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Victor portrait
Portrait of A. F. Victor byJames A. Kelly

Acquisition Note: Donated in part by Samuel G. Rose in the late 1960s.

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

Photographs: Series VII: Boxes 11-29, Series IX, Scrapbooks

Film/Video: Series VI

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Rose, Samuel G. "Alexander F. Victor – Motion-Picture Pioneer". v.72 (August 1963), p. 614-21.

Victor Animatograph Company and the Genesis of the Non-Theatrical Film by David H. Shepard. Special Collections fHD9999 M66 V5

George Elmer Allan Lantern Slide Collection

Series Table of Contents

Series I: Correspondence

Series II:Historical Information

Series III: Administrative Information

Series IV: Print Material

Series V: Product Information

Series VI: Visual Material

Series VII : Photographs

Series VIII: Ephemera

Series IX: Scrapbooks

Biographical Note

Alexander F. Victor was born on June 20, 1878 in Bollanäs, Sweden (Denham, 1). As the son of an army officer, he spent many of his early years traveling throughout Sweden. When he was 12, his family moved to Nassjo, where Victor met Solomon Andree and was introduced to physics. Victor excelled in physics where he failed in most other subjects (Denham, 1).

At the age of 15 Victor became an assistant editor for a local weekly newspaper. In 1894 Victor saw his first magic show. A few months later Victor ran into the same magician, “The Great Stephanio,” and coerced him into hiring him. The next year, while traveling in Paris with Stephanio, Victor saw his first motion picture, and was enthralled. Motion pictures were incorporated into the magic show, and allowed the show to continue after Stephanio’s death in 1895. Victor then traveled to India with the magic show, thus becoming the first to bring motion pictures to that country. Victor stayed in India for three years, becoming an accomplished magician (Denham, 3). Victor brought his show to America in 1900, and continued to work in show business until 1908 when a fire in a Toledo, Ohio warehouse destroyed all of his magical paraphernalia.

Victor then moved to Davenport, Iowa where he invented the first electric washing machine for the White Lily Company. His love for film also pushed him to invent an amateur Motion Picture Camera and Projector (also known as the Animatograph). Alexander F. Victor founded the Victor Animatograph Corporation in Davenport, Iowa in 1910, the same year he began his association with Samuel G. Rose. The world’s first 16mm motion picture projector was manufactured by Victor Animatograph Company and sold to J.H.C. Petersen of Davenport, Iowa on September 1, 1923. This a point of some contention. It has been said that Eastman Kodak invented a 16 mm movie projector some two months earlier. Nevertheless, Victor believed that he was first. In "The History and Origin of 16 Millimeter," a condensation of an address by Mr. Victor at ceremonies celbrating the 'coming of age' of the 16 millimeter industry in Davenport, Iowa on August 12, 1944, Victor states, "In 1923 I designed and placed on the market the world's first 16 millimeter projectors and cameras. The Eastman Kodak Company made the world's first 16 millimeter film." Future research may resolve this question.

The Victor Animatograph Corporation consolidated with the Kalart Company of Plainville, Connecticut on May 31, 1957. Sam G. Rose continued to act as the president. The Victor Animatograph Corporation soon became a leader in the field of motion picture technology. Victor died on March 29, 1961, and in 1964 was named posthumously to the Society of Motion Picture Engineers Honor Roll.

The Ferd Haak Building, also known as the Victor Animatograph Co. was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. Available at:

This biography is primarily based on the article by Edwin S. Denham, “Alexander F. Victor: Imagineer and Idea Man.16mm Becomes of Age.

Scope and Contents

The Victor Animatograph Collection contains print material and photographs related to the operation and products of the Victor Animatograph Corporation of Davenport, Iowa. Series I: Correspondence contains the correspondence of the past presidents of Victor Animatograph Corp., including Alexander F. Victor and Samuel G. Rose, along with a number of testimonial letters addressed to the company. Series II: Historical Information outlines the history of the company, its products, and its founder Alexander F. Victor. Series III: Administrative Information consists of some of the corporate records. Financial statements, stock information including the names of some of the investors, employee lists, organizations of the film industry, patent applications, and the contracts of Alexander Victor and Samuel Rose are also found here. Series IV: Print Material contains the print material that is related to the Victor Animatograph Corporation: journals written by the Victor Animatograph Co. and various film organizations, newspaper articles highlighting the history of the company, as well as foreign materials. Series V: Product Information includes information on many of the Victor products. Instructions on the use of 16mm film projectors, Victor catalogs, product information and price lists are also included. Series VI: Visual Material contains the visual materials of this collection; 17 stereotrope records comprise the bulk of this series. Series VII: Photographs contains photographs of the products and people of the Victor Animatograph Corporation; this is an extensive portion of the collection, housed in 19 boxes. See also the Scrapbooks series for photographs from disbound scrapbooks. Series VIII: Ephemera contains the ephemera of Samuel G. Rose’s trips aboard the U.S.S. Wright and the U.S.S. Iowa. Series IX: Scrapbooks is comprised of the many scrapbooks put together by the Victor Animatograph Corporation. Due to their deteriorating state, most of these scrapbooks have been disbound and their contents stored in document boxes.


Box List

Box 1

Series I -- Correspondence


Ford Museum

Rose, Sam G.

Darling, J.N. “Ding



Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)

Schwartz, Morris

16mm Industry Comes of Age – 1944 (Congratulatory Letters on the anniversary)

Testimonial Letters.

Altorfer Bros. Company, Joseph H. Wiley – February 13, 1935 TLS

American Airways, Inc.,

M.P. Bickley – April 2, 1934 TLS

P.G. Kemp – May 28, 1934 TLS

Calvin Smalley – July 3, 1934 TLS

Associate Royal Photographic Society, Ralph C. Wildes – November 8, 1934 TLS

Community Fund of Baltimore, James M. Hepbron – November 5, 1934 TLS

Dallas Public Schools, W.T. White – February 12, 1935 TLS

East Meadow Public Schools, Frank E. Church, February 6, 1935 TLS

General Electric Company, John G.T. Gilmour – February 9, 1934 TLS

Glennville State Teachers College, Curtis Baxter – November 23, 1934 TLS

John Deere Plow Company

C.M. Haasl (?)– March 13, 1935 TLS

C.M. Haasl (?) – November 22, 1935 TLS

Johns-Manville, Harold R. Berlin – August 14, 1934 TLS

McLeland, Jerome – September 7, 1934 TLS

Military Hospitals Commission Canada, Jas S. Hogg. – January 2, 1918 TLS

National Lead Company, Horace L. Pickett – March 9, 1935 TLS

National Tuberculosis Association, S.M. Sharpe – February 7, 1935 TLS

New Mexico Oil Properties, Clare J. Chapman – November 8, 1934 TLS

Newton Public Schools, A.P. Twogood – February 16, 1935 TLS

Odessa Public Schools, Murry H. Fly – December 4, 1934 TLS

Orthopedic Shoes Inc., Thomas B. Wright – December 20, 1934 TLS

Pelton Motor Company, L.G. Anderson – July 24, 1934 TLS

Peluffo, Silvio, Lybia – March 31, 1956 TLS

Pennzoil Company, E.F. Johnson – January 3, 1935 TLS

St. Elizabeth Hospital, M.J. Gruenewald – October 6, 1934 TLS

St. Joseph’s Academy, Louis L. Radd (?) – February 12, 1935 TLS

Shell Petroleum Corporation

A.E. Holleman – June 1, 1934 TLS

J.D. Thomas – December 12, 1934 TLS

Southwest Missouri State Teachers College, A.P. Temple – July 17, 1934 TLS

State University of Iowa, L.W. Cochran – July 6, 1934 TLS

United States Department of Agriculture: Forest Service, H.R. Kylie – October 6, 1934 TLS

U.S. Industrial Alcohol Co., Leslie S. Gillette – October 17, 1934 TLS

University of Maryland and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, E.I. Oswald – November 12, 1934 TLS

West Texas State Teachers College

Francis Shaey (?) – July 19, 1934 TLS

Francis Shaey (?) – August 13, 1934 TLS

Wheeler Hospital, H.E. Nicholson – August 14, 1934 TLS

Winthrop Junior High School, N. Elliot Willis – November 9, 1934 TLS

York [Nebraska] Public Schools, D.C. Thornton – January 10, 1935 TLS

Victor, Alexander F.

Box 1, Cont.

Series II -- Historical Information

Company History (2 folders)

The 16mm Industry Comes of Age. Program presentation transcript. August 12, 1944

Product History (1 folder)

Victor, Alexander F. – Biographical Information (1 folder)


Box 2

Series III -- Administrative Information

Advertising Schedule, 1952



Corporate Records

Black book – 1930

Victor Animatograph Corporation, Delaware 1930 – mid 1940s

Victor Cine Sales Corporation, mid 1920s

Box 3

Administrative Information, cont.

E. K. Cole – British Division



Rose, S.G. – April 1, 1930

Russell, A.J. – April 1, 1930

Victor, A.F. – December 30, 1939




Employee List

Reference correspondence and resume

Financial Records

Appraisal of Victor Animatograph Company – December 5, 1917.

Balance Sheets

Cost and Production Papers

Curtis-Wright Annual Report – 1948 and 1949

Cut Register

Employee Profit-Sharing Trust and Retirement Plan

Financial Statement

December 31, 1945

December 31, 1946

Ledgers and Order Books (see Oversized Box 1)

Report on Examination of Financial Records

April 30, 1953

April 30, 1954

April 30, 1955

April 30, 1956

Sales (1 folder)

Summary of Defense Orders (see Oversized Box 4)

Stock Information


Original Stock – A.F. Victor

Stock Holder’s Ledger (see Supplemental Box 1)

Stockholder’s Meeting, 1934.

Inter-office memorandum


Eastman Kodak

Legal agreements

Bond, George W. royalty agreement

Kodascope Library Agreement

Box 4

Administrative Information, cont.


Department of Audio-Visual Instruction (DAVI) – National Education Administration

National Audio-Visual Association (NAVA)


Western Audio-Visual Dealers Association, Conference - 1961


Registration Roster

National Association of Photographic Manufacturers (NAPM)


1958 Board of Directors Pamphlet

Registration form

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)

Victor named to Honor Roll

Patent Information

Retailer Fair Trade Agreement

Sale to Bendix Aviation Corporation and Whittmore Eastern Corporation

Sale to Curtis-Wright

Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc.

Application no. 50C3200 and 50C2301 – October 25, 1950

Application no. 50C1431 – June 15, 1950


Box 4, cont.

Series IV -- Print Material


Armat, Thomas.

The Development of the Motion Picture Projector. International Projectionist, March 1955. p.20-34.

The Development of the Motion Picture Projector. International Projectionist, April 1955. p. 15-32.

Cushman, George and Curtis Randall. “Biography of an Idea: An Outline of Cine History Tracing Progress of Amateur Movies From 35mm. to 8mm." Home Movies, October 1944. p.406-08, 428-32.

50th Anniversary


Rose, Sam G.


Visit to U.S.S. Iowa – 1957

Victor, Alexander F.

"Who’s Who in the 16mm Industry." Film and Radio Discussion Guide, v. 11 no.3 (December 1944), p.21-22, 27-28.

Booklet. “16mm Industry Becomes of Age.”

Foreign Publications


African Consolidated Films, Ltd. – February 25, 1039

South African Church Weekly Newspaper.

December 28, 1938

January 4, 1939

January 11, 1939


New 3 Lens Turret

The Master Projector

Rafu Shimpo


Everyones – December 16, 1936, p. 65.

Box 5

Print Material, cont.

Foreign Publications, cont.



Amateur News. On the Display Counter. February 1930, p. 150.

British Journal of Photography.

“New Goods on the Market.” August 15, 1930, p. 497.

“What size film do you use?” And other British clippings.

P.D.A. Journal. "Some Big Sellers for 1937". January 1937.

Victor Amateur Cine Projector. October 1936.

Victor Automatic Cine Camera. November 1936.

Victor Sound-on-Film Animatophone. November 1936.


Le cinema, c’est l’album vivant sur une bande de celluliode.

Mode D’emploi Pour la Cine-Camera Victor 16mm. September 13, 1928

Ne courez plus après les champions!

Victor Cine Camera.


Cine-Camera 16mm. September 11, 1928

De Fotohandel. August 1934

Film Fur Alle

February 1930

March 1930

April 1930

June 1930

July 1930

August 1930

September 1930

December 1930

Gebrauchsanweisung zu Victor Cine-Camera 16mm. September 13, 1928

Kamera-Kunst. October 1930

Kino Amateur. November 1930

Photographische Korrespondenz.

Victor Cine Camera Model V/5. January 1935

Victor 16mm Kino Prokektor Model 3B.


A.B.N.F.-Weekblad. May 1932

Fotohandel. July 1930


Polska Agencja Kinowa. 16mm Model 4 and 5 Cameras. 1938.

Latin and South America

North America


Adventures in Business. "Alexander Victor." v.48 no.26 (November 19, 1945).

Bulletin of Oglethorpe University.

v.22 no.1 – January 1938

“The Story of the Crypt of Civilization.” January 1940.

Business Screen. v.28 no.2 – 1967 (see Oversized Box 4)

Camera News. v.3 no.1 – March 1961

Film Daily

v.104 no.101 – November 25, 1953

v.104 no.116 – December 17, 1953

v.111 no.77 – April 22, 1957

v.113 no.62 – March 31, 1958

v.113 no.126 – June 30, 1958

Film News

v.8 no.12 – June-July 1948, 25th Anniversary of 16mm.

v.19 no.1 – January-February 1962

Film World and AV World News Magazine

v.14 no.8 – August 1958

v.18 no.12 – December 1962

v.21 no.2 – February 1965


v.1 no.1 – January 1952

v.1 no.3 – March 1952

v.1 no.4 – April 1952

v.1 no.5 – May 1952

v.1 no.6 – September 1952

v.1 no.7 – October 1952

v.1 no.8 – November 1952

v.1 no.9 – December 1952

v.2 no.3 – March 1953

v.2 no 4 – April 1953

v.2 no.5 – May 1953

v.2 no.7 – October 1953

v.2 no.8 – November 1953

v.2 no.9 – December 1953

v.3 no.1 – January 1954

v.3 no.2 – February 1954

v.3 no.4 – April 1954

v.4 no.2 – February 1955

v.4 no.3 – March 1955

v.4 no.4 – April 1955

v.4 no.5 – May 1955

v.4 no.6 – September 1955

v.5 no.3 – March 1956

v.5 no.4 – April 195

v.5 no.5 – May 1956

v.5 no.6 – June 1956

v.5 no.7 – September 1956

v.5 no.8 – October 1956

v.5 no.10 – December 1956

v.6 no.1 – January 1957

v.8 no.4 – December 1959

v.12 no.6 – December 1964

Illustrated Guide to the George Eastman House of Photography

Journal of the SMPTE/Transactions of the SMPTE

v.64 no.3 – March 1955

Matthews, Glenn E. and Tarkington, Raife G. "Early History of Amateur Motion-Picture Film." v.64 no.3 (March 1955), p. 105-16.

Rose, Samuel G. "Alexander F. Victor – Motion-Picture Pioneer". v.72 (August 1963), p. 614-21.

Victor, Alexander F. "The Animatophone – A New Type of 16mm Synchronous Desk Reproducer." v.18 no.4 (April 1932), p.512-16.

Victor, Alexander F. "Continuous Optical Reduction Printing." v.23 no.2 (August 1934), p.96-100.

Victor, Alexander F. "The Model 3 Victor Cine Camera." v.11 no.32, 1927, p.802-804.

Victor, Alexander F. "The Motion Picture – A Practical Feature of the Home." v.16 (May 1923), p.264-65.

Victor, Alexander F. "The Portable Projector; Its Present Status and Needs." v.6 (April 1918), p.29-32.

Kalart Dealer Bulletin

May 1958

June 1958

Lecia Photography. v.20 no.1 - 1967


v.9 no.9 – February 18, 1955

v.12 no.20 – August 18, 1958

v.12 no.21 – September 1, 1958

v.13 no.23 – October 12, 1959

v.15 no.7 – February 27, 1961

v.15 no.9 – March 27, 1961

v.18 no.3 – February 3, 1964

v.18 no.20 – September 28, 1964

v.18 no.22 – October 21, 1964

NCR Factory News. U.S.S.R.-1956. Special Issue – September 1956.

News Reel. (black volume)

v.1 no.1 – July 10, 1933

v.1 no.2 – October 20, 1933

v.2 no.1 – April 15, 1934

v.2 no.2 – November 15, 1934

v.3 no.1 – April 5, 1935

v.3 no.2 – August 26, 1935

v.3 no.3 – December 10, 1935

v.4 no.1 – February 20, 1936

v.5 no.1 – January 7, 1937

v.5 no.2 – February 22, 1937

v.5 no.3 – July 1, 1937

v.6 no.1 – March 1, 1938

v.6 no.2 – June 15, 1938

v.7 no.1 – July 1, 1939

v.7 no.2 – October 1939

v.8 no.3 – January 1940

v.9 no.4 – April 1940

v.9 no.5 – November 15, 1940

v.10 no.1 – May 1, 1941

16 mm Industry Commemorates “Coming of Age” – August 12, 1944

January-February 1945

May-June 1945

August-September 1945

November-December 1945

February-March 1946

May-June 1946

August-September 1946

December 1946-January 1947

March-April 1947

July-August 1947

November-December 1947

January-February 1948

March-April 1948

May-June 1948

July-August 1948

September-October 1948

November-December 1948

January-February 1949

March-April 1949

May-June 1949

July-August 1949

v.1 no.1 – January 1955

v.1 no.2 – April 1955

v.1 no.4 – December 1955

v.2 no.2 – Winter 1956-57

v.2 no.3 – Winter 1957-58

March 1959

Fall 1960

Spring-Summer 1961

Victor Visual News. No. 3, January 1922.

Box 6

Print Material, cont.

Journals, cont.

News Reel. (Folder)

"Pawl or Sprocket Intermittent?"

v.5 no.3 – July 1, 1937

v.6 no.1 – March 1, 1938

v.6 no.2 – June 15, 1938

v.7 no.2 – October 1939

v.1 no.2 – April 1955, Victor Celebrates 45th Anniversary

Spring-Summer 1960, Victor Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Photographic Age

March 1946

May 1946

Photographic Trade News

v. 8 no.9 – September 1944, 2 sections


v.1 no.1 – February-March 1951

v.1 no.2 – Summer 1951

v.1 no.3 – Fall 1951

v.2 no.1 – Spring 1952

v.3 no.1 – Spring 1953

Saturday Review. March 9, 1957

Victor Visual News. no.3 – January 1922


v.1 no.1 – November 1948

v.1 no.9 – July 1949

Newspaper articles

Kalart Merger


"Reorganize Victor Animatograph; Distributing Alliance is Formed With National Theatre Supply Co." Davenport Democrat and Leader. July 12, 1931.

Sale to Bendix

25th Anniversary

Victor Honored as 16mm Comes of Age. Articles reprinted from Davenport Daily Democrat and Daily Times. 1944

Foreign Newspaper Articles. (Dr. Robert H. Kulka)

Martel, Pepe. On the Serious Side: A Solution to the Movie Problem. Caracas, June 17, 1945.

El Pueblo – "Great Film Scholars for Audio-Visual Education. How ‘School Teacher’ is Concerned in Introducing Movie in the Department". Medellin, July 4, 1945. 2p.

El Universal. Mr. Robert H. Kulka to Speak. June 19, 1945.

La Esfera – "Independent Agency of General Interests. Use of Movie in Centers of Education." Caracas, June 20, 1945, no.6546. Includes translation.

"Solorzano Will Head M.G.M. 16mm Program in Venezuela."

Egypt. 3 articles

El Nacional. "Invitation to Lecture by Robert H. Kulka." Caracas, June 20, 1945.

El Correo. "Kulka Lecture." Medellin, July 4, 1945.

The Times Newspaper. "Invitation for Delegates to the National Congress of Professors, re: Kulka." Bogotá, Colombia, July 24, 1945.

El Comercio. "Dr. Robert H. Kulka Exponent of Audio-Visual Education Visits Country. First Demonstration of Method Will Be Tuesday." Quito, August 12, 1945.

"American Experts Will Demonstrate Method of Visual Education." Caracas, Venezuela, June 9, 1945.

El ImparcialIndependent Daily. "Technical Use of the Movie in Education: Dr. Kulka in Guatemala." Guatemala, May 4, 1945.

El Imparcial – Independent Daily. "Lecture by Dr. Kulka Illustrated with Films." Guatemala, May 8, 1945.

Costa Rica Daily. "Public Teaching Takes a New Allied Science: The Movie." Costa Rica, May 25, 1945.

Various un-translated articles, all translated in other places in this folder.

The Telegraph. "American Professor Robert H. Kulka Has Arrived onMission of Great Cultural Significance." Guayaquil, Ecuador, August 8, 1945. Announcement from August 8, 1945 also included.

The Universe. "Professor Kulka Will Hold Conference in University Tomorrow on Audio-Visual Instruction." Guayaquil, Ecuador, August 8, 1945. Article included.

"North American Professor Will Give Lecture on Technical Importance of Visual Instruction."

El Commercio. "Dr. Kulka Visits the Casa de la Cultura; Will Give Public Demonstration in City Hall Owned by Municipality." Quito, August 13, 1945 (Evening Edition).

El Commercio. "Two Announcements: Exhibition of Films." Quito, August 14, 1945. Articles included.

El Mercurio – Chats and Conferences. "Movie Photography and Its Importance in Education." Santiago de Chile, September 14, 1945.

La Nacion. "Dr. Kulka Will Speak Today on Movies in Education." Santiago de Chile, September 14, 1945.

Chilean Film Distribution Co., Ltd. Victor Animatograph Corporation. Article included.

Las Untimas Noticias (The Latest News) – Daily Magazine of Santiago for All Chile. "Magnificent Weapon in the Campaign for Literacy: Educational Movie Will Radiate Light of Knowledge Through All Chile." Santiago de Chile, September 12, 1945. 2p.

Press Releases


Disney, Walt – December 16, 1966

Lumiere, Auguste – April 11, 1954

Victor, Alexander – March 29, 1961

Rose, Sam G. – Retirement

Box 6, cont.

Series V -- Product Information


See also Scrapbooks for advertising


Movies at War. V. 3 1944

Sell More Bonds with 16mm Films – Victory Loan.

Victor wants to come home, too…

Religious Uses

Promotional Material

Victor in Education.

"Can our schools teach the G.I. way?"

"Can our schools teach the G.I. way? A Teacher’s Reply."

"Hotel Employee Training."

"Partial list of the thousands using Victor Animatophones."

"Survey on the Utilization of Visual Aids."

"Teaching with Motion Pictures."

"A Treasure Chest of Audio-Visual Ideas for Teachers, School Administrators, School Boards, and Architects."

"Where and How Movies are used in Industry."

British-Victor Sales Manual. 1952

Box 7

Product Information, cont.


American Television & Radio no.139

Bass Cine Bargaingram no.245

1935 – Motion Picture catalog

Late 1930s

Victor the Aristocrat of Stereopticons – no. 19 and 20

no. 23


Lantern Slides

Ryan Lantern Slide Service Catalog – Special Marked Copy

Victor Lantern Slides

Catalog no.17

Victor: The Aristocrat of Stereopticons catalog no. 19 and 20.

School Slide Catalog no 32.

1930 Passion Play

Parts and Services Catalog Form no.2296. Includes price quotes from printers. 1953


Catalogo de Peliculas Educativas Habladas en Castellano

Peliculas Parlantes de 16mm Sanidad, Conservacion de la Salud Publica, Nutricion.

Victor Animatograph Corporation Catalogo de Exportacion

Victor Animatograph Corporation Export Catalog – 1944


Audio-Visual Equipment Directory. 3rd ed. November 1956.

Directory of 16mm Film Sources. 8th ed. 1942.

Photo Dealer Directory Issue. March 15, 1957.

Photographic Trade News Master Buying Guide and Directory Issue. 21st ed. June 1957.

Box 8

Product Information, cont.

Instruction Manuals

Information and Suggestions for Operation and Care of 16mm Sound-on-Film Motion Picture Equipment.

"Instructions for Operating Victor Models 24 and 25, 16 mm Sound on Film Animatophone"

"Instructions for Adapting New Self Adjusting Take-up."

Miscellaneous Victor Product Instruction Sheets

Simplified Instructions

Victor Greyline Instructions and Service Manual. British made Model G, similar to American Model 40.

Owner/User Information

Insurance – R.L. Muckley & Co.

Standard Service Plan

Victor Product Information

Accessories, Attachments and Replacement Parts


Audiotone Speakers

Continuous Projector

Craig Projectors

Dallmeyer and Wollensak Lenses

Dealer Product Information

Form 713-C – World’s Finest 16mm Movie Cameras

Form 774 – 16mm Sound on Film Projector

Kalart Soundstrips

Keystone Cameras


Master Projector

Miscellaneous Product Information

Model E 16mm Projector with Arc lamp

Model 2

Model 3

Model 4

Box 9

Product Information, cont.

Victor Product Information, cont.

Model 5

Models 3, 3T and 5 – Repair Instructions

Model 6

Model 10

Model 11

Model 12

Model 16 S

Model 20

Model 21

Model 22

Model 24, plus attachments

Model 25

Model 33

Model 38

Model 60

Model 70

Model 132

Model 136

Portable Public Address System

Post Card Projector with Arc Light

Recorder Operation

Series 40

16mm Projectors


Price Lists



Service & Parts Manual. Victor 16mm Sound Motion Picture Projectors.

Form 2296. January 1954. Includes Parts Price List.

Form 2346. October 1955. Includes Parts Price List.

Model No. 40 B

Box 10

Series VI -- Visual Material

Film. 16mm.
(5 films, unknown titles)

Glass Slides (3 in. x 4 in.)

Dutch scene

Biblical scene of the Good Samaritan

Peter Rabbit

Marys at the tomb on Easter

Garden image

Image of Jesus in the garden

Diagram of the eye


Negatives. Form 2296, Parts and Services Manual

Stereotrope Records

no. unknown – Halloween theme

ser. A no. 131 – Assembling WELCOME

ser. B no. 153 – Jack and the Beanstalk

no. 154 – Famous Americans with picture list

ser. A no. 161 – Clown with dog

no. 311 – Zoo animals

no. 330 – Cock Robin

no. 334 – Nursery Rhymes

no. 339 – Hop o My Thumb

no. 413 – Louvre?

no. 429 – American Indians with picture list

no. 496 – unknown landscapes

no. 510 – Lace: Its Origin and History

no. 512 – Railroad adventure

no. 543 – Bible story

no. 551 – Biblical images

no. 552 – Biblical images with partial pictures list

Stereotrope Records Brochure

Series VII -- Photographs (Boxes 11 - 29) (See also Scrapbooks for additional photographs)

September 2003 Addendum

Copies of films from box 10 (untitled)

Mini DV format

VHS format

Series VIII -- Ephemera

Certificate -- Rose, Sam G. Visit to U.S.S. Wright. Pensacola, Florida, 1949

Patch -- Rose, Sam G. Visit to U.S.S. Iowa, 1957

Series IX -- Scrapbooks

Box 30

Numbers are folder numbers

Since interest lies mostly in the instruction manuals, we have noted the instruction booklets that are present in scrapbook or box. This is not the entire contents of the boxes or scrapbooks

Advertising publications, instruction manuals, order blanks, camera accessories, information on the Victor Credit Union, price lists.23 folders
Instruction booklets are included for models.

2. Victor Ultra Cine-Camera
3. Model 3 Victor Cine Camera
10. Model 5 Victor Cine Camera
14. Modesl 4 and 5 16 mm Cine Camera
15. Model 3 Cine Camera
16. Models 4 and 5 Cameras, models 4 and 5 aircraft type cameras

Victor Animatograph forms, Victor Christmas cards, forms for the Chicago Offices, stationery, distributor's stationery, envelopes. 37 folders.

Folders 1-32

Box 31

Folders 33-37
Folders 38 and 39 are in Oversized Box 1

Contents of Scrapbook

1. Directions for Operating the New Victor Automatic Cine-Projector, Model 2; Instructions for Operating Victor Acetylene Generator; Only 4 Easy Things to Do to Operate the Victor Cine Projector; Instruction Book for the Models 3 & 3B Victor Cine-Projector; Instructions for Operatings Model 3G Victor Cine-Projector With and Without Transformer; Parts for Models 3 and 3GVictor Cine Projectors; Instructions for Operating Model 5 Animatophone

2. Instructions for the Operation and Care of the 16 mm Model 6 Animatophone Sound-on-Disc Projector; Instructions for Operating Victor Model 10 Series 16 mm Motion Picture Projectors; Special Instructions for Model 10C Projector (Combination 32C-110V); Instructions for Operating Victor Model 10E (100V to 250V); Instructions for Operating Victor Model 10C 16 mm Motion Picture Projector (32V-100to120V); How to Install Hi-Power Optical System and New Aperature Plate

3. Instructions for Operating Victor Model 11-H 16mm Motion Picture Projector; Instructions for Operating Model 11L16mm Motion Picture Projector; Instructions for Operating Victor Model 11-M 16mm Motion Picture Projector; Instructions for Operating No. 11 Victor Lamp Rheostat; Instructions for Operating No. 10 Victor Lamp Rheostat

4. Instructions for Operating Victor Model 12 Series 16 mm Sound on Film Animatophone; Model 12A Sound-on-Film Animatophone; Model 12B Sound-on-Film Animatophone

5. Victor Sound-on-Film Instrutions for Care of Equipment and Making Adjustments and Replacements/What to Do if You Fail to Get Sound or Sound Becomes Weak or Distorted; Victor Animatophone A.C. Power Amplifier Wiring Diagram; Operating Instructions - Model 16 Silent Projector

6. Instructions for Operating Victor Model 20 Series 16mm Motion Picture Projector; Instructions for Operating Victor Model 21 16mm Motion Picture Projector; Instructions for Operating Victor Model 2216mm Motion Picture Projector; Special Instructions for Model 21 Projector; Instructions for Operating Victor Models 24 and 25 16mm Sound on Film Animatophone; Victor Model 24 Series Animatophones A.C. Power Amplifier Wiring Diagram; Victor Model 24 Animatophones A.C. Power Amplifier Wiring Diagram; Special Instructions for Using Preamplifiier and Velocity Ribbon Microphone with Model 24B Animatophone; How to Operate 16 mm Animatophone on Direct Current with Converter; Instructions for Attaching Exciter Lamp Switch on Model 25 Univerisal Animatophones

7. Victor Model 25AC Animatophone A.C. Power Amplifier Wiring Diagram; Parts List 16mm Sound-on-Film Animatoophones, Models s24B, 25, 26, 25AC, 24C, 24 AB, 38

8. Special Instructions for Model 32 Animatophone For Operation on a 28-32 Volt Current; Victor Moedl 38 Schematic Wiring Diagram

9. Operating Instructions - Model 40 Animatoophone; Model 40A Amplifier Wiring Diagram; Model 40B Amplifier Wiring Diagram; Instructions for Connecting and Operating Dual Projection Change-Pver Switch; Parts List 16mm Sound-on-Film Animatophone Model 40; Wiring Diagrams for the following models: 40 BX, C, O, P, R.

12. Information and Suggestions for Operation and Care of 16mm Sound-on-Film Motion Picture Equipment

13. The Victor Standard Service Plan; Animatophone Operating Instructions

Box 32

1.Parts, price list, and service information, Model 40
2. U S Navy 16 mm sound motion picture equipment, type H, Model 40.
3. 16 mm sound motion picture equipment, Model 40B.
4. Model 12A Sound-on-Film Animatophone; Model 24 C Aud-O-Film Projector A.C. Power Amplifier Wiring Diagram; Parts List
16 mm Sound-on-Film Animatoophone Model 40. In Oversized Box 1
5. Operating Instructions-Model 40 Animatophone; Operating Instructions-Model 40 AC-DC Animatophone. In Oversized Box 1
6. Loading and Threading Victor 16mm sound Continuous Projector. In Oversized Box 1
7. Model 36 Amplifier Wiring Diagram; Model 36 Sound-on-Film Animatophone; Model 38 Switches, Sockets and Conrols. In Oversized Box 1
3 ledger books. One untitled, one titled Cine-Projector and the other titled Cine-Camera

Box 33

3 order books
Merchandise consignment book
Unbound scrapbook. Includes images, advertising, testimonial letters. 3 folders
Scrapbook: "Victor: World's Finest 16 mm Movie Equipment"

Boxes 34 and 35

Advertisements, photocopies of ads, price lists

Box 36

Conventions and window displays. 21 folders
Photograph Book . 30 folders
Business screens and summary of defense orders

Box 37

Stereopticon album
Photograph Book #3
Photograph Book #4. 2 folders

Shrink-wrapped scrapbooks

Scrapbook #1. Advertising, images of products
Scrapbook #2. Advertising, pictures, testimonials, models, some oversized photographs
Scrapbook #3. Advertising financial paperwork, advertising
Scrapbook #4. Advertising with Cut Register
Scrapbook #5. Advertising
Scrapbook #6. Advertising

Large format photographs are in Map Case 13, drawer 17

February 2007 Addendum

Craig Klein of Eastern Iowa Community College in Davenport Iowa, while researching a book on Davenport's African-American Heritage, was given photographs of some slides taken from an eBay sale. These apparently represented early African American people and locations in Davenport. These slides are marked "Victor Animatograph." He sent copies to be placed in this collection. These are paper copies of digital images of slides. The whereabouts of the slides themselves is unknown. The identifiable subjects of the slides are Eugene Green; Green's Restaurant; LeRoy P. Chistenia, Circulations Manager for the Tri-City Herald; the office of the Tri-City Herald at 1103 E. Third Street, Davenport, Iowa; and a paper boy selling copies of the Tri-City Herald.

2008 Addendum. In addition to the portrait of A. F. Victor at the top of this finding aid, Tony Kelly, the son of the artist who painted them, gave us a digital image of the painting of Sam Rose, biographer of A.F. Victor.


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