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Records of the Department of Religious Studies
RG 06.32
Collection Dates: 1875- ; bulk, 1921-
13.5 linear ft.

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Acquisition and Processing Information: Materials in this collection were transferred to the University Archives from the Department of Religious Studies (formerly School of Religion) at various times. Collection processed by David McCartney, 2003. Guide posted to the Internet 2003; revised January 2007.


M. Willard Lampe, 1952
M. Willard Lampe,
founding director of the School of Religion

Photo from publication "Campus Prayers"

Scope and Contents

The records of the Dept. of Religious Studies (founded as the School of Religion) date from 1875 to the present (bulk, 1921- ) and measure about 13.5 linear feet. They are arranged in 11 series: Minutes, Annual Reports, Correspondence, Board Rosters, Brochures and Publications, Student Enrollment, Historical, Photographs, Reviews, Gifts, and Administrative.

Series I, Minutes (1925- ), includes meeting minutes of the governing board’s annual meetings and the School’s executive committee.

Series II, Annual Reports (1927- ), includes reports approved by the School’s administration.

Series III, Correspondence (1923- ) includes letters and memoranda issued by administrators, board members, faculty, and members of the executive committee. It also includes folder-content description of School Director-related correspondence from about 1950 to 1980.

Series IV, Board Rosters (1925- ) consists of various lists of names of board and committee members, faculty, and other relevant individuals.

Series V, Brochures and Publicatioins, includes printed matter issued by the School or University (1908- ).

Series VI, Student Enrollment, consists of summaries and reports pertaining to registration at the School.

Series VII, Historical, encompasses all aspects of the School’s activity from its founding to about 1950 and includes anniversary commemoration information.

Series VIII, Photographs, depicts several members of the School’s faculty, ca. 1955-1967.

Series IX, Reviews, includes evaluations of the School by external and internal sources.

Series X, Gifts, documents income receipts of the School, which, until the 1960s, received no state support except for building space and its maintenance.

Series XI, Administrative records, documents School policies and procedures, as well as projects, scholarship funds, and internal committees.

Organizational History

The School of Religion at the University of Iowa was formally organized and incorporated in 1927 as the first program of its kind in the nation to function at a tax-supported state university. While it is impossible to determine how the idea for such a program first arose, University leaders had regarded religion as an integral part of a student’s life as early as the University’s founding in 1847. In 1875, the trustees of the University endorsed mandatory attendance at daily chapel services, an action voided 23 years later by the faculty in response to legal concerns expressed by critics. Nonetheless, religion continued to play a central role in the lives of many students. The Religious Education Committee, organized in the wake of the abolition of daily chapel services, established monthly programs, an activity which continued until the 1950’s.

In 1921, the chairman of the committee, Clarence W. Case, called an informal meeting of religious leaders of Iowa City. The topic of discussion was how religion could take its place alongside science and be taught in a scholarly manner at the University. That spring, a plan for a School of Religion was presented to University President Walter A. Jessup, a program which would be established on “separate foundations affiliated with the University.” Following numerous revisions to the plan, the State Board of Education approved the proposal on May 22, 1924. A grant of $35,000 from John D. Rockefeller, Jr., in 1926 ensured financial support of the fledgling school for its first three years.

With the selection of Dr. Matthew Willard Lampe as its first director, the University announced the new School of Religion to the state in a University Bulletin on August 27, 1927:

“The School of Religion represents a venture into new territory, sponsored by many University and Religious leaders who have high hopes of its success. It is an unusual recognition of the important place which the study and practice of religion must hold in the adequate system of Education.”

In its early years, the School offered courses of study in Catholicism, Judaism and Christian Protestantism. By the mid-1960s, course offerings were expanded to include the study and interpretation of other major world religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. In 2002 the program was renamed the Department of Religious Studies as part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Further information about the history of the School of Religion may be obtained by consulting the additional materials listed below.

[D. McCartney, 2003]  

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“The University of Iowa Bulletin – School of Religion News – June 1974: A Brief History of the School of Religion, The University of Iowa.”

Bach, Marcus. “Of Faith and Learning: The Story of Religion at the State University of Iowa.” Iowa City: School of Religion, 1952. 261 pp.

Lampe, M. Willard. “An Autobiographical Sketch of the School of Religion, the University of Iowa.” Iowa City, 1965. 24 pp.

Lampe, M. Willard. “The Story of an Idea: The History of the School of Religion of the University of Iowa." University of Iowa Extension Bulletin 806. 14 pp. 1963.

Starkes, M. Thomas. “The O.D. Foster Collection.” Books at Iowa 6 (April 1967): 22, 24-28.

Box Contents List

Box 1

Series I: Minutes

Board of Trustees, Board of Electors, Executive Committee – 1925
Executive Committee – 1926
Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, Constitution, Articles of Incorporation –   1927
Board of Trustees, Board of Electors; Constitution; “A Plan for the Coordination of Religious Activities at the State
  University of Iowa – 1928
Board of Electors, Board of Trustees, Finance Committee – 1929
----. 1930
----. 1931
----. 1932
----. 1933
----. 1934
----.  “Report for the Future Financing of the School of Religion” – 1935
----. 1936
----. 1937
----.  “Quotations from Board’s Minutes Bearing on the Question of Financing the Administration of the School of Religion from State Funds” – 1938
Board of Electors, Board of Trustees, Executive Committee; Articles of Incorporation – 1939
Board of Trustees – 1940
Board of Trustees, Executive Committee – 1941
Board of Trustees – 1942
----. 1943
Board of Trustees; Articles of Incorporation – 1944
Board of Trustees, including “Resolution on Present World Situation, May 7, 1945” – 1945
Board of Trustees – 1946
Board of Trustees; “Policy in Respect to Enlargement of Church-Related Staff of the School of Religion” – 1947
Board of Trustees – 1948
---- 1949
Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, Articles of Incorporation – 1950

Box 2

Board of Trustees – 1951
Board of Trustees, Executive Committee – 1952
Board of Trustees; “A Significant Conjunction of Interests in the Organization of the School of Religion at the State University of Iowa,” by G.W. Stewart – 1953
Board of Trustees – 1954
----. 1955
----. 1956
Board of Trustees, Executive Committee; “Supplement to 1954 Edition of ‘The Story of an Idea’ by Dr. M. Willard Lampe” – 1957
Board of Trustees, Articles of Incorporation – 1958
----. 1959
----. 1960
----. 1962
Long-Range Study Committee; “Church-State Problems in the Proposal to Pay Teachers at the School of Religion with State Funds” – 1963
Board of Trustees; Articles of Incorporation – 1964
Board of Trustees – 1966
Board of Trustees; Articles of Incorporation – 1971
Board of Directors – 1972
Board of Fellows – 1974
Board of Fellows, Executive Committee – 1976
Board of Fellows – 1977
----. (agenda only) – 1984
----. 1985
----. (agenda only) – 1986
----. 1987
----. 1988
----. 1989
----. 1990
----. 1991
----. (agenda only) – 1992
----. 1993
----. 1994
Board of Fellows; Strategic Plan; “Religion in Global Perspective” by Robert D. Baird – 1995
Board of Fellows (agenda only) – 1997
Memorials Read at Annual Meetings – various dates

Box 3

Series II: Annual Reports   [return to top]


Box 4


Box 5

Series III: Correspondence  [return to top]

Luncheon, 1971-1983, 1988
Annual Meetings, 1967-1997
General, 1925-1960
Board of Trustees
              Tenth Anniversary – 1937
Board of Fellows
Articles of Incorporation – 1981-1982

Box 6

F.C. Ensign – 1946-1947
O.D. Foster and G.W. Stewart – 1943-1956
O.D. Foster – 1923-1965; bulk 1923-1926
Rabbi Eugene Mannheimer – 1928-1951

Box 7

Robert Michaelsen correspondence

A-Z – 1945-1951: Clark, Joseph E.; Michaelsen, Robert (entrance examination scores); Pangborn, Cyrus R.; Pope, Liston; Weng, Armin George; Wickhem, Valerie C.

A-C – 1951-1953: Baab, Otto J.; Bach, Marcus; Baker, Cleta; Bean, George; Beaver, Elbert; Bernhard, Harold; Brashares, Bishop Charles W.; Clark, Joseph and Muriel; Cope, Jackson; Crowell, Robert L.

D-J – 1951-1953: Espy, R.H. Edwin; Everton, John Scott; Exman, Eugene; Fischer, Robert H.; Foster, O.D.; Gilson, Anne; Joiner, Edward E.

K-L – 1951-1953: Lampe, M. Willard; Lienke, Dr. Roger

M-P – 1951-1953: Michaelsen Family; Nelson, M.J.; Ortmayer, Roger; Pope, Liston; Popkin, Dick

Q-T – 1951-1953: Rainey, Harlan H.; Ronander, Albert C.;Ruggles, Wilbur D.;Sanks, Robert;Savage, William L.;Schlotter, Eleanor; Schultz, Frank G.; Shipley, David C.

U-W – 1951-1953: Wagoner, Walter Dray; Wright, Robert Roy; Wynn, John Charles

X-Z, unidentified – 1951-1953: Yale Divinity School appointment; Young, Franklin W.

A-J – 1955-1959: Bargebuhr, Frederick P.;Dakin, Allin;Gold, Rabbi Ben-Zion;Habermann, Helen; Jospe, Alfred (B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundations)

K-O – 1955-1959: Lappen, Robert C.; Mezvinsky, Norton; O’Connor, Francis J.

P-Z – 1955-1959: Pope, Liston;Shapiro, Judah J.;Stuit, Dewey; Van Dusen, Henry E.; Waples, F.C.

O.D. Foster correspondence with Robert Michaelsen

A-D – 1960-1961: Bond, Rev. Dan; Bowman, Rev. David J.; Brown, Dr. Nicholas C.; Campion, Donald;Carter, Henry E.; Cutler, Howard A.; Dakin, Dean Allin W.;Daussman, Rev. Paul; Des Moines Register (editor); Dunlap, Leslie

E-F – 1960-1961:  Edwards, Rabbi Sheldon Edwards;  Eller, William; Ensign, Forest Chester;Ensley, Bishop F. Gerald; Forell, George W.;  Foster, L.D.; Francis, Roy G.; French, Rev. Robert H.

G-K – 1960-1961:  Graven, Hon. Henry N.; Hall, Leroy; Hancher, Virgil; Harper, Michael H.; Harris, Victor;Hoehns, Rev. Wayne; Huit, Dean M.L.; King, Albion R.; King, Winston L.

L-M – 1960-1961:   Lampe, M. Willard; Littell, Franklin;  Loehwing, Walter F.;Love, Joe Brown; MacGregor, Geddes; Maner, Wallace; Martin, Thomas E.; Mei, Y.P.; Miller, Elmer E.; Miller, Dr. Fred; Moore, William J.

N-P – 1960-1961:   Niebuhr, Dr. H. Richard; O’Connor, Francis J.;  Overhulser, Dr. W.F.; Palma, Robert; Parker, Clarence E.; Payne, Thomas; Persons, Stow; Peterson, E.T.; Pitman, Rev. Paul G.; Press, Rev. Ernst

Q-S – 1960-1961:  Rinehart, Edith C.; Roskens, Ronald W.; Samend, Rudolph; Sanks, Rev. Robert R.; includes letter by U.S. Rep. James Roosevelt; Sawyer, Fred D.;  Schwengel, Rep. Fred;  Shriver, Phillip R.;Sidwell, Patricia; Smith, Huston; Smith, E.A.; Smith, Dr. Seymour; Strippel, R.E.; Stuit, Dewey

T-Z – 1960-1961:   Tyrrell, Charles; Tatsuyamz, Tosh;  Van Eaton, Sen. Charles; Weintraub, Russell .; Wickwire, Chester L.; Zion, Rabbi Martin J.; Zerin, Rabbi Edward ;  Zuberi, [?]

“A Proposal for ‘An Institute of Religious Studies’ at West Virginia University”

“Changes in the Schedule of Courses – School of Religion – 22 July 1960”

“The State University of Iowa and the People of Iowa” – SUI Extension Bulletin                

1965 Ecumenical Conference – 1962-1965  Includes: Wright, Most Rev. John;  Outler, Dr. Albert C.

A-Z – 1962-1963    Includes:  Breen, Quirinius;  Duling, G. Harold; Zerin, Rabbi Edward

A – 1963-1964:  Aalberts, E.J.; Adler, Philip D.; Allen, Henry E.

B – 1963-1964:  Bean, Harriet R. (Mrs. J.W.); Boles, Donald E.; Bowen, Dr. Howard;  Brown, W. Norman;  Buck, Harry M., Jr.; Bridston, Dr. Keith R.

C-F – 1963-1964:   Ehrenstrom, Nils; Eickhoff, Andrew R.; Ellis, Pierce S.;  French, Dr. Robert

G – 1963-1964:   Garner, Buford; Gomez, The Right Rev. Joseph; Graven, Hon. Henry N.

H – 1963-1964:   Hancher, Virgil M.;Handy, Robert T.; Heffner, Ray L.

I-L – 1963-1964:  Kitayawa, Joseph M.; Krodel, Gerhard; Kruidenier, Philip T.; Larew, Rev. Francis R.; Lampe, M. Willard; Layton, Jack M.; Loew, Cornelius

M-O – 1963-1964:  McCarrel, Ted;  Mostert, John; Nollsch, Duane; Opie, Dr. John, Jr.; Overhulser, Dr. W.T.; Owen, R.E.

P-R – 1963-1964:   Pope, Frederick A., Jr.; Pritchard, Rev. Francis W.; Rhatigan, James J.; Ray, Robert F.

S-Z – 1963-1964:   Shedd, Clarence Prouty; Shrout, Thomas R.;  Shultz, Rev. Fred M.; Smith, Prof. Wilfred Cantwell; Straton, Dr. Douglass; Spalding, James C.; Stendahl, Prof. Kristen; Stuit, Dewey B.; Weaver, John C.

A – 1964-1965:   Adler, Philip D.;  Alumni (letter to) re: Lampe Fund

B – 1964-1965:   Bach, Marcus; Barbour, Ian G.; Bargebuhr, Frederick P.;  Barnett, Rev. Ray; Barrie, Dr. Robert;  Belgum, David; Bousfield, Rev. Paul; Bowen, Howard;  Bowman, Dr. David J.

C-F – 1964-1965:   Custodian – third floor – Gilmore Hall; Davidson, Dr. Charles W.;  Dierks, Elmer E.; Dwan, Ralph H.; French, Robert H.; Fiebiger, Dr. Judson E.;  Foster, George M.; Foster, O.D.; Fruehling, Larry

G-I – 1964-1965: Gerber, John C.; Gibson, Richard E.; Graven, Hon. Henry N.; Hetland, Henry;  Hitchcock, Oville; Hutchison, Dr. John A.; Iino, Norimoto

Box 8

Robert Michaelsen correspondence (continued)

J-K – 1964-1965: Jordahl, Dr. Leigh; Jospe, Alfred; Kimber, Harry H.;  Kohmescher, Rev. Matthew F.

L – 1964-1965:   Lampe, M. Willard;Lappen, Robert; Lerer, Rabbi Samuel; Lilly, Josiah K.;   Lipsman, Victor; Locke, D. Allan

M – 1964-1965:  McCue, Dr. James F.;  McCutcheon, D.W.J.; McEleney, Rev. J.W.; McCarrel, Ted;   McGill, Ralph; Macmillan Co.;Mead, Sidney E.; Mei, Y.P.; Miller, Elmer E.; Moehring, Horst R.;  Moore, Margaret; Moore, William J.

N-P – 1964-1965:   Niccolls, Thomas; Nelson, Dr. Robert J.;  Opie, John, Jr.; Peterson, Henry K.

Q-S – 1964-1965:  Schramm, Frank; Shiels, Rev. George;Smith, Earnest A.; Spalding, James C.; Spriestersbach, Duane; Stuit, Dewey B.

T-Z – 1964-1965:  Tatsuyama, Dr. Tosh; Weintraub, Russell J.; Welch, Rev. Robert

George Forell correspondence

Administrative – 1965-1969:  Adler, Philip D.; Daily Iowan (letter to the editor); Dunlap, Rhodes;Howard, Ivan; Igram, Abdallah; Spalding, James; Spriestersbach, Duane;  Stuit, Dewey B.; Van der Marck, Alfred

Prairie States Universalist Association – 1966: Schramm, Frank H.;  Stephen, Charles S., Jr.;  Styzens, Rev. Rexford J.

A – 1965-1966:  Adler, Philip D.; Alter, Meyer (Jewish Welfare Fund of Davenport); Anderson, R.W.

B-C – 1965-1966: Bargebuhr, Frederick P.; Berthold, Fred; Bowen, Howard R.; Caplan, Dr. Richard M.;  Chambers, George A.;  Coughenour, Rev. Newman M.

D-H – 1965-1966:  Fiebiger, Dr. Judson E.; Frederickson, Linwood;Gibson, Richard E.; Heiges, Donald R.; Hubbard, Philip G.

I-L – 1965-1966: Jones, Howard; Kahn, Rabbi Benjamin M.; Lampe, M. Willard;  Lebow, Sylvan;  Linder, Robert D.; Lutheran Church; Levy, Yehunda

M – 1965-1966:   McCarrell, Ted; McCue, James; Mahan, Bruce E.; Mead, Sidney E.; Mei, Y.P.;  Metcalf, Kenneth; Michaelsen, Robert

N-Z – 1965-1966:  Peterson, Dr. Raleigh J.; Sandmel, Samuel; Sernott, William F.; Sheils, Rev. George A.; Smith, Seymour A.; Schoedel, W.R.; Spriestersbach, Duane C.;  Stuit, Dewey B.;  Schwartz, Leo;W.; Swidler, Leonard; Varsbergs, Rev. Vilis; Wester, Kenneth

Pertaining to courses – 1969-1970:  Baird, Robert D.; Diamond, Rabbi Lee M.;Gowan, Arthur M.;  Krapf, Gerhard; Pachow, W.; Stuit, Dewey B.

A – 1970-1971:  Adler, Philip D.; Ahlstrom, Sydney E.; Abbott, Alvin; Almen, Dr. Louis T.; Austin Doherty, Mary; Addis, Laird C.

B – 1970-1971:  Boyd, Willard; Burns, Fr. [?]; Bailey, Ray V.;  Brady, Sr. Jean Marie, B.V.M.;  Benjamin, Paul; Bentz, Dale M.

C – 1970-1971: Chambers, George A.;  Cox, W.A.;  Carpe, William D.; Cox, J.B.; Cox, Johnny B.; Conroy, Mrs. Donald

D – 1970-1971: Dunlap, Rhodes;  DeLance, Denny;  Davis, Mrs. Harvey H.;   Doderer, Fred H.; Dunlap, Leslie W.; Dakin, Allin W.; Darmstaetter, Josephine

E-G – 1970-1971:    Fulton, Everett; Ford, Ann;  Gibson, Richard E.;  Goldstein, Helen;  Goldberg, Saul (B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundations);  Guralnik, David

H – 1970-1971:  Houghton, Clark; Hale, Toby A.; Herr, King;  Heffner, Ray L.;  Hade, Marcia;  Hynson, Leon O.;  Hayes, Lucille J.; Holub, William; Hubbard, Philip G. (includes information from “Adjunct Professors, Inc.,” a Washington, D.C. company);  Hillel

I-K – 1970-1971: Ideran, Michael (Wartburg Theological Seminary, Dubuque); Johnson, Paul S.;  Jones, Howard; Jakobsen, J.F.; John, D.;  Kinseth, Carroll B.;   Kirkman, Elizabeth; Kuentzel, Bill

L – 1970-1971:  Lasko, Edwin J. (KCRG-TV); Land, Ortha M.;  Iowa District of the American Lutheran Church; Lillich, Rev. Stan; Lair, Dr. Loren E.;  Leahy, Robert D.; Larsen, George W.; Lampe, Dorothy (Mrs. M. Willard); Larson, John W.;  Lemons, Dannel;  Leistikow, Becky; Leith, John H.

M – 1970-1971: Mahan, Bruce E. (includes treasurer’s report, Iowa Conference, November 30, 1970); Mead, Sidney E.;  Meitzen, Manfred O.;  Martin, Dr. R.A.

N-O – 1970-1971: Nollsch, Duane A.; Nucho, Fuad; Nickelsburg, George W.E., Jr.; Norton, Dee W.;  Newcomber, Andrew E.;  O’Connor, Francis; Owen[s], Ray;  Oglesby, William B.;  O’Keefe, The Most Rev. Gerald F.

P-R – 1970-1971:   James C. Penney Foundation;  Penney, Mrs. James C.;  Penner, Archie; Paterson, John W.;Primus, John H.;  Psychological Corporation; Pietsch, Wayne

S – 1970-1971:  Stuit, Dewey B.; Schramm, Frank; Springer, David; Schwyhart, Robert M.;  Stephenson, Hon. Roy L.; Shimer, Larry; Stevens, Willard R.;  Savarino, Joseph P.; Spriestersbach, Duane C.; Stearns, Dr. Genevieve; Sandrock, Mrs. James P.;  Schwarz, Mrs. Leo W.;  Swenson, Harry

T-Z – 1970-1971:  Van Allen, Sr. Winifred; Thornton, Nadine; Thomas, Bishop James S.; Waples, F.C.;  White, Mrs. Ronald A.;  Walters, Rev. Jerry L.; Wyrick, Darrell D.; Weiblen, William H.; Walker, George S.;  White, Kathleen

James C. Spalding correspondence:

A-B – 1971-1972:  Adler, Philip A.; Bentz, Dale; Berger, Lloyd F.;  Boyd, Willard L.;  Baird, Robert D.;  Bollich, Harvey

C – 1971-1972:  Clancy, John; Carlston, Charles E.;  Ch’eng, His; Clark, David; Carpe, William D.;   Clark, Kristin

D-F – 1971-1972:  Dutton, Rev. Donald; Foxley, Cecelia H.;  Friedes, Mrs. Albert; Fratzke, Peg

G – 1971-1972:  Gale, David G.; Garaudy, Roger; Gettemy, James N.; Goodman, Rev. Lois E.;    Guralnik, David

H – 1971-1972:  Houghton, Clark; Heffner, Ray L.; Hough, Joseph C.;  Hardesty, Mrs. Marshall Glade; Horton, Frank E.; Hillcrest Association; Heinsen, Robert B.; Heil, Rev. Rene;  Hale, Toby

Box 9

James C. Spalding correspondence (continued):

I-J – 1971-1972: Irwin, Robert; Jones, George W.;  John, Donald; Jordan, Philip

K-L – 1971-1972: Kotaska, Joanne Marie;  Klotzbach, Mr. and Mrs. William G.; Leahy, Robert D.; Leikvold, Sena Ruth; Lampe, Mrs. M. Willard; Loneman, Cathy

M – 1971-1972:  Moore, Kathy; Miller, Jon Randall;  Miller, Elmer E.

N-O – 1971-1972:  Nelson, John C.; Niebuhr, Richard; Nagami, Isamu; Ordway, Robert K.;  Obermann, Heiko; O’Keefe, The Most Rev. Gerald

P-R – 1971-1972:   Peshkin, S. David; Presbyterian Ministers’ Fund; Polman, Bertus F.;  Raber, Thomas; Rose, Karen; Ramige, Dr. Eldon A.

S – 1971-1972:  Shoemaker, Rev. Wayne E.; Snavely, Eloise;  Stuit, Dewey B.; Schwengel, U.S. Rep. Fred; Sherman, Dr. Franklin;  Scaff, Alvin H.; Sawyer, Rev. Gerald F.;  Schramm, Frank;  Stenson, Kiernan F.

T-V – 1971-1972: Taylor, Dr. Lynn F.; Tipton, Teresa M.; Van Dale, Robert L.; Vernon, David

W-Z – 1971-1972:  Woods, Roger;  Wolf, Clinton D.;  Waterloo [Iowa] Jewish Charities;   Wezeman, Frederick; Walton, Charles;  Wagner, Rev. J. Richard

A – 1972-1973:  Adler, Philip; Addison-Wesley Publishing Co.;  Allen, Mary Frances; Atmosuwito, Subijantoro; Ahlstrom, Sydney

B – 1972-1973: Butz, Rev. Harold E.;  Benjamin, Rev. Paul;  Biddle, John C.;  Boyd, Willard L.

C – 1972-1973:  Carpe, William D.;  Crownfield, David R.;  Clouse, Robert G.;  Chambers, George A.;  Caplan, Richard;  Clark, Ruth H.;  Collord, Dr. Paul;  Commission of Higher Education and Campus Ministry Iowa Conference, United Methodist Church

D – 1972-1973: Duncan, Marvin; Davidson, Byron;  Duerksen, Harold; Dunlap, Rhodes; Doty, Bona

E – 1972-1973:  Engel, Robert; Ebner, James H.

F – 1972-1973:  Fate, Rev. Russell L.; Freedman, David Noel;  Forell, George W.;  Foley, Rev. Richard

G – 1972-1973:  Graham, Ronald;Garside, Charles, Jr.; Grewe, Sr. Dolores; Ginsburg, Tillie (Jewish Chautauqua Society); Gibson, Richard E.; Gerber, John;   Griffin, Bonnie Riche; Guralnik, Mr. and Mrs. David

H – 1972-1973:   Horton, Frank E.;  Hanlin, Frank S.; Hong, Henry; Hagerman, Mike; Heidel, Mr. and Mrs. John B.; Heffner, Ray; Heinsen, Robert B.;  Holesha, W.

I-J – 1972-1973: John, Donald; Jackson, Frederick;  Johnson, Rev. Don R.;  Jewell, Stan

K – 1972-1973:  Kaufman, Stephen;   Kelly, William Doane; Klotzbach, Mr. and Mrs. W.G.;  Kress, Lavona;  King, Rev. Paul H.

L – 1972-1973:  Libbey, Rev. Scott; Larson, Gerald J.; Langan, Daniel; Lewis, Warren;  Lindberg, Carter

M – 1972-1973: McDonough, Walter;  Menlo, Sam; Moeller, Rev. George;  Murphy, Jean M.; Miller, Elmer E.

N – 1972-1973:  Nash, Ronald; Norlin, Dr. Dennis; Nims, Gary A.

O-P – 1972-1973:  Pippert, Wesley G.; Pachow, W.

Q-R – 1972-1973:  Reddy, Sudhaker M.;Russell, Jeffrey B.; Rohr, Rev. Errol G.; Renner, Stanley

S – 1972-1973:  Starr, Fred; Simon, Rev. Carl R.;  Snavely, Eloise;  Spriestersbach, D.C.; Stearns, Dr. Genevieve; Schlotzhauser, Wesley, Jr.;  Stuit, Dewey B.;  Schlotter, Eleanor; Schumacher, Rev. Calvin; Shearer, Paul V.; Smith, Laurance M.;  Starr, Charles F.;  Snodgrass, Rev. Wes;  Synod National Missions Committee

T – 1972-1973:  Towner, Sibley;  Trefz, Edward; Tollefson, Bob

U-Z – 1972-1973: Wagner, Rev. J. Richard; Wheeler, Mrs. C. Winston; Whitney, Douglas R.; Willis, Robert E.;  Wing, Dale;  Wollenberg, Rev. Louis H.

A – 1973-1974:  American Academy of Religion; Ainsworth [Iowa] United Presbyterian Church (Hooten, Jack); Anderson, Marvin W.; Allen, Mary Frances;  Adler, Philip D.

B – 1973-1974: Boyd, Willard L.;  Burnett, Gary; Buckley, William F., Jr.; Brown, E. Kent; Bentz, Dale M.;  Boyle, Mrs. Richard D.;  Belew, Mrs. Richard C.;  Bailey, Maxine (Mrs. Ray); Berns, Joan; Burkle, Howard;  Benjamin, Paul

C – 1973-1974: Chambers, Rev. Richard C.;  Caplan, Dr. Richard M.;  Cox, W.A.; “Church History”; Clark, Royce;  Crawford, Keith;  Cook, Rev. Clayton A.;   Crary, Donald; Collins, Rev. Kenneth W.

D – 1973-1974: Dunlap, Rhodes;  Donnelly, John Patrick;  Dubinsky, Michael;   Durham, Phyllis; Dilley, Rev. John R.

E – 1973-1974:  Ericson, Rev. Carl;  Engel, Robert E.

F – 1973-1974: Forcinelli, Joseph;  Fletcher, Robert;  French, Mrs. D.B.;  Farley, Edward and Hodgson, Peter;  Fulton, Robert B.;  Frerichs, Ernest S.;  Freel, Mildred I.;  Frazeur, Mary Ellen

G – 1973-1974:  Gallaher, George L.;  Garry, Sidney E.;  Gastwirt, Zvi;  Gainer, W.D.; Grey, E. Thomas; Grow, Russell

H – 1973-1974:  Hooten, Jack R.;  Hoekstra, Tom; Houghton, Clark; Hardin, Robert C.; Hammond, Sherry A.; Haupert, R. Bruce;   Horton, Frank E.;  Hudson, David;  Hall, Roger; Hinchliffe, Charlene K.; Hruska, Milo E.

I-J – 1973-1974:  John, Donald L., Jr.; Juhl, Philip J.;  Jakobsen, James F.;  Jewell, Stanley E.;  Johnson, Wayne G.

K – 1973-1974:   Knox, Mrs. Catherine J.; Kittelson, James M.; Kane, John F.;  Kitagawa, Joseph M.; Kelley, Mary Lou

L – 1973-1974: Long, Edward L., Jr.; Lipski, Alexander; Loebig, Sr. Mary Joan;   Lichy, Rev. Harry J., Jr.;  Lindaman, Edward B.;  Lindberg, Carter; Lebow, Sylvan; Littauer Foundation (Stark, Harry)

M – 1973-1974: Mackey, Robert B.; Michaelsen, Robert; Mason, Charles; Mead, Sidney;  Moore, Richard W.;Marty, Martin E.;  Mays, Rev. Robert M.;  MacBurney, The Very Rev. Edward Harding; Mensing, Mrs. A.L.;  MacQueen, Dr. John C.; McCann, Rev. John D.;  McElhinney, Mrs. Bill; McGonegle, Mrs. Karen E.;  Morrison, Sharon

Box 10

James Spalding correspondence (continued):

N – 1973-1974:  Nickelsburg, George;   Nash, Rev. Arthur E.;    Norlin, Dr. Dennis;  Nielsen, Maurice

O – 1973-1974:  Oliver, Richard;  Oakes, Rev. Henry N., Jr.

P – 1973-1974:  Poree, Jean;   Penningroth, Mrs. Louis P.;  Paterson, George;  Palmer, Dr. Russell W.;  Peel, Mrs. Pearl; Pardon, Mary

Q-R – 1973-1974: Roseberry, Rev. Q. Gerald;  Richey, Russell E.; Rila, James S.;  Rasch, Edgar O.;    Righter, The Right Rev. Walter C.

S – 1973-1974:  Schoedel, W.R.; Steele, Dr. Robert Scott; Stahl, Rev. Daryl; Straight, Stephen M.; Schumacher, Rev. Calvin;  Smith, Harry E.; Schilling, Rev. Donald W.; Salazar, Virginia; Spivey, Robert A.; Stuit, Dewey B.; Schnucker, Robert; Sherman, Franklin; Skelly, Rev. Paul; Smith, Robert;  Sommerville, C. John;  Simpson, Rev. Roger;  Sons of Jacob Synagogue [Waterloo, Iowa]

T – 1973-1974: Temple University;   Turner, Ken; Trefz, Edward K.; Taylor, Rev. Robert; Tinney, Rollanda;  Thompson, Kirk L.

U-V – 1973-1974:  Van Hall, Dick; Voigt, Adolf

W – 1973-1974: Wilson, John;Wegner, Patricia; Wodstrchill, Capt. Daniel L.; Williams, Rev. Gordon M.;  Wiebe, Paul; Wollenberg, Rev. Louis H.; Williamson, D.R.;  Walter, Rev. Jerry;  Wiggins, James

X-Y – 1973-1974: Zabriskie, Rev. Richard;  Zerwas, Rev. Jack L.

A – 1974-1975: Adler, Philip; Abramovitz, Roy H.; Abdel-Salam, Rev. Imam Osman N.; Aydelotte, W.O.

B – 1974-1975: Bailey, Ray V.; Balint, Maria;  Balmuth, J.;  Banham, Barry;   Barasa, Julius M.; Bargebuhr, Frederick P.;  Bauer, Gerald W.; Beckman, Rosemary;  Belding, Robert E.;Bentz, Dale M.; Benuska, Daniel;  Berg, Philip L.; Bisignano, Al; Black, Mrs. Charles P.; Blaine, George R.;  Blanks, W.D.; Bleeker, W.C.; Bluestone, Miriam Pollack; Boaz, Martha;  Bowman, Clarice ;  Boyd, Willard L.; Boyle, John;  Bross, James B.; Brady, Vincent; Brown, Christine E.;  Burda, Tony;  Buehrer, Daniel ;  Burkle, Howard R.; Burmeister, Rev. Clyde J.; Buterbaugh, Deborah

C – 1974-1975:  Caplan, Richard M.; Capps, Donald;  Cavitt, Michael; Ch’eng, Hsi;  Christensen, Margaret Thompson;  Clasen, Dana M.; Clebsch, William A.;Clifton, Dr. James A.; Cobun, The Very Rev. John B.; Coogan, Mary;  Culp, Mildred L.; Cytron, Barry D.

D – 1974-1975: Dale, John F.;  Darley, Frederic;  Davis, Mrs. Harvey H.;  Franklin, Cecil (University of Denver);  Desmond, Diana; Dibble, Arthur;  Donovan, John E.;   Dooley, John D.;   Rowe, Kenneth E. (Drew University);  Duerksen, Rosella Reimer;  Duke, David N.;  Dunlap, Leslie;  Dunlap, Rhodes

E – 1974-1975: Ebersole, Michael J.; Edwards, Gerald; Eminhizer, Earl Eugene; Engel, Robert;  Erickson, Ed    ; Erricker, C.

F – 1974-1975: Fairbanks, David L.; Farrell, Mary M. (Mrs. John);  Feingold, Jessica;  Finesilver, Judge Sherman G.;   Finn, Thomas;  Flowers, Ronald B.;  Forcinelli, Joseph; Forell, George W.;   Fredericksen, Linwood;  Fulton, Robert Brauk; Furst, Donald

G – 1974-1975: Graham, W. Fred;  Guralnik, David;   Gould, Mark;  Gordon, Michael D.;  Gustafson, Robert K.;  Gopalan, S.;  Giaquinta, Joyce; Gritsch, Dennis;  Ginsberg, Edward

H – 1974-1975: Huttig, Jack; Houghton, Clark; Hill, Samuel D.;  Hickman, Robert O.; Huit, M.L.; Hubbard, Philip G.;  Horton, Frank E.;  Hollenbach, Paul

I – 1974-1975: Illingworth, Alfred S.; Irwin, Thomas L., Jr.

J – 1974-1975: Jordan, Kay;  John, Donald L., Jr.; Jolliffe, Elwin T.;  Jackson, Noelle;  Johnston, George; Jakobsen, James; Johnson, Wayne G.;  Jewett, Robert

K – 1974-1975: Kelso, H.E.; King, Rev. Paul;  Krause, Fred C.; Kasiera, Ezekiel Musembe; Kline, Marjorie C.;  Karp, Laenu A.;  Kaufmann, Stephen;  Kuntz, J.M.;  Knudson, H.M.;  Knox, Catherine J.; Kirkman, Joan Kjaer;  Klink, William H.

L – 1974-1975:  Lavin, Mildred;  Lampe, Mrs. M. Willard; Libbey, Scott; Lakey, Alacia; Lindberg, Carter; Lowthian, Carol; Lindberg, James B.; Luckert, Karl W.

M – 1974-1975:  Milligan, Carolyn; Miller, William B.; Mathews, Wendell;  Mason, Charles; Millar, Kenneth;  Moore, John E.; McFarland, John Robert; Marty, Martin E.;   Metcalf, Max P.; Miller, Dale;  McKee, Christopher;   Mayrose, Anne; Mitchell, W. Douglas; Martin, Harold P.;  Monahan, W. Gregory

N – 1974-1975: Nielsen, Maurice; Nickelsburg, George W.

O – 1974-1975: O’Gara, James; O’Dea, Thomas F.;  Onisko, Tony

P – 1974-1975:  Pokora, Richard;  Peverley, Wallace B.; Portman, Jeffrey R.; Panoch, James; Peterson, Walter F.;  Porter, Rev. Curtis T.;  Paterson, Rev. Stuart M.;  Powell, Hugh;  Penny, Rev. Fred L.;  Preece, Warren E.;  Preus, Nicholas;  Phillips, Myer;  Peshkin, S. David;   Phelan, William B.

Q-R – 1974-1975:  Ryan, Marleigh; Reith, Louis;  Rotch, Lee; Ray, Rev. Sherburne L.;  Reinarz, David H.; Rhea, Kenneth M.;  Richey, R. Wayne

S – 1974-1975: Shutler, Richard, Jr.; Stenger, Mary Ann; Salerno, Peter;  Shawchuck, Norman;  Stacy, W.H.; Schlotter, Eleanor; Smith, Lauren Ashley;  Shearer, Paul V.;  Sexton, Rev. William E.; Swanson, Loren; Stout, Robert Johnson; Skelly, Rev. Paul; Snodgrass, Wesley M.;  Seltzer, Robert M.; Scharfstein, Bernard; Sanchez, Mrs. Efrain G.; Selzer, Carl;  Sharp, Pat; Snyder, Mrs. Paul V.; Staley, Sally C.;  Shortman, Craig; Stevens, Charles F.;  Stuit, Dewey B.;  Summerwill, Joyce (for Rep. Edward Mezvinsky)

T – 1974-1975: Towner, W. Sibley;  Townsend, Herbert P., Jr.;  Tinney, Rollanda;  Tollefson, Robert J.; Taylor, Paul; Thompson, Duane E.;   Tracy, David;   Tehrani, Kazem

U – 1974-1975:  Union Theological Seminary

V – 1974-1975: Vickers, Mozelle C.;  Volkmer, Steve

W – 1974-1975: Whipple, Dorothy; Weiblen, William H.; Weber, Anna; Wolvington, Roscoe M.; Wessels, Rev. Cletus;Wolf, Clinton D.;  Weston, Burns; Welch, Rev. Robert J.;  Wirth, Steven; Wolf, Herman;  Waterloo Jewish Charities; Wiseman, Jeannene Wright; Wiebe, Paul; Wegner, Walter;  Weingart, Rabbi Irving A.

X-Z – 1974-1975:  Young, William A.; Zabriskie, Rev. Richard E.

Box 11

James Spalding correspondence (continued)

A-B – 1975-1976:  Adler, Mrs. Philip D.;   Albanese, Catherine L.;  Aeschliman, David;  Bentz, Dale (re: Rev. Michael Tan Creti);  Brady, Cora; Bowden, Henry Warner;  Bock, John W.;   Bainton, Roland H.;   Blommers, Paul J.

C-D – 1975-1976:  Carlston, Charles;  Creti, Rev. Michael Tan;   Cox, W.A.; Carlson, Cathy; Danner, Dan;  Davis, McKinley “Deacon”

E-H – 1975-1976: Friedman, Jerry; Giese, Major KarlJ.; Goodrich, Howard B., Jr.;  Hanson, Marion L.;  Houghton, Clark; Howard, James;  Huffman, Robert E.

I-K – 1975-1976:  Irwin, Thomas L., Jr.;  Jurgens, David W.; Johnson, Dale A.;  Johnson, Rev. Lowell B.; Jones, Joe R.;   Kesler, Mrs. Carl C.;  Kuh, George;  Kahoun, Robert;  Kottick, Edward L.; Kline, Marjorie

L-N – 1975-1976: Looking Elk, Rev. Simon; Moore, LeRoy;   Miranda, Daniel E.;  Nelson, David S.;  Nelson, Gus

O-R – 1975-1976:  Phelan, William V.;  Paul, George;  Reith, Louis; Robuck, Phyllis; Ryan, Marleigh

S-V – 1975-1976:  Shriver, Frederick H., Jr.;  Stuit, Dewey;  Shepard, William;  Snyder, Barbara M.; Schlotter, Eleanor

W-Z – 1975-1976:  Wachel, Kathleen B.;  Wild, Rev. Robert; Weston, Burns; Wilson, Ronald D.; Wilson, John F.;  Wakeman, Rev. Msgr. John; Wollenberg, Louis H.

A-B – 1976-1977:  Auerbach, Mrs. Natalie; American Association of Theological Schools; Boyd, Willard; Bazire, Roy E.; Best, Rev. Albert;  Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iowa City;   Bentz, Dale;  Bennett, John C.;  Office of the Business Manager and Treasurer

C – 1976-1977:  Chronicle Guidance Publications, Inc.; Curtiss, Vicky;   Clark, James E.;  Culver, Sen. John C.;  Calian, Samuel;  Carlson, Mrs. George W.

D-G – 1976-1977:  Dunlap, Rhodes;  Darrow, William;  Dotson, Steve;  Daily Iowan;  Greaves, Richard L.;  Ganfield, Denley;   Goldman, Rabbi Edward A.

H-J – 1976-1977: Hanlin, Frank; Hollenhorst, G. Donald;  Hennen, John;  Hermann, Donald F.;  Hubbard, Ben;  Irwin, Joyce; University of Illinois (Porton, Gary G.);  Iowa City Press-Citizen;  Johnson, Dale; Jordan, Dan;  Jan, Y-h (McMaster ;University);  Johnston, George;   Jewish Chautauqua Society

K-M – 1976-1977: Kliever, Lonnie D.;   Looking Elk, Rev. Simon; Moberg, Clif and Wright, Christopher

N-R – 1976-1977:  Nicola, Kenneth E.;  Phillips, Mrs. Chester A. and family; Peterson, John;  Women of Main Street Presbyterian Church (Petersburg, Indiana);   Phillips, James M.;  Rechtien, Rev. John; Roach, Mr. and Mrs. John;  Rila, James S.;  Reith, Louis                                 

S – 1976-1977:  Schumacher, Calvin; Seiberling, Frank;   Seashore, Carl G.;    Short, Joyce;  St. Mary’s University (Robert B. O’Connor);  Smith, Karen A.;  Sheldon, Daniel S.;  Scoltock, James;  Searles, Herbert L.;  Schnucher, R.V.; Schnedler, Harold

T-Z – 1976-1977: University of Northern Iowa (Bluhm, David); Wagoner, H.B., Jr.;  Weingart, Rabbi Irving A.; Weisberg, David;  Wollenberg, Rev. Louis H.;  Zondervan Publishing House (Paul M. Hillman)                                 

A-B – 1977-1978                     

C-F – 1977-1978

G-H – 1977-1978

I-L – 1977-1978

M-P – 1977-1978

Q-Z – 1977-1978

A-B – 1978-1979

C – 1978-1979

D-K – 1978-1979

L-M – 1978-1979

N-Z – 1978-1979

James Spalding and John Boyle – 1979-1980

John Boyle – 1980-1982

Dean Howard Laster – 1981-1984

Box 12 

John Boyle correspondence

A-G – 1979-1980

H-K – 1979-1980

L – 1979-1980

M-O – 1979-1980

P-R – 1979-1980

S-Z – 1979-1980

A-F – 1980-1981

G-K – 1980-1981

L-O – 1980-1981

P-Z – 1980-1981

A-C – 1981-1982

D-G – 1981-1982

H-L – 1981-1982

M-R – 1981-1982

S-Z – 1981-1982

A-C – 1982-1983

D-K – 1982-1983

L-Q – 1982-1983

R-Z – 1982-1983

Box 13

Series IV: Board Rosters   [return to top]

General, including Faculty – various dates

Box 14

Series V: Brochures and Publications   [return to top]

Adler Luncheon

Article reprints: Shedd, Hawley, Barrett, Pullman, Foster, Lampe

Histories of the School, including “Story of an Idea,” by M. Willard Lampe – 1936-1974

Religious Opportunities at the State University of Iowa – 1953-1969

Lectures, Conferences and Exhibits

Graduate Program in Religion – General brochures – 1929-1996

Scholarships, Endowed Chairs, Funds

Faculty and Staff Lists

Pastoral Care and Counseling

Bulletin of Religious Education – 1908, 1909

Resumes of Doctoral Candidates Available for Teaching Positions – 1976-1989

Summer Courses in Religion – 1928-1931

Newsletters – various dates

Box 15 

Press clippings – 1927-1932

----. Marriage course – 1935-1936

----. 1952-1953

----. 1955

----. 1956-1960

----. 1961

----. 1962

----. 1963

----. 1964

----. 1965

----. 1966

Series VI: Student Enrollment   [return to top]

Statistics and Enrollment – 1927, 1935, 1944

Graduate Committee – 1973

Student awards – 1974, 1975, 1983, 1986

Undergraduate Committee – 1972, 1977-1978

Information for Undergraduate Religion Majors – 1977

Religion Graduate Student Association – 1970-1977

Undergraduate newsletters – 1983, 1984

Placement of Religion Ph.D.’s – 1978-1981

Information for Graduate Students – 1973, 1976

Box 16 

Series VII: Historical   [return to top]

History of the School – 1934-1947

History of the School – various dates

Historical publications about School – various dates

Constitution of the School – n.d.

Articles of Incorporation, By-laws – 1927-

Chapel exercises – 1875

Letters regarding establishment of a School of Religion –1921-1924

“The Place of the Study of Religion in State Universities in the U.S.” – n.d.

Committee on Religious Education; other University-related religious activity – 1908-1925

University bulletins pertaining to the School – 1909, 1928-1957

National Council of Schools of Religion – 1921-1923

“To the Men and Women at the University of Iowa” – courses in religious education offered by area churches – September 28, 1923

Memo of conference with the Committee on Religious Education – 1924

“An Appeal to the Rockefeller Interests to Help the Iowa Memorial Union, Y.M.C.A., and Iowa School of Religion in a Coordinated Plan of Character Development” – 1924

“The Establishment of a School of Religion at the State University of Iowa” – April 12, 1924

Meeting to select first Board of Trustees – May 12, 1925

“The Assembler: A Digest of Inter-Church Student News” (Iowa City) November 8, 1925

Electors for the School – n.d., [1926?]

“The School of Religion at the University of Iowa” – n.d., [1926?]

Correspondence pertaining to John D. Rockefeller, Jr., gift – 1926-1929

Balance sheets – 1926-1933

Fundamental Assumptions – February 27, 1926

First list of course offerings – 1927

Proposed pamphlet – American Association on Religion in State Universities and Colleges – 1927

Contributions to Protestant Fund – 1927-1928

Box 17

 Conference for Religious Workers – 1917-1921

Council of Religious Workers / Commission on Religious Activities – 1929-1932

Conference of Religious Workers – 1929-1930

Criticisms of the School – correspondence, articles, etc. – 1927-1951

Iowa Unitarian Association – 50th annual conference – Sept. 26-28, 1927

Course lists and descriptions – 1927-1953

Course offerings (Service Bulletin) – 1928-1933

Wesley Foundation report – 1928

Catholic participation in the School – 1928-1948

Excerpts from letters from those who attended the Conference of Religious Education at S.U.I. – January 2-4, 1928

Iowa City conference, by O.D. Foster (National Conference of Religious Workers) – Jan. 2-3, 1928

Members of Senate Committee on Religious Education appointed by President Jessup – March 1928

Board of Trustees – 1925; May 8, 1928

Cooperative Religion at the S.U.I. by Charles Hawley – 1930

A Report of Jewish Activities during the Academic Year 1929-1930 at S.U.I. – 1930

Question box on religion under the auspices of the School – 1930

Report of the School of Religion at S.U.I. to John D. Rockefeller, Jr. – November 1932

Report on the Survey of Religious and Character Influences on State University and College Campuses – 1933

A Plan for the Future Financing of the School of Religion – 1934, 1937

First Ph.D. Candidate at the School of Religion – Ortha May Lane – 1935

Religion in a State University – address by President Eugene A. Gilmore – Sept. 22, 1935

The Story of an Idea: The History of the School of Religion – June 20, 1936

Religious Life at the State University: Bulletin of the S.U.I., No. 856 – July 25, 1936

Board meeting and discussion of acceptance of state support of School – August-October 1937

Religion in Institutions of Higher Education: Harvey Walker survey – 1938

M. Willard Lampe’s summaries of board actions – 1940-1948

Analysis of the School by David Shipley – 1941

Religious Education in Iowa Institutions of Higher Learning – 1941

The School of Religion and the National Emergency – December 24, 1941

Memorandum to Dean Harry Newburn about School’s philosophy – October 1943

Memorandum requested by President Virgil M. Hancher and submitted by M. Willard Lampe, director of the School – October 1943

Criteria for Evaluating Effective Student Religious Work Programs, by David Shipley – 1945

Discussion re: enlargement of school staff – 1947

Policy with respect to enlargement of the church-related staff of the School – May 1948

Religion in the Curriculum at the S.U.I. – 1949

Carl E. Seashore Memorial Fund – 1950

Personal essays about the School by students and faculty

Box 18 

American Association on Religion in State Universities – 1927-1928

Committee on Student Religious Activities – 1928

----. 1931-1935

----. 1936-1939

Religious education – 1935-1936

Religious Emphasis Week – 1938-1957

WSUI broadcasts – 1933-1935

----. Chapel Talks – 1939

----. Chapel Talks – 1939-1941

----. Morning Chapel – 1945

----. Morning Chapel – 1946

----. Morning Chapel – [1948?]

----. Morning Chapel – 1961-1962

Box 19 

Unitarian lectureship – John F. Hayward, Conrad Wright – 1951-1961

The National Significance of the Iowa Idea by Clarence Prouty Shedd – 1952

25th Anniversary – 1952

----. 1952

A Significant Conjunction of Interests in the Organization of the School of Religion at the S.U.I. by G.W. Stewart – April 1953

Supplement to the 1954 edition of the Story of an Idea by M. Willard Lampe – 1957

Legal status of the School – 1959, 1963

Eleven Japanese Religious Leaders with Dr. Marcus Bach as Moderator in an Open Forum on Religion in Japan Today – October-December 1961

Memorandum: On the Present Condition of the School of Religion, by Frederick P. Bargebuhr (Jewish professor) and Father Robert J. Welch (Catholic professor) – 1964

50th Anniversary – 1977

70th Anniversary – 1997

Series VIII: Photographs   [return to top]

Photo (color slide) of Father Crevelli, from O.D. Foster – 1958

Small format – Macbride Hall meeting – n.d., ca. 1960

Small format – faculty, visiting scholars, board – n.d., ca. 1955-1967

Large format – faculty, visiting scholars, board – n.d., ca. 1955-1965

Box 20

Series IX: Reviews    [return to top]

Reports and minutes, mainly pertaining to Jewish instruction – 1927-1929

Analyses of program – 1955-1970

Long-range Planning Committee – 1963-1965

Report to President Howard Bowen – July 1964

Restructure of financial support of the School – 1966

Biennium analysis of needs and departmental review – 1971

----. 1972

Preliminary report to staff of the School on undergraduate program – 1972

Report of the Review Committee – 1972

Evaluation and report from Jerald Brauer – March 1972

Long-range planning report – 1977

All-day faculty review meeting – August 29, 1981

Strategic plan – December 13, 1989

Response to review – April 26, 2002

Box 21

Series X: Gifts   [return to top]

Rockefeller funding – 1924-1935

Early financing of the School – 1927-1930

Names for publicity and solicitation – 1932-1937

Contributions – 1936-1943

Contacts – 1943-1946

Sam R. Hankins, financial agent for School – 1946

Albert Sidwell Memorial Fund – 1963-1964

Lampe Fund – 1964-1967

Lutheran File – 1953-1961

B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundations – 1955-1957

Judaica Fund, including Jewish Chautauqua Society – 1961-1964

Danforth Foundation Grant – 1952, 1960

Leo W. Schwarz Memorial Fund – 1967-1969

Catholic Chair endowment – 1968-1969

Box 22

 Methodist File – 1961-1962

----. 1963-1966

----. 1967-1968

----. 1969-1971

----. 1971-1972

Presbyterian File – 1972

Gift Acknowledgments – 1950, 1966-1973

----. 1974-1976

Fund-raising Efforts – 1961-1975

Box 23

 Gift Reports – 1961-1962

----. 1962-1963

----. 1963-1964

----. 1964-1965

----. 1965-1966

Funds Received – July 1961-June 1962

----. July 1962-June 1963

----. July 1963-June 1964

----. July 1965-June 1966

----. July 1966-June 1967

----. July 1967-June 1968

----. July 1968-June 1969

----. July 1969-June 1970

----. July 1970-June 1971

Box 24

 Funds Received – July 1971-June 1972

----. July 1972-June 1973

----. July 1973-June 1974

----. July 1974-June 1975

----. July 1975-June 1976

----. July 1976-June 1977

----. July 1977-June 1978

----. July 1978-June 1979

Box 25

Series XI: Administrative   [return to top]

O.D. Foster Project – 1960-1966

Lilly Project – 1962

Seashore Memorial Scholarship – 1950-1963

Chapel Fund – 1972-1974

Bennett Memorial Chapel Fund – 1964, 1971

Association for the Coordination of University Religious Affairs – 1979-1980

Big Ten Directors and Representatives – 1973-1974

Central States Colleges Association – 1967

Association of Campus Ministers – memo about cults – 1982

Campus Ministers – including newsletters – 1973-1976

Division of Medical Genetics – memo on ethics – January 13, 1981

Council on Religious Studies in Iowa Schools – 1979-1981

Iowa Educators Task Force on Teaching About Religion in Public Schools – 1979

Playscript – “Construction” – n.d.

Publication permission requirements – 1964-1967

Creationism – position paper – 1977-1978

Payroll during student strike – 1970

Student anti-war demonstration – a report – May 10-11, 1971

Dubuque Theological Seminary – 1982-1984

Environmental concerns – faculty/staff report – April 1971

Facilities planning – space assignments – 1971-1978

Freedom of Information Act – memo – July 23, 1975

Box 26

Saturday and evening classes – 1976-1980

Pepperdine University conference – June 5-8, 1975

College of Nursing – conference evaluation – 1976

Prayers at university functions – 1980

Lists of Iowa rabbis and priests – 1975-1976

Statistics of religious preference among S.U.I. students – 1950-1969

Scholars Press – proposed moved to Iowa City – 1978

Suggestions from director re: funding situation – 1965

Clinical pastoral education – 1963-1965

Colloquia – 1979

TARIPS Project – Council on Teaching proposal – 1972-1973

----. Teaching About Religion in Public Schools – 1973-1977

Box 27

Faculty resumes – [1980-1985]

Faculty and staff lists – 1982-1983

Faculty minutes – 1974-1978

Faculty activity – 1977

Tenure and promotion policies – 1974-1977

Academic staff personnel policies – 1976

Proposals to faculty – 1964-1970

Visiting Professor Committee – 1981-1982

Executive meeting – 1975

Undergraduate Committee minutes – 1972-1977

Historical Perspective Coordinating Committee – 1981

Lecture Series Committee – 1974-1980

Mead Lectures – 1984