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Index to photostats in the Ding Darling collection. Located in drawer one of the flat files.

Drawer 1, flat file

Folder #1

Bank robbers, little and big
The axis gets a new recruit
The atom in on the loose
At least we can do this much
The army of liberation paratrooper takes off
Appearances are somewhat deceptive
Anyway we're not the only optimists
Anyway it's real generous of Henry to ask 'em all
Anyone wat a job as a cook, housemaid, housekeeper, and laundress?
Another bottleneck
The annual migration of the duck is on
And this is no trick movie we are watching
And not a Mark Antony in sight
And may they both be equally and completely successful
And may our shadow never grow less
And a bloomin' Trojan horse at that
American Vs for victory
All this and heaven too -- but win the war
Ain't we got fun?
Ah! A second front at last
Adolf's children come home to roost
After the communists get all the property equally divided, wouldn't it be nice if they'd even up the brains?
Same as blues, but with Bolshevists
Another big one gets away
Now that we know how to catch 'em
"Europe plunges into war"
You can't arrest a body for just looking
American Vs for victory

Folder #2

Hunting on the slough of despond
A hundred years of progress --
How man does improve on nature
How can anyone think of his own profit, wages, hours or political gain these days?
The housewife and currency inflation
The honey bee tried out the Wallace plan for a better world
"Home again, home again, jiddedy jig"
Hold everything
Helping Willie freeze the ice cream
Heavy, heavy hangs over thy head
A hard game ahead
Hannegan shows them how to do it
Had you noticed the great progress made in recent years (includes negative)
How you noticed the greate political reformation?
Great expectations
The governing class
Gov. Bricker improves on acquaintance
GOP -- "It must be something I et."
Good news does not travel alone (2 copies in 2 sizes)
Go back and start over again
Give until it hurts -- say I -- at-a-boy!
Germany isn't the only place they're rough on minority groups
Getting somewhat out of balance
Generals Wu and Chang fell out andthis is what it was all about
The fruits of victory
The forgotten freedom
Following in his footsteps
Flooding Peter to pay Paul
Fighting for our freedom
"Farmer - sportsman relationship"
The farmer - labor party picnic
Famous afterthoughts in history
"The family reading circle"
"Eventually. Why not now?" (2 copies)
Enjoy it while you may
The endless vigil
The end of the ninth inning
The end of a perfect holiday
Easier to get them out
The duck hunting season is with us again
Don't say it! Sign it!
Don't blame the factories for the unemployment
Doesn't anybody remember old Rip Van Winkle?
Do you suppose we'd better tell them?
Digestive troubles
The diet squad
Design for living -- strictly modern
Definition of complacency -- if any
The conservation interests can get what they need if they pull together
Commencement time at dear old Alma Mater (includes a negative)
Come on with your chicken feed
Choose your cook
The class of 45-65 may need a little retolling
The call of the wild
But we always do
But that doesn't help the German food problem
But, darling, can't you think of something else you'd just as soon do? Mother's sick of riding
Breaking home ties
The borrowed car
Blaming it on the roof
The big helper-outer
Big hearted F.D.R. give a barbeque
The big game hunter
Betcha we could do it if we tried
Beginning to understand the Nazi philosophy

Folder #3

My, my! Are they going to liquidate all those who can't be trusted?
More about that horse in midstream
Memorial day
The million dollar puppet show
Maybe we'd better rewrite the dictionary
Maybe we need that spring tonic bu we'll never learn to like it
Man does seem to have improved thequality of his enemies in the last million years
The man who invented the artificial heart speaking
The loose wheel on the axis
Make up your mind, madam
The longest "boarding hourse reach" in history
Look who's holding the screen door open
Locking the door after the barn is gone
The long, long trail
The life and death struggle
Little recruits make big heroes
Let the punishment fit the crime
Let's hope she can't hear us squawk
Keeping the atomic bomb secret
The last of the Mohicans
It's Navy Day in U.S.A.
Just to jog his memory
It's giong to take a lot of coupons
It's got to be something better than that
It's getting about that time of year
It's hard to start a fire with just one stick of wood
It's all mixed and ready to swallow
It still can happen here
It makes a lot of difference
It seems we only eat at the second table
It happens in the best regulated families
Greek civilization
Iowa goes to town1937
Isn't it nice we're so far away from it all
In the same boat
In the service of "the people"
Imagine how you'd feel
In the good old U.S.A.
If worst comes to worst
The least we can do it buy defense bonds
The race with the stork
We face 1934 with confidence bread of sound achievement
Picking out a place to picnic
Uncle John Iowa

Folder #4

The rest of the boys will take the same
Remember when they had us believing the Treat of Versailles ws too rough on the Germans?
Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941
The rat
Relics of an extinct past
The race with the stork
Quick me, the Paris green
Board of Parole (Pretty soft)
Proving that capitalism must go
Now don't forget to give my love to Anna
Things to do today
The pots will now proceed with the trial of the kettle
The port of forgotten men
The world price of silver
The penalties of success (Original title: The rewards to industryO
'Pears like we didn't have our minds on our business
Peaceful penetration
Paradise lost
Out on a limb
The outline of history (2 copies in 2 sizes)
"Out damned spot"
Our one man tug boat
The open pheasant season
The open season for pheasant is upon us
The only sure cure
Only a few of them left
The 167th birthday of the US Marines
150,000,000 ducks and al our shells are gone to war
One battle that will not be over while life and memory last
One the "blind siding"
Now your Red Cross contribution is needed mor than even
Now why in the world would the president suspect us of "looking under the bed"?
Now that we know how to catch 'em
No wonder wild ducks are disappearing
"Never have so many done so much for so few"
The Neurosurgeon's dilemma
The need for your Red Cross contribution was never so great
Naw! We don't mean you. You are an exception!
They didn't have any retreads at Valley Forge either
There must be some other men around here somewhere
There are still some states where they have no child labor laws
That we need awakening will be news to several million households
That too big, big business
That song in our heart
That key worked all right a hundred years ago
Thanks for the memories
Thank heavens it isn't our house that's on fire
Tea for three
Taking a big chunk out of the map
Sure, we gotta worry about an army of invasion
Sure needs his head examined
The sudden increase in diplomatic population
Staged heroics
The sphinx wants to know
Speaking of a labor shortage
Speaking of bottlenecks
The small boy with the slingshot
Some poor lambs don't know when they're well off
The 64 dollar question
The shrinking violet of Italy
Senator George on taxation
Seed for the new crop
Said the man to his own shadow
The salve that soothes but never heals
Russia is not the only one who fights alone
The Russian army is being taught to ski

Folder #5

X marks the spot where the body lit last time
The Yanks take Algiers
You can starte a quick fire with gasoline
The educational advantages of war
Will the miracles of man's mind never cease?
With all our hearts
Why game wardens go crazy
Why it seems about time to begin talk of conservation
Whoa now
Whay call them sportsmen?
Where do grandmothers get all their old fashioned ideas?
Who said Cordell Hull didn't have what it takes?
When we have government ownership of radio
Were are we going to put those 5 million new cars?
Where perfidy meets perfidy
When the government "socializes" medicine
When all other remedies fail
When everything else fails
What you goin' to do with him when you catch him?
What's delaying us
What the well-dresssed citizen in wearing in 1941
What would they do fi they met Hitler?
What that mud in our rivers adds up to each year
What did you expect for a nickel?
What does mere man know about the perils of non-stop flight?
What a few mere seasons will do to the ducks
We'd beteter not leave it to chance
What changes one generation can make!
We will owe them something besides cheers
Whatr a sudden surprise
We poison our rivers near home
Henry Ford
"We never miss our water 'till the well runs dry"
A veteran of the last war volunteers
Waiting for sunrise on the opening day of the hunting season
We always said the US could feed the world -- now prove it
Was that somebody screaming?
Watch your hat and coat
Wages and hours and hours and hours
W.P.A.'s most efficient project
The ventriloquist is not saying a word
The voice of experience
An unscheduled "point" in the field trials
The vacant chair
Uncle Adolf reads 'em the "funnies"
"Under the bed"
Try Uncle Sam's canning recipe
"Turned gunman's moll"
Too many hero medals? Shucks! We've haven't even started.
Tired of giving? You don't know what it is to be tired
A tough old oak
Time to take an inventory of our pantry
Tired of giving? You don't know what it is to be tired. (Another version)
Those dastardly Americans just to it for spite
Thus endeth the German fairy tale
Though we call it aid to Britain
They've settled another strike (same graphic as "What the well dressed citizen is wearing in 1941")
This continet was won on sowbelly and boiled potatoes
They may be shy a few molars, but they're still pretty good
"The fold their tents like Arabs and silently steal away"
What a place for a waste paper salvage campaign
The youth problem




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