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Papers of D.C. Spriestersbach
RG 99.0255
Collection Dates: 1952-2000
19.5 linear ft.

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Acquisition and Processing Information: The papers were donated to the University Archives by Mr. Spriestersbach in three accessions during 2003: Acc. 2003-57, 2003-70, and 2003-82. Inventory prepared by David McCartney. Guide posted to the Internet February 2007.

Photographs: Box 14

D.C. Spriestersbach, 1981
D.C. Spriestersbach

Scope and Contents

The Papers of D.C. Spriestersbach document a period of expansive growth of the University of Iowa as a significant public research institution. They include budget documents spanning over three decades, research project reports, policy and procedure manuals with respect to advanced research initiatives, and such controversial topics as human participants and use of animals in research. Other topics include student unrest, the presence of Iowa Highway Patrol officers on campus, and the distribution of federal funds to institutions of higher learning. Records in box 6 pertaining to the ALG (Administrative Liaison Group), an ad hoc group established by the Office of the President from 1968 to 1973 to respond to student unrest, are of particular interest with respect to the anti-war protest period.

The collection is a notable primary source of information about the rising role of research as part of the mission of a public university in the mid to late-20th century.

In addition to the box list below, more detailed descriptions of individual documents within the folders are provided in the Outline of On-Hand Materials, a set of paper files individually placed at the beginning of each academic year's cluster of records in boxes 1-5. For example, the Outline folder for 1964-65 is located immediately in front of the folder "1964/65" in box 1. The Outlines, prepared by Mr. Spriestersbach, include not only item-level descriptions of the contents of these folders, but also lists of staff in the Graduate College office, upper-level University appointments, and noted Regents' actions at the time. They also include detailed descriptions of scrapbook contents, speeches, correspondence, and other materials located throughout the collection.

Biographical Note

Duane Caryl ("Sprie") Spriestersbach was born September 15, 1916, in Pine Island, Minnesota. He graduated cum laude from Winona State Teachers College in Minnesota in 1939 and in 1940 received the M.A. in speech pathology from the State University of Iowa. In 1948 he received the Ph.D., also from SUI, in speech pathology and with a minor in psychology. On August 31, 1946, he married Bette Bartell in Tipton, Iowa, and they had two children.

Upon completion of his doctoral degree he was appointed assistant professor and subsequently rose to the rank of professor of speech pathology and audiology in 1958. In 1965 he was named dean of the Graduate College, a position he held for 22 years. In addition to those duties he assumed the title of vice president for research in 1966; his responsibilities and title expanded again in 1970 to include educational development. He served as interim president of the University of Iowa from September 1, 1981, to April 1, 1982, during the period between Willard Boyd's departure and James O. Freedman's arrival.

He served as president of the American Speech and Hearing Association, chair of the Board of Trustees of the Easter Seal Research Foundation, president of the Association of Graduate Schools, and chair of the Board of Directors of the Midwest Universities Consortium for International Activities (MUCIA).

[D. McCartney, February 2007]

Related Materials

Spriestersbach, D.C. The Way It Was: The University of Iowa, 1964-1989. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 1999.

Oral history interview, v. XXXIV, January 13, 1977 (RG 01.06)

Folder, "D.C. Spriestersbach," in Faculty and Staff Vertical Files (RG 01.15.03)

Box Contents List

Box 1

State University of Iowa Business Report, Securities Received Gifts and Federal Grants -1860-1952/06/30

Outline of On-Hand Materials, pre-1964

1963/64 budget pages

Pre1964-1964 (June)

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1964-65


Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1965-66

1965/66 (2 folders)

1964/65 budget pages

University of Iowa President's Report September 1, 1965 (2 copies)

University of Iowa Medical Center booklet

University of Iowa Report of Gifts and Grants Accepted in the 1965-66 Fiscal Year

1965/66 budget pages

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1966-67

1966/67 (2 folders)

University of Iowa President's Report September 1, 1966

"A University in the Service of its State and Nation”

1966/67 budget pages

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1967-68

1967/68 (2 folders)

1967/68 budget pages

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1968-69

1968/69 (3 folders)

1968/69 budget pages

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1969-70

1969/70 (3 folders)

1969/70 budget pages

Box 2

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1970-71

1970/71 (3 folders)

1970/71 budget pages

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1971-72

1971/72 (3 folders)

1971/72 budget pages

Outline of On-Hand Materials, (staff list only) 1972-73

1972/73 (4 folders)

1972/73 budget pages

Outline of On-Hand Materials, (staff list only) 1973-74

1973/74 (3 folders)

State Board of Regents Summary of Budget Requests for Fiscal Years 1975-76 and 1976-77

1973/74 budget pages

Outline of On-Hand Materials, (staff list only) 1974-75

1974/75 (2 folders)

1974/75 budget pages

Research and Graduate News 1975/76

Outline of On-Hand Materials, (staff list only) 1975-76

1975/76 (3 folders)

"The Iowa Graduate Experience"

1975/76 budget pages

Box 3

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1976-77

1976/77 (3 folders)

Research and Graduate News 1976/77

1976/77 budget pages

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1977-78

1977/78 (3 folders)

Research and Graduate News 1977/78

1977/78 budget pages

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1978-79

1978/79 (3 folders)

1978/79 budget pages

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1979-80

1979/80 (3 folders)

1979/80 budget pages

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1980-81

1980/81(3 folders)

1980/81 budget pages

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1981-82

1981/82 (3 folders)

1981/82 budget pages

Box 4

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1982-83

1982/83 (4 folders)

1982/83 budget pages

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1983-84

1983/84 (4 folders)

1983/84 budget pages

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1984-85

1984/85 (2 folders)

1984/85 budget pages

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1985-86

1985/86 (2 folders)

"Policies and Review Procedures for Studies Involving Human Participants”

Central University Research Support Facilities and Specialized Equipment- A Directory (1985)

1985/86 budget papers

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1986-87

1986/87 (2 folders)

1986/87 budget papers

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1987-88

1987/88 (2 folders)

"Contractual Agreements with Iowa Regents Institutions," 1987

1987 Sponsored Projects Administrative Services Manual

Box 5

Research Grants and Fellowships 1987-88 (2 volumes)

1987/88 budget papers

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1988-89


Unlabeled folder

1988/89 budget papers

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1989-90


1989/90 budget papers

1990 Sponsored Projects Administrative Services Manual (3 volumes)

1989 Research in Progress

Student Profile- first semester 1995-96

1990 Research in Progress

Outline of On-Hand Materials, 1990-beyond


1990/91 budget papers

1991- Later

The University of Iowa and Animal Use in Research and Teaching

Sponsored Programs Administrative Services Manual

Animal Research

Audit (2 folders)

Center of Excellence

Computing (3 folders)

Classified/Weapons research

Laser (3 folders)

Indirect Cost

Intellectual Property Transfers

Oakdale Seminars

Laser File, C. Mason January-July, 1987

Student Unrest- Vietnam War 1965-67

1967/68 Student Unrest- Draft

Student Unrest 1968/69

1969/70 Student Unrest-ROTC

Box 6

The University and Economic Development

1970/71 Student Unrest

1971/72 Student Unrest

Student Unrest 1972 & later

Administrative Liaison Group (ALG) 1960's-1970

ALG January- May 1971

ALG June- December 1971

ALG 1972-73

Student Unrest- Phone logs, etc. (2 envelopes)

South African Stock

Student Unrest- General Effects

Interview Excerpts 14-20

MUCIA (3 folders)

Human subjects

State of the University

MUSINGS -  HHS audit, 1996



General/memos, etc.

Source finders


Gifts, Grants, and Contracts 1962-1989

Research and Graduate News

Graduate College Enrollment Analysis

Number MA/PhD Degrees Awarded 1965-1990


Misc. Resources

Number of Students by college 1963-1990

Summaries 84-85

Interviews (oral history) (5 folders)

Box 7

Empty black leather binder embossed: "D.C. and Bette Spriestersbach President and First Lady The University of Iowa September1, 1981 March 31, 1982 ”

2 Blue binders: 1970-71, and 1972 and after - contain Administrative Liaison Group (ALG) documents

Black unlabeled binder- miscellaneous correspondence, photos, and newspaper clippings

"Pennsylvania State University ” Binder- Summer Workshop for Graduate Deans

Box 8







Box 9




"Visible Week” Calendars:




Box 10

Research Administration in Academic Institutions- D.C. Spriestersbach, 1975

Comments, Iowa Congressional Luncheon, Washington D.C., 2/27/75

The Role of Communication in Higher Education: A Personal View- Austin, Texas, 3/12/75

DEO Meeting- March 26, 1975

13 th Annual Medicinal Chemistry Meeting-in-Miniature (MIKI)—Welcome- March 27, 1975

University Research and the New Federalism—1975 Educational Roundtable- April 21, 1975

Welcome Remarks- 25th Anniversary, School of Social Work- 5/3/75

Graduate Faculty Meeting- May 1, 1975

The Ecology of Research- Engineering Recognition- May 17, 1975

Universities and the ROTC- ROTC Commissioning Ceremony- May 17, 1975

Robert A. Taft Institute of Government Seminar- Welcome 6/16/75

Presentations to Governor Ray- August 14, 1975

Education Visitation Comm. of the 66th General Assembly- November 7-8, 1975

ASHA, Fifty Years of Growth: Problems and Perspectives (Panel on Issues and Trends in Higher Education) - 11/21/75

Graduate Faculty Meeting- December 17, 1975

The Whys and Wherewithals of University Research- March 8, 1976

Academic Computing at the University of Iowa - University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska- March 11, 1976

Doctoral Programs: Patterns for Change – Chicago Illinois- March 30, 1976

The Doctors Frankenstein and Schweitzer: A View of the American Scholar- Austin , Texas- April 25, 1976

University of Iowa Foundation Board of Directors- April 30, 1976

Graduate Faculty Meeting- May 5, 1976

Old Capitol Dedication and Related Activities- Presentation to Iowa City Rotarians- June 10, 1976

Every Man an Engineer- Engineering Commencement- July 23, 1976

Greetings- Iowa Black Alumni Group- July 30, 1976

August 3, 1976 - Presentation to State Legislative Fiscal Committee- Des Moines

Graduate Education at the University of Iowa - Regents' Seminar, Iowa City, Iowa- August 27, 1976

Comments to the Regents' Task Force on Graduate Student Opportunities- September 16, 1976

Some Thoughts on Professional Education- 23rd Annual Tax & Accounting Seminar- September 23, 1976

2nd Conference of Polish and American Historians- Welcome Remarks- September 29, 1976

Visual Scholars Program- Invitational Conference- October 1, 1976

Printing: University Business- 1976 Big 10 Printing Managers and Buyers Conf.- October 7, 1976

Comments- CONDUIT site visit- October 27, 1976

Comments- Iowa Water Resources Research Symposium, November 11, 1976

Accountability- NASULGC Annual Meeting Washington , D.C., November 19, 1976

Doctoral Programs: A Time for Change, ASHA Convention, November 21, 1976

Some Implications of the New Concept of the Campus- CGS Meeting- December 8-10, 1976

The University of Iowa Outreach Program—Joint Committee on University Outreach- January 30, 1977

Legislative Education Subcommittee- 1977-78 Oakdale Campus Budget, February 8, 1977

March 17, 1977 - Health Systems Agencies Handout Material and Presentation

March 28, 1977 - MAGS, Off-the-Record- Chicago, Illinois

March 31, 1977 - Congressional Luncheon- Washington, D.C.

April 8, 1977 - Army Research Institute-Washington, D.C.

April 17, 1977 - Mailman Center for Child Development- Miami, Florida

May 9, 1977 - Welcoming Address for Workshop—Orthodontic Care for Handicapped Persons

June 20, 1977 - Robert A. Taft Institute of Government Seminar Welcome Address

September 30, 1977 - Iowa Microbeam Society Welcoming Address

October 3, 1977 - AGS Workshop- St. Louis, Missouri

October 18, 1977 - Education Visitation Committee, etc. Oakdale Campus

October 27, 1977 - EDUCOM Meeting- Distributed Academic Computing: Admin. Issues

November 17, 1977 - International Festival Opening Remarks- International Center

December 1, 1977 - The Uses of Graduate Student Support Funds- CGS Annual Conference- New Orleans , Louisiana

January 24 and 30, 1978- University Management of Grants and Contracts- Iowa City

February 8-10, 1978- Policy Development and Impact in Institutions- NIH (National Institutes of Health), Bethesda, Maryland

February 21, 1978 - Society for International Development- Comments

February 24, 1978 - Issues Related to Professional Degrees- Faculty, Prev. Med. Env. Hlth.

March 4, 1978 - Black Alumni Association Presentation and Dedication Ceremony- Hall of Honor

March 10, 1978 - Research Council- Place of Interdisciplinary Research

April 19, 1978 - Sigma Xi- St. Louis University- St. Louis, Missouri

May 1, 1978 - Computer Center Conference Dedication Speech

July 14, 1978 - CGS Summer Workshop- Ames , Iowa

October 6, 1978 - Comments- U of I Foundation

May 4, 1979 - Speech Pathology Conference- Iowa City

October 7-9, 1979- AGS Annual Meeting- Seattle , WA- Introduction to 1st Plenary Session

October 26, 1979 - Southeast Iowa Writers' Program- Iowa City

April 1, 1980 - MAGS Annual Meeting- Chicago, Illinois

April 5, 1980 - Women in Science Career Conference- Iowa Memorial Union

April 13, 1980 - Sculpture Dedication Ceremony- Iowa Land: A Celebration- Main Lobby, UI Hospitals

April 15, 1980 - Second Annual Sino-American Symposium on Physical Education and Sports- Welcome

April 18, 1980 - Society of Experimental Psychologists- Remarks

April 22, 1980 - NY State Speech & Hearing Association- Monticello, New York

May 1, 1980 - Business/Media Reporting Workshop- Welcome

May 3, 1980 - Vilhjalmur Stefanson Centennial Symposium

May 24, 1980 - Mount Vernon Community High School Commencement Address

May 28, 1980 - Psychometric Society Welcome

June 27, 1980 - Conference on Hazardous Waste Management

September 5, 1980 - Welcome- Dedication of Lindquist Center

October 7, 1980 - 32nd AGS Annual Conference- New York City- President's Remarks

November 20, 1980 - NCURA Workshop- Washington, D.C.

April 7, 1982 - Iowa International Center Opening Remarks

April 8, 1982 - Engineering Honors Banquet- Excellence and the Gathering Crisis

April 13, 1982 - Engineering Open House for Industry- The Research Tradition at Iowa

April 23, 1982 - Humanities Symposium- Remarks

April 27, 1982 - Greetings from Alumni- Finkbine Dinner- IMU

June 4, 1982 - Of Artichokes, Yesteryear, and Days Yet to Come-Alumni Association Class of ‘32

June 10, 1982 - Remarks- Dedication of Van Allen Hall

June 17, 1982 - Communication in Higher Education: A Personal View- Matthews Distinguished Lecture- Pittsburgh , PA

August 19, 1982 - Welcome Comments- Foreign Student Orientation- Iowa City

September 10, 1982 - Of Science and Scales- The Iowa Microbeam Society

March 5, 1983 - Reflections in Scholarship in a Modern World- Regents Honors Conference

March 18, 1983 - Welcome- Region V FACT Festival and MATC Convention

March 23, 1983 - Assessing Quality in Doctoral Programs: A Lost Cause? – North Central Association- Chicago, Illinois

May 13, 1983 - Thirty-Five Years as a Professional: A Personal View- National Council of Graduate Programs in Speech Pathology and Audiology- St. Louis, Missouri

June 3, 1983 - Reflections: A Glow That Illumines, A Glare that Obscures- Class of 1943- Alumni Association

June 6, 1983 - Welcome to Joffrey II Troupe- Not Delivered

August 9, 1983 - “Information Technology: An Administrator's Perspective”- Snowmass , Colorado

November 3, 1983 -West Lakes Division of the Association of American Geographers- Welcome

April 12, 1984 - Scott N. Reger Memorial Conference- The Abbey Inn

April 14, 1984 - Research: A Modern Day Pandora's Box? - Honors Convocation

April 17, 1984 - University/Industry Cooperation and the Hoffman Scenario- Open House for Industry- College of Engineering- IMU

April 27, 1984 - Iowa Academy of Science- 96th Annual Meeting- Iowa City

June 8, 1984 - Midwest Parasitology Conference- Welcome

September 7, 1984 - Women in Research Conference- Iowa City

September 19, 1984 - Sidney G. Winter Lecture Series- Iowa City

October 6, 1984 - Iowa Sociologists' Fall Conference- IMU

October 24, 1984 - NSF Outreach Conference- Welcome- Harvard Room, IMU

January 24, 1985 - Technology Transfer at Iowa- Faculty Senate Governmental Relations Committee

February 20, 1985 - Iowa Academic-Industrial Technology Conference- Drake University

Box 11

4/16/65- Seminar- “Problems of Coordinating Cooperative Research”

8/67- Talk- Commencement

10/30/65- ASHA Convention- “ASHA & Federal Programs: A Review of Marriage”

11/5/65- Use of appropriated funds for research and creative work

11/9/65- Talk- Comments to Engineering Faculty

12/2-4/65- Panel- Admission of the foreign graduate student- Council of Graduate Schools

12/14/65- Objectives and changes in the Graduate College

1/27/66- State of the College Report- Graduate Faculty

2/13/66- The Changing Times- Iowa Alumni of AASA

2/15-17/66- Research at the University of Iowa- Iowa Alumni Groups

2/24/66- Implications from recent research concerning the diagnostic & therapeutic man. of speakers w/ cleft…

4/26/66- Graduate Faculty on Manual Revision

5/3 [or 13]/66- WSUI- “Why Research?”

5/28/66- Talk- Some meanings of ‘profession'

5/28/66- Talk

10/17/66- Talk- To: Site Visitors

1/19/67- State of the College- Graduate Faculty

1/26/67- Talk (cancelled) - Today's Colleges and Graduate Students- ACPRA

1/30/67- Talk- University Education in the University- Nursing Faculty

2/4/67- Talk- Current Issues- ROTC

2/9/67- Talk- The University and Professional Education- Phi Delta Kappa

2/9/67- Talk- New Procedures in Making Allocations- Dept. Executives

5/16/67- Talk- Your Profession and You: Some Comments on Current Trends

5/8/97 - Talk- To: Departmental Executives

7/17&28/67- Talk- Freshman Orientation

9/20/67- Graduate Orientation Talk

9/36/67- Talk- To: Business Administration

10/30/67- The PhD in Transition- Council of Graduate Schools

10/17/67- Talk- Mortar Board

11/2/67- Chairman: Panel- ASHA Convention

11/13/67- “Distribution of Federal Funds”-Council for Res. Policy and Admin.

11/27/67- Graduate Seminar- “Some Issues Facing the Profession”

12/11/67- Talk- Iowa Congressional Delegation

2/16/68- Talk- Dentistry/Speech Pathology: Mutual Clinical and Res. Interests

2/8/68- Talk- Graduate Education- Iowa Wesleyan College

3/2/68- Talk- Recruiting for Research- Wake Forest College

3/4/68- Talk- Annual Conference on Speech and Hearing Disorders

3/26/68- Panel- “Speech Pathology and Audiology as a Profession”

3/27/68- AADS Panel- “Patterns of Participation by Speech Pathologists"

5/3/68- Talk (WSUI) - Relationship of Graduate Education to the State and Federal Government

6/6/68- Talk- Medical Convocation, IMU

6/11/68- Charge to Participants- Speech Pathology and Audiology Conference

8/18/68- Workshop for Graduate Deans

10/68- Talk- Candidate Contact Program

10/4/68- University of Iowa Foundation- Impact of the Federal Dollar on the University

10/17/68- Status of Graduate Education at State Institutions

10/23/68- WSUI- “The Modern University : A Study in Relationships”

11/6/68- Talk- Aims- Graduate Student Council

11/13/68- Talk- Los Angeles, California (resource)

12/6/68- Talk- The University of Iowa: What's its Future? S. Cal. UI Alumni

2/17/69- Talk- The College of Nursing and Research

3/13/69- Talk- Government-sponsored Research/Federal Cutbacks

3/24/69- Talk- AADS- Houston, Texas

3/26/69- Talk- AADS- Sciences Related to Dentistry as Viewed by a Graduate Dean

4/14/69- Opening & Closing Ceremonies- 1969 International Congress on Cleft Palates

5/22/69- Talk- Education Seminar

6/3/69- Talk- Comments on Computers

7/22/69- Talk- “Research: Blessing or Curse?”- Kiwanis Club

7/18/69- Talk- College of Dentistry Research Committee

9/26/69- Talk- WSUI- “Research: Blessing or Curse?”

9/25/69- Talk- Joint Research and Graduate Council

9/26/69- Talk- “Opportunities for Support”- Iowa Foundation

10/14/69- Talk- “Trends in Graduate Education”- O of E Training Directors

11/10/69- Talk- “Servant of Master”- NASULGC

11/12/69- ASHA Convention: role of speech science in education, etc. - Chicago, Illinois

11/13/69- ASHA; International Congress of Cleft Palates- Chicago, Illinois

11/18/69- NIDR ad hoc: comments on “State of Art ”- Bethesda, Maryland

1/21/70 - Talk- Graduate Faculty Meeting

3/13/70 - Mid-continent Reg. Sci. Assoc.: “Welcome to Iowa ”

3/19/70 - Talk- “New Approaches to Old Problems”- Michigan Speech and Hearing Association

3/12/70 - GSU Dedication speech: “Service: Hub or Rim?” Tallahassee, Florida

5/7/70 - Talk- “Federal Funding Now and in the Future” IA C.C for P.H.S.E

6/16/70 - Opening Remarks- Conference on Computers in Undergraduate Curricula

11/2/70 - Talk- “Curricular Components in Education for Professional Practice”

1/14/71 - Talk- Graduate Faculty

2/7/71 - Talk- Higher Education: a new inkblot- Unitarian Church

3/1/71 - Remarks- Conference on Oral-Facial Function- Ann Arbor , MI

5/6/71 - Talk- Graduate Faculty Meeting

5/7/71 - Talk- “Research & Higher Education in an Age of Discontinuity"

6/19/71 - Talk- “Some Thoughts on Education in 1980 and 2000”- Alumni Association

5/5/72 - Talk- “National Need for Joint Dentistry/Speech Science Efforts”

10/16/72 - Talk- Comments to Nursing Faculty

12/7/72 - Talk- Comments at DEO Meeting

12/12/72 - Talk- Graduate Faculty Meeting

1973- Paper- At Issue: Higher Education

1/16/73 - Talk- Speech Pathologists and Audiologists as Professionals- University of South Dakota

2/1/73 - Talk- RANN and NSF

3/1/73 - Talk- Faculty Senate- impact of proposed cuts… WMT & KCRG

3/29/73 - Talk- Graduate Education at the Regent Universities. Joint Appropriations Education Subcommittee

4/2/73 - Talk- introduction- International Studies Conference

4/4/73 - Talk- Meeting of Departmental Executives and Directors of Graduate Studies

4/30/73 - Talk- Graduate Faculty Meeting

4/26/73 - Talk- Welcome- Basic Science Building Dedication

5/11/73 - Talk- Introductory remarks- state of the art- ACPA- Oklahoma City

7/73- Research: Hub or Rim

8/73- Talk- Denmark- Some Psychosocial Aspects of the Cleft Palate Problem

10/73- Talk- ASHA- report on International Congress on Cleft Palates

10/18/73 - Talk- AGS- Introductory Comments, panel discussion- New Orleans, Louisiana

11/9/73 - Talk- DEPO Meeting- comments on issues in higher education- summary memo

11/12/73 - Talk- Denver, Colorado- Council on Research Policy and Graduate Education- Intro

12/10/73 - Talk- Graduate Faculty Meeting

3/13/74 - Talk- Washington, D.C.- Congressional Luncheon

3/20/74 - Talk- Faculty Club Luncheon Comments

4/17/74 - Opening/Closing Remarks- Short Course- ACPEF: Statler-Hilton, Boston, Massachusetts

4/27/74 - Comments to the Board of Directors- UI Foundation

4/29/74 - Welcome- National Institute on Program Development and Training in Recreation for Deaf-Blind Youth, Children and Adults

5/2/74 - Graduate Faculty Meeting

5/8/74 - Hewlett Packard Luncheon—Comments

9/5/74 - Remarks- Institute on Graduate Education and Research in Parks and Recreation

10/14-15 /74- Introductory Comments for the Panel on Ordered Change in Graduate Education, Denver, Colorado

10/19/74 - Comments- Computer-based education at Iowa- HP (Hewlett-Packard) Users Group— Upper Midwest

10/8/74 - Education Visitation Comm. of the 65th General Assembly- Iowa City, Iowa

11/12/74 - DEO Meeting

12/10/74 - Graduate Faculty Meeting

Box 12

February 26, 1985 - Greek Week VIP Night-Comments- Triangle Room

March 6, 1985 - Africa 's Refugees: Durable Solutions?- Conference- Old Capitol- Welcome

May 31, 1985 - “The River Flows On”- Welcome to Class of 1935- IMU

July 22, 1985 - 3rd University Hazardous Waste Conference- Welcome

July 26, 1985 - Iowa Black Alumni Association- Welcome

August 5, 1985 - Introduction of Harold Hughes- Annual Summer School of Substance Abuse… IMU

January 23, 1986 - Economic Development and the University- Johnson County League of Women Voters-Ironmen Inn

May 1, 1986 - Annual Symposium of Society for Study of Symbolic Interaction- Welcome- Ironmen Inn

May 6, 1986 - Sigma Xi Banquet- Scientific Inquiry: Who Sets the Agenda?- IMU Ballroom

May 17, 1986 - Future of America's Military: Alienation or Integration?- ROTC Commissioning- Clapp Auditorium

May 29, 1986 - 2nd Midwest Conference for the U.S. Institute of Peace- Welcome- IMU

May 30, 1986 - Class of '36 and Years Prior Dinner- The Past is No Longer What it Used to Be- Highlander Inn

Women as Leaders Summer Workshop- Welcome- July 10, 1986 - Shambaugh Auditorium

September 5, 1986 - Iowa Microbeam Society Fall Meeting- Holiday Inn- Welcome

September 15, 1986 -Holiday Inn- Big Ten Directors of Environmental Health and Safety-Welcome

October 9, 1986 - CIC Graduate Deans- Recent Trends and Initiatives in Graduate Education & Research: Implications- San Diego, California

October 20, 1986 - Conference on Future Directions in Child Psychology- Welcome- Holiday Inn

October 24, 1986 - Pharmacy Advisory Council Meeting- Welcome- Amana, Iowa

January 23, 1987 - Groundwater Research Symposium- Welcome- Holiday Inn

April 4, 1987 - Symposium on Learning and Memory: The Biological Substrates- Welcome- Holiday Inn

April 11, 1987 - Honors Convocation- A Credo for Leaders- Clapp Hall

April 27, 1987 - Iowa Chapter, National Council Urban Economic Development- Comments- IMU Oriental Room

April 27, 1987 - Industry/University Research Center Planning Meeting- University/Industry Interface- Holiday Inn

June 1987- University Research Administration- China Speech

July 8, 1987 - Rotary Luncheon- Comments

July 29, 1987 - Center for Health Effects of Environmental Contamination Joint Center Consultation- Welcome- Oakdale

July 21, 1987 - USIA Lecture in Lagos, Nigeria - Trends in Higher Education in the USA

October 16, 1987 - US/USSR Symposium- Fate of Pesticides & Chemicals in Environment- Closing Remarks- Theatre Room, IMU

October 14, 1987- Conference on Multidisciplinary Management of Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate- Welcome- Holiday Inn

October 26, 1987 - Study Committee on Research/Research Funding- Research in Higher Education- Hartford, Connecticut

September 17, 1987 - Women in Research '87 Conference- Welcoming Remarks- Memorial Union

November 7, 1987 - North Central Branch of American Society for Microbiology- Welcoming Remarks- Athletic Club

February 5, 1988 - U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Space Science Hearings- Welcoming Remarks- Memorial Union

March 1, 1988 - American Association of Dental Research- Ways & Means of University Research- Dental Science Building

March 31, 1988 - Welcome- Software Engineering & Software Engineering Education: A Working Conference- Memorial Union Comments- Board of Regents- April 20, 1988

April 22, 1988 - Welcoming Remarks & Introduction Of Allen Roberts- Art & Initiation in Zaire Borlaug Reception- Des Moines, Iowa- June 6, 1988

June 13, 1988 - Governor's Summer Institute for Gifted and Talented - Old Capitol Senate Chamber

June 20, 1988 - Welcome Remarks- Regional Research Conference on Empirical Processes

June 30, 1988 - Welcome- Phytochemical Society of North American Plant Nitrogen Metabolism Symposium

September 15, 1988 - Issues and Trends in Technology Transfer: A Retrospective- Iowa State University

September 30, 1988 - Des Moines , Iowa -Hotel Savery- Conference on Agricultural, Occupational and Environmental Health (Kelly Donham)

The University in the 21st Century: Context, Challenge, & Resolution- Public Lecture 10/9/88

Allin Dakin Tribute- Iowa Memorial Union- October 18, 1988

October 20, 1988 - Grand Opening- Center for Electron Microscopy Facility

Psychology Centennial Celebration- October 20-22, 1988

S. J. Fomon Dinner- November 8, 1988 - Iowa Memorial Union

Laser Center Groundbreaking Lunch- November 9, 1988 - Iowa Memorial Union

Rotary Speech- January 24, 1989

SCOR in Congenital Heart Disease- State Visit- Clasen Board Room- February 14, 1989

NIDR Site Visit- Oral Mucosal Diseases and Aging- N304 DSB- March 2, 1989

Iowa Legislative Task Force on Higher Education- Des Moines, Iowa- April 19, 1989

Learning and Memory Symposium- IMU- April 28, 1989 - Welcome Remarks

ICAD Annual Meeting- April 27, 1989 - The Economics of University Research and Development

Introduction - W. Ann Reynolds, Ph.D.- Filer Lecture Series- April 24, 1989

Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services and Educational Committee on Appropriations- Washington, D.C., 5/3/89

Welcome Remarks- First International Symposium- Byproducts from Biotechnology- May 20, 1989 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Dedication of Ralph G. Neppel Clinical Addition- VA Hospital- June 10, 1989

AuD Degree: University Perspective- 1990 ASHA Convention- Seattle- November 19, 1990

Higher Education Revisited- 11/20/90 (revision of earlier awards presentation)

Public Lecture- 11/2/90 - Your University in the 21st Century: Context, Challenge, Resolution- Comments- Hoppin Retirement- June 23, 1991

We Are Part of the Planet, You Know- ASHA- June/July 1991, Vol 33, pp 34-35

Midwest Regional Dental Student Research Conference- April 19, 1994

Lunch- Senior Center- Iowa City- March 30, 1994

Welcome- Research Facility Workshop- College of Medicine- June 2, 1994

November 8, 1994 - Vietnam Memories- Global Studies- Public Library

Rotary- 6/15/95 - Fresh Beginning

Triangle Club- 11/21/99 - Reflections

POROI- A Voice from the Trenches- April 1, 2000

Legacies- Commencement- 5/15/00

Freedman, James O.

Boyd, Willard

Cooper, Paul

Eckstein, John W.

Ellis, D.D. Jr.

Box 13

Book Manuscript: "Recollections of a Great Lady: The University of Iowa, 1965 to 1989"

Box 14

D.C. Spriestersbach curriculum vitae

News releases, newspaper clippings, articles

Rose Bowl 1982

Photographs: Old Capitol, President's Residence