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Collection Dates: 1942 -- 1965
(Bulk Dates: late 50s to early 60s)
12 in linear ft.

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Posted to Internet: March 1999

Acquisition Note: This collection, along with three other private Hollywood memorabilia collections from the offices of Robert Blees, Albert J. Cohen and David Swift, was acquired largely through the efforts of University of Iowa associate professor Raymond Fielding in the mid 1960's. These papers were donated to the University of Iowa Libraries by Mr. Ross in 1966. Copyright remains with his heirs.

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

Photographs: Slides, box 1; stills from movies boxes 10,11,12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22

Audio Material: Phonograph recordings box box 24

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Very little biographical information was gleaned about Ross from standard biographical sources. All that is known is that he is an American motion picture and television script writer.


The Arthur A. Ross Productions Archive consists of approximately twelve linear feet of archival boxes, nine notebooks and one oversized file drawer. The papers date from 1943-1965. The material is divided into three sections: slides and water color paintings associated with Ross productions and centering mainly on the movies "The Great Race" and "Harold Lloyd's World of Comedy"; scripts written by Ross for motion pictures ("The Great Race", "A Fine Madness", "Harold Lloyd's World of Comedy"), television programs ("Kraft Mystery Theatre", "Peter Gunn", "Alfred Hitchcock Hour") and radio programs (Including three sound recordings of "Suspence" radio plays) as well as various produced and unproduced scripts and short stories and unpublished novels written by Ross; a large number of motion picture and miscellaneous photographs not associated with Ross Productions.

Kerry A. Shermer, February 1994

Box 1

Slides: Five trays showing paintings of The Great Race, following general screenplay outline.

Slides: Two trays of stills used in presentation of Harold Lloyd's World of Comedy and The Funny Side of Life

One tray (six slides only) of photographs of pre-Columbian sculpture

Box 2

74 Water color paintings showing scenes from The Great Race

Cecil, Henry. No Bail for the Judge. London: Michael Joseph. 1962.

Haycraft, Howard, ed. Fourteen Great Detective Stories (rev. ed.). New York: The Modern Library. 1949.

"Mr. Lucky." First draft teleplay by AAR, August 17, 1959. Typescript. With mimeographed script of revised teleplay. August 24, 1959-

"Life With Father." Script #5, "Father Writes a Letter to the Editor."

Box 3

Character Notes and Outlines and First Draft of unpublished novel, The Space Between, (1947).

Television scripts:

Alfred Hitchcock Hour

"Three Wives Too Many," teleplay by AAR, based on a story by Kenneth Fearing. October 24, 1963.

"Anyone for Murder," teleplay by AAR, based on a story by Jack Richie. January 21, 1964.

"Ten Minutes from Now," teleplay by AAR, based on the story by Jack Richie. February 14, 1964.

"Who Needs an Enemy?" teleplay by AAR, based on a story by Henry Slesar. February 17, 1964.

"Triumph," teleplay by AAR, based on a story by Robert Branson. June 10, 1964.

"Thanatos Palace Hotel, teleplay by AAR, based on the story by Andre Maurois. July 10, 1964.

"Walley The Beard," teleplay by AAR, based on the story by Stanley Abbott. October 26, 1964.

"Twixt the Cup and the Lip," teleplay by AAR from a story by Julian Symons. February 3, 1965.


Jack London's Tales From Afar

Episode 2: "The Marriage of Lit Lit," adaptation and screenplay by AAR.

 Kraft Mystery Theater

"The Problem of Cell 13," teleplay by AAR.

 Peter Gunn

"The Maitre D" teleplay by AAR, story by Blake Edwards. July 12, 1960.

"The Edge of Life," teleplay by AAR. August 9, 1960.

 Original Scripts

"The Shrimp," adapted from a short story by Sy Gomberg.

"The Tractor: A Love Story," by AAR.

"A Very Important Fellow." 

Box 4

"Circle of Wheels." Play. Two copies of production script. Radio adaptation script.

"A Fine Madness." Revised screenplay by AAR.

"Funny Side of Life." (Harold Lloyd).

"The Girl From The Sea." Treatment and notes.

"The Journey of the Jules Verne." Screenplay and annotated outline by AR. February 23, 1961.

Narration and shot sequence for Harold Lloyd's World of Comedy.

"No Bail for the Judge". First draft screenplay. April 1, 1964.

"Some of the People." A musical comedy book by AAR and I.A.L. Diamond.

"A Word or Two About Lions, Diversification, and Todd A.O."

"Alteration on a Theme by Grieg," a pantomime specialty by AAR.

"Deserted Barracks"

"You Too Can Be a Civilian"

"The Wreck of the Oedipus"

"Fugitive From a Chain Drug Store," excerpt (song)

"America, Where Are You Going?" (song)

"Win the Peace"

Box 5

"Belladonna." First draft screenplay by AAR, January 7, 1966.

Revision of certain sections and a copy of a letter from Geoffrey Shurlock, Director of the Production Code Administration, Motion Picture Association of America.

"Mighty Pretty Murchin Girls." (also called "No Place for a Lady"). Notes, production budget and two script versions.

"Rally Round the Girls." Musical revue, produced in Los Angeles, 1942.

"Taste of Love." Notes, two screenplay versions.

"Okinawa " Treatment, May 22, 1951.

Folder: Plays, novels, short stories: "Humorists: Straight and Punitive", "The Last Word"

"One Kind of Love"

"A Breath of Air"

"These Arms are Brittle"

Box 6

"But What Have You Done For Me Lately?" Notes, novel in manuscript., and dramatic form.

"Jean Harlow Story," four versions.

"Prince Bart," notes and screenplay.

Box 7

"The Great Race." 3 Drafts of screenplay, notes. 

Box 8

"The Great Race." First draft.

"Battle Stations." First estimating draft, July 25, 1951

"City in Flames." Teleplay, July 7, 1956

"Hitchcock 1965 Adaptation." teleplay?

"Hurry, Hurry, Hurry." Pilot script, story and teleplay by AAR, created by Elliott Lewis.

"Israel Potter." A Motion Picture Treatment adapted by AAR and Herbert Kline, 1950, working copy with notes.

"Lap of Luxury." Treatment, in collaboration with J. Sher.

"A Matter of Choice." June Allyson Playhouse.

"Part Time." T.V. pilot, first draft, script by AAR and William Sackheim.

"R.U.R." A treatment of Karel Capek's play by AAR, November 5, 1942.

"Sweet Adeline." October 14, 1952.

"Theater of the Air." one half teleplay.

"Unbearably Happy Valley." A screen synopsis.

"Yes, By Midnight." In collaboration with P. Webster

"Zane Gray." Outline for N.B.C.

Box 9

"The Blandings," with television and radio scripts by AAR

"The Blandings"

"The Avalanche"

"A Rough Shot"

"Make Believe Town: Memo on Kathy O'Rourke" by Jack Sher, adapted by AAR.

"Edmund Burke"

"The Awakening"

"Suspense: The Face is Familiar"

"Night Beat"

"Suspense: A Watery Grave"

"Suspense: Another Man's Poison"

"Nightbeat: Modern Medea"

"Cathy and Elliott Lewis on Stage: Three Anniversaries"

"Cathy and Elliott Lewis on Stage: A Circle of Wheels"

"Cathy and Elliott Lewis on Stage: Loving"

"Nightbeat: Justice Has Clear Blue Eyes" (end of folder)

"Turn Left At Pompeii," adaptation by AAR, March 24, 1963

"West of East" (No Place For a Lady)

"Gulliver's Travels," revised treatment, October 31, 1957, by Jack Sher and AAR.

"Gulliver's Travels, adapted for television by AAR

"Gulliver's Travels," first draft screenplay, December 27, 1957.

Outlines, research and vocabulary, apparently for an adaptation of "Gargantua" by Rabelais.


Boxes 10 to 22: Photographs from movies, including:

Adventures of Mark Eden

Affair in Trinidad

Alexander's Ragtime Band

The Angry Hills

Anthony Adverse

Arabian Nights


Arizona Trail

Attack By Night (D-184)

Baby Take A Bow

Back to Nature (275)

The Baroness and the Butler

Battle Taxi (T)

Bedtime for Bonzo

Bedtime Story

Behind the High Wall

Beware of Blondie

Beyond the Line of Duty

The Big Beat

The Big Cat

The Black Arrow (D-897)

The Black Widow


Blondie Goes Latin

Blondie's Blessed Event

Blondie's Holiday

Blondie's Lucky Day

The Boogie Man Will Get You

Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood

Boston Blackie's Private Ghost

The Boy From Stalingrad (D-187)

The Brave One

Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Grass

Bullfighter and the Lady


Box 11

Photographs from movies, continued

The Caine Mutiny (D-8082)

Cairo Road

Campus Mystery


Cargo to Capetown

Charge of the Lancers (D-8132)


City Streets

Cleopatra's Daughter

Colorado Sunset

The Commandos Come At Dawn (D-Col-996)

Community Sing

Coney Island

Conquest of Cochise

Counterfeit Lady

The Country Beyond

Cover Girl (Eileen McClorey)

Craig's Wife

Cry of Battle

Cyrano De Bergerac

Dangerous Blondes

The Dancing Masters

The Daring Young Man

The Dark Past

Dead Reckoning (D-1111)

Death in Paradise Canyon

Death of A Salesman

The Desperadoes (D-Col-163)

The Desperadoes Are In Town

Down Dakota Way

Down to Earth (D-1100)

Dr. Strangelove

Drums Along the Amazon

Box 12

Photographs from movies, continued

Eadie Was A Lady (D-1051)

Eagle in Exile

Eight Bells

El Castillo de los Monstrous

Emil and the Detectives

Everything But The Truth

Fighting Caravans

The Fighting Kentuckian

Flame of Calcutta

Flame of the Barbary Coast

Flight Captain

Footlight Serenade

For Those Who Think Young

The Fortune Hunter

Free And Easy

Friendly Neighbors

Gang War

The Gang's All Here

Ghost of Rashmon Hall


The Girl Friend

Girl Trouble (578)

Girls in Prison

Gobs of Trouble

God Is My Partner

Go Go Mania

Golden Boy

The Golden Hawk

Good Night Ladies

Great American Broadcast (508)

The Great Train Robbery

Guard That Girl

The Guilt of Janet Ames

Gun Battle at Monterey

Gun Fever

Gunfight at Dodge City

Gunfighters of Abilene

Box 13

Photographs from movies, continued

The Harder They Fall

Havana Rose

He Married His Wife

He Hired the Boss


Henry Aldrich Haunts a House

Her Husband's Affairs

Here Come the Co-Eds

The Hero

Herod the Great

High Tension

Highly Irregular

The Hired Boss

The Hit Parade of 1941

Holy Matrimony

Hotel For Women

The Howards of Virginia

The Human Jungle

I Love a Mystery

I Promise to Pay

I'd Rather Be Rich

I'll Give a million


Immortal Sergeant

In Old Chicago

In Old Kentucky (211)

Indestructible Man

It Had To Be You (D-1138)

It Happened in Flatbush (563)

It Should Happen to You

It's a Small World

Johnny Get Your Hair Cut

Johnny O'Clock

Judge Priest (163)

The Juggler

Box 14

Photographs from movies, continued



The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm

Kidnapped (335)

Killer At Large

King of the Wild Horses

Kiss of Death

Knock On Any Door

The Lady Is Willing

Ladies Love Danger

The Land is Bright for Columbia

Last Train From Bombay

Law of the Barbary Coast (1177)

The Lawless

The Leap

Leave It To the Marines

Let's Go Steady

Let's Live Tonight

Life Begins at 40

Life Begins In College

Little Caesar

Lost Horizon

The Lost One

The Lusty Me 

Box 15

Photographs from movies, continued

Magic Carpet

The Magnificent Cuckold

Man of Conquest

The Man Who Died Twice

The Man Who Lived Twice

The Man Who Wouldn't Die (560)

The Man With Nine Lives


Marco Polo


Mark of the Gorilla

The Marrying Kind

Martin Eden

Master of Men

The Mating of Millie

The Maverick Queen


Meet Miss Bobby Socks

Melody Lane

Member of the Wedding (D-8074)

Men In War

The Merry Monahans

Miracle of the White Stallions

The Moon Is Down (601)

The More The Merrier

Mother Wore Tights

Move Over, Darling

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Mr. Soft Touch (D-1175)

Mr. Winkle Goes To War

Music In My Heart

My Friend Flicka

My Friend Irma

My Gal Sal (554)

My Sister Eileen

Mystery Blonde (186)

Naked Dawn

Naked Maja

Navy Blue and Gold

The Nelson Eddy Production

Night In Paradise

Nine Girls

No More Ladies

Old Corral

On the Avenue

One Against Seven

One Way to Love

Only Angels Have Wings

Operation Petticoat

Our Daily Bread

Over 21

Box 16

Photographs from movies, continued

The Palm Beach Story

The Pathfinder

The Percent Woman

Perilous Holiday

The Phantom Rider

Pier 13


Pillow Talk

Pin-up Girl (623)

Plane No. 4

Port Said

Portrait in Smoke

The Powers Girl

The Prince of Thieves

Professional Soldier

The Purple Monster Strikes

The Pusher (TP)

Quincannon, Frontier Scout

Racketeers in Exile

Renegades (1079)

Return of the Vampire

Return of Monte Cristo

Ride the Man Down

Right Guy

Rio Grande

The Road to Hong Kong

Road to Rio

Roaring Lead

Rock, Pretty Baby

Round Up Time In Texas

Run For the Hills


Salome (D-8117)

Samson and the Seven Miracles of the World



Sensations of 1945

77 Sunset Strip

She Goes to War!

She Married Her Boss

Shock Corridor


A Shot In the Dark


Slaughter on Tenth Avenue


Snafu (D-834)

So Big

So Dear To My Heart

So Evil My Love

So Proudly We Hail

Society Girl

Some Like It Hot

Somewhere in the Night

Box 17

Photographs from movies, continued

Son of Ali Baba

Son of Belle Star

Son of Captain Blood

Son of Geronimo

Song of the Islands (544)

South Pacific

Spring Tonic

Sport of Kings (Gloria Henry)

The Spy Who Came In From the Cold

Stage to Thunder Rock

Stand By All Networks

Strange Voyage

Stranger in His House

Streets of Laredo


The Sullivans

Sundown Jim

Surf Party

Susan Lenox, Her Rise and Fall

Swing Your Partner

Sword of the Dragon

Take It Or Leave It

The Talk Of The Town

Tall, Dark and Handsome


Tammy and the Doctor

Tars and Spars

Ten Days to Tulara

Ten Gentlemen From West Point (559)

Ten Percent Woman


Thank You, Jeeves (276)

Thank You, Mr. Moto

Thanks a Million

That Other Woman

This Above All

A Thousand and One Nights (D-1054)

Three Blind Mice

Box 18

Photographs from movies, continued

365 Nights in Hollywood

The Thrill of Brazil (D-1104)


To The Shores of Tripoli

Tonight Belongs to Us

Too Many Husbands

Too Soon To Love

Toward the Unknown

Trail to San Antone

Trigger, Jr.

Twin Sombreros

Two on a Guillotine


Under California Stars

Under Fiesta Stars

The Walking Hills

Way Down East

We Were Strangers

What a Way To Go

Where Love Has Gone

White Feather

The White Parade

Who Is Hope Schuyler?

Wild Bill Doolin

Wild Gold

Witness for the Prosecution

Wyoming (1575)

You Can't Take It With You (D-Col-16)

You Were Never Lovelier (D-Col-154)

The Young Swingers


Numbered photographs.

Box 19

Photographs from movies, continued

Unknown, #1-2013

Box 20

Photographs from movies, continued

Unknown, #2104-900

Box 21

Photographs from movies, continued

Unknown, A-Z

Box 22

Photographs from movies, continued


Box 23

"A Day for Living." Synopsis Of a motion picture idea, Aug. 23, 1959.

"The Dean's Men." Pilot script for television, two typescript drafts.

"The King and the Lion." Prospectus and pilot script for television.

"Man with a Star." Pilot script for television.

"Mestico." Film treatment with notes based on an adaptation of (Unamuno's "Nothing Less Than a Man" and DaCunha's "Os Sertoes."

Box 24

"The Jean Harlow Story." Typescripts of a film treatment with notes and memos, 1956 -- 1957.

"Suspense." Radio programs, three recordings (phonograph records)

Not boxed

Notebooks (containing scripts, etc.) [also claimed by Cohen Papers, MsC 126].

Ledger for Alliance Productions, Inc.

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