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Records of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (formerly Affirmative Action)
RG 26.05
Collection Dates: 1970-
6.0 linear ft.

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Acquisition and Processing Information: These materials were transferred to the University Archives at various times. Guide posted to the Internet January 2007 and updated December 2009. Collection processed by Brian Oleson.

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Scope and Content

The records of the University of Iowa Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (former the Office of Affirmative Action) are comprised of brochures, conference materials, correspondence, federal guidelines, magazine and newspaper clippings, official university assessments and reports, pamphlets, and training guides.

The collection is divided into two subcategories: Records pertaining to LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) issues, and records concerning African Americans, women and other groups.   

The records provide significant insight and information about the struggle for equality at the University of Iowa for female, LGBT, and minority faculty, staff, and students.

Historical Note

In 1965, the federal government adopted Executive Order 11246, which ensured nondiscrimination against certain groups of individuals in the implementation of federal contracts.  Consequently, all universities and colleges across the United States that received any type of financial support from the federal government had to comply with this new law.  Executive Order 11246 was particularly concerned with protecting the equality and rights of those with disabilities, minorities, and women.

In response, the University of Iowa established the Office of Affirmative Action in 1972. The Office encouraged the hiring of members of these aforementioned groups for the sake of diversity and compliance with the executive order.

In 1985, the University of Iowa's Human Rights Policy was passed which prohibited discrimination against bisexuals, gays, transgendered individuals, and lesbians. Records in this collection reflect the University's response to enactment of this policy.

Renamed the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity in 2003, its obligations have expanded to include protecting the rights of those subjected to sexual assault or harassment.

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Box Contents List

Box 1:

Anti-LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender] Groups/Materials, 1995

Assault on Gay America: Campus Outreach Kit/GLSEN Materials, 2000-2002

Boy Scouts of America Anti-Gay Controversy, 2000-2001

External LGBT Conferences / Groups, 1994-1999

GLBTQ [Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning] Youth Services Committee, 1998-2000

LGBT Educational Courses / Seminars, 1993-2000

LGBT General Correspondence, 1991-2003

LGBT History and Issues at the University of Iowa, 1990-1996

LGBT Literature, 1988-2001

LGBT Magazine / Newspaper Articles, 1991-1998

LGBT Miscellaneous, 1992-1997

LGBT Public Materials, 1992-2003

LGBT Referral Line, 1996-2000

Box 2:

LGBT and Supportive Religious Organizations, n.d.

LGBT University Surveys About Homophobia, 1991-1993

Matthew Shepard Scholarship / Rainbow Scholarship, 2000-2003

Office of Affirmative Action Self-Evaluation of LGBT Activities, 1997-1999

Other LGBT Graduation Ceremonies / Scholarships, 1998-2001

Other Safe Zone Programs, 1997-1999

Rainbow Graduation Materials, 1999-2004

Rainbow Project Recommendations / Reports, 1996

----.  1996-1999

Rainbow Project Task Force Correspondence, 1996-1998

Box 3:

Rainbow Project Task Force Minutes, 1996

Safe Zone Correspondence / Notes, 1998-2003

Safe Zone Evaluation / Response Forms, 1998-2003

Safe Zone Guides / Materials, 1998-2000

Safe Zone Powerpoint / Slide Presentations, n.d.

Safe Zone Training Participant Contact Information, 1998-2001

Same-Sex Domestic Partners Benefits / Surveys, 1992-1997

----.  1998-2000

Box 4:

Same-Sex Parents, 1995

Ten Percent Handbook, 1992

Understanding Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Issues: An Introductory Workshop, 1993

Box 5:

Ad Hoc Review Committee of the Women’s Resource and Action Center, 1986-1996

Affirmative Action and Diversity in Skilled Trades, 1995-1998

Affirmative Action and Diversity in Skilled Trades Task Force, 1992-1998

Affirmative Action General Correspondence, 1991-2003

Affirmative Action Magazine / Newspaper Articles, 1972-2002

Affirmative Action Miscellaneous, 1970-2003

Affirmative Action Recruitment Manuals, 1972-1986

Box 6:

Affirmative Action Task Force Correspondence / Minutes, 1972-1974

Annual Affirmative Action Plan and Report of Activity, 1972-1976

----.  1978-1979

----.  1981-1982

----.  1983-1984

Box 7:

----.  1986-1988

----.  1988-1991

----.  1991-1994

----.  1994-2001

Box 8:  

----.  2002-2006

----.  2006-2009

----.  2010-

Box 9:

Annual Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Workforce Reports, 1970-1972

----.  1972 (two folders)

----.  1972-1975

Box 10:

----.  1976-1978

----.  1980-1981

----.  1999-2003

----.  2003-

Box 11:

Catalyst Awards, 2002-2008

City of Iowa City Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Affirmative Action Program, 1972

Diversity / Racial Awareness Materials, 1987-2001

External Programs Concerning Diversity, 1998-2003

Faculty / Staff Educational Programs, 1994-1998

----.  1998-2002

Box 12:

Female Empowerment and Equality in the Job Market, 1971-2002

Louis Calabro, 1999-2000

Minority Correspondence / Materials, 2000-2002

Multicultural Medicine Task Force, 1997-1999

Pierre Pierce Case, 2002-2003

Racial Profiling, 2002

Sexual Harassment Correspondence / Materials, 1983-2002

Students with Disabilities Correspondence / Materials, 1995-2002

Timothy Jacob Wise Biography / Information, 1995-2003

Box 13:

U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Higher Education Guidelines, 1972-1973

White Privilege Conferences, 2001-2002