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Education-Philosophy-Psychology Library at Seashore Hall, The University of Iowa, March 1930. (Iowa Digital Library:

The education-philosophy-psychology library in East Hall (Seashore Hall), 1930

The education and philosophy collections developed from separate office collections; the philosophy collection had existed since at least the 1880s.  In 1924, the Education books were moved from the Hall of Liberal Arts to the Engineering Building temporarily for the summer session, and the Philosophy-Psychology books were moved to room 219, Hall of Liberal Arts.  In the fall both collections were transferred to the Chemistry Building, and by the last of November the entire collection was moved into University Hall.  In 1929 when the College of Education moved to East Hall, the Education-Philosophy library was moved to W202 East Hall (now Seashore Hall).  Collections increased in East Hall so that various rooms were used to house the overflow.  In 1940 an addition was begun to house the Journalism Department on the first floor and to give increased space for the library on the second floor.

The philosophy collection was merged with the general collection in 1951 when the new Main Library building was completed.   When the north section of Lindquist Center was completed in 1981, education materials that were closely related to psychology were also moved to the Main Library. In December of 2009, due to budget constraints, the Psychology Library was closed, and the majority of the collection was moved over to the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences.