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Acquisition Note:This collection was given to the University of Iowa in 1966 by Curtis MacDougall.


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Photographs: Boxes 11, 28


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Biographical Notes


Curtis MacDougall was born on February 11, 1903, in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He started his career as a journalist there at the Fond du Lac Commonwealth-Reporter at the age of fifteen. He received a BA in English from Ripon College in Wisconsin in 1923. He went on to obtain a Master's from Northwestern University in 1926 and a Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Wisconsin in 1933. After working at several newspapers, he joined the faculty of Northwestern University in 1935. During the depression, he served as state supervisor of the Illinois Writers Project, a WPA project of the New Deal, in which he edited the works of such Illinois authors as Saul Bellow, Nelson Algren, and Studs Terkel.


MacDougall wrote several books, among them Gideon's Army, a three volume history of the Progressive Party movement that culminated in Henry A. Wallace's run for president in 1948.


Scope and Contents


This collection is apparently the material the MacDougall collected for writing his book Gideon's Army.


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The Papers of Calvin Baldwin at the University of Iowa, MsC 343 (

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STOVER, FRED W., 1898-1990. Papers of Fred Stover, 13.5 ft.

Hampton, Iowa farm advocate and activist for progressive causes, former head of the Iowa Farmers Union and president of the U.S. Farmers Association. Correspondence, writings, and organizational materials, together with miscellaneous material, documenting his 40 years of political and social activism. MsC 165 (Finding Aid).


Box List


Box 1



Correspondence of Herman Wright, Progressive Party candidate for governor (Texas) and State chairman, 1948 -- 1950. Includes 1 TLS from Louis Adamic

Correspondence of Herman Wright, 1948 -- 1950. 1 TLS from Rockwell Kent; 1 TLS from Ring Lardner Jr.; TLS from Elmer Benson, Governor and U. S. Senator from Minnesota

Speeches and press releases of Herman Wright, 1948 -- 1949

Broadsides, press releases, articles, manuscript notes, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings (2 folders)

Broadsides and pamphlets

Box 2


Correspondence of Helen H. MacMartin, Secretary-Treasurer of the Progressive Party of Vermont, 1948 -- 1952 (4 folders)

Box 3

Vermont, continued:

Correspondence of Helen H. MacMartin, 1948 -- 1954. 1 TLS George D. Aiken, U.S. Senator from Vermont. 2 TLS Ralph E. Flanders, US Senator from Vermont

Correspondence of Helen H. MacMartin, 1948 -- 1950. 3 TLS from George T. Aiken. 1 TLS Ralph E. Flanders

Correspondence of Helen H. MacMartin, 1948 -- 1952 (2 folders)

Pamphlets, broadsides, minutes, manuscript notes

Box 4


Correspondence, press releases, broadsides, pamphlets, 1946 -- 1948


Correspondence of Josiah W. Gitt, state chairman of Progressive Party of Pennsylvania, 1947 -- 1950. Includes 1 TLS from Howard Fast

Correspondence of Josiah W. Gitt, 1947 -- 1954. 1 TLS from Mrs. Budd Schulberg (2 folders)



Correspondence of Professor Frederick L. Shuman, President Elector, Progressive Party of Massachusetts, 1948, and Mrs. Jessie O'Connor, acting director Fall River, Mass. Progressive Party. Includes 1 TLS from Henry A. Wallace and 1 TLS from Elmer Benson

Box 5


Correspondence of M. Michael Essin, chairman, State Central Committee, Progressive Party of Wisconsin, 1948 -- 1952

Correspondence of M. Michael Essin, 1948 -- 1953. Includes 1 TLS from Vito Marcantonio

Correspondence of M. Michael Essin, 1947 -- 1951. 1 MLS Frank Lloyd Wright. 1 TLS A. J. Sabath, US Congressman from Illinois

Bulletins, letters, telegrams, minutes, policy statements, broadsides, pamphlets, press releases, 1948 -- 1952

Box 6

Wisconsin, continued:

Pamphlets (2 folders)

Bills, receipts, tax statements, tickets, bank statements, cancelled checks, and miscellany

Box 7

Wisconsin, continued:

Bills, receipts, tax statements, tickets, bank statements, cancelled checks, and miscellany


Broadsides, pamphlets, letters, leaflets, 1949 -- 1954

Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New Jersey, New Hampshire:

Pamphlets, broadsides, press releases, manuscript notes, telegrams, form letters, 1947 -- 1953

New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island:

Pamphlets, broadsides, form letters, articles, 1947 -- 1950

Box 7A

Miscellaneous pamphlets, broadsides, leaflets, form letters, and clippings

Box 8

Miscellaneous pamphlets, broadsides, and leaflets

I. F. Stone. Smith Act trial report. Young Progressives of America. Form letters, broadsides, publications, directives, bulletins, 1946 -- 1953

American Committee for the Foreign Born. American Continental Congress for Peace. American Peace Crusade. CIO Political Action Committee. Civil Rights Congress. Committee for a Democratic Far Eastern Policy. Council of American Soviet Friendship. Council on African Affairs. National Nonpartisan Committee to Defend the Rights of the 12 Communist Leaders. Peace Information Center. United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America. Form letters, postcards, leaflets, pamphlets, statements, press releases, 1948 -- 1952

World Peace Congress. Yugoslav Information Center. Facts for Farmers. National Labor Committee for Wallace and Taylor. Progressive Veteran. Vet's Voice. The Southern Patriot. Romanian News. American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born. National Committee to Secure Justice in the Rosenberg Case. Postcards, form letters, statements, pamphlets, publications, manuscripts notes, newspaper clippings, 1948 -- 1952.

Box 9

National Progressive Party. Programs, minutes, reports, statements, outlines, form letters, broadsides, 1946 -- 1952

National Progressive Party. Reports, press releases, budgets, bulletins, form letters, broadsides, statements, 1947 -- 1953

National Wallace for President Committee. Leaflets, form letters, broadsides, 1947 -- 1952
Progressive Party. Pamphlets, articles, form letters, leaflets, songs

Box 10

Progressive Party. Pamphlets, programs, cards, forms

Progressive Party. United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America. Pamphlets, leaflets, campaign biography Meet Henry Wallace by James Waterman Wise

Charles P. Howard. Harvey Matsow. Rod Holmgren. Milburn P. Akers. Letters, notebooks, manuscript notes, articles, clippings, 1949 -- 1955

Calvin B. Baldwin. Form letters, news releases, statements, directives, 1948 -- 1954

John J. Abt. Elmer A. Benson. Edward R. Frisbie. George B. Murphy Jr. Jerry J. O'Connell. Ralph E. Shikes. Lillian H. Traugott. Form letters, news releases, broadsides, statements, directives, 1947 -- 1950

Box 11


Box 12

John J. Abt. Elmer A. Benson. Calvin B. Baldwin. Form letters, statements, directives, news releases, memoranda, addresses, 1950 -- 1952

Calvin B. Baldwin. Form letters, statements, directives, news releases, memoranda, reports, speeches, 1949 -- 1954

Calvin B. Baldwin. Form letters, speeches, reports, news releases, statements, directives, 1948 -- 1954

Jack Berman. Reuben W. Borough. Lou Burnham. Barney Conal. Earl B. Dickerson. Thomas I. Emerson. Corliss Lamont. Mitchell Franklin. George B. Murphy, Jr. Paul Robeson. Ralph Shikes. Lillian H. Traugott. Form letters, speeches, statements, news releases, reports, directives, 1948 -- 1950

Raymond R. Tillman. Katherine A. Van Orden. Luke H. Wilson. Dr. W. E. Du Bois. Vincent Hallinan. Vivian Hallinan. Charlotta Bass. Morton Bloom. Form letters, speeches, statements, news releases, reports, directives, 1949 -- 1953

Box 13

California, Connecticut, Florida:

Broadsides, reports, minutes, form letters, statements, directives, leaflets, publications, 1947 -- 1954

Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New York:

Petitions, form letters, statements, news releases, manuscript notes, articles, reports, speeches, 1947 -- 1952

Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, Wisconsin:

Form letters, nomination papers, manuscript notes, articles, reports, speeches, statements, broadsides, 1948 -- 1953

Vermont, Wisconsin:

Form letters, nomination papers, manuscript notes, reports, statements, leaflets, speeches, articles, broadsides, 1948 -- 1950


Petitions, tax returns, letters, statements, manuscript notes, speeches, 1948 -- 1951

Box 14

Wisconsin, continued:

Election statements, letters, speeches, election ballots, nomination papers, manuscript notes, reports, 1948 -- 1950

National Committee to Defeat the Mundt Bill. Young Progressive Citizens of America. Newsletters, form letters, bulletins, statements, pamphlets, broadsides, publications, news releases, 1948 -- 1950

American Labor Party. National Council of American-Soviet Friendship. American Peace Crusade. Peace Information Center. Letters, statements, memoranda, reports, speeches, publications, 1949 -- 1951

Civil Rights Congress. American Civil Liberties Union. Daniels Defense Committee. Fraternal Council of Churches in America. National Lawyers Guild. National Committee to Repeal the McCarren Act. Motion Picture Association. Letters, statements, reports, scripts, broadsides, petitions, reprints, 1948 -- 1953

Facts for Action. (National Wallace for President Committee), 1948

Facts for Action. Legislative Bulletin. AVC Progressive news. News releases. Uncensored. Peace Crusader. American Soviet Friendship Report on the News. American Soviet Facts, 1948 -- 1953

Box 15

Swaptalk. The Farmer's Angle. American Committee for the Protection of the Foreign Born. National Wallace for President Committee. 1948 -- 1949

National Conference of Students for Wallace. Progressive Party National Committee Meeting. National Committee on Jobs & the Economic Crisis. 1947 -- 1949

National Progressive Party. Statements, resolutions, reports, programs, 1950

National Progressive Party. Reports, statements, newsletters, minutes, resolutions, speeches, 1950 -- 1952

National Progressive Party. Reports, statements, minutes, bulletins, programs, 1950 -- 1954

Box 16

National Progressive Party:

Statements, minutes, news releases, lists, reports, broadsides, resolutions, speeches, 1948 -- 1950

Speeches, statements, reports, minutes, lists, articles, 1948 -- 1954

Statements, minutes, lists, reports, leaflets, 1947 -- 1950

Resolutions, statements, articles, reports, lists, programs, biographies, form letters, 1948 -- 1953

Reports, lists, minutes, statements, news releases, memoranda, broadsides, articles, programs, 1948 -- 1950

Box 17

National Progressive Party:

Leaflets, policies, statements, letters, reports, broadsides, speeches, lists, 1948 -- 1950

Henry Agard Wallace. Speeches and statements, 1946 -- 1949

Box 18

Henry Agard Wallace, Speeches and statements, 1948 -- 1951

Box 19

Newspaper clippings:

Baltimore local interest and foreign items in Baltimore papers

Box 20

Newspaper clippings:

Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut local interest, National Committees

Box 21

Newspaper clippings:

Vermont and a few Quebec clippings

Box 22

Newspaper clippings:

Vermont local interest news clippings. Some newspaper columnists

Box 23

Newspaper clippings:

Vermont, Wisconsin, Maryland and Rhode Island. Milburn Akers Committee

Box 24

Newspaper clippings:

California, Massachusetts, New York, Wisconsin, Indiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Illinois

Box 25

Newspaper clippings and speeches:

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Charles P. Howard. Wisconsin Citizens for Wallace Journal

Box 26

Wallace Fact Memorial Folder. Speech material folder. Includes form letters, broadsides, articles, memoranda, AVC Progressive news, convention speeches folder. Convention business folder

Box 27

Manual of Practical Political Action. Edited by Lewis C. Frank, Jr. and Ralph E. Shikes

We Pledge Peace a friendship book

An Uncommon Man by Frank Kingdon (New York: The Readers Press, 1945). Iowa Progressive Party Platform and resolutions folder. Campaign handbook of the Progressive Party 1948 (2 copies). Notebook of Charles P. Howard

Box 28

Charles P. Howard Notebook. Student's Manual of Outlines. National founding convention of the new political party at convention hall, Philadelphia Proceedings (1948) Sixty photographs, National Wallace Committee check stub. Proceedings. 17th biennial convention. International Fur & Leather Workers Union of United States and Canada, CIO. Atlantic City, May 16 -- 22, 1948, 263 pages

Box 29

Political Affairs:

June -- December, 1947
January -- April, 1948
June -- September, 1948
November -- December 1948
August -- September 1953

New World Review. January -- March 1953

Masses & Mainstream. March -- November 1948, January 1949

Wallace, Henry A. Toward World Peace. New York: Reynal & Hitchcock, 1948

Box 30

Proceedings. Illinois State Industrial Union Council CIO. Seventh and eighth Constitution Convention, 1949 -- 1950

Proceedings of the ... Constitutional Convention of the United Steel Workers of America; 1946, 1948, 1950

Official Proceedings of the ... Convention of the International Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers; 1946, 1948

Proceedings of the ... Convention of San Francisco, 1945, 1947, 1949. International Longshoremen's & Warehousemen's Union affiliated with the Congress of Industrial Organizations.

Proceedings. Fifth Constitutional Convention of the United Furniture Workers of America, CIO, 1948

Proceedings of the ... Constitutional Convention of the United Office and Professional Workers of America, CIO; 1946, 1948

Sweezy, Paul M. and Huberman, Leo (eds.) F.O. Mathiessen (1902 -- 1950), A Collective Portrait, New York: Henry Schuman, 1950

Box 31

Proceedings of the ... Annual Convention International Woodworkers of America; 1946, 1947, 1948

Proceedings. United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America, CIO; 1946, 1947, 1948

Proceedings ... Constitutional Convention of the Congress of Industrial Organizations; 1947, 1948, 1949

Investigations of senators Joseph R. McCarthy and William Benton pursuant to S. Res. 187 and S. Res. 304. Report of the Subcommittee on Privileges and Elections to the Committee on Rules and Administration

Rochester, Anna. The Populist Movement in the United States. New York: International Publishers, 1943

Whitman, Alden. Labor Parties 1827 -- 1834. New York: International Publishers, 1943

Lawson, Elizabeth. Lincoln's Third Party. New York: New Century Publishers, 1948

Foster, William Z.; Beware of the War Danger! New York: New Century Publishers, 1948

Dennis, Eugene. The Third Party and the 1948 Elections. New York: New Century Publishers, 1948

Box 32

Press releases, news clippings, articles, letters, 1947 -- 1955. Correspondents include Henry L. Moon (NAACP), Joseph L. Johnson (dean of medicine, Howard University), Clark Foreman (director, Emergency Civil Liberties Committee), Mary McLeod Bethune

Spy Hunter. News clippings, articles, form letters, press releases, fact sheets, 1947 -- 1953

Articles, speeches, clippings, notes, 1946-1952

Henry A. Wallace Breaks With Truman. Form letters, news clippings, letters, articles, 1946 -- 1948. Correspondents include Henry A. Wallace (2 TLS) and James Imbrie

Progressive Party Convention. Articles, platforms, news clippings, speeches, 1948 - 1955. Letter from James Hayford, West Burke, Vermont.

Divisions (Youth-Women-Farmers). Letters, bulletins, clippings, articles, pamphlets, press conferences, news releases, statements, reports, 1948 -- 1955. Correspondents include Harold Buchman, Fred W. Stover, Elmer A. Benson (1 ALS), James M. Youngdale, James Robertson

Box 32A

Labor. Reviews, news clippings, notes, articles, letters, pamphlets, speeches, news releases, fact sheets, 1948 -- 1954. Correspondents include Kermit Eby, Len De Caux, Eugene Cotton, Mrs. Miles Tierney, Leslie Orear, Abner Green

Liberals. Newspaper clippings, press releases, play, fact sheet, notes, pamphlets, articles, 1947 -- 1948

Box 33

South. Speeches, news clippings, articles, press releases, letters, telegrams, 1948 -- 1954. Includes itinerary of southern trip. Correspondents include Harry S. Ashmore and Alan T. Myers

West. News clippings, articles, letters, telegrams, statements, reports, fact sheets, press releases, speeches, 1947 -- 1948. Correspondents include Calvin B. Baldwin, Chet Holifield

Middle West. News clippings, 1948 -- 1955

East. News clippings, editorials, articles, memorandum, 1948

Election. Articles, news clippings, reports, telegrams, letters, speeches, 1948 -- 1953. Radio broadcast of Henry A. Wallace. Letter from Eric Hoffer

Early third parties. Articles, news clippings, 1947 -- 1954

Henry A. Wallace. Articles, news clippings, 1941 -- 1944 (3 folders)

Kansas. Letters, editorials, 1952

Iowa. Letters, news clippings, party platforms, speeches, campaign material, 1948 -- 1953. Correspondents include Henry Wallace and George Mills

Indiana. Letters, campaign material, letterhead stationery, 1947 -- 1948. Correspondents include Louise Gilbert, Laure Spiker (secretary, Indiana Committee to Win the Peace) and Jessica Phine (executive secretary, Indiana Citizens for Wallace)

Kentucky. Letters, campaign material, news clippings, press releases, articles 1948 -- 1953. Correspondents include Herbert H. Monsky

Louisiana. Press releases, campaign material, 1948

Maine. Letters including Louise Hunt and Ray Gailey, 1948 -- 1955

Box 34

Maryland. Letters, campaign material, election results, a petition, news clippings. Correspondents include Walter McManamon, Sen. Millard Tydings, Milton Bate, and A.J. Bourbon (administrative assistant to Sen. O'Connor), 1946 -- 1954

Massachusetts. Letters, news clippings, election results, proceedings of party's founding convention, press releases, articles, 1947 -- 1948. Correspondents include Harlow Shapley

Lansing, Michigan; Massachusetts and New Jersey. Letters, newspapers and clippings, campaign material, petitions 1946 -- 1948. Letter from Henry Wallace

Michigan. Letters, articles, newspapers, clippings, election results, proceedings of conventions, news releases, 1948 -- 1954. Correspondents include Sid Rosen (treasurer of Progressive Party in Michigan), Allen Sayler (state chairman), Harry S. Toy (police commissioner of Detroit), William D. Chase, Albert Cherow, and Edith Lindeman.

Florida. Letters, news clippings, election report, speech analysis, 1947 -- 1955. Interview with Sen. Pepper. Correspondents include Sam Lubell, Nelson Poynter, Clark Foreman, Louis Touby (party treasurer), John Kovace, John M. Coe (state chairman)

Arkansas. News releases, clippings, campaign material, 1948

February 1948. Miscellany of news clippings and campaign sheets

January 1948. Miscellany of news clippings and articles, including Wallace's column. Proceedings of 2nd annual convention

Proceedings of national convention of 1948 then the Shibe Park Meeting. 1948 and 1954. Articles on the death of Vito Marcantonio. Miscellany of articles and campaign material

Miscellany of party platforms and newspaper clippings about them. Campaign material, 1948

Box 35

Colorado. Editorial manuscript by Wallace, letters, news clippings, notes from Vincent File, proceedings of Colorado convention, 1948 -- 1955. Correspondents include Mike Rinn (state chairman), Samuel D. Menin, Michael Straight, Lee Fryer, Rudy Cook (executive secretary of party), Mrs. Herbert Ulmer

March 1948. Miscellaneous news clippings

April 1948. Lists of members of national committee of Wallace for President, news clippings, news releases, articles

Georgia. Letters, news clippings, press releases, articles. Correspondents include Palmer Weber, J.W. Gitt, George J. Roark, M.C. Thompson (governor of Georgia), William Moody, Emerson Hill, and Arnold Goldman

Delaware. News clippings, 1947

Connecticut. Documents of Progressive Party of Connecticut, letters, news clippings, 1948 -- 1953. Correspondents include Thomas Emerson (candidate for governor)

California. Letters, news clippings, 1948

Alabama. Letters, news clippings, 1948

H. A. W. Announces. Letters, Wallace speech, news clippings, articles, 1948. Correspondents H. A. Wallace. Illinois news clippings on death of Mrs. Anita McCormick Blaine

1945. Wallace speech, news clippings, news release

November -- December 1948. Letters, news clippings, news releases, election analysis, articles, party documents. Correspondents include H.A. Wallace (copy)

May 1948. Letters, news releases, news clippings, articles, primary topic: Wallace-Stalin letter. Correspondents include Adam Swartz and George Murphy

Box 36

Convention Press. Letters, news clippings, maps, articles, 1948. Correspondents include Rexford Tugwell, Chuck Roberts, Roland Wolseley, and Clara Vincent

Chapter 3: 1945 and 1946. News clippings, pamphlets, news releases, notes, 1945 -- 1946

Letters, music, news clippings, articles, notes, 1948 -- 1954. Correspondents include Allen Sayler, Joe Scholnick, William H. Miller, and Ruth Frank

MacDougall speeches. Text of speeches and debates, news releases, 1948 -- 1950

Illinois, 1948. Letters, thesis manuscript, news releases, news clippings, article, partydocuments. Correspondents include Edward Barrett (secretary of state), Zalmon H Garfield, and Arthur J. Wetle

Texas. Letters, party documents, news releases, speeches, news clippings, election analyses, 1948. Correspondents include Mandell and Wright, Jessie Floyd O'Connor, and Pearl Fox

Congress --Votes. Congressional vote analyses, news clippings, articles, 1945 -- 1947

Box 37

Wisconsin. Letters, campaign material, party documents, news clippings, election analyses, 1948 -- 1953. Correspondents include Michael J. Essin (executive director of party)

New Mexico. Letters, party documents, 1948 -- 1953

Nebraska. Letters, news notes, 1948 -- 1953. Correspondents include Arthur F. Stearns and John J. Abt

Montana. Letters, campaign material, news clippings, party documents, 1947 -- 1953. Correspondents include John Hellman and Chet Kinsey

New Jersey. News clippings, notes, party documents, campaign material, 1948 -- 1953

New Hampshire. Party documents, campaign material, election laws, news clippings, 1948

Missouri. Letters, party documents, news clippings, 1948. Correspondents include Katherine Shryver

Mississippi. Notes from news articles, 1948

Minnesota. Letters, party documents, campaign material, news clippings, 1948 -- 1954. Correspondents include Elmer Benson, Victor Lawson, and Cy Barnum

Farmers-Ayres. Party documents, campaign material 1948, election reports

Nationalities. Party documents, campaign material, 1948

Republicans. Letters, campaign material, clippings, 1948 -- 1954

Socialism. Documents and articles of and about the Socialist party in America, 1948 -- 1954

Legal. Court documents, articles, clippings, 1948

Liberalism-ADA. Letters, notes, clippings, articles, documents of ADA, 1947 -- 1954. Correspondents include Arthur Schlessinger, Jr., Robert R. Nathan, David C. Williams, Somes V. Cunningham, Mrs. Elliot Dexter

Tennessee. Campaign material, letters, clippings, 1948. Correspondents include KKK

South Dakota. Party documents, letter, 1948. Correspondents include Homer Ayres South

Carolina. Notes from newspapers, 1948

Oregon. Party documents, news clippings, 1947

Rhode Island. Letters, speeches, party documents, clippings, 1948 -- 1955. Correspondents include Ralph C. Lofsky

Idaho. Notes from newspapers, 1948

Ohio. Party documents, campaign material, clippings, 1948

Box 38

Oklahoma. Letters, petitions, clippings, 1948 -- 1954. Correspondents include Roscoe Dunjee

North Dakota. Letters, clippings. Correspondents include Quentin N. Burdick, 1948 -- 1955

War Mindedness. Clippings, 1948

Women. Campaign material, press releases, 1948

Vermont. Letters, election results, articles, news clippings, 1948. Correspondents include Una Buxenbaum, Helen MacMartin, and E.H. Konrad

Wallace-Northwestern Teachers. Letters, petitions, 1948. Correspondents include Ernest Samuels, Edgar S. Brightman, Art Brooke

Pennsylvania. Letters, party documents, campaign material, clippings, petitions, 1948 -- 1952. Correspondents include J.W. Gitt, Gerald Schlaflander, Julia Veinus, Barney Conal, Charlotte Lance

Virginia. Party documents, clippings, 1948

Washington. Party documents, clippings, 1948

West Virginia. Letters, Horace S. Mendahl and Harry Ernst, 1953

Dixiecrats. Documents, campaign material, clippings, manuscripts, speeches, 1948 -- 1953

South. Booklet, 1948

New York. Letters, election analyses, campaign material, press releases, Liberal Party documents, American Labor Party documents. Includes letters of Warren Montrose (Research and Publicity Division Liberal Party), 1948 -- 1953

North Carolina. Letters, clippings, party documents, election analyses, manuscript notes, 1948. Correspondents include Mary Price

Youth. Letters, articles, form letters, clippings, campaign material, newsletter, party documents, includes letters by Herbert Oppenheimer, C.B. Baldwin, Alice D. Nelson

Farmers. Letters, clippings, articles, 1947 -- 1953. Correspondents were CB Baldwin, Somes Patton, Fred Stover

Thesis. Brown, Bill. The Birth of a Party. Winter, 1948

Box 39

Dahl, Genter. Minority Parties and Independents, 1948

Kaufman, Mendel J. The Progressive Party, 1948

Democrats. Letters, articles, clippings, interview with Pres. Truman, 1948 -- 1953. Includes copies of letters from H. S. Truman and J. Frank Dobie

Conference of Progressives, PCA, AND ADA 1946. Form letters, pamphlets, manuscript notes, articles, clippings, newsletters

Europe. Manuscript notes, clippings, greetings to British Progressives, 1945 -- 1947

Miscellany. Manuscript note, 1947

Taft Hartley to Labor Day. UPWA Convention proceedings, 1947. Manuscript notes, 1947

A Labor Party in West, manuscript notes, clippings, 1947

Wallace speeches, manuscript notes, letters, clippings, 1947 -- 1954. Correspondents include William Homes Borders, Clark Foreman, Lyle Stuart

December 1947. Clippings, manuscript notes

Organizational background. Manuscript notes, 1945 -- 1946

Domestic vs. Truman. Manuscript notes, 1945 -- 1947

Peace and the Bomb. Manuscript notes, articles, letters, booklets, 1945 -- 1946

Wallace's background. Manuscript note, articles, news clippings, letters, speeches, 1935 -- 1947. Letters include FDR to Henry Wallace (copy)

Communists. Letters, articles, news clippings, manuscript notes, booklets, 1945 -- 1948. Correspondents include Dorothy Thompson, Alfred Friendly, Louis Adamic, Lee Fryer, J. W. Gitt

Background. Letters, news clippings, broadsides, 1945 -- 1954. Correspondents include Claude Pepper

Issues. Broadsides, manuscript notes, news clippings, articles, campaign material, 1946 -- 1948

Foreign policy. Letters, articles, pamphlet, news clippings, news releases, manuscript notes, 1948

Dixiecrats. Letters, articles, news clippings, news releases, manuscript notes, 1948 -- 1954. Correspondents include J.W. Gitt, Henry Wallace (copy), Clarence Athearn, Ralph Shikes, Ferdinand C. Smith, Rev. Stacy Adams

Colorado and Communists. Press releases, speeches, news clippings, articles, 1948

Box 40

Oklahoma, Ohio, Minnesota. Letters, press releases, articles, news clippings, speeches, 1948 -- 1954

Illinois Party Documents. News letters, 1947

National Citizens Political Action Committee. Pamphlets, news releases, broadsides, newsletters, reports, 1945 -- 1946

Independent Voters of Illinois. Letters, form letters, broadside, documents, news clippings, press releases, reports, speeches, 1947. Correspondents include James Adams, Robert Hurleigh, Irving Flamm, Harry Green, William Volk, Mary Wheeler, Robert Lasch

January -- September 1947. Articles, press releases, form letters, news clippings, speeches, newsletters, broadsides, editorials, letters, manuscript notes. Correspondents include Ralph Shikes and J.W. Gitt

Bell Ringer. Newsletters, 1945 -- 1947

National Citizens Political Action Committee. Pamphlets 1944 -- 1947

Henry A. Wallace. News releases, pamphlets, manuscript notes, news clippings, news releases, letters from Atlantis Marshall, 1940 -- 1966. Biographic sketches

Union for Democratic Action. Organization documents, pamphlets, bulletins, form letters, platforms, newsletters, letters from Frank McCulloch, 1942 -- 1946

Box 41

Independent Voters of Illinois, 1946. Letters, documents, plays, news clippings, booklets, reports, press releases, form letters, newsletters, magazines, platforms. Correspondents include Lillian Milgrom, Edward J. Sparling, Lillian O. Inke, Mrs. Hugh Carmicheal, Mrs. Hedwig Loeb, Julius Jesmer, Leo Lerner, Alex Elson, Howard Williams, Ira Latimer, Joseph Genne, and Frank McCulloch

Independent Voters of Illinois, 1943 -- 1945. Documents, reports, news clippings, editorials, letters, form letters, articles, booklets, bulletins. Correspondents include John Lapp, Irving J. Rosenblum, Leo Lerner, John H. Miller

Students. Pamphlets, broadsides, newsletters, campaign material, form letters, 1946 (2 folders)

Wallace, The Red Issues. News clippings, articles, letters, manuscript notes, campaign material, 1948 -- 1953. Correspondent Arthur Schutzer

Notes from books

Box 42

Vol. 3: Additions. Letters, news clippings, news releases, notes from books, surveys, booklets, articles, speeches, manuscript notes, 1946 -- 1953. Correspondents include Chester Bowles, Leon Henderson, Walter Reuther (copy), Dan J. McCormick, Seymour Pitcher, Henry A. Wallace (copy), F.W. Stover (copy), Barney Conal

Gideon's Army manuscripts chapters I -- XIII (13 folders)

Box 43

Gideon's Army manuscripts chapters XIV -- XXVIII (15 folders)

Box 44

Gideon's Army manuscript chapters XXIX -- XXXVI (8 folders)

Vol. 1: Additions. Speeches, news clippings, letters, campaign material, fact sheets, 1947 -- 1963. Correspondents include Michael Straight

Platform. Letters, form letters, articles, news clippings, newsletters, bulletins, press releases, platforms, 1948 -- 1953. Correspondents include Paul M. Sweezy, Dick Walt, Lee Pressman, Elinor Gimbel, John J. Abt, Scott Buchanan, Rexford G. Tugwell

National Citizens Political Action Committee Research Council

Progressive, Evanston. Form letters, PCA documents, fact sheets, membership lists, newsletters, news clippings, letters from Donald Sweet, Helen Baker, Joan Boe, 1948 -- 1950

Box 45

Progressives, MacDougall. Interviews, letters, broadsides, correspondents include William H. Miller (Illinois PCA state director) and Mrs. Lillian Traugott, 1948 -- 1950

Communists. Articles, news clippings, form letters, manuscript notes, 1948

Newspaper articles of interest to the Progressive Party

General Ideas. Notes, articles, news clippings, biographical notes, interviews, letters, reports
Vol. 2 Additions. Party documents, notes, clippings, letters, articles, platforms, statements, 1948 -- 1963. Correspondents include Clifford Durr and Jim Dumbrowski

Foreman, Clark. Articles, name lists, clippings, pamphlets, party documents, press releases, newsletters, form letters, speeches, campaign material, reports, letters from Clark Foreman, CB Baldwin, Russ Nixon, Hugh Bryson, J.W. Gitt, Mary Price, 1947 -- 1949

1947: October, November, December. Pamphlets, broadsides, campaign material, fact sheets, news clippings, press releases, manuscript notes, party documents, letters from Helen G. Douglas, James Imbrie, Herman Fish, Bert L. Sharp, Charles Shillet, Dr. Robert M. Lindner, Leslie H. Peard, Jr.

Politics, Chicago, Judges. Ballots, press releases, news clippings, telegrams, form letters, speeches, campaign material, election results, pamphlets, manuscript notes, letters from Zal Garfiels, John Hastings, James Mulroy, Maud Slye, Donald Sweet, William Miller, 1947 -- 1948

Box 46

National Citizens Political Action Committee, January -- June 1947. Party documents, form letters, news clippings, press releases, statements, briefs, pamphlets

Progressive Party. Manuscript notes, pamphlets, press releases, speeches, reports, fact sheets, news clippings

Business correspondence 1944 -- 1965. Includes letters from John J. Abt 1949, CB Baldwin, Elmer A. Benson, Vito Marcantonio, Curtis D. MacDougall, Robert Morss Lovett, Vincent Hallinan, Clifford T. McAvoy, and 10 Henry Wallace letters (14 folders)

Speeches by Henry A. Wallace, 1949 -- 1953

Speeches by CB Baldwin, 1949

Speeches by Vito Marcantonio, July 1952

Speeches by Elmer Benson, 1950

Speech by Thomas Emerson, 1950

Speeches by Paul Robeson, 1950

Speeches by Mrs. Charlotta Bass, 1952

Speeches by James Imbrie, O.J. Rogge, Archibald Carey, Dean Acheson, Curtis MacDougall, William S. Gailman, 1950

Speeches by John J. Abt, associate supreme court justice, William O. Douglas, Vincent Hallinan, W.E.B. DuBois, Reuben W. Barough, Charles A. Hill, Vilian Hallinan, Clara Vincent, William D. Smith, Eslanda Goode Robeson

Box 47

Agendas and programs of various events. April 1949 to July 1952

Minutes of meetings of the Progressive Party, January 1949 to September 1950

Reports by various committees and people, 1949 -- 1955

Statements by Henry A. Wallace, 1949 -- 1953

Statements by various committees and people, 1949 -- 1954

Resolutions by various committees, 1949 -- 1951

Press releases, 1949 -- 1953

Memoranda, 1949 -- 1953

Pamphlets on areas relating to the Progressive Party

Newspaper clippings. Many on Henry Wallace

Box 48

Newspaper clippings. Many on Henry Wallace (4 folders)

Forms. Soliciting volunteer help (political campaign), 1944

Biographical notes on 53 people

Progressive Party name list

Bulletins 1949 -- 1950


Illinois Progressive Party. State party platform, 1950, and a paper on the Progressive Party of Illinois, 1950

Arms program fact sheet

Progressive Party Convention, 1950. Press coverage, convention rules

Review of the first four months of the Eisenhower administration

Progressive Party, financial data

Box 49

Progressive Party, campaign material

Progressive Party, articles and statements on issues of the party

General articles on the Progressive Party

Miscellaneous material including a radio interview with Henry A. Wallace in 1950

Notebooks 1 -- 23

Box 50

Notebooks 24 -- 48

Boxes 51 -- 54

Index cards

Box 55

Notebooks 49 -- 55

Correspondence dated 1949 -- 1950. Letters by Charles P. Howard, Paul Cunningham, Franklin H. Williams, Russ Nixon and others

Correspondence between MacDougall and others while researching Gideon's Army

Correspondence and other material relating to Glenn H. Taylor. Newspaper clippings

National Council of Arts, Sciences, and Professions, and related groups. Minutes, resolutions and other NCASP papers. Clippings and NCASP publications Newspaper clippings relating to death of Henry Wallace

Typewritten manuscript. Discarded pages from ms. for Gideon's Army

Box 56

Correspondence with CB Baldwin, 1952 -- 1955

Correspondence, pamphlets, newspaper clippings on Progressive Party and on James Imbrie, Progressive Party candidate for governor of New Jersey 1949 -- 1951

Progressive Party of Illinois, 1949. Clippings and political literature

Progressive Party of Pennsylvania, 1948 -- 1949. Correspondence, speeches, clippings. Correspondents include Jess W. Gitt, Louis Adamic, Claric Foreman

Progressive Party of Pennsylvania. Clippings, correspondence, speeches, 1949 -- 1950

Labor Unions. Correspondence, clippings, pamphlets, 1952 -- 1954

Civil Rights. Correspondence, pamphlets, 1947 -- 1954

Progressive Party organizations of Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin

Henry A. Wallace correspondence and clippings, 1947 -- 1950

Miscellaneous articles

Box 57

Wallace and Taylor speeches. Progressive Party platform. Articles on farm policies, 1948 -- 1953

Material on Young Progressives of America, Wallace campaign, and National Committee on Wallace in Korea

1975 Addendum

Box 58

California and the West. Correspondence, 1948 -- 1965

Colorado correspondence, 1948 -- 1953

East correspondence, 1948 -- 1954

Midwest correspondence, 1947 -- 1955. Includes 1 TLS from Quentin Burdick

Missouri correspondence, 1953 -- 1954. Includes 1 TLS from Harry S. Truman

New England correspondence, 1953 -- 1955

Pennsylvania correspondence, 1948 -- 1965

South correspondence, 1948 -- 1965

Texas correspondence, 1952 -- 1954

Vermont. Correspondence mainly of Helen MacMartin, 1947 -- 1955

West correspondence, 1953 -- 1955

Wisconsin correspondence, 1948 -- 1953

Divisions. Publications Campaign 1948, includes 1 TLS from Pete Seeger. (2 folders)

Lewis Frank Jr. Correspondence, 1952 -- 1970

Box 59

Gideon's Army, Marzini correspondence, 1963 -- 1969 (2 folders)

Gideon's Trumpet, Publishers correspondence, 1954 -- 1974. Correspondents include Corliss Lamont, Carey McWilliams, Harry Ashmore, David A. Shannon, CB Baldwin, Ray A. Billington (3 folders)

Professors for Wallace correspondence, 1948

Progressive Party members since 1948. Miscellaneous material

Oversized Material

Six campaign posters in "Broadsides, Not Cataloged" map case

2003 Addendum

Continuing in Box 59

Whitters, James. "Not So Popular Front: The Progressive Party of Massachusetts and the Elections of 1948."

2010 Addendum

Box 60

The Progressive Party in Tennessee.

Gift of Frank F. Turner. Mr. Turner kept some of the originals for his personal collection, but has graciously provided us with digital images and printouts of these items.


Correspondence, mostly with J. T. Sloan, 1948-1956

Documents, including press releases, canned speeches, pamphlets

---. 1948

---. 1949 and undated

CD with images of those items in Mr. Turner's personal collection

2012 Addendum

George McGovern interviewed by Jon Lauck and John Miller on November 25, 2003

Photocopies of news clippings and transcriptions from South Dakota newspapers, mostly the Mitchell Daily Republic