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J. N. "Ding" Darling Papers
Series V - Correspondence

Subseries 2 - alphabetical by name of correspondent

MsC 170
Subseries Dates: 1900-1962

See The Darling Papers for full scope and contents description of the collection.

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Acquisition and Processing Information:










Scope and Contents

Series V of the Darling Papers contains Darling's copious correspondence. The first subseries contains 4175 numbered items of correspondence arranged in a chronological sequence, a subject sequence, and a geographic sequence of items related to conservation and the National Wildlife Foundation.  Each item has been assigned a number and cross indexed by name and subject(s). That index appears on three pages: A-F; G-N; and O-Z.

The second subseries, containing correspondence over the entire period of Darling's career, has been arranged in alphabetical order and is described on the current page. An alphabetical list of the names of correspondents included in the subseries appears below.  Most of the entries are the names of individuals or organizations, but a few (e.g., Lanzarote corn; Letters about his cartoons) collect a variety of individual letters under this general subject heading.  Subseries 2 begins in Box 7 ("A-C") and of the collection and continues through Box 8 ("D-O") and a portion of Box 9 ("P-Z"). 

The third and final subseries dates to Darling's 1925 illness and is comprised mostly of short messages on greeting cards, often with incomplete or indecipherable signatures.  It is housed in Box 9 of the collection and is not further described.

When searching for a correspondent, these three varient schemes must be kept in mind; to conduct a complete search, all three sequences must be examined.

Box Contents List

Continuing in Box 7

Adams, George M.
Admunson, Rod
F.P.A. (?)
Agnelly, Sgt. Sid
Akerson, George
Albrecht, Richard
Albright, Horace M.
Alderfer, William K.
Aldrich, A.D.
Aldrich, Chester
Alexander, S.
Allen, A.G. (or A.S.?)
Allen, Dr. E.V.
Allen, H.A.
Allen, John M.
Allen, R.E.
Almy, Frank Atwood
Alstrand, W.T.
Amenoff, C.V.
Anderson, Clinton P.
Anderson, Edgar. (See Lanzarote corn)
Anderson, Hazel A.
Anderson, G.S.
Apple, W.M.
Appleby, Paul H.
Archie, David E.
Austin, A.T.E (?)
Avant, Emory S.
Avery, Grace D.
Avery, A.H.
Aylward, David A.

Bailey, Marsh W.
Baker, Gerald F.
Baker, John H.
Baldwin, Jerry E.
Ball, John W.
Ballow, L.J.
Banister, E.Z.
Barkalow, F.S., Jr.
Barnes, Julius H.
Barnes, D. Keith
Barr, G. Walter
Barry, Frank
Bartley, A.M.
Barton, Bruce
Bates, Albert W.
Bazire, Roy
Beach, William N.
Beardsley, William S.
Beckman, F.W.
Beebe, William
Beecher, N.B.
Beer, Paul
Bellows, G. McClure
Belt, Charles Banks
Bender, Jack
Bennett, Charles E.
Bergen, Stephen W.
Bernardoni, B.
Berry, Don L.
Bevan, Eben L.
Bierring, Wallis L.
Bihler, Ernest
Bintz, W.
Bird, John
Bishop, Richard E.
Bixby, Harold M.
Black, Fred M.
Black, Margaret J.
Blake, H.S.
Blake, Tiffany
Blakely, Robert J.
Bleakly, John L.
Bliss, D.W.
Bliss, Herbert
Boardman, Fon W., Jr.

Bode, Irwin T.
Bollon, S.L. (?)
Bon Seigneur, R.C.

Bone, Perry
Boroh, W.E.
Boss, Henry
Braasch, William F.
Bradbury, John L.
Bradley, L.D.
Bradshaw, Charles S.
Bradshaw, Henry E.
Bragg, J.O.
Bragonier, W.H.
Brandon, Belva I.
Brawhall, J.A.
Brekke, Alice
Bridges, William A.
Briggs, Frank P.
Brinton, M.W.
Brown, D.R.
Brown, Harry H.
Brown, N.S.
Brown, James J.
Brown, Merle J.

Brown, Ted

Brown, Robert
Brown, William L. (See Lanzarote corn)
Brunk, Charlotte
Bryant, Gordon W.
Buada, Juan
Buchheister, Carl W.
Buckingham, Nash
Budde, G. Edward
Buffe, Fred G.
Buffington, Karol
Burdick, Quentin N.
Burmers, John G. (?)
Burns, M.H.
Burris, Bernice
Burwell, R.W.
Bush, Martin H.
Butcher, Devereux
Byrd, Harry

Caniff, Milton
Cannon, Clarence
Carey, John W.
Carhart, Arthur H.
Carpenter, Charles C.
Carlisle, Harold I.
Carlson, Edward C.
Carr, J.H.
Carver, G.L.
Casey, W.J.
Caughey, J.M.
Cavanagh, John A.
Chamberlain, D.S.
Chambers, Charles E.
Chapman, Floyd B.
Chapman, Oscar L.

Chase, Steve. See: National Conservation Training Center
Chubbuck, H.E.
Church, Frank
Clarke, A.L.
Clark, Vernon L.
Clarkson, J.D.
Clausen, Bernard L.
Clepper, Henry
Clum, Woodworth
Coad, Merwin
Coffey, W.C.
Colby, H.E.
Coldwell, W.A.
Colflesh, Robert Walter
Collins, LeRoy
Combs, Opal
Combs, Willis B.

Cook, Beth
Cook, Claude
Cooksey, Ralph G.
Coomes, A.K.
Coppersmith, C.R.
Cosson, George
Cottam, Clarence
Cottrell, Robert A.
Covault, Mary
Cowles, Gardner
Cowles, John
Cox, Ralphe H.
Craig, James B.
Crandall, Gladys
Crane, Jocelyn
Crocker, Sam L.
Crouse, George H.
Cunningham, Paul
Curran, John L.
Curtiss, Charles F.
Cravey, Zack D.

Box 8

Dales, Rellie
D’ Alessio, Gregory

Darling, John
Darling, Nettie
Darling, Frank
Darling, F. Fraser
D., E.L.
Darling, Guila

Darling, John M.
Darling, Penny

Davenport, Bob
Davies, Hal S.
Davis, Charles K.
Davis, Chester C.
Davis, Charles K.
Davis, F.H.
Davis, Howard
Dawson, Nell Perkins (?)
Dawson, Allan
Day, Albert M.
Dean, Eva (?)
DeForest, Kellam
Dehner, John A.
DeJong, John
De Kock, Duane E.

de Silva, Donald
Delano, Frederic A.
Dewey, Charles A.
Dick, Fairman R.
Dimas, Evan
Dodge, Hartley M.
Dodge, N.P. Jr.
Dolan, Thomas
Dolliver, James I.
Domau (?)
Dominick, Gayer G.
Donahey, J.H.

Dorothy and John?
Dorriss, William G.
Downs, W.S.
DuMont, Phillip A.
Dundas, J.A.
Dunlap, Leslie W.
Duryea, Perry B.
Dusey, Frank W.

Eastlick, John T.
Eastman, E.R.
Easton, M.
Egan, Harry E.
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Eisenhower, Milton
Elbert, B.F.
Elferbroek, Paul M.
Ellerhoff, M.A.
Ellsworth, Ralph E.
Emerson, Merle F.
English, Mabel
Erbe, Norman A.
Erlanson, Carl E. (See Lanzarote corn)
Errington, Paul L.
Erskine, Alden J.
Evans, John E.
Everett, Paul
Everist, Harry W.
Ewing, W.L.

Fackenthal, Frank D.
Farley, James A.
Farley, John L.
Faxon, R.H.
Felton, W.R.
Fenton, Gerald B.
Ferber, Edna

Fielding, (?)
Finlay, Eddie
Fish, Ferdinand
Fisher, Sherry R.
Fitch, George
Foss, Martin M.
Foran, Arthur F.
Foster, George M.
Foster, William B.
Foster, Sidney A.
Fox, Kirk
Frankel, Agnes
Frankel, Henry
Franklin, J.A.
Fraser, James Earle
Fraser, Laura Gardin
Fraser, Russ
Frohman, Daniel
Frost, W.L.
Frudden, C.M.
Fulbright, James W.
Furrel, W.B (?)
Fullerton, Robert

Gabrielson, Ira N.
Galme, Francis (?)
Gavin, Leon H.
Gause, Emerson
Gearhart, Richard C.
General letter to friends regarding John's condition
Gilbert, C.W.
Gilcrest, J.S.
Gillham, C.E.
Gilmore, E.A.
Glazener, Caleb
Gleich or Gleik (?)
Goethe, C.M.
Goldberg, Rube
Goldwater, Barry
Goodlander, Rosamond
Gordon, Seth
Gorman, Mary Tuttle
Gossage, M.E.
Gottshalk, John S.
Grace (?)
Graham, W.T.
Graham, Ethel
Grasty, Charles H.
Gray (?)
Green, Ivah
Green, Marvin E.
Greene, Elizabeth
Greensfelder, A.P.
Grefe, Will
Gregg, Frank
Gresh, Walter A.
Griswald, Lewis DeWitt (?)
Gruening, Ernest
Grullemans, John J.
Grovenberg, Judy
Gross, H.R.
Guest, Edgar (?)
Guhl, Albert
Gunn, Chas. B.
Gunn, John H.
Gurvitz, Mrs. A.
Guttermuth, C.R.

Guttermouth, Mr. and Mrs. C.R. (Bess and Pink)
Gwynne, John W.

H., Alfred O. (?)
Hagthe, Leo (?)
Hagedorn, Hermann
Hague (?)
Hal (?)
Hall, Earl
Hall, Ted
Hallowell, C.R.
Haltenhoff, Karla
Hammer, John T.
Hammer, Marion R.
Hancher, Virgil M.
Harcourt Brace & Company
Hard, William
Hardin, J.F.
Harlan, Edgar R.
Harlan, James R.
Harper, J.J.
Harris, Collas G.
Harrison, R.A.
Hartley, Harrison
Hartman, George B.
Hatch, Robert McConnell
Hatlo, Jimmy
Haugen, Arnold O.
Hayden, Carl
Hayes, Mary Nye
Hayman, Roy E.
Hefley, Harold M.
Henkel, Jane
Henning, William D.
Henry, John M. (including a copy of the agreement for Ding's Half Century)
Herring, Clyde E.
Heyward, A.C.
Hickenlooper, Bourke B.
Hicklin, Edwin R.
Hicks, Frederick C.
Hildebrand, Major R.D.
Hill, Gershom H.
Hinshaw, David
Hoaglin, Ruth
Hodges, Sen. Randolph
Hoeven, Charles B.
Hoffman, H. Lee
Holden, Louis Edward
Holland, Spessard L.
Holmes, Amelia D.
Hooper, Sidney W.
Hoover, Donald D.
Hoover, Herbert
Hope, C.R.
Hopkins, Hazel
Horn, Charles L.
Hornaday, Fred E.
Horner, George L.
Horst, Stanley E.
Howard, Robert T.
Howe, Paul C.
Howey, W.V. (?)
Hoyt, Alfred O.
Hubachek, F.B.
Hubbell, Anna G. (?)
Hubbell, Grover C. (?)
Hubbs, Dr. Carl L.
Huber, J. Fred
Hughes, William
Humphrey, Hubert H.
Hunt, F.E.
Hunt, Lynn Bogue

Hunter, C.C. (Carolyn and Ed)
Hunter, Graham
Huntington, John C.
Huttenlocher, Fae
Huttenlocher, Forrest
Hyland, Howard L. (See Lanzarote corn)
Henry, John

Ickes, Harold
Idleman, Finis S.
Idyll, C.P.
Interlandi, Frank
Iowa State Education Association
Ireland, Billy
Izaak Walton League of America

Jack, Aldyth Eaton
Jackson, Alexander
Jackson, George F.
Jackson, Henry M.
Jagger, Claude A.
James, Harlean
James, Sidney L.
Janzen, Daniel H.
Jeck, George V.
Jenkins, Allston
Jensen, Ben F.
Jessup, Walter A.
Jewett, D.R.
Johnson, Herbert
Jones, Francis Arthur
Jones, Laurence C.
Jones, T.C.
Jordan, Fred
Jorgensen, S.E.
Justus, Roy

K., Mary C. (?)
Kauffman, Mrs. B.F.
Keewey, F.F.
Keeley, Claude D.
Kennedy, John F.
Kidd, William R.
Kiester, H.E.
Kilgore, Bruce Moody
Kimball, Thomas
Kiplinger Washington Agency
Kirby, Roelin (?)
Kirk, Van G.
K. (?)
Klanderud, Henry
Kleberg, Richard M.
Kleunker, Virginia
Knapp, M.W. (?)
Knecht, Karl Kae
Knott, Dan Buren
Knutson, W.M.
Kormann, R.W.
Koss, Kip (includes folder titled "Ding Darling Documents")
Koss, Mary Darling
Koss, Richard B.
Kossack, Charles (Mark Trail)
Kozicky, Edward L.
Krock, Arthur
Krueger, Karl K.
Krug, J.A.
Kuehl, Lydia
Kyl, John

Lackland, W.B.
Lambs (The)
Lampton, W.J.
Lange, Jim
Langeneckert, F.O.
Landregan, F.W.

Lanzarote corn. Includes correspondence between Darling and H.A. Wallace, Paul Mangelsdorf, Edgar Anderson, W. W. Waymack, Carl E. Erlanson, E. H. Wellhauser, William L. Brown, Howard L. Hyland, and Ralph Richardson

Larson, J. David
Larson, Clara Williams
Lasher, Albert D.
Latchem, Charles W.
Laughlin, Robert
Lavin, D.J.
Lavsill, J. (?)
Lawson, Victor F.
Laythe, Leo L.
Lealman Rod & Gun Club
Learn, Marion
LeCompte, Karl M.
LeCron, James D.
LeCroy, Dick
Lee, A.B.
Leedy, Chas A. (?)
Leedy, Daniel L.
Leffler, Ross
Leinhauser, Ruth Daggett
Leland, Waldo G.
LeQuatte, T.W.
Letters about his cartoons
Lewis, Howard
Lewis, M.M.
Leupold, Ruth and Adelaide Hunt
Lewis System
Liffring, Carrie Agnes Tate
Lilienthal, David E.
Lincoln, Edmond E.
Lincoln, Elsie
Lincoln, Frederick C.
Lines, Juanita
Lines, Robert E.
Littick, William
Little, Phillip Jr.
Lloyd, Hoyes
Lodge, Henry Cabot
The Fred Lodiwoods
Logan, Hershcel C.
Long, Scott
Loraine Hotel
Lord, Russell
Lottinville, Savoie
Lotz, Harry F.
Lougee, E.H.
Lounsberry, Charles
Loveless, Herschel C.
Lowe, Claude F.
Lowe, Katheryn
Lowe, J.D.
Lytell, Bert

MacDonald, Kenneth
Mackall, Henry C.
Maclean, Paul
MacNamara, Pat
MacQuarrie, Gordon
MacVicar, John
Madden, K.M.
Madson, John
Maffitt, Dale L.
Magnussen, Warren G.
Mahan, Bruce E.
Mahoney, Tom
Mallinckrodt, E.
Mangelson, Paul (See Lanzarote corn)
Mann, Clyde A.
Mann, G.E.
Marceau Studio
Marks, Roy

Marnette, Frank
Marr, John G.
Marshall Field Company
Marston, Red
Martin, Alec
Martin, Charles F.
Martin, Henry P. Jr.
Martin, Thomas E.
Marvin, Burton W.
Mary, Dick and Kip (?)
Mattei, A.C.
Mattern, H.C.
Matthews, Samuel W.
Maucellus (?)
Mawe, Mrs. J.C. (?)
Maytag Dairy Company
Maytag, Fred II
Maytag, L.B.
McAdams, Clark
McArthur, Wm. C.
McCarthy, Keith R.
McCombs, N.D.
McCoy, Virginia
McClintock, George
McCuen, Bill
McCutcheon, Evelyn
McCutchen, John T.
McDonald, John M.
McDonald, Terri Ann (Teresa)
McDonald, Mrs. Stuart
McDonough, Mary Lou
McElroy, Edith Wasson
McGinn, S.F.
McGraw, Max
McKay, Douglas
McKee, Russell
McKethan, Alfred A.
McKinney, S.
McLain, J.T. (?)
McMaster, William H.
McVeigh, Charles S.
Meaney, Gordon (and Bob?)
Medbury, Charles S.
Mell and Evelyn
Mendell, Frank H.
Merrill, Anthony F.
Merrill, Edward S.
Merrill, Ruth
Merrimade, Inc.
Merritt, Dixon
Merwin, Davis
Metcalf, Lee
Meyer, Marjorie
University of Miami, Marine Laboratory
Michigan Department of Conservation
Miksell, Mrs. George
Millen, Cliff
Miller, Miss (?) E.
Miller, Al
Miller, Alex R.
Miller, Benjamin F.
Miller, C.W.
Miller, Dale
Miller, Edward W.
Miller, F.A.
Miller, Jack
Miller, L.M.
Miller, J. Leslie
Miller, Townsend
Miller, B.S.
Milligan, Chad and Emily
Mills, Charles B.
Mills, Herbert R.
Mills, Miles M.
Mills, Parker (Mr. and Mrs.)
Miner, Carl S.
Miner, Manly Forest
Minox, Inc.
Miozzi, Lillian E.
Mitchell, Mary
Modder, Mr. and Mrs. Montagu F.
Moffitt, Joseph
Mohr, R.H.
Moody Brothers Plumbing Company
Moody, Clarence W.
Moore, John H.
Moore, Louise
Moore, William M.
Morley, L.C.
Morrison, Edwin R.
Morrison, Kenneth D.
Morrison, Priestly and Mary
Morton, Arthur
Morton, Miriam Cole
Moses, A.C.
Motor Club of Iowa
Moulton, E.C.
Mulkins, Homer
Mulvihill, Edna McGrath
Munson, L.S. Jr.
Munch, James C.
Murphy, Donald R.
Murphy, Franklin D.
Murphy, Joseph A.
Murphy, Thomas C.
Murray, James E.
Murray, H.J.
Musser, R.H.
Myers, H.
Mylander, W.H.

Nagel, Werner O.
National Cartoonists Society
Nature Conservancy News

National Conservation Training Center. 1998 TLS from Steve Chase, NCTC, to Darling Foundation, with attachments of photocopies of Darling letters (to Hoover and others) and documents.
National Geographic Society
National Press Club
Nave, Allen
Nedwick, Jerrold
Needles, R.J.
Neff, Guy M.
Nelson, William H.
Aunt Nettie
Neumann, Arthur H.
Neveln, E.W.
Newcomb, C.Y.
Newman, William
New Yorker
New York Zoological Society
Ning, Frank (?)
Nixon, Richard
Noble, A.B.
Nollen, Gerard S.
Nollen, Henry S.
Nollen, John Scholte
North and South Dakota Emergency Conservation Committee
N.W. Arkansas Times
Norwood, Guy E.
Nowland, Paul J.
Nye, Mary

Oastler, Frank R.
Obermayer, Herman
O’Brien, J.L.
O’Briend, William J.
Occurry (?)

Old Bull Head?
O’Malley, George E.
Oman, P. W.
Ordway, Samuel H., Jr.
O’Bourke, Dennis
Orr, Carey
Osborn, Fairfield
Osborn, Guy
Ott, James A.
Outdoor Oregon
Owen, Emerson D.
Owens, F.C.
Oxford University Press, Inc.

Box 9

(illegible-initials) P…(?)
Pacific Cruise Line
Pacific Motor Sales
Packard, Fred M.
Paine, Clarence S.
Palmer, E. Laurence
Palmer, C. Mortimer Jr.
Parden, J.A.
Pardoe, Rubie C.
Park, King
Park, Eve J.
Parker, Alton B.
Parker, Mrs. Addison (Louise L.)
Parks, Robert E.
Passport Division
Patchin, Robert H.
Patterson, Joseph M.
Pawley, Christopher
Payntor, E.L.
Peabody, Phoebe
Peak, George S.
Pearson, Raymond A.
Pegler, Westbrook
Peirce, Neal
P(?), A.C.
Pendall, Elmer
Pendleton, Donald M.
Pendleton, Edmund
Penfold, J.W.
Pennekamp, John
Pennington, Mrs. Milo A.
Permuttit Company
Perry, Lockwood
Perry, Louise M.
Petersen, William J.
Peterson, Bud
Peterson, Elmer T.
Pettibone, Holman D.
Pierson, Margaret
Pinchot, Cornelia Brice
Piper, Bill and Les
Pirnie, M.C.
Pirnie, Miles D.
Pitts, Chauncey W.
Pitzer, Margaret
Plummer, Chiles P.
Poinier, Arthur B.
Polk, H.H.
Pollock, Lutz C.
Pope, Mrs. John A. (Annemarie H.)
Popular Mechanics Press
Potthoff and Rosene
Potthoff, Carl H.
Pough, Richard H.
Powell, W.H.
Powers, Glen G.
Poyneer, Fred J.
Pratt, John Lowell
Preston, Mrs. Burton L.(Marie I.)
Preston, J.D.
P(?) (illegible)
Price, Grace B.
Priest, A.J.G.
Priestley, James T.
Pringle, W.H.
Procise, Al H.
Proper, Ida
Prouty, S.F.
Provost, Maurice W.

Pohlman, Lynette
Purdy, Edward L.
Pure, H.H.W.

Quick, Herbert
Quinn, I.T.Ralph

Ralston, Arthur E.
Raney, William
Rank, Homer Lee
Raper, Dorothy
Ravisford, N.J.
Rawson, Cummins
Rawson, Mrs. Harry
Rawson, Mrs. Hollis A. (Kate)
Ray, Hal S.
Ray, Sta (?)
Read, Cecil
Reese, Frances
Reece, Maynard
Reedy, J. Martin
Reeve, Curtis
Reichert, Marshall J.
Reid, Helen
Reid, Whitelaw
Remington Book Stores
Reuss, Henry S.
Rey, Geo. B. (?)
Reynold Metals Company
Reynolds, Conger, Jr.
Reynolds, Mrs. James (Helen)
Reynolds, Jerry
Rhodes, Clarence
Riaski, William A. (Bill)
Rice, Albert R.
Rice, Mrs. Grantland
Rich, Edgar
Richardson, Ralph (See Lanzarote corn)
Richey, Lawrence
Ridgway, Max
Riemer, A.A.
Riggen, Mrs. Nell
Riggs, Geo. D.
Riley, William F.
Road, Doe
Roahen, K.F.
Robb, Virgil C.
Roberts, M. Hines
Robinson, Clark L.
Robinson, Mrs. Roland
Robertson, A. Willis
Robyer, A.P.
Rockwell, A.R.
Rockwell, Berry
Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A.
Rogers, G.V.
Rogers, Rutherford D.
Rome, R.C.
Romey, Geo. A.
Roosevelt, Archibald B.
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Roosevelt, Nicholas
Roper, Elmo
Rose, E.T.
Rose, Philip S.
Rose, William Ganson
Rosenfield, Joseph F.
Ross, Don
Rouss, Ruth
Rovensky, John E.
Ruecker, R.N. (Dick)
Ruemper, R.S.
Russell, R.C.
Russick, Esther L.

Salyer, J. Clark II
Sampson, Ed
Sand, George X.
Sandahl, Paul L.
Sanders Publishing Company
Saurs, R.J.
Sawyer, Mrs. Oliver H. (Leila G.?)
Sawyer, W.C. “Tom”
Scarborough, H.V.
Schafer, Geo. H.
Schaffer, Dick H.
Schaefer, Fred
Schaefer, J.H.
Schlenker, Ralph
Schmitz, E.S.
Schooler, G.D.
Schreiner, H.E.
Schwarzer, Frank J.
Schwengel, Fred
Science Service
Scott, Catherine S.
Scott, Howard D.
Scully, Ann
Sears, Paul B.
Seaton, Fred A.
Secretary of the Treasury
Seigneur, R.C. Bon
Selke, George A.
Semmes, John E.
Setzer, Bernice V.
Seymour, Forrest W.
Seymour, Mr. and Mrs. Gideon
Shaeffer, J.H.
Shafer, H.D.
Shannon, Stratton J.
Sharpe, Charles T.
Shaw, A.M.
Shaw, Rodney
Shea, Ed
Sheaffer, Craig R.
W.A. Sheaffer Pen Company
Sherar, Lucretia B. Smith
Sherlock, Wallace E.
Shipp, Thomas R.
Shively, George
Shoemaker, Carl D.
Shoemaker, M.J.
Shomon, Joseph J.
Silver, James
Silzer, G.C.
Simpson, Richard H.
Simpson, Roy E.
Simonds, Paul
Sims, Dean S.
Sinclair, Gregg M.
Slayer II, J. Clark
Sloan, George A.
Smale, Cyrus Addison
Small, Edwin W.
Smathers, George A.
Smith, Anthony Wayne
Smith, Arthur W.
Smith, Charles J. Jr.
Smith, D. Lyon
Smith, Dorman H.
Smith, F.G. Walton
Smith, Fred
Smith, Gordon H.
Smith, J. Walton
Smith, Lloyd H.
Smith, Marthe
Smith, Maude
Smith, Millard
Smith, Neal E.
Smith, Robert L.
Smith, Sheila E.
Smith, Spencer M. Jr.
Smits, Lee J.
Smoot, J.T.
South Dakota Waltonian
Southwell, W.B.
Spalding, Albert and Mary
Spangler, Harrison
Spanish Tourist Office
Speight, Grace
Spencer, A.P and H.L.
Spielman, Fred A.
Sprague, Edna M.
Springer, Paul F.
Stacey, Roy A.
Stahl, Samuel S.
St. Louis Globe Democrat
St. Petersburg Times
Storm, A.J.
Stanley, Charlotte M.
Stannard, Charles C.
Stanton, C.S.
Stapp, Emilie B.
Stark, Evelyn Knotts
Stark, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Crow
Stark, M.P.
Staton, Harry and Elsa
Stattten, A.F.
Steen, Mel O.
Steinberg, Samuel
Steven, William P.
Stevens, Leo E.
Stevens-Nelson Paper Corp.
Stevenson, Daisy Glick
Stiger, Carl B.
Stiles, Bruce F.
Stiles, John H.
Stimson, George
Stobie, George J.
Frederick A. Stokes Co.
Stolpe, Bert
Stone, Arthur
Storer, John H.
Storz, Arthur C.
Strasser, Merle
Straus, Iz
Streyckmans, Felix B.
Strother, (?)
Strom, Arthur C.E.
Strong, Walt
Stuck, Doris J.
Stults, Larry
Stump, Webb
S (?)
Sullivan, Helen
Sullivan, Mark
Sullivan, Warren
Summer, Frank N.
Sutcliffe, John W.
Swanson, F.W., Jr.
Swanson, J. Robert F.
Swanson, L.E.
Sweatt, Harold
Sweigert, Cloyd J.
Swineford, Oscar, Jr.
Swope, Herbert Bayard
Sylvester, Frank
Szalewicz, Steve

Talle, Henry O.
Tampa Tribune
Taylor, Alfred S.
Taylor, Frank J.
Taylor, Walter P.
Telex Hearing Center
Telex Inc.
Thomas, Charles S.
Thompson, Burt J.
Thompson, C. Woody
Thompson, Dorothy
Thompson, Frederick Oliver
Thompson, La Marcus A.
Thompson, Paul E.
Thonet Brothers, Inc.
Thurston, Lorrin P.
Titus, Harold
Tobin, John W.
Tolson, Hillory A.
Toms, Elizabeth
Tower, Walter S.
Town, George H.
Townsend, H.G.
Trail, Mark (See Kossack, Charles)
Travelers Fire Insurance Company
Treat, Dorothy A.
Trebell, Edith
Trefethen, James B.
Trimble, J.W.
Trost, Ewald G.
Tucker, William J.
Turner, Dan W.
Turner, E.C.
Turner, Edith L.
Turner, Walter
Turrison, G.V.
Tusler, W.H.
Tuttle, Ries

Udall, Stewart L.

Upton, Miller

U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
U.S. News and World Report

Valentine, R.H. (Dick)
VanCoevering, Jack
Vandivier, Dave
Van Buren, Raeburn L.
Van Liew, Virginia
Van Wormer, Grace
Vennum, Margaret
Verner, Scott
Vitols, Mrs. J.
Vogt, William (including "Thirst on the Land")
Voigt, William Jr.
Vosseller, Lloyd

Wade, Dorothy R.

Walden, J.A.
Wakefield, John T.
Walker, B.S.
Walker, Marion
Wallace, Denitt
Wallace, Henry A. (See Lanzarote corn)
Wallace, Mrs and Mrs. (Helen) James W.
Wallace, Tom
Worley, George W.
(?), Douglas
Waller, Mrs. Thomas M.
Walters, Basil L.
Ward, Henry B.
Warden, F.G.
Warin, Roger P.
Waring, Fred
Warner, Mrs. F.W. (Edith)
Warnock, Barton H.
Harry Warren Travel Agency
The Washburn Company
Watson, Fannie C.
Watters, Thomas
Waymack, W.W. (See also Lanzarote corn)
Weaver, B.S. Townsend
Weaver, J.B.
F. Weber Company
Webster, Ben A.
Webster, Francis “Web”
“Tommy” (?)
Webster, H.T.
Weeks, Allen T.
Weeks, Don
Allen B. Weeks and Company
Weeks, Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Weeks, Mr. and Mrs. Everett
Welch, Phil J.
Welder, John
Wellhausen, E. J. (See Lanzarote corn)
Wells, Kenneth Dale
Wetherell, E.H.
Whalen, J.E.
Wheeler, A.W.
Wheeler, William R.
Whelan, J. Robert
Whitaker, J.R.
White, Arthur
White, Frank D.
White, Susan Spalding
White, W.A.
Whitfield, Allen
Whitlock, H.A.
Whitney, Katherine B.
Whitney, J.D.
Whitney, William T.
Whitted, Ivanhoe
Whitten, Walter S.
Wickersham, Victor
Wright, Adelaide Stafford
Wightman, Mrs. James
Wightman, Joseph B.
Wightman, Karl A.
Wightman, Signe
Wilber, Edward B.
Wilder, Jeanne
Wiles, T.M.
Wiles, Beulah M.
Wiles, Charlotta
Wilford, F.W.
Wilkuisser, Joliee C. (?)
Wilkins, E.J.
Williams, A.C.
Williams, Alfred E.
Williams, B.A.
Williams, Esther
Williams, Jannette
Wilson, George A.
Wilson, J.A.
Wilson, Opal
Winchester Company
Wing, Frank
Winkle, Perry
Wilntersteen, John
Wirth, Conrad L.
Witham, W.S.
Witing, A. Walter
Wolf, Leonard G.
Wood, Geoffrey H.
Wood, Lloyd F.
Wood, Louise
Wood, Thomas
Wood, W.D. (Tom)
Woodlets, Incorporated
Woodlieff, Norman
Woodward, Hugh B.
Worthington, Howard H.
Wright, Geo. S.
Wright, H.J.
Wrolson, Jerry
Wurtele, Val

Yates, George
Yates, John E.
Yewdall, Clifford
Young, Bob
Young,Cecil T.
Young, Lafayette
Young, Ruth MacRae
Young, Stanley Paul
York, Willis B.

Zahniser, Howard
Zarfoss, C.R.
Ziegner, Herman