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Box List

Roosevelt, Franklin D. Acres Fit and Unfit. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Eighth Annual Midwestern States Tuberculosis Conference. Address. Madison, Wisconsin, May 25 and 26, 1932

Adjusting Farm Debts

Advisory Council of the National Broadcasting Company. The President's Report and Resume of Programs

Agriculture of the American Indians. United States Department of Agriculture Library.

The Agricultural Emergency in Iowa. I. The Situation Today

Agricultural Issues of the 1932 Campaign

An Agricultural Policy

The Agricultural Problem -- A Challenge to American Business

Agricultural Regions of North America

The Agricultural Situation. 2 copies, April 1, 1930, November 1, 1932

Agricultural Tariffs

The Alfalfa Market

The Algebra of Correlation

Annual Swine Growers Congress and Annual Business Meeting. Peoria, Illinois, September 10 -- 15, 1928

At the Feet of the Master

Bahai Literature

The Balance of International Payments of the United States in 1929. (US Department of Commerce)

The Barker Line. Poultry Equipment

The Barrere Little Symphony. Program for the Des Moines Civic Music Association, 1930 -- 1931

Beef Grading and Stamping Service

A Bill (S.2390)

A Bill (S.2487)

A Brief History of the Amana Society

Bulletin of the National Research Council, Vol. 1:No.8: February 1921

Bulletin of the Stable Money Association. Vol11:Nos.1-4

The Business Man's Concern in American Agriculture

Bylaws of the Society of The Temple of the People


Calculating Linkage Intensities by Product Moment Correlation

Capacities of Silos and Weights of Silage

Chart to Facilitate the Calculation of Practical Coefficients of Correlation and Regression Equations

The Clair Plan for Annual Minimum Price Stabilization and Market Control of the Basic, Indispensable, Non-Perishable Food and Clothing Crops of the United States

The Clair Plan for Federal Market Control Through Annual National Domestic Prorate and Minimum Price Stabilization of the Basic, Indispensable,Non-Perishable Food and Clothing Crops of the United States to Insure National Prosperity

Climate of the Argentine Republic

Confession and Absolution in the Liberal Catholic Church

Constitution and By-Laws of the Amana Society, 1919

A Contribution to the Study of Hibernation in the Larva of the European Corn Borer (Pyrausta Nubilalis Hubn.)

Corn and Hog Correlations. USDA Bulletin No. 1300

[Corn Borers] -- Pupation

Corporate-Owned Land in Iowa

Correlation and Causation

Correlation Theory and Method Applied to Agricultural Research

The Course of Credit Inflation

Crib and Bin Actuary

Crossbred Poultry

Day Old Pullets. Wisconsin Hatchery

The Debt We Owe Empiricism

Difference in the Pharmacological Effects of Drugs Upon Animals and Man

Discussion of "Stabilization of Industry"

Don't Let the Weed Thief Steal Your Farm

Downward Price Trend Probable, Due to Hoarding of Gold by Central Banks

Economic Conditions, Governmental Finance, United States Securities

Economic Geography. Vol.1:No.1 (March 1925)

The Egg Reporter

Empiricism Versus Science

Equality for Agriculture

Equality for Agriculture. American Council of Agriculture

Estimates of Possible Tennessee Revenues

Estimating Silo Capacities and Silage Weights

European Corn Borer

The European Corn Borer and its Controlling Factors in Europe

The Evil of Soil and Water Loss

Extension Service Review

Facts Relating to the Agricultural Situation in 1931

Farm Indebtedness by States

Farm Mortgage Credit

Farm Prices and the Value of Gold

The Farmers Educational and Cooperative Union of America

The Farmers' Response to Price

The Farmer's Standard of Living

Farmers Union Live Stock Commission

Foreign Trade of the United States in Calendar Year 1928

Fragments from an Autobiography: Entrance Into Eclectic Pharmacy

Fredonia Academy Index

From the Yellowstone: A Musical Drama for Solo Quartette and Chorus (Program)

The Genetics of Plumage Color in Poultry

Gestuts Domaine

German Industries at Close Range

Gold and Stability

The Gold Standard in Light of Post-War Developments

Handbook of Foreign Agricultural Statistics

Hanson's Trapnested Pedigreed Leghorns

Hearings Before the Committee on Banking and Currency. United States Senate, Seventy-Second Congress

The Harper Adams Utility Poultry Journal. Egg Laying Trials, 1929 -- 1930.

The Harvard Business Indexes -- A New Interpretation

Harwood's Columbian Leghorns and Columbian Wyandottes

Healing Forces and Healing Angels

Honest Money: An Explanation of the Relation of Money, Prices and Prosperity

Honorary Vice-Presidents, Ex-Officio

How to Reduce the Cost of Government

Identify Your Birds With National Leg Bands

Inbreeding In Relation To Egg Production

Independent Bimetallism or Bolshevism?

Index Numbers of Farm Prices

Industrial Tariffs

Inflation Of Currency and Mobilization of Credits

Inheritance of Rate of Feathering in Poultry

Instructions for Assembling and Operating Mammoth Electric Incubators

Instructions of Cooperative Observers. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Weather Bureau

International Conference of Agricultural Economists, August 18 -- 29, 1930. Tentative Program

International Star Bulletin. Nos. 7, 1 (July and August 1929).

An International Viewpoint on Commodity Prices -- Long Decline in Prospect

Investigation of the Beef Business. Hearings Before the Committee on the Judiciary. 1916

Iowa Farm Land Values of the Future

Iowa: The Land of Plenty

Iowa: List of Leading Farmers

Iowa State House Journal, April 8 and 9, 1924. Marked by Wallace

Iowa State Senate Journal, April 1, 11 and 14, 1924. Marked by Wallace

Iowa Tax Relief Bulletin. Nos. 4-6

Iron and Phosphorus in Vegetation

Jack Wrennall Mating List 1930

Le Jongleur de Notre-Dame

Learning to Live With the European Corn Borer

The Ledger of Life

Legal Weights (In Pounds) Per Bushel of Various Commodities

The Liberal Catholic. March and November 1927; January, May, and June 1928

The Liberal Catholic Church. The Liturgy

The Liberal Catholic Church and the Bible

The Liberal Catholic Church: Its Origin, History, Purpose and Teachings

Liberal Catholic Publications

Limited Bimetallism at No Fixed Ratio and Bills Now Before Congress in Relation to Silver

The Limits of Error of the Babcock Test for Cream

Looking Backward -- Thinking Forward

The Maintenance of the Agricultural Labour Supply in England and Wales During the War

The Market Gage Dollar

Market Statistics

Master's Message to Convention. Read at Thirty-Third Annual Convention of the Temple of the People

The McNary-Haugen Bill: A Frank and Friendly Chat

The Message of the Liberal Catholic Church

A Message to the Members of the Theosophical Society

Measuring Hay in Ricks or Stacks

Midwest Training School, July 14 -- 18, 1930

Moles and Their Control in Iowa

Monetary Standard Bulletin. Illustrating the Operation of the Fair Dollar Plan

Money and Unemployment

Mushroom Growing in the United States

The N.F.U. Year Book for 1929(National Farmers' Union)

The National Live Stock Exchange Bulletin, April 1920

Nature, July 2, 1932

New Horizons for Food and Agriculture. Address by Paul H. Appelby

A New Lime Spreader

New Methods with Poultry

A New Theory Concerning the Manner in Which the Planets Feed the Sun

Number of Farms By States and Counties 1925, 1920, 1910, and 1900

Observations on the Corn Borer in Roumania

The Ocean of Vitality and Reservoir of Life

Odium of Eclecticism

On the Condition of the Working Class

On the Reconstruction of the Social Order

["One of the main problems that faces central banks of issue at the present time is how to check the inevitable tendency towards world deflation . . .]

Operating Expenses in Ohio. Accredited Hatcheries. Year 1927

Original Communications. The Eclectic Medical Journal, August 1897.

Our Export Trade and the International Money Market. Also Gold and Goods

Our Unstable Dollar the the So-Called Business Cycle

Our Unstable Standard of Value

The Place of Ceremonies in the Spiritual Life

Planning for the Year's Feed Requirements

Plant Pharmacy

Population, Food Supply, and American Agriculture

Prepotent Cockerels

Recommendations for Legislation. Supplement of the Third Annual Report to Congress, the Federal Farm Board, 1932

The Pride of Eclecticism

The Producer's Marketing Agreement of the Illinois Division of the Farmer's Educational and Co-Operative Union of America

A Proposed Gross Income Tax to Replace All General State, County, and Local Taxes in the State of Iowa

Provisional Solar-Constant Values, August 1920 to November 1924

Pyrausta Nubilalis Hubn. In Europe: Notes on Infestation and Parasitism From 1926 to 1928

Report of Committee on Stabilization of the Money Standard

Report of the Federal Trade Commission of the History and Present Status of the Packer Consent Decree

Report on the Astrophysical Observatory 1924

Remonetization of Silver. Congressional Record. Speech of Burton K. Wheeler, Monday, January 25, 1932

Restricting the Farmer's Market

The Round Table

Scientific Buying

Seedtime and Harvest: A Graphic Summary of Seasonal Work on Farm Crops

Sex-Linked Characteristics of Poultry

A Sound Solution of the Farm Problem. The Voluntary Domestic Allotment Plan. To Make Tariffs Effective on Farm Products and to Stabilize Prices by Control of Production

Sources and Uses of Income Among 300 Farm Families of Vinton, Jackson, and Meigs Counties, Ohio, 1926

Silo Hand Book

Silo Table

Six Consecutive Generations of Brother to Sister Matings in White Leghorn. A Preliminary Report of Studies in Inbreeding in Poultry and Changing Poultry Practices

Some Factors Determining Corn Borer Damage

Stabilization of Industry

The Stabilization of the Price of Wheat During the War and its Effect Upon the Returns to the Producer. May 1925

The Story of a Grain of Corn

A Study of Certain Aspects of Corn Belt Agriculture in Order to Determine Suitable Policy for Production Reduction

A Symmetric Coefficient of Correlations for Several Variables

The Tariff and the World Depression

Tariff and American Foreign Trade

The Tariff of 1930

The Tariff on Dairy Products

Tax Reform or Bankruptcy

The Tax Situation in Illinois

Trade Statistics and Public Policy

The Trigonometry of Correlations

Universal Hay Calculator

Universal Hay Tonnage Table

Universal Hay Tonnage Tables

Veto Message Relating to the Agriculture Surplus Control Act

Viehzucht der Kon. Ung. Staats Gestutdomane Mezohegyes (Ungarn)

Wages of Farm Labor

The Wampum Belt Collection of the New York State Museum

Warehousing Farm Products Under the U. S. Warehouse Act

The Welday Vitality Line. Pedigree Bred Record Laying Land and Water Fowl

What About the Banks?

What New York Has to Offer? Nature's Gateway to the Sea from the Heart of the Continent

White Leghorns & White Wyandottes. Warwick Rogers. Rose Hill Poultry Farm

White Wyandottes and S.C. White Leghorns. Fisher Poultry Farm

A World Afraid of Production

World Hog and Pork Prospects

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