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Collection Dates: 1836 -- 1906

15.5 linear ft.

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Series Table of Contents

Biographical Note

Scope and contents

Box 1 Family letters, 1832 - 1891

Box 2 Family letters, 1892 -- Whiting silver anniversary

Box 3 General correspondence, 1830 - 1885

Box 4 General correspondence, 1896 - 1905

Box 5 Sophia’s covenant -- Sophia Whiting’s death, 1882

Box 6 Family correspondence

Box 7 The Advance -- Lyman Whiting, 86th birthday

Box 8 Clippings -- Sermon manuscripts

Box 9 Denver lots -- Obituary notices

Box 10 Churches served

Box 11 Churches served

Box 12 Churches served

Box 13 Churches served -- Other correspondence

Box 14 Charleston, WV, clippings -- Book of receptions

Box 15 Correspondence, A - J

Box 16 Correspondence, L - W

Box 17 Correspondence, Robbins - Ministers, Western

Box 18 Sermon manuscripts

Box 19 Sermon manuscripts

Box 20 Sermon manuscripts

Box 21 Sermon manuscripts

Box 22 Sermon manuscripts

Box 23 Sermon manuscripts

Box 24 Sermon manuscripts

Box 25 Sermon manuscripts

Box 26 Sermon manuscripts

Box 27 Diaries and record books

Box 28 Sermons other than Reverand Whiting’s

Box 29 Clippings -- Newspapers

Box 30 Newspapers

Box 31 The Whiton Family in America -- The Whiting Family History...


Lyman Whiting was born in North Brookfield, Massachusetts, on April 28, 1817. He graduated from Andover College in 1842. Ordained as a Congregational minister the following year, Whiting spent the rest of his life in churches across the country. His first church was in Brookfield, Massachusetts; from 1864-1869 he was a pastor in Dubuque, Iowa, and his last pulpit was in East Charlemont, Massachusetts. Whiting died in 1906.


The papers of Lyman Whiting consist of 15.5 linear feet of manuscripts dating from 1836 to 1906. The collection contains eight boxes of correspondence of both a personal and professional nature. There are also nine boxes of his sermons. Other items include thirty-three diaries kept by Whiting, newspaper clippings, and manuscripts relating to his various pastorates in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Iowa, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

Box 1

Family letters, 1832-1891.

Box 2

Family letters, 1892-1904.

Whiting silver anniversary, 1868.

Box 3

General correspondence, 1830-1885.

Box 4

General correspondence, 1886-1905.

Box 5

Sophia’s covenant, 1838.

Lyman - Sophia letters, 1838-1882.

Lyman Whiting’s death, 1906.

Sophia Whiting’s death, 1882.

Box 6

Family correspondence:

Maude Chamberlain Damon

Duncan Family

Chas. Duren

Duren Family

Arthur Farrar

Wm. G. Farrar

Abbie Johnson

Buelah Small

Helen Whiting Taggert

Agnes Swain Whiting

Daniel Whiting

Gertrude Whiting

Lewis Whiting

Louis Whiting

Box 7

The Advance, correspondence.


“Christian Experiences”.

Mountaineer’s Missionary Band.

Programs (early).

Seminary - college correspondence.

St. Paul’s Institute.

Lyman Whiting, 80th birthday.

Lyman Whiting, 86th birthday.

Box 8



Sermons, unwritten.

Writings and letters, undated.

Sermon manuscripts.

Box 9

Denver lots.

Documents of the 1700s.


European trip of 1851.


Nomination to Congress, correspondence.

Obituary notices, family and friends.

Box 10

Churches served:

Brookfield, Mass.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Charleston, W.Va.

Dubuque, Iowa.

Box 11

Churches served (cont.):

Janesville, Wis.

Lawrence, Mass.

North Brookfield, Mass.

Philadelphia, Pa.

Box 12

Churches served (cont.):

Philadelphia, Pa.

Portsmouth, N.H.

Box 13

Churches served (cont.):

Providence, R.I.

Reading, Mass.

South Williamstown, Mass.

Other correspondence:

Carthage, Mo.

Fox Lake, Wisc. (Wisconsin Female College).

Rockford Seminary.

Winnetka, Ill.

“Tentations” [invitations].

Inquiries [for positions].

Box 14

Charleston, W.Va. clippings.

Exchanges and helps book.

Book of receptions.

Box 15


Arnold & Snell

Alkinson, Rev. T.

Allison, W.B.

Brancroft, T.H.

Clapp, A.H.

Curtis, J.S.

Dexter, H.S.

Farnsworth, Rev. W.A.

Field, Henry M.

Freeman, Mrs. Julia

Frost, Pres. Wm. G. (Berea College)

Gardner, Gov. Henry (Mass.)

Guernsey, Dr. & Mrs. E.E.

Hackett, M.

Hampton, N.H.

Hitchcock, Prof. R.D.

Howe Family letters

Huntington, Bishop F.D.

Jenning’s Family

Jones, Rev. Horace

Box 16

Correspondence (cont.):

Laird, James H.

Lamson, William

Magoun, Goel F. (Pres. Iowa College)

Manatt, Prof. I.J.

Pratt, S. Brainard

Reed, Lewis T.

Smith, Prof. H.B.

Stearns, W.A. (Pres. Amherst College)

Storrs, R.S.


Thompson, Wm. A.

Vella, Miss Bertha F.

Ward, Sarah Liscomb

White, Rev. Lorenze J.

Willcox, Prof. G. Buckingham

Wilson, Rev. Thomas

Box 17

Correspondence (cont.):

Robbins, Dr. A.B.

Strong, James W.

Trask, Rev. J.L.R.

Chaplains - Officers 1862 -

Ministers, Iowa

Ministers, Western

Box 18

Sermon manuscripts.

Box 19

Sermon manuscripts (cont.).

Box 20

Sermon manuscripts (cont.).

Box 21

Sermon manuscripts (cont.).

Box 22

Sermon manuscripts (cont.).

Box 23

Sermon manuscripts (cont.).

Box 24

Sermon manuscripts (cont.).

Box 25

Sermon manuscripts (cont.).

Box 26

Sermon manuscripts (cont.).

Box 27

Diaries and record Books.

Box 28

Sermons other than Rev. Whiting’s.

Box 29

Clippings (wit and humor).


Box 30


Box 31

The Whiton Family in America. Genealogy.

The Whiton Family - 8th Generation. Genealogy.

The Whiting Family History. Descendants of Thomas Whitton and the Rev. Lyman Whiting D.D. by Ruth G. (Whiting) Krueger, 1991.

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