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Collection Dates: 1931 -- 1942
(Bulk Dates: 1933 -- 1937)
2 linear ft.

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Posted to Internet: March 2000

Acquisition Note: These papers were given to the University of Iowa Libraries by his son, Clyde E. Herring in 1959.

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Series Table of Contents

Biographical note

Scope and contents

Box 1 Radio Addresses, 1934 - Radio Addresses - Governor Herring, 1935

Box 2 Gov. Herring's Broadcast, March 7, 1936 - Miscellaneous Speeches

Box 3 Herring's Voting Record - Herring's Congressional Voting Record

Box 4 Webster City, Iowa Address -- Correspondence

Biographical Note

Clyde LaVerne Herring was born on May 3, 1879, in Jackson, Michigan. He was part of Company D, 3rd Michigan Regiment during the Spanish-American War. After trying his hand at ranching in Colorado and farming in Iowa, Herring entered the automobile business in Atlantic, Iowa in 1908, and in 1910, he moved his business to Des Moines. As a member of the Iowa National Guard Herring was stationed on the Mexican border during WWI. In the early 1920s, Herring was the Iowa Democratic Party's unsuccessful candidate for the offices of governor and senator. However, in 1932, he defeated the incumbent governor, Dan Turner. He won a second term, again defeating Turner. As governor through the worst of the Great Depression, Herring ordered a moratorium on foreclosures and signed a law to help banks that were in danger of closing. Iowa next elected Herring to the U.S. Senate where he began his term in 1937. Losing his bid for reelection in 1942, Herring worked as a senior administrator in the Office of Price Administration for most of 1943. Returning to his automobile business in Des Moines, Iowa, Clyde L. Herring died on September 15, 1945.

Scope and Contents

The papers of Clyde L. Herring date from 1932 to 1942, and consist of two linear feet of manuscripts that are chiefly comprised of speeches, with some correspondence. Topics range from neutrality and national solidarity to the Democratic conventions and congressional mail.

Box List

Box 1

Radio addresses, 1934.

Releases, Governor's addresses, 1936.

Speeches and messages, mortgage proclamation, etc.

Radio addresses, 1933.

Herring inaugural address, 45th General Assembly, 1933.

Governor Herring's address, Chicago Century of Progress, 1933.

Herring address, 1933, Constitutional Convention.

Governor Herring's address, Atlantic court house, 1934.

Herring address, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, April 13, 1934.

Governor Herring's address before Democratic Convention, 1934.

Governor Herring's address, Ottumwa, Iowa, Thomas Jefferson, 1934.

Herring address, Atlantic, Iowa, December 21, 1934.

Governor Herring's messages to Iowa legislature, 1933 -- 1935.

Governor Herring's message to the 46th General Assembly, 1935.

Herring address, Hannibal, Missouri, October 25, 1935.

Speech broadcast. Mark Twain.

Governor Herring's address before Democratic Women's Club, 1935.

Radio addresses, Governor Herring, 1935.

Box 2

Governor Herring's broadcast, March 7, 1936.

Jackson Day speech, Des Moines, March 29, 1941.

Herring radio address (NBC), "America's Answer to World Dictatorship", (HR1776), Tuesday, March 4, 1941, 10:00 P.M.

Herring radio address (NBC), "Unity for Defense", (S.J. Res. 114), Monday, November 17, 1941, 9:00 P.M. EST.

Waterloo address, August 30, 1941. Comments.

Release, Hatch Act, 1940.

Martial law, Plymouth and Crawford counties.

Radio releases, letters to newspapers, request for script, etc., 1938.

Herring broadcast, National solidarity neutrality speeches, Tuesday, February 21, 1939.

"Is Radio Censorship Necessary?", 1938.

Radio censorship, 1938. Excerpts from letter favorable.

Radio statement, February 9, 1938.

Address, Portland, Oregon, 1938.

Profit sharing radio address, December 5, 1938.

Press statements.

Radio address, WHO, November 2, 1938.

Congressional mailbag, Radio, 1942.

Miscellaneous speeches.

 Box 3

Herring voting record.

Neutrality speeches, 1939.

Des Moines statement concerning Supreme Court.

New York address, "America's Insurance Against World Anarchy", May 2, 1939.

Labor Day speech, September 7, 1941. (Not delivered)

Release, November 16, 1939. (Third term)

Address delivered May 16, 1942, at meeting of Young Democrats, Ft. Dodge, Iowa, entitled "We Will Win the War"

Address, Iowa State Democratic Convention at Des Moines, Friday, July 10, 1942.

Record votes in the U.S. senate, 1933 -- 1941.

1936 Campaign.

Iowa-Minnesota football game, November 9, 1935. Floyd of Rosedale.

Clyde L. Herring. Congressional voting record.

Box 4

Webster City, Iowa, address, September 6, 1933.

Address to 45th General Assembly in Special Session, 1933.

Jackson Day speech, 1936.

Murphy address, July 18, 1936. Louis Murphy, eulogy.

Address, Democratic State Convention, July 23, 1936.

Bryan Day speech, March 19, 1936.

Radio broadcasts, May-August, 1936.

Radio broadcasts, September-December, 1936.

Weekly radio broadcast, January 9, 1937.

Agricultural speech, May 17, 1937. Radio comments.

Radio speech recording, April 23, 1937.

President's message to Congress on the Supreme Court, 1937.

Herring message to Legislature, 1937, and farewell address, 1937.

Broadcast, "National Solidarity: The First Line of National Defense", February 21, 1939.

Christian Science Monitor article by Herring - profit sharing, February, 1939.

Address, Town Mutual Dwelling Insurance Co., Des Moines, May 11, 1939. "Can America Mind Its Own Business?"

Correspondence and election congratulations. Includes Letters from: Bernard M. Baruch, James F. Byrnes, Gardner Cowles, Homer Cummings (2), Josephus Daniels (2), James A. Farley (5), Clyde L. Herring (3), Harry Hopkins, Cordell Hull, Harvey Ingham (2), Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Frances Perkins, Claude R. Porter, Sam Rayburn, William F. Riley, and Dan Turner (2).

Photograph, black and white portrait, inscribed "To Carl and Mrs. Pryor. Seasons Greetings, Clyde Herring"

Photograph of a sketch, made at the Mould Studio in Dubuque, Iowa, of a portrait of Herring, inscribed "For O.C. Sutherland. Regards. Clyde L. Herring, Nov 1, 1935"



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