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Finding Aid

Sean Stewart Zine Collection
MsC 353
Collection Dates: 1986-2009

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

Digital Surrogates: Except where indicated, this document describes but does not reproduce the actual text, images and objects which make up this collection. Materials are available only in the Special Collections Department.

Copyright: Please read The University of Iowa Libraries' statement on Property Rights, Copyright Law, and Permissions to Use Unpublished Materials.

Use of Collections: The University of Iowa Libraries supports access to the materials, published and unpublished, in its collections. Nonetheless, access to some items may be restricted by their fragile condition or by contractual agreement with donors, and it may not be possible at all times to provide appropriate machinery for reading, viewing or accessing non-paper-based materials. Please read our Use of Manuscripts Statement.

Acquisition and Processing Information: These materials were donated by Sean Stewart, of Baltimore, MD, in December 2009. The collection was processed in December 2009.

Photographs: None









Scope and Contents

The zines in the Stewart Collection constitute a wide variety of subjects and concerns, Many are perzines, that is,"personal" zines that describe the author's own experiences, thoughts and feelings. Others consist of comic or other types of art, and still other zines are designed as outlets for political or social expression. Many zines encompass more than one type or style, reflecting the fluidity of the zine as a product of creative endeavor.

Also included are issues of several publications dedicated to the review of other zines, including Zine World and Best Zine Ever.

Biographical Note

Sean Stewart is a Baltimore, MD-based librarian and zine writer/editor. In 1996 he began publishing his perzine Thoughtworm (which continues today), and also started collecting and trading zines at that time. In addition to writing and collecting, he is also active as a zine reviewer. He has written reviews for Zine World, Best Zine Ever, and Zine Guide. He served as the monthly review columnist for the NewPages Zine Rack on (which is still accessible) from 2002-2007. Currently he reviews zines and books for Razorcake Magazine.

Historical Note

Zines (originally called fanzines) are amateur, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) publications produced non-commercially, designed to circulate among a small number of people sharing similar cultural or social interests. Generally speaking, zines are produced by a single individual - in a cut-and-paste fashion and photocopied - and distributed informally by hand or at concerts, zine fests, bookstores, music stores and other locations, or sent through the mail at low cost.

Zines are important methods of communication among members of distinct subcultures or social communities traditionally underrepresented by the societal mainstream. In the modern era, zines became popular during the emergence of science fiction fandom starting in the 1930s. SF fans created zines, which evolved out of the letter columns from SF literary magazines such as Astounding Stories, in order to communicate with each other and provide forums in which fans could express their own personal opinions about the genre and its media products. Zines fairly quickly became a distinct feature of SF fandom and remain so to this day.

Zines were taken up by other distinct cultural movements, including beat literature in the 1950s, underground comics in the 1960, punk music

in the 1970s, and the feminist riot grrl movement in the 1990s. As methods of cheap photocopying and, later, the personal computer, became more widely available in the 1980s and 1990s the number and variations of zines exploded. With the advent of the Internet and the introduction of blogging as a tool of personal and creative expression, the number of print zines began declining, although the zine remains popular among particular subcultures as a tool of personal and creative expression and as a way of exchanging thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Related Materials

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This ATCA collection brings together journals, newspapers, zines, and similar formal and informal periodicals that are art-related or have artistic merit. The range of subjects is broad and include political and cultural issues, gender and sexuality questions, as well as music, film, poetry, and religion. MsC779. (Finding Aid)

BERGUS, NICK AND LAURA. Bergus Zine Collection, 1978-2002. 13.5 ft.
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JOHNSON, BRENT. The Brent Johnson Iowa Killed Buddy Holly Small Press and Zine Shop Collection, 1990-2005. 5.5 ft.

Collection of zines and other small press publications assembled by Johnson, an Iowa City native who operated the Iowa Killed Buddy Holly Small Press and Zine Shop in Iowa City. MsC 319. (Finding Aid)

PUBLIC SPACE ONE. Public Space ONE Zine Collection, 1977-2008. 2.2. ft.
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WOLFE, SARAH AND JEN. Sarah and Jen Wolfe Collection of Riot Grrrl and Underground Music Zines, 1991-1998, 2003. 6 ft.

Collection of amateur publications arising primarily from the feminist riot grrrl movement of the 1990s, together with numerous zines documenting various independent/underground music scenes. MsC 878. (Finding Aid)

ZINE MACHINE. Zine Machine Collection, 2001-2009. 0.8 ft.
Collection of zines taken from the Zine Machine, a repurposed vending machine in the University of Iowa Main Library that distributes zines to interested parties. Many of the zines are local to Iowa City in origin. MsC885. (Finding Aid)

Box Contents List

Box 1

Abort! #20 - 21 (August 2008-July 2009)

                              [Jonathan Spies, auth.]

Aint' Nothin' Like Fuckin' Moonshine #14 (Summer 2000)

                              [Green Hut Corp., pub]

AIR/Waves (The /Wave Project #2) (n.d.)

                              [DJ Frederick, auth.]

All the Action (2004)

America? #13 - 15 (n.d.)

                              [Travis ______, auth.]

Anarchy: An Anarchist Primer (n.d.)

Ayaje's Wives (2003)

                              [Matt Wiegle, auth.]

The Beasts of Ball Point (2005)

                              [Suzanne Baumann, auth.]

Beer Frame: The Journal of Inconspicuous Consumption #2 (n.d.), #7 - 10 (1997-2000)

                              [Paul Lukas, auth.]

Best Zine Ever! #4 (2005)

                              [Greg Beans, ed.]

Big Fucking Deal #1 - 3 (January-March 2007)

                              [Marc Parker, auth.]

Big Hands #1 - 2, #7 (n.d.)

                              [Aaron L. smith, auth.]

Black Carrot #12: The Jewish Issue (n.d.)

Bonuscupped #1 (n.d.)

Boxcutter #9 (Summer 2005)

                              [Tomas, auth.]

brainscan #19 (December 2002), #23 (n.d.)

                              [Alex Wrekk, auth.]

Broken Records: The Memoir of a Record Store Clerk (May 2005)

Brooklyn! #35 (2002)

                              [Fred Argoff, auth.]

Bruce's Zine #2 (October 2007)

                              [Bruce, auth.]

Call & Response #1 - 2 (Spring 2004-Summer 2006)

                              [Gianni Simone, auth.]

The Carbon Based Mistake #10 (2003)

                              [Marc Calvay, auth.]

Chiaro/scuro (n.d.)

                              [Jacqui Rae, auth.]

Child That Mind #3 (n.d.)

                              [Moira, auth.]

Choose the World, Not the Bank! (n.d.)

                              [Rob Augman, auth.]

The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #3 - 4 (2005, n.d.)

                              [Abner Smith, auth.]

The Coffee Story (2003)

                              [Mark McMurray, auth.]

Connected ("Boston", "Portland") (n.d.)

                              [Roger whiting, auth.]

Consent or Coercion (2nd printing, October 1996)

                              [Ed Stamin, ed.]

Conveyor #1 (Summer 2006)

                              [Josef Reyes, ed.]

Dagger #33 - 34 (Fall 2003-Spring 2004)

                              [Tim Hinely, ed.]

Dear Jen: Letters From a Delayed Adolescence (2008)

                             [Chris Dodge, auth.]

The Detroit Project (May 2007)

                             [Maria Almaguer, auth.]

Die Trying #2 (n.d.)

                             [Robert Newsome, auth.]

Dirt and Sky (2002)

                             [Mark Hain, auth.]

Driving Blind #3 (Summer 2005)

                             [Erin H., auth.]

Dudes Magazine #13 (2009)

                             [Jason Stuhlman, ed.]

Dumb Jersey White Boy #2 (2005)

                             [Mark McMurray, auth.]

The Duplex Planet #79 (1986), #81 - 82, #86 (1987), #94 (1988), #99, #102 (1989)

                             [David B. Greenberger, ed.]

The Duplex Planet #108 (1990), #112 - 113 (1991), #117 - 120 (1991-1992)

                             [David B. Greenberger, ed.]

The Duplex Planet #122 (1992), #128 (1993), #130 - 131 (1994), #136 (1995), #143 (1996)

                             [David Greenberger, ed.]

The Duplex Planet #148 (1997), #150 (1998), #153 (1999), #157 (2000)

                             [David Greenberger, ed.]

The Duplex Planet #159 (2001), #163 (2002), #166, #168 - 169 (2003)

                             [David Greenberger, ed.]

Dwan #31 (n.d.), #33 (2002), #36 (2003), #44 (n.d.)

                             [Donny Smith, auth.]

The East Village Inky #11 (2001), #13 (October 2001)

                             [Ayun Halliday, auth.]

Eaves of Ass #3 (n.d.)

                             [Craven Rock, auth.]

Emergency #5: The Ocean and the Hills (n.d.)

                             [Ammi Emergency, auth.]

Etiquette (2006)

                             [Lacey Prpic Hedtke, auth.]

Extranjero #1 - 2 (Spring-Summer 2004)

                             [Kris and Lola, auth.]

The F-Word #1 (Spring 2006)

                             [Melody, ed.]

Fag School #2 (2006)

                             [Brontez, ed.]

The Family Geek #2 (July/August 2004)

                             [Dan Murphy, auth.]

Family Reunion (2004)

                             [Sean Stewart and Steve LIeber, auth.]

Farm Pulp #24 (May/June 1995), #31 (May/June 1997), #34 (August/September 1998), #37 (October/November 1999), #39 (August/September 2000)

                             [Greg Hischak, ed.]

Fathers Day (2002)

                             [Robert Newsome, auth.]

Fifth Grade (2006)

                             [Ben Frazier, auth.]

Fish With Legs #3 - 12 (1999-2008?)

                             [Eric Lyden, auth.]

Fish with Legs "Bootleg Edition" (2003?), "Special Edition" (n.d.)

                             [Eric Lyden, auth.]

For the Clerisy/Good Words for Readers #58 - 59 (November 2004-January 2005), WWP One-Shot (June 2006)

                             [Brent Kresovich, auth.]

Fun Facts #2 (n.d.)

                             [Eric Lyden, auth.]

Fuzzy Lunchbox #6 (January 2004)

                             [Laura Nadel, ed.]

Genetic Disorder #18 (2005?)

                             [Larry, ed.]

Get Off My Lawn! #21 - 22 (?, 2007)

                             [John Gabriel, auth.]

The Ghost (n.d.)

                             [Matt Wiegle, auth.]

Glossolalia #4 (2004), #6 (August 2005)

                             [Sarah Contrary, auth.]

Go By Bicycle #1 - 3 (2004)

                             [Scott Larkin, auth.]

Go Metric #21 (n.d.)

                             [Mike Faloon, ed.]

Greasy Spoon #16/17 (Winter 2004)

                             [Dirk Burhan, ed.]

Greenzine (n.d.)

                             [Christy C. Road, auth.]

The Good Samaritan (2004)

                             [Shawn Chang, auth.]

Hard As Nails: The Tough Girl Compilation Zine (2000?)

                             [Lauren Martin, ed.]

Hell Is Real, Friendly Reminders: My Personal Conflicts with Evil (n.d.)

                             [Marissa, auth.]

How2 Zine #1 - 2 (n.d.)

                             [Kyle Bravo, ed.]

i defy #10 - 10.5 (2001)

                             [Casey, auth.]

I Hate This Part of Texas #5 (January 2006)

                             [John Gerken, auth.]

I Hear The Windmills Calling (n.d.)

                             [Bruce, auth.]

Is This Love? #2 (n.d.)

                             [Tommy Duncan, auth.]

It's Fuchi, No? (2008)

The Juniper #3 (Jan/Feb 2005)

                             [Dan Murphy, auth.]

Kairan #8 (2004)

                             [Gianni Simone, ed.]

Keep Fighting Texas #7 (2006?)

                             [John Gerken and Hope, auth.]

Kimosabe #1 - 2 (2004)

                             [Marc Parker, auth.]

The Lamb Shall Peacefully Dwell With The Lion (n.d.)

                             [Sabby Darling, auth.]

Lazybones (formerly Kimosabe) #3 (2004)

                             [Marc Parker, auth.]

Box 2

Leeking Ink #20 - 24 (June 1999-July 2001), #26 (October 2002), #28-30 (January 2004-January 2006)

                             [Davida Gypsy Breier, auth.]

Lower East Side Librarian Winter Solstice Shout Out for 2005, 2006, and 2007

                             [Jenna Freedman, auth.]

Lower East Side Librarian Reading Log 2008 (December 2008)

                             [Jenna Freedman, auth.]

Lululand #3 - 4 (n.d.)

                             [Amy Adoyzie, auth.]

Mala #1/I'm Not an Angry Mexican But I Play One on TV (n.d.)

                             [Bianca Ortiz, auth.]

Mass Movement #23 (December 2008)

                             [Tim Mass Movement, ed.]

Me Want Banana! (Summer 2008)

Meniscus #13 (November 2004)

                             [Matt Fagan, auth.]

Merge #1 (Summer 2003), #3 - 4 (2003-Summer 2004)

                             [Don Baker, auth.]

Mine: An Anthology of Women's Choices (May 2002)

                             [Merrydeath, ed.]

Miranda: Motherhood and Other Adventures #6 (June 2001), #9 - 10 (December 2002-July 2003), #12 - 18 (September 2004-November 2008)

                             [Kate Haas, auth.]

Mishap #24 (2008)

Monozine #7 (Spring 2000)

                             [Todd Lesser, ed.]

Murder Can Be Fun #17 - 18 (1996-1997)

                             [John Marr, auth.]

Narc! #3 (n.d.)

                             [Chauncy Goldstein, ed.]

Negative Capability #4 (2004)

                             [Josh Saitz, ed.]

Nowhere to Park (8 unnumbered issues - July 2002, Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Fall 206, rest undated)

Object Lesson #1 - 2 (n.d.)

                             [M. Despairagus, auth.]

Offi #3 (Fall 2008)

                             [Chris Kiss, auth.]

Ohno! The Robot #10 (n.d.)

                             [Chrix Morix, auth.]

Opuntia #53.1A (January 2004)

                             [Dale Speirs, ed.]

Orga[ni]sm #1 (Summer 2004)

                             [Gianni Simone, ed.]

Over The Edge (June 2004)

                             [David, auth.]

Plotz Notes #16 (n.d.)

                             [Barbara Kligman, auth.]

The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus #1 - 7 (June 2002-September 2003)

                             [Wred Fright, auth.]

rAttle and bOOm #2 (June 2004)

                             [Jane, auth.]

Razorcake #29 (Dec 2005/Jan 2006), #39 (August/September 2007), #43 - 44 (April/May-June/July 2008)

                             [Gorsky Press, pub.]

Razorcake #45 - 48 (July/August 2008-February/March 2009)

                             [Gorsky Press, pub.]

Razorcake #49 (April/May 2009), #51 - 52 (August/September-October/November 2009)

                             [Gorsky Press, pub.]

Reading Log (2 issues: 2003-2004 and 2006)

                             [Celia Perez, auth.]

Resist #35 - 36 (1999, n.d.)

                             [Carpool Lane Industries, auth.]

Rev. Richard J. Macklin's Book of Letters #13 (2000), #15 (2001)

                             [Rich Macklin, ed.]

Richard Hugo House's Zine Archives and Publishing Project Pamphlet (n.d.)

Roadkill #1 - 4 (n.d. for #1, October-December 2008)

Rock Out!: Ideas on Booking DIY Shows (n.d.)

                              [Megan Wells, auth.]

Rocks and Blows #2 - 3 (February-July 2006)

                              [David Frank, auth.]

Roots and Wings #1 - 2 (October 2007-January 2008)

                              [Celia Perez, auth.]

The Saddam and Armitage Show (June 2004)

                              [R. John Xerxes, auth.]

The Scrap Music Review #1 (n.d.)

                              [Christoph Meyer, auth.]

Scatological Think Cap #3 (n.d.)

                              [Josh Bowron, auth.]

The Secret Files of Captain Sissy #5 (2005)

                              [Andy Cornell, auth.]

Secret Mystery Love Shoes #1 - 4 (Summer 2002 for #1, n.d. for #2-4)

                              [Maria Goodman and Androo Robinson, auth.]

Seagull (June 2004)

See How Pretty, See How Smart #2 - 4 (2004-2005)

                              [Sean McCarthy and Craig Taylor, ed.]

Shark Week #2 (n.d.)

The Sherri Miller Story (n.d.)

Shopping for Alice (December 2007)

Sisu #3 (August 2004)

                              [Johanna, auth.]

Skate Tough You Little Girls (Winter 2004/2005)

                             [Celia Perez, auth.]

Skatedork #4 (Fall/Winter 2000)

                             [Stephen Voss, ed.]

Skunk's Life #22 (n.d.)

                             [DB Pedlar, ed.]

Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore! #8 (2006)

                             [William P. Tandy, ed.]

smilingdisease: a guide to public stickering (n.d.)

                             [Scott, auth.]

Snackbar Confidential #7 (n.d.)

                             [Willard Dribbleman, auth.]

So What? #5 (n.d.)

Soft Smooth Brain #4 (n.d.)

Spunk #1 (Autumn 2003), #3 (Autumn 2004)

                             [Aaron Tilford, ed.]

SPX 2005 Program Guide

Standing Behind Me #3 - 4 (n.d.)

Standing Up...And Stepping Forward (Spring 2003)

                             [Jay Pinka, ed.]

Summer Girl #1 (June 2007)

                             [Maria Almaguer, auth.]

Support (October 2002)

Sure #6 (February 2009)

                             [Kane Sure, ed.]

Teenage Death Songs #15 (May 2003)

                             [Tennessee Jones, auth.]

The Ten Page News #26 (Summer 1999), #32 (Spring 2003)

                             [Owen Thomas, pub.]

That Girl #11 (2001?)

                             [Kelli Callis, auth.]

There Are No Bears In New Mexico (2001)

                             [Josh Redd Sanchez, auth.]

Things You Never Said (n.d.)

                             [Jon Delz, auth.]

This Is Still America #1 (n.d.)

                             [George, auth.]

Time Enough At Last: A Reading Log 2004

                             [A.J. Michel, auth.]

True Tales of the World's Worst Teaching Assistants (2008)

28 Pages Lovingly Bound With Twine #2 (May 2002), #13 (n.d.)

                             [Christoph Meyer, auth.]

The U-Haul Adventures (August 2004)

                             [Mike Faloon, auth.]

Underpanting (n.d.)

                             [Matt Wiegle, auth.]

Box 3

Urban Bikage Assault (n.d.)

Urinal Gum #6 - 7 (August/September-October 2008)

Verbicide #12 (Winter 2005), #14 (Summer/Fall 2005)

                              [Jackson Ellis, ed.]

Vengeance At Cackling Mountain (2005)

                              [Shawn Cheng, auth.]

Vote Longstreth! #1 (2005)

                              [Alec Longstreth, auth.]

The Voyage of Sackacementa (n.d.)

                              [chumpire173, auth.]

Warm Socks (n.d.)

                             [Brandt Schmitz, auth.]

Weirdness Before Midnight #5 (n.d.)

                              [Dave Szurek, ed.]

Welcome To Flavor Country #13 - 14 (February-May 2008), #17 (April 2009)

                              [Kurt Morris, auth.]

What Manner of Beast (2009)

                              [John Borchard, Jr., auth.]

Wherewithal #3 (2006)

                              [Emerson Dameron, auth.]

White Meat (n.d.)

                              [Camille Cruz, auth.]

Women's Self-Defense: Stories and Strategies of Survival #1 (2002?)

                              [Ariel Clemenzi, ed.]

Wrestling Then and Now #136 (August 2001)

                              [Evan Ginzburg, ed.]

Xerography Debt #14 (June 2004), #19 (April 2006), #25 (April 2009)

                              [Davida Gypsy Breier, ed.]

Yuck! (2003)

                              [Kevin Buchanan and Stephanie Scarborough, auth.]

Zine World #14 - 15 (Winter 2000-Spring 2001), Supplement to #20 (n.d.), #24 (January 2007)

                              [Jerianne Thompson, ed.]

Zisk #5 (Spring 2002)

                              [Mike Faloon, ed.]