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  • Past Lives Find New Home at UI Paleontology Repository

    It’s amazing, isn’t it, to think that we in the 21st century can pick up a rock from a quarry, a roadside embankment, or perhaps even your own driveway that retains the shape and detail of a creature that has not been seen on […]

  • Learn & Create Workshop – Arduino Piano!

    Arduino Piano Tuesday, November 19th; 5:00 PM Engineering Library Creative Space   Learn to create a your own mini piano! Learn all the steps to make your own mini piano using an Arduino and circuit board.  This lightweight […]

  • Is that news story real or fake?

    My  colleagues at the Main library published a guide that outlines how to assess news stories.  The guide is titled Fake News and provides information on the following topics:  Understanding types of misinformation Lateral […]

  • Hardin Library CLOSED for All Home Football Games, CLOSED Saturday, November 16

    The Hardin Library will be closed for all home US football games.  The 24-hour study will be available with an Iowa OneCard or UIHC Badge.  Cambus does not provide bus service near the VA, UIHC or Arena area until approximately 1 […]

  • Culshaw elected ARL vice president/president-elect

    John Culshaw, the Jack B. King University Librarian at the University of Iowa, has been elected to serve as incoming vice president/president-elect for the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). Culshaw will become ARL president on […]

  • Graduate Thesis Boot Camp Registration Open!

    REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! FREE 2-Day Graduate Thesis Workshop! Presented by the Lichtenberger Engineering Library, College of Engineering, the Graduate College, and the Hanson Center for Technical Communication! January 16th & 17th, […]

  • FAQ — Ithaka S+R University of Iowa Faculty Survey on Library Planning

    The Ithaka S+R University of Iowa Faculty Survey on Library services and space will help the Libraries evaluate faculty use of our facilities, resources and services. All UI faculty are invited to participate in an important study designed […]

  • Learn & Create Workshop – Create Citations!

    Creating Citations Quickly & Easily with Endnote Tuesday, November 5th; 5:00 PM Engineering Library Creative Space     Want to make your research and writing more efficient? Hate the last minute rush of trying to create a […]

  • Capture Your Research! Image Competition

    NEXUS, the College of Engineering, Hancher, and the Lichtenberger Engineering Library have joined together to sponsor the inaugural “Capture your Research! Image Competition!“       Engineering students, faculty, […]

  • Bwhahahaha! Halloween is This Week!

        Are you ready for Halloween?? Are you looking for costume ideas? Perhaps a DIY costume that will light up your night? Need some DIY decorations and special effects, perhaps? We have the tools and resources you need to create […]

  • Eurasian Manuscripts – Keogh Fall 2019 DH Capstone

    For my DH Capstone semester, I am working on the usability and clarity for a website about manuscripts. It started here and now looks like this. The site is an outlet for materials discussed in the 2016 Mellon-Sawyer Seminar, […]

  • Back at it aGenji

    Hello again! I’m continuing my work from the summer fellowship this semester as I work on my PDH Capstone with the Studio.  This semester I am primarily focused on fleshing out the first thirty locations for my map. I’m […]

  • New Publications by Director Janna Lawrence | unsolicited emails and Ebola preparation systematic review

    Janna Lawrence, Director of Hardin Library, recently co-authored two articles: Krasowski MD, Lawrence JC, Briggs AS, Ford BA. Burden and Characteristics of Unsolicited Emails from Medical/Scientific Journals, Conferences, and Webinars to […]

  • LAST DAY To Register for Creative Kick-Start Program!!

    LAST DAY TO REGISTER FOR THE CREATIVE KICK-START PROGRAM!  Hey students! Are you interested in giving your idea, project, or invention a kick-start? Want to make that project a reality?   Don’t miss out! Today, […]

  • The Holy Land continued

    This semester I’m entering a new phase of my Digital Humanities scholarship. My project is simultaneously the capstone to my Public Digital Humanities Certificate and the very first project for my Informatics Certificate, in the form […]

  • Learn & Create Workshop – Standards: Guides & Regulations

    Standards: Guides and Regulations for Building and Testing Tuesday, October 29th; 5:00 PM Engineering Library Creative Space   From medical devices to concrete in walkways, standards are part of our everyday life.  This workshop […]

  • Kraft Retires as Head of Preservation & Conservation

    Nancy E. Kraft, Head of Preservation and Conservation, has retired after serving 18 years at the University of Iowa Libraries.

  • The Remarkable John Giorno

    The following comes from Olson Graduate Assistant Rich Dana John Giorno, poet, artist, and activist, passed away Friday, October 12th at the age of 82. Although readers may not be familiar with his name, Giorno was one of the most […]

  • New Corn Monument Exhibit!

    HAPPY HOMECOMING, HAWKEYES!!   What would Homecoming be without the Corn Monument? The Corn Monument has been part of the Hawkeye Homecoming tradition off and on since 1913. Or 1914, depending on what you are reading! According to […]

  • Halloween Costume Design! New Learn & Create!

    Halloween Costume Design!!   Thinking about that Halloween costume? Our Learn & Create Halloween Costume Design workshop is here to help! Learn quick and easy ways to spice up your Halloween costume! Incorporate nano pixels, […]

  • Anthony van Leeuwenhoek | Microscope Builder | October 2019 Notes from the John Martin Rare Book Room @Hardin Library

    ANTHONY VAN LEEUWENHOEK (1632-1723). Continuation arcanorum naturae detectorum. Delft: Apud Henricum a Kroonevelt, 1697.   Antonio van Leeuwenhoek, of Delft, was  the first to use the microscope systematically and  […]

  • Registration for Creative Kick-Start Program!!

    Registration is now open for the Creative Kick-Start Program!  Hey students! Are you interested in giving your idea, project, or invention a kick-start? Want to make that project a reality? Registration is now open for […]

  • ICRU Participants: Apply for Undergraduate Library Research Award | Deadline November 4

    About the Award Sponsored by the UI Libraries, under direction of the Undergraduate Engagement Department, the  Undergraduate Library Research Award is awarded to a student presenting in the Iowa Center for Research by […]

  • Selections from the Sackner Collection: The Association for Study of Arts Materials

    Selections from the Sackner Collection: The Association for Study of Arts Materials Written by Diane Dias De Fazio, Curator of Rare Books & Book Arts   Well, konnichiwa.   The University of Iowa Special Collections announced […]

  • Did You Miss Black Hole Week?

    If so, you’re not alone. Black holes are by definition problematic to observe. In fact, it was only in April of this year that astronomers unveiled for the first time an image of a black hole in Messier 87 , a supergiant galaxy […]

  • In Memory of Richard M. Caplan | September 2019 Notes from the John Martin Rare Book Room @Hardin Library

    Richard M. Caplan, July 16, 1929 – August 20, 2019 This issue of Notes from the John Martin Rare Book Room is dedicated to the memory of Richard D. Caplan, long time supporter and contributor to the University of Iowa History of […]

  • SOUNDS FROM THE FIELD – Hearing Hollywood in Iowa’s Special Collections: Casting and Composing for the Four Daughters films

    by Nathan Platte One of the problems of being a film historian is that you sometimes stumble across movies that require immediate love and attention. Four Daughters is one such film for me. Falling short of “classic” status, […]

  • Accepting Nominations for the Benton University Librarian’s Award for Excellence

    The University Libraries is seeking nominations for the Arthur Benton University Librarian’s Award for Excellence. Funded by a generous endowment, this prestigious award acknowledges a library staff member’s professional […]


    In 1923, department chair Philip Greeley Clapp established graduate studies in music at the University of Iowa, and in 1924/25, the first students concluded their course of study with the submission of musical compositions and documents as […]

  • September Hardin Open Workshops | Embase, EndNote, Data Management Essentials & More

    Hardin Library is offering 11 open workshops in September.  Sign up online or call 319-335-9151 to register. September 3 APA Style September 4 Getting Started with Hardin Library resources September 10 Mobile resources September 11 […]

  • Students and Faculty | Data Management Workshop Series this semester

    We have a series of three data management workshops scheduled this Fall: Data Management Essentials, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 11am-12pm Data Management File Naming, Tuesday, November 12, 11-11:30am OpenRefine – learn to work with tabular […]

  • Students | How to Reserve Group Study Rooms @Hardin

    The Hardin Library has 11 group study rooms that can be reserved for up to 4 hours at a time whenever the library is open.  Group study rooms are intended to be used by groups of 2 people or more.  The 4th Floor of Hardin Library […]

  • New e-books added to Clinical Key July-August 2019 | Peds, Ortho, Radiology, Vascular, Endo

    Essential Orthopaedics (Miller, Mark) 2nd ed Essentials of Radiology (Mettler, Fred) 4th ed Fanaroff and Martin’s Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine (Martin, Richard) 11th ed Fenichel’s Clinical Pediatric Neurology (Piña-Garza, […]

  • Color and Black and White Printing @Hardin Library

    Hardin Library printing and public computers are provided by ITS.   Color printing is available from ALL public computers.  Simply select ITC-Color as your printer and release the job from the print release station on 3rd Floor […]

  • Welcome to the Sciences Library!

    Hello, new & returning Hawkeyes! Visit the Sciences Library this week to find a comfortable study spot, enjoy free coffee, and meet our staff! Our new exhibit showcases our staff, what they can do for you, and what they would like you […]

  • Wulfie Parsons Music Library Guide: 2019 Edition

    In the summer of 2018, the Rita Benton Music Library “adopted” Wülfie Parsons, who belonged previously to Dr. Donna Parsons. He’s always on the prowl near the Service Desk, decked out in his Hawkeye black and gold […]

  • What’s New For You At the Business Library

    Welcome, everyone!  Big changes have taken place in the library this summer.  Come visit—and have a successful semester. 4TH Floor Renewal The 4th-floor has been remodeled with new furniture and carpeting, plus a brighter […]

  • Introducing Conrad Bendixen: Sciences Reference & Instruction Librarian

    The Sciences Library is pleased to introduce Conrad Bendixen, our new Sciences Reference & Instruction Librarian! Conrad comes to us from St. Ambrose University, where he was the liaison librarian in health sciences and biology for six […]

  • Visualizing the New Deal for Youth

          The Summer Studio Fellowship created an experience centered on exploration.  The combination of being introduced to new tools, campus resources, and being given time created a space with which to examine the role […]

  • Trotting along on my digital journey!

                   It has been a fascinating few weeks working on my digital project as well as attending the classes during the summer. A reminder of what I have been […]

  • Qianyi’s Fellowship Update and Reflection

    Since my last post, I paused a little bit on the visualization of the networks on Meetup.com. Instead, I worked more on reading the literature on group dynamics, social networks, and organizational ecology and finalizing my research […]

  • Crises of Confidence

    Hey blog, it’s Julianna again. In my previous post, I described the film I pitched… and how my life exploded this summer. (The too-long-didn’t-read: there was an accident, a week in STICU, and an aborted film […]

  • Framing the Love Plot

    Since my last post, I settled upon collecting films with references to honeymoons and more broadly, to films that adhere to a romance narrative. Using IMDB’s keyword search, I researched films that contained words such as […]

  • Visualizing 1930s Public Health

    As my last post discussed, my project this summer deals with a series of monthly reports by public health nurses in 1930s Native American communities. Each report includes statistics and a narrative description of the nurse’s work. […]

  • Clustering cancer patients with different symptom patterns over time: 2nd blog post

    During the last few weeks of the Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio Fellowship, I am revising my methodology paper as I discussed with my committee in the last meeting. In the previous data set, the dates of the first cycle of […]

  • Blog post number two

    The first two to three weeks of the Summer Fellowship were a flurry of data mining and expanding my digital map, but the last three have been a slow crawl through scholarship on Christian pilgrimage in the Holy Land, data cleaning, and […]

  • Working with Experts to Improve a Museum App

    The first half of my time with the Studio was a whirlwind of design, iterations, reading, reflecting, and revising. I spent most days alone in a cubicle staring at a screen working alone and made rapid progress (as I shared here). The […]

  • A Tale of Travel

    I’ve been hard at work with data entry for my project this summer, see my full thoughts in my vlog below!   -Mac Gill

  • Beyond the Moon: Recent Iowa Contributions to Space Research 

    The 50th anniversary of the moon landing is an exciting milestone of space exploration! Our University archivist David McCartney has written about how Iowa research contributed to the safe landing of the astronauts on the […]

  • Analyzing microtones and writing them for western classical instruments

    At this stage of the research, I selected 4 recorded audio examples all performed in one mode (3 pre-recorded and my own recording); first, in order to measure the frequencies and then, to look at the potential deferences between them. Our […]