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 Albert J. Cohen, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, was an American motion picture and television script writer and producer. In Hollywood, Cohen headed a literary agency. In 1932, he worked at Universal Studios as a story editor and later as a scenario editor. In 1940, Cohen became an associate producer at Republic Pictures for eight years, after which he independently wrote and produced several motion pictures. During the 1950's, Cohen produced films at Universal Studios. In the late 1950's and early 60's, he produced, most notably "The Ann Sothern Show" in 1959, and wrote for television. Albert J. Cohen died October 4, 1984 at the age of 81.


The Albert J. Cohen papers are divided into 70 boxes. The first six boxes contain teleplays. The remaining boxes hold screenplays, financial and production papers, personal and business correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous materials related to Cohen's Hollywood film career.

Kerry A. Shermer, January 1994 


"Cardigan Special Detective Honolulu."

Teleplay by Louis Stevens & Albert J. Cohen (7 scripts).

"Off Hollywood Boulevard."

Teleplay by Albert J. Cohen & Edith Curtis (8 scripts; 1 in folder)


"Integrated Commercials."

Folder of materials for Instant Maxwell House Coffee and Post Cereals designed for an integrated cast and written for the "Ann Sothern Show" (see also Box 4); letters included.

"The Kilarneys of Brooklyn." (also: "Kilarney Family")

Teleplay by A.J. Cohen & Louis Stevens (5 scripts plus working copy and early drafts).

"Girl About Town."

Teleplay by A.J. Cohen & E. Curtis (working copy and two scripts).


"The Holy Terror."

Teleplay by A.J. Cohen, Bernard Schubert, & E. Curtis (15 scripts plus working copy).



Teleplay; revised 10/12/61 ... Pennebaker Productions (1 script).

"Big Jim Savage."

Teleplay by A.J. Cohen & E. Curtis. (4 scripts).

"25 Rue D'Americaine."

Teleplay by A.J. Cohen & Louis Stevens (5 format outlines).

"Ann Sothern Show"

2 folders containing format (10/20/58), ideas, outlines, plots, inter-office correspondence, list of writers, business correspondence, and miscellaneous papers.

"Calling Miss Sweeney."

Teleplay by A.J. Cohen & L. Stevens. (12 format outlines and 1 folder of correspondence).


"Vendetta in Venice."

Teleplay by Jonathan Latixaer (revised 5/25/59); 1 script in folder.

"The Man and the Challenge."

Teleplay by Stephen Kandel, 8/18/59; 1 script.


Teleplay by Gene Levitt, 6/29/59; 1 script.

"Meet Johnny Horn."

Teleplay by Seymour B. Robinson (2 format outlines).

"The Crime Professor."

Teleplay by A.J. Cohen & E. Curtis. (8 complete scripts & 2 incomplete in folder).


"On Fifth Avenue."

Teleplay by A.J. Cohen & Maurice A. Hanline (4 complete scripts & 1 working copy in folder).

"The Happy Holidays."

Teleplay by A.J. Cohen & Paul Gerard Smith (3 scripts in folder).

"The Racer (Thunder on Wheels)."

Pilot teleplay (scripts and working copy in folder.

Tate: "A Lethal Pride"

Teleplay by Arthur Dales (1 script: 2/l0/60).

Wrangler: "Episode at the Bar-M"

Teleplay by Gene Roddenberry (1 script: revised 5/23/60).

"Murder in Brady's." (also: "China Alley.")

Pilot teleplay by A.J. Cohen, E. Curtis, & Bernard Schubert. (2 scripts in folder).


"The Boy from Korea."

Screenplay by James Edwards & James Altieri (c. 1956 -- 57). Contains first draft screenplay, treatment, outlines step outline, script fragments, one folder of photos (casting & promotion) and miscellaneous materials, one folder of correspondence, and one folder containing two copies of a recorded conference with Father D. Werr and Joseph Anthony.

"Run for Your Life."

Story-outline for screenplay by A.J. Cohen & Prescott Chaplin (1949); (5 copies in folder).


Story-idea for screenplay by P. Chaplin. (2 copies in folder).

"The Fabulous Ann Madlock."



" I Dive for Treasure."

Screenplay from a novel by Harry E. Rieseberg. Contains one package of script treatments by Ray Buffum (1950), Script: "Sunken City" by R. Buffum & Jack Harvey, Story outline by R. Buffum (2 copies), Script, Ms. of story treatment by H.E. Rieseberg entitled "Treasure Hunter," folder "The Carribbean Calls" (Ms. proofs from Rieseberg), envelope of Press and Magazine clippings, folder of correspondence, folder of Rieseberg's own clippings.

"Sunken Treasure."

Screenplay revised (1949) by Oliver Drake; (1 script).


"The Lion Tamer and Dr. MacKenzie (And Never Been Kissed)."

Screenplay by Frank Gill, Jr. & A.J. Cohen. Contains 6 scripts; 1 folder, "And Never Been Kissed", with script fragments; 1 folder, "The Lion Tamer and Dr. MacKenzie," with notes, correspondence, and summary production cost; 1 bound working copy; 1 envelope of working copy & some correspondence; 1 folder, "Synopsis," of five duplicate outlines of screenplay; 12/27/50.

BOX 10

"The Family Nobody Wanted."

Screenplay by Helen Doss (script).

Untitled Musical Idea.

Folder of 1951 outlines & cost estimates of Eve Wasserman screenplay.

"Flaming Arrow."

Screenplay by Eugene Ling (1952). 2 first-draft screenplays; 1 second draft; 1 treatment; and folder of correspondence, step outlines, character outlines, and miscellaneous data; 1 revised first draft.

"Weekend Pass."

4 folders of correspondence, clippings, photos, & miscellaneous data.

BOX 11

"Sign of the Pagan."

Screenplay by Barre Lyndon. Contains 1 portfolio of scripts with revised and final screenplays, added scenes, and treatment-scripts; 1 folder, "Mye," of correspondence and production papers; 1 folder of music notes; 1 folder of loops; 1 folder of publicity. (see alsoBox 30).

BOX 12

"The Saga of Tom Horn" ("I Captured Geronimo;" "The Gun and the Arrow")

Screenplay by A.J. Cohen and Robert T. Shannon. Contains 1 folder with original story and treatment, two duplicate scripts, & 2 bound scripts.


Screenplay by A.J. Cohen & R.T. Shannon. Contains 1 envelope of script materials, and 1 envelope of correspondence & papers.

"Wish You Were Here."

Screenplay (see also. Hoyt, Box 13). Contains are script fragment, some correspondence & miscellaneous materials.

BOX 13

"The Rawhide Years."

Screenplay by D.D. Beauchamp (1954). 1 second draft script, 1 loose script.

"The Atomic Cannibal."

Screenplay by Robt. H. Bagley; 1 script.

"Mr. & Mrs. Private Eye & Family"

Screenplay by Prescott Chaplin; folder of scripts & treatments.

"An Affair of State."

Screenplay by A.J. Cohen & Frank Gill, Jr.; folder of script materials.

"Arivederci, Yankee."

Screenplay outline.

"The Aztec Treasure House"

Screenplay outline.

"The Aztec Story."

Screenplay outline.

"Does It Always Rain Here, Mr. Hoyt?"

Correspondence & business matters; (See also Box 12: Wish You Were Here.)

"I Cried for You."

Screenplay by Ray Buffum; 2 script-outlines.

"Cop Killer," "Stars Over Broadway," "The Sisters."

Folder of outlines for 3 screenplays

BOX 14

"Stranger in the Night (End of Night)."

Screenplay by Isabel Dawn. Contains 1 portfolio of working copy; 1 envelope of Rough copy; 4 bound scripts; 1 folder of s production cost; 6 outlines by A.J. Cohen & F. Gill, Jr.; 1 folder of correspondence.

BOX 15

"Never Say Goodbye (A Time Remembered)."

Screenplay by Charles Hoffman. Contains 2 portfolios of scripts & treatments; music notes; folder of loops; folder of shooting schedules; continuity breakdown (see also Box 67; "A Time Remembered").

BOX 16

"Magnifient Rogue."

Screenplay by Inez Cocke. Contains 1 folder of writers' notes & paper "minute biographies of famous people"; unbound "notes on the life of Benvenuto Cellini" with enclosed outlines; character outlines.

"Port Royale."

Screenplay by A.J. Cohen & R. Buffum. Contains fold outlines; bound treatment, original story, first draft screenplay; folder of miscellaneous script & production material.

"Storm Over Alaska."

Screenplay by Ray Buffum. Folder of working copy & outlines.

BOX 17

"Phantom of the Opera."

Screenplay by Inez Cocke. Contains folder of treatment; folder of miscellaneous papers; folder of production budgets; folder of synopsis.

"Two of a Kind."

Screenplay by A.J. Cohen & Jack Harvey; 3 outlines.

" Make Room for Tomorrow."

Screenplay by John Wales; 1 story outline.

"You're Killing Me."

Screenplay by P. Chaplin; 1 story outline in folder.

"Island of Glory (Hour of Glory)"

Screenplay by Robert Lund; 2 detailed outlines & 1 bound novel-treatment.

"Lady from Natchez ("Carnival Lady;" "Madame Marie")."

Screenplay by P. Chaplin; working copy & correspondence in envelope, 3 story outlines in folder, 5 other story outlines in second folder.

BOX 18

"The Great Companions" ("Meet Me at the Fair").

Screenplay (1951). Contains portfolio with continuity breakdowns, revised final screenplay, final shooting script, third-draft screenplay, revised second-draft continuity, first-draft continuity; folder of production budgets; folder of correspondence and miscellaneous production materials; folder, "Miscellaneous," of stills, script fragments, music notes, etc; 1 bound production budget.

BOX 19

Marked "Story Department," Boxes 19 -- 25 contain various annotated story ideas and outlines for screenplays organized in chronological order. The following is a list of titles & authors.

Sep. 1948 -- Dec. 1950

"The Felix G. Stidger Story"

"Three Kids and a Queen" by H. Poppe & C. Beecroft

"The Yuma Story" by B.R. Cohen & N.S. Paxker

"The Mustard Seed" by H. Shymate

"The Best Laid Plans" by H. Ruskin & W. Ludwig

"Ten Tall Men" by J.W. Bellah & W. Goldbeck"

"Call Back Yesterday" by J. Klorer

"Jane and the Gentleman" by A. Leslie

"Papa was a Wolf" by J. Larkin

"Steel Island" by F. Nible, Jr. & C. Reynolds

"How to Snare a Male" by S. Barish

"The River of the Sun" by J.R.Uilman

"One of Us Must Die" by E. Sherry

"Gaucho by R. Crowley" & T. Burtis

"Ghost of a Chance" by Ned Young

"The Form Divine" by H. Dolsm

"Big Blond" by P. Yordan & D. Parker

"No Survivors" by W. Henry

"Homecoming" by E. Seifert

"The Last Bachelor" by E. Wallace

"The Guilty" by N. Busch

"Fine Day" by H. Shumato

"Squaw Man's Son" by C. Wllds

"Amigo" by S. Bartlett & J Swerling

"Tessie - The Hound of Channel One" by S. Mead

"The Case Against Gillum" by A. Strawn & J. Sackheim

"Danger Signal" by D. Hoffman.

Jan. 1951

"Laramie" by L Katcher

"The Slave Brand of Sleman" Ben Ali by J.S. Buck

"The Devil in Jenifer Place" by M.M. Musselman

"Bend of the Snake" by Bill Gulick

"Harness Bull" by D. Fuchs, Foxfire by A. Seton

"The Crimson Shawl" by L. Atlas

"McGlusky's Lucky Day" by R. Wormser

"S.S. San Pedro" by J.G. Cozzens

"Rendezvous in Riga" by Leslie Roberts

"Aftermath" by H. Frank, Jr. & I. Ravetch

"Up Stepped McGonigle" by John & Ward Hawkins

"The Black-eyed Stranger" by C. Armstrong

"O Little Town" by H. Medford

"Tongareva" by R.L. Johnson & E. Burbridge

Feb. 1951

"Oh, Money! Money!" by E.H. Porter

"Pig Alley" by R.M. Pollock

"Heartbeat" by J. LeMarecha

"The Spare Rib" by Irene & Louis Kanp

"The Kentuckian" by Irving Wallace

"Return to Paradise" by James A. Michener

" From Here to Eternity" by James Jones

Mar. 1951

"The Hair-trigger Kid" by Max Brand

"The Bridge of the Gods" by F. Jodd

"Uprising" by K. Kanb

"From the Sea and the Jungle" by R. Carse

"Woman in Ambush" by Rex Beach

" Neither Five nor Three" by H. MacInnes

"Notes on a Horse Thief" by William Faulkner

"Sheep Train" by P. Dawson

"Whip Hand" by H. Branch & E. Night

"The Big Snatch" by P. Manning

"Barker's Luck" by Bret Harte

"That Great American Pastime" by R. Keith & N. Foster

"Powder Keg" by L. Roman

"The Marcaboth Women" by V. Delmar

"Snake Track" by F. Bonham

"Doubtful Valley" by G. Garland (Garland Roark)

"Sheep Rock" by G.R. Stewart

"Stopover" by C. Brink

"Rim-Rock Rider" by W.A. Tompkins

"Jackson Mahaffey" by F. Ross

"The Assassin" by J. Gruskin

"Hellsgrin" by S. Frazee

"Sante Fe Passage" by Will Henry

"The Battle Of Miss Alice Chase" by J. Reese

"Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal" by Lloyd C. Douglas

Apr. 1951

"The Love Man" by J. D. Weaver

"Lost in Space" by Edward & Edna Anhalt

"The Glass Mask" by G. Gaskill

"The Stirrup Boss"

"I Never Felt Younger" by B. Miller

"Cry Above the Winds" by J.B. Bartlett

"Challenge" by M. Klauber (2 copies)

"How to Meet a Millionaire" by D. Lilly

"Ruby Gentry" by A. Fitz-Richard

"Mama and The Facts of Life" by L. Coffee

May 1951

"Desert Steel" by D. Pearce

"Rainy Day" by H. Essex

"The Cry of the Cougar" by H. Shumate

"Storm Center" by R. Standish

"Nothing Too Good for the Girls" by G. Markey

"Elephant Walk" by R. Standish

"Stalag 17" by D. Bevan & E. Trzcinsk

"DiamondHead" by H. Branch & F. Waters

"The Werewolf of Paris" by G. Endore

"The Sultan's Warrior" by B. Baldwin

"Princess From Brooklyn"

June 1951

"Spanish Range" by L.E. Wells

"Galveston" by T. & L. Sherman

"Mississippi River Buccaneer" from True Magazine

"The Big Lonesome" by N. Foster & R. Keith

"Bride of the Month" by R.D. Blau

"A Paris Affair" ("Richelieu") by A. Dwan

"Navy Born" by M. Cram

"The Demon Caravan" by G. Surdez

"Cry Copper" by J.R. Dren & G. Atwater (2 copies)

"Chain of Circumstances" by T. Lag

"Sailor's Choice" by C. Bottume

"The Fountain of Youth" by H. Segall

"Destination Zero" by J.R. Brenn & G. Atwater (2 copies)

"A Bubble of Blood" by F.H. Brennan

"Trail of Brass" by R. English & M.M. Raism

"The Celebrity" by Laura Hobson

"Stab of Faith" by B. Girard

"The Most Wounded, The Most Sick, The Most Tired", by H. Ely

"The Bravest and the Best" from True Magazine

"The Capital of Hocus-Pocus" by S.S. Jacobs

"Battle-field Rescue" by H. Kulhka

"Spiderweb" by S.I. Miller & E.K. Gann

"The Lost Land of Atzlan" by F.M. Isaac

"Beat the Devil" by J. Helvick

BOX 20

Box #20 contains "story department" outlines, July 1951 -- June 1952.

June -- July 1951

Sep. 1951

"The Warrior" by F. Freiberger & W. Tunberg

"The Fabulous Ox and Christmas Eve" by H. Manheim

"Men Don't Cry" by J. Leonard & M. Wolfe

"Lady of the Legion" by G. Surdez

"Hermistan" by A. Scott

"Yankee Buccaneer" by C.K. Peck, Jr

"You for Me" by W. Roberts

"Horns for the Devil" by L. Malley (2 copies)

"Mississippi Gambler" by S.I. Miller

"The City and Jason Edwards" by Irving Shulman & Max Zief

"Deadline at Durango" by A.V. Elston

"Feud at Sundown" by Bob Jasper

"Law and Order" by W.R. Burnett

"Winds of Morning" A.L. Davis

"Point Venus" by S. McCormaughey

"Cassie Thompson" by L. Stevens

"The Caine Mutiny" by Herman Wouk

"Longhorn" by R.H. Andrews & P.I. Wellman

"Class D" by C.K. Peck

"Roughshod" by N.A. Fox

"The Desperado" by C. Adams

"The Rebellious Mrs. Cane" by W.R. Cox

"The Grand Portage" by W. O'Meara

"Those Devils in Baggy Pants" by R.S. Carter

"Dusty Wagons" by Matt Stuart

Sep. 1951

"Pursuit of Gentlemen" by K. Craveus

"Worlds Apart" by H. Franks

"The Real Magee" by J. & W. Harkins

"And Ride A Tiger" by R. Wilder

"Tiger Roan"

"Joshua" by I. Ravetch

"The Last Pioneer" by H. Shumate

"Judy LeRoy" by L. Vadney

"Hand Across the Sea" by C. Hume & R. Maibaum

"Quanah Parker" by C. Woods

Oct. 1951

"The Big Play" by E. Pryor

"Saints in Training" by B. Weisberg

"The Farmers Hotel" by John O'Hara

"The Big Fix" by M. Combx

"Hear the Winds Blow" by 0. Saul & L. Meltzer

"The Grasshopper" by J. Edmiston & J.C. Barnes

"The Publican" by D. Gilbert

"Honeymoon for Seven" by A. Toombs

"The Golden Road" by P. Bourne

"The Number" by A.P. Carter

Nov. 1951

"Laughter Came Screaming" by H. Rane,

"Nor Time nor Space" by S.M. Berthold

"The Killer wore a Badge" by T. Walsh, East Side General by F.G. Slaughter

"The Mozart Express" by J. Wechsberg & I. Wallace

"Pagoda" by J.S. Phillips

"Gun Partners" by R. Stroup

"Blaze of Glory" by D. Taylor

Dec. 1951

"Loon Island" by C. Hume & R. Maibaum

"The Big Rill" by M. Spillane

"The Long Wait" by M. Spillane

"The Wolf Leader" by Alexandre Dumas (pere),

"Yellow Seas" by E.M. Sedgwick (2 copies)

"Jewel of the Java" Sea b D. Cushman

"Afraid in the Dark" by M. Derby

Jan. 1951

"Devil Doll" by F.D. Adams

"Morning Song" by S. Chernus

"Rider from Nowhere" by J. Chadwick

"Vanity Row" by W.R. Burnett

"Background for Murder" by C.B. Kelland

'The Itch Hill Proposition" by C. Hume & R. Maibaum

"Mash '66" by A. Rivkin & L. Kerr

"Miss Moffit and the Thunderbird" by C. Bennett

"The Davidian" Report by D.B. Hughes (2 copies)

Feb. 1952

"Lady, Meet a Heel" by Eve Greene

"The Brotherhood of Fear" by R. Ardrey

"Windom's Way" by J.R. Ullman

"The Big Mutt" by J. Reese

"Port of Call"by M. Griffith

"Pattern of Evil" by J.R. Bren & G. Attwater

"The Outlanders" by R. Huggins

"The Medicine Whip" by M. Plumlee & J. Harris

"Dr. Quicksilver" by R. Dietrich & L. Lee

"Teacher Lady" by M.F. Morgan

"The End of Mr. Evans" by M. Millar

Mar. 1952

"Campaign Train" by the Gordons

"The Earthbreakers" by E. Haycox (2 copies)

"While the Crowd" Cheers by K. Yunberg

"The Strange Brigade" by J. Jermings

"Double Ride" by F. Wallace

"Rev. Telford's Failure" by H. Beaumont

"The Nine Brides & G. Hite" by N.E. Wilson

"Corlear's Hook" by A.A. Ross

"Outlaw Trail of No Return" by R.A Andrews

"Wings of the Vulture" by G.D. Adams

"Ivan's Left Hand" by Max Shulman & L. Lieberman

"Hell's Acres" by C. Perry and J.L.E. Dell

Apr. 1952

"The Plains of Abraham" by J.0. Curwood

"Mock the Midnight Be" by V. VanUpp & M. Riess

"The Michigan Kid" by Rex Beach

"Great Day in the Morning" by R.H. Andrews

"The Colonel's Lady" by C. Adams

"The Derringer" by J. Sackheim & 0. Crawford

"Yankee Pasha" by E. Marshall

"Gypsy Sixpence" by E. Marshall

"Night Runners of Bengal" by J. Masters

"The Golden Vanity" by J. Edmiston

"Lasso the Wind" by G.F. Slavin & G.W. George

"The Wages of Fear" by G. Arnaud (2 copies)

"The Deceivers" by J. Masters

May 1952

"The Long Hunters" by R.H. Andrews

"If I were a Star" by R.H. Andrews

"Four of a Kind" by A. MacKenzie

"The Bowl of Brass" by P.I. Wellman

"The Lady Lawyer" by M. Holland

"The Black Tornado" by R.N. Lee

"The Wood Hawk" by L. Katcher

"War Chief Joseph" by H.A. Howard & D.L. McGrath

June 1952

"Sgt. Houch" by J. Schaefer

"The Curve and the Tusk" by S. Cloete

"They Had a Glory" by D. Steward

"White Indian" by E.L. Sabin

"Snips and Snails" by L. Baker

"Campbell's Kingdom" by H. Innes

"Rim of the Caprock" by N.M. Loomis

"The Gift of Cochise" by L. L L'Amour

"The Private War of Major Benson" by J. Connelly & Bob Mosher

"Rear Guard" by J.W. Bellah

Oct. 1953

"Not as a Stranger" by M. Thompson

"The Handsome Road" by G. Bristow (2 copies)

"Rogue Cop" by W.P. McGivern

"Son of Egypt" by J. Busbee, Jr.

Sept. 1953

"Adventure's End" by B.G. Rohn

"Fourth Down Coming Up" by A. Rogers St. John

"The Showman" by D.E. Gillette & R. Payne

Aug. 1953

"Intruder from the Sea" by G. McDonnell

"Whirlpool" by T. Strabel

"Largely a Question of Love" by J. Paxton

"Trelawny" by M. Armstrong (2 copies)

"Appraisal of Lola Mantez"

"Upbeat" by M. Lief & I. Shulman

"The Angel Sang the Blues" by W.L. Gresham

"Twelve Rifles" by S. Rotle & C. Knopt

"Death Rides this Trail" by S. Frazee

"The Deadly Mermaid" by J.A. Phillips

"The Last Revolution" by L. Dunsany

"The Steel Web" by T. Thompson

"Stonn Haven" by F.G. Slaughter

"Pocahontas O'Toole" by J. O'Hanlon & T. Blackburn

"Make Haste to Live" by the Gordons

June 1953

"Spring Song" by J.D. Wearer

"Heather Mary" by J.M. Scott

May 1953

April 1953

"Three at the Wedding" by L.G. Erdman

March 1953

"The Dream of Eddie Wales" by I. Shaw

"Golden Sword of Samarkand by R. Carse

"The Looters" by P. Schneider

"Steamboat to New Orleans" by J. Horwin & R. Samuel

Feb. 1953

"The Cocktail Dress" by G. McDonell

"Showdown" by R. Ballard & J.C. Lynch

"Man Without a Star" by D. Linford

"Double Outlaw" by T.T. Flynn Carmilla by D.W. Bodeen

"Tacey Cromwell" by C. Richter

"The Long Noose" by L.E. Wells, The Love Maniac by R. Murphy

"B--- of the Seas" by J. Gunn & H. Stromberg

Jan. 1953

"This Too is Love" by S. Ross

"A Life for Donavan" by J. Roberts

"Ride Clear of Alderville" by G.C. Appell

"The Wagon Train" Outcasts by G. Cheshire

"Comanche Kill" by L. Lieberman

"Stay Away, Joe" by D. Cushman

"Capt. Lightfoot" by W.R. Burnett

"The City Mother" by T. Gielgud & J. Horwin

"Gunman-on-the-Run" by R.L. Trimnell

"The Happy Medium" by H. Baker & B. Granet

"The Indian Summer "by W. Ferris

Dec. 1952

"The Man who Knew Cochise"by J.R. Butler

"Mesa" by R. Hamilton

"Man of the Law" by F. Fenton & J. Petracca

"Justice Comes to Tomahawk" by W. Raine

"The Orphan" by C.E. Mulford

"The Magic" Lantern by R. Carson

"Red Dawn" by J. Andrews

"Desert Passage" by R. Poole

"Tisa" by H. Moray

Nov. 1952

Everybody's Watching Me by Mickey Spillane

Comanche Attack by D. Pearce, Money in the Bank by J.D. Hess

The Deserter by D. Martin

The Fifth Rider by F. Freiberger & W. Tunberg

The Road to Bithynia by F.G. Slaughter

Steers East by R. Hamilton

The Tiger in the Smoke by M. Allingham

Capt. Starlight by R.H. Andrews

The Galileans by Frank G. Slaughter

Oct. 1952

"Red Gold" by W.R. Burnett

"Singapore East" by Steve Fisher

"The Comansheros" by P.I. Wellman (3 copies)

"The Kid from Left Field" by J. Sher

"The Proud Ones" by V. Athanas

"The Wonderful Country" by T. Sher

"The Proud Ones" by V. Athanas

"'X'" Marks Montana" by R.H. Andrews

"Smoke Against the Sky" by H.J. Bloom

"Boomer Pride" by F. Bonham

"The Cavalier" by C. Bennett & G. Page

"Untitled Story" by R.H. Andrews

"Cause for Alarm" by N. Richard Nash

"The Pink Cloud" by D. Taylor

"The King's Thief" by R.H. Andrews

"Fort Starvation" by F. Gruber

"The Damned" by John D. MacDonald

Sept. 1952

"The Sea Witch" by A. Laing

"Sing for Your Supper" by E. Lothrop

"Calico" by J.E. Marchal

"The Sheriff of Sycamore Flat" by R.B. Elder

"The Unseen" by L. Barrington

"The Gringo" by E. Beloin & N. Monaster

"The Lady & the Lumberjack" by 0. Barber

"The Love Story" by E. Havemenn & G. Love

"Relatively Yours" by M. Livingstone

August 1952

"Brady's Bunch" by J.M. Hayes

"Whomsoever I Shall Kiss" by C. Slodmak

"Missouri Moon" by MacKinlay Kantor

"The Man Who Won the Waldorf" by M. Cousins

"Home to the Hill" by D. Wilson

"Young Man of New Orleans" by C. O'Neal & V. Trivas

"Crash in the Sea" by J. R. Sturdy

"Frontier Fury" by W. Henry

"Smoke Signal" by G.W. George & G. F. Slavin

"Pearls of Paradise" by D. Duncan

"The Land Unknown" by C. Palmer

July 1952

"The Rone Bros." by M. Geraghty

"The Ripper" from Rawhide by D. Cushman

"The Marauders" by A. Marcus

"Shotgun Guard" by D.B. Newton

"Run for Cover" by H. Frank & I. Ravetch

"The Trail Eater" by B. Willoughby


BOX 22

Box 22 continues the "Story Department" outlines, Nov. 1953 -- July 1954.

July 1954

"The Darkest Hour" by W.P. McGivern

"Roanoke Renegade" by D. Tracy

"The Unbelieving Wife" by M. Echard

"Panco Villa's Treasure" by J.R. Bran & G. Atwater

"The Talking Bug" by The Gordons

June 1954

"The Brothers Rico" by G. Simenon

"The Disappearance of Mary Blak"e by M. Orr

"Good Morning, Mr. Carlin" by Q. Reynolds

"Jack Sheppard" by C. Bennett

"Untitled H-Bomb Story by J.R. Brenn

"Dead Man Pass" by P. Dawson

"Taproot" by L. Crutchfield

"Good Morning Miss Dove" by F.G. Patton

"The South Sea Story" by W.R. Burnett & T. Reed

"The Conquest of Don Pedro" by H. Gergusson

"The Mavericks" by L. Praskins & B. Slater

"Texans Love a Fight" by N. Foster & H. Hamilton

"The Golden Chase" by P.R. Gerard & D.A. Weiss

"Lost Island" by G. McInnes

"The Iron Maiden" by E. Lanham

May 1954

"Broken Wagon" by N.A. Fox

"I'll Cry Tomorrow" by Lillian Roth

"The Fifth Assault"by T. Ferns

"The Feud at Spanish" Ford by F. Bonham

"The Great Louisianna" Lottery by H. McCoy

"The Arrow & the Cross" by M. Geraghty

"The Fourth Horseman" by W. Henry

"Silver St. Woman" by L. Savage

"Utah Blaine" by J. Mayo, Diane by H. Best

"Gunn Shy" by C.V. Young

"House Party" by V. Rowans

"Clown" by Emmett Kelly

"Yankee Mariner" by J. Busbee

"Blood on the Branches" by G. Crawford

"Star in the Rigging" by G. Roark

April 1954

"The Generous Heart" by K. Fearing

"Cry Plague" by T.S. Drachaman

"Driven" by R. Gehman

"Rails West" by L. Stewart

"The Smuggled Atom Bomb" by P. Wylie

March 1954

"Fever Heat" by A. Vicher

"The Caves of Steel" by Isaac Asimov

"The Cobweb" by W. Gibson

"R.V.R." by Karel Dapek

"I'll Take What's Mine" by Nard Jones

"Showdown" by L. Crutchfield

"Mary Anne" by D. du Maurier

"Nick the Greek" by R. Donovan & H. Greenspun

Feb. 1954

The Jungle Seas by A.A. Ageson

Fancy Dancing by W. Bowers

Mister Tin Pan Alley, Himself by Harry Von Tilzer

The Odyssey of Mickey Free by W.R. Burnett

The Doctor's Girl by W.W. Haines

The Royal Coach by H. Branch

Lullaby by D. Appell

Daisy by J.B. Allardice

Stronghold by R.G. Hubler

One Way to Eldorado by H. Nobe

The First Captain by G.W. Johnson

Hired Hand by N. Nye

The Magnificent Bastards by L.H. Crockett

God and My Country by MacKinlay Kantor

Her Sister's Husband by D. Gibert

Laughing Boy by 0. LaFarge

Away All Boats by Kenneth M. Dodson

The Tall Men by C. Fisher

Nov. 1953

"Sky Full of Gold" by R.H. Andrews (2 copies)

"Bombay Boy" by R.H. Andrews

"The Outer Darkness" by W.R. Burnett

"The Night of the Hunter" by Davis Grubb

"Persian Adventure" by A.S. Mehdev

"The Gentle Wolfhound" by A. Duffy

"Purgatory Street" by R. McDougald

"Smoky Valley" by D. Hamilton

"The Lights of Skaro" by D. Dodge


BOX 23

Box #23 continues "Story Department" outlines, Aug. 1954 -- May 1955.

May 1955

"Laurette" by M. Courtney

"Cash McCall" by C. Hawley

"The Last Wagon" by G. Bagni

"Heller with a Gun" by L. L'Amour

"A Woman Named Storm" by H.Chevegney

"Solo" by S. Whitmore

"Gun for a Coward" by R.W. Campbell

"The Sky Block" by S. Frazee

"The Penniless Blues" by M. Heimer

"Man on Spikes" by E. Asinot

"Terror at Webb's" Landing by F. Harvey

"Stolen Fruit" by D. Niccodemi

"One of Our H-Bombs is Missing" by F.H. Brennan

April 1955

"Beauty in the Dust" by G. Trosper

"The Nervous People" by B. Drew & J. Kohn

"The Twilighters" by N. Loomis

"The Unfaithful" by L.Z. Hobson

"Marjorie Morningstar" by H. Wouck

"The Man Who Paid His Way" by W. Sheldon

"Intimate Story" by R. Franken

"The Thorn Tree" by N.G. White

"Youth is the Time" by R. Gessner

"Call Me Duke" by H. Grey

"Yonder" by M.B. Houston

"Teach Me How to Cry" by P. Joudry

"Mad Baxter" by W. Miller

"79 Parle Avenue" by H. Robbins

"Meaning of M. Knoll" by A.J. Nevins

"Misty of Chincoteague" by M. Henry

"The Evil Men Do" by D. Freeman

"Glamour Preferred" by P. Fraser

"The Good Neighbors" by D. Freeman

"The Best That Ever Did It" by E. Lacy

"Lepers Rang Bells" by H. Wilde

March 1955

"Round-Up" by Robt. Bless & Harry Essex

"Undercover Angel of the Slums" by H. Sparce

"Outlaw's" by Evan Evans(Max Brand)

"The Peacemakers" by W. Porter

"Quick-Trigger Country" by C. Colt

"Snow Storm" by P. Stong

"Blood Brothers" by G.D. Adams

"Indian Chief Joseph" by J.E. Horton

"Do Re Mi" by G. Karrin

"Nothing But the Sky" by B. Smith & H. McCoy

"Flamingo Feather" by L. Van der Post

"The Sleeper" by H. Roth

"Tin-Star Posse" by H. Sylvester

Feb. 1955

"Maracaibo" by S. Silliphant,

"Oval of Death" by H. Pentecost

"The Judas Kiss" by J. Drasler

"The Woman With Red Hair" by S. Loche & P. Roberts

"The Grand Prize" by R. Alexander

"Dr. Paradise" by J. Dratler

"A Pocket Fall of Rye" by A. Christie

"Wm. G. Wood Story" by B. Talbott

"Death of a Purser" by J.R. Sturdy

"In the Eyes of the Law" by J. Whitney

"Suzanne" by J. Lauritzen

"Twist of the Knife" by V. Canning

"Blizzard Rang"e by T. Ballard

Jan 1955

"Tell It on the Drums" by R.W. Krepps

"A Wonderful Disposition" by M. Geiger

"Saga of the Mounted Police" by W.B. Mowery

"Bent's Fort" by D. Lavender

"Run Silent, Run Deep" by Comm. Edw. L. Beach, USN

Dec. 1954

"Tiger Belle" by D. Gaines

"My Brother's Keepe" by M. Davenport

"The Magnificent Mitscher" by T. Taylor

"The Bad Seed" by Maxwell Anderson

"Witness for the Prosecution" by A. Christie

"The Brass Command" by C. Fisher

"The Girl in the Cage" by B. Benson

"375 Waverly" by R. Dretrich & K. Earl

"Somebody Up There Likes Me" by Rocky Graziano with R. Barker

"Capt. Ludos" by F. Mason

"Benton's Row" by F. Yerby

"A Gun for Billy Reo" by C. Hall Thompson

"It's Sooner Than You Think" by R. Carson

"Oliver Walling" by W.H. Wright & A. Beich

Nov. 1954

"All Our Yesterdays" by R. Wheelwright

"Little If" by Butler & Rogers

"Fragile" Fox by N.A. Brooks

"Rimrod" by Mike Short

"Duel at Jackson Hale" by G.D. Adams

"The Tiger in the Smoke" by M. Allingham

"The Adventurers" by E. Haycox

"Re-Union" by M. Miller

"Apache Kil"l by W. Hopson

"Remote" by J.S. Pollock

"Tales of the African Frontier" by J.A. Hunter & D.P. Mannix

"Time Out for Ginger" by R. Alexander

"Consider the Lizard" by E.M. Rhodes

"Tammy Out of Time" by C.R. Sumner

"The Deadly Climate" by V. Curtiss

"Reclining Figure" by H. Kurnitg

"Vernon Pick's $10 Million Ordeal" by R. Coughlan

"Storm Fear" by C. Seeley

"Unfinished Crime" by H. McCoy

"The Sin of Susan Slad"e by D. Hume

Oct. 1954

"The Healer" by F.G. Slaughter

"Ararat" by J. Leonard & L. Resner

"The Rainmaker" by N.R. Nash

"The Four Wild Lives of Gen. Darr" by G. Scullin

"The Wilder Shores of Love" by L. Branch

"High Water" by R. Bissell

"Onions in the Stew" by B. MacDonald

"Not Without Vengenance" by G. VanMarter

"The Screamer" by J. Rich

"Tiger Bred" by J. Larkin

"Love is Eternal" by I. Stone

Sept. 1954

"Back Trail" by L.B. Patten

"Prisoner in Paradise" by G. Rogers

"Green Grow the Rushes" by N. & S. Wolford

"Dark Enemy" by E.J. Edwards

"The Searchers" by A. LeMay

"Choice of Weapons" by W. Fay

"The Calico Pony" by H. Meadow

"The Iron Skipper" by V. Athanas

"American Capt." by E. Marshall

"A Handfull of Silver" by V. Canning

Aug. 1954

"Bandellero" by J.E. Grant

"A Thousand for the Cariboo" by B. Gubile

"Seaweed" by A. Kamal

"Trigger Vengeance" by B. Foster

"Hear the Wind Blow" by J.D. Weaver

"The Emerald" by A. Leslie

"No Time for Sergeants" by MacHyman

"The Pride of the Peacock" by R. Chalterton

"The Wonderful Country" by T. Lea

"So Nice to Come Home To" by M. Williams

"Death & the Sky Above" by A. Garve


BOX 24

Box #24 continues "Story Department" outlines, Sept. 1954 -- March 1956.

March 1956

"The Border Jumpers" by W.C. Brown

"Warhorse" by J. Cunningham

"Don't Look Back" by M. Borgenicht

"Vulture's Trail" by H. Pentecost

"Friday the 13th" by H.V. Dixon

"Big Yeller Dog" by Fred Gipson

"The Man Who Rocked the Boat" by W.J. Keating & R. Carter

"The Ballad of Cat Ballou" by R. Chanslor

"The Cradle Song" by G. & M. Martin-ey Sierra

"The Horse Soldiers" by H. Sinclair

"The Man in the Net" by P. Quentin

"Badge of Evil" by W. Masterson

"The Outlawed Banner" by G. Roark

Feb. 1956

"The Gothard Story" by D. Hume

"The Pastel Penitentiary" by I. Finney

"Badge of Evil" by W. Masterson

"Circle of Guilt" by M. Goldberg

"Battle Royal" by F. O'Rourke

"Intent to Kill" by M. Bryan

"Man Snatcher" by H. Wild

"Stopover Tokyo" by J.P. Marquard

"Don't Go Near the Water" by W. Brinkley

"The Keys of My Prison" by F.S. Wees

"The Shadow of My Hand" by H. Cahill

"The Loner" by F. Nichols

"Backfire" by E. Sherry

"A Dram of Poison" by C. Armstrong

"The Dangling" Carrot by D. Keene,

"The Finger" by H. Kane

Jan. 1956

"The Hardhats" by H.M. Newell

"The Happy Mountain" by M. Chapman

"Merrano" by L. L'Amour

"Guestward HO!" by B. Hooton & Patrick Dennis

"The Lost Round" by F.O. Rourke

"Valley of the Vines" by J. Packer

"The Wolf Man" by R. Shayer & R. Florey

"Blind Cartridges" by W.C. MacDonald

"The Tight Corner" by S. Ross

Dec. 1955

"Fair Exchange" by V. Evans & C. Grayson

"The Ravished Heart" by L. Fodor

"Death Rider" by J.0. Barnwell

"Seven Days to Neve"r by P. Frank

"Rum Cay" by H. Branch

"Gun in the Dust" by S. Fisher

"Underdog" by W.R. Burnett

"Papa's Wife" by R.F. Bjorn

"Buffalo Grass" by F. Gruber

"Second Ending" by E. Hunter

"This Seat Occupied" by Gletcher

"Devil at My Heels" by Louis Zamperini with H. Itria

Nov. 1955

"In His Blood" by H.R. Daniels

"Ten North Frederick" by John O'Hara

"The Last Party" by J. Lasky, Jr., & B. Slater

"Kumari" by W. Buchan

"The Candidate's Wife" by A.M. Chapin & A. Vincent

"The Visitor" by K. White

"Sellou"t by H.H. Chace

"Signal 32" by MacKinlay Kantor

"Look of the Eagle" by R.L. Scott

"The Clodhopper" by G. VanMarter

"The Screamer" by J. Rich

"The Dark Window" by T. Walsh

"They're Going to Kill Me" by K.M. Knight

Oct. 1955

"Jubilee" by J. Brick

"Trigger Trail" by T. Ballard

"The Deer Park" by Norman Mailer

"Quantey" by R.W. Campbell

"Shadow of the Noose" by John & Ward Hawkins

"Because of Love" by V. Swisher

"Sierra Baron" by T.W. Blackburn

"Bent Not the Bone" by C. Jay

"The Comeback" by H. Essex & J. Fante

Sept. 1955

"Boon Island" by K. Roberts

"Goat Island" by W. Faller

"Western Stars" by K. Masterson & J. Lazarus

"Bullet Range" by W. Cook

"Gun for a Coward" by R.W. Campbell

"Herbert" by D. Stern

"The Villa Dusty" by M. Bravs

"Sinners & Shrouds" by J. Latimer

"The Last Frontier" by N.B. Stone

"Underworld U.S.A". by J.F. Dinneen

"Military Operation -Mad Bale" by A.P. Carter

Aug 1955

"Face of Love" by I. Winston

"Blood Arrow" by F. Frieberger

"Man Afraid" by D. Ullman

"Shrinking Man" by Richard Matheson

"Day of Disaster" by J. & W. Hawkins (2 copies)

"Scandal" by M.L. Runbeck

"First Train to Babylon" by M. Ehelich

"The Fair One" by B. Pike

"The Hard Man" by L. Katcher

"The Christmas Caper" by H. Manheim

"The Cruel Tower" by W.B. Hartley

"Hazard" by L. Lee

"The Man In the Grey Flannel Suit" by S. Wilson

"Wings of Glory" by Anne Wormser

"Mad River" by D. Hamilton

"Freedom From the Press" by H. Wilhelm

"The Angry Man" by T.T. Flynn

"Stars Over Santa Fe" by B. Chase & J. Juran

"No Evil Angel" by E. Ogilvie

July 1955

June 1955

"Cast a Long Shadow" by W.D. Overholser

"Deadly Enemy" by Nebel

"Pale Moon" by W.R. Burnett

"Man on Spikes" by E. Asinof

"Kiowa" by T. Gries

"The Wine of Youth" by R. Wilder

"Loose Ends" by H. Kane

"All Through the Night "by W. Masterson

"Andersonville" by MacKinley Kantor

"Harry Black" by D. Walher

"Kitimat" by G. Upton

"Wherever You Are" by S. Silliphant

"The Persistant Image" by G. Schmitt

"Dark of the Moon" by J.W. Bellah & N.S. Hall

BOX 25

Box #25 continues "Story Department" outlines (April 1956 -- Aug. 1956) and also includes a number of outlines and scripts in separate folders.

(Aug. 1956):

"It's Always Four O'Clock" by J. Updike

"I Am Margaret!" by A. Rosenthal

July 1956

"The Big Nickelodeon" by M.M. Wolff

"The Loving Couple" by V. Rowans

"Street Fight" by J. & A. Napolean

June 1956

"Prairie Schooner" by C. Farrell

"The Night of the Tiger" by A. Dewlen

"Twilight for the Gods" by E. Gann

"Beyond the Pass" by W.D. Overholser

"Dogs of War" by Comm. R.A. Raynor

"The Faceless Adversary "by F. & R. Lockridge

"The Fall of Edie Markham" by H. Frank

"Merry Christmas Eve" by E. Streeter

"The North Star" by W. Henry

May 1956

"The Gothard Story" by D. Hume (7 copies)

"The Kean Land "by J. Schaefer

"The Second Man" by E. Grierson

"The Bravados by F. O'Rourke

"The Human Pattern" by I.H. Cooper

"The Perfectionist" by L. Kauffman

"Dinner at Antoines" by F.P. Keyes

"The Lady" by Conrad Richter

"The Lady & Her Dr". by E. Piper

"Frontier Frenzy" by F. Nugent

"Why Rustlers Never Win" by H.G. Felsen

"Rack-up" by P. Mayer, W. McGraw, & R. Kennedy

"The Law and Jake Wade" by M.H. Albert

"The Ninth Wave" by E. Burdick

"These Two Hands" by E.J. Edwards, S.V.D.

April 1956

"A Man Named Gonzales." Outline by G.L. Coon.

"Dark Tribute" by R. Strevins (outline).

"The Chinese Camellia" by J. Harris & T. Ree (2 outlines).

"A Certain Smile" by Francoise Sagan (outline).

"Getaway" by J. Harris (outline).

"One Hour to Live" by R. Chanslor (6 outlines).

"The Night Comers" by E. Ambler (outline).

"Occupation Housewife" by R. Buffum (first draft).

"School Bus" by R. Buffum (3 detailed outlines).

"Cowboy in Manhatten" ... no author... (first draft).

"The Charger" by T. & W. Poniger (detailed outline).

"Sutton Place" by G. Zuckerman (script of screenplay).

"Let's Live a Little" by A.J. Cohen & J. Harvey (script of screenplay).

BOX 26

Box 26 contains U-I Story Memos and Inter-Office Communication. The following listing is by folders:

1954 Inter-office Comm.

Christmas, 1953 -- adresses & Inter-office comm.

Inter-office Comm. from Reading Dept.

. ---- from Production Dept.

Following this, folders A-I, (J is missing) K-P( Q is missing) and R-U, plus W and X contain (in no chronological pattern) inter-office and regular communication on various productions; these are U-I story memos. They are filed alpabetically.

BOX 27

Box #27 contains material and scripts for the production of The Pancho Villa Story. Included are:

a. Folder of Summary Budget.

b. Folder of correspondence.

c. Envelope of all longhand screenplay material.

d. Envelope of Newspaper clippings.

g. Two Bound Scripts.

h. One bound screen adaptation of Pancho Villdts Shadow by E.O. Schuster and Don Ross.

BOX 28

Box #28 contains material on the production of The Blue Flame (The Flame). Included are:

a. One folder of correspondence and budget sheets.

b. One portfolio of photos, set lists, correspondence, production and budget materials, and miscellaneous papers.

c. Two bound revised drafts.

d. One envelope of typed revised version.

e. one folder of Scripts.

BOX 29

Box 29 contains material for the production The Second Greatest Sex. Included are:

a. One folder of Music Notes.

b. One portfolio of treatments by Charles Hoffman.

c. One folder marked "miscellaneous" which contains production data.

d. One folder containing the continuity breakdown.

e. One folder of loops.

f. One folder of production budgets.

g. One bound production budget.

BOX 30

Box 30 contains material for the production Sign of the Pagan (See also Box 11). Included:

a. One folder of Production budgets.

b. One bound Production Budget.

c. One portfolio of script treatments by Oscar Brodney and Barre Lyndon. 

BOX 31

a. Two folders of material for The White Sheep, including treatments, budgets, and miscellaneous.

b. One folder containing four synopsis--outlines of screenplay The Badlands.

c. One folder containing two photos, one letter, and one outline of Ray Buffum's The Royal Strip.

d. One folder containing budget papers and miscellaneous materials for the screenplay A Husband for Mama.

e. One folder containing story outlines and correspondence for the screenplay Madam Marie (Carnival Lady).

f. One folder containing budgets and outlines for the screenplay Cherokee Strip.

g. The following materials for the screenplay The Lady Pays Off (1951). 1. One folder of Production budgets. 2. One bound production budget. 3. One folder of music notes, correspondence and script outlines. 4. One portfolio of A.J. Cohen and Frank Gill's scripts and treatments.

BOX 32

For the production Melody Man, the following materials:

Story idea Music in the Air, by R.T. Shannon.

Envelope containing R. Buffum's screenplay.

Folder containing bound script.

Portfolio containing working copy.

For the production Magic Lady, the following materials:

One portfolio of synopsis-outline by T. Robinson and treatments of script by K. Frings.

One folder marked "miscellaneous" containing music notes, correspondence, production & budget data.

One bound production budget.

One folder of production budgets.

BOX 33

Two scripts for the screenplay Every Girl Should.

Two folders for the screenplay Mother Raised Five Blondes, containing portions of scripts, a treatment by I. Winston, outlines, and miscellaneous.

Three folders for-the screenplay And No One Answered, containing outlines, treatments, breakdown, interoffice communication, and miscellaneous materials.

The following materials for the production So This is Rio (Riviera Girl)

A folder, "A," containing musical numbers, step outline, and script portions.

Folder containing correspondence and photos concerning actresses.

One bound revised treatment.

One bound first-draft screenplay.

Two folders of budget materials, plot data, correspondence, and miscellaneous.

One envelope of R. Buffum's changes.

BOX 34

Script for M. Kanin's The Outrage.

Treatment of M. Waxing's The Way of an Eagle.

Two scripts of Dark Star of Destiny.

Shooting schedule of Some Like It Hot.

Exploitation & publicity for Because of You.

Two scripts for Adam Got Even.

One script for When I Come Back.

Three scripts for A.J. Cohen & R.T. Shannon's I Know Women (Paris Guide).

BOX 35

One bound monograph "How to Read Fast."

One folder "Budget for Religious Short."

One folder "Synopses of scripts (Aug. 24, 1950)" containing outlines for The Coming Race, The Pancho Villa Story, The Lady Pays Off, And Never Been Kissed, The Criminal, The Last Apache, and I Dive for Treasure.

One bound story-idea Week-end Help by L.L. Lewellyn.

Two Story-line outlines for A.J. Cohen & J. Harver's Words & Music.

One bound treatment by Kay Lenard, The Kettles in the Tall Corn.

One bound script 30,000 Women and a Man.

---- The Black Scorpion.

One folder "miscellaneous unidentified" (script fragments).

BOX 36

Box #36 contains still photographs, esp. actors and actresses. Included are the following folders:

Alladin, Mary Flynn, Benny Rubin 5 Maurice Anka, Torben Meyer, Stephen W. Downer, Bill Riggs, Jeanne Wood.

Robert Coote, Robert Pike, T. Marsh, W. Addy, N. Schiller, C. Rodilak, V. Golubeff, F. Rocker, J. Qualen, S. Menken.

Linda Williams & Anita Alverey.

Miscellaneous, actresses.

Stills of actresses. miscellaneous.

Mexican character actors.

Miscellaneous actors.

Stills of actors, miscellaneous.

Miscellaneous stills, including Fred McMurray, John Wayne, etc.

Miscellaneous stills.

Stills - possible ads for "Babyjuice" oranges.

BOX 37

Box #37 contains miscellaneous Columbia, Republic, and 20th Century Fox production stills. Included are the following folders:

Stills from Columbia's A Thousand and One Nights.

Stills from Johnny Weissmuller's Columbia picture Pigmy Island.

Stills from Columbia's Cover Girl, Golden Boy, and The Outlanders.

Stills from Columbia's Stranger in his House, Return of the Vampire,Somewhere in Shabara (with J. Carrol Nash), Let's Go Steady, and I have a Mystery.

Stills from Columbia's Last Train from Bombay.

Stills fromThe Swordsman, 1984, The Fuller Brushman (with Red Skelton), and Framed.

Stills from Down to Earth and Tonight and Every Night.

Stills fromThe Talk of the Town with Jean Arthur.

Stills from The Devil Command.

Stills from State Penitentiary.

Miscellaneous Columbia and unmarked production stills.

Stills from Republic's The Man Who Died Twice (Rob Cameron and Vera Ralston) and Republic stairs.

Photos from Republic picture Trigger, Jr.

Stills from 20th Century Fox's Spring Tonic, Man Eating Tiger, with ZaZu Pitts, Scandals.

Stills from 2Oth Century Fox's Caravan.

Stills from Kidnapped, plus miscellaneous.

Stills from Song of the Islands, with V. Mature, T. Mitchell, J. Oakie, and B. Grable.

BOX 38

Box #38 contains miscellaneous photos, especially old photos, children's (stars) photos, and miscellaneous color negatives. Included are:

Folder of Miscellaneous negatives.

Album of portraits.

Mexican stills.


Two envelopes of color house color negatives.

One folder of old photos.

BOX 39

Three script-treatments for screenplay Desperation (Lover Come Back).

Three bound script treatments for screenplay The Criminal (The Criminal and the Kid; The Killer and the Kid).

One folder of working copy for The Criminal.

BOX 40

Box #40 contains correspondence, employment requests, and correspondence from Alliance Productions. Included are the following folders:

Alliance Productions - Narration for Prehistoric Women.

Correspondence with Mr. Nichols.

A-M. P5 R-Z, folders for correspondence of Alliance Productions.

Employment requests




R.E. Ray Stricklyn.

Ken Hudgins.

David McLean, Misc.

Donna Scott.

Don Bi Bean (w/photos).

Monique Vermont, Clips.

Elisa Valli.

Jim Brooks.

Ron Harper, correspondence.

Ron Harper, miscellaneous.

Employment Requests, 1954.

Don A. Lima.

Indian Pictures.

BOX 41

Titled "miscellaneous correspondence," Box 41 contains the following folders:

N.Y. Publishers correspondence.

Pocket Books, Inc.

Random Haase, Inc.

Doubleday & Co, Inc.

The Stidger Story & Gouverneor Morris.

Gallaw Hill.

Liveright Pub. Corp.

"Thank you" notes.

V.I. Inter-office correspondence-misc.

1951 -- 55


Pat Betz - Inter-office

A.J. Cohen - misc. corres.

Richard Carroll.

David Lipton.

James Pratt.

Edw. Muhl.

Prescott Chaplin.

Title Registrations.

Corres.-Alliance-Eagle-Lion/classics, Inc.

Bank of America, misc.

1949 misc. corres. and gen. serv. invoices.

Bank of America.

Mitchell May, Jr. Co, Inc.

Screen Producer's Guild 1951 -- 53.

Stories submitted by Agents, et. al. 1950 -- 51.

Scripts given out, 6/20/50


Wm. Gordon (censorship).

Titles - correspondence (protests, etc.).

Stories submitted by agents, et. al.





to 1953

BOX 42

Material for the production Prince of Baghdad:

Folder "Caliph of Bagdad" with outline by W.R. CO'X.

Folder "Miscellaneous" with music notes and correspondence.

Folder "Loops".

Folder "production budgets".

One bound production budget.

One cast list.

One office-copy bound treatment.

Two office-copies of Cox outline.

One office copy of Cox treatment (bound).

Material for the production Sioux Uprising

One portfolio with script treatments by J.R. Bren, G. Atwater, M. Levy, and F. Gill, Jr.

One folder of Loops.

---- "miscellaneous" with music, notes, script, and production data.

One bound production budget.

One folder of prod. budgets.

BOX 43

Box 43 contains miscellaneous correspondence, writer's reports, and reports. Included are the following folders:

Legal forms - Swarts, Tannenbaum, Ziffren & Stienberg.

Screen actors guild contract.

Screen producers guild.

Reports of producer's picture assignments meetings.

Synopses of story properties of other producers.

Writers' reports - 1955.

---- 1954.

Contract player's bulletins.

Casting department.

Xmas - 1952.

National labor relations Board.

Screen extras guild, inc.

Screen director's guild.

Writers' reports


1950 -- 51

Story memos, current.

Casting department.

Screen actors guild.


Writer's reports.

Screen extrast guild.

Reports of weekly assignment meetings, 1954.

Reports of weekly assignment meetings 11/20/51, 12/8/53.

Music department.

Legal department.

Miss S. Guilford, contract.

Fred Jackman, Sr, contract.

Forms, blanks, miscellaneous.

A.J. Cohen, producer, and Universal Pictures.

Moving picture machine operators agreement.

BOX 44

Box 44 contains the following material for the production The Glass Web:

Music notes (bound).

Storyboard sketches.

One bound production budget.

One portfolio of script treatments by L. Lee & R. Blees (1952 -- 53).

Folder of production budgets.

Folder of miscellaneous correspondence and production data.

BOX 45

Box 45 contains the following folders of personal correspondence:

A.J. Cohen - personal (previous to 9/13/50).









BOX 46

Box 46 contains the following folders of correspondence and working papers for the production The Unknown Continent (Island):

Folder of correspondence, budget, and contracts.

Stillman & Stillman, Attorneys.

Miscellaneous financial.

Miscellaneous correspondence.


One book So Long Ago by L.B. Smith.

Folder of correspondence, etc.

Legal contracts.

Legal papers.

Story and research material.

Cutting continuity and production.---- miscellaneous (including cinecolor contract).

Film classics gross receipts on Unknown Island.

BOX 47

Box 47 contains the following financial papers:

"Sale of two lots on troost."

"Negative costs reports."

"Gen. service studio bills, March-August 1948.

"Income Tax, 1951, Actor contracts for A Time Remembered, Insurance policies."

"Insurance claims and forms."

"1948 casting slips."

Envelope of 1953 cancelled checks.

Envelope of 1954 cancelled checks.

Enveloped of receipts.

BOX 48

Box 48 contains the following financial papers:

Cancelled Bank-of-America Checks, 1953 -- 55.

Index-cards on plays and novels.

Cancelled Bank-of-America Checks, 1947 -- 52.

One folder, Alliance financial statements.

Production and call sheets.

Miscellaneous financial.

Cinecolor Cor. Bills.

One envelope of 1954 cancelled checks.

BOX 49

Box 49 contains miscellaneous financial papers from July, Aug., Sept, and October 1948.

BOX 50

Box 50 contains the following folders of financial papers

Telephone calls, 1953.

Telephone calls, 1952

Telephone Calls, Oct. 1955 -- June 1956.

Telephone call sheets. Dec. 1954 -- Oct. 1955.

Telephone calls Jan.-Nov. 1954.

Production costs for The Renegade (3 copies), End of Night (4 copies), The Lady Pays Off (2 copies), And Never Been Kissed (4 copies).

Wardrobe rentals and fittings (possibly for Unknown Continent).

Bank reconciliations.

Gen. Serv. studio and outside rental orders.

Negative cost report on Unknown Continent.

Rental orders.

Journal voucher, detail.

Cinecolor agreement.

Frank Nichols, accounts.

Construction, work orders.

Authorizations, deductions for checks & delivery to agents.

F.O.A.B.- Collector of Internal Revenue. 

Box 51

The following material for the production Motel

Envelope of material from Texas Motor Court Association.

Envelope of stills from Hacienda.

Folder of research.

Folder of miscellaneous.

Folder of miscellaneous (including press clippings).

One portfolio on the film Showdown at Yellow Butte (The Gun at Yellow Butte; The Lone Gun).

One folder containing contract materials and two Jim Mayo (L. L'Amour) novels with this title.

Script, treatments and fragments.

BOX 52

Box 52 contains the following material for the production East of Sumatra

One portfolio of scripts, treatments, research, continuity, etc. by J. Natteford and F. Gill, Jr.

One folder of loops.

One folder of miscellaneous (including music notes, financial data, andcorrespondence).

One bound budget.

One folder of production budgets.

BOX 53

The following material on the production Miss Universe (Universal Girl)

Treatmentt (bound) dated Dec. 12, 1951.

Treatment (bound) dated Dec. 13 1951.

Revised treatment (bound) Aug. 30, 1951.

2nd draft screenplay (bound) Jan 16, 1953.

1st draft continuity (bound) Oct. 24, 1952.

Original story and treatment (bound) by W.R. Cox.

Three folders of budget and production data.

Music (assorted).

Afrimerica (bound phamplets by E.T. Lowe & W.E. Frank).

"Alliance Corp." financial papers.

BOX 54

Script and miscellaneous material for Hannibal of Carthage.

Treatment and production budgets for No Down Payment. (See also Box 70).

Four folders for Dark Waters, including bound scripts, production data and budgets, script fragments and changes.

Folder of correspondence from The Lonely Midas.

Folder of outlines, etc. for The Old Dark House.

Folder of correspondence for The Last Apache.

Folder of script outlines for Without Honor.

Two folders for the Riviera Girl with outlines and working copy.

Three folders for Two Faces West with F. Gill, Jr.'s treatment and production budget, plus miscellaneous.

Five folders for the production Night Runner.

Second draft screenplay, magazine tear-sheets, forward, dialogue loops-sheets, photos, correspondence.

Miscellaneous, including insurance and inter-office communication.

Production budgets.

Production budgets.


One bound production budget for Night Runner.

BOX 54a

Box 54a contains the following materials for the production Tanganyika

One portfolio of story idea and script treatments by Wm. R. Cox and Wm. Sackheim (1953).

BOX 55

Box 55 contains the following materials for the production Tanganyika

One bound second-draft screenplay.

One bound final screenplay.

Two bound revised final screenplays.

Folder of music notes.

Folder of loops.

Folder of miscellaneous (incl. correspondence & script changes).

One bound production budget.

One folder of production budgets.

BOX 56

Materials for the production Midnight Lace (Dolly Hessean)

One first draft screenplay, bound (1953).

One folder of temporary production budgets.

One folder of miscellaneous inter-office correspondence.

One folder of miscellaneous script fragments.

Materials for the production Night Flowers (Girls in the Night):

Portfolio of script treatments by Ray Buffum (1952).

Folder of loops and wild lines.

Folder of wardrobe still photos and negatives of research photos of East-side N.Y. boys and girls.

Folder of miscellaneous, including correspondence and music notes.

One bound production budget.

Folder of production budgets.

Stack of audience-opinion cards from a premiere.

BOX 57

The following material for The Wife Problem (And Never Been Kissed); The Lion Tamer and Dr. MacKenzie (see also Box 9):

Bound script, And Never Been Kissed.

Bound script The Wife Problem. (another copy in Box 70).

Material for the production Paris After Dark:

Bound revised first-draft screenplay (2 copies)

Bound revised suggested treatment.

Bound treatment.

One folder of production budgets.

One folder of miscellaneous.

One folder of budgets and script revisions.

Material for the screenplay Danger for Breakfast (Operation Dynamite: Toyko; Assigrment Toyko):

One bound script treatment by Ray Buffum.

One bound treatment based upon McPartland's novel.

One folder of script fragments.

BOX 58

Material for the production The Texas Man (Horizons West)

Portfolio of script treatments by L. Stevens (1951 -- 52).

Folder of music notes.

Folder of miscellaneous correspondence and script criticism.

Bound production budget.

Folder of production budgets.

BOX 59

Material for the production The Island Story (Song of Bali)

Folder "Miscellaneous" of script fragments and changes, as well as story summeries.

Folder "The Island Story" contains outline.

Folder of production budgets.

One bound script "file copy."

Two bound scripts "First draft screenplay."

Two bound treatments (1953 & 1954).

Material for the screenplay The Renegade:

Folder of correspondence from Film Classics - Gen. Service Studios.

Folder of working copy in envelope.

Portfolio of working copy.

BOX 60

Material for the screenplay Shalimar:

Folder "miscellaneous" of budget and script-changes material.

Chas. Hoffman's treatment outline.

Production and script materials.

Material for the production Johnny Salvo:

Folder of artist's sketches.

Bound music notes.

Folder "miscellaneous" of clippings, continuity breakdown, correspondence, production materials, etc.

One bound production budget (1955).

Folder of production budgets.

One portfolio of story treatments by P.R. Brouke & D. Arnold.

BOX 61

Materials from the production Playgirl

One bound production budget (1953 -- 54).

Portfolio of script treatments by Buffum, Cook, and Blees.

Folder of step outlines music, salary slips, etc.

Folder of loops.

Folder of production budgets.

Folder "miscellaneous" including censorship correspondence.

BOX 62

Materials from the production Prehistoric Women (see also Box 63).

Folder of correspondence with Bank of America, NPAA, Paramount, Hal Wallis Prod, title reg. materials, etc.

2 folders of miscellaneous correspondence and budget materials.

Folder of negative cost, cinecolor contracts, and mortgages, etc.

Folder of correspondence and production papers.

2 folders of correspondence and financial papers.

Correspondence with Ben Rose.

Correspondence with Bank of America.

Correspondence with Cinecolor Corp.

Correspondence with attorneys.

Folder of Lantin Insurance.

Correspondence and reports (1951).

Correspondence and reports(1952).

BOX 63

Production materials for Prehistoric Women, continued

Unbound music cue sheet in folder.

Folder of music tuning.

Folder of photos.

Folder of press clippings.

Folder of contracts and correspondence.

Envelope of press clippings.

BOX 64

Materials for the production Istanbul

Portfolio of script-treatments by S. Miller, R.A. Simmons, and B. Gray.

Folder of loops.

Folder of miscellaneous correspondence and production costs.

Folder of dubbing, wardrobe, and production materials

Folder of music notes.

Folder of production reports.

Folder of budgets.

Bound production budget.

BOX 65

Material from the production So This Is Paris

Portfolio of script-treatments by R. Buffum and C. Hoffman.

1 bound production budget.

Folder of music notes.

Folder of miscellaneous correspondence.

Folder of production budgets.

Material from the screenplay My Girl Godfrey:

Envelope of working copy.

One bound script-treatment.

Folder "Exploitation Musical."

Folder of treatment.

Two folders script-outlines and summary budgets, for the screenplay Denver Kate

Folder You Can't Kill a Cop, outline by P. Chaplin.

Folder All Women are Jealous, outline by A.J. Cohen & G. Chander.

Folder World's End, outline by P. Chaplin.

BOX 66

Materials for the production Border River:

Folder of photos and music notes.

Miscellaneous production and budget materials.

Production budgets.

One bound production budget.

Portfolio of script treatments by L. Stevens & W. Sackheim.

Folder I Gotta Million (correspondence & clippings).

Folder Ashenden (correspondence).

Two folders, Assignment to Syria (inter-office correspondence & budgets.)

Folder East Side General (correspondence & budgets).

BOX 67

Material for City Beneath the Sea

Portfolio of script-treatments by R. Romero, D. McGuire, and J. Haxvey.

Bound "Brief Pictorial- History" of this production (1953).

Envelope of personal stills.

Folder of music notes.

Folder of correspondence and miscellaneous papers.

One bound production budget.

One folder of production budgets.

Material for A Time Remembered (Only Yesterday; Never Say Goodbye), (See also Box 15)

Folder of script materials.

new and added scenes.

production budgets

One bound production budget.


The items in boxes 68 -- 70 were located and ascribed to the Cohen Collection in January, 1994.

Box 68

19 phonographic sound recordings (33 1/3).

"African Chant".

"Dream Wiser".

"For Every Man There's a Woman" - "Haunted Heart" (Gene Barry).

"I'll Step Aside" - "Keep my Heart" (Eddie Stanly).

Ludmilla Tcherina (6 double-sided phonographic disks).

Motion Picture Pioneers (5 double-sided phonographic disks, disk with sides 1-2 missing).

"Playgirl" Selections.

"Rio-Brasil" (Francisco Carlos).


"There'll Be Some Changes Made" - "Lie to Me".

Box 69

Oversized photos.

Box 70


The Young Marrieds, character sketches.

No Down Payment, three treatments (See also Box 54)

Wife Problem, one screenplay, (See also Box 57)

Naval Airforce Story, Miscellaneous.

Notebooks (containing scripts, etc. also claimed by MsC-127 Arthur A. Ross Productions Collection)

Dark Waters.
Flaming Arrow.
Hannibal of Carthage.
Midnight Lace.
Miss Universe.
Paris After Dark.
Port Royale.
Song of Bali.

Oversized Box 1

Six account books. 1, 3-6 in Oversized Box 1; scrapbook 2 is on the shelf


Also included in the collection are a number of bound scripts, duplicates of those in the boxes, located in the basement. The following is a list of those extra scripts:

The Criminal (6 copies).

The Criminal and the Kid (7 copies).

Every Girl Should (10 copies).

The Family Nobody Wanted (11 copies screenplay).

Flaming Arrow (5 copies of first draft).

The Gun and the Arrow (2 copies screenplay).

The Gun at Yellow Butte (Showdown at Yellow Butte) (15 copies screenplay).

I Captured Geronimo (4 copies screenplay).

I Cried for You (8 copies screenplay).

I Dive for Treasure (3 copies of screenplay original story).

Island of Glory (9 copies).

The Island Story (1 copy of screenplay)

Lover Come Back (6 copies screenplay).

Kilarneys of Brooklyn (5 copies of teleplay)

Meet Johnny Horn (1 copy of teleplay).

Miss Universe (Universal Girl) (6 copies of script treatments).

No Down Payment (8 copies of treatment).

Operation Dynamite: Tokyo (5 copies).

Paris After Dark (9 copies screenplay).

Paris Guide (2 copies of screenplay original story).

Port Royale (4 copies of original story scripts).

School Bus (16 copies original screenplay).

Song of Bali (9 copies of revised treatments).

Untitled Musical Idea (11 copies).

The Wife Problem (4 copies).


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