November 2006 – February 2007

Ioway in London“People have inhabited Iowa for thousands of years. The Native Americans who originally settled this region were members of as many as seventeen tribes, though at the time Euro-Americans reached the area there were six primary tribes: the Dakota or Sioux in the northwest; the Iowa in the central area along the Des Moines River; the Sauk and Mesquakie (Fox), who migrated to the eastern portion from Illinois and Wisconsin; the Winnebago, who were temporarily placed in the northeast corner of the territory and later moved to Nebraska; and the Potawatami, who were moved to southwestern Iowa. Of these tribes only the Mesquakie were able to withstand the enormous pressurs of the advancing frontier with the myriad intrusions by the federal government and pioneer settlers.” From Mary Bennett’s An Iowa Album: A Photographic History, 1860-1920.


Exhibit Planning
Stephanie Joseph, Wendy Robertson and Kristi Bontrager

Special Assistance in Planning and Research
Lynn Alex, Office of the State Archeologist; Mary Bennett, State Historical Society of Iowa, Inc.; Tim Weitzel

Collection Assistance
Jacque Roethler and Denise Anderson, Special Collections and University Archives; John Cordell, Office of the State Archeologist

Production and Installation Assistance
Kristin Baum, Bill Voss

Graphic Design
Anne Craig