• IWA’s 2021 Kerber Grant Recipient Finds Personal Stories within Industrial Agriculture

    In Box 24 of the Lonabelle Kaplan Spencer papers, Andrew Seber finally found exactly what he was looking for: personal testimonies by rural citizens whose lives were turned upside down by the development of hog confinements near their Iowa […]

  • Regents OER Grant Recipients Announced

    The Regents university libraries are proud to announce the awarding of grants to 5 faculty teams to support creation of free, openly-licensed course materials. This funding opportunity provides intensive training and support for faculty […]

  • New Acquisition | John Martin Rare Book Room | Bleuland, Otium academicum

    BLEULAND, JAN (1756-1838) Otium academicum : continens descriptionem speciminum nonnullarum partium corporis humani et animalium subtilioris anatomiae ope in physiologicum usum praeparatarum, aliarumque, quibus morborum organicorum natura […]

  • The Sam Hamod Saga, Part One: Making Introductions

    The following is written by graduate student Bailey Adolph, who is processing the Sam Hamod Papers. “Thus, we gain richness from our heritage—but we should not be limited as writers by our ethnicity.” —Sam Hamod, “Ethos and […]

  • Tree Tour & Talk at the Sciences Library

    Join Arborist Andy Dahl for a tree talk and tour at the Sciences Library! This program will be held on Friday, October 1, 2021. The tree talk will begin at 2:00 PM on the 3rd floor of the Sciences Library. There will be a short break at […]

  • Hardin Library Closed for Home Football Games | Sep 18, Sep 25, Oct 9, Oct 15, Nov 13, Nov 20

    Hardin Library is closed whenever there is an Iowa home football (American football) game.  The 24-hour study is available when the library is closed.  Access the study with your healthcare badge of Iowa One card. Cambus detours on […]

  • Clinical Mobile Apps for You: AccessMedicine, UpToDate, ClinicalKey, BMJ Best Practice, DynaMed Plus, Johns Hopkins ABX, VisualDX

    We have many mobile apps available to you at no charge because of library subscriptions.   For information on installing them see our guide: UI Libraries Resources – Mobile Device Resources – Subject Guides at University of Iowa […]

  • 2021 William Anthony Conservation Lecture by Peter D. Verheyen on Sept. 30 at 6pm

    The UI Main Libraries Conservation and Collections Care Department presents the 2021 William Anthony Conservation Lecture Peter D. Verheyen Down the Rabbit Hole: Embracing experience and serendipity in a life of research, binding practice, […]

  • Faculty, Graduate, Honors Annual Loans Due in June, 2021 | Return or Renew In Person

    All loans due in June, 2021 should be returned  or renewed (re-checked out).  Overdue books should be returned to the library and checked out again if you want to keep them. You will be billed the cost of replacement books in November or […]

  • Home Book Delivery Available

    by Cathy Cranston, Director, Undergraduate Engagement, University of Iowa Libraries Yes, you may request office or home delivery of books, DVDs, and InterLibrary Loan items.  Materials located in the Reserve Collection or the John Martin […]

  • August 24 is National Waffle Day!

    Happy National Waffle Day! Make sure to celebrate by enjoying a waffle or two. Waffles may seem like they are not connected in any way to engineering, but engineering is the science of applied anything.  We celebrate on August 24th […]

  • Library to Help You Publish for FREE in Open Access

    UI corresponding authors can now publish their journal articles Open Access and free of cost to them with 8 different publishers! The University Libraries have entered into “transformative agreements” covering the cost if you want […]

  • ECS Plus: Free Open Access Publishing for UI authors

    The University of Iowa Libraries has entered into a transformative agreement with the Electrochemical Society (ECS) that allows University of Iowa authors to publish open access for free in ECS journals. The number of open access articles […]

  • Welcome to the Fall 2021 semester, Hawkeyes!

    Welcome to the fall 2021 semester, Hawkeyes! We are happy to have you back on campus in-person this fall! You can find the Sciences Library located between Phillips Hall and the Biology Building on Iowa Ave. Open Hours Monday through […]

  • Fall Service-Desk Hours

    The Business Library is ready to assist you this fall!  Service desk hours will be: Monday—Thursday        8:00 am—8:00 pm Friday                               8:00 am—5:00 pm Saturday & Sunday […]

  • Welcome to the Fall 2021 Semester!

    Welcome to the Fall 2021 Semester Whether this is your first year at UI, or you are a returning student, we are so glad you are here! Things have been out of the ordinary for a while now, but we are here to help you get back into the […]

  • Hardin Library Fall Hours Begin Monday, August 16 | CLOSED for Home Football Games

    Hardin Library Fall Hours Monday-Thursday 7:30am-9pm   Friday 7:30am-6pm   Saturday 10am-6pm   Sunday Noon-9pm   24-hour study available when the library is closed to University of Iowa and UIHC staff, students, residents, and faculty […]

  • Founding of the Asian American Coalition

    The following is written by Asian Alumni and Student Oral History Project Intern Jin Chang This a multi-part series reconstructing the history of the Asian American Coalition, a pan-ethnic Asian American student group from 1998-2017. This […]

  • BAND 141: an exhibit celebrating the history of the Hawkeye Marching Band

    This Fall, come to the Voxman Music Building for BAND 141, a look at the Hawkeye Marching Band. Director Eric Bush donated a significant collection of materials from the Band’s history including photographs, drill charts, papers, […]

  • Featured Databases | Influenza Research Database and Virus Pathogen Resource

    Access free to all Influenza Research Database: Access free to all Virus Pathogen Resource: These have NIAID-funded resources that support viral pathogen research.  Data is integrated from […]

  • An Artists’ Book Video Project: Still in Progress

    Progress not perfection.” These three simple words of reassurance have been the mission statement of our cohort through the summer fellowship, and have become somewhat of a restorative, compulsory chant for me. Through the summer […]

  • Developing a Community Engaged, Digital Scholarship Practice

        Preview of Covington’s forthcoming archive on Black girls in film As a community engaged scholar, this fellowship has provided a space to value fellows’ interdisciplinary scholarship, professionalization from the Studio and […]

  • Listening to Audre Lorde in Exploring Archives

       Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsider first and second edition Coming to this fellowship during a time of social unrest due to a dual pandemic, of racial injustice and international health crisis, I asked myself: How can my work address […]

  • Student Reflection: Processing the Madgetta Dungy Papers

    The following post is written by University of Iowa senior, Jack Kamp.              When I started my internship at the Iowa Women’s Archives (IWA), I knew I was interested in working with Black women’s history. As a […]

  • How to Fly an Essay, and Drawings

    “In re-reading the manuscript of this book I find I didn’t allow myself to be born.” – A.E. This summer and in the year to come, I am writing and drawing an essay collection about flight, and about how narrative can fail. While I […]

  • Keep Hawkeyes Healthy | Face Masks Encouraged (but not required)

    Hardin Library encourages these measures to decrease the spread or exposure to COVID-19: Please consider wearing a face mask.  Face masks are not required in the library.  Face masks are available at each entrance. Wash your hands […]

  • Exploring Contemporary LGBTQ+ Media in China

    Reflecting on my Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio fellowship work, I realize that this project has involved a variety of new processes for me. The most important process underlying my project has been the search for media […]

  • Celebrate International Cat Day! | Historic Medical Book Illustrated by Jakob Cats

    Jan Van Beverwijck (1594-1647) Schat der gesontheyt. Second edition, printed in 1638 The interest of this book is not in its value to the history of medicine, however, but in its numerous emblematic copperplate illustrations by the Dutch […]

  • Finding a Form and Refinding a Thread

    I’m very grateful to the Digital Scholarship and Publishing Studio for a summer filled with inspiration, new perspectives, and connections with scholars across different disciplines. I felt both encouraged and challenged by the work of […]

  • More Meaningful and Expressive Digital Artists’ Book Models

    A primary motivation in my working within the book arts mediums at the University of Iowa has been a growing interest in creating printed works that elicit more interactive and dynamic viewer engagement—the communication of print across […]

  • Visualizing Mental Maps and Countering Mental Health Stigma

    My research broadly focuses on mental health stigma and this Fellowship project explores mental health stigma via deliberate and automatic cognition processes. This project utilizes a concept association task (CAT) to capture how people […]

  • Time

    Everything takes so much time. Before the summer began, I thought I would have no problem starting and finishing a miniseries of four podcast episodes which would feature an Audiobook style reading of a primary source and a conversation […]

  • Ambiguous Translations from Text to Map

    Since the start of the summer, mapping the trade of Syriac manuscripts has made significant progress. One of the challenges I expected going into this project was the trouble of uncertainty. Much of my attempt to harvest geographic data is […]

  • Why is the Costa Rican National Orchestra not playing Costa Rican music?

    At the beginning of the summer, my goal was to develop materials focused on the complexity of the Costa Rican national identity as expressed through music. I also wanted to learn the basics of a new video editing software. Specifically, I […]

  • Old and new roads

      Working with digital tools has meant for me to let go of the illusion of control of my creative process. This has been one of my favorite parts of this project and the summer experience. With every new piece of the story, either as part […]

  • Visualizing Archival Data

    Over the past few weeks, I have been working on creating a publicly accessible, visual supplement to my current archival research. My dissertation project assesses the state of opera production in the United States during the 1920s, and […]

  • Iowa City, a haven for Spanish creative writing

    In 2019, I wrote: I like to think of Iowa City as a place of passage, as the place that temporarily housed Tennessee Williams, Raymond Carver, Sandra Cisneros, and Kurt Vonnegut. It is the place where, when you walk along Clinton Street, […]

  • Following and Expanding My Research

    Summer Reflection Video Reflection here, with video of site-in-progress: There is a definite difference between the project that I had at the beginning of this summer and the way that my project has shaped itself. I […]

  • Celebrating Beatrix Potter’s Birthday with New Acquisitions

    The following is written by Public Services Librarian, Lindsay Moen Today marks the 155th birthday of renowned children’s book author, Beatrix Potter. Potter was best known as the author and illustrator of cherished tales such as The […]

  • DVD Display, July 27 – Recent Acquisitions

    Welcome to our rotating DVD display, here we will present a themed selection of titles for you to browse. If you would like to borrow a DVD, just click the link below the title and sign in with your Hawk ID and password to make a request. […]

  • An Artist’s Perspective: Travel Diary of Stuart Travis

    The following is written by our Workplace Learning Connection summer intern Cassady Jackson Stuart Travis (1868-1942) was an American artist who was accepted into art school in France during the latter half of the 19th century. He was just […]

  • Lord of the Rings Films: 20 Years On

    Visit the Sciences Library to see our display of Lord of the Rings movie replicas and enter our Trivia Contest. The display will be up through September. Get all 10 questions right in the Trivia Contest to win a small prize. Winners will […]

  • Spirit Duplicators: Early 20th Century Copier Art, Fanzines, and the Mimeograph Revolution

    The following was written by Olson Graduate Assistant Rich Dana, and curator of the Spirit Duplicators exhibit in Special Collections & Archives reading room During my three and a half years at Special Collections, I have worked with […]

  • Explore Iowa’s Biodiversity with Bur Oak Guides & Books

    Guest Author: Kai Weatherman Summer naturally finds us spending more time outdoors, which provides a multitude of opportunities to observe the diversity of plant and animal species that inhabit Iowa. Unless you are already a professional […]

  • Visualizing Public Perceptions of Mental Health Stereotypes

    Over 40 million adults each year in the U.S. contend with mental health issues, many of whom do not receive quality treatment (NAMI 2018; NIMH 2015). These individuals are often subjected to stigmatization: the social process within social […]

  • Looking for Two-Spirit people in Colonizer Records

    I have been working on an accessible version of my dissertation research on Anishinaabe Two-Spirit history. I’ve spent the last year learning and expanding my skills with audio editing and podcast hosting as well as managing a website, […]

  • From Baghdad to Britain: Mapping an Ancient Book Trade

    In the year 925, a new governor of Egypt imposed taxes that previously did not affect the Christian clergy of monasteries. The head of a monastery known as Dayr al-Suryan (pictured below), or the Monastery of the Syrians, then went on a […]

  • What They May Project

    I have been working on a short documentary film-essay that explores China’s independent queer cinema and its production context during the past two decades. Focusing on gender, sexuality, and politics, my project addresses multiple […]

  • SciVal Workshop Series

    Join Linda Galloway, Elsevier Customer Consultant, to learn about SciVal, Elsevier’s analytics solution. SciVal provides access to the comprehensive research performance of over 19,000 research institutions and their associated […]

  • New Book Display – July 8, 2021

    Welcome to the Library’s virtual New Book Shelf. Here we will present new titles for you to browse and check out. Titles listed here will be monographs published in the current year. If you see a title you would like to borrow, please […]