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Records of the Iowa Memorial Union
RG 24.04
Collection Dates: 1912-1995
26.5 linear ft.

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Acquisition and Processing Information: The Records of the Iowa Memorial Union have been transferred to the University Archives at various times. Partial inventory prepared by Jill McCleary in 2004; completed and revised by David McCartney in 2007. Guide posted to the Internet February 2007.


Documents concerning the New Student's Party event, 1927
Documents concerning the New Student's Party event

From folder "Freshmen Week 1927," Box 4

Scope and Contents

The Records of the Iowa Memorial Union include minutes, correspondence, special events memorabilia, newspaper clippings, art exhibition information, financial reports, planning documents for 1955 addition construction, Union Board records, annual reports, and scrapbooks. The bulk of the documents date from 1919, following the end of World War I, when discussions were underway to construct a memorial to all war veterans who were associated with the University of Iowa.

While documenting the development of the IMU, the records also contain references to various aspects of the University's social and political history. Women, for example, were prohibited from using the billiard room until 1958, when a women's physical education course in billiards was offered for the first time. Soapbox Sound-off, a free-speech forum begun in 1964, was the scene one year later of the campus's first draft card-burning incident in protest of the war in Vietnam. Both episodes are recounted in scrapbooks in boxes 45 and 46.

Historical Note

The Iowa Memorial Union, one of the University of Iowa's most enduring landmarks, has served as the campus's social and cultural center since 1927. Major additions were completed in 1955 and 1965. At various times the IMU has housed a browsing library, art exhibit space, bowling alley, soda fountain, book store, private and public dining rooms, hotel, performance hall, and offices for student organizations. It is situated on the east bank of the Iowa River in the heart of the campus, flanked by Hubbard Park to the south and by the Pentacrest to the southeast.

Related Materials

Papers of Earl E. Harper (RG 99.0316)

Papers of Rufus H. Fitzgerald (RG 99.0315)

Papers of Ted Rehder (RG 99.0014)

"Iowa Memorial Union, 1963-1970, the Kottner Era." Iowa City, n.d. 21 pp. University Archives, in Historical Papers Collection (RG01.01.03).

Musselman, Gearhart Alan. "A History of the Iowa Memorial Union." M.A. thesis, University of Iowa, 1969. 223 pp. University Archives , in Historical Papers Collection (RG01.01.03). 

Neville, Mary Jane. "A History of the Iowa Memorial Union." Iowa City, 1944. 25 pp. In "History of the University of Iowa, Miscellaneous Papers," 5.

File, "Iowa Memorial Union," in Campus Buildings and Grounds Vertical Files (RG01.15.02)

Calendar of Events, 1955-1991 (17-U582:12)

Box Contents List

Box 1

Building Committee minutes Vol. I, 1924-26

Board of Trustees, IMU Association, Executive Committee Vol. II, 1919-26

----, Vol. III, 1927-34

----, Vol. IV, part II, 1948-69

Box 2

Notebook, with minutes of Board of Trustees and Executive Committee, 1919-37. Also includes a historical sketch of IMU by F.C. Ensign in 1926 and June 1952 meeting with maps of proposed changes to IMU.

IMU booklet with history, March 1927; Articles of Incorporation, and "The Beginnings of the IMU," 1926

IMU correspondence, 1923

----, 1924

IMU requisitions, 1919

Correspondence and Misc., 1926

---- and Report of the Building Committee, 1925

----. 1920

----. 1921-22

Reference material for memorials at other universities

Box 3

Book, IMU minutes for Board of Trustees, IMU Association, 1935-45, 1953

Book, Correspondence and Misc., 1932-43

"The State University of Iowa Report to the 45th General Assembly on Audit Report of Allen, Busby and Harrigan by the State Board of Education," 1931-32

IMU - estimate of earnings on proposed food operations and revised estimate of earnings on proposed guest rooms, Horwath and Horwath Accountants and Auditors, 1960

Copy of records on refinancing of IMU, assembled by W.H. Cobb, 1938 (2)

Memorandum of the Financial Program of the IMU, W.H. Cobb, 1947

Box 4

Freshman Week 1927 materials

----. 1927-28 correspondence and name badges

Dad's Day 1934

----. fliers, 1935-36

IMU architecture correspondence, 1919-20

IMU auditor's reports, 1920-26

Boyd and Moore (architects) correspondence "Extras"

----. "I" IMU correspondence, 1921-24

----. "II" IMU correspondence, 1925

----. "III" IMU correspondence, 1925-26

IMU correspondence with brick companies, 1924-25

----. 1925-26

----. with Twin City Brick Co., 1926

Box 5

Commercial Clubs IMU correspondence, 1919

"Possible contributors" IMU correspondence and "Big Givers" lists, 1919

R.H. Fitzgerald and Judge J.J. Clark correspondence, 1925-26

----. 1923-25

Fitzgerald and Dutcher and McClain (attorneys and counselors) correspondence, 1926

----. 1920-26

IMU fundraising  correspondence, 1926

Fitzgerald correspondence, 1927

IMU Grill correspondence, 1927

Fitzgerald correspondence, 1927

IMU financial statements and correspondence, 1920-26

----. 1925-26

IMU kitchen correspondence, maps, misc., 1925-26

Fitzgerald and Ensign correspondence, 1926

F.F. Faville correspondence, 1924-25

A.J. Elliot correspondence, 1923-25

Fitzgerald correspondence, 1929-30

Fitzgerald Iowa River flooding correspondence, 1924, 1926

Fitzgerald and Jessup correspondence, 1927

----. 1929-30

IMU correspondence Iowa City Savings Bank, 1927

Fitzgerald post office correspondence, 1920-27

Fitzgerald lights fixtures correspondence, 1927

Plans for Memorial Hall

Seating plan for National Iowa Night at IMU, 1927

Fitzgerald and Boyd and Moore correspondence, 1925-27

Fitzgerald correspondence "complaints" 1926

W.B. Bates correspondence, 1927

J.M. Fisk (superintendent of Department of Grounds and Buildings) correspondence, 1927

IMU soda fountain layout, 1926

Fitzgerald and Boyd correspondence, 1928-29

Box 6

Fitzgerald correspondence, 1929-30

----. with people with last names beginning with "A", 1930

----. with American Federation of Arts, 1931

----. with "B", 1930-31

----. with Chamber of Commerce, 1930-31

----. with Employment Services, 1930-31

----. with "E", 1930-31

----. with "G", 1930-31

----. on grounds and buildings, misc., 1930-31

----. with "H", 1930-31

----. and W.A. Jessup, 1930-31

----. with "K", 1930-31

----. with "K", folder 2, 1930-31

----. with M. Willard Lampe, 1930-31

----. with F.C. Ensign about Iowa City Presbyterian Church (Old Brick), 1930

Box 7

----. with "B", 1930-31

----. with "S", 1930-31

----. with Ted Rehder, 1930-31 and General Electric Refrigeration Recommendations for U of I

----. with Rotary Club, 1930-31

----. with Sigma Chi

----. with "W", 1931

----. on arm bands, 1931

----. on dining service (I) and misc., 1931-32

----. on dining service (II), correspondence with Ted Rehder, 1932

----. on dining service (III), misc. including photographs of local store fronts, advertising meal prices

----. with F.C. Ensign, 1932

----. with "H", 1931-32

----. with W.A. Jessup, 1931-32

----. with "L", 1931-32

----. with Dr. M. Willard Lampe, 1931-32

----. with "M", 1932

----. with "S", 1931-32

----. with "B", 1932

----. with "C", 1932-33

----. with "E", Ethical Society, 1933

----. with grounds and buildings, flooding of Iowa River information, 1932

----. with "H", 1932-33

----. with W.A. Jessup, 1932-33

----. with George Kay, 1933

----. with M. Willard Lampe, 1932-33

----. with "L", 1932-33

----. concerning "Art Works by American Artistes" State University of Iowa, 1933

----. with "S", 1932-33

----. with "W", 1932-33

Box 8

First exhibition of contemporary art (held at IMU) 1945 through 5th exhibition

1951 summer art show

"Fine Art Reproductions Old and Modern Masters" catalogue 1951

Box 9

Union Board minutes, 1932

----. 1933-34

Material for Trustees meeting, 1938

Building Committee minutes, 1924-26

Board of Trustees minutes, 1919-30, 1938

Executive Committee minutes, 1930

Union Advisory Committee, 1936-61

Box 10

IMU newspaper clippings

IMU trial balances, 1935-37

IMU collection reports, 1935-37

Fitzgerald correspondence on budgets, 1926-27

"This folder contains evidence secured from subscribers who claimed they made a payment to the Institutional Audit Company" receipts and cancelled checks

Correspondence and ledger cards of those who claimed they made payments to the Institutional Audit Co. but failed to furnish IMU with evidence

Correspondence between Institutional Audit Co. and Hacking Brothers of Minneapolis

Iowa dining service correspondence

Major events at IMU, 1949-50

Musicians Protective Union

Promotion Committee minutes, 1955

Union Board members and officers, 1929-55

IMU Committee on Remodeling and Uses of, 1965-66

Box 11

Newspaper clippings, 1937 election

Art exhibits and lectures, 1939-40

Union Board constitution

Treasurer's Reports, 1939-42

Box 12

IMU collections - IMU corporation

Fitzgerald correspondence with John M. Grimm, 1928-29

----. with Sen. C.M. Dutcher, 1928-29

----. with "H", 1929-30

----. with Elmer W. Hill, public accountant, 1929

----. with B.F. Swisher, 1928-29

----. with "F", 1930-31

----. with G.L. Faulk, president of Johnson County Savings Bank, 1930-31

----. with Arthur J. Cox, 1929-31

----. with Sen. Dutcher, 1929-31

----. with "E", 1930-31

----. with "H", 1930-31

----. with Judge John Grimm, 1930-31

Box 13

Fitzgerald correspondence and one folder of collection data, 1930-31

Box 14

Fitzgerald correspondence and collection forms, 1934-35

Box 15

Fitzgerald correspondence and Institutional Audit Company misc.

Box 16

Fitzgerald correspondence, 1936-38

Collection forms

Balance sheets - IMU corporation

IMU misc., including Articles of Incorporation and Constitution

Finance Committee

Box 17

IMU contracts (4 folders)

Auditors reports, 1926-32

Bills unpaid, 1927

Bond re-issue, 1934

Milton Remley vs. IMU case, 1926 correspondence

Gillmor Mortgage correspondence, 1926

IMU misc.

Board and Finance Committee; correspondence with Fitzgerald, 1932

IMU accounting, 1926-30

Union Board minutes, 1966-67

Student Union Board misc., 1930-56

Union Board photographs (events, members)

Union Board misc., 1931-32

Box 18

Collections, IMU, 1923-31

----. 1927-29

----. company contracts, 1930

----. 1925-30

IMU accounting papers, 1927-30

IMU cash statements, 1931-34

Fitzgerald correspondence with John M. Grimm, 1926-27

----. with "H", 1927-28

IMU campaign, 1923

Fitzgerald correspondence with "F", 1928-29

----. with "F", 1929-30

----. with "H", 1928-29

----. with "E", 1928-29

Box 19

Lists of IMU pledges, 1932

Fitzgerald financing correspondence, 1923-27

IMU budget information, 1925-26

Fitzgerald correspondence, misc., 1925-27

Association of Unions correspondence, 1927

IMU's educational value through extra-curricular activities reports

Accounting records, 1928

Collections, 1931

IMU accounting, 1936-37

Box 20

Map of campus, 1929

Band concert handout, 1928

Mother's Day program, 1936, 1939

Dad's Day, 1927

Ribbons, IOWA buttons

U of I handbook, 1930-31

Dad's Day correspondence, 1927

Box 21

Two booklets, "Specifications for General Contract of an Addition on Unit #1 IMU U of I"

Personal letters - Mrs. Nellie Alderman, 1953, and guest book, ca. 1948

Program of the dedication of the IMU, Feb. 6, 1926

Duplicate file of Board of Trustees minutes, 1923-24

Pictures, maps, plans of IMU, 1924 and later

Mark Twain Room correspondence and misc., 1935-38

Recreation Manager application correspondence, 1954

Earl Harper (director of IMU) correspondence

Board of Trustees misc., 1923-26

Box 22

Book by Boyd and Moore (IMU architects), "Specifications for General Contract Unit #1 IMU"

"Committee on Student Personnel Services," Earl E. Harper, 1948

The Iowa Hotel Association vs. State Board of Regents in the Supreme Court of Iowa filing, 1962

"IMU - Past, Present, and Future" address by Earl Harper, 1962, and "the administrative process"

"Democracy in a Student Union", Earl Harper, 1947

Series of newspaper articles on how SUI is operated, 1947, and "the organization of the SUI," 1950

Drawing of the IMU entrance

Union and Union Board history, compiled 1945

Scrapbook of events, performers menus, including newspaper clippings, fliers, etc., 1936-40

Box 23

World War II memorial book project, misc., 1950

Dedication banquet, 1954-55

Ken White correspondence, 1954-55

Union addition, 1949-55

IMU Board of Trustees, 1947-61

IMU misc., 1950-54

Box 24

Fitzgerald correspondence with "T", 1926-27

----. on student dues as tuition, 1925-26

----. on Iowa State Union, 1923-26

----. on alumni in California, 1925-26

17 Fitzgerald folders

Dedication of IMU, April 1955

Dedication misc., 1955; news clippings, IMU misc. up to 1958

Brochure of IMU "Hearthstone of Old Gold"

Hoover Medallion correspondence, 1951

Open house / IMU brochures, 1943-58

Box 25

Fitzgerald correspondence, 1925-27

Box 26

----. 1926-27

Box 27

----. 1928-29

Events and activities at IMU, 1927-28

Alumni misc.,  1928

Art exhibit, 1928

YMCA, ping pong tables

Box 28

IMU fundraising campaign

Letters from those declining to subscribe to IMU fund, 1919

IMU correspondence, 1920-21

IMU financial statements, 1919-20

IMU campaign, 1921

D.E. Shelmidine correspondence, 1920

R.H. Fitzgerald speeches, 1929-30

IMU correspondence, 1920

Minutes of Union Council, 1922

University organization correspondence with IMU campaign, 1919-21

R.G. Grassfield correspondence, 1921-22

Union Library correspondence, 1926-28

IMU correspondence, 1919, and misc., and newspaper articles

Box 29

Fundraising campaign, 1919-26

Financial statements, 1919-26


Box 30

Art, loans, paintings, purchases, correspondence, and misc.

Fine Arts

Box 31

Fitzgerald and misc, 1932-34

Dad's Day misc., 1937-42

Box 32

Book - Alphabetical Record of Pledges, 1920-23

Book - Geographical Record of Pledges by Country/State

Box 33

IMU campaign and misc., 1919, 1920-23, 1932

Box 34

Fitzgerald correspondence with "B", 1928-29

IMU correspondence, 1920

Homer A. Boushy correspondence with IMU, 1919

Rush C. Butler correspondence, 1919-22

Campaign materials, 1923

Correspondence, 1919

Campaign correspondence and material, 1921-22

Student campaign materials, 1924

Campaign correspondence, newspaper clippings

Campaign material to November 1925

Expense sheets

Box 35

J.R. Files correspondence, 1919

Fine Arts Conference 1928 materials

"Form letters" generic campaign letters, 1919

Financial statements, 1919-20

Fine arts materials, including speeches

W.O. Finkbine correspondence, 1919-24

"Four Hundred Club" correspondence, 1920

IMU misc.

Sen. John Hamill correspondence, 1919

Inter-Fraternity Conference, 1928

Car. F. Kuehnle correspondence, 1919-24

Judge W.S. Kenyon, 1922


Union programs, 1968-69

Year-end reports

Recreation, 1965-66

"Your Father's Mustache" Program Summer Board, 1967

Box 36

Contemporary Affairs Issues and Answers, 1968-69

Year report and recommendations, 1969-70

Music Area, 1965-66

Symposium Committee: Indian Week

Forum and Lectures Area Symposium Committee

Box 37

Art objects, 1948

Memorial Union Activities, 1927-28; pamphlets, fliers, correspondence

Association of College Unions, 1945-61

Big Ten Art Exhibits, 1936-42

IMU brochures, news clippings, misc., 1930-69

IMU budgets, 1937-45

IMU budgets and equipment, 1963-64

IMU correspondence, budgets, misc., 1964

IMU proposed budgets, 1952-53

Central Party Committee

Dedication of new unit, 1955

Box 38

Union Corporation, 1938-43

----. 1942-45

IMU clippings, 1945-46

Iowa Union clippings

College Union administration, 1968

IMU Corporation, 1953-54

IMU clippings, 1926-48

Ventilation and refrigeration, 1933-34

Dedication, 1926

Dedication program, 1926

University Theatre (third unit of IMU)

Dedication of Unit 3 materials

Iowa events, 1914-69 (fliers, brochures)

Union exhibits, 1934-55

IMU food service, 1950-74

Daily reports of food costs, 1953-54

Dedication of freshmen fireplace, 1929

Committee on Student Life and the IMU, by Earl E. Harper, 1957

Box 39

"History of the Union" by Mary Jane Neville, 1944

History of the IMU misc., 1925-62

Dedication, 1956

Hostess staff at the IMU, 1944

IMU, 1936-37 - In and around the University Theatre and This Month at the Iowa Union

Insurance correspondence - lists of works owned by SUI, 1931-32

Iowa Union inquiries, 1945-51

Iowa Union misc., 1912-14

Union Library

IMU Newsletter

Mark Twain Room

IMU misc. and general

Musicians Protective Union

Box 40

Open House 1933

"Organization and Use" and "House Regulations" 1946, 1926

Parking Ramp correspondence and misc., 1963-64

Iowa Union and Fine Arts, remodeling, repairs, new furniture and equipment, 1950-51

Iowa Union reproductions, 1938-40

Misc. reports

IMU additions, revenue bonds, and dormitory system, 1961-63

Silver Shadow misc. (the night club of the SUI at the IMU), 1937-42

Minutes of Student Life Committee, 1951-52

Resolution of Student Union Board

IMU, Fine Arts, and Triangle Club set-ups, 1937

Board of Trustees minutes and correspondence, 1948-49

Union Advisory Committee, minutes, 1950

----. misc., 1944

Union Board minutes, 1949-50

----. misc., 1952-53

----. 1953-54

Union Advisory Committee, 1953-54

Union Board. minutes, 1944-45

----. constitutions, 1945-46

----. 1930


----. Radio Hour, 1941-42

Box 41

Units IV, V, VI (2 folders), 1962-63

Unit IV - hotel supplies and suggestions

War memorial, 1954

Ken White

Willis bill, House File 447

YWCA - religious groups - musicians

IMU clippings, 1975-79

Box 42

IMU Annual Report, 1994-95

----. 1989-90

----. 1984-85

----. 1983-84

----. 1982-83

----. 1973-74

----. 1972-73

----. 1971-72 (by Jim M. Burke)

Box 43

Art Resource Center / Craft Center, 1976, 1982

Employee Handbook, University Book Store, 1986

Union Board Handbook, 1959, 1962

Central Party Committee Handbook, 1959-67

Menus, 1979

Service of Dedication, 1956

A Union Credo, by Earl E. Harper, n.d.

Hearthstone of Old Gold, 1929

The Iowa Memorial Union, March 1927

All Material Used in 1930 Campaign

Art Exhibitions, 1932

Dance cards, 1946-47

Buttons, 1928

Campaign, 1926

----. 1927

Ad Hoc Committee Remodeling and Uses of IMU, 1956, 1965

Box 44

Audio-visual (AV) equipment manual, 1970

Connections newsletter

Box 45

Scrapbooks, 1955-60

7/12/55 Experimental Big-screen TV to be displayed at Union (Daily Iowan)

10/6/55 Color TV at Union for Michigan Game (Daily Iowan)

10/6/55 Bowling tourney set for dads, sons. By Jim Ney (Daily Iowan)

10/25/55 Drop plan for color football TV at Union (Daily Iowan)

3/27/56 President Hancher unveils War Memorial in Union (Daily Iowan)

7/10/56 Photos by Larry Day (Daily Iowan) Fountain in Sun Porch; Gold Feather Room (Twins)

8/3/56 Union is favorite spot in summer. By Dan Thornburgh (Daily Iowan). Photo of patio by Doug Lyman

8/25/56 SUI Union favorite spot in summer. By Dan Thornburgh (Daily Iowan). Photo included of lounge.

9/29/56 Photo of students dancing to Jimmy Palmer in Main Lounge (Daily Iowan) photo by Marty Reichenthal

12/4/56 Photo of Charles C. Peterson by Marty Reichenthal (Daily Iowan). Billiard expert gives 'cues' to SUI students. By Joan Dueland.

12/19/56 Photo of X-max tree in Union with students (Daily Iowan). Photo by Jerry Goldstein.

3/1/57 Union ad with photo of Gold  Feather Room (Daily Iowan)

4/16/57 Union sells 800 cups per day (Daily Iowan). By Kathleen Gast.

6/27/57 Union bowling reopens soon (Daily Iowan). By Jerry Mosey.

7/3/57 bowling reopens; photo of Director Earl Harper

8/24/57 Union is student center on campus (Daily Iowan) photos of Gold Feather Room, billiards, cafe area

9/25/57 More ads for Union

9/21/57 More ads for Union

9/21/57 Union has food, fun, music

Cover of Institutions Magazine, Jan. 1956

IMU exhibits ice cream colors, pg. 120

pg. 120 & 121 - noted photos

10/18/57 IMU ad "The Hub of Homecoming Activities"

12/7/57 Tree Time at the Union (Daily Iowan) (Decorating Union Xmas tree)

12/3/57 A night at student union "Life in the Union" (Daily Iowan) by Cheryl Jennings; 6 photos by Don Hanesworth

4/6/51 Employees vote to petition Union management - photo (Daily Iowan)

3/16/52 Students being served by cigarette girl (Des Moines Register)

3/19/52 Students being served by cigarette girl (Daily Iowan)

Cabaret girl in Ballroom (Picture Magazine)

3/12/50 Preliminary drawings of proposed addition to the Iowa Union (page spread) (Daily Iowan)

8/21/48 Cafe line photo (Daily Iowan)

8/14/46 Iowa Union home of University family (Daily Iowan) by Jack O'Brien

8/21/48 Iowa Memorial Union - Hub of Campus Activity and Entertaining (Daily Iowan)

2/19/49 Open houses offer fun galore. By Stanley Beitler. Photo around piano by Flick Fleicher

2/12/39 Memorial Union takes play away from Iowa City Road-houses (Gazette) By Tate Cummins. Photo by Carl Deiesser.

6/20/48 Campus consultants - Where to go - IMU

1/14/42 New club cafeteria opens at Iowa Union

2/13/49 Campus consultants (around the campus) Relax...have fun at the Union

40's Cigarette shortage

10/24/52 IMU Hub of homecoming activities

8/21/48 It's for you ....Enjoy all the facilities of your comfortable Iowa Union (Daily Iowan ad)

8/20/49 Hub of campus life....Your Iowa Memorial Union (Daily Iowan ad)

Taken from 1/30/58 article in Daily Iowan: "The Iowa Memorial Union was built in the late 1920's, but, at first, students didn't patronize it as should have. Consequently, the mail boxes were put in that building rather than at Whetstone's, and since everyone wanted their mail, the Union fast became a 'melting place' and the 'center of activity.'"

4/28/58 Pictures show activities of SUI's first Old Gold Days

6/27/58 Tot tending services (free babysitting - daycare / childcare - while married students attended Union board activities) (Daily Iowan)

8/23/58 Union offers color TV, pool, dancing, bowling. By Don Hanesworth (Daily Iowan)

8/23/58 What is your Union? It's the center of student activities (Daily Iowan ad)

11/15/58 Radio paging system installed - Union employees 'wired for sound' (Press Citizen)

12/3/58 Holiday Trimmings go up in Union (Daily Iowan) By Kay Lund.

11/26/58 girls invade pool room (for 3 week SUI course) (Daily Iowan) (Women are finally allowed to go in and play billiards for a gym class - first time offered)

12/4/58 Union tree trimmers (Daily Iowan)

1/8/59 Carpets in popular Union music room are well worn (Daily Iowan) By Kay Lund

3/25/59 Bill clears way for $3 million Union addition (see little difficulty for bill to pass two hurdles) (Daily Iowan) By Kay Lund. (3 unit addition hoped to be finished by 1964: Iowa House, student services, activities center, conference rooms)

3/31/59 No student fee hike to build Union-only project planned now under new law

6/13/59 $25,000 Wood painting on exhibit - Grant Wood's "Parson Weem's Table" on exhibit east lobby of IMU

9/22/59 Meet your friends at the Union  ... the center of campus life, the center of student activities, the Iowa Memorial Union (Daily Iowan ad)

8/22/59 UI student life spins around Iowa Union 'Hub' (Daily Iowan) It's the Gold Feather Room for bridge, coffee, conversation; Union hostess-combination disc jockey and librarian (Millie LeVois)

9/22/59 For coffee, Cokes or bridge - Union center of SUI activity (Daily Iowan)

12/2/59 Drippy day at Union (water leaking in new lounge)

12/12/59 Regents give approval for new Union addition - set $4.6 million prelim. budget for building project

12/17/59 Students circulating petition opposing IMU addition. By Dorothy Collin (don't want Iowa House built)

1/7/60 Union additions--are they needed, justifiable? (Daily Iowan) Hotel proposal wins okay of committee - Loveless to request statement of policy

Box 46

Scrapbooks, 1960-67

1/15/60 Board of Regents okays financing for Union annex (Daily Iowan)

12/6/63 Photo-Afternoon spectacle. By Joe Lippincott (Daily Iowan) Hot tar causes Union roof fire. By Tom Asseno. Photo - Union trouble spot. By Joe Lippincott.

1/8/64 Old Gold Room accessible to all U-related persons (Daily Iowan) Photo of new Old Gold Room by Bob Nandell)

2/6/64 Union distributed new brochure on student services (Daily Iowan): 112 guest rooms, enlarged conference area, modern cafeteria, craft shops, parking facilities, 25 meeting rooms, new ballroom (Gold Feather room, Union cafe, music room, bowling/billiard room, TV room)

2/27/64 Kottner, Union Director, gives progress report (Daily Iowan) By Mike Boos

3/11/64 Yipes! There's a girl in the pool hall (Frances Feuer) (Daily Iowan) By Judy Hobart

6/18/64 "Family Nights" begin Friday with talk on Union addition (Daily Iowan)

8/15/64 "Extra-curriculars" centered in Union (Daily Iowan) By Mike Boos

9/17/64 Union open house - Photo by Ken Kephart. dance, contests, prizes set for open house at Union

9/23/64 Party politics debated in Soapbox Sound-off. By Jon Van

10/3/64 Union hostesses aid students, guests (Daily Iowan) Photo and article by Mike Toner

10/6/64 Re-modeled lobby at the Information desk (Daily Iowan) By Mike Toner (need help - ask Mrs. Howard)

10/23/64 IMU addition cost placed before board

10/28/64 Board paces Union growth. By Mike elliott

11/4/64 UI Union addition takes shape; assistant director of IMU Roger Munn (Gazette)

11/14/64 Union displays faculty art. By Leland Walker

11/21/64 Union creates new program for activities

12/3/64 Union plans 12-day celebration

12/8/64 Thieves Market to sell over 100 student art items

1/14/65 Look into future (photo by Ken Kephart); Union addition - a dream no more. By Dallas Murphy (Daily Iowan)

2/10/65 Union grows with university (IMU now celebrating 39th year of service on campus) By Malin Swope (Daily Iowan)

2/19/65 Union food service expands with enrollment. By Dave Crippen (Daily Iowan)

3/2/65 Union addition to open in June

4/22/65 Main Lounge will be retired. By Dave Crippen

5/13/65 Expanding Union needs big staff

5/28/65 Executive hostess will leave Union (Millie LeVois) Retired

6/22/65 Activities abound at Union. By Jim O'Donnell

6/29/65 IMU addition set to open next Tuesday. By Jim O'Donnell (Iowa House, Ballroom, Hobby space highlight)

7/2/65 U of I's Union opens $4.2 million addition (restaurant area still unfinished) By Jim O'Donnell

9/10/65 Iowa's new Union

9/9/65 Union is place of education

9/25/65 Union dedicated tonight

9/65 Various congratulatory letters on new addition

9/65 Dedicate new U of I Union

9/25/65 Des Moines Register

9/25/65 Union addition and future plans presented during ribbon cutting. By Judy Bruhn (Daily Iowan)

7/4/65 Work still going on but Iowa Union opens Monday (Gazette)

7/1/65 $4.2 million Union addition ready for occupancy (photo of building; new lounge) (Press Citizen)

8/18/65 New Union cafeteria now open (Daily Iowan)

9/25/65 $4 million ribbon cutting (Gazette)

10/16/65 Beer in Union to be discussed by Regents (Daily Iowan)

10/21/65 Straw poll shows students favor beer in Union. By Yale Woodford (Daily Iowan)

10/27/65 Student burns draft card during "Soapbox Sound-off". By Paul Butler (Daily Iowan)

10/27/65 25 cents will be charged to see Union Board films (Daily Iowan)

11/4/65 Photo of kid by Union menu. By Marlin Levison

11/10/65 Activities Center to open in Union (Daily Iowan)

11/16/65 No beer today. By Jon Van

11/13/65 Photo of Union Library (students sleeping) (Daily Iowan)

11/11/65 TMTW opposes Union beer (beer in Union will be topic for Regents) (Daily Iowan)

12/3/65 IMU gets in holiday spirit with "12 Days of Christmas" (Daily Iowan)

12/7/65 "12 Days of Christmas" brings songs, art, dancing to Union (Daily Iowan)

Photos of Union: 12/14/65 Gold Feather Room; 12/16/65 Lounge, by Marlin Levison; 12/15/65 Ballroom, by Paul Beaver

1/21/66 New activities center seen as helping communications (Daily Iowan)

2/5/66 IMU opens student offices (includes 2 photos) (Daily Iowan)

3/17/66 Director says Union meant for relation; Union director tells of plans for rebuilding (Daily Iowan)

Photos by Ken Kephart: Gold Feather room, The summer Union Board, Students practicing singing, Kid and clown in River Room

10/28/65 Student groups to get space for offices, records in Union (Daily Iowan)

3/3/66 Student Union talk slated

Box 47

Scrapbooks, 1971-76

9/27/71 Iowa Memorial Union. By M. Blake (editorial, Daily Iowan)

9/27/71 Control of Activities Center in question; Student Development. By Sue Ross and Ted Politis (Daily Iowan)

9/28/71 Development Center Council voted for-reaching authority. By Bill Israel. Dispute brewing over control of Student Activities Center (Daily Iowan)

10/6/71 Something for all film lovers is aim of Union Movie Board. By Brian Owen (Daily Iowan)

8/6/75 Everything's at the Union. Photo by Dom Franco (Daily Iowan)

10/1/75 Student Services in new location. Photo by Art Land (Daily Iowan)

2/6/76 IMU 50th Anniversary

3/26/76 Smoking is not permitted in UI classrooms