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Lincoln Pamphlets - Alphabetical

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Box Contents List

Box 1

Abraham Lincoln Bookshop. “100 Books about Abraham Lincoln.”

Abraham Lincoln Bookshop. “List 21: A Select List of Lincoln Autograph Letters & Documents.”

Abraham Lincoln Bookshop. “List 22: Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, A Select List Of Books and Pamphlets.” 1952.

Abraham Lincoln Bookshop. “List 23: Abraham Lincoln, The Civil War, American History, A Select List of Recently Published and Forthcoming Books and Pamphlets.” 1952.

Abraham Lincoln Bookshop. “A Select List of Recent and Forthcoming Publications Relating to Abraham Lincoln, The Civil War, The Confederacy and other Phases of American History.” 1953.

“Abraham Lincoln Boys Home.”

Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator. presented by John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance, 1926.

“Abraham Lincoln’s Visit to Evanston in 1860.” Presented with the Compliments of City National Bank, Evanston, Illinois, 1914.

“After Dinner Club Banquet: The Sayings of Abraham Lincoln.” Moline Elks Club 1928.

Allegheny College. “The Lincoln Room: the Reis Library of Allegheny College.” 1939.

American Anti-Slavery Society. Slavery and the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. 1859.

American Missionary Association. “Lincoln Centennial Anniversary, Brief Concert Exercise.” 1909.

American Missionary Association. “Lincoln Sunday -- 1922.” A Sunday School Playlet.

American Missionary Association. “Lincoln Sunday: The Two-Fold Emancipation.”

American Missionary Association. “Lincoln: The Friend of Man.”

American Unitarian Association. “His Church.”

Anderson Auction Company. Catalogue, no. 504, 1907.

Andrews, Mary Raymond Shipman. “The Counsel Assigned.” Reader’s Digest, Oct. 1939.

Angle, Paul. “Logan Hay, President of the Abraham Lincoln Association 1920-1942.” Reprinted from the Abraham Lincoln Quarterly, Sept. 1942.

Angle, Paul. “Dedication: Abraham Lincoln’s Post Office, New Salem State Park.” Feb. 12, 1940.

Azegauri, Kenzo. “A Japanese Translation of Lincoln’s Words and Deeds.”


Box 2

Baker, G.A & Co. Gallery. “The Important Library of Americana with Much Lincoln Material of John W. Tompkins, ESQ.”  Sale no. 85, 1942.

Baker, L. B. “An Eyewitness Account of the Death and Burial of J. Wilkes Booth.” From The Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, 1946.

Barrett, Oliver R. “Announcing the Publication of the Manuscript of a Lost Lincoln  Speech.”

Barton, William E. “A Noble Fragment: Beveridge’s Life of Lincoln.” Reprinted from  The Mississippi Valley Historical Review, 1929.

Barton, William E. “Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln.” Reader’s Digest, 1930.

Basler, Roy P. “Abraham Lincoln’s Rhetoric.” Reprinted from American Literature, 1939.

Basler, Roy P. “Who Wrote the “Letter to Mrs. Bixby?””  Reprinted from The Lincoln Herald, 1943.

Bellah, Robert N. “Abraham Lincoln as Theologian of America.” Bicentennial Convocations at Sage Chapel, 1976.

Bledsoe, A.T. “Review of Ward J. Lamon’s “Life of Abraham Lincoln.””

Bollinger, James W. “Slavery in the Cotton Kingdom 1821-1860.” A paper read before The Contemporary Club, 1940.

Booker, Richard Wilbur. “Lincolniana in the Magazines.” Reprinted from Hobbies, 1940.

Booth Party. “The John Wilkes Booth Party.”

Boston Public Library. “Abraham Lincoln: A Short List of Books for School Use  Contained in The Public Library of the City of Boston.” 1909.

Boston Sunday Globe. “Abraham Lincoln: The Story of his Life.” Printed for the children of New England and their parents 100 years after his birth, 1909.

Bowers, Claude. “An Iconoclasts View of Lincoln.” Reader’s Digest, 1931.

Bradley, Dr. Preston. “Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian?” 1948.

Brockmeyer, Mr. “Speech of Mr. Brockmeyer Endorsing the National Administration.” Delivered in the House of Representatives, 1864.

Bullard, F. Lauriston. “Abe Goes Down the River.”reprinted from the Lincoln Herald, 1948.

Bullard, F. Lauriston. “Abraham Lincoln and George Ashmun.” reprinted from The New England Quarterly, 1946.

Bullard, F. Lauriston. “Anna Ella Carroll and her “Modest” Claim.” reprinted from The Lincoln Herald, 1948.

Byrd, Cecil K. “Famous Lincoln Collections: The Indiana-Oakleaf Collection.” reprinted from the Abraham Lincoln Quarterly, 1942.


Box 3

Carmen, L.D. “Abraham Lincoln: A Negro Not Killed by John Wilkes Booth.” 1924.

Carnegie, Dale. “The Woman in Lincoln’s Life.” Reader’s Digest, 1937.

Charnwood, Lord. “Abraham Lincoln.” Address at the Dedication of the Statue of Abraham Lincoln on the State House Grounds, 1918.

Chesterton, G.K. “An English View of Lincoln.” Reader’s Digest, 1931.

Clark, A.S. “A Collection of Lincoln Literature.” no. 64.

Cleveland Public Library. “Abraham Lincoln.” School Holiday Series, no. 3, 1905.

Coleman, Christopher B. “The Lincoln Legend.” Reprinted from Indiana Magazine of History, 1933.

Cooke, Edmund Vance. “Born Without a Chance.” A poem reprinted as a souvenir for the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Lincoln Fellowship of Southern California, 1940.

Cooper, Homer, H. “The Lincoln-Thornton Debate, Shelbyville, Illinois, 1856.”  Reprinted from the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, 1917.

Cooper, Meyers Y. “Lincoln Day Address.” Miami, FL, 1942.

Cossham, Handel. “America: Past, Present and Future.” An English anti-slavery lecture and review of Lincoln in 1863.

Cowgill, Frank Brooks. “From Cabin to Capitol.” a poem, 1946.

Cowgill, Frank Brooks. “Lincoln and World Peace.” a poem, 1943.

Cowgill, Frank Brooks. “Lincoln’s Faith.” a poem, 1942.

Cowgill, Frank Brooks. “Lincoln’s Logic.” a poem, 1945.

Cowgill, Frank Brooks. “Lincoln’s Patience.” a poem, 1941.

Cowgill, Frank Brooks. “Lincoln the Christian.” a poem, 1947.

Cowgill, Frank Brooks. “Lincoln the Prophet.” a poem, 1944.

Cramer, J.H. “A President-Elect in Western Pennsylvania.” offprint from The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, 1947.

Craven, Avery O. “On Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday.” an address given on the sesquicentennial of Lincoln’s birth, 1959.

Craven, Avery O. “Southern Attitudes Toward Abraham Lincoln.”

Craven, Avery O. “With Malice Toward None.” the University of Chicago Round Table  radio discussion, 1945.


Box 4

Davis, Joseph. “Why We Remember Lincoln.” address to the Illinois Committee of The Chicago Association of Commerce, 1942.

Dondero, George A. “Congressman Abraham Lincoln.” Extension of Remarks in the House of Representatives, 1946.

Donnelly, Ignatius. “A Tribute to Abraham Lincoln.”

Dupree, General Edgar. “Lincoln’s Forgotten Mother.” a poem prospectus.

Dyche, Grace Lock Scripps. “John Lock Scripps, Lincoln’s Campaign Biographer.”


Eddy, Mary Baker. “Lesson Sermon for Lincoln Day Service.” 1908.

Efflandt, Lloyd. “Lincoln—Illinois Militiaman.” a paper presented to the Illinois History Symposium, 1994.

Eisenschiml, Otto. “Reviewers Reviewed, A Challenge to Historical Critics.” William T. Clements Library, 1940.

Ellenberg, Naomi L. “Backwoods Nativity: A Story for Christman.” 1940.

England, G.A. “His Name was Mudd.” Reader’s Digest, 1934.

Ensley, Dr. F. Gerald. “Abraham Lincoln, Man of Politics.” sermon, 1946.

Essingham, Wallace. “The Religion of Abraham Lincoln.” address before the DAR, 1940.


Farley, Hon. James A. “With Malice Toward None.” extension of remarks of Hon. Brien McMahon in the Senate, 1945. Fay, H.W., “In the Box with Lincoln,” Springfield: Week by Week, 1935.

Fay, H.W. “More about Lincoln’s Assassination.” Springfield: Week by Week, 1935.

Fay, H. W. “Was Booth Killed by Corbett?” Springfield: Week by Week, 1935.

Fesler, Hon. James, W. “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.” remarks of Hon. Raymond Willis in the Senate, 1944.

Fifield, Jr., James W. “Lincoln, Creative Thinker.” address to the Los Angeles Lincoln Club, 1940.

Fine Arts Print Guild. “The Medieval Art of Illumination as Applied to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.” 1946.

Fitzgerald, Jr., W. Norman. “President Lincoln’s Blockade and the Defense of Mobile.”Historical Bulletin of the Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconsin, no. 12, 1954.

Francis, Earl Elliott. “The Inauguration of Lincoln.” the first “extra” published, 1861.

Francis, Sankey. “The Fame of Lincoln and other Poems.” book II, 1923.

Freedman’s Aid Society, The. “After Fifty Years: A Lincoln Day Program.” Ohio.

Fuller, Alvan T. “A Proclamation by The Governor of Massachusetts.” Lincoln Day 1928.


G., W.L.S., Rev. (Purgatorian Penny Society) “Offended God.” owned by Lincoln

Gage, Merrell. “The Face of Lincoln.” Lecture on sculpture.

General Assembly, State of Iowa. Feb. 12, 1951, “Lincoln Day.”

“Gettysburg Address.” proceedings in the United States Senate, Feb. 12, 1920.

“Gettysburg Address.” An Address at the Dedication of the Vemetery at Gettysburg. 1949.

Gilder, Richard Watson. “Lincoln the Leader.” The Century Magazine, 1909.

Grand Army of the Republic. New Jersey, Nov. 9, 1908, Centennial Committee Report.

Grand Army of the Republic. June 5, 1908, “Installation of the Lincoln Memorial Tablet.”

“Great Debate, The.” State of Illinois, 1958.

Griffith, Albert H. “Lincoln Literature, Lincoln Collections, and Lincoln Collectors.” reprinted from Wisconsin Magazine of History, 1931.


Box 5

“Hanks, Nancy. A Petition to Clear the Name of.” 1976 Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Harbison, Winifred A. “Lincoln and Indiana Republicans.” reprinted from the Indiana Magazine of History, 1937-1938.

Hare, Montgomery. “A Plainsong.”

Harkness, David. “Lincoln and Byron: Lovers of Liberty.” 1941.

Harkenss, David. “Lincoln and the Land-Grant Idea.” The University of Tenn. Newsletter, 1962.

Hay, Thomas R. “President Lincoln and the Army of the Potomac.” reprinted from Georgia Historical Quarterly, 1962.

Hemminger, Art. “Mr. Lincoln Goes to the Theatre.” reprinted from the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, 1941.

Herriott, F.I. “Abraham Lincoln: the Man, the Politician, the Statesman.” address before  the Senate, 1941.

Herriott, F.I. “Senator Stephen A. Douglas and the Germans in 1864.” reprinted from the  Transactions of the Illinois State Historical Society, 1912.

Holden, Walter S. “Abraham Lincoln’s Religion.” address to the Unity Universalist  Church, Oak Poark, Illinois, 1946.

Holt, Hallie H. The Strange Destiny of Abraham Lincoln. 1957.

Hopkins, Richard J. Abraham Lincoln—Lawyer, Little Blue Book series, #68.

Hostick, King V. “Lincoln Collection of the Late Henry Horner.” Congressional Record Proceedings and Debates, 1941.

Hostick, King V. “A New Chapter on Lincoln.” Congressional Record Proceedings and Debates, 1942.

Hostick, King V. “Original Letters and Documents Pertaining to Abraham Lincoln.” 1966.

Hostick, King V. “”Rendezvous at Oak Ridge.” extension of remarks of Hon. Dondero in the House of Representatives, 1941.

Houghland, D.P. “Voting for Lincoln in Missouri in 1860.” Kansas State Historical Society.

Houser, M. L. “Experiences While Collecting Duplicates of Books Lincoln Read,” reprinted from Hobbies, 1937.

Houser, M.L. “In Memoriam: Joseph Benjamin Oakleaf.” 1930.

Houser, M.L. “Jesse W. Fell: Lincoln’s Friend, Mentor and Sponsor.” reprinted from Hobbies, 1939.

Houser, M.L. Some Religious Influences Which Surrounded Lincoln. 1941.

Howe, Beverly W. “He Rescued the Slaves.” address at the Lincoln Day Pilgrimage, 1940.

Howe, Stanley H. “Turkey’s Abraham Lincoln.” Reader’s Digest, 1933.

Hyde, William George. “Stubborn Mr. Lincoln.” reprinted from the American Insurance Digest and Insurance Monitor, 1945.


Idaho Lincoln Day Association. program of the 2nd annual Lincoln Day Banquet, 1912.

Illinois. Proceedings of the Constitutional Convention, 1920.

Illinois Department of Public Works and Buildings. dedication of New Salem State Park, 1937.

Illinois Historian. 8th annual Abraham Lincoln Issue, 1956.


Box 6

Jacob, Edward J. “He was a Man, Take Him All in All, I Shall Not Look Upon his Like Again.”

Jacob Edward, J. “Let us Celebrate the Greatness of this Man.” 1950.

Jenkins, Alan. “The Galesburg Lincoln Debater for God.” pulpit talk Galesburg, Illinois, 1945.

Jenkins, Alan. “The People’s Lincoln: A Pulpit Portrait Based on Sandburg’s Biography.” sermon in Galesburg, Illinois, 1946.

Johnson, Clarence C. Just Call Me Abe. a play, 1940.

Jones, Edgar Dewitt. “Abraham Lincoln Still Lives.” 1949.

Jones, Henry Craig. “Lincoln’s Attitude Towards Education.” reprinted from The Iowa Law Review, 1927.

Jordan, Philip, D. “The Death of Nancy Hanks Lincoln.” reprinted from IndianaMagazine of History, 1944.


Kay, Ulysses. A Lincoln Letter. for missed voices and bass solo, 1958.

Kennedy, Martin J. “Abraham Lincoln.” Congressional Record Proceedings and Debates, 1942.

Kincaid, Robert L. “Abraham Lincoln: Miracle of Democracy.” address at Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconsin, 1959.

Kincaid, Robert L. “The Ageless Lincoln.”  Lincoln Day address, 1950.

Kincaid, Robert L. “John W. Starr, Jr., Lincoln Collector and Author of Millersburg, Pa.” reprinted from the Lincoln Herald, 1944.

Kincaid, Robert L. “I See a Face.” 1949.

Kincaid, Robert L. “Lincoln’s Faith: The Hope of Our Time.” 1951.

Knerr, H.O. “Lincon, Man of Destiny.” a poem.

Knox College. “Lincoln-Douglas Debate Centennial 1858-1958.”

Knox, William. “President Lincoln’s Favorite Poem.” broadside.


Box 7

Lane, Mrs. Henry S. “Memories of Lincoln.”

Laski, Harold J. “Lincoln as America.” reprinted in Reader’s Digest, 1943.

Lawson, Evald Benjamin. “That Man Knows Lincoln: Carl Sandburg’s Advantage is the Perspective of Eighty Years.” reprinted from the Lutheran Companion, 1942.

Lawson, Evald Benjamin. “When Lincoln Visited New Jersey.” reprinted from Contemporary Life, 1943.

Lenicheck, Arthur E. “The Spirit of Lincoln’s Mother.” a poem, 1943.

Library of Congress. “Lincoln Collections in the Library of Congress.” reprinted from The Abraham Lincoln Quarterly, 1941.

Lincoln, Abraham. Debate with Douglas and War-Time Speeches and Papers. 1900.

Lincoln, Abraham. Debate with Douglas and War-Time Speeches and Papers. 1900.

Lincoln, Abraham. “Dollars and Sense.” reprinted in Reader’s Digest, 1940.

Lincoln, Abraham. “An Appreciation of Thomas Jefferson.” A Letter by Abraham.

Lincoln, Abraham. “Bixby Letter Facsimile, Gettysburg Address Facsimile, and excerpts from Lincoln’s Reply to Workingmen.”  Security Fire Insurance Company.

Lincoln, Abraham. in Reply to an Invitation to Address a Meeting in Honor of Thomas Jefferson, April 28, 1859.

Lincoln, Abraham. Letter to Congressman James S. Rollins, Aug. 1863.

“Lincoln, as Seen by Caricaturists of his Time.” The Lantern, 1913.

Lincoln Centennial, 1953. “The Namesake Town: A Centennial History of Lincoln, Illinois.” 1953. “Lincoln Eulogies Merely “Facet of Herd Psychology.” reprinted from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Feb. 23, 1928.

Lincoln Fellowship of Southern California. “An Immortal Lincoln Trilogy.” 1949.

Lincoln Fellowship of Southern California. “Third Annual Meeting.” 1938.

Lincoln Group of Boston. “A Short History.” 1958.

Lincoln Group of Boston. “F. Lauriston Bullard Memorial Fund.” 1953.

Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia. “Lincoln Dinner.” programs, 1961, 1963,1965.

Lincoln Home program. 1988.

Lincoln Home Chronicle, The. newsletter, 1981.

Lincolniana and Various Display Prints in Denby Types. 1942.

“Lincoln Image: Abraham Lincoln and the Popular Print.” Lincoln National Life Insurance Company.

Lincoln Inaugural Centennial Ceremony. 1961, 1965.

“Lincoln Legal Papers.” annual report, 1990.

Lincoln Library. “Lincoln: The Youth, The Man, The Statesman, and the Student.” Lincoln Memorial Association, newsletter, 1991.

Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission. “Handbook of Information,” 1959.

“Lincoln Study Class Gazette.” Lincoln College, 1944.

Lindstrom, Ralph G. “Abraham Lincoln,” Congressional Record Proceedings and Debates, 1950.

Lindstrom, Ralph G. “Lincoln the Religionist.” Lincoln Fellowship of Southern California, 1944.

Littell. “Ghosts Speak at Gettysburg.” reprinted from Reader’s Digest, 1938.

Little, John Scripps. “Abraham Lincoln Books and Pamphlets, Medals, Portraits and Autographs.” collection catalog, 1933.

Lorant, Stefan. “The History of a Face.” a picture history.

Lord, Russell. “In Quest of Another Lincoln.” reprinted from Reader’s Digest, 1933.

Los Angeles Lincoln Community Sunday School. “Was Joseph the Father of Jesus?”

Luhrs, Henry E. “Increasing Importance of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address” Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania, 1950.


Box 8

McClelland, Stewart W. “Lincoln Prescribes for Today.” a Lincoln Day address, 1946.

McClelland, Stewart W. “Lincoln, The National Messiah.” 1940.

McClelland, Stewart W. “Monument to the Memory of John Wilkes Booth.” 1951.

McCordock, R. Stanley. “Lincoln Memorial University: A Brief History.” 1937.

McCulloch, William E. “The Character of Abraham Lincoln.” 1946.

McFodden, Louis H. “Lincoln and Education.” SUI thesis, 1935.

McKnight, A.G. “Abraham Lincoln—Robert Burns.” reprinted from Fiery Cross, 1942.

McKnight, A.G. “Lincoln and Burns.” reprinted from Order of Scottish Clans Courier, 1943.

McMurtry, R. Gerald. “The Harlan-Lincoln Tradition at Iowa Wesleyan College.”  reprinted from Lincoln Herald, 1946.

McMurtry, R. Gerald. “Lincoln Highlights in Indiana History.”

McMurtry, R. Gerald. “Lincoln’s Friend, Douglas.” a Lincoln Day address, 1946.

Macdonald, Cornelius B. “The Waldo Collection of Lincolniana.” 1947.

Marshall, Catherine. “The Lincoln Tradition.”

Masters, Edgar Lee. “Days in the Lincoln Country.” reprinted from the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, 1926.

Merrill, John W. “Lincoln’s Religion.”

Meserve, Frederick H. “This is Abraham Lincoln.” 1941.

Mid-Day Luncheon Club. program of exercises commemorating the birth of Lincoln, 1943.

Miles, Mary Leighton. “The Fatal First of January, 1841.” reprinted from the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society.

Monaghan, Jay. “An Analysis of Lincoln’s Funeral Sermons.” reprinted from the Indiana Magazine of History, 1945.

Monaghan, Jay. “The Lincoln-Douglas Debates.” reprinted from the Lincoln Herald,1943.

Morley, Christopher. “Lincoln’s Doctor’s Dog.” Hal Roach Studios screenplay.

Moton, Robert Russa. “The Negro’s Debt to Lincoln.” reprinted from the Southern Workman, 1922.

Murphy, D.F. Presidential Election, 1864. proceedings of the National Union Convention, 1864.


Box 9

Newman, Ralph G. “The Abraham Lincoln Industry.” Address at Annual Meeting of Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconsin, 1954.

Newman, Ralph G. “A Message from Abraham Lincoln.” Christmas, 1941.

Newton, Joseph Fort. “Lectures and Sermons.” Liberal Christian Church, 1913.

Newton, Joseph Fort. “Sermons and Lectures.” Liberal Christian Church, 1913.

Nicolay, Helen. “The Education of an Historian.” reprinted from Abraham Lincoln Quarterly, 1944.

Nicolay, John G. The Complete Works of Abraham Lincoln. 1903.

North Dakota. “A Memorial of the Eleventh Legislative Assembly State of North Dakota,” celebration program, 1909.


Oakleaf, Joseph Benjamin. “Tributes to Him.” Meeting of Rock Island County Bar Association, 1931.

Oakwood Lincoln Club. first meeting report, 1930.

O’Hare, R. “The War Between the States.” catalogue no. 101.


Packard, R.D. “Lincoln Revered Free Government.” reprinted from The Sohioan, 1945.

Packard, R.D. “Lincoln’s Humility.” reprinted from The Sohioan, 1944.

Packard, R.D. “Ohio Helped Make Lincoln President.” reprinted from The Sohioan, 1942.

Packard, R.D. “Sarah Bush Lincoln: An Account of Lincoln’s Stepmother.” reprinted from The Sohioan, 1941.

Packard, R.D. “When Manhattan Greeted a Western Lawyer; An Account of Lincoln’s Cooper Union Address.” reprinted from The Sohioan, 1940.

Packard, R.D. “When Manhattan Greeted a Western Lawyer; An Account of Lincoln’s Cooper Union Address.” reprinted from The Sohioan, 1940.

Page, Elwin L. “Lincoln on the River Queen.” an address before the Joint Convention of the General Court of New Hampshire, 1943.

Pargellis, Stanley. “Lincoln’s Political Philosophy.” reprinted from the Abraham Lincoln Quarterly, 1945.

Paul, Almarin B. “A Letter from Gold Hill, Nevada.” 1950.

Paynter, Earnest.  "Measure the Great by Hatred." Ken, 1938.

Perkins, Palfrey, Rev. “Race or Humanity?”

Petersen, William J. “Lincoln Day Address.” Iowa State House Journal, 1949.

Porter,José, Porter Books. “Feliz Navidad.” 1960.

Portsmouth, N.H. “Joint Resolutions of the City Council.” 1865.

Pratt, Harry E. “Dr. Anson G. Henry: Lincoln’s Physician and Friend.” reprinted from the Lincoln Herald, 1944.

Pratt, Harry E. “Lincoln Defends Tom Patterson.” reprinted from the Illinois Bar Journal, 1940.

Pratt, Harry E. “Abraham Lincoln Chronology 1809-1865.” 1953.

Pratt, Harry E. “Lincoln and Bankruptcy Law.” reprinted from Illinois Bar Journal, 1943.

Pratt, Harry E. “Lincolniana in 1942,” reprinted from Hobbies, 1943.

Pratt, Harry E. “Lincoln’s Salary in the Illinois Legislature.” reprinted from Hobbies, 1940.

Pratt, Harry E. “Lincoln’s Supreme Court Cases.” Illinois Bar Journal, 1943.

Pratt, Harry E. “Mrs. Lincoln Refurbishes the White House.” reprinted from LincolnHerald, 1945.

Pratt, Harry E. “Springfield’s Public Square in Lincoln’s Day, 1861 and 1941.” 1941.

Public Resolution no. 35. “Joint Resolution for a Special Lincoln Postage Stamp.” 1909.

Public Resolution, “Joint Resolution for commemorating the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln.” 1958.


Box 10

Quarto, The, “A Little Dinner for Lincoln,” Univ. of Michigan book collecting newsletter, 1947.


Ramsdell, Charles W. “Lincoln and Fort Sumter.” reprinted from The Journal of Southern History, 1937.

Randall, J.G. “Has the Lincoln Theme Been Exhausted?” reprinted from the American Historical Review, 1936.

Randolph, R.R. “Excerpts from the Journal of the Illinois House of Representatives of the 12th General Assembly.” memorial services for A. Lincoln, 1941.

Rankin, Henry B. “Beautiful Monument Erected at Grave of Ann Rutledge.” Petersburg Democrat, 1921.

Rankin, Henry B. “The Lincoln Memorial Tablets in Springfield, Illinois.” Illinois StateRegister, 1921.

Rankin, Henry B. “How Lincoln Heard News of Nomination in Journal Office Told in Magazine.” Illinois State Journal, 1923.

Rankin Henry B. “Was Abraham Lincoln Capable and Sincere? Comments and Vindication.” reprinted from Illinois State Register, 1925.

Rankin, Henry B. “Lincoln Folder Campaign Begun by H.B. Rankin.” from Illinois State Journal, 1922.

Rankin, Henry B. “Lincoln’s Law Office.”1926.

Rankin, Henry B. “Place Beautiful Monument over Grave of Lincoln’s Sweetheart, Ann Rutledge.” from Illinois State Register, 1921.

Ritze, C.C. “In Defense of Mrs. Lincoln.”


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Spanish American Institute. Lincoln Day program, 1940.

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Starr, John W., Jr. “Lincoln’s Funeral Car,” Mutual Magazine, 1923.

Stevenson, Adlai. “United States Mission to the United Nations,” 1962.


Box 11

Taylor, Agnes L. “How Lincoln Reached Washington.” Reader’s Digest, 1929.

Temple, Wayne. “Mrs. Mary Edwards Brown Tells Story of Lincoln’s Wedding.” 1960.

Temple, Wayne. “Lincoln’s Marriage Ceremony.” 1960.

Thatcher, Maurice H. “Improvement and Preservation of Lincoln Farm or Reservation.” Speech in the House of Representatives, 1929.

Thomas, Benjamin P. “For Us the Living.” address to Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconisn,1950.

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Thornton, H.J., and Fred Schwengel. “Lincoln Day.” 54th General Assembly, State of Iowa, 1951.

Thurston, Lloyd. “Abraham Lincoln.” Founder’s Dinner Address, Glenwood, Iowa, 1940.

Tisler, C.C. Lincoln’s in Town. 1940.

“To the Lincoln Imp.” poem and pictures.

Townsend, William H. “The Boarding School of Mary Todd Lincoln.” reprinted from The Sunday Herald-Leader of Kentucky, 1941.

Townsend, William H. “Lincoln’s “Rebel” Niece Katherine Helm, Artist and Author.”  Reprinted from the Lincoln Herald, 1945.

Townsend, William H. “The Sage of Lion’s Den, A Review and Rejoinder.” reprinted from the Lincoln Herald, 1949.

Tribune Almanac and Political Register. H.Greeley and Co. 1860.

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Two Greatest Americans. 1925.


Union League Club. “Lincoln’s Birthday.” invitation and program, 1921.

United States. “General Orders, no. 76.” military recipe for beef and bean soups, 1863.

United States. “Public Law 645-79th Congress Joint Resolution Designating November 19, 1946, The Anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, As Dedication Day.” 1946.

United States House of Representatives. “Message from the President of the U.S.  Recommending that Captain Louis M. Goldsborough Receive a Vote of Thanks.” 1862. 

United States House of Representatives. “Message from the President of the U.S. in Answer to a resolution of the House, Transmitting a Report in Regard to the Distribution of Rewards offered for the Arrest of the Assassins of the Late President Lincoln.” 1866.

United States House of Representatives. “A Bill to Authorize the Erection of a Statue of the Late President A. Lincoln at Gettysburg, PA.” 1900.

United States House of Representatives. “A Bill for Purchasing the Oldroyd Collection.”  1909.

United States House of Representatives. “A Bill for the Purchase of the Oldroyd Collection.” 1911.

United States House of Representatives. “A Bill for the Purchase of the Oldroyd Collection.” 1924.

United States Senate. “Joint Resolution to Provide for Opening to the Public Free of Charge the Lincoln Museum in the District of Columbia.” 1902.

United States Senate. “Joint Resolution to Provide for the Opening to the Public Free of Charge the Lincoln Museum in the District of Columbia.” 1904.

United States Senate. “Joint Resolution for a Commemoration of the Second Inaugural of Abraham Lincoln.” 1914.

United States Senate. “Resolution to accept the Invitation to Attend the Ceremonies at the  Dedication of the Lincoln Memorial.” 1922.

United States Senate. “A Bill for the Purchase of the Oldroyd Collection of Lincoln Relics.” 1924.

United States Senate. “Oldroyd Collection of Lincoln Relics.” 1924.


Box 12

Van Norman, Clarendon E., “A Rotarian in Lincoln Land.” reprinted from The Rotarian, 1954.

Wallace, Henry. “Lincoln Day Address.” 1936.

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