Currently (Fall 2022) the Main Library Learning Commons are not open overnight. Please see our hours page for current hours of access. 

During the fall and spring semesters the Learning Commons and Service Desk will be open 24 hours, 5 days a week, from 11am Sunday through 10pm Friday. The Learning Commons will be open from 10AM to 10PM on Saturday.

Access to the Main Library Collections during the fall and spring semesters will begin at 7:30am and end at 1am Monday through Thursday, 7:30am to 10pm Friday, 10am to 10pm Saturday and 11am to 1am on Sunday.

When the Main Library Collections is open, all doors to the Main Library & Learning Commons will be unlocked. During overnight hours (1am-7:30am Monday morning through Friday morning) all entry doors will allow access with university ID card only.

All university students, faculty and staff will have access to the Learning Commons when the commons is open. Once the Library Collections has closed at 1:00am Sunday through Thursday only people affiliated with the University of Iowa will be allowed into the Learning Commons using their university ID.

See University Libraries hours page for information on summer sessions and interim breaks sessions.