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Spotlight: African American Making a Difference


Venise Berry: “Spotlight: African American Making a Difference” display is a celebration of African Americans from the past, present and future who impact the lives of their fellow citizens on a local, state or national level. The display includes a nod to the celebrations of MLK Day and Black History Month with the inclusion of Martin Luther King, Jr. and other distinguished individuals with connection to the University of Iowa that reflect his spirit and the commitment to community, education and the struggle for equality.

The UI Cultural Houses and Resource Center managed by the Office of Student Life are fundamental in bringing to light issues that are important to African Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Latinos and Native Americans and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community. The “Spotlight Series” displays are meant to connect the library to the UI cultural houses and resource center.

Eddie Moore Jr.:

This display included information and photographs from the following web sites:

Venise Berry:

Eddie Moore Jr.:

Vershawn Young:



Display Planning
Rachel Garza Carreón, Gabriel J. Duque and Von Yeager

Installation Assistance
Bill Voss

Graphic Design
Rachel Garza Carreón

Special Thanks
Natalia Salazar, Vershawn Young and Carlette Washington-Hoagland