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Box Contents List

Box 15 Biography of Benjamin F. Shambaugh

Contents, notes, and correspondence, design, typed tributes, Benjamin’s signature, first draft


Iowa influences


early education

undergraduate days

graduate study

forty-four years of University service, part two

forty-four years of University service

early years of teaching, chapter 6

as the University grows, chapter 11

historical interests, part three

Historical Department and Archives

State Historical Society, a lengthening shadow

in the interest of culture, part four

Commonwealth Conference

an adventure in thinking: the Campus Course, several copies

the art of public speaking

University lectures

home and recreation, part five

books, chapter 17 (2 copies)

vacations, chapter 18

personalities and portraits, part six

the house books speak, chapter 20

facing east and facing west

notes and references

Letters and Cards for signatures for use in book

Notes made when re-reading the first draft of the manuscript

Box 31 Biography preparation notes

Ringfold 1A






Box 32 Biography preparation notes, cont.

6A, include. rough index to ringfolds





64 Biography experimental chapters


Box 33 Biography preparation notes, cont.


Notes for Miss Hovey I from Ringfold

Notes for Miss Hovey II from Ringfold

Box 44 Housebook notes

An Adventure in Thinking

The Campus Course (Four drafts)

Chapters I -- IV, Tentative Beginning. (Two drafts, pages 1 -- 25)

The Children, notes

Hospitality (Four drafts)

The House

Iowa Alumnus,  Vol 4: no 2 (November 15, 1906)

The Iowa City Centennial (Four drafts)

An Iowa Institution. Multiple drafts and notes assembled for Mrs. Houghton and shared with Miss Hovey

Iowa’s Benjamin F. Shambaugh, 1871 -- 1940

Lecture Chairman (Two drafts)

The Little Garden (Two drafts)

Miscellaneous notes (Two folders )

Box 45 Housebook notes, cont.

Miscellaneous notes (Three folders)

Notes taken for Mrs. Aurer and Miss Hovey, from House Books

Notes, Mrs. Shambaugh (Two folders)

The Old Stone Capitol Remembers (Four drafts)

Political Science I -- IV (Two drafts)

Box 46 Housebook notes, cont.

A Prince and a Perfect Host

Ringfold, Miss Hovey’s Index

Ringfold 2A

2B (Two folders)

4, Index

The State Historical Society (Two drafts)

Undergraduate Days

Vacations (Two drafts)

Various Chapter drafts and notes


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