Main Library Study Spaces

Group Study Rooms

Available on a first come, first serve basis to UI students:

Group Study Areas at the Main Library, The University of Iowa LibrariesFirst Floor

Second Floor

  • Central corridor – 11 cubicles

Fourth Floor

  • Room 4041

Quiet Study Areas

The library should be a place conducive to study, but space limitations and lack of study rooms often make it difficult to find a quiet spot to study.  Therefore, several areas have been designated as quiet study areas (areas for individual study, where there should be no talking and no audible electronic devices, including cell phones).

Quiet Study Areas at the Main Library, The University of Iowa LibrariesSecond Floor

  • Study Lounge 2001

Third Floor

  • Seating on the East side of the building in the area around the current and bound journals
  • 3032 for graduate student access only

Fourth Floor

  • Seating in both the East and West book stacks areas

Fifth Floor

  • Seating in both the East and West book stacks areas

Note: Library users in Quiet Study Areas whose study is disrupted are asked to first approach those who are noisy and ask them to be quiet. If necessary, please contact library staff for assistance. Library users who fail to comply with the quiet study constraints will be asked to leave the quiet study area.

Cell phones and conversations should be taken to the central corridors of all floors, or to the building stairwells.

map of quiet study spaces

Assigned Study Spaces & Lockers

  • Graduate Study Room. Graduate students may apply for an assigned locker in the Graduate Study Room.
  • Undergraduate Semester Lockers.  There are 60 lockers available on the second floor that can be reserved for the semester.  Assignment is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Individual Study Rooms.  For graduate students and faculty. See guidelines.

Undesignated Study Areas

Undesignated study areas on floors 1-3 are available as general study space

“The University of Iowa Libraries encourages scholarly research by maintaining an environment conducive to study in all units of the libraries system. Library users are expected to act responsibly, appropriately, and courteously to preserve the libraries’ facilities, environment, and collections.”
(From Conduct In the University of Iowa Libraries: Basic Policy Governing Public Use)