)

Spector, Buzz. Letter, 1979


Spence, Pete (Austrailia)

Spencer, Lisa (USA). Postcard, postdated 1978

Spera, Stephen (USA). 'Televisions,' 1976, postcard

Sperling, Roberta

Spiegelman, Lon (USA).

California Dada, Ukiah: 1980. booklet

Mailed work, 1979.

large envelopes, 1979, 1980.

Letters, 1979 -- 1982.

Assorted invitations for mail art shows, as well show documentation.

6 rubber stamp works, ca. 1979

2 stamp sheets, 1979

postcards, ca. 1978

Assorted individual works.

1981 work and printed matter.

Calendar, 1981.

Assorted materials, including copies of correspondence between Spiegelman and Michael Leigh, May 1983.

Poster for Fred, Lorna, and Ben Truck June 26, 1983

Spiegelmism, Linda

Spill, Nicholas

Spinello, Barry (USA).

Copy of JCT 2, by M. Diacono and the Navajo indian tribe, 1968 -- 1969, printed in Berkeley, 1970.

Photographs by Spinello


Sporer, Sheila


Springer, Homer L.

Sprouse, Martin (USA)

Spudz (The Netherlands). Also known as Cees Francke.

4 envelopes and letter ca. 1978 -- 1979.

3 postcards

4 mailed paper/collage works

Cut-up negative

SR Inc. 2-54

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (India) Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on Art, part II compiled by Vijay. booklet

Srividya, J.

s'Soreff (USA). Letter, no date

St. Vibrissa. Virgin, Martyr, & Stigmatrix. booklet

Staber, Rinny

Stadtmuller, Patricia

Staeck, Klaus (West Germany).

Staeck, Rolf.

Stagnaro, Umberto (Italy). 2 letters, 1981. Duplicate invites to mail art show 'Alphabet,' 1981

Staive, J.M.

Stake, Chuck.

2 postcards 1981 -- 1982.

Information regarding shows, documentation and invite to 10th Anniversary of Chuck Stake Enterprises.

Invitation to correspondence art show, September 1985

Poster for 1977 Correspondence Mail Art Event.

Poster for 1979 Correspondence Mail Art Event.

unopened letter, 1977.

Poster for C. Stake Radio Program, 1979.

The Stamp Act

Stamp Art Gallery


Stamp Francisco

Stampart Magazine


Stamps/Mail Art

Stangroom, Jonathan

Starpattern, Rita

Starr, Nina Howell

State of California Office of Architecture and Construction

Stein, Peter

Steinbach, Haim (USA). Text "Planet (Mapping of the Body)," no date.

Steinman, Gloria.

Steinman, Jeffrey

Stelian, Ornica

Stendahl, Roslyn M.

Sterk, Bo

Stetser, Carol.

Fiji Times, 1988

The Kiwi Factor, 1989

Crocs N' Cairns, 1989

Fiji Times 2, 1991

Stevenson, N.


Stickney, John

Stiles, Derek

Stillman, Barbara

Stipe, W.S.

Stirnemann, Vanci (Swiss)

Stitt, Andre and Tara Babel

Stitt, F. Allen

Stoll, J.


Stolnitz, Dia

Stonewall, C.

The Stone Press.

Stoppard, Tom

Stor, D.R.

Storrs, Cleveland M.

Story, Martha Redy

StoveFront Art and Architecture

Strada, Giovanni

Strange Tractor, Five Photographs/Four Drawings. small booklet

Stretch Marks

Stryker, Miles

Stuart, Michelle. The Fall, New York: Printed Matter, 1976

Studio 79

Studio 718

Studio LeClair. See: Radio Free Dada

Sturani, Enrico

Stussi, Marcel (Switzerland). Stamp sheet 1990

Styrsky, Jindrich

Sub Genius Foundation (USA). Also known as The Church of the Sub Genius.

2 envelopes and letter 1981.

Assorted fliers and printed matter, ca. 1980

Sublett, Chris (USA). 5 works no date

Suchland, M.

Suel, Lucien (France)


Suit, Dewey L.

Sullivan, Judith

Sullivan, Terence (USA). 2 different printed sheets-"You Did It," and "Feeling Rundown?," no date

Sumeghy, Peter

Summers, Rod (USA). Postcard and printed sheet, 1975

Sumner, Melody

Sumps, Jo. Printed matter and artists postcards for a show, "Art From the Jungle," of various artists organized by Sumps at Fashion Moda, October 1983

Sun, May

Susan's Delusions

Sutinen, Paul

Sweeney, Bill


Swierkiewicz, Robert (Hungary)

Swine, Ingrid


Swope, M.

Szczelkun, Stefan (UK)

Szefferski, Roland

Szombathy, Balint (Hungary).

3 post cards, 1978 - 1979.

4 letters, 1977 - 1979.

Mailed work, 1977.

Szyhalski, Piotr.  (Poland)


T., Jody

Tacchella, Rino (Italy).

2 envelopes, 1979.

2 Postcards, 1978-1979

Tachtig and Iveel Geluk

Tague, A. Kudrav



Tamaru, Shigeru

Tamor, Sarah (USA). Set of slides 1974 -- 1977

Tamping, Alex

Tanaka, Kaumi

Tant, Julia



Targowski, Henry (Netherlands). 'Mark/Space' information sheet of projects to submit to, 1977

Tasia, Alis

Tatematsu, Fumiko.  (USA)

Tavani, Bob (USA). Lawn, Chicago, 1991. booklet of photos and poems.

Tavenner, Patricia

Taylor, Laurence M.

Taylor, Mike

Taylor, Neal

Tchong, Wu

Tearle, Mel (USA).

Approximately 19 letters. 1978 -- 1982

3 postcards

Postcard announcing Tearles MFA thesis exhibition.

Anagram game, 1981, 2 postcards, ca. 1980

4 envelopes with works, 1978 -- 1980

12 text pieces

Teddy (USA).

Mailed work, 1977.

Photocopied work, 1978.

Telos Solet Tosel



Tepper, I.S.

Teresa, Mark Anthony

Teuty, Ian. Postcard, 1981.

Texas Correspondence School

Thayer, Bill

Theatre Kassak (Hungary). Untitled collaborative work between(?): Algol Laszlo, Istvan Szegho, Marianne Kollar, Anna Koos, 1973(?) ****

Thenot, Jean-Paul (France). letter, 1977.

Thermal Art (USA). Advertising material for this heating system


Thieme, Ray

Thieves and Prostitutes, Hollywood Fl, pamphlet

Thifault, Karen

Third Story

Third Wave Dance Theatre

Thomas, Carol

Thomas, Larry

Thomas, Lew.  (USA)

Thompson, Lowry. 4 letters. 1978 -- 1980

Thompson, Nic

Thompson, Rosie (USA).

Letters, 1979 -- 1980

6 postcards

Photocopy of text by Thompson about her work from Artscope, 2(2), 1978/79

Documentation of show 'Time-Space Works,' curated by Thompson, March 1980, Center/Gallery, Carrboro(?), North Carolina.

8 printed works, 1978 -- 1979

2 postcards postmarked 1979 -- 1980

Throbbing Gristle (UK). Questionnaire for TG fans, no date


Tolsan, Courtney

Toth, Laslo

Transformer, Todd D.


Trusky, Tom

Thumbody Lle

Tiffen, David.  (UK)

Tigerlady, Kris (USA). Photocopied work, no date

Timmons, Vicki

Tinna, Addo


Tipping, Richard

Tiptop (USA). Four slides in envelope titled "Tipical Images on Topical Subjects," no date

Tisa, Benedict.  (USA)

Tisdale, Daniel.  (USA)

Tisma, Andej

Tisue, Seth.  (USA)

Todorovic, Mirolub (Yugoslavia).

Announcement asking for materials for an Anthology of Mail Art, ca. 1978/1979.

"Signalist Project Cosmic Communication," postcard, 1972, postdated 1974.

Toke, S.

Tokiwa Gallery

Toomey, Kathy

Tostdada, Johnny


Toth (Tooth), Gabor.  (Hungary)

Torchia, Mike ed. letter extolling the publication Electrographics.1982.

Torrey, Ella King

Tot, Endre (Hungary).

Assorted pages from publication documenting Tot's works completed during DAAD sponsorship in Berlin (1979)

Assorted documentation and printed matter

"Look Here's a Giant Zero for You," postcard, 1974

Postcard postmarked 1983

3 pieces of printed matter all zero works, ca. 1974

Toth, Dezider (Czechoslovakia).

Tracce (Italy).


Trason, Vincent

Trans-Parent Teacher's Ink

Trapped. collage booklet

Travelling Art Mail

Trelstad, Geoffrey L. (USA). Sweet Roll International: Global Dementia, Minneapolis, MN: 1990.

Trenholm, Zachary

Tress, Horst.

Trinidad, Anabel

Trinity Press

Tron, Otto

Trott, Lothar

Truax, Joe and Jim Sanders. Oogleplex, 1988. booklet.

Truch, F.

Truck, Fred.

5 letters, 1980 -- 1981.

Collection of sheets entitled "Bankroll a Cauac Monster," 1981

CD titled "Bottega," 1995. (This CD gifted September 1995)

Several stamp artworks

2 postcards.

Article on Truck from Des Moines Register, Sunday, March 14, 2004



Tucson, Denver


Tunnell, Karine

Turk, Peter (Hungary). 8 black and white photo pieces/documentation, no date

Turner, Alan. Long accordian work titled "Marked Woods," 1981, Lapp Princess Press Ltd, New York City

Turner, Edward R.

Turner, Maxine F.

Turrigiano, Kirsten

Tutor, D.L.

Tutti, Cosey Fanni (UK). 4 letters, 1979 -- 1980. envelope from Russia

Tuur, Reiu

Tzaig, Uri

Tzara, Tristan


Ubertall, Donna (USA). Postcard, 1978.

UBU Inc.

Ulrich, Judy. 4 letters, 1980 -- 1981.

Ulrichs, Tim (Germany). "Ich Bin Ein Gedicht," poster work, 1968.


United Technologies (USA). Approximately 27 text based advertisements, no date, published by United Technologies Corp., Hartford, Connecticut

University of Mud

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Universo Suburbano (Mexico)

Urb, H.E./ Wohlforth, V.

Urban, Nikolaus

U.S. Mary Todd Show

Updike, John (USA). Printed poem in card, 1978.

Upton, Lawrence

Uranian Phalanstery

Urban, Janos (Switzerland). Two letters and assorted works, ca. 1972.

Urbanart (Canada). Urbanart festical letter, vancouver, 1976.

Urich, Judy

Uyeda, Curtis




Valentino, Rubi

Valerio, Vania Lucila

Valli, Marian

Valoch, Jiri (Czechoslovakia).

Gallery announcement for show at Galeria Akumulatory, 1974.

2 printed works, 1971

Announcmment for "Three Performances for Everybody," 1972 for Des Moines Festival of the Avant-Garde (included in envelope is card announcing "Event for large Public Library," by Michael Gibbs)

Van Amen, Woody

Van Beveren, Peter (France).

Vanbianchi, Peg

Vance, Daryl (USA). Letter, 1980. "Homage to Abbie Hoffman" 1979

Vandenburg, A. (USA). 2 drawings, ca. 1978

Vanderburg, Sonja

Van der Wolk, Johannes

Vandreposte, Pierre. Printed sheets with text.

Van Doven, R.M.

Van Geluwe, John

Van Hee, David, Kansas College of Collage, Lawrence, KS: 1990. collaged file of unbound xerox collage

Van Raay, Jan.


Varga, Kirk (Canada). See: Five/Cinq Aesthetics

Varney, Ed (Canada).

3 stampsheets, 1976 -- 1978


2 postcards

3 sheets of artists stamps from "2nd International Intermedia Artist's Stamp Edition," organized by Varney in 1978, Canada

Vasta, Joseph

Vater, Regina

Vator, Miss Otis Ella

Vaughan, Tony (USA).

The Art of Visual Wit, "A Conversation with Byron Hunt."

Vautier, Ben (Switzerland).

Printed matter

Booklet "Vertical Line and Horizontal Line," 1962

Computer disk

Assorted postcards/stickers

Publication "Vive la Creation a Nice," booklet "Fluxus a Nice," Nice:Z/editions, 1989

Publication, "Bag Art,"

Publication,"Ben sur Ben-About Fluxus,"

Publication, Quelques Idees, 1970.

Publication, Moi Ben Je Signe, 1962.

"A Letter from  Berlin," 5-6, 1979.


Vecchione, Pat (USA). 2 sets of slides c. 1978 -- 1979


Vegetable, Robot (USA).

2 postcards

4 photocopied works


Veitch, Tom

Veneto, Vittorio

Vendley, Jesse (USA). How About It? Three Sudden Fictions, CA: Permeable Press, 1993.

Verandal, Carmen

Vermeulen, Guido

Vichules, Ruth

Vickers, Barbara

Video Free America

Viergever, Anton

Viggiano, Enrico

Vigo, Edgardo-Antonion (Argentina).

5 letters. 1979 -- 1981 (4 envelopes)

Poster published by Amnesty International about the 'disappeared' in Argentina (Vigo's son's photo included here.)

4 paper works

4 mailed works

Vigo, Graciela Marx (Argentina).

8 letters, c. 1978.

3 empty envelopes

4 postcards, 1978.

"Quiet Spring" program, 1978.

Vile Magazine

Vilestone, Vic. Letter, 1980

Vilks, Lars

Villani, Jim with illustrations by C.M. James. Moment in Bronze, Fantome Press. booklet of poetry and prints

Vincy, Lara


Virzi, Sam D.

Visible Inc., Detours, 1988. 1989 lesbian calendar

Visual Studies Workshop Press

Vitacchio, Alberto

Vitale, Angelo

Vitali, Julius

Vitiello, Maurizio

Vitrine (France). Lette, 1979. Parisian bookstore specializing in artists' books, etc.

Voice Spondence

Vopat, Alan G.

Vostell, Wolf (West Germany).

Votaw, Lynn


Wacker, Selene

Wade, Bob and Clare Frost. The Texas Mobile Home Museum, Oct. 1977 from Art Press International

Waite, Geneviere Olivia

Wagner, Lynette

Wagner, M.K.

Walczak, Larry. Two invitations to submit work: 1) "The Nancy Reagan Fashion Show" in the windows of Printed Matter, New York, during April 1982; and 2) "Post-Romance: Artists' Valentines," in windows at 55 White Street, New York City, February 1982. Postcard, postmarked 1981

Waldron, Sandy, (USA). Photo postcard, no date

Walker, Rich and Katja

Wall, Beriah (USA). Letter, 1980

Wall, Bruce, Psychology: Self-Portrait Interpretations, n.d.

Wall Tone (USA).

3 letters 1979 -- 1980?

2 artists' postcards 1980, soliciting exchange of works.

2 postcards

Envelope with found materials

Wallace, Laurie

Walker, Aldo (USA?). Text work, 1971

Walsh, Emmett

Wamaling, Mark (USA). Vow, Adelphi, MD: Newark Press, 1985. booklet of collage

Warhol, Andy

Warren, Alyn

Warren, Peter (USA). Christmas card 1979

Warshawski, Morrie

Warwick, Lorene

Wasserberger, Leslie

Watanabe, Karen

Watanabe, Tamotsu (Japan). Candada, Tokyo: 1988. mail art booklet

Watche, Thomas. 8 page photocopied booklet of photographs of sculpture, 1977 (Water damaged)

Waters, John

Watts, Robert

Way, Jeff

Way, Lois (USA)

Wayne, Juliet

Wayne, June (USA). Writings, slides, articles, exhibit brochures, etc.

Weaver, Dan

Webb, Dan and Carol Schneck (USA). Your Hallucinating Charlie Brown, Michigan. collage manuscript

Webber, Nancy

Weber, Sally-Sue

Weber, Stephanie

Weilgosz, Andrzej.

Weinberg, David

Weinman, Paul (USA). Ally, Ally Home Free, New York: 1990. booklet of poems, drawings by Wendy S. Duke

Weinstein, Emily E.

Weintraub, Joel F.

Weintraub, Linda

Weiss, Hildegard

Weiss, Jules

Weiss, Matthew

Weisser, Stefan

Weitzman, Jaime

Welch, Chuck (USA). Aka CrackerJack Kid.

6 stamp sheets

Article on correspondence art by Welch

Wellcomet Mr. Halley

Wells, Madeline F.


Wendt, Larry


Wesman, Jane

West Side Mail Art

Westburg, Martial (USA).

5 letters. 1977 -- 1980

Artists' postcard, 1980.

Paste up for a 'Ray Rodrique' show and Village Voice article about Westburg's difficulty getting Ray Rodrique's art work into Canada and trying to get David Zack out of prison.

Assorted printed works and postcards, 1975 -- 1980, includes exhibition announcements and statements by the artist

White, Rush. 3 Giant Foster House Pederasty Parade of Winners, Fall 1977

Whitehall Printing Company

Whitney Museum of America

Whitson, Peter (USA).

7 letters. 1978 -- 1979

Christmas card

Announcement of birth of son

Whitson exhibit announcement

Statement about the Sluj network

3 postcards ca. 1977.

Assorted series of photocopied works: Sluj, 2 no. 1 to 5, 1979; Whitsondada, #7 and 8, 1975; Lost in the Mail, #1 to 9, 1977 -- 1978; Hopper Drawing, #8 to10, 1976 -- 1979; Umbrella, #2 to 4, 7 to 10, 1979; and 11 other photocopied works (including a color photocopy)

Whorrall, Bill (USA). Postcards, postdated 1981

Whyte, Robert

Wichert, Doug

Wilderjans, Rudi

Wilding, Michael and Nigel Roberts (Australia). Post-Modern Writing. booklet of prose and poetry

Wille, Siggi

Wilks, Harry

Williams, Derek (USA).

2 booklets, "Bedeutung," 1979 and "Content," 1979

Assorted writings on art

Williams, Emmett (USA). Visual poem, no date

Williams, Jeannie

Williams, Mark

Wiloch, Thomas (UK).

Paper Mask, published by Stride, 1988.

Stigmata Junction, published by Stride, 1985

Tales of Lord Shantih, Unicorn Press, 1989

Wilson, Amy

Wilson, Barbara

Wilson, Ian (USA). "Section 30, 2nd Set, 1982," text piece

Wilson, Jokie X.

Wilson, Martha (USA). The Arties: Franklin Furnace's Tenth Anniversary Celebration, New York: 1976. Tenth anniversary album

Wilson, Peter Mills

Wilson, Stewart

Winfrey, Paula


Winkler, Chris (USA).

Voluptuous Corningwear, Seattle: Bomb Shelter Press, 1988. poems and drawings

Cave Paintings, Iowa City: PhotoStatic, 1988. booklet of alphabet art

Winkler, Michael (USA). Extreme Measures, New York: 1988/89

Winnes, Friedrich (Germany). Envelope, 1979

Winship, Kihm

Winter, Tom

Wirth, Tom

Wisniewski, Anastazy (Poland). Assorted works and gallery brochure

Wittels, Anne

Wittman, Robert (Czechoslovakia).

Untitled text on art, 1966

"NB" booklet by Wittman, 1966

Wodiczko, Kryzysytof (Poland). Gallery announcement for show at Galeria Akumulatory, 1974

Wofford College

Wohlrab, Lutz

Wolf, Edward Scott. Je M'appele Death: a novel, short manuscript

Wolf-Rehfeldt (Germany). Announcement for show of Wolf-Rehfeldt's "Typewritings," at Galerie St. Petri, June 1981

Women Artists News

Wondolowski, Rupert (USA). The Incredible Sleeping Man and other Tales of Absurdo-Miserablism, MD: Shattered Wig Press, 1991. booklet

Wood, Paul

Wood, Reid. Maskhead, State of Being Press, 1991. small booklet

Woodpecker Gallery

Woodrum, Beau

Woods, Davy. Editor of one page review called, Downtown Movie Review, #1, 1978. Reviews 'Eaten Alive,' by Tobe Hooper ("Texas Chainsaw Massacre")

World Imitation Products (USA).


Letter, 1979, with World Imitation Products catalogue, press release for the Inter-Dada 1980 festival, and note from World Imitation Products inquiring about rubber stamp ordered from Durland. Two names appear in this material related to World Imitation Productions: L. O'Connell and S. Thomsen.

1979 update on the 1980 International Dada Festival in Ukiah , California (not found, April 1004)

Statement, February 2004, about World Imitation Products by member Michael Uhlenkott

Schedule of World Imitation Products events, 1977-1982

List of World Imitation Products publications, 1977-1980

Reprints of three World Imitation Products publications: "Afraid of Modern Living" (September 1978), "Glow in the Dark" (November 1978), and "Walkie-Talkie" April 1979). The original editions of these publications were stapled black and white photocopies that were hand-trimmed and colored.

Wright, Jack. Theatre of the Moment & Against Improvisation, Spring Garden Music, Philadelphia. small booklet

Wrobel, Mirek/Miroslaw (Poland).

8 letters. 1978 -- 1981.

Chain letter.

Assorted works ca. 1981


Wy, D.R.


Xerra, William

Xero Post. Also known as Sheldon Polsky.

Letter, 1982

Additional show insert left in file

Xexoxial Endarchy


Y., George

Yahagi, Keitaro, ed. (Japan). N.I.M.A., Tokyo. xeroxed mail art magazine

Yalkut, Jud (USA)

Yanagi, Kazunobu

Yamamoto, Reika

Yamamoto, Tatsuo (Japan). Letter, 1979. Steve Durland in Japanese characters

Yes, Phyllis

Yost, Allan (USA). Invitation to mail art show

Yrizarry, Nathan


Zabala, Horacio. Today Art is a Prison, Numerosette D'arte Attuale, 1978 -- poster/pamphlet

Zabitsky, Freya

Zackel, Fred

Zack, David (USA).

2 photocopied works, postdated 1977

Printed sheet

CV Art Nut Show, catalog documents, 1974.

Mailed printed matter.


Zagoricnik, Franci


Zan Baftri

Zanini, Walter (Brazil).

Zark, Bob (USA). The Gates of Boombox Heaven, New York: Panic Button Press, 1994. book of poems

Zastoupil, Carol


Zaug, Jean-Pierre (France?). 2 "Cinq Dm3 d'Air Pur," certificates 1981

Zelevansky, Paul and Lynn (USA). Christmas card, 1981

Zepezauer, Mark

Zeppo. Postcard, no date


Zetterburg, Susanne

Ziegler, Ellen

Zimmermann, W.

Zine Publications

Zinner, Marilyn


Zipper, Arizona

Zito, Roberto

Zizelman, Kurt A.

Zody, Ed

Zoe, Pascale


Zona (Italy). Zona an archive.

Announcement for zonaradio transmission, 1981

"Small Press Scene," 24 hr. information day 1984

Zontal, Jorge

Zra, M.K.E., Sputtering Tongue, Seattle: Vortex Publications, 1990. small booklet of poems

Zucker, Lili


Zweig, Ellen

The ZZQ Quarterly


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