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Lincoln Pamphlets - by Monaghan Number

MsC 36

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Box Contents List

Box 13
M-77  Reed, William Bradford. “Speech of the Hon. William B. Reed, on the Presidential Question.  Delivered before the National Democratic Association.” Philadelphia, Sept. 4, 1860.

M-202  Lincoln, Abraham-Gettysburg Address. “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Speech.” Parker’s Lessons in Literature. Number 23. Parker Publishing Co., Taylorville, Illinois. By Abraham Lincoln.

M-203  Lincoln, Abraham-Gettysburg Address. “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Speech.” Parker’s Supplementary Reader. Number 23. C.M. Parker. July,1893.

M-205  Lincoln, Abraham-Gettysburg Address. “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Speech [Text].” Critic Leaflet No. 3. New York: The Critic Co. 1898.

M-284  Cowan, Thomas P., The Menard County Blacksmith. “Chronicles of the War with Jeff, King of Dixie.” Springfield: Steam Press of Baker & Phillips. 1864.

M-394  Beecher, Henry Ward. “Raising the flag over Fort Sumter.” Apr. 14, 1865. Taken from a book, pages 347-364.

M-411  Boardman, George N. “The Death of President Lincoln.  A sermon, preached in the Presbyterian Church, Binghamton, Sabbath Morning, April 16, 1865, by George N. Boardman.” Binghamton, N.Y: F. N. Chase. 1865.

M-609  Lowell, James Russell. “Parker’s Penny Classics.” Seventh Series, No. 5. Whole Number 223. Taylorville, Illinois: C. M. Parker. July 21, 1865.

M-815  Willcox, Rev. G. B. “In Memoriam, Abraham Lincoln: Funeral Observances at New London, Connecticut, in honor of Abraham Lincoln, Sixteenth President of the United States, Wednesday, April 19, 1865, including the Public Addresses of Rev. G. B. Willcox, and Rev. Thomas P. Field, D.D.” New London: C. Prince, No. 4 Main Street. Starr & Farnham, Printers. 1865.

M-859  Hotchkiss, Giles Waldo. “Reward for the Capture of Booth. (To accompany bill H. R. No. 801).” 39th Congress, 1st Session.  House of Representatives. Report No. 99. July 24, 1866.

M-910  President Lincoln’s Instructions. “Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, in answer to ‘A resolution of the House of 28th ultimo, relative to President Lincoln’s instructions to the tax commissioners of South Carolina, September 16, 1863.’” 40th Congress, 2d Session. House of Representatives. Ex. Doc. No. 146. February 4, 1868.

M-1060  Rutledge, Ann. “Heart Story of the Early Lincoln.” With Frontispiece. Philadelphia, PA.

M-1097  Williams, Mrs. M. E. “Abraham Lincoln A Spiritualist Lecture.” 5th Edition. Facts Indisputable. New York, NY: Mrs. M. E. Williams.

M-1115  Chambrun, Charles Adolphe de Pineton, Marquis De. “Personal Recollections of Mr. Lincoln.” By the Marquis de Chambrun. Reprinted from The Century Magazine, January 1893.

M-1124  Ingersoll, Robert G. “Lecture on Lincoln.” Girard, Kansas: Haldeman-Julius Company. Ten Cent Pocket Series No. 213.

M-1125  Ingersoll, Robert G. “Abraham Lincoln.” Compliments Collins Mortgage Company. February 12, 1929.

M-1143  Hart, Albert Bushnell. “Lincoln’s Inaugural and First Message to Congress. (American History Leaflets Colonial and Constitutional).” New York: A. Lovell & Company, 1894.

M-1143N  Simmons, Parker P. “Lincoln’s Inaugural and First Message to Congress. (American History Leaflets Colonial and Constitutional).” Eds. Albert Bushness Hart and Edward Channing, of Harvard University. A. Lovell & Company. 1894. No. 18. 1912.

M-1171  Mundell, Frank. “The Man Who Freed the Slaves: The Story of Abraham Lincoln.” With illustrations in colour by John Campbell. Published at 57 and 59 Ludgate Hill, E.C. by the Sunday School Union, London.

M-1173  Oldroyd Lincoln Memorial Collection. “The House in which Abraham Lincoln Died 516 Tenth Street Northwest Washington, D.C.” [Cut of house]Contains the Oldroyd Lincoln Memorial Collection consisting of over three thousand articles pertaining to the Martyred President. Open Every Day and Evening at all Hours.

M-1183  Young Folk’s Library. “Young Folk’s Library of Choice Literature Lincoln.” No. 31. New York, Boston, Chicago: Educational Publishing Co. 1894.

M-1183N  Young Folk’s Library. “Young Folk’s Library of Choice Literature Lincoln.” No. 31. New York, Boston, Chicago: Educational Publishing Co. 1894.

M-1191  Depew, Chauncey M. “Address by Hon. Chauncey M. Depew, LL.D. At the Celebration of the Thirty-eighth Anniversary of the Debate between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas.” Galesburg, Illinois. October 7, 1896.

M-1193  Hart, Albert Bushnell. “Extracts from Lincoln’s State Papers. (American History Leaflets Colonial and Constitutional).” No. 26. New York: A. Lovell & Company. 1896.

M-1207  Richmond, Cora L. V. “Abraham Lincoln.  A Discourse Given Through Mrs. Cora L. V. Richmond, Pastor of the Church of the Soul.  Synopsis of an Address Given by the Guide of Mrs. Cora L. V. Richmond, at the Regular Service of the Church of the Soul, Sunday, February 2, Hall 309, Masonic Temple, Chicago, Ill.” The Church of the Soul holds Services in Hall 309, Masonic Temple, Every Sunday at 11 A.M.: Sunday School at 10 A.M.

M-1217  McDougal, H. C. “Egyptian and American Slavery, A Comparison, Moses and Lincoln.” A parallel drawn between Israel’s Leader and America’s President. Judge McDougal’s Eloquent Tribute to Lincoln’s Memory. Reprint from Western Veteran.

M-1226  Eaton, Charles H. “Abraham Lincoln. A Sermon by Charles H. Eaton, D.D., Minister of the Church of the Divine Paternity.” 1897-98.

M-1237  Herndon, William H.  “A copy of a letter to John W. Keys from Herndon Sent to William H. Lambert by L. C. Vanuxem.” March 25, 1898.

M-1256  Krauskopf, Joseph. “Ninetieth Birthday of Lincoln and Darwin. A Sunday Lecture Before the Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel, by Rabbi Jos. Krauskopf, D.D.” Philadelphia, February 12, 1899.

M-1258  [Marsh, L. Gardner]. “Story of Abraham Lincoln.” No. 78. English Readings for Schools, Lakeside Series. Chicago: Ainsworth & Company.

M-1260  Morria, Edgar Coit. “Speeches of Lincoln and Douglas. (Maynard’s English Classic Series with Explanatory Notes).” No. 216. New York: Charles E. Merrill Co.

M-1275  Young Folk’s Library. “Life of Lincoln.” Young Folk’s Library of Choice Literature. No. 176. Boston, Mass.: Educational Publishing Company, 1899.

M-1295  Parker’s Lessons in Literature. “The Death of Lincoln.” By William Cullen Bryant. No. 168. Taylorville, Illinois: Parker Publishing Company.

M-1296  Pettigrew, Richard Franklin. “Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.  June 4, 1900.  Mr. Pettigrew presented the following paper, entitled Immortal Americans-Three Statesmen Whose Guiding Hands Created and Maintained the most Beneficent Free Government Know in the World’s History-Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.” 56th Congress, 1st Session. Senate. Document No. 433.

M-1312N  Tarbell, Ida M. “The Life of Abraham Lincoln.” Volume 1. New York: Lincoln History Society. Mcmii.

M-1342  Howe, Mrs. H. W. “Lincoln Entertainment.” Darrowville, Ohio: School Publishing Co.


Box 14

M-1366  Anderson, John, Jr. “Catalogue of Lincolniana: A Remarkable Collection of Engravings, Lithographs, Books, Eulogies, Orations, Pamphlets, etc., relating wholly, or in part, to Abraham Lincoln.” No. 101. For Sale at Auction Friday Evening, April 11, 1902. John Anderson, Jr., 20 West 30th St., New York. Sale begins at 7:30 o’clock.

M-1367  Bangs & Company. “Lincolniana:  A catalogue of scarce pamphlets on the election and administration of Abraham Lincoln.” New York: Bangs & Co. To be sold at Auction Monday afternoon, February 3, 1902.

M-1371  Gleed, James Willis. “Abraham Lincoln: An address to the Republican Club of the city of New York at its Sixteenth Lincoln Dinner, February 12, 1902.” By James Willis Gleed.

M-1382  Old South Leaflets. “Words of Lincoln: Extract from his first Inaugural Address.” Third Series, No. 7.

M-1384  Onstot, T. G., (born at Sugar Grove, July 20, 1829, author of “Lincoln and Salem”). “Lincolnium Picturettes.” Forrest City, Ill.

M-1401  Church, Daniel W. “The Idea and Vision of Abraham Lincoln and The Coming of Theodore Roosevelt.” Chicago: The Berlin Carey Company.

M-1403  [Dyson, Howard F.] “Lincoln in Rushville.” Reprinted from The Rushville, (Illinois), Times, Feb. 12, 1903.

M-1410  Johnson, Edward S. “Abraham Lincoln and His Last Resting Place: A leaflet published for distribution at the National Lincoln Monument in the city of Springfield, Illinois.” Compiled by Edward S. Johnson, Custodian. Board of Commissioners: Hon. Frank O. Lowden-Governor, Hon. Francis G. Blair-Supt. Pub. Instruction, and Hon. Len Small-Treasurer.

M-1419  Kniffin, G. C. (Lieutenant-Colonel, U.S. Volunteers). “An Interview with Abraham Lincoln.” War Papers, 47. Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Commandery of the District of Columbia. Read at the stated meeting of March 6, 1903.

M-1421  Oldroyd Lincoln Memorial Collection. “Abraham Lincoln: The Oldroyd Lincoln Memorial Collection Located in the House in which Lincoln Died.” Washington, D.C. 1903.

M-1430  Anderson Auction Company. “Catalog of a Collection of Pamphlets Relating to Abraham Lincoln with a few on John Brown and some Confederate Imprints many of great rarity.” No. 258. For Sale at Auction Monday Afternoon, January 18, 1904. George D. Morse, Auctioneer. Sale begins at 3 o’clock. The Anderson Auction Company, 5 West 29th Street, New York.

M-1431  Anderson Auction Company. “Catalog of Autographs, Pamphlets, Engravings, Broadsides, etc. relating to Abraham Lincoln.” No. 285. For Sale at Auction Tuesday Afternoon, March 22, 1904. George D. Morse, Auctioneer. Sale begins at 3 o’clock. The Anderson Auction Company, 5 West 29th Street, New York.

M-1441  Memorial Souvenir. “Memorial of Abraham Lincoln.” Feb. 12, 1909, Topeka, Kansas, 1st M.E. Church. Feb 11, 1912, Topeka, Kansas Auditorium. Feb 12, 1913, Topeka, Kansas Auditorium. Feb. 8, 1914, Topeka, Kansas Auditorium.

M-1462  Knowlton, D. H. & Co. “Lincoln’s Speeches and Letters.” Excelsior 5c Classics. Farmington, Maine: D.H. Knowlton & Co.

M-1469  Newhall, Daniel H. “A Catalogue of Books, Pamphlets, and other items, mostly relating to Abraham Lincoln offered for sale by D. H. Newhall.” 28 Bruce Ave., Younkers, N.Y.

M-1470  Newhall, Daniel H. “Catalogue of Books, Pamphlets, Autographs, Portraits, etc., relating to Abraham Lincoln.” No. 7, 1906. For Sale by D. H. Newhall, 59 Maiden Lane, New York.

M-1475  Robinson, Luther E. “Lincoln’s Masterpieces.” By Luther Emerson Robinson, M.A., Professor of English in Monmouth College. Author of “A History of Illinois.”

M-1482  “Abraham Lincoln His Life, Sayings and Speeches.”

M-1494  Collier’s. “Lincoln’s Birthday Number.” Vol. 36, No. 20. February 10, 1906

M-1495  Cortelyou, George Bruce. “Lincoln’s Influence on American Life: Address of Postmaster-General Cortelyou at the annual Banquet of the Lincoln Republican Club and the Young Men’s Republican Club.” Grand Rapids, Michigan. Monday, February 12, 1906.

M-1504  Lambert, William Harrison. “William H. Lambert Address: Mutual Life Building, Philadelphia Asks Reports upon the following Books and Pamphlets Relating in whole or part to Abraham Lincoln which are needed to complete the collection catalogued in Lincoln Bibliography.” Fish, 1906.

M-1506  Merwin-Clayton Sales Company. “A Collection of Lincoln Literature.” To be Sold Monday, May 21, 1906 by The Merwin-Clayton Sales Company. 20-24 East 20th Street, New York.

M-1506n  Merwin-Clayton Sales Company. “Catalogue of Lincoln Literature.” To be Sold Monday, November 19, 1906 by The Merwin-Clayton Sales Company. 20-24 East 20th Street, New York.

M-1506N  Merwin-Clayton Sales Company. “A Collection of Rare Lincoln Literature.” To be Sold Monday, May 20th, 1907 by The Merwin-Clayton Sales Company. 20-24 East 20th Street, New York.

M-1517  Anderson Auction Company. “Broadsides, Books and Pamphlets on Abraham Lincoln American Railroads Song Books American Plays etc., etc.” No. 592. Friday Afternoon and Evening, November 8, 1907. Sales begin in the Afternoon at 2:30 o’clock, in the Evening at 8. New York: The Anderson Auction Company.

M-1618  Republican Club (New York). “Proceedings at the Twenty-Second Annual Lincoln Dinner of the Republican Club of the City of New York.” Held at the Waldorf-Astoria Celebrating the Ninety-Ninth Anniversary of the Birthday of Abraham Lincoln. Wednesday, February 12, 1908.

M-1632  To Aid Lincoln Farm Association. “To Aid Lincoln Farm Association to build and endow a National Memorial on Site of Lincoln Birthplace Farm in Kentucky.” 60th Congress, 1st Session. House of Representatives. Report No. 1641. May 12, 1908-Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the state of the Union and ordered to be printed.

M-1657  American Missionary Association. “The American Missionary: Among Eight Races in America, White, Negro, Indian, Alaskan, Porto Rican, Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian. Christian Institutions, Agricultural, Technical, Academic, Collegiate, Theological and Churches.” Vol. LXIII, No. 2. New York City. February 2, 1909.

M-1659  American Missionary Association. “Lincoln and You: Lincoln Day in the Sunday School.” New York: The American Missionary Association.


Box 15

M-1666  Backemeyer, Fred W. “The Lincoln-Douglas Debates.” Fred W. Backemeyer. Morningside College. Sioux City, Iowa.

M-1668  [Bancroft, T.D.] “An Address Delivered before the Springfield Washingtonian Temperance Society at the Second Presbyterian Church on the Twenty-Second Day of February, 1842 by Abraham Lincoln.” Order New Edition from Lincoln Souvenir Book Co., Kansas City, Mo.

M-1670  Bartholow, Otho F. “The Spiritual Life of Abraham Lincoln: A Sermon Preached in The First Methodist Episcopal Church, Mount Vernon, N.Y.” By the Pastor Rev. Otho F. Bartholow, D.D. Sunday Evening, February 7, 1909.  New York City: Lafetra Press.

M-1674  Berea Quarterly. “Lincoln a ‘Mountain White.’” The Berea Quarterly. Vol. XII, No. 4. Berea, Kentucky. January, 1909.

M-1676  Bolles, E.C. “Lincoln Day Program.” Compiled and Written by E.C. Bolles and D.L. Maulsby. Music by L.R. Lewis and Carrie Bullard. Copyright, 1909, by Perry Mason Company. Boston, Mass: Perry Mason Company (The Youth’s Companion).

M-1681  Burrell, David James. “Marble Collegiate Pulpit.” Volume 18, Number 19. Fifth Avenue and Twenty-Ninth Street, New York City. February 14, 1909.

M-1695  Cook, Katherine M. “Colorado Memorial Day Annual: Lincoln Centennial Number 1909.” Washington’s Coat of Arms. Compiled and Issued by Katherine M. Cook, State Superintendent.

M-1696  Cortelyou, George Bruce. “Address of Secretary Cortelyou at the Dinner given by the Graduates’ Club, Hotel Astor, New York City, Friday Evening, February 12, 1909, in Commemoration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln.”

M-1704  Depew, Chauncey Mitchell. “Speech of hon. Chauncey M. Depew, at the Centennial Celebration of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln by the Grand Army of The Republic, Department of New York, at the Armory of the 71st Regiment, N.G.N.Y., New York City, on February 12, 1909.”

M-1710  Draper, Andrew Sloan. “Lincoln.” New York State Education Department. By Andrew S. Draper, LL.B., LL.D. Commissioner of Education. Albany, New York. 1909.

M-1715  [Elliott-Fisher Company] “From Obscurity to World Wide Fame.” Harrisburg, Pa.: Elliott-Fisher Co.

M-1734  Grover, Leonard. “Lincoln’s Interest in the Theatre.” By Leonard Grover.

M-1735  Gugler, Henry. “Portrait of Lincoln.” Price $12.50 Postage additional. The Gugler Litho Co. Milwaukee.

M-1736  Haas, John A.W. “Abraham Lincoln.” By the Rev. John A.W. Haas, D.D., President of Muhlenberg College. Address delivered at the Lincoln Celebration of the City of Allentown, Pennsylvania, February 12, 1909.

M-1743  Hendrick, Frank. “The Contribution of American Women to the Work of Lincoln: An Address delivered before The National Society of Patriotic Women of America at the Waldorf-Astoria, February 11th, 1909.” By Frank Hendrick, author of Railway Control by Commissions, The Power to Regulate Corporations and Commerce, Constitutional Protection of the Unearned Increment of Value of Public Service Company Property, Policies, Reaction, and the Constitution, etc., etc.

M-1744  Hennecke Co. “The Lincoln Centenary. 1809 February Twelfth 1909. Abraham Lincoln in Sculpture.” From the Hennecke Studios. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: C. Hennecke Co.

M-1752  Hyde, C.W.G. “Minnesota Department of Public Instruction: Lincoln Centenary.” Compiled for Commemoration Exercises in Minnesota Public Schools. By C.W.G. Hyde. February 12, 1909.

M-1753  Indianapolis Public Schools. “The Lincoln Centennial 1809-1909.” Friday, February 12, 1909.

M-1758  Johnson, Eastman.  “The Boy Lincoln. Eastman Johnson. 1824-1906.” Concerning the artist.

M-1776  [Lehmaier, Louis A.] “Lincoln 1865.” 1809-1909.

M-1777  [Levy, J. Leonard.] “Abraham Lincoln’s Religion.” The Reform Pulpit. Vol. 8, No.15. Pittsburgh, PA: B. Callomon. Feb. 7, 1909.

M-1790  “Lincoln Day Program for the Schools of California.” Sacramento: W.W. Shannon, Supt. State Printing, 1909. February 12, 1909.

M-1793  Lincoln Farm Association. “Club Subscription Sheet of The Lincoln Farm Association.” 74 Broadway, New York City.

M-1796  [Lincoln Farm Association.] “To every loyal American in whose heart is the love of country, an ideal of good citizenship, and a reverence for the memory of a great man.” 1809 February Twelfth 1909.

M-1798  [Lincoln Farm Association.] “To every loyal American in whose heart is the love of country, an ideal of good citizenship, and a reverence for the memory of Abraham Lincoln.”

M-1800  “Lincoln Memorial Services held Thursday, February 11, 1909.” Hall of House of Representatives, Springfield, Illinois. Springfield, Ill.: Illinois State Journal Co., State Printers. 1908.

M-1806  McCaskey, J.P. “One Hundred Years. Abraham Lincoln.” J.P. McCaskey, Lancaster, Pa.

M-1813  [Meserve, Frederick Hill.] “A Life Portrait of Abraham Lincoln Annual Ladies’ Night and Celebration of the Lincoln Centenary.” The Quill Club of New York. Hotel Astor, New York. February 16, 1909.

M-1815  Military Order of the Loyal Legion (N.Y.). “Addresses delivered before the Commandery of the State of New York, Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, at the regular meeting held February 3, 1909, at Delmonico’s, in observance of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the birth of President Abraham Lincoln.”

M-1830  Olcott, George N. “The Lincoln Centennial: The Robert Hewitt Collection of Medallic Lincolniana.” Described by George N. Olcott, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor of Latin. Published by Columbia University Library. February 12th, 1909.

M-1840  Pennypacker, Samuel Whitaker. “The Law Association of Philadelphia Minutes of the Meetings and Exercises held at the Rooms of The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, in commemoration of the Centennial of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln.” Orations by Hon. Samuel W. Pennypacker and Colonel Alexander K. McClure. February 12, 1909.

M-1849  “Public Schools of the District of Columbia: Observance of Lincoln Centenary.” February 12, 1909. Washington: Norman T. Elliott Printing Co. 1909.

M-1858n  Roosevelt, Theodore. “Abraham Lincoln: An Address by the President of the United States of America, delivered at Lincoln’s birthplace, on February twelve, nineteen hundred and nine.” By Theodore Roosevelt. Reprinted from Collier’s for February 13, 1909. Compliments of E.C. Patterson, Manager Advertising Department. Collier’s, The National Weekly.

M-1864  Schuyler, Hamilton. “Lincoln Centenary Ode.” By Hamilton Schuyler. Read at the Civic Celebration held at Taylor Opera House, in the City of Trenton, N.J., Friday, February 12, 1909. In Commemoration of the One Hundred Anniversary of the Birthday of Abraham Lincoln Sixteenth President of the United States.

M-1865  Selby, Paul. “The Lincoln-Conkling Correspondence.” By Paul Selby. A Contribution to the Transactions of the Illinois state Historical Society for the Year, 1908. Springfield, Ill. Illinois State Journal Co., State Printers, 1909.

M-1867  Shutter, Marion D. “Washington and Lincoln.” Rev. Marion D. Shutter, D.D. Published by Women’s Association Minneapolis.

M-1869  Skinner, Hubert M. “The Lincoln Centenary-1909  Lincoln-Jefferson University Extension Lecture Course: The Lincoln-Douglas Debate.” By Hubert M. Skinner, Ph.D. Copyrighted in 1909 by Lincoln-Jefferson University.


Box 16

M-1879  Trovillion, Hal W. “Lincolniana Brochure.” By Hal W. Trovillion. Privately printed: Herrin, Ill. February MCMIX.

M-1885  Washington, Booker Taliaferro. “An Address on Abraham Lincoln Delivered before the Republican Club of New York City on the night of February twelfth, 1909.” By Booker T. Washington.

M-1886  [West, J.E.] “The Immortal Fame of Abraham Lincoln.” Grand and Sublime Thoughts Picked up and heaped together by Captain J.E. West Patriotic Instructor, James M.McKeloy Post, No. 134. Department of Minnesota. Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

M-1893  White, Norman H. “Address delivered by Norman H. White before the G.A.R. and the Citizens of Plymouth on the night of the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln.”

M-1899  Wilson, William Bender. “Abraham Lincoln as I knew him.” By William Bender Wilson. An address at King Library, Andalusia, February 12, 1909.

M-1900  [Wood, Jarvis A.] “Lincoln in 1861: From ‘Life of Lincoln,’ published by Doubleday, Page & Co. Photograph taken by Hesler of Chicago. Now the Property of Mr. Frank A. Brown of Minneapolis.” The one we love the best of all.

M-1906  Bartholow, Otho F. “The Symmetry of Lincoln’s Character: A Sermon Preached in The First Methodist Episcopal Church, Mount Vernon, N.Y.” By the Pastor Rev. Otho F. Bartholow, D.D. Sunday Evening, February Thirteenth, Nineteen Hundred and ten. Published for Gratuitous Distribution by the Hon. Edson Lewis. Lafetra Press, New York City.

M-1914  Connolly, James A. “Lincoln.” James A. Connolly. Peoria, February 10, 1910.

M-1931  McCarty, Burke. “Little Sermons in Socialism.  By Abraham Lincoln.” Culled and Commented on by Burke McCarty. Run in The Chicago Daily Socialist in 1910.

M-1945  [Order of Lincoln.] “Provisional Ritual.”

M-1960  Watkins, Lucian B. “The Old Log Cabin.” By Lucian B. Watkins.

M-1965  Borah, William Edgar. “Lincoln the Orator: An Address Delivered at Lincoln’s Birthplace November 9, 1911.” By WN.E. Borah. Press of Byron S. Adams, Washington, D.C.

M-1971  [Cameron, William J.] “Lincoln.” Chicago Historical Society. February 12, 1911.

M-1979  Cutter, George W. “Abraham Lincoln: An Address Before the Watertown Unitarian Club.” Given by Rev. Dr. George W. Cutter. February 15, 1911.

M-1982  Henkels, Stan V. “Catalogue No. 1027. Lincolniana: An Important Collection of Eulogies on Abraham Lincoln.  Rare American History, Early Broadsides, Early American Atlases and Maps, Bookplates, &c. From the Assigned Estate of Ghas. Steigerwalt, Esq., of Lancaster, Pa. By order of Redmond Conyngham, Esq., Assignee.  And From Other Sources. State, Town and County Histories, Genealogies, Revolutionary History, &c.” Monday and Tuesday Afternoons, March 20th and 21st, 1911, at 2:30 o’clock each day. Catalogue Compiled and Sale Conducted by Stan V. Henkels. At the Book Auction Rooms of Samuel T. Freeman & Co. 1519-21 Chestnut St., Phila.

M-1984  Hill, John Wesley. “The Religion of Abraham Lincoln.” An Oration by Rev. John Wesley Hill, D.D., LL.D. Pastor of the Metropolitan Temple, New York. Published for Free Distribution by George H. Baker, President Railway Educational Association, Brooklyn, N.Y.

M-1997  Littleton, Martin W. “Tribute to Lincoln: Excerpts from address delivered by Congressman Martin W. Littleton at Lincoln Banquet, Springfield, Ill., February 11, 1911.”

M-1998  McLaughlin, Robert W. “How Grant Came to Lincoln.” By Robert W. McLaughlin, D.D. Delivered Sunday Morning, April 23rd, 1911 at the First Congregational Church. Oakland, California: Wood & Cowdrey Publishers. April, 1911.

M-2013  Taft, William Howard. “Address of President Taft at the Dinner of the Lincoln Centennial Association.” Springfield, Ill. February 11, 1911. Washington Government Printing Office, 1911.

M-2016  Tinley, Emmet. “Abraham Lincoln Oration.” By Emmet Tinely. Council Bluffs, Iowa. (2 Copies-Typewritten and Carbon Copy)

M-2033  Krauskopf, Joseph. “Could a Lincoln be President in Our Day?  A Sunday Discourse before The Reform Congregation at Keneseth Israel.” Series XXV, Nos. 14 & 15. By Rabbi Joseph Krauskopf, D.D. Philadelphia, February 11th & 18th, 1912.

M-2043  Merritt, L. Eveline. “Studies of Famous Pictures.” By Miss L. Eveline Merritt, Head of Art Department, Northern Illinois State Normal School. Lincoln-Saint Gaudens. Lincoln.

M-2047  Miner, James. “Abraham Lincoln: Personal Reminiscences of the Martyr-Emancipator as he appeared in the memorable campaign of 1854 and in his subsequent career.” By Dr. James Miner. The following article was read by the author at the Lincoln Day celebration in the Winchester (Illinois) High School, Monday, Feb. 12, 1912.

M-2061  Warren, Prescott. “The Day that Lincoln Died: A Play in One Act.” By Prescott Warren and Will Hutchins. Copyright, 1909, by Prescott Warren and Will Hutchins. Boston: Walter H. Baker & Co. 1912.

M-2063  Wiecker, Otho. “The Story of an artist while executing a portrait-sketch, the first from life, of Abraham Lincoln, in June 1860, at Springfield, Ill., and his close association, experience and intimacy with the President which came to light in 1911, fifty-one years after, and a description of the Portrait itself.” Otho Wiecker, Antiquary, Harvard Square oppo. Harvard College at Cambridge in Massachusetts.

M-2065  Wixson, Helen Marsh. “Washington and Lincoln.” Colorado Anniversary Number. Prepared for the Public Schools by Helen Marsh Wixson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction. February 1912.


Box 17

M-2100  Pierson, A.V. “Lincoln and Grant.” By A.V. Pierson.

M-2109  Senator Bailey and Abraham Lincoln. “Inviting Bailey to Speak at the Lincoln Banquet was a Disgrace to the State of Illinois and an Insult to the Memory of Abraham Lincoln. In This Booklet: Extracts from Speeches on Lincoln and Bailey Interviews with Prominent Illinois Public Men. Newspaper Comment from Representative Illinois Newspapers.”

M-2110  Sherwood, Isaac R. “The Lincoln Highway to Gettysburg.” Speech of Hon. Isaac R. Sherwood of Ohio in the House of Representatives. January 29, 1913. Washington 1913.

M-2114  Taggart, Joseph. “Lincoln Memorial.” Speech of Hon. Joseph Taggart of Kansas in the House of Representatives. January 29, 1913. Washington 1913.

M-2120  “Abraham Lincoln: A Tribute.” The School of Printing, North End Union, Boston. MCMXIV.

M-2127  “The Autobiography of Abraham Lincoln: The original, which was written for campaign purposes, seems to have disappeared.  Collectors are apparently unable to locate it.”

M-2166  Springfield. “The Home of Abraham Lincoln.”

M-2172  American Missionary Association. “1809-1865 Concert Exercise for Lincoln Sunday February 14th, 1915.” New York City: American Missionary Association.

M-2173  Anderson Auction Company. “The Fine Library of John E. Burton of Milwaukee, Wis. Part I Lincolniana.” To be sold on the Afternoons of October 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29, 1915. New York: The Anderson Galleries, Inc.

M-2183  The Grand Army Hall and Memorial Association. “Lincoln Birthday Service in Memorial Hall on Friday, February the Twelfth Nineteen Hundred and Fifteen at three o’clock P.M.” Address by Francis W. Shepardson.

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Box 18

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Box 19

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Box 20

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Box 21

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Box 22

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Box 23

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Box 24

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Box 25

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Box 26

M-3557  Cameron, William J. “A Talk Given on the Ford Sunday Evening Hour  Washington and Lincoln.” By W.J. Cameron. February 21, 1937. Number 23 of the 1936-37 Series broadcast over the Nation-Wide Network of the Columbia Broadcasting System from Detroit. Ford Motor Company. Dearborn, Michigan.

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Box 27

M-3614  Duschnes, Philip C. “The Second Inaugural Address of Abraham Lincoln.” Philip C. Duschnes. New York.

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M-3647  Reed, Chauncey William. (Not printed at Government expense.) “Abraham Lincoln-Lover of Humanity.” Address by Hon. Chauncey W. Reed of Illinois to the District of Columbia Society of the Dames of the Loyal Legion. On February 12, 1938. (Printed in the Congressional Record of February 14, 1938.)

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M-3668  [Charrney, Theodore S.] “On June 13, 1839, The Logan County Circuit Court, An Important Point On The Lincoln Circuit, Convened At Postville For The First Time.”

M-3669  Davis, James John. 76th Congress, 1st Session S. Con. Res. 10. “In the Senate of the United States April 13, 1939. Mr. Davis submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was referred to the Committee on the Library.”

M-3677  [Heinl, Frank J.] “The Story of Ann Rutledge and Lincoln.”

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M-3688a  “The Lincoln National Life Foundation.”

M-3689  McClelland, Stewart Winning. “A. Lincoln, LL.D.” By Stewart W. McClelland  President, Lincoln Memorial University  Harrogate, Tennessee  1939. Department of Lincolniana. Lincoln Memorial University. Harrogate, Tennessee.

M-3690  McClelland, Stewart Winning. “A Message from the First Republican President  Extension of Remarks of Hon. John M. Robison of Kentucky in the House of Representatives  Monday, May 15, 1939.” Address by Dr. Stewart W. McClelland, D.D., L.H.D. President, Lincoln Memorial University. (Not printed at Government expense.) United States Government Printing Office. Washington. 1939.

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M-3714  Smith, Thomas Vernor. “The University of Chicago Round Table.” A radio discussion of what would Lincoln think? T.V. Smith  Paul Angle  Avery Craven. February 12, 1939.

M-3718  “Trails in Lincoln State Park and Nancy Hanks Lincoln Memorial.” Conservation Department  Department of Public Works. Division of State Parks and Lands and Waters. State of Indiana.

M-3722  Wakefield, Sherman Day. “Did Lincoln Write the Bixby Letter?” By Sherman Day Wakefield  Author of “How Lincoln Became President” and Secretary of Lincoln Fellowship of New York.

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M-3725  Warren, Louis Austin. “A Lincoln Memorial To Thanksgiving.” Address Delivered at the Dedication of the Abraham Lincoln Statue, Hingham, Massachusetts onSeptember 23, 1939 by Louis A. Warren, Director, Lincoln National Life Foundation. Reprinted from The Hingham Journal of October 27, 1939.

M-3726  [Warren, Louis Austin.] “Little Known Facts About Thanksgiving and Lincoln’s Proclamation.”

M-3752  [Lieber, Francis.] (German.)  “Lincoln oder McClellan?” An die Deutchen in Amerika. Landsleute und Mitburger!

M-3907  Hertz, Emanuel. (Hebrew.) “Abraham Lincoln-The Seer.” By Emanuel Hertz.

M-3910  Mohamed. (Persian.) “Abraham Lincoln.” Edited by Mohamed.

M-3916  Hertz, Emanuel. (Yiddish.) “Abraham Lincoln-The Seer.” By Emanuel Hertz.

M-3949  “Washington, Lincoln and Their Co-Patriots.” National Christian Association. Chicago, Illinois.

M-3953  Hewer, Nellie A. “Lincoln and the Bible.” School Series of Moral Education. Nellie A. Hewer.

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