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Cartoons. Country Gentleman. Arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically within year.

Country Gentleman. All items are photocopies unless stated otherwise.


         Sound legislation will help, but laws will not have any magical effect. April 1925

         The two biggest losses which the farmer sustains are in uneconomic production and in uneconomic

         marketing. April 1925


And his schooling gets costlier all the time. October 1926 (1 original, 2 copies)

The big feller comes back to school. December 1926 (2 copies)

Off the reservation. November 1926 (2 copies)

Then nobody will start the day right. June 1926

The turning of the worm. August 1926 (2 copies)

You can't always tell by the photographs. July 1926 (2 copies)


Does anyone know a good cure for nightmare? August 1927

Don't shoot him--domesticate him and hitch him to the wagon. September 1927 (2 copies)

Farm population is each year becoming proportionally less in the country's total population. March 1927

Innocence abroad. April 1927 (2 copies)

Many agree that the farmer can be helped by the passage of one more law. The disagreement is on what one law. October 1927.

Rural America must pit its superiority in area against the superiority in numbers of the cities. February 1927

The savings which can be brought about by the use of power and machinery depend upon capacity use. December 1927.

She won't have it long. February 1927

Striking an average between the incomes of Henry Ford and Weary Walker is no indicator of the state of industry. October 1927.

The Sleeping Giant. May 1927 (2 copies)

Some farmers are headed for big business, for they are working in the manner of big business. December 1927.

Three-legged races are won only by those who keep in step. August 1927.

Weaning the bull calf. January 1927 (2 copies)

What would happen. July 1927 (2 copies)


          A tug of war. May 1928

          And he dassent go home without it. February 1928
(2 copies)

          Emergency equipment. May 1928

          Holding up the band wagon. may 1928.

          In dairy products one finds brilliant examples of the cooperative marketing of disorganized   
          commodities. December 1928

          It's always difficult at first. March 1928.

Keep a light in the window; he'll come back. July 1928 (2 copies)

          Move over -- there's a new player. June 1928 (2 copies)

         "Pay Your Money and Take Your Choice." October 1928 (2 copies)

          What happens when the driver doesn't know the road. December 1928

          What makes the wild west wild. April 1928 (1 original, 2 copies)


         Associations based on theories and attempts to make new worlds have failed. February 1929

        "Cooperative marketing is a business undertaking, not a political venture." March 1929

         It seemed sure--on paper--that holding back the crop would mean better prices. February 1929

         The time has come to work out a new type of cooperative. March 1929


         Game production will have to be the farmer's responsibility and to him must go the profits. December 


         Man has moved in with his goods and chattels and evicted game from its former home. December



          It is lucky for us that the Indians didn't know anything about reclaimation, drainage, army engineers and agriculture, or there  

          wouldn't have been any natural resources left by the time the white man got here. October 1935 (1 original, 2 copies)

          Someone should look into the relative value to a community of a river annually visited by a run of salmon as against a river full of

          sewage and waste from industry.  October 1935 (1 original, 2 copies)

There is no disputing the fact that this North American continent has been pretty thouroughly looted of its natural resources and is several billion dollars short in raw materials of its original inventory. October 1935 (1 original, 2 copies)




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