This Committee advises the Coordinator of Staff Development & Diversity Programming on development programming for Libraries’ staff. Specifically, the Committee identifies, recommends, promotes, and assists in the delivery of programs for all Libraries’ staff that will:

  • expand their awareness of diversity issues;
  • expand their awareness of relevant services, faculty scholarship, and university initiatives taking place at the UI;
  • expand their awareness of trends and issues in librarianship;
  • expand their supervisory, managerial, and leadership skills;
  • support and expand their awareness of wellness, safety, financial health, and other, similar university goals.


The UI values diversity among students, faculty, and staff and believes that a rich diversity of people serve to enhance the quality of the educational experience at the UI. This belief is guided by three foundational commitments and seven core values that direct planning, setting priorities, and “carrying out every aspect of its [the University’s] mission.” Diversity, a core value, and Inclusion, a foundational commitment, are two of these directives. We therefore seek to expand our awareness and understanding of the Diversity of our community and promote Inclusion – within the Libraries, the University, and beyond.

The Committee supports staff in providing learning opportunities through various means:

  • Core staff development (SD) and learning curriculum that advance the program mission;
  • Spontaneous Combustion (SC) sessions, to capitalize on just-in-time learning opportunities;
  • Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) Fireside chats, informal, lunch-hour presentations and/or discussions; and
  • Resources for Independent Diversity Learning (RIDL), an annotated list of diversity-related resources for staff who find it difficult to take time aware from their service area.

The Committee will provide a minimum of: 4 diversity; 2 supervisory/management/leadership; 4 wellness/health/safety and UI awareness; and many library-related sessions per year. The Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the Resources for Independent Diversity Learning (RIDL). Specifically, the Committee solicits and reviews staff recommendations, updates the annotated citation for new entries, and regularly update and promote its use.


Seven members (plus the ex-officio member) – representing, to the extent possible, a variety of perspectives, departments, and positions in the Libraries. The Committee and sub-committees will meet as appropriate.

Member Selection and Term:

Members will serve two-year terms. Terms will be staggered to maintain a level of consistency on the committee. As needed, the Chair puts out a call for volunteers. The Committee will review the list of volunteers and recommend new members to the Administrative Liaison for final selection. Priority consideration in selection will be given to new applicants.

Committee Authority:

The Committee will make recommendations to the Administrative Liaison who will, when necessary, obtain approval and/or funding from the Administrative Group or the University Librarian.