April – July 2012

“Visions of the Future: Global Science Fiction Cinema” conference (April 12-14, 2012).

For the conference information, please go to: http://thestudio.uiowa.edu/conferences/uigsfc/wp/ and http://obermann.uiowa.edu/events/visions-future-global-science-fiction-cinema

Science fiction (SF) is undergoing a radical revision in academic circles. No longer consigned to the periphery of specialized publications, it is increasingly recognized as making possible a series of debates on pressing issues under the larger umbrella of globalization. This library exhibit, “Visions of the Future: Global Science Fiction,” is planned to highlight the themes used in the “Visions of the Future: Global SF Cinema” conference which aims to fill a critical gap in global SF as well as to identify new models and methods for investigating SF cinema’s relationship to current issues throughout the world. Although the conference is focused on SF cinema, this exhibit also includes other media like novels, comics, and videogames.


Exhibition Planning

Chiaki Sakai, Jennifer Feeley, Sarah Wells

Production and Installation Assistance

Bill Voss


Graphic design

Elizabeth Abramsohn

Special thanks

Mercedes Espinal, Tom Larson, Sami Ahmad Khan, Seung Min Hong, Riley Cook, Daniel Hefel, Seth Mussmann, Eric Hanson, Jacob Runde, Sean Cavanaugh, Megan Elsen, Sam Karakas Warner, Jessica Williams, Trisha Spence, Lisa Meyers, Eric Meier, Chad Gossling, Keifer H. Yeoman (Students of “Topics in Global Cinema: Global Science Fiction Cinema”); Greg Prickman (the Special Collections); and Prof. Corey Creekmur and Prof. Ana Merino (for lending us their personal science fiction collection)