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  • Books for 2020: unusual books for an unusual year

    2020 has been an unusual year, to say the least. A pandemic, murder hornets, an Iowa derecho, hurricanes, racial injustice, wildfires, and most recently a discovery on Venus that points to potential alien life. It is a lot to take in and […]

  • Build Your Own Robot Workshop Postponed

      Building Your Own: Object Avoiding Robot Rescheduled for  Thursday, October 22nd at  3:30 PM   We apologize for any inconvenience, but the Build Your Own Object Avoiding Robot workshop has been rescheduled for […]

  • Difficulty Using Resources Off Campus? | Use Firefox/Safari/Edge

    If you are having trouble accessing library resources while using the Chrome browser off campus, please try using a different web browser. Chrome is the most secure web browser, and some library resources do not yet comply with the latest […]

  • NEW | Anatomage 3D Virtual Dissection Table

    The Hardin Library now has an Anatomage virtual anatomy dissection table available. The table is located near the service desk on the 3rd floor and is available to all users.     The Anatomage table is a fully segmented real […]

  • Fading Forms of Communication: Uncovering Civil War Stories from Anson Butler

    The following is written by Erik Henderson, Graduate Assistant for Iowa Women’s Archives As we have moved into the digital age, the value of handwritten letters has seemingly faded. Archival repositories nationwide are composed of […]

  • Nominate a librarian for Arthur Benton University Librarian’s Award for Excellence

    The University Libraries is seeking nominations for the Arthur Benton University Librarian’s Award for Excellence. Funded by a generous endowment, this prestigious award acknowledges a library staff member’s professional […]

  • Reuben Gaines Memoir of Being Black in Buxton, Iowa

    This post by IWA Graduate Assistant, Erik Henderson, is the eighth installment in our series highlighting African American history in the Iowa Women’s Archives collections. The series ran weekly during Black History Month, and […]

  • Hardin Library Open Monday-Friday 7:30am-6pm | 24 Hour Study Available When Library is Closed

    The Hardin Library is open Monday-Friday from 7:30am-6pm. Use your Iowa One Card or UIHC Badge to swipe in when the library is open. If you are not currently affiliated with The University of Iowa, you may use the library by […]

  • Rain, Rain, Go Away?

    Rain, Rain, Go Away? or Rain, Rain, Go Away? How about you come and stay?   Okay, we don’t really want the rain to come and stay, and stay, and stay . . .  But wouldn’t it be nice to have access to that rainwater when […]

  • Hardin Library Virtual Hours | 7 Days Per Week

    Hardin Library has extended hours where you can get virtual help via chat or email! Monday-Thursday 7:30am-9pm Friday 7:30am-6pm Saturday 1-5pm Sunday 1-9pm      

  • Find a comfortable place to study at the Sciences Library!

    Head to the Sciences Library for a comfortable, quiet place to study! We offer a variety of study spots. There are many computer stations, study carrels and booths with USB and outlets for phones and computers, tables, and large mobile […]

  • Research Scholar Workshop!

          We are excited to be offering a new group of workshops this fall! Our first workshop will be presented on Wednesday, Sept, 9th!   This one-hour workshops will be held on the 9th, at 3:30 pm on Zoom. Anyone is […]

  • Derecho Out of Iowa

    On Monday, August 10 many Iowans were left stunned by the ferocity and destruction left in the wake of a band of storms accompanied by straight-line winds that blew through the state with the force of a hurricane. But in the aftermath, […]

  • Overdue Interlibrary Loan?

          Have you gotten an overdue notice from InterLibrary Loan? There has been a glitch in the system! If you are unsure, log into your account to check. Feel free to email us (lib-engineering@uiowa.edu) with questions!! […]

  • Welcome to Fall 2020!

    Whether your classes will be held in-person, virtually, or a combination of both – WE’RE HERE FOR YOU!! We have more online resources than you might realize – our website has tabs where you can access library guides, […]

  • Reminder: Face Coverings Required

    The University of Iowa requires face coverings to be worn in all parts of campus. […]

  • First Annual Ray Bradbury Read-A-Thon

    On Saturday, August 22, 2020, the University of Iowa Libraries will partner with national organizations to present the first annual Ray Bradbury Read-A-Thon. During this four-hour online event, a diverse group of celebrities and Bradbury […]

  • Until Next Time

    First and foremost – I cannot begin to discuss this project without thanking Nikki White MLIS and Stephanie Blalock PhD MLIS for their incredible mentorship, support and instruction over this past summer semester. The genesis for […]

  • Learning About Communicating Complex Information Visually

    My summer project as part of the Digital Studio aimed to compile and present information about the US immigration and visa system that will serve as a a backdrop to my research on how immigrants understand and navigate the restrictions […]

  • Connected by sound in isolation

    At the summer’s start, my scholarship was, as was everyone’s, utterly unmoored by the abrupt and brutal rise of the pandemic. In addition to the impact Covid-19 had on the day-to-day logistics of my project—conducting and […]

  • Archiving Paradise

    When Peabody Coal “hauled” the small town of Paradise, Kentucky away, I hadn’t been born yet. But my life and the lives of all Kentuckians are often landmarked by loss–in many cases, before we’re born. The […]

  • Wülfie’s Guide to the Music Library: 2020 Edition

    In the summer of 2018, the Rita Benton Music Library “adopted” Wülfie Parsons, who belonged previously to Dr. Donna Parsons. Wülfie’s knows that this year will be quite different for Hawkeye students, so […]

  • …Eight Weeks Later…

    At the beginning of my Digital Studio Summer Fellowship, I felt a bit lost. My dissertation—an animal history of Chicago centered on the ways human-animal relationships drove urbanization at the turn of the century—seemed clear […]

  • The Pain of Exile: A Final Reflection

    Writing in 1931, the great doctor and humanitarian Albert Schweitzer said that pain ‘is a more terrible lord of mankind than even death himself.’ Since then, medical technology to treat pain has developed from anesthetics to […]

  • Hardin Library Reopening with Limited Hours on August 17 | Expanded Virtual Hours Begin August 17

    The Hardin Library will reopen on Monday, August 17, with limited hours.  The 24-hour study will be available when the library is closed. Hardin Library will be open Monday-Friday, 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. Virtual assistance will also be […]

  • Hardin Library and GMR Staff Personal Activities During Pandemic

    Hardin Library and The National Network of Libraries of Medicine/Greater Midwest Region staff have been staying busy at home during the pandemic when they are not working. Jacqueline Leskovec went from only knowing how to adjust bike […]

  • Changes in Libraries’ services and hours

    When campus libraries reopen on Aug. 17, services will resume in phases. To begin the semester, the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, the Main Library, and the Sciences Library will allow building access […]

  • Creative Coding and Reparations: A Final Reflection

    There is a question I’ve continually returned to over the past eight weeks. What is the relationship between the past and the present? When someone thinks of reparations, the first question that might come to mind could be, what is […]

  • My Experiences with the Summer Digital Fellowship

    For my summer digital fellowship, I proposed to work on my research – “gender differences in imprisonment with an analysis of state-level and overtime data.” In this blog posting, I would like to share my experiences and […]

  • The Preservation Student Staff Remote Work Experience Spring/Summer 2020

    As part time interim Preservation Processing Coordinator in the UI Libraries Preservation Department, one of my main duties is to supervise the student staff who do the day to day marking work for new acquisitions and items that need to be […]

  • Before the Vote: Black Women’s Political Activism in Iowa

    This post by IWA Graduate Research Assistant Heather Cooper is the seventh installment in our series highlighting African American history in the collections of Iowa Women’s Archives and other local repositories. The series ran […]

  • Reflecting on the experience of creating a visual argument

    Humanities scholars traditionally explain their arguments through text written form, and they use visual effects as evidence to support the written argument. Nathan Yau argues that […]

  • 3D Modeling Project Thoughts and Reflection

    In my initial blog post, I reflected on finding the balance between artistic and academic digital reconstructions, hoping to engage with the topic more closely throughout my project, and I am rather pleased with how it turned out. It is […]

  • Reflecting on my Studio Experience

    Although we still have a couple of weeks left of the Summer Studio Fellowship experience, I’d like to use this blog post to think through some of my overall takeaways from my time working on my project, which is a series of data […]

  • More on Discourse of Personal Control in Newspaper (1979-2019)

    As introduced in the last post, my project examines the discourse of personal control in published newspaper articles from 1979 to 2019. I am interested in 1) exploring the different life aspects in which people discuss sense of control […]

  • Medical Racism and Horror: A Virtual Reality Video Essay

    For this project, I’m working on a virtual reality video essay on the anti-Blackness and transphobia I have experienced in medical spaces, with the help of the Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio, and under the guidance of […]

  • Lessons Learned Doing Digital Work

    Thanks to the Studio Summer Fellowship, I have had a deeply meaningful scholarly experience and learned four lessons about digital work in the academy.     Lesson 1: Value Process Over Product My intention at the start of this […]

  • Close Reading Distant Reading (and Vice Versa)

    Andrew David King Public Digital Humanities Capstone student, Summer 2020 My Public Digital Humanities Certificate capstone project focuses on one prong of a two-pronged, ongoing endeavor in self-education pertaining to the application of […]

  • The Adventures of a Monarch Butterfly: Milkweed, Metamorphosis, and Migration

                       Watch a video showing a monarch caterpillar transforming into a chrysalis on the Sciences Library YouTube channel! In the chrysalis, the monarch caterpillar appears to be […]

  • The Midwest is Easy to See

    Exploring the complexities of space and place are the foundations of my Digital Scholarship and Publishing Studio Fellowship project The Midwest is Easy to See. This digital exhibition features a series of artworks from the University of […]

  • Mapping patterns and causes for labor migration in Southern Africa

    We live in communities that are increasingly becoming intersected and globalized.  There is a lot of mixing in terms of race, religion, ideologies, languages, ethnicity, and many other aspects. […]

  • Consider the Sandbox

    During his presentation to our class, the Studio’s GIS Specialist (as well as my wonderful Point of Contact) Jay Bowen suggested we think of our Summer Studio Fellowship as a sandbox. A playground staple, sandboxes offer children […]

  • The Pain of Exile

    The project that I’m working on during my summer fellowship aims to develop a new approach to illness narratives through an investigation of the intersection of pain and exile. Here, the specific focus is the artistic development of […]

  • New Liaison Librarian for Psychiatry, Neurology, Neurosurgery & Neuroscience Graduate Program | Damien Ihrig

    Damien Ihrig,  MA Library and Information Science, MA Educational Measurement, Curator of the John Martin Rare Book Room,  will now be the librarian liaison for: Psychiatry Neurology Neurosurgery Neuroscience Graduate (PhD) […]

  • Archiving the movement

    We’re living in unprecedented times. Protesters are speaking out against the murder of George Floyd, police brutality, and systemic racism. The UI Libraries’ Special Collections plans to pursue a careful approach toward […]

  • Learning GIS to Map Bison by Max Lieberman

    Beginning this summer’s fellowship, I had set what I believed to be a difficult, but still achievable, goal for myself. With no background in digital methods, I hoped to learn fundamental GIS skills and create a map of bison […]

  • Residents: Guide to Services For You!

    Welcome new residents!  We have many resources and ways to help you.  Please see our guide: https://guides.lib.uiowa.edu/residents  

  • UI Libraries awards 12 OpenHawks grants

    The University of Iowa Libraries has awarded 12 grants for Open Educational Resource (OER) projects for the 2020-2021 academic year. OpenHawks is a campus-wide grant program that funds faculty efforts to replace current textbooks with OERs […]

  • Fireworks!

    It is already July, when we would normally be thinking of parades, fireworks, and picnics. Things will definitely be different this summer!   Many communities are looking for creative and safe alternatives to the traditional fireworks […]

  • From the Classroom- Steal This Zine!

    “From the Classroom” is a series that features some of the great work and research from students who visit our collections. Below is a blog by Jacob Roosa from Dr. Jennifer Burek Pierce’s class “History of Readers […]