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Shambaugh Family Papers:
Index to House Books

RG 99.0152

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Acquisition and Processing Information: These papers were given to the University of Iowa Libraries upon the death of Mrs. Shambaugh. Guide posted to Internet: May 1998; revised 2006 and 2008.

Photographs: Noted below









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This index of volumes 3 -- 36 is arranged by volume and page (hence chronologically). For an alphabetical list of non-family names in this index, click here.

Family members who are represented in this group of photographs include:

BFS = Benjamin Franklin Shambaugh, Bertha's husband

BMHS = Bertha Maude Horack Shambaugh, Benjamin's wife

Katharine Horack = Katharine Mosnat Horack = BMHS's mother

BSG = Benjamin Shambaugh Horack = BMHS' nephew and BFS's "namesake son" (referred to as "Son")

Katharine Horack Dixon (Mrs. Jack) = daughter of BMHS's brother, H. Claude Horack; her daugthers were Eleanor and Anne

George Shambaugh = BFS's brother

Volume/page subject (# photos in parenteses if more than 1)

3/489 BFS sitting by the fire reading the newspaper, with leopard skin rug at his feet

5/702 Birthday cake for the 24th anniversary of the Political Science Club (founded in 1897), 1921

5/730 Table and centerpiece, shows part of the room, same day of BSH ("Son")'s fourth-year birthday party

6/826 Young man with dog

6/827 BMHS with "Peanuts," the horse

6/836 Portrait of BFS

7/964 Boy with a gun and dog, hunting

7/983 George Leigh Mallory?

7/1040 Table decoration, daisies in bird's mouths, June 1923

8/1076 BFS and BMHS (2)

8/1127 Count Kessler

8/1135 "Right Honorable" William Morris Hughes

8/1172 BFS and BMHS in British Columbia

9/1249 Katharine Horack

10/1304 BFS and a young boy

10/1345 Mr. Glenn Frank

10/1430 Mrs. Wilcox and her sister

11/1453 BFS

11/1481 BFS and his brother George

11/1481 BMHS

11/1539 Frank Swinnerton

12/1661 Philip Guedalla

12/1742 Hugh Walpole

13/1807 BFS

13/1807 -- 1809 BFS and BMHS

13/1828 Louis Frank

13/1874 Presentation of the Kirkwood Memorial Statue

14/1955 Mr. and Mrs. Hamlin Garland, BMHS and BFS, February 28, 1928

14/1968 Rodeo

14/2033 BMHS's grandmother Katharine

15/2037 BFS, Henry A. Wallace, L.J. Dickinson, H.M. Havner, Harvey Ingham

15/2062 Old Capitol as the auditorium, July 16, 1928

15/2065 Stephanie H. Shambaugh, carrier of the Daisy chain, June 12, 1928 for the sophomore class

15/2072 Agnes [Tezar], she worked for the Shambaugh's for many many years

15/2080 BMHS on vacation, 'taken for Agnes' above Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies

15/2086 BFS with his glasses, hat and cane sitting down (chest shot)

15/2109 BFS in front of the old smoke house and sitting in the shade under a tree

15/2159 Claude Anet (with signature)

15/2177 Halide Edib (with signature)

16/2190 Winter photos, interior of Christmas tree and sofa (card) "Where Memory Holds A Seat & Welcome Smiles For You", January 6, 1929

16/2238 Broadcasting Station in the Iowa Memorial Unions 1929

16/2297 Thornton Wilder and William Lyon Phelphs

16/2326 Katharine Horack with pansies, painting above fireplace mantle with cows

16/2337 Katharine Horack

17/cover Shambaugh house exterior. Winter-time, lots of snow

17/2367 Katharine Horack

17/2372 BSH

17/2375 BMH and Edna Mills

17/2375 BMHS

17/2383 Table decorations, BSH's 12th Birthday party

17/2385 J.E. Williamson

17/2414 Interior of room at Harvard, (Claude was a law student there?)

17/2422 Lewis Browne

17/2426 Katharine Horack's favorite horse "Bess" family pony, 1880-1890's, old 3x3 print

17/2439 BFS with eye glasses, hat, and cane

17/2439 BMHS, bust portrait

17/2479 Interior of Shambaugh home with pine cones and evergreens between the hall and the library

17/2532 Interior of an unidentified home, not the Shambaugh or Horack home

18/2579 Ruth Bryan Owen

18/2587 Clyde L. King

18/2602 BFS turning first spade of earth for the new house

18/2603 Group photos; "Copy of the Old Gold's first printing" and "Tuesday reunion" outside Old Capitol

18/2618 BFS (several)

18/2642 Commencement Day, June 2, 1930

19/2706 BFS sitting on the sofa--Christmas card

19/2707 Christmas card "And Stretch the Hands of Memory Forth to Warm Them at the Wood-fire's Blaze"

19/2709 Picture of BMHS's mother with pine cones around it of the mantle

19/2738 The Shambaugh house in the winter; 1910, Lieblos in Germany (2)

19/2745 George and BFS

19/2778 BMHS

19/2872 Claude and Katharine Horack

19/2877 February Convocation

20/2886 BFS

20/2971 Travel photos, Long's Peak, Colorado

20/2973 Street scene with street lamps up and down both sides, unidentified location

20/3020 Stuart Chase

21/3040 BFS and BMHS with Katharine, Eleanor and Jack Dixon on vacation in South Carolina

21/3047 Family photo of Victoriaus D. Diasuouou

21/3052 Jack and Katharine Dixon

21/3093 Library in the Union (2)

21/3103 Shambaugh house exterior in the winter

21/3120 Winter photo of the backyard and pergola, "Summer seat and bittersweet at Easter, March 1932"

21/3133 Interior of Unitarian Church, 3rd pew is marked with an X "The one mother bought"

21/3153 BFS (2)

21/3179 BFS at Commencement with glass pitcher

21/3181 Academic Procession

21/3196 Mississippi Valley Historical Association

22/3203-5 Commencement, July 1932, several photos

22/3225 July Convocation

22/3229 Katharine Horack Dixon and her daughter (2)

22/3241 The Amana Bakery

22/3254 The Black Hills, South Dakota (3)

22/3267 The Amana Bakery

22/3337 Family photos at Claude's house; Jack, Katharine and Eleanor Dixon, H. Claude and Eleanor, and Eleanor playing. (3)

22/3358 BFS and BMHS

22/3371 Include BFS and Eleanor Dixon

22/3373 Shambaugh House exterior in the winter

23/3374 Yosemite Lodge

23/3461 Amana photos (2)

23/3466 Lecture room in the Old Capitol

23/3482 Vacation photos (4)

23/3508 Harold? A student of BFS (2)

23/3516 BFS (2)

23/3523 Graduation at night, west side of Old Capitol

23/3528 BFS and "Son" ca. 1935; "Son" in flower garden wearing knickers; Eleanor in the birdbath (3)

24/3531 August Convocation 1933

24/3535 BFS and BSH

24/3538 Vacation photos (5)

24/3580 West Virginia (2)

24/3659 H. Claude; son "Bud" the medical student and "Bud" hunting, "Son" ? standing by auto (3)

24/3692 Campus Course Library Lecture Room

25/3739 Two family photos (probably Eleanor Dixon)

25/3759 Ethan P. Allen (with note)

25/3797 Two photos of Campus Course Library Lecture Room

25/3831 BFS and an unidentified girl

25/3835 BFS and Jessup

25/3846 Academic Parade

26/cover BFS

26/3895 BFS and Mrs. Chong

26/3916 Clara Shambaugh, Dick and the baby

26/3930 BFS and a student

26/3937 Vacation photos of the Black Hill, South Dakota (3)

26/3938 Vacation photos, BFS sitting in the sun at Long's Peak Inn, BMHS and BFS and Lalla (4)

26/3971 BFS and Frank O. Lowden

26/3973 First snapshot with the new camera, yard, house, lawn (not a great photo)

26/3993 BFS, Gilmore, Jessup, Bowman and Lowden

26/4026 H. Carlisle Thomas (2)

27/4063 Old farm house, Shambaugh family photo from the 1860's

27/4095 BFS and BMHS (3)

27/4130 Family photos including BFS, Jack and Eleanor Dixon (3)

27/4168 BFS

27/4168 BMHS

27/4169 Vacation photos, Mexico and BFS (3)

27/4176 Graduation photos (2)

27/4201 Photocopy of a water color painting by Charles Thomas

28/4216 Hamlin Garland (autographed)

28/4227 Old Stone Capitol at night

28/4229 Audience at an outdoor lecture

28/4281 BFS (3)

28/4286 BFS

28/4287 Garden Seat

28/4295 "Graduate Picnic" August 1935

28/4296-8 Mainly BFS (11)

28/4299 Mr. and Mrs. Hamlin Garland

28/4306 Arkansas vacation?

28/4325 Agnes Tesar, 50th birthday, October 21, 1935

28/4383 Pauline Partridge, 97 years old

29/4394 The stairway in the Old Capitol

29/4396 BFS

29/4398 Bringing in the firewood (travel photo)

29/4413 Count de Provok

29/4432 Mary Mo

29/4442 BMHS's high school graduation picture

29/4465 Family photos including BMHS, Benjamin, Anne, Eleanor, and Katharine Dixon (2)

29/4479 -- 4480 Vacation photos (8)

29/5015 Commencement, BFS and others (2)

29/5018 First wedding at the house (Carl Smith) (2)

29/5083 Convocation, July 1936

30/5091 Commencement including BFS

30/5092 BMHS in a tennis outfit, in her first year of college, 1889

30/5111 Commencement?

30/5117 Vacation photos (5)

30/5123 Katharine, Eleanor, and Anne Dixon

30/5182 Governor-elect Kraschel, Sarah Paine Hoffman, and BFS

30/5193 Family photo

31/5285 Old, old photo of Benjamin's mother, originally in his watch

31/5305 BFS

31/5308 BSH

31/5337 Including Eleanor and Anne Dixon (2)

31/5337 Eleanor Dixon

31/5357 Vacation photos (5)

31/5361 Vacation photos

31/5470 Flowers

32/5472 Elsbeth Horack

32/5489 Jean Turpin

32/5501 May Pole Dance

32/5508 BFS

32/5511 Photo and letter of Hamlin Garland

32/5520 Including Benjamin, BMHS, Katharine, Eleanor, and Anne Dixon

32/5524 BFS (2)

32/5536 Table including the room, 1937 wimpus luncheon (2)

32/5562 BMHS and BFS

32/5610 Family photos and letter

32/5646 Pauline Kimball Partridge

32/5676 Including BFS, BMHS, and Agnes (3)

33/5720 Ronneburg

33/5723 BFS

33/5740 Vacation photos (7)

33/5742 Including BFS and Laurence Jones

33/5767 Including BFS, BMHS, and Jean (3)

33/5752 Including BFS and the house (4)

33/5773 BMHS (2)

33/5792 Mainly commencement, 1938 (4)

33/5868 Lake Itasca

33/5895 Vacation photos (5)

34/5920 Two photos of flowers around the house and garden, clematis beneath BFS's bedroom window and Chinese Fleece with vine on garden fence

34/5948 Zulema and Clayton Rowell

34/5962 Roy and Theodore Setzer (2)

34/5962 Henry J. Ruff

34/5964 Winter photos (2)

34/6029 The log cabin

34/6062 Including BMHS (3)

34/6162 Artemus Henningsen

35/6164 Old Capitol

35/6202 Iowa City

35/6279 Including Benjamin, BMHS, Eleanor and Anne Dixon

35/6308 Germany (4)

35/6344 Chauncey Swan and Dolly Bowen Swan

35/6392 Benjamin Franklin Affleck (signed)

36/6473 The Patricks (signed)

36/6490 BMHS Jeanne Cousins