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Collier's cartoons

Arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically within year. For many of these cartoons, we have an original tear sheet from the magazine and a photocopy. The number of originals and photocopies are indicated by each cartoon. Cartoons with only one photocpy are not indicated.


Spare the rod and spoil the conservation policy. April 2, 1910 (2 copies)


At it again! January 30, 1915 (2 copies)


The bitter, bitter pill. May 18, 1916

The donkey looks more like the elephant every day. April 15, 1916 (2 copies)

The necessary fourth wheel. April 15, 1916 (2 copies)

Ruining that rehearsal. January 29, 1916


"Only one shirt, and that's in the wash -- and look who's here!" April 21, 1917 (2 copies)

You can't butcher the cow and still have her give milk. June 16, 1917 (2 copies)


"What's a mother's love, Newton, if the eggs spoil?" March 23, 1918. P


And will it fit? March 29, 1919

The back to the farm movement may be due for a great revival. August 30, 1919. P

Beginning to realize his mistake. August 9, 1919

Boyhood Sports: "Chaw Raw Beef!" April 12, 1919

Buying a hat without consulting the lady. May 13, 1919. P

Hasn't any little boy learned the golden text? May 3, 1919. P

Look Who's Here! n.d. [1919?]. P

Making herself solid with the boys -- but it's tough on father. May 17, 1919

The miraculous materialization in the spirit world. August 16, 1919

No one even seems to have ever heard of the party. September 27, 1919. P

The oblivious professor. June 14, 1919

Pipe all hands to abandon ship. May 10, 1919

The result of the debauch. June 7, 1919

"Sight unseen!" April 5, 1919

"Sometimes they soften when they see the baby." June 2, 1919. P

Speaking of a home brew with a kick in it. July 12, 1919

Ten thousand years of progress! April 26, 1919

There's nothing like early training to develop star material. September 13, 1919

Trying to sell us our own horse. June 21, 1919

Unhitching the horse hasn't made much difference? May 24, 1919

What argument did Noah use with the ducks? April 19. 1919

What'll they do when they meet a lion? August 23, 1919

Why submit to extortion? Let's go back to the "good old" customs. September 6, 1919

You wouldn't know it was the same instrument. August 2, 1919. P


"Aw, gee, Pop, is that a Political Victory?" July 10, 1920

Beauty and the bathers. September 4, 1920

Can Borah drive them out faster than Bryan can drive them in? March 6, 1920

Competition for Brother Noah. September 25, 1920. P

Crossing the Great Divide may be be as hazardous as it looks, but you can't blame the lady for feeling nervous. June 26,1920. P

The "dead issue." October 30, 1920

Dividing the tax load. November 13, 1920

The doctor's busy now; won't you just take a chair? August 28, 1920

Easy picking. November 20, 1930

A fellow can't help wishing once in a while he might go shopping by himself. February 7, 1920

"Go! And don't you never come back!" October 9, 1920

He never looks that big at home. February 21, 1920

"Hey! Go easy. That stuff is awful hard to get." March 20, 1920

Hist! Here come the womenfolk. April 10, 1920

It beats all how many different brance can come from the same barrel. March 13, 1920

It doesn't sound as though it was on the "Front Porch" to us. July 31, 1920

It wouldn't be so bad if they wouldn't keep encoring! May 29, 1920

"It's Dad that pays and pays and pays." September 11, 1920

Just as easy, and far more comfortable. June 12, 1920

Look out! We may run short of pancake batter next winter. May 22, 1920. P

Maybe if we'd overhaul the engine we wouldn't need such a big gasoline tank. December 4, 1920

Middle men. August 21, 1920. P

Modernized Mother Goose. December 18, 1920. P

My land! What are we coming to? August 14, 1920

A new cavalry remount. January 24, 1920. P

Nobody's wish. November 27, 1920

On to El Dorado! March 27, 1920

An ounce of prevention. December 11, 1920

Outside the convention door. July 3, 1920

The patient -- Pardon me, but I was under the impression that I was the fellow who was supposed to have the stomach ache. August 7, 1920. P

Picking on the bashful young bachelor. February 14, 1920

Preserving American independence. October 23, 1920

She may be all right on foreign affairs, but she's certainly rough on domestic bric-a-brac. February 28, 1920

She's a nice damsel, but, oh, what a family to support! July 17, 1920. P

A strange misnomer. September 18, 1920

The temptation of Deacon Jones. April 3, 1920

Thanks, we've just had lunch. October 16, 1920

There's nothing like fifty per cent loafing to hasten the fifty cent loaf. July 24, 1920

"They've got to shave that convention's whiskers, so to speak, and they've got to do it without drawing too much blood." June 5, 1920

Thumbs up or thumbs down? November 6, 1920

Too many water boys and not enough at the pump. June 19, 1920

A tough line to break through. October 2, 1920

The unexpected passenger. January 31, 1920

"Whoa, horsie. Nice horsie. Go away horsie." O

"The Yanks are coming." (Revised version) May 15, 1920. P


At the economy wrestling match. May 21, 1921

The "Billionaire Kid," alias "Bloody Mike." August 13, 1921

Boy, Page St. George. October 22, 1921

Business depression in Antediluvia. June 25, 1921

Check your strikes at the entrance and let the performance go on. April 16, 1921

The Congressman's nightmare. September 10, 1921

Daniel in the Lion's Den. July 30, 1921. P

Down to his last boot strap. May 7, 1921

The end of the chase. May 28, 1921

Fresh horses and a new driver. December 31, 1921

From one who's familiar with the roads. February 12, 1921

Going to join the Indian and the buffalo. June 18, 1921. P

A good live prospect. January 1, 1921

A good time to stop. November 26. 1921

He should worry about eviction. February 26, 1921

Heavens! What's that? December 10. 1921

Here's wishing you all a merry one. December 24, 1921

How "we" killed the bear. May 14, 1921

Huntin' the grizzly. August 27, 1921

The international gridiron rules need fixing. October 29, 1921

Just as they were starting on their vacation. April 30, 1921

Like cures like. February 19, 1921

Likely to look more like a Paris reunion than a private party. August 20, 1921

A little speed, please. March 12, 1921

Look out you don't make it larger. February 5, 1921. P

Love's labor lost. December 3, 1921

Lucky he has a strong constitution. March 5, 1921

Nature study. June 11, 1921

The new European bully. April 23. 1921

The next time that customer comes in. March 19, 1921

No time for ceremonial deference. October 1, 1921

The old suit patched up. November 12, 1921

Only the absolute necessities. April 9, 1921

Our nonbearing fruit trees. July 2, 1921

Our self-imposed slavery. September 17, 1921

The passenger: If you feel like whipping up a but, don't mind me. December 31, 1921

Pom-pom pullaway. January 8, 1921

A rather expensive rabbit. January 29, 1921

Right off the hook. September 3, 1921

Right through the middle of the flower bed. July 16, 1921

Safe and sane. July 9, 1921. P

The same thing all the others are saying to their hubbies. October 15, 1921

The scoffers. January 22, 1921

"Ship by truck." July 23, 1921

Speaking of the Hoover relief. June 4, 1921

Sticking to the good old-fashioned game. August 6, 1921

Taking most of the bedclothes. September 24, 1921

Time out for lunch. March 26, 1921

The troubles of the old-fashioned bird that scratches for its living. April 2, 1921

A vacation earned. (Not a cartoon, but an explanation for why Darling's cartoon isn't appearing this week.) November 5, 1921

Whoa there now, Dobbin. November 7, 1921

Why not make a "Regular Feller" out of him? January 15, 1921

Will he jump or wait to be pushed? November 19, 1921

You can't keep any kind of business prospering without work. October 8, 1921


Against the rules to eat between meals. July 29, 1922

And so say all of us! January 7, 1922

As archaic as the Inquisition. March 18, 1922. P

Brining the game in alive. August 12, 1922

The Christmas season might serve to remind the shoemaker of his own children. December 23, 1922

Circus day. April 15, 1922

Cracking the Whip. September 23, 1922

Cutting our little "Hydra's" hair. March 11, 1922

Examination day is coming. October 28, 1922

Folks who are too lazy to tend to their own household duties shouldn't complain too much about their meals. November 4, 1922

Hasn't anyone a big rotary snowplow about his person? January 21, 1922

He might take a shot at this hungry bird while he's waiting. December 2, 1922

"Hey mister! Wy don't you use your whip behind?" November 11, 1922

Hey, shut it off at the main. January 28, 1922. P

His unerring aim. April 8, 1922

Housecleaning time. April 1, 1922. P

It may be rude to laugh at accidents, but this is the first good laugh they've had in years. September 30, 1922. P

It might help both of them if they'd trade jobs for a month each year. September 2, 1922. P

It would be easy enough to solve the puzzle if it were not for those two extra pieces. December 9, 1922

It's getting so it's kinda hard to tell who's ahead, no matter who wins. October 7, 1922

A little late for the best cuts. February 4, 1922.

The little man who lives next door: You might try throwing a little green stuff over into their yard once in a while. August 26, 1922. P

Maybe if they didn't have so many, more of them would turn out better. September 9, 1922. P

The modern generation probably isn't any worse. June 17, 1922

My! My! Isn't it lucky we don't have to depend on our present human intelligence to run the solar system? August 19, 1922

No wonder he hesitates. July 1, 1922

The nor'wester and the old settlers' picnic. December 30, 1922

Over Niagara Falls in a barrel. May 6, 1922

Passing the haunted house. February 25, 1922

Pay as you go out. May 13, 1922. P

The persistent volunteers. July 22, 1922

A poor substitute for buttons. March 25, 1922

Rearranging Pa's things for him. June 24, 1922

A record catch. February 19, 1922. P

The S.P.C.A. should enlarge its scope to include the President of the U.S.A. October 14, 1922

Some day we will discover that selling shots at ourselves isn't a profitable business. November 25, 1922

Some day when dreams come true. May 20, 1922

There was plenty for everybody until father brought home a lot of out-of-town acquaintances. September 16, 1922

These are uneasy days for timid chaperons. August 5, 1922

They may all belong to the same church, but they certainly aren't using the same hymn book. November 18, 1922

Time for real spring plowing to begin. April 22, 1922

Too much rudder, not enough sail. April 29, 1922

The tragedy of the man who made his money and then let money make his son. October 21, 1922

The two miserable extremes. June 3, 1922

Under the spreading chestnut tree. June 10, 1922

Wanted: situation as lady's escort. February 11, 1922

Well, for pity's sake stand still a minute. January 11, 1922

What our young college graduates are doing. July 15, 1922

Where we draw the line. March 4, 1922

Why good men hesitate to go into public service. May 27, 1922

Why not a bear skin instead of always a rabbit skin to wrap our baby budget in? December 12, 1922. P

Wouldn't it be simpler to discipline their own children? July 8, 1922


All this serives if very convenient indeed, but why not a little relief for those who have to carry the load? April 28, 1923

The best way in the world to blow the roof off the house and all the dinner with it. May 26, 1923

By working hard maybe they can pay the rent and get the children fit for school before their men go on another spree. June 9, 1923

The first day of school in several hundred of the larger and prouder and richer cities of the U.S.A. September 8, 1923

Gentlemen: please bear in mind that flirting is a dangerous pastime in congested traffic. December 29, 1923

Having a separate steering wheel for everybody in the car might be extremely democratic, but wouldn't get us very far along the road. November 3, 1923

He looks big and strong; the Governors can cut the interstate red and and let him work for us. October 20, 1923

If, as they say, they have a good light, why not let it shine so folks can see? November 10, 1923

If he must convert somebody, why not begin on the choir? July 14, 1923

If we must have an operation on the heart, by all means let's now have it done with an ax. August 4, 1923

The incubator seems to be hatching 'em faster than Old Biddy can mother them. March 17, 1923. P

Isn't there a man in the house who has the courage to interfere? March 10, 1923

It might be just as well to fumigate the home-coming Hiram thoroughly before he lands. June 2, 1923

It took us some years to learn that the right to rule is not inheritable. What about the right to squander? January 20, 1923. P

It will save an awful lot of trouble if they can get it finished and move in before the storms hits us. May 12, 1923

It's surprising how many folks can still be buncoed into thinking that they can get rich on it. July 21, 1923

Lack of up-to-date road directions can make a lot of trouble for the traveling public. February 24, 1923

Like Achilles, he has a vulnerable place in his armor, if only we had someone who could shoot straight enough to hit it. December 15, 1923

Lives of great men all remind us. February 10, 1923

Looks as if some of the boys would have to be running for another bottle of chloroform. June 16, 1923

Millions for relief, but not one penny for prevention. May 5, 1923

My, isn't the scenery simply wonderful this year! July 7, 1923

Naturally, we can't expect it to pull as well with one of the driving wheels gone. September 1, 1923

No savage, no beast, ever got its food and clothes by working the life out of children. August 11, 1923

No use paying the doctors to diagnose ills that need the help of low and common sense -- especially law. July 28, 1923

Not in very good shape to play host to a world economic conference. April 21, 1923

"Now, now Hiram! Look at Brother Charley. Charley likes it, and you know how particular he is." [March 31?] 1923

Now that the Republicans have their work practically all done, what could be more neighborly than to help the Democrats. November 17, 1923

One hundred years old and still going strong. December 1, 1923

One of these days some intredid American Columbus will discover a more or less important hemisphere to the east of us. February 3, 1923

Only when everyone has one of his own can we expect envy, hatred, and malice to disappear. January 6, 1923

The press agents announce among the coming attractions: A Yankee in King Arthur's court. April 14, 1923

Puzzle for two old poachers: How to extricate the melons without waking up the dog. October 13, 1923

Reading from left to right: The cooks "steady" (at the gate), the new cook, her little boy, and the national household. November 24, 1923

Said the pot to the kettle and the kettle to the pot. June 27, 1923

Santa has plenty of good gifts in his sleigh if he doesn't meet with an accident at the grade crossing. December 22, 1923

Some day maybe the home team will wake up to this forward-pass business. January 13, 1923

Some people don't know enough to stay under the umbrella when they have one. September 22, 1923

Strange how many folks still fall for the patent-medicine faker instead of going to a doctor. March 23, 1923. P

There was a time when scoffers laughed at the idea of spraying mosquito marshes to prevent yellow fever too -- but it worked. August 25, 1923

Those exercises won't help much if she keeps on stuffing herself with rich food. April 7, 1923

Wanted: A set of good reliable anti-skid chains. May 19, 1923. P

We like to have company for dinner, but not when they insist on bringing along the family pets. December 8, 1923

We ought to me 'em throw back what they can't use themselves when they're through fishing. September 29, 1923

Well, of course if Henry isn't going to use it all, Bob La Follette has been looking for a little of just that stuff. August 18, 1923.

A well-managed hotel might let guests know when rooms are full without having them go round and try all the doors. October 6, 1923

When he quits on March 4 will he take away our only chance of saving any wreck that might occur? March 3, 1923

When the ducklings take to water, the barnyard flutters and squawks and cackles. June 30, 1923

Why not take some the surplus help from the other end of the cow and let the kid go to school? September 15, 1923

Why pick the egg layers when there's a whole feather bed walking around unplucked and neglected? October 27, 1923. P

Won't some kind philanthropist please establish a home for friendless presidential booms? June 23, 1923


The absent minded hunter. October 11, 1924

After all, we shall probably find that there is a more practical way to catch rabbits than to take them out of a hat. January 5, 1924.

And look out for that lake, Auntie; it's a bad one. June 21, 1924

And if it weren't for the gallery dogs the house would go broke. February 17, 1924

The author of it all surveys his work. (Not by Ding, but by Rollin Kirby, standing in for Ding while he vacations in the south of France, according to an item on the page, "Pinch-Hitting for Ding.") May 31, 1924. Kirby cartoons were also substituted for Ding's on June 7 and June 14. P

"Careful, boys, or it will be the cat that gets the wish." September 6, 1924

The Congressional block-aid: They may bring in so much that they can't get through the door with it. January 26, 1924. P

Courting indigestion for the sake of a quick lunch. June 28, 1924

The darn thing was running first class until that garage hand tried to tinker with it. July 26, 1924

Don't do it, Adam, if you care anything about staying in the garden in economic paradise. November 1, 1924. P

Ever notice how differently a hard winter affects the thrifty squirrel and the thriftless rabbit? January 19, 1923

Folks who leave the bringing up of their children to a governess needn't expect much of a child. July 19, 1924

Folks who leave the selection to the waiter ought not to complain about the food. March 1, 1924

Folks who won't use the reins and whip on their own horse shouldn't complain if it's led off the road. September 27, 1924

For Heaven's sake, hurry up with that shirt; the company's arriving. April 19, 1924

Genus Home calling to his mate in the spring. April 12, 1924. P

"Get out of the doorway and shut that screen or don't talk to me about our vote!" August 30, 1924

Had you noticed that suspicious -looking couple in the stagecoach? April 26, 1924

Heaven help us if he succeeds in switching it into the roundhouse! August 23, 1924

"Here, take this note home and don't come back without an answer!" October 18, 1924

If she only had a nose for something else besides news! May 24, 1924

If there isn't a law against doing that kind of business, there certainly ought to be. February 2, 1924. P

It doesn't seem as though that's asking too much, and it might start things. February 23, 1924

It's a wild night and a bad dream, and the music comes from so far away. April 5, 1924

A little bit louder, boys -- maybe they can't hear you. May 17, 1924

Looks as if there isn't going to be any shortage of help for the farm this year. August 16, 1924

Not the only member of the family that needs a little parental discipline. December 6, 1924

Now that the parade has passed. November 8, 1924

People who are too lazy to order their own meals shouldn't complain about the menu. March 22, 1924

Picked a kinda bad season to fatten him up, didn't you, Bob? October 4, 1924

Rough water and half the crew not working. August 2, 1924

Seems as if that was asking too much of the girl, no matter how much he loves her. September 13, 1924

Shucks! They don't seem to make firecrackers with any pop to 'em any more at all. July 5, 1924

Still taking it out on each other for a condition which is the fault of neither. March 8, 1924. P

Strange! We don't seem to recall their saying anything about this in their government ownership platforms. October 25, 1924. P

Slow going. November 22, 1924

So many folks just sit and wait for Santa Claus to come down the chimney and bring them happiness (when the best Santa Claus there ever was is the one we ourselves bring in through the front door). December 27, 1924

"Taking no chances on having a runaway." August 9, 1984.

That bird has been worried thin already, and a change of diet would be a welcome novelty. January 12, 1924

Those buried treasure charts all look good on paper, but they always leave you poorer. May 3, 1924

Uncle Sam nearly always has a pretty good-sized turkey on his family table. November 29, 1924

We aren't going to make much progress in any direction if everyone pulls in an opposite direction. May 10, 1924

We begin to suspect that most people play their political game this way. July 12, 1924

We might as well be moving along -- there isn't much hope of their ever catching up. December 20, 1924. P

We sometimes wonder just how much we have improved things in the last hundred thousand years. November 15, 1924. P

We'll soon know who's running this place. December 13, 1924. P

What a riot if anyone tried to deny us the ballot. September 20, 1924

What chance has he to get out of the house while the boss is sitting on his clothes? February 16, 1924

What good is a "temp" bar if everybody is going to carry a flask in his hip pocket? February 9, 1924

When dragon-hunting it's not well to load all the hunters on one poor horse. March 29. 1924

Your own children never look so large as when you have to pay full fare for them. March 14, 1924


Captain in his own right. March 7, 1925

Confound it! Can't those waiters see anybody else in the restaurant? March 21, 1925

If fathers and mothers test thin ice, how can you blame the children? March 14, 1925. P

The lame ducks (and a killoo bird or two) picking out a nice, quiet route for next season's travels. January 10, 1925. P

Look out! The bigger the waves of prosperity the more beach combers there will looking for easy picking. February 7, 1925

Looks as if there were some birds taking advantage of the refuge which was never intended. January 24, 1925. P

Maybe if the little sister got that much attention she might catch something too. February 14, 1925

Mythology doesn't have a monopoly on the hydra-headed monster that grows two new heads whenever one is cut off. February 28, 1925

The patient farmer. April 11, 1925

The perpetual history of the world in one chapter. March 28, 1925

Putting it in faster at one end than we can bail it out at the other. February 21, 1925. P

She's paying him to do it, of course; but, after all, whose children are they? January 17, 1925. P

Starting out the new year with a new model. January 3, 1925

"That we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain." May 30, 1925. P

There's nearly always someone around the office who thinks he knows more about the business than the president of the company. April 18, 1925

We certainly couldn't have picked out this destination for the sake of its social advantages. April 4, 1925


Independence -- with self-inflicted limitations. July 3, 1926. P

Putting it up to Papa. May 29, 1926. P

Why wait until Saturday night? July 17, 1926. P



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