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Collection Dates: 1924 -- 1933
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Posted to Internet: January 2003

Acquisition Note: The Ed Hoyt Campbell Papers were given to the University of Iowa Libraries in 1969 by Mrs. Campbell.

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

Photographs: Box 4

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Biographical Note

Ed Hoyt Campbell was born in Battle Creek, Iowa, on March 6, 1882. He completed his law degree at the University of Iowa in 1906 and was admitted to the bar that same year. Campbell's first elected office was as mayor of his hometown (1908 -- 1911). He was then elected to the State house of representatives (1911 -- 1913). When he returned from military service after WWI, Campbell was elected to the State senate, where he served as president pro tempore from 1924 -- 1926. He was elected as a Republican to the Seventy-first and Seventy second Congresses of the United States. His bid for a third term proved unsuccessful and he returned to Battle Creek and the practice of law. It was there that Ed Hoyt Campbell died on April 26, 1969.

Scope and Content

The papers of Ed Hoyt Campbell include office files, speeches, campaign material, and correspondence. They document his years as a State senator and United States Representative from Iowa. There is information relating to the department of agriculture, post offices and postmasterships, the U.S. war department, and veterans. Letters from J. Edgar Hoover, Milo Reno, and Dan W. Turner are included in the correspondence.

Box List


State legislative correspondence, 1924 -- 5; A-Z.

Correspondence and materials relating to theAmerican Legion.

Republican National Committee materials.

State legislative materials.



Campaign miscellaneous - 1928.

Campaign correspondence, 1928; A -- Z.


Correspondence, 1927; A -- Z.

Correspondence, 1928; A -- Z.


Newspaper clippings.

Congressional correspondence, 1929; A -- Z.

Miscellaneous - pictures, clippings, campaign literature, etc.

5 photographs, including: 34th General Assembly of Iowa House of Reps.

Representatives at Iowa State Capitol, 1911.

Officers of the 41st General Assembly, Iowa Senate,1925.

Portrait of Ed Campbell.


Official business files relating to: the 1930 census and related job requests; Requests
for the Congressional Record

Correspondence and petitions concerning tariff

Correspondence and materials concerning farm relief

National banks - receiverships, attorneyships, and examiners

LeRoy Rader correspondence


Federal offices files, including:

Comptroller of the currency

Bureau of Customs

Internal Revenue

Bureau of Industrial Alcohol (Prohibition)

Federal Farm Loan Bureau

Public Health Service - Applications

Applications for Coast Guard Academy

Patent Office

Bureau of Fisheries

Foreign and Domestic Commerce

Bureau of Census

Department of Aeronautics, job applications.

Ed Kearney - Mexican land dispute.

Bureau of Prisons - Keokuk site proposed.


Immigration and deportation

Federal Employment Service

Labor Statistics

Bureau of Prohibition, job applications.

Appointments to Judgeships.

Federal Bureau of Investigation, job applications.

Correspondents include J. Edgar Hoover.

Post Office Appointments and Investigations


Federal Offices files, including

Post Office Service

Rural Mail Service

Post Office - Division of Post Office Quarters

Post Office - Division of Postal Savings

Railway Mail

Post Office - Office of the Solicitor

Post Office - Division of Parcel Post

Air Mail Services

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Bureau of Home Economics.

Bureau of Animal Husbandry.

Bureau of Entomology.

Bureau of Agricultural Economics.

Director of Extension Work.

United States Botanic Garden.

Secretary of War. Correspondents include Patrick J. Hurley, Sec. of War.

National Park Service - job applications.

U. S. Dept. of the Interior

Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Hoover Dam, Utah

U. S. Navy - Bureau of Navigation.

U. S. War Dept. - Judge Advocate General

U. S. War Dept - Office of Quartermaster General


Federal Offices files, including:

U. S. Air Service - applications for

U. S. War Dept

Adjutant General

Chief of Engineers

Veterans Administration

U. S. Marine and U. S. Surgeon General. Correspondents include Dan W. Turner, Gov. of Iowa,

Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Correspondents include James W. Good, Secy of War

Federal Home Loan Bank. Correspondents include Milo Reno

Federal positions files

Agathon - McMahon. Correspondents include J. Edgar Hoover (Hueschen file)


Federal Offices files (cont.)

Federal positions files, (cont.)

O'Leary - Strohm. Correspondents include J. Edgar Hoover (O'Leary file)

Regional Agricultural Credit Organization

United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland

Recommendations for State Appointments. Correspondents include Dan. W.

Paroles Correspondents include Dan W. Turner


United States Marshallship

William W. Crane - Ida P. Crane

BOX 10

Official business files


Pending legislation

Veterans Bureau

World War Veterans Legislation Committee

Federal Farm Board

Income Tax

Election Committee #3

Endorsements. Correspondents include Milo Reno.

KSCJ Radio, Sioux City, Iowa

First & Sioux National Banks of Sioux City Correspondents include Dan W.

First National Bank, Cherokee

First National Bank, Rock Rapids;

Farmers National Bank, Inwood.

Re-Districting the State of Iow

BOX 11

Official business files and speeches

Civil Service


Data for Speeches (2 folders)

Trip to Orient - 1933

Election Returns - 11th Congressional district, 1930 & 1932

BOX 12

Veterans Cases (Ahlwardt -- Hall)

BOX 13

Veterans Cases (Hess -- Noon)

BOX 14

Veterans Cases (Naffzizer -- Woodworth)

BOX 15

Postmasterships (Akron, Iowa -- Kingsley, Iowa)

BOX 16

Postmasterships (Lake Park, Iowa -- Sanborn, Iowa)

BOX 17

Postmasterships (Schaller, Iowa -- Whiting, Iowa)

BOX 18
Veterans Cases (Wagner -- Zane)


West Point Appointments



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