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Lichtenberger Engineering Library

Engineering Library Escape Room

Looking for inventors, puzzle-lovers, adventure-seekers, escape room aficionados!

We plan to build a couple of College of Engineering escape rooms this semester and we would like to get you (engineering students, faculty, staff members) involved! We plan to have the rooms ready by Saturday, March 30th.

We have two types of tasks for engineering students (faculty, staff) members to help create the Engineering Escape Room through their ingenuity and cleverness: 1) to design a puzzle and 2) to put the escape room together.

Puzzle Submission Form                     Build Team Sign-up Form

  1. Seeking individuals or groups to submit ideas of puzzles, cipher codes, hidden messages, or other games and puzzles to put into the rooms. If your puzzle is selected, it will be put together with 5-10 other puzzles to create the full escape room.
    • The parameters:
        • Clues must be able to be solved in under 10 minutes by the average student. (The whole room should take about 45 minutes to solve.)
        • The cost to building the puzzle components must be under $10 for each puzzle.  (We want 5-10 puzzles with varying difficulty to be in each room.)
          • We already have some tools you can use like a black-light with black-light pen, red lens viewer to find hidden messages in books or art, a variety of locks with both letter and numeric codes on them.
          • You can also use any tools and resources already in the library, as long as it can be turned back to their original state after the event.
          • The puzzle must be reusable.  This means it can be reset-up so the next group coming in can still play the game.
          • Nothing can be placed behind the outlets or near the lights.
        • You can submit more than one puzzle. Submit as many as you like!
        • Submit puzzles that fit with one of the following themes.  The Escape Room organizers will decide which theme will ultimately end up in the space depending on how many puzzles are submitted. If we’re lucky, we may have more than one Escape Room!
          • Theme Ideas:
              • You are locked in a game that uses a variety of board games.
              • A gremlin has stolen a key to unlock the door to escape so you will need to find the gremlin to get out.
              • You are locked in a movie theater.


    1. Seeking individuals or groups who want to put the rooms together: compiling designs, creating a plan, building.
    • This group will actually pull together the designs and create an the escape room(s).
    • We will have teams of 2-4 individuals to make a room.  If there are specific people you’d like to have on your team, indicate that on the form (below).
    • We can make up to 3 rooms in the library depending on how many ideas we received and how many volunteers we have.
    • Each volunteer will work on just one of the rooms so you can still do the puzzles and games in the other rooms.
    • Build Team Sign-up


Puzzle Submission Form                     Build Team Sign-up Form