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Company E, 20th Iowa Volunteers

Collection Dates: 1862 -- 1908
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Biographical Note

George W. Strong was born in Oswego, New York near the year 1833. He worked as a farm laborer, a lumber man and a sailor, and as of 1861 was in Michigan. That year, he enlisted as a drum major in the Fifteenth Michigan Infantry Volunteers, where he attained the position of second lieutenant in Company F. In 1863, he went to the First West Tennessee Infantry of African descent as captain of Company H. He served in this company until 1864, when he was discovered to be involved in fradulent practices in the enlistment of African American soldiers. Before he could be arrested, he deserted his company and regiment and escaped. He was never captured, but documents in this collection indicate that he likely cleared his legal difficulties and enlisted in the Iowa Volunteers in 1866.

From: Cowden, Colonel Robert. A Brief Sketch of the Organization and Services of the Fifty-Ninth Regiment of United States Colored Infantry, and Biographical Sketches. Dayton, Ohio: United Brethren Publishing House, 1883. P. 232-233.



Note: This collection is available on microfilm, which is stored in preservation


Civil War letters and allied papers addressed to Captain George W. Strong of the 59th U.S. Colored Infantry, 16th Corps, including among others:

Special orders to report to Captn. E. Boulon to assist in organizing a regiment of colored men, May 16, 1863

Report dated November 20, 1864, listing stores received from the Regimental Quartermaster at Memphis, Tennessee.

List of camp and garrison equipage for which Captain Strong was accountable, dated 1864.

Return of ordinance and ordinance stores pertaining to Company H, U.S. Colored Infantry, dated 1864.

Quarterly report of above military unit dated, December 31, 1863.

Inventory of the effects of Thomas Frazier who died of small pox at the General Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, 1864.

Statement of charges, muster, and payrolls (blank).

List of effects of soldiers lost when taking prisoner.

Certificate of enlistment in the Iowa Volunteers, dated August 23, 1866.

Receipt for equipment from Capt. Strong to Lt. Charles J. Kelly, dated November 30, 1864.

Receipt of affidavit by Capt. Strong, dated 1865.

Letter regarding desertion of soldier, February 20, 1865.

Release of Capt. Strong of indebtedness for quartermaster property, dated 1864.

Headquarters 1st Division, 16th Army Corps, Special Order 123, dated 1863.

Headquarters 1st Division, 16th Army Corps, Special Order, dated 1863.

Monthly return of clothing, camp, and garrison equipment, November 1864.

Property return report of Company H, 59th Infantry, dated 1864.

List of camp and garrison equipment, Company H, 59th Infantry, June 30, 1864.

Ordinance return of Company H, first quarter, 1864.

Garrison equipage return for August 1864.


Articles of agreement between L.J. Barton and G.W. Strong re-orders of nursery stock, dated June 2, 1866.

Personal Civil War letters, dated 1864.

Muster out papers


Copy of the Davenport Gazette, dated November 10, 1868.



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