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Papers of Philo J. Farnsworth
RG 99.0272
Collection Dates: 1870-1895
0.75 linear ft.

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Acquisition and Processing Information: These materials were transferred to the University Archives prior to 1970.  Finding aid posted to the Internet October 2010.

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Dr. Philo Farnsworth's lecture notes, 1886.

Dr. Philo J. Farnsworth's "Medical Theories" lecture notes, 1886.

Scope and Contents

The Philo J. Farnsworth papers include his course lectures on Materia Medica and on Diseases of Children.  These notes were amended and delivered to internal medicine and pediatric medical classes from September 1870 to 1895. Some lectures are not dated.  The medical remedies addressed are noted in the box list below.  A note in the first folder of box one indicates the number of lectures delivered in all medical classes during the 1888-1889 term was 480.  This folder also includes an undated student scoring sheet used for determining course grades.  Two geology papers by Farnsworth are in box one.

Biographical Note

Philo Judson Farnsworth was born January 9, 1830, in Westford, Vermont.  He received the B.A. degree in 1854 from the University of Vermont.  He received the M. A. and M.D. degrees from that institution in 1858. In 1860 he received a medical degree from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University in New York.  He received the Honorary Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1897.

Dr. Farnsworth set up his private medical practice in Lyons, Iowa, in 1862 and relocated to Clinton, Iowa, in 1869. In 1870, Farnsworth was named professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics in the fledgling State University of Iowa College of Medicine, where he taught courses in Materia Medica as well as in Diseases of Children for 22 years.  He was also an amateur geologist.

Farnsworth married Elizabeth B. D. Eaton in 1872.  He died February 14, 1909 after a fall at his home.

[D. Anderson; 10/2010]

Related Materials

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Papers of John T. McClintock (RG 99.0280)

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Box Contents List

Box 1  Materia Medica

Folder 1

Note on number of medical lectures for 1888-1889 term

Student scoring sheet for assigning grades, n.d.

[no title], 1875

"Introduction," 1880

"Modifiers of the Action of Medicine," 1883

"Parts to Which Medicines Are Applied," 1883

"Action of Medicines," 1883

"Introductory Lecture," 1884

"Pharmacy," 1884; 1886; 1887; 1888

"Dretettics," 1885

"Light and Darkness; Air and Massage," 1886; 1888

"Proximate Principals of the Body," n.d.

"Heal, Cola, Baths, Water," 1886; 1889

"Cod Liver Oil," 1886

"Medical Theories," 1886

"Review of the Action of Medicine," 1887

Folder 2

"October 11, 1883"

"Bitters," n.d.

"Cod Liver Oil," n.d.

"Quassia," 1888

"Food Composition of the Body," 1886

"Tonics," 1884; 1886

"Alcohol," n.d.

"Anesthetics," n.d.

"Food," n.d.

Unidentified, n.d.

Folder 3

"Anesthetics," 1888

"Tonic," n.d.

"Mineral Acids," n.d.

"The Alkaline Group," n.d.

"Ammonium," n.d.

"Sodium," 1884

"Potassium," n.d.

"Vegetable Astringents," n.d.

Folder 4

"Lead," n.d.

"Mineral Acids," n.d.

"Phosphorus," n.d.

"Neurotic Sedatives," n.d.

"Neurotic Delriants," n.d.

"Neurotics," 1872; 1878; 1880

"Belladonna," n.d.

"Arsenic," n.d.

"Glycerine," n.d.

Folder 5

"Phosphorus," 1871

"Escharotics," n.d.

"Emetics," 1873

"Diuretics," n.d.

"Paboranda," 1883

"Diaphoretics," n.d.

"Cathartics," n.d.

"Tobacco," n.d.

"Carbolic Acid," 1883

"Ferrum," 1873

"Hygiene," n.d.

Folder 6

"Hygiene," n.d.

"Antiseptics and Disinfectants," 1886

International Medical Congress, n.d.

"Cholera," n.d.

"Wednesday evening, November 22, 1871," sex education lecture

Folder 7

"Albany Mounds, written for an Iowa Natural History [illegible] held at Iowa City, 1880"

Geology paper, 1884

Box 2  Children and Children's Diseases

Folder 1

"Infants," n.d.

"Clinical Examination of Children," n.d.

"Respiratory Organs," n.d.

"Diseases of the Brain," n.d.

"Infant Ailments," n.d.

"Nursing and Artificial Food of Young Children," n.d.

"Convulsions," n.d.

"Diphtheria," n.d.

"The Child's First Year," n.d.

"Disease of the Air Passages," n.d.

Introduction to Diseases of Children, January 13, 1893

[illegible]; Peritonitis; The Tongue; Dysentery; Intestinal Hemorrhage; Intestinal Obstruction, January 15, 1887

"Indigestion," n.d.

[illegible] January 13, 1896

"New Born Children," 1880; 1884

"Small Pox," November 1886