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Acquisition Note: This collection, along with three other private Hollywood memorabilia collections from the offices of Robert Blees, Albert Cohen, and Arthur A. Ross, was acquired largely through the efforts of University of Iowa associate professor Raymond Fielding in the mid 1960's.

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

Photographs: Boxes 10, 10a, 11, 12

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Biographical Note

David Swift was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1919. During World War II he served in the United States 8th Air Force stationed in England. Swift began his career in the motion picture industry working in the animation department of Walt Disney Studios. From the animation department, he moved to radio comedy writing and eventually, in 1949, to television scriptwriting. Swift wrote screenplays for the "Philco Television Playhouse" and wrote and directed episodes of "Playhouse 90", "Rifleman" and "Wagon Train". Swift created the two television series "Mr. Peepers" and "Jamie", episodes of which he produced, wrote and/or directed. Swift made his motion picture debut as both writer and director with the 1960 Walt Disney film "Pollyanna". This was soon followed by the 1961 Disney film "The Parent Trap" and other films and television programs.

Scope and Contents

The David Swift Productions Papers consist of approximately eight linear feet of archival boxes and four large file cabinet drawers. The papers date from 1951-1965. The material is divided into three major sections: Written Material, Still Photographs and Miscellaneous.

The written material consists of television scripts, arranged by production number, and motion picture scripts that Swift wrote, directed and/or produced as well as some peripheral scripts associated with Swift. The photographic section includes location, cast and crew shots and publicity photos for various productions. The miscellaneous section is locationally divided between archival boxes, containing publicity, reviews, notes and memos, and four large file cabinet drawers, containing set designs, costume sketches and blueprints for final set construction.

Kerry A. Shermer, November 1993.



Information is given in the order: Production #. Date. Title. Author(s). Miscellaneous.

3001. 1O/10/62. You can Take it... Ellis St. Joseph. Revised Pilot.

3021. 9/23/62. Goodbye, Dear Grindl. E. St. Joseph. Rev. 2nd Draft.

3041. 11/28/62. ----. D.Swift. Final Pilot.

4903. 9/10/63. Great Bank Robbery. B. Grossman, W. Davenport. Final.

4906. 5/28/63. Grindl-Counterspy. C. Tannen, L. Huston. 2nd draft and Final.

4908. 5/28/63. She-Wolf of Wall St. J. Bigelow. 2nd Draft.

4908. 6/19/63. ----. J. Bigelow. Final, 2 copies.

4909. 6/19/63. Witness for Defense. G. O'Hanlon, J. O'Hanlon. Final.

4911. 5/17/63. The Meddler. B. Styler, A. Lewin. Final, and Revised Final.

4913. 5/2/63. Impractical Nurse. J. Sommers. Final, and Revised Final.

4915. 5/23/63. New Grindl. S. Morse. B. Blitzer. 2nd Draft.

4916. 6/26/63. Grindl's Day Off. J. Sommers. Final.

4918. 7/24/63. Grindl and the Boodle. J. Sommers. Final.

4918 8/1/63. ----. J. Sommers. Revised Final.

4921. 7/26/63. And the Counterfeiters. R. Singer. Final.

4922. 7/30/63. Femme Fatale. L. Loeb,J. Davis. Final.

4923. 8/14/63. Ghastly Honeymoon. D. Swift, J. McGreevey. First Draft.

4923. 8/21/63. ----. D. Swift, J. McGreevey. Final.

Gag Sketches for GRINDL Series



4927. 8/30/63. One Angry Grindl. J. Davis. First Draft.

4927. 9/l0/63. ----. J. Davis, L. Loeb. Final.

4929. 9/4/63. Lady Grindl. J. Sommers. Revised Final.

4935. 11/7/63. Lucky Piece. P. David. Final.

4945. 2/7/64. Aunt Grindl. J. Sommers. Final.

4947. 2/20/64. Some Dogs Have... J. Sornmers. Final.

4948. 2/12/64. Grindl Goes West. J. Greene, P. David. Final, and Revised Final.

4949. 2/21/64. Everyone's Comming up. J. McGreevey. Final.


Pilot. 3/18/52. D. Swift. 1st Draft.

Pilot. 7/3/52. D. Swift. NBC, Ford Motor Co., Sponsor.

60. 2/7/54. J. Fritzell. Produced & Directed by Hal Keith, Sponsored by Reynolds Aluminum

62. 2/21/54. E. Greenbaum.

63. 2/28/54.


3045. 8/21/53. Lazarus Walks Again. D. Swift. 2nd Draft.

3057. 9/8/58. The Spy. D. Swift. Final.

4402. 11/14/58. High Class Type. D. Swift, M. Thompson. Revised Final.

4443. 10/9/58. Of Missing Persons. D. Swift, J. Finney. 2 copies - Final.

4469. 11/10/58. The Reward. R. Donovan, D. Swift, N. Cowley, P. Chantley. Final.

4502. 12/8/58. Goodbye Johnny. L. Freeman. Final.


8/12/51. Ephraim Tutt's Clean Hands. A. Train, D. Swift. Produced by R. Coe, Director: G. Duff.


12/5/55. The Royal Game. S. Zweig, D. Swift. 2 copies; one heavily annotated.

Box 3


Original Screenplay; First Draft January 11, 1966; First Draft Dummy Copy, January 11, 1966; Final Draft February 24, 1966; Alternate Scenes March 15, 1966

Final Script Includes: Production Title Page; Cast of Characters; Musical Numbers Breakdown; Prop Plot; Costume Plot

Final Draft February 24, 1966. Includes Some Floor Diagrams; Gag Sketches; Construction Estimate

Box 4

UNDER THE YUM-YUM TREE #8628. Screening Notes, May 15, 1963; Promotional Trailer - Revised - July 12, 1963; Test - Scene 1; Extensive Script Notes - Carbon Copy Prepared by Marie Kenney, 5/15/63. See boxes 10 and 11 for photographs from Under the Yum-Yum Tree.

GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM #8699. Screenplay: Jim Fritzell, Everett Greenbaum, Jack Finney, and David Swift; Columbia Corporation Release; 2nd Estimating Draft; Final Draft, August 13, 1963; Revised Final Draft, September 20, 1963; Gag Sketches. See boxes 11 and 12 for photographs from Good Neighbor Sam.

LUV #8801; Screenplay: Elliot Baker; Columbia Corporation Release; Final Draft, August 2, 1966

POLLYANNA #1857. Screenplay: David Swift; Walt Disney Production; Treatment by David Swift, February 10, 1959; Production Notes; First Draft, May 25, 1959; Includes: Sketches and Floor Diagrams



"Routine Assignment" by David Swift for Philco Television Playhouse, April 8, 1951

"Tour of Duty" by David Swift for Goodyear Television Playhouse, February 3, 1952.

"No Time at All" by Charles Einstein and David Swift for Playhouse 90. 2 copies (Revised 10/14/57).

"Somewhere in a Dungeon", outline by David Swift (2 copies)

"The Dungeon", by David Swift for Playhouse 90. Revised 2/16/58; 2nd copy contains editing report and set list.

"Ganun" by David Swift for Playhouse 90; 3 copies; see "Dungeon".

"Better Off Dead" by David Swfit, 2 copies.

"Emergency Operation" by David Swift.

Box 6

"The Male Hormone" by David Swift.

Wagon Train. "The Juan Ortega Story" by David Swift, June 3, 1958; "The Vincent Eaglewood Story" by David Swift, January 9, 1959.

Rifleman. "The Safe Guard" by David Swift, June 5, 1958; The Angry Gun, by Samuel A. Peeples, June 24, 1958.

Rawhide. "Incident at Alabaster Plain" by David Swift, May 7, 1958.

Pilot Script. "The D.A.'s Man" by James E. Moser, Revised Final, 7/24/58.

Third Man. "Death of an Overlord" by David Swift.

Zero Mostel Show, Pilot Script. "Instant Apartment" by A. J. Russel, lst Draft, July 3, 1963.


"Man Hunt" adapted by Dudley Nichols, revised final draft, March 4., 1941; 20th Century Fox Film Corporation.

"Night Must Fall" dialogue cutting continuity. Film Editor Robert V. Kern, MGM, 1937.

"The Smath Humber Mess" by David Swift, Revised 10/30/57.

"The Animal in Me" by David Swift, First Estimating Draft, March 29, 1961; Columbia Pictures Corporation.


Production #. Date. Title. Author(s). Miscellaneous.

2650-15. 7/31/64. D. Swift. 2 copies.

4l00. 3/3/65. Say, You're a Bleeder. D. Swift. 2 copies.

4101. 2/23/65. They're Not Making Hurricanes. D. Swift. 2 copies, Final.

4102. 2/16/65. Rabbits of the World. D. Swift. Final.

4103. 2/22/65. I'm in Luv... D. Swift. 3 copies, Final.

4l05. 3/1/65. General Orders #7. D. Swift. 2 copies, Final.

4106, 3/5/65. General Directive #14. D. Swift. 1 copy, final, 2 copies, revised.

4107. 4/16/65. Look Boys... B. Rodgers, S, Mandel. 2 copies revised final.

4107A 6/28/65 Spiffy Quits-Part I. D. Swift. 2 copies.

4107A 6/28/65 Spiffy Quits-Part II. D. Swift. Additional pages.

4l08. 3/11/65. Today is Parent's. D. Swift. 3 copies, Final.

4110. 4/9/65. Doc Joslyn, M.D. J. Cavella, D. Hargrove. First draft.

4111. 3/30/65. Yes, the Little Boy. D. Swift. Final.

4113. 8/13/65. Look Out! Here Comes... B. Rodgers, S. Mandel. 2 copies, final.

4114. 4/14/65. Tomboy. A. Marcus, D. Swift. Final.

4114. 6/15/65. ----. A. Marcus, D. Swift. 3 copies, Revised final.


4116. 6/16/65. Turtle. J. Mandel, B. Rodgers. lst draft, final.

4118. 6/3/65. Food Poisoning. J. Cavella, C. Cavella. First Draft.

4118. 8/3/65. ----. J. Cavella, C. Cavella. 2 copies, final.

4119. 7/1/65. Dear Mom and Dad... B. Rodgers, S. Mandel. 2 copies, final.

4120. 8/27/65. Wivendhoe's New Car. B. Rodgers, S. Mandel. Final.

4121. 8/8/65. Filling the Counselor Dorm. B. Rodgers, S. Mandel. 2 copies, final

4123. 8/27/65. New Swimming Pool. B. Rodgers, S. Mandel. Final.

4124. 8/16/65. Soapsuds. B. Rodgers, S. Mandel. 3 copies, final.

4125. 9/9/65. Air Conditioner. B. Rodgers, S. Mandel. Final.

4125. 9/13/65. ----. B. Rodgers, S. Mandel. Final.

4126 9/20/65. Senior Citizens. B. Rodgers, S. Mandel. Final.

4127. 9/24/65. Termites. B. Rodgers, S. Mandel. 2 copies, final.

4128. l0/l/65. Commander for a Day. B. Gershman, W. Freedman. 2 copies, final.

4129. 10/7/65. The Day Spiffy Invented... B. Rodgers, S. Mandel. 2 copies, final.

4130. 10/17/65. Malden Falls in Love. W. Freedman, B. Gershman. 2 copies.

Box 9

"The Parent Trap" by David Swift for Walt Disney Productions. 2 copies Treatment, January 10, 1960; lst Draft Screenplay, June 15, 1960.

"The Penetration", Step Outline, by David Swift, September 6, 1957

"Jamie". ABC-TV Promotional Booklet.

Publicity: folder of Newspaper publicity, Reviews, etc. (Variety, Hollywood Reporter, etc.);

Envelope of Newspaper, Magazine Publicity (Variety, Hollywood Reporter, etc.).

Miscellaneous: HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS, original storyboard and step outline; Gag Sketches by Roy Williams for GRINDL and YUM-YUM TREE; Good Neighbor Sam, picture continuity script; Camp Ranamuck, story lines, screening notes, inter-office memos.

Box 10

Contact Sheet Photographs of Columbia Corporation Release, GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM; Location Shots, actors, production crew. 9 folders

Box 10a

----. 3" x 5" Color Photos of N.Y. Location

----. 4" x 4" Black and white photos (unknown location)

8 1/2 " x 11" Publicity photos for THE INTERNS. (Michael Callan, Suzy Parket, Cliff Robertson, Haya Haraeet, Nick Adams, Anne Hem, James Macarthur, Stefanie Powers, Buddy Ebsen).

8 1/2 x 11" Publicity Photos for POLLYANNA (Jane Wyman, Richard Egan, Karl Malden, Nancy Olson, Adolphe Menjou, Donald Crisp, Agnes Moorhead, Reta Shaw, James Drury, Kevin Corcoran, Leora Dana, Hayley Mills)

Box 11

8 1/2 " x 11" Publicity Photos for UNDER THE YUM-YUM TREE. (Carol Lynley, Jack Lemmon, Dean Jones, Bdie Adams, Imogene Coca, Paul Lynde)

Box 12

8 1/2 " x 11" Production Photos of GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM

8 1/2" x 11" Publicity Photos of GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM (Jack Lemmon, Romy Schneider, Dorothy Provine, Edward G. Robinson, Michael Connors)

Production Notes

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