• UI Libraries Favorite Banned Books | Banned Books Week 2022

    Libraries respect everyone’s freedom to read what they choose. Staff across all University of Iowa Libraries selected some of their favorite banned books this year:  1984 George Orwell The 1619 Project Nicole Hannah-Jones The Absolutely […]

  • Libraries Resources Available for Textbooks and Course Materials

    The cost of textbooks continues to rise due to an industry heavily dominated by large publishing companies. While there is no single solution to the problem, the University of Iowa and University Libraries is committed to continuing to […]

  • Welcome Rich Dana

    We are pleased to announce Rich Dana as Special Collections and Archives’ Sackner Archive Project coordinator librarian.   Rich Dana earned his MFA from the University of Iowa Center for the Book in 2021 and his MA from the School of […]

  • SciFinder Classic is Retiring

    If you are currently using the classic version of SciFinder, it is time to start using SciFinder-n. Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) will discontinue the “classic” SciFinder interface on Dec. 31, 2022. SciFinder-n, will be the only […]

  • E-Books on the Shelves!

    If you go browsing through our shelves you might see something you’re not expecting – a VHS case! No, we did not start bringing videotapes into our collection, you’ve just found one of our physical e-books. We’ve chosen a few of […]

  • Select Textbooks on Reserve at the Business Library

    Visit the Business Library’s service desk to see if your textbook is available for loan.  You can also use InfoHawk+ (available on the Business Library Web page) to find out which materials your instructor has placed on reserve.  […]

  • Library Resources on Leadership

    Check out this new guide on leadership, which features books, articles, and videos. If you have questions or comments, please contact the Business Library.  

  • Access the New York Times

    UI students, faculty, and staff can now read the enhanced New York Times on their laptop, mobile phone, or other device.  To gain access: While on campus, register for free at After registration, access the Times on […]

  • Are you researching an industry? Check out the Business Library’s Industry Research Guide

    Use the Industry Research Guide to find sources that offer:    Industry trends  Key players  Industry ratios and financials   Forecasts, and more  Need research help? Contact a business librarian.

  • Do you need company information? Check out the Business Library’s Company Information Research Guide

    Use the company guide to find sources that offer:  Company locations and descriptions Executives Financials Competitors Equity pricing U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings Need research help? Contact a business librarian.

  • Welcome New Librarian Mary Thomas! Liaison for Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Neurology

    Welcome to Mary Thomas, Hardin’s newest liaison librarian! Mary joined the Hardin staff on August 15, 2022 and is a recent graduate of the Master of Library Science program at Emporia State University and did an internship at the U.S. […]

  • Kicking off Creative Kick-Start!

    Last weekend we kicked off football season, but now let’s kick off Creative Kick-Start! Creative Kick-Start is a program created by the Engineering Library and Engineering Technology Center that gives all engineering students a shot at […]

  • Looking for Print Book at Hardin?

    by Janna Lawrence, Hardin Library director As part of the construction projects currently underway at Hardin, most print books published before 2010 will be moved to the Library Annex. In August, 40,000 books were permanently moved to the […]

  • Find your textbooks on Course Reserve!

    You’ve made it through your second week of classes – congrats! Did you know that you can check out most of your course textbooks here at the Engineering Library? There’s no need to carry your textbook across campus if you need to […]

  • Evidence-Based Clinical Tools Available To All University of Iowa Affiliates

    by Heather Healy, Clinical Education Librarian  Hardin Library has many evidence-based clinical tools for you to use in your practice or coursework. Many have an app version available.  See Mobile Resources Guide for installation. […]

  • Welcome Sarah Keen, our new university archivist

    We are pleased to welcome Sarah Keen as our new university archivist in Special Collections & Archives. Sarah joined the Libraries at the start of the fall semester. She comes to Iowa from upstate New York, where she served as Colgate […]

  • Meet Carlisle Isley: Practicum Student in the John Martin Rare Book Room @Hardin Library

    Carlisle Isley, BFA, is an artist, papermaker, bookmaker and world traveler. She grew up in a multicultural world in seven different countries — a neither/nor world that cannot be stereotyped as a typically “white American […]

  • Celebrate diverse stories with our Untold Stories in STEM Collection!

    Welcome (or welcome back) to all students, faculty and staff! Over the summer we did a little bit of reorganizing. This includes a new addition to the remaining shelves on the main floor of the library. Last year these shelves were home to […]

  • Construction @ Hardin

    Beginning this month, construction will begin in Hardin Library that will transform the space into one that we hope will be more welcoming and more relevant to your needs.  By the end of the project, which will take two years: quiet study […]

  • Hardin Library Closed On Home Iowa Football Game Saturdays

    The Hardin Library will be closed every Saturday there is a home Iowa Football game.  The 24-hour study will be available.  Bus service is disrupted and there is almost no parking near the library during football gamedays.  Kinnick […]

  • Study Help for BIOL 1411: Foundations of Biology for Fall 2022

    If you are taking BIOL:1411 Foundations of Biology, you can take advantage of free study help with our Sciences Library student mentors! Drop-in Tutoring for Foundations of Biology Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursday from 6 p.m. to […]

  • 1843 American Cleft Palate Surgery Book | Thomas Dent Mütter | from The John Martin Rare Book Room @Hardin Library

    by Damien Ihrig, MA, Curator John Martin Rare Book Room MÜTTER, Thomas Dent (1811–1859). A report on the operations for fissures of the palatine vault. Printed in Philadelphia by Merrihew & Thompson, 1843. 28 pages. 23 cm tall. […]

  • Tree Talk & Tour at the Sciences Library

    Join Arborist Andy Dahl for a tree talk and tour at the Sciences Library! This program will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2022. The tree talk will begin at 2 p.m. on the third floor of the Sciences Library. The walking tour of campus […]

  • Wulfie Parsons Music Library Guide, 2022 Edition

    Welcome back, Hawkeyes!  The Rita Benton Music Library is excited to have students and faculty return to campus to use the scores, books, recordings, journals, and other resources available in our stacks. It can be tricky to navigate the […]

  • We have books and so much more… 10 ways your Libraries can help you

    The University of Iowa Libraries are here to help. We provide vital opportunities for engaging in critical learning, research, creative work, and clinical care through staff expertise and exceptional collections. Here are 10 convenient […]

  • New EBook Titles in Ortho, Emergency, Peds, Ophthalmology & More

    New titles now available as electronic (online) books. Adrenal Disorders (Young, William)  Applied Knowledge in Paediatrics:  MRCPCH Mastercourse (Hewitt, Martin) Atlas of Laparoscopic and Robotic Urologic Surgery (Bishoff, Jay) 3rd […]

  • Find Your Subject Specialist Librarian

    Hardin Librarian liaisons provide an educational link between the library and the health sciences campus by teaching library education sessions for groups or individuals. We can help you with literature searching. We can meet with you in […]

  • Making Calligraphy Digital

    For my Digital Publishing Scholarship & Studio Fellowship this summer, I am working with master calligrapher Cheryl Jacobsen to design her first textbook that will support the introductory calligraphy course she has taught at the […]

  • 2021-2022 Year in Review

    We’re so excited to see our students back on campus next week, but wanted to take a little time to look back at what we’ve accomplished this year. We even summed it up into a fancy infographic! If you want a closer look, you can click […]

  • “Getting situated, sizing down and translating across”

    I began the Digital Publishing fellowship motivated to use the protected time to build a project that utilized digital methodologies to explore the impact of racism on maternal and infant health outcomes. As an applied Sociologist with […]

  • The Incomplete Archive and Stories that Need to be Told

    As I reflect on my work this summer, I stand amazed by how much is required to feel a finished project pull through. When I first started, I expected to create a complete archive of the aspects of the Great Migration that would make a […]

  • Confronting Digital Architecture

    This second half of my time with the fellowship has been marked by momentum, exploration, and maybe a little clarity! I have been amazed by how staying open to the lessons of the Digital Publishing Studio have nudged me in exciting but […]

  • The Wallach Project

    For the second portion of this summer fellowship, I’ve been focused on editing and organizing the digital collection for the Wallach Project. This requires editing, formatting, tagging, and categorizing hundreds of items before they are […]

  • Find a study space

    Get your study skills ready for the new school year! The Engineering Library has several study spaces available to fit your study style. Group Study Even when you’re in the library you don’t always have to be silent. If you have a […]

  • Tears for Things

    Just about as soon as I published my last blog post, the people I pitched the essay to wrote me back. They asked how the Kmart thing is going. Had I done the reporting I had intended to? Good question.  Here’s me getting some thoughts […]

  • Let the Data Be Your Guide

    In only a few short weeks, my fellowship project has undergone a series of substantial transformations. While the Fellowship course provided useful information about the inner-workings of digital humanities, having a chance to see my own […]

  • Did you know we have a tool library?

    Ready for a new school year? For those of you new to campus, we want to take a moment to introduce some of the unique things here at the Engineering Library. Most of our tools can be checked out for a week, with some exceptions, especially […]

  • Institute for Research Design in Librarianship

    By Kelly Hangauer In June 2022, I joined twenty-seven academic librarians across the U.S. for a 2-week online workshop as part of the Institute for Research Design in Librarianship. IRDL was initiated in 2014 to address the lack of social […]

  • All Women Welcome: Summer 2022 Reading Room Exhibit

    The following is written by Rachel Miller-Haughton, former Olson Graduate Research Assistant and curator of All Women Welcome exhibit All Women Welcome: Voices of Activist Iowa Women is the summer 2022 exhibit in the Special Collections […]

  • Problem Solving with Plugins

    I have spent the majority of the second half of the summer troubleshooting the Spout and NDI plugins for Unreal Engine. Recently, I have been using Unreal Engine to send video from Axis Studio (the Perception Neuron 3 software) into a […]

  • Translation in Practice

    “But we were growing up and it was necessary to learn, or so my dad told us after he sent Abel to inspect the gully up to the dam—the water from the garden spout had dwindled, perhaps because of a collapsed bank or some rotten branch […]

  • How it has been going

    I have enjoyed the weekly meetings for this fellowship. We talked about digital scholarship and the labor involved. The weekly meetings are helpful in holding us accountable and offer a space for us to talk about our progress, how we are […]

  • The Challenges of Crowdsourcing: Engaging the Crowd and Finding Time

    As I begin to reflect on my fellowship experience, I would like to pick up where I left off. Since my last post, I worked with folks to test the tasks and workflow of the crowdsourcing component added to Hobo Archive. These tasks ask […]

  • Drawing from what DJ Tanner taught me

    Just this week we read and talked about feelings of being obsolete. While the inherent purpose was to discuss the evolution of technology and digital spaces, I gravitated to my own person concern and woe. I instantly responded with the […]

  • Happy Casual Pi Day!

    We love and celebrate Pi Day here at the Engineering Library on or around the traditional day of March 14th (3/14), but did you know that there another Pi Day? Pi can be expressed with the fraction 22/7, so if you’re partial to pastry, […]

  • Digital New Book Display – 7-22-22

    Welcome to the University of Iowa Libraries’ virtual New Book Shelf. Here we will present new titles for you to browse and check out. Titles listed here will be monographs published in the current year. If you see a title you would like […]

  • Digital New Book Display – 7-19-22

    Welcome to the University of Iowa Libraries’ virtual New Book Shelf. Here we will present new titles for you to browse and check out. Titles listed here will be monographs published in the current year. If you see a title you would like […]

  • Music of Movement: A Lost Archive

    This summer, I am focusing on creating an archive of a movement that has shaped the latter half of the 20th century into the 21st when it comes to contemporary regional culture’s music, culture, and landscape. The Great Migration was a […]

  • Explore the Universe at the Engineering Library!

    We’ve been feeling inspired by the new images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope so we’ve put together a list of books about exploring outer space that are available for check out here at the Engineering Library. If you’re […]

  • Digital New Book Display – 7-11-22

    Welcome to the University of Iowa Libraries’ virtual New Book Shelf. Here we will present new titles for you to browse and check out. Titles listed here will be monographs published in the current year. If you see a title you would like […]