The Libraries Course Reserves is a service provided by the University of Iowa Libraries, where the libraries set aside high-demand physical materials for short-term loans and makes electronic materials available in ICON. Materials can be put on reserve for university courses, study groups, communities of practice and other organized groups affiliated with the university.

ICON Integration

The University Libraries offers several ways to integrate library resources and services into ICON. Using library resources in ICON saves students from paying for materials the Libraries already have available, and it ensures all students have access to relevant material.

Instructors can create, update, modify and reuse the Library Course Materials+ page for their courses. Please see our Library Course Materials Guide for more information.

Loan, Renewal Periods and Fines

Please check your library of choice for loan period and renewal options. For information on fines and fees please visit:

Media (Streaming, etc.)

Access to films will mainly be provided by streaming media. Acquiring streaming licenses needs to be done early and each semester the licenses need to be checked to determine if the license needs to be renewed. For more information on media, visit Streaming Media through UI Libraries.

Due to low checkout numbers of DVDs and Blu-Rays the Main Library is no longer placing these resources on reserve. Instructors who screen films on DVD or Blu-Ray in class should request them four or more weeks in advance of the screening date. For resources to be screened in class, we encourage instructors to work with their liaison librarian.

Students are welcome to check out films on DVD and Blu-Ray from the Libraries. The Main Library has desktop computers with CD drives (please bring wired earbuds or headphones to watch films on those computers) and a viewing station equipped with region-free DVD and Blu-Ray player and a VHS player.

Copyright, Fair Use and OER

  • Instructors are responsible for determining if their use of copyrighted material falls within Fair Use or if they need to obtain permission to use the material. Visit the Libraries’ Copyright Guide  and our Scholarly Publishing Guide for information on how to make this determination.
  • By submitting a reserve request, the instructor accepts responsibility for copyright compliance. The Libraries may refuse materials for reserve, or remove materials already on reserve, for legal or administrative concerns.
  • Most textbooks present unique challenges for electronic access and affordability. For information on OER or the UI Libraries’ Open Educational Resources grants program please visit: OER Grants program  Or OER Guide:

Textbooks and Instructors Personal Copies

If the Libraries does not own the material you need, you should request that it be purchased in the format you need as soon as possible. Before you decide to adopt a text, your liaison librarian will be able to help you determine if the material can be purchased by the Libraries.

Personal copies of books will only be accepted if the Libraries is unable to purchase the book to be placed on reserve. Please work with your library’s course reserves department or your liaison librarian to request the purchase of materials. Some books can take longer for us to acquire, so to ensure your course materials will be available by the beginning of the semester, please plan on requesting new items 4-6 weeks in advance.

Course Content Consultation

Save your students money by working with your library liaison to find accessible and customized course content and materials already purchased through the University Libraries. The libraries have access to full-text databases, journals, e-books, and streaming media that can easily be added to your course.

Revised December 2023

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