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This document describes a collection of materials held by the
Special Collections Department
University of Iowa Libraries
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1420
Phone: 319-335-5921
Fax: 319-335-5900
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Digital Surrogates: Except where indicated, this document describes but does not reproduce the actual text, images and objects which make up this collection. Materials are available only in the Special Collections Department.

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Collier's. Arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically within year. Most of these are photocopies, but we do have originals for some. Those followed by an "O" we have originals for.

To accompany Allen, Henry J. "How the Middle West Feels." The necessary fourth wheel. Also, The donkey looks more like the elephant every day. Accompanies "How the Middle West Feels." April 15, 1916

To accompany Forman, Henry James. "Mr. McAdoo Speaks." March 9, 1918. O

To accompany Sullivan, Mark. "Wake Up!" March 2, 1918.

To accompany Sullivan, Mark. "Was Baker Right?" March 23, 1918. O

To accompany Sullivan, Mark. "Work or Fight: What the New Draft Must Accomplish." September 7, 1918, pp. ?, 14, 21.


To accompany Western Electric Company ad. December 4, 1920. O


To accompany "Wake Up the Tariff Dodoes." August 24, 1929, p. 58


To accompany "We Put Our Heads Together." January 18, 1930, p. 66.


To accompany "The Bright-Faced Future." October 1, 1932, p. 50

To accompany Coolidge, Calvin." Everyman's Property." July 23, 1932, pp. 7 -- 9

To accompany "Clear the Track!" October 6, 1932, p. 50

To accompany "France, Top Dog." March 26, 1932, pp. 24, 52 -- 54

To accompany "No Phony Dollars." December 31, 1932, p. 42

To accompany "Now Get Going." March 19, 1932, p. 50

To accompany "Polishing up the Cross of Gold." September 24, 1932, pp. 12 -- 13, 46, 48

To accompany "Taking Allowances." August 20, 1932, pp. 12 -- 13, 46 -- 47

To accompany "Tell Them What You Want." October 22, [1932?], p. 50

To accompany "You can avoid Taxes." October 22, 1932, pp. 12 -- 13, 42


To accompany "Don't Drop Your Guard." December 2, 1933, p. 50

To accompany "Goodby and Good Luck." March 11, 1933, p. 62

To accompany "If You Know a Better Bird --." December 16, 1933

To accompany Flynn, John T. "Other People's Money." September 30, 1922, pp. 12 -- 13, 30

To accompany "Pay for Prosperity." July 15, 1933, p. 50

To accompany "The Poor Ye Have." October 21, 1933, p. 54

To accompany "Remove the Last Doubt." October 28, 1933, p.54

To accompany "Round Up the Laggards and Cheats." September 2, 1933, p. 50

To accompany "The Tariff's Country Cousin." February 8, 1933, p. 50 (2 copies, 1 color)

To accompany "Time for Play." August 12, 1933, p. 50


To accompany "1934 Gets a Good Start." January 6, 1934

To accompany "Fruits of the New Deal." March 3, 1934

To accompany Reynolds, Quentin. "The Great Duck Famine."

To accompany "It's Your Money." January 27, 1934



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