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Records of the Graduate Student Senate
RG 12.04
Collection Dates: 1968-1992
4.5 ft.

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Acquisition and Processing Information: The University Archives received the records of the Graduate Student Senate from Christopher Rosebrook, the treasurer of the organization at the time, on June 3, 1993. Collection processed by Melissa Gomis. Guide posted to the Internet in 2003 and updated January 2008.

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Scope and Contents

The records of the Graduate Student Senate include minutes of meetings, meeting agendas, resolutions, correspondence, newsletters and news clippings, and other documents related to their activities, the University of Iowa, and graduate students.

Subjects addressed in the records include tuition increases, protest of apartheid in South Africa during the 1980s, financial aid, guidelines for teaching assistants, grading practices, and CIA recruitment on campus.

The collection consists of 11 series:

Series I, History, contains personal accounts of the founding of the GSS in 1968.
Series II, Agenda and Minutes, includes, in chronological order, information about Senate meetings and budget information.
Series III, Publications, consists of GSS newsletters, newsletter production notes, pamphlets, handbooks, news clippings, and newsletters from other organizations.
Series IV, Constitutions and Policies, includes copies of the Senate’s initial and subsequent constitutions, as well as copies of various University policies.
Series V, Legislation and Resolutions, is a partial (1979-1989) record of the Senate’s legislative activity.
Series VI, Correspondence, includes letters to and from Senate officers, primarily the president and treasurer.
Series VII, Committees, includes reports, membership rosters, and other documents concerning the various committees of the G.S.S., including Elections, Affirmative Action, and Study Abroad.
Series VIII, External Organizations, includes brochures, announcements, and other printed matter from organizations that were in regular or occasional contact with the GSS.
Series IX, Reports, includes reports produced by GSS on such topics as student fee allocations, salaries and collective bargaining for graduate assistants.
Series X, Subject, arranged alphabetically, covers a wide range of topics, including bulletin board postings, employment opportunities, the graduate reading room at Main Library, insurance for students, and thesis preparation.
Series XI, Audio Recordings, consists of audio tape cassettes and includes recordings of meetings, budget hearings, and seminars, mainly from 1988-1991.

Historical Note

The Graduate Student Senate was officially organized on May 24, 1968. Prior attempts to establish a group representing the interests of University of Iowa graduate students had been made in 1966 but were unsuccessful due to uncertainty over the expected roles of the administration and students. Alvin H. Scaff, Associate Dean of the Graduate College, was a significant organizer of the G.S.S. because he believed graduate students needed to have a forum in which to express their concerns about issues of importance to them. At the time of its founding, the G.S.S. obtained financial support and recognition from the Graduate College and University Administration.

Senators are elected by fellow students to represent their respective programs or departments. During the initial meeting in 1968 a constitution was proposed and adopted. Also at the meeting there was discussion of creating a graduate student center, but attendees decided instead to develop a newsletter as a way to facilitate communication among graduate students and their representatives.

As of 2003, the Graduate Student Senate office was located in 415 Gilmore Hall with the website at The site contains its constitution, adopted or draft resolutions, senators’ names, minutes of meetings, calendar, and committees.

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Box Contents List

Box 1: 

Series I: History

Graduate Student Senate History, 1968-1970

Series II: Agenda and Minutes

Agenda and Minutes, 1968

----, 1969

----, 1970

----, 1971

----, 1972

----, 1973

----, 1974

Box 2:

Series II: Agenda and Minutes (continued)

Agenda and Minutes, 1975

----, 1976

----, 1977

----, 1978

----, 1979

----, 1980

----, 1981

----, 1982

----, 1983-1984

----, 1984-1985

----, 1985

----, 1986

----, 1987

----, 1988-1989

Box 3:

Series III: Publications

Graduate Student Newsletter, 1968-1971

----, 1972

----, 1973-1981 [incomplete]

----, 1983-1985 [incomplete]

----, 1988-1992 [incomplete]

Graduate Student Newsletter, production notes, 1981

----, 1982

----, 1983

----, Fall 1986

Graduate Student Senate pamphlet, 1985

Graduate Student Senate handbook, 1988-1989

Teaching Assistants’ Association newsletters, 1983-1984

Graduate Bulletin, Commerce Crier, Liberal Arts Review; 1975, 1985

Daily Iowan articles, 1972, 1986

Area newspaper articles, 1989

Daily Iowan ad campaign, 1975

Series IV: Constitutions and Policies

Student Bill of Rights/General Conduct, 1969

Proposal for Graduate Student Board of Governors, 1968

Constitutions, 1969-1973

----, 1973-1980

----, 1990

Constitutions from other colleges, n.d.

Code of Student Life, 1969

Dismissal Policy, 1969

University Policy on Consensual Relationships, 1986

Box 4:

Series V: Legislation and Resolutions

Legislation/Resolutions, 1979-1980

Including: Teaching Assistant Guidelines, divestiture South Africa, new  arena proposal

----, 1981-1982

              Including: Tuition increase, freedom of information

----, 1984

              Including: South African divestiture

----, 1984-1985

              Including: South African divestiture

----, 1984-1985

              Including: GSS-856-13 (tax policy)

----, 1985

              Including: GSS-856-14 (Old Music Building)

----, 1985-1986

              Including: financial aid, Old Music Building

Teaching Assistant name change proposal, 1985

Legislation/Resolutions, 1986

              Including: South Africa, tuition, grading

----, 1986

              Including: GSS-856-17 (asylum for apartheid resisters)

----, 1986

              Including: GSS-856-18 (CIA recruitment on campus)

----, 1986

              Including: GSS-856-19 (cultural pluralism)

----, 1986

              Including: GSS-856-20 (Civil Rights Restoration Act)

----, 1986

              Including: GSS-856-21 (Establishing a travel funds committee)

----, 1986

              Including: GSS-586-22 (political violence in Libya)

----, 1986

              Including: GSS-856-24 (denouncing anti-Arab sentiment)

----, 1986

              Including: tuition, cuts in funding

----, 1987

              Including: GSS-867-30 (income-contingent loan program)

----, 1988-1989

              Including: tuition payment schedule

Series VI: Correspondence

Business correspondence: Dean D.C. Spriestersbach, 1968-1973

President, 1980-1981

              Including correspondence addressed to or received from: Althen, Gary; Boyd, Willard;

Bycroft, Barton G.; Carroll, Gregory D.; Cox, W.A.; Davidson, Steven; Van Halsema, Mark;

Hatmaker, John; Homan, Ken; Hoppin, Margery E.; Laster, Howard; Muston, Ray; Nagel, Alan

----. 1983

              Including correspondence addressed to or received from: Blum-Reid, Sylvia;

Condorelli, Richard; Hoover, H.D.; Hornsy, Jessie; Larsen, Cynthia; Liberal Arts DEOs;

Lillios, Ahna; Palmer, Tom; Schulz, Rudolph; Seal, Julie; Taylor, Kerin

----. 1985-1986

              Including correspondence addressed to or received from: Canby, Craig; Carraminara, Rodrigo;

Devitt, Jeff; DuMond, Charles; Gross, Carolyn; Spriestersbach, D.C.; Taylor, Kevin G.

----. 1986

              Including correspondence addressed to or received from: Aubrey, Elizabeth; Beardsley, Robert;

Bennett, William; Branstad, Terry; Canby, Craig; Reagan, Ronald;

----. 1987

              Including correspondence addressed to or received from: Canby, Craig; Greenfield, Peter L.;

Huntzinger, Ann; Montgomery, Rex; Pajunan, Steve; Sweeney, Sharon; Taylor, Larry

Box 5:

Series VI (continued):

Treasurer, 1969

              Including correspondence addressed to or received from: Bowen, Howard R.; Brady, David;

Gibson, Richard E.; Hubbard, Philip; Jakobsen, James; Spriestersbach, D.C.

----. 1974-1975

              Including correspondence addressed to or received from: Mottel, Edward A.; Flynn, Brian;

Liaw, Ruth Y.; Van Sell, Mary P.

----. 1979-1980

              Including correspondence addressed to or received from: Woodworth, Craig R.; Ashman, Janet

----. 1984-1985

              Including correspondence addressed to or received from: Martin, Andrew

Secretary, 1985-1987

              Including correspondence addressed to or received from: Martin, Andrew; Brill, Kenneth A.;

Canby, Craig

Business, 1980-1981

              Including correspondence addressed to or received from: Vasconcelos-Sousa, J.M.; Renk,

Stephen; Stevenson, Jeff; Trapp, Joe; Hoppin, Margery E.; Harris, Carolyn; Sanden, Tom;

Van Halsema, Mark; Mueller, Carol J.; Nagel, Dennis J.; Petersen, Mary Louise; Boyd, Willard L.;

Spriestersbach, D.C.; Zecher, Richard; Laster, Howard; Tomasini, Wallace J.; Osborne, J.W.;

Starck, Kenneth; Sandrock, James P.; Muston, Ray A.; Hornsby, Roger A.; Becker, Samuel L.;

Asprey, Gene M.

----. 1985-1986

              Including correspondence addressed to or received from: Martin, Andrew; Lloyd-Jones, Jean;

              Lassiter, Larry; Ellis, Dorsey D., Jr.; Bartkevicius, Jocelyn; Tiegs, Richard

Series VII: Committees

Student consultants, observers, sub-committees, 1969

Election committee information, 1975-1980

Elections / nominating petitions, 1980-1989

Appointments to University Graduate College committees, 1970, 1985

Affirmative Action committee, 1975-1987

Lecture committee, 1983-1986

Study Abroad committee, 1985-1986

Parenting committee, Council on the Status of Women, 1987

Members / Committees, n.d., 1974-1975

Members / Committees, 1980-1981, 1986-1987

Series VIII: External Organizations

National Association of Graduate-Professional Students, 1988

National Council of Graduate Student Associations, 1969

Collegiate Associations Council, 1975

----. 1986-1987

----. Resolutions, 1986-1987

Box 6:

Series IX: Reports

Reports of Graduate Student Senate, 1969-1974

              Including: aftermath of Old Armory Temporary (Big Pink) / Rhetoric Program fire, 1970;

daycare centers committee, 1971; student fee allocation, 1971; ISPIRG organizing, 1971;

dismissal procedures, n.d.; State Board of Regents member selection, n.d.;

Daily Iowan, Recreational Facilities, 1969; Pets in married student housing, 1969;

salaries and collective bargaining for graduate assistants, 1974; contraceptives on campus, n.d.

Report on Salaries and Collective Bargaining, 1974-1975

Series X: Subject Files

Academic symposium – transcript, 1985

Bulletin board postings, 1989

Employment opportunities, 1976, 1987

Foreign students, 1978-1979

Manual for Foreign Teaching Assistants, 1981

Graduate Forum 2000, 2000

Graduate Reading Room surveys, 1986

Issues of concern to graduate students, 1988-1989

Student insurance program, 1969

Sweatshirt information, 1989

Teaching assistants and tax stipends, n.d.

Teaching assistant employment – department information, 1986-1987

Thesis preparation seminar, 1975, 1985

Touchtone registration, 1986

Travel / speakers, 1988-1989

Unionization, 1969

----. 1986

Wise, P.J. – lawsuit concerning AFDC benefits, 1986

Box 7:

Series XI: Audio Recordings

April 21, 1988

April 20, 1988

April 23, 1991; April 24, 1991 nominations

October 1990 GPSS Class III, [n.d.] (5 tapes)

Budgeting and Auditing Night II, [n.d.] (2 tapes)

Souter, [n.d.]

TLA / Yearbook / RCHS, [n.d.]

MSF Meeting, February 26, 1991

Student Senate retreat, [n.d.] (3 tapes)

P. Arnell, V. Carmichael, C. Thomas, H. Meyers, S. Markuson, B. Duhn, N. Eckert, J. Johns, 4/24

UCS-3B Delta Sigma Pi, [n.d.]

Student Senate BAC budget hearings, [n.d.]

----. FY 1988-1989, recorded April 18, 1988

BAC hearings, April 19, 1988

----. April 21, 1988

----. April 24, 1988, including: B. Beilfuss, S. Davis, Faber, Flanders, Smith

Iowa Coalition Against Apartheid, April 19, 1988; April 20, 1988

Scottish Highlanders, April 20-21, 1988

UISS-BAC, April 20, 1987

Griffin, Whitmore, Hirl, Getz, Hock, Peterson, Boetel, Miller, Habte-Gabr, Gillies [n.d.]

Class II, April 1991 (3 tapes)

Informal appeals, April 1991 (2 tapes)

UAS Sunday afternoon hearing [n.d.]

Class III, April 1991

Budget appeals, April 1991

Smith, Koester, Kumar, House, Frey, Griffith, 4/25

GPSS Class III, April 1991 (3 tapes)

Province et. al., April 24 [?]

Gillres, et. al., April 26 [?]

MSF hearings, February 26, 1991

UAS hearings, [n.d.]

Judicial boards interviews, August 5, 1991

“Day #2”

Night III, April 22, 1987

Unidentified – (4 tapes)