About Special Collections

200,000 rare books range in age from the 15th century to newly created artists’ books; over 1000 manuscript collections, medieval to modern; 8,000 feet of records document University history.

The Libraries’ repository of primary source materials: Exceptional literary collections of writers from Walt Whitman to Iris Murdoch; historical collections document the French Revolution, Westward Expansion, and the Civil War – and Chautauqua and vaudeville performers, science fiction, the culinary arts, political cartooning, screenwriting….

Tens of thousands of pamphlets, photographs, posters, sound recordings, and other formats.

Special Collections News

  • Special Collections News & Updates 7/22/2016

    Newsfeed: Update on the Music Library Move: http://blog.lib.uiowa.edu/rbml/2016/07/22/were-moving/ Pomerantz Business Library’s 2015-2016 Infographic:  http://blog.lib.uiowa.edu/biz/2016/07/14/pomerantz-business-library-a-look-back-at-fy-2016/ Migration is Beautiful Website […]

  • Special Collections News & Updates 7/15/2016

    Newsfeed: UI Librarians Serving the Iowa Library Association: http://blog.lib.uiowa.edu/news/2016/07/11/ui-librarians-serving-the-iowa-library-association/ 1960’s Exhibition featured in the University of Iowa Alumni Magazine: http://www.iowalum.com/magazine/digital/july16.cfm […]

  • YouTube Series If Books Could Talk Finishes Final Episode

    If Books Could Talk is a collaboration between Heather Wacha from History Corps, a digital public history project from the History Department at the University of Iowa, Colleen Theisen, Outreach […]

  • Special Collections News and Updates 7/1/2016

    Newsfeed: 50 years of Star Trek on Display: http://www.thegazette.com/subject/life/people-places/50-years-of-star-trek-on-display-20160617 Old Capitol Museum celebrates 40 years on National Historic Registry: http://now.uiowa.edu/2016/06/old-cap-landmark Bringing Special Collections into […]

  • Historical Crushes YouTube Series

    Special Collections’ Graduate Assistant Kelly Grogg, is somehow convincing our librarians to admit to their secret historical crushes… &nbs […]

  • Special Collections News & Updates 6/17/2016

    Newsfeed: Library Field Responds to Orlando http://lj.libraryjournal.com/2016/06/public-services/library-field-responds-to-orlando-tragedy/#_ Statement on the Orlando Shooting from SAA President Dennis […]

  • Special Collections Instruction Year in Review 2015-2016

    Bring your Class to Special Collections […]

  • Special Collections News & Updates 6/3/2016

    Newsfeed: A look back at the “Meet the Manuscript” workshop: http://blog.lib.uiowa.edu/speccoll/2016/06/03/meet-the-manuscript/ Riverside Theater will return to City Park for Pericles June 17-July 10: http://www.riversidetheatre.org/returningtothepark Salisbury House in Des Moines […]