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University of Iowa Historical Papers Collection
RG 01.0001.003
Collection Dates: 1855- ; bulk, 1920-
3.0 linear ft.

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Acquisition and Processing Information: Titles in this collection have been given to the University Archives at various times from numerous donors. Additions to the collection continue to accrue. Collection processed and guide created by Denise Anderson. Guide posted to the Internet January 2005; revised December 2006.

Photographs: None

Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 1991

Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 1991, 65:74-87

Scope and Contents

The Historical Papers collection of the University of Iowa Archives consists mainly of articles and personal essays that pertain to University of Iowa history. The papers, mostly unpublished, address a wide variety of topics, including college and department histories, faculty biographies, academic programs, political activism, and social life. Authors are faculty, alumni, students, historians, and others associated with the University, and the papers are arranged alphabetically by name of author. Donors have submitted these papers to the Archives on numerous occasions.

Box Contents List

Box 1

Allen, Lee. “Grant Wood As I Knew Him”

Ambrose, Jennifer. "'No Masterpiece of Architectural Design': The Relationship Between Library Structure, Mid-century Pegagogy, and Student Reading Experience at the University of Iowa"

Anderson, Lee. “Headlights Upon Sanitary Medicine: Public Health and Medical Reform in Late Nineteenth-century Iowa”

Anderson, Lee and Lewis E. January. “Walter Bierring and the Flexner Revolution: at the University of IowaCollege of Medicine”

Ash, Mitchell G. “Cultural Contexts and Scientific Change in Psychology: Kurt Lewin in Iowa”

---. “Kurt Lewin in Iowa”

Aurner, C.R. “The Early History of Instruction in Physics at the University of Iowa”

---. “Manuscript Relating to the Teaching of Science”

Baker, Tom. “American Greeks in Iowa City: An Outline of Greek-letter Fraternity History in the University of owa Campus”

Baker, Edgar E. “Foreign Students at the University of Iowa Prior to 1900”

Bates, Katherine. “The Physical Plant of the State University of Iowa: Its Growth and Development From 1847-1947”

Becker, Samuel L. “Television: No Wasteland at SUI”

Belgum, Kathie and Cindy Benton. “To Honor Allan Delker Vestal, Carver Professor of Law, University of Iowa”

Bennett, Mary. “Student Unrest at the University of Iowa"

---. “Student Unrest at the University of Iowa, 1967 to 1971”

Berens, Col. Robert J. "A Golden Opportunity"

Berger, Sidney E. “Kim Merker: 35 Years of Fine-press Printing”

Blake, Michael. "Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual Activity at the University of Iowa"

Bonfiglio, Michael. “Orthopaedic Pathology at the University of Iowa: Sagacity and Serendipity”

Boyd, W.R. “A Brief History of the Development of the College of Medicine of the Iowa State University, From 1909 to Date (1934)”

Breaux, Richard M. “Maintaining A Home For Girls: The Iowa Federation of Colored Women’s Club at the University of Iowa, 1919-1950”

Briggeman, Lee. “Interview With Howard Sokol During Fall 1988”

Broders, Forrest M. “A History of Broadcasting at the State University of Iowa”

Braverman, David. “Dewey Stuit: A Pioneer in Student Services”

Bureau of Business and Economic Research. “An Historical Review and Report on Recent Activities”

Bush, Stephen Hays. “A Vision of the Past: Overture.”

Box 2

Canter, Miriam and Arthur Canter. “Hancher Auditorium – A Twenty Year History”

Caplan, Richard M. "Early History of the Educational Opportunities Program [Affirmative Action] Program at the University of Iowa College of Medicine"

Chen, Ching Jen. “History of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Iowa”, original copy, photocopy

Carrington, Paul D. and Erika King. “Law and the Wisconsin Idea”

Christensen, Paula. “An Interview with Phil Connell”

Conzett, Karen Sue. “A Comparison of Activists and Non-activists: From the Sixties to the Eighties”

Dodd, Jeffrey. “Administrative History of the College of Engineering”

Dorcas, H.C. “A Retrospect of Fifty-one Years”

Draper, Timothy Dean. “Activism and the University: the Relationships Between Student Activism and the University of Iowa”

Edwards, J.A. and Sadie Seagrave. "A Brief History of the State Sanatorium at Oakdale, Iowa."

Engel, Robert. "A Description of Events Which Occurred on or About the Pentacrest Area on May 7 and 8, 1970"

---. "The Herrnstein Event, 1972"

Fleck, Arthur. "A Historical Overview of the Computer Science Department at the University of Iowa, 1965-1995."

Folk, G. Edgar, Jr. "The Research Club of Faculty Members of The University of Iowa."

Franz, Janice. "Hawkeye Village Married Student Temporary Housing: A Memoir, 1951-52."

Freeman, Andrew. "Support Service Programs at the University of Iowa: A Response to National Affairs."

Frohwein, Nina Ann. “A History and Description of the State University of Iowa Medical Library, 1870-1938”

Geological Survey Bureau. “ Iowa Geology, 1992: Centennial Edition, 1892-1992”

Gilman, Rebecca. “Sesquicentennial: Theatre in Iowa City: Upon the 150th Birthday of Iowa City, a Brief Theatrical Look Back”

Gray, Steve. “Proudfoot and Bird”

Haddock, William J. "A Retrospect: State University of Iowa"

Hallowell, Kirk. “An Interview with M.L. Huit”

Hardin, Robert C. “A History of Blood Banking: Early Days at Iowa”

Harshbarger, H. Clay. “In the Iowa Tradition: Roots and the Communication Future”

---.    "Some Highlights of the Department of Speech and Dramatic Art"

Hinrichs, Adelaide. “The Life of My Grandfather”

Hinrichs, Jeanne A. “Gustavus Detlef Hinrichs”

Howe, Joseph Homer. “Joseph Homer Howe”

Iowa Memorial Union. “ Iowa Memorial Union, 1963-1970, the Kottner Era”

Iowa Urban Community Research Center. “A History of the Center 1958-1970 and a Report on its Current Activities”

Box 3

Jones, Charlotte Enger. “Memories of Co-op Dorm Living: 1931 -- 1955” [Related finding aid RG02.09.14]

Jones, Douglas W. “Jewish Life at Iowa, Draft”

Journalism. “ Iowa Journalist: History & Heritage”

Kallaus, Norman F. "Meeting a Need: A History of Business Education at the University of Iowa" (1977)

Kendler, Howard H. “The Iowa Tradition”

Kline, Marjorie. "University of Iowa Copy Center Services, 1968-2008"

Kolbet, Richard. "Brief History of the University of Iowa Libraries, 2000"

Larew, Donald. "Old Stone Capitol: Out of the Wilderness" [1958 high school theme paper; includes original assignment]

Lawrence, Susan C. and Richard P. Nelson. "Altruism and Autonomy: Medicine in Iowa Since 1850"

Liittschwager, J.M. “On the History of Quality Control and Reliability at the University of Iowa”

Loewen, Donna. “Interview Report: Oral History of Student Affairs Professional”

Louis, Sidney S. "Butch: A Cautionary Tale of the Dark Period when a 'Great University' Abrogated Responsibility to the Students of a Certain College" [College of Nursing]

Ludwig, George H. "Opening Space Research at the University of Iowa"

---. "The First Explorer Satellites"

MacClean, George E. “Jottings”

Mannheimer, Eugene. “Notes on the History of the School of Religion at the University of Iowa and its Jewish Department”

McClain, Emlin. “Law Department of the State University of Iowa”

McClintock, John T. “The College of Medicine, 1870-1945”

McEwen, Josephine. “Women in the University of Iowa, 1868-1878”

Menzer, Carl. “Vignettes: Fifty Years of Broadcasting at the University of Iowa”

Miller, Anthony Reinhard. “Revising the Curriculum: ‘Introduction to Clinical Medicine’ at the UI College of Medicine, 1960-1978”

Minton, Henry L. “The Iowa Child Welfare Research Station and the 1940 Debate on Intelligence: Carrying on the Legacy of a Concerned Mother”

---. “Interview with Marie Skodak Crissey and Orlo Crissey, January 15, 1982”

---. “Interview with Ronald Lippitt”

Muehl, Siegmar and Lois. "Mississippi Comes to Iowa: Reaching Out for Civil Rights in the Sixties."

Musselman, Gearhart. “A History of the Iowa Memorial Union”

Box 4

Peirce, Paul S. “Colored Alumni of the State University of Iowa"

---. "Negro Alumni of the Colleges of Iowa”

Persons, Stow. “The College of Business Administration”

---. “A Brief Glance at the College of Law”

---. “Creating a Research University”

---. "The Culture-Epoch Curriculum at the University of Iowa" (UI Elementary School)

---. “From Pedagogics to Education”

---. “The College of Engineering”

---. “History at Iowa: The First Century 1855-1948, the Modern Era”

---. “History at Iowa: The Modern Era”

---. "Oaknoll: The First 35 Years"

---. “The Decline of Homeopathy – The University of Iowa, 1876-1919”

---. “The Triangle Club – The First Century”

---. "The Flexner Investigation of the University of Iowa Medical School"

---. "Doctors and Money: The Iowa Medical Service Plan, 1946"

Peterson, Margaret L. “A History of the Alumni Association of the State University of Iowa”

Pownall, Frederick Miller. “The University of Iowa and its Publications”

---. “History of University of Iowa Publications, 1847-1927”

---. “History of University of Iowa Publications, 1847 to 1927” and “…1927 to 1955”

---. “History of University of Iowa Publications, 1927 to 1955”, hand-written manuscript

---. "History of University of Iowa Publications, 1927 to 1955", typed manuscript

---. "History of University of Iowa Publications, 1927 to 1955", photocopy of typed manuscript

Prior, Jean. “The State Geological Survey of Iowa”

Box 5

Quandt, Anna Spitzer. "Ernest Horn and the Curriculum Set in Advance" [University Schools]

Quick, Julie. “Interviews of Dixon, Fleece, Klaus, Rolland, and Simms Regarding Imre Waldbauer, Professor of Music”

Randall, Warren H. “Family Historical Memorandum”

Routh, Donald K. “Intellectual Progeny of Seashore and Spence”

Rusnak, Cecilia Jaswa. “Nineteenth Century Campus Planning at the University of Iowa”

Schlotfelt, Ruth Anne. “Concerning Amy Louise Daniels”

Schmidt, Dave. “Alpha Beta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi, 1866-1966”

Science Education Center. “Twenty-five Years, 1950-1975”

Scully, Timothy L. “A History of KSUI (FM) For History of Broadcasting”

Seashore, Carl E. “Historical Sketch of the Club at the Three Hundredth Dinner and the Thirty-fifth Anniversary”

Schrimper, George D. “The University of Iowa Museum of Natural History: an Historical Perspective”

---. “A Brief History of the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History and its Ornithological Collections”

Shannon, Lyle. "One Hundred Years of Criminology at the University of Iowa: How It Related to the Development of Sociology" [draft]

Sievert, William J. “The History of Pedodontics at the University of Iowa”

Sizemore, Jean Wolfe. “The Planning of the Pentacrest, 1898-1905”

---. “An Iowa Renaissance: Campus Planning at the University of Iowa”

Smith, Lula. “Home Economics at the State University of Iowa from 1940 to 1963”

Soldofsky, Robert M. “History of Retirement Plans at the UI”

Soucek, M. Joan. “A Literary Walking Tour of Eastside Iowa City”

---. "A Literary Walking Tour of Eastside Iowa City", photocopy

Spear, William. "Early History of State Sanatorium of Iowa."

Spear, Mrs. William and Basil Waddington. "A Brief History of Oakdale."

Stewart, G.W. “Incidents in Connection With the Construction of the Physics Building at the University of Iowa, 1909-1911”

Stodart, Nona Ruth. “Military Training at the University of Iowa since 1917”

Stone, Gerald L. “University Counseling Service (UCS) at the University of Iowa, 1946-1996”

---. “History of the University Counseling Service at the University of Iowa” 

Box 6

Thomson, John D. “The Department of Physiology and Biophysics of the University of Iowa: A Brief History”

Thompson, C. Woody. “The Origin and Early Years of the Office of Student Affairs: March 10, 1942, to December 15, 1947”

---. “A Report of Activities for the Fifteen-year Period, 1940-1955”

Tomasini, Wallace J. “History of the School of Art and Art History”

Turco, Lewis. "Engle's Workshop" (chapter from his book, "A Sheaf of Leaves: Literary Memoirs")

Vanderwicken, Ann. "A Survey of Campus Architecture: University of Iowa, 1965" (74 photographic prints; text)

Varsity Rifles. “History, Constitution and By-laws, and Rosters of the Varsity Rifles of the State University of Iowa, January 1908”

WSUI. “Script of: Crystal Sets to Satellites, a History of WSUI, 1919-1979”

Watts, Blanche. “ Iowa Summer Library School”

Wells, James P. “A Brief History of a University of Iowa Department” (Physics and Astronomy)

---. “Space Probing at the University of Iowa”

---. “Copy of Handwritten Letter to Gustavus Hinrichs from Charles Darwin” (typed transcription)

---. “A University Lecture on Faith and Science, 1867”

---. “Faith and Science”

---. “On the Names Crowning the Building by Old Capitol”

---. “On the Names on the Building by Old Capitol”

White, Dorrance Stinchfield. “A Biography of Dr. Philip Greeley Clapp, Director of Music at the State University of Iowa, 1919-1954”

Williams, Eileen J. “A Psychology Laboratory in the Twenties: a Memoir”

Wilkerson, Sarah. “Interview with Dorothy Ellen Wilson Moeller”

---. “Oral History Interviews”

Yager, Robert E. “Science Education at the University of Iowa: Twenty-five Years, 1950-1975”