Special Collections


  • An Olson’s Goodbye

    An Olson’s Goodbye By Micaela Terronez For the past two years, I have had the great fortune of learning about the inner workings of special collections and archives as the Olson Graduate Assistant at The University of Iowa Special […]

  • A Unique Document, a Unique Opportunity

    The following is a post written by graduate student Kristi Hager, who recently finished her certificate for Book Studies at Center for the Book. As a student in Dr. Jennifer Burke Pierce’s History of Readers and Reading course […]

  • The Weird and Wonderful Things of the L. Falcon Media Fandom Collection

    Zoë Webb is a graduate student at the University of Iowa in the School of Library and Information Science and is also pursuing a Book Studies certificate at the Center for the Book. As a student worker in Special Collections, she was […]

  • New Curator of Rare Books coming to Special Collections

    The University of Iowa Libraries is excited to announce that Diane Dias De Fazio will be joining Special Collections as the new Curator of Rare Books this July. Dias De Fazio is joining us from New York, where she has been working as a […]