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Collection Dates: 1888 - 1918

(Bulk Dates: 1915 -- 1918)

7.5 linear ft.


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Posted to Internet: May 2002



Acquisition Note: Gift of Mrs. Martin Taylor Dannreuther in 1956.


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Series I: Correspondence

Box 1, folder:

1: Alice Evans Dannreuther to Clara Evans Gallaher.

2: ----.

3: ----.

4: ----.

5: ----.

6: Alice Evans Dannreuther to Harry Carroll Evans.

7: Alice Evans Dannreuther to Family.

8: ----.

9: ----.

10: ----.

11: ----.

12: ----.

13: Alice Evans Dannreuther to/from Taylor Dannreuther.

14: Aunt Ester to Alice Evans Dannreuther.

15: Clara Evans Gallaher to Alice Evans Dannreuther.

16: Clara Evans Gallaher to Parents

17: Clara Evans Gallaher to Robert Gallaher.

18: Harry Carroll Evans to Family.

19: ----.

Box 2
, folder:

1: Harry Carroll Evans to Miscellaneous.

2: Harry Carroll Evans to Susan Weaver Evans.

3: Miscellaneous.

4: ----.

5: Miscellaneous to Alice Evans Dannreuther.

6: Miscellaneous to Clara Evans Gallaher.

7: Miscellaneous to Harry Carroll Evans.

8: Miscellaneous to Susan Weaver Evans.

9: Nellie Dannreuther to Children.

10: Susan Dannreuther to Grandparents.

11: Susan Dannreuther to Parents.

12: Susan Weaver Evans to Alice Evans Dannreuther.

13: Susan Weaver Evans to Clara Evans Gallaher.

14: Susan Weaver Evans to Harry Carroll Gallaher.

15: ----.

16: Taylor and Alice Dannreuther to Family.

17: To/From Susan Dannreuther.

18: To/From Taylor Dannreuther.

Series II: Ford Peace Party

Box 3

Three folders containing information related to the Ford Peace Party. This material includes newspaper clippings, papers, speeches, correspondence, and a photograph.

Series III: Genealogy

Box 3

Five folders and a book containing information related to the genealogy of the Evans and Gallaher families.

Series IV: Photography

Box 4, folder:

1: Evans Family Photographs.

2: ----.

3: Gallaher Family Photographs.

4: ----.

5: Susan Weaver Evans Photographs.

Series V: Scrapbooks

1: Articles written about the Ford Peace Party.

2: Articles written by Harry Carroll Evans and placed inside the Memorial Addresses of Thomas Hendricks.

3: Articles written by Harry Carroll Evans during World War I.

4: Evans and Weaver Scrapbook-Collection of Articles and Letters.

5: Harry Carroll Evans Scrapbook-Prepared by Alice Evans Dannreuther.

6: Harry Carroll Evans' War Letters 1917-1919.

7: Iowa History-Prepared by Alice Evans Dannreuther.

Series VI: Writings by and about Harry Carroll Evans

Box 5, folder:

1: Funeral Arrangements and Programs for Evans' Funeral

2: Newspaper Clippings

3: Pamphlets written by Evans

4: Papers written by and about Evans

5: Posters advertising Evans' Speeches

6: Programs from several of Evans' speeches as well as other events

7: Transcripts of Speeches made by Evans