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J. N. "Ding" Darling Papers
Series V - Correspondence

Subseries 1 - chronological, numbered, indexed items

MsC 170
Subseries Dates: 1942-1949

See The Darling Papers for full scope and contents description of the collection.

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Scope and Contents

Series V of the Darling Papers contains Darling's copious correspondence. The first subseries contains 4175 numbered items of correspondence arranged in a chronological sequence, a subject sequence, and a geographic sequence of items related to conservation and the National Wildlife Foundation.  Each item has been assigned a number and cross indexed by name and subject(s). That index appears on three pages: A-F; G-N; and O-Z.  This page describes only the first subseries and sets forth the box and folder location of each numbered item.

The second subseries, containing correspondence over the entire period of Darling's career, has been arranged in alphabetical order and is described on a separate page. An alphabetical list of the names of correspondents included in that subseries appears on that page.

The third and final subseries dates to Darling's 1925 illness and is comprised mostly of short messages on greeting cards, often with incomplete or indecipherable signatures.  It is housed in Box 9 of the collection and is not further described.

When searching for a correspondent, these three varient schemes must be kept in mind; to conduct a complete search, all three sequences must be examined.

Box Contents List

Box 5

Subseries 1a: Items dated 1941-1949, organized chronologically by year and assigned item numbers; linked to name and subject.

1941 (Items 1-148)

1942, Folder 1 (Items 149-230)

----. Folder 2 (Items 231-417)

1943, Folder 1 (Items 418-522)

----. Folder 2 (Items 534-634)

----, Folder 3 ( Items 635-679)

1944, Folder 1 (Items 680-763)

----. Folder 2 (Items 764-831)

----. Folder 3 (Items 832-905)

1945, Folder 1 (Items 906-1023)

----. Folder 2 (Items 1024-1064)

1946, Folder 1 (Items 1065-1153)

----. Folder 2 (Items 1154-1265)

1947, Folder 1 (Items 1266-1340)

----. Folder 2 (Items 1341-1423)

1948, Folder 1 (Items 1434-1483)

----. Folder 2 (Items 1485-1574)

Subseries 1b. Subject files.

American Wildlife Institute, 1935-1936 (Items 1575-1597)

Applications for jobs in wildlife management (Items 1598-1649)

Miscellaneous (Items 1649-1661)

Chautauqua Conservation Program (Items 1662-1738)

Iowa Natural Resources Council (Items 1739-1830)

Box 6

Henry J. Krusz (Items 1831-1857)

Junior Chamber of Commerce (Items 1858-1862)

Lester A Colby (Items 1863-1934)

Lists (Committee members,etc.) (Items1935-1942)

Congratulatory messages upon the 1942 Pulitzer (Items1943-2074)

Okoboji Lakeside Lab

1935-1936 (Items 2075-2113)

1937-1940 (Items 2114-2194)

Republican party platform, Folder 1 (Items 2195-2221)

----. Folder 2 (Items 2222-2261)

Republican Committee (Items 2262-2452)

Robert Green (non-toxic shot) (Items 2453-2478)


Subseries 1c. State files (and Canada) for correspondence regarding conservation and the National Wildlife Federation

Alabama (Items 2479-2491)

Arizona (Items 2492-2513)

Arkansas (Items 2514-2530)

Canada (Items 2531-2535)

California (Items 2536-2564)

Colorado (Items 2565-2657)

Connecticut (Items 2658-2698)

District of Columbia (Items 2699-2700)

Florida. Gulf waters plankton infestation, 1947 (Items 2701-793)

Florida (Items 2794-2830)

Florida. Land for proposed wildlife refuge (Items 2831-2918)

Georgia (Items 2919-2920)

Idaho (Items 2921-2943)

Illinois (Items 2944-2988)

Indiana (Items 2990-2991)

Iowa, Folder 1 (Items 2992-3096)

----. Folder 2 (Items 3097-3156)

----. Folder 3 (Items 3158-3208)

Kansas (Items 3209-3229)

Kentucky (Items 3230-3242)

Louisiana (Items 3243-3246)

Maine (Items 3276-3359)

Maryland (Items 3247-3275)

Massachusetts (Items 3318-3358)

Michigan (Items 3360-3420)

Minnesota (Items 3421-3466). Includes photographs of the Talcot Lake and Trempealeau Wildlife refuges

Mississippi (Items 3467-3520)

Box 7

Missouri (Items 3521-3583)

Montana (Items 3584-3608)

General Wildlife Federation. Proceedings. Pre-organizational meeting. February 2, 1936 (Item 3609)

National Wildlife Federation. Board of directors. Special meeting. August 30, 1938 (Item 3610)

Nebraska (Items 3611-3673)

New Hampshire (Items 3674-3675)

New Jersey (Items 3676-3680)

North Carolina (Items 3681-3786)

North Dakota (Items 3687-3691)

New York (Items 3692-3737)

Ohio (Items 3738-3776)

Oklahoma (Items 3793-3803)

Oregon (Items 3804-3807)

Pennsylvania (Items 3808-3843)

Rhode Island (Items 3844-3855)

South Carolina (Items 3857-3868)

South Dakota (Items 3869-3889)

Tennessee (Items 3890-3919)

Texas (Items 3920-4006)

Utah (Item 4007)

Virginia (Items 4008-4039)

Washington (Items 4040-4043)

West Virginia (Items 4044-4059)

Wisconsin (Items 4060-4103)

Wyoming (Items 4105-4175)


Alphabetical index to materials in the above numbered sequence

A -- F
G -- N

O --Z