• Instructors are responsible for determining if their use of copyrighted material falls within Fair Use or if they need to obtain permission to use the material. Visit the Libraries’ Copyright website for information on how to make this determination.
  • By submitting a reserve request, the instructor accepts responsibility for copyright compliance. The Libraries may refuse materials for reserve, or remove materials already on reserve, for legal or administrative concerns.
  • All published material must be accompanied by a complete citation. Published material will not be processed for reserve until a complete citation (including UI call number when applicable) is provided.
  • If a complete citation is not included and staff need to obtain it, processing time will be substantially slowed.

Reserve Lists

  • Please keep reserve requests to a maximum of 40 items per course; contact the appropriate Library’s reserve staff if this is not possible.
  • Lists are processed in the order they are received so that all instructors and students are treated equally.
  • Lists may take up to 10 working days to process the first 25 items per course.  Additional items may take longer.
  • Materials not owned by the Libraries may take 4-6 weeks to acquire.
  • Items added to a reserve list after the beginning of the semester will generally be processed in three to five working days.

Loan Exceptions:

  • Any instructor needing to show a course reserve video for classroom use can check out for up to 24 hours, if not in conflict with an existing reservation for classroom use.
  • An instructor needing to show a course reserve video for classroom use can check out up to 7 days, if they are the only instructor who has it listed.
  • An instructor needing to show a permanent reserve video for classroom use can check out for 24 hours.
  • A user wanting to check out a course reserve video or book for longer than the assigned loan period must provide Reserve staff with written permission or other direct communication from any and all instructors who have placed the item on course reserve.
    • The loan period will not exceed the normal loan period (i.e. 7 days for videos/journals or 4 weeks, semester or year for books, dependent on user status).

Please note that personal books, videos, or photocopied materials are often damaged by heavy use, are sometimes stolen, and patrons may fail to return them. The Libraries cannot replace missing items or repair damaged personal materials.

For more information, see Course Reserves

*Reserve loan and renewal periods, request process, and guidelines may differ; please inquire at each library or library unit.


Approved by University of Iowa Libraries’
Access Services Policy Committee September 2009