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Collection Dates: 1917 -- 1932
3 linear inches

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Posted to Internet: October 2002

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Photographs: Box 1

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Related Materials:

Fiske, Proctor M. (Comp.), History of the Three Hundred and Fiftieth Regiment of U.S. Infantry . . . Cedar Rapids,1919 (xD570.33 350th F57)

T.L.S. to Laurence Fairall from Westbrook Pegler. New York City. May 1, 1944. 1 p. (MsL P376fa)

T.L.S. to Lawrence Fairall from Phil Stong. New York City. April 30, 1934. 1 p. (MsL S881fa)

T.L.S. to Laurence Fairall from Phil Stong. Washington, Connecticut. October 16, 1946, 1 p. (MsL S881fa)

T.L.S. to Laurence Fairall from Dan W. Turner. Des Moines. June 20, 1930. 1 p. (MsL T9451fa)

A.L.S. to Laurence Fairall from Dan W. Turner. Corning, Iowa. November 13, 1934. 1 p. (MsL T9451fa )

A.L.S. to Laurence Fairall from Dan W. Turner. London. October 7, 1935. 2 p. (MsL T9451fa)

A.L.S. to Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Fairall from George Grosz. Des Moines. November 15, 1957. 1 p. November 22, 1957. 1 p. (MsL G879f)

Camp Dodger. Overseas Edition, vol. 2, no. 7, Gondrecourt Area, Monday, March 17, 1919

Box List

Camp Dodger Masthead Plate (1)

Correspondence, 1919 -- 1932, includes 2 telegrams (6)

Army notice to Lieutenant L.R. Fairall, Division Headquarters, from Eric Fisher Wood. February 25, 1919. 2 p. typed

T.L.S. to Laurence Fairall from William Weigel. Camp Dix, New Jersey, February 18, 1922. 2 p.

T.L.S. to Laurence Fairall from Jean Haecky. Basle. July 19, 1932. 1 p.

A.L.S. to Laurence Fairall from S.B. Sloan. (n.d.), Iowa City, Iowa. 1p.

Document commissioning Laurence R. Fairall a member of the Iowa Centennial Committee, January 6, 1938, signed by Nelson G. Kraschel

"Iowa City, Iowa's Ideal Home City" (pamphlet) (1)

Medal, France, 1918 --1919, Eighty Eighth Infantry Division

Minutes, first meeting of the caucus of the American legion and clippings (3)

Overseas Camp Dodger News Service (2)

Photographs (8)

l. "Infantry Brigade, Camp Dodge, Iowa. August 22, 1917"

2. "Co. A. Eng Iowa City"

3. "Co. A. Eng Iowa City"

4. no identification (nos. 2, 3, and 4 are groups of soldiers)

5. Portrait of Rev. Herman H. Fairall

6. Portrait of Sarah Phillips Fairall

7. Sarah Phillips Fairall

8. Primary school room of Laurence Fairall

Report of General John J. Pershing and an accompanying map to illustrate the offensive of the St. Mihiel Salient, November 20, 1918 (2)

Senator Smith W. Brookhart's clippings (3)

"Who Can Tell?", a playbill of the song and dance revue presented by the 88th Division (1)

World War I broadside, (1)



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