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1933 -- 1965?
.25 linear ft.

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Audio Material: Box 2: 7 inch reel-to-reel tapes, four audio cassette tapes

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Box List

Box 1

Folder I

Miscellaneous correspondence between John Shover and participants in the Farmers' Holiday Association. Includes Lester Barlow, Dale Kramer, Lem Harris, John Bosch, Henry A. Wallace, and Eleanor Roosevelt

Folder II

Haugland, Harry. Manuscript (typewritten). Haugland is from Watson, Minnesota, chairman of Tri County Council of Defense, Farmers' Holiday Association

Folder III

Turner, Dan W. Governor of Iowa. Manuscript. Farm Holiday Movement

Dahlsten, Andrew. Extract from mss. by Andrew Dahlsten on Madison County Nebraska Plan FHA

Brief history of Sioux City Milk Producers Co-op Association

Farm Holiday Conventions. Minutes

Miscellaneous letters exchanged with Milo Reno regarding Plymouth County, Iowa, situation, 1933

Daily diary of Jack Witt, participant in farmers' march on Washington, November -- December, 1932

Commentaries by Lem Harris and Erik Bert on article by John Shover in Journal of American History (an early draft)

Miscellaneous clippings re: Farmers' Holiday and Milo Reno

Folder IV

Chambers, Steven. Unpublished honors paper. "Relations Between Leaders of the Iowa and the National Farmers Union Organizations, 1941 to 1950" -- dated June 3, 1961 (Copy of paper is in MsC 165, Papers of Fred Stover)

Folder V

Copies of radio addresses, correspondence, and other materials pertaining to Farmers' Holiday Association and Milo Reno. (Originals to be found in Reno Papers, MsC 44)

Folder VI

Notes taken by John Shover from material at Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library (Hyde Park, N. Y.); material in files of Lem Harris, New York City; and Le Mars, Iowa, Globe Post and O'Brien County Iowa Bell

Notes of discussion with Lem Harris, July 14, 1963, New York City

Box 2

Tape Recordings. 7 inch reel-to-reel tapes

Lester Barlow (2 tapes)

Interview with Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Daniel, March 14, 1962, by John Shover at Sioux City, Iowa (1 tape). Also two audio cassette tapes.

Interview of John Shover with Harry Lux, Seattle, Washington, March 1, 1962 (2 tapes)

Interview of John Shover with John Bosch and Harry Haugland (2 tapes)

Interview with a group of farmers, Newman Grove, Nebraska, March, 1962 (1 tape). There are two audio cassette tapes of this, as well. (Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Anderson, Karl and Merle Hansen; Notes on Wallace Short's newspaper, Unionist and Public Forum.)

Interview with Dale Kramer by John Shover, Iowa City, March 22, 1962 (1 tape)

Interview by John Shover (and Samuel T. McSeveney) with Chester Davis, San Marino, California, May 18, 1962 (1 tape)

Interview with John Witt (side 1) and George Wharam (side 2) by John L. Shover (1 tape)



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