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Collection Dates: 1958 -- 1961

11 linear ft.

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Biographical note

Scope and contents

Box 1 Correspondence -- Indian Students Association of Iowa State University

Box 2 Campaign Materials 1960, budget - requests for campaign literature

Box 3 Campaign Materials 1960, agricultural land credit - nomination papers

Box 4 Campaign Materials 1960, election outcome - Republican propaganda

Box 5 Campaign Materials 1960, applicants for Washington, DC - Young Democrats

Box 6 Campaign Materials 1960, Democratic platform - political polls

Box 7 Investigations

Box 8 Investigations

Box 8a Investigations UNDER SEAL

Box 9 Legislation

Box 10 Governor's Conference - South American Trip

Box 11 Governor's Office File

Box 12 Parking Meter File

Box 13 Governor's Personal File

Box 14 Miscellaneous

Box 15 Highways and Interstates

Box 16 Highway Commission Materials

Box 17 Speeches

Box 18 Speeches

Box 19 Speeches

Box 20 Speeches

Box 21 Speeches

Box 22 Speeches


Phonograph Record

Appointment Books


Herschel Cellel Loveless was born on May 5, 1911, on a farm near Fremont, Iowa. He graduated from Ottumwa High School at age sixteen. In 1927, he began working for the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad. He held various jobs with this railroad throughout the Great Depression. In 1939, Loveless went to work for John Morrell and Company as a turbine operator in their power plant in Ottumwa. In 1944, he returned to the C.M.St.P.&PRR as an employee in the Engineering Department. Three years later, on a leave of absence from the railroad, Loveless became the superintendent of streets for Ottumwa, Iowa, and later became their flood director. He was then elected to two terms as mayor of Ottumwa.

Loveless, a Democrat, was an unsuccessful candidate for governor in 1952. The following year, he became owner-manager of the Municipal Equipment Company headquartered in Ottumwa. In 1954 he was defeated in the race for a congressional seat. Loveless came back from these losses to become Governor of Iowa in 1959, serving two terms in office. In 1960, he again ran for a congressional seat and again was defeated. This marked the end of his political career. Herschel C. Loveless died in 1989, at the age of seventy-seven.


The papers of Herschel C. Loveless consist of approximately eleven linear feet of manuscripts dating from 1957 to 1961. The papers primarily relate to his last two years as Iowa's governor. His 1960 gubernatorial campaign is documented with budgets, primary results, Democratic platform reports, advertising costs, polls, and more. Correspondence files include letters from political figures including: Merwin Coad, Orville Freeman, Stuart Symington, and G. Mennen Williams. There are numerous folders concerning legislative issues ranging from federal aviation to right to work laws. Six boxes contain speeches given by Loveless. The topics include farm policy, Iowa rural electric co-ops, Red Rock Dam, taxes, and vocational education.

 Box 1


Personal (VIP--catalogued)


Mrs. Loveless

Edsill Case Papers

Warren Case Papers

Indian Students Association of Iowa State University, Correspondence

 Box 2

Campaign Materials 1960:

Budget Materials


Constitutional Convention

Democratic Midwest Conference

Democratic Presidential Convention

Democratic State Convention

Election Results -- Primaries

Employment Security Material

Fall Elections

Farm Policy Material

Hansen, John R., Correspondence

Inauguration -- Presidential 1961

Inter-departmental Reports for Democratic Platform

Mailing Lists

Martin, Thomas E., Voting Record

Requests for Campaign Literature

 Box 3

Campaign Materials 1960 (cont.):

Agricultural Land Credit

Campaign Advertising Costs

Drew Pearson

Favorite Son

Governor's Platform

Miscellaneous Correspondence About Governor's Candidacy, 1959-60

Nixon, Richard -- His Political Record

Nomination Papers

 Box 4

Campaign Materials 1960 (cont.):

Election Outcome 1960 -- Governor's Personal Letters

Kennedy for President

McManus, Lt. Gov. Edward

Miller, Jack -- Voting Record, etc..

National Candidates--General

Republican Propaganda

Box 5

Campaign Materials 1960 (cont.):

Applicants for Washington DC

"Cope" Memos

Democratic State Central Committee

Election -- Fourth District

Johnson, Lyndon B.

Miscellaneous Iowa Candidates

Mock Conventions

Symington, Stuart Correspondence

Young Democrats

 Box 6

Campaign Materials 1960 (cont.):

Democratic Platform

Complimentary File

Democratic National Convention 1960

National Security

Political Advertising

Political Education

Political "Hate" Literature

Political Polls 

Box 7 

Investigations. Matters brought to attention of Governor

 Box 8

Investigations. Matters brought to attention of Governor

Box 8a



 Box 9


Board in Control State Institutions

Booklets and Clippings for Governor

Cedar River Fish Kill

Democratic Advisory Council

Federal Aviation

Federal Appointments

Governor's Dues and Contributions

House File

Inventory of Governor's Mansion

Meetings Attended


Right to Work Law

Shoplifting Law

Senate Bills

Special Gas Tax Audit

Senate Bills Processed 1957

House Bills Processed 1957

Senate File


 Box 10

Governor's Conference in Chicago 1960

Israel Trip 1959

Press Releases

South American Trip 1960

 Box 11

Governor's Office Files:

Appointments to Commissions

Attorney General Opinions

Form Letters for Appointments

Public Assistance

 Box 12

Parking Meter File

 Box 13

Governor's Personal Files:

Correspondence 1957-60

 Box 14

Miscellaneous Files:


Penal Affairs Committee Report 1960

Goals for Americans--Book

Tape -- Archie Moore

Film -- Burdick on Small Business

Film -- Burdick "North Dakota Wants to Know"

 Box 15

Highways and Interstates

Box 16

Highway Commission Materials

 Box 17


AFL - CIO State Convention 1958

AFL - CIO State Convention 1960

Agriculture's Future, Monticello, Illinois 1960

Agriculture Meeting, Des Moines 1960

Airport Dedication, Iowa City 1960

Alcoholism Meetings (Committee on Alcoholism) 1959-60

All America Award Dinner, Bloomington, Indiana 1959

American Business Women's Association, Des Moines 1960

American Legion Banquet, Clay County 1960

American Legion State Convention, 1958

America's Future in Education

Amvets Speech, Shenandoah 1959

Apprenticeship Banquet, Airport, Des Moines 1960

Army Recruits Ceremony, Des Moines 1960

Bankers, Association, Dubuque

Bar Association Speech, Los Angeles 1960

Blackhawk County Social Service Council, 1958

Boy Scout Speech, Iowa City 1959

Boy Scout Tape Recording Transcript, 1959

Boy Scout Speech, 1960

Budget and Inaugural Speech, 1957

Burdick Farm Speech, 1960

Bureau of Reclamation Speech, Washington DC

California Speech--1958

Campaign Film Scrip Speeches 1960

Chamber of Commerce, Marshalltown 1960

Chamber of Commerce, 1958

Chamber of Commerce, Bettendorf, 1960

Civic Award -- B'rai B'rith, Cedar Rapids, 1960

Clinton County Soil Conservation, 1960

College and Education Speeches

Collins Radio Technical Association., Cedar Rapids, 1960

Commencement Address, 1958

Commencement Address -- Tech High, Des Moines, 1960

Commencement Address, 1960

Commencement Address, 1958

Commission on Aging, 1959

Conference on Aging, 1960

Conference on Juvenile Behavior, 1958

Corn Picking Contest, Monticello, 1960

Corn Picking Contest, Straughn, Ind. 1959

Cornerstone Laying -- Ellsworth College, Iowa Falls, 1960

Crossing of the Mississippi, 1960

 Box 18


Dairy Convention, Fennimore, Wis., 1958

DAV Auxiliary, Davenport

Dedication--Loras College, Davenport, 1960

Democratic Meeting, Carroll, 1960

Democratic Meeting, Montezuma, 1960

Democratic Meeting, Spillville, 1960

Democratic Midwest Meeting, 1958

Democratic National Convention, 1960

Democratic Picnic, Bellevue State Park

Democratic Rally, Audubon, 1960

Democratic Rally, Belle Paine, 1960

Democratic Rally, Boone, 1960

Democratic Rally, Corydon, 1960

Democratic Rally, Decatur, Ill., 1960

Democratic Speech, Ames, 1958

Democratic Staff Assistants Meeting, 1960

Democratic State Convention, 1958

Democratic State Convention, 1960

Democratic Womens Clubs, Galesburg, Illinois, 1960

Des Moines Chamber of Commerce, 1960

Development Agencies, Des Moines, 1958

Distributive Education Convention, 1960

Education (In Legislation), 1960

Education for Survival, Cedar Falls, 11/13/1958

Education Speech, Cedar Falls, 8/6/58

Employment Security, 1959


Farm Speeches (National)

Farm Bill, Washington, DC, 1960

Farm Business--Industry Day

Farm Group Speeches

Farm Meeting, Aledo, Illinois, 1959

Farm Policy Agriculture Meeting, Washington, DC, 1960

Farm Policy Statement, Washington, DC, 1960

Farm Policy Advisory Committee, 1960

Farm Policy Committee Meeting, 1960

Farm Policy Speech, Springfield, Illinois, 1960

Farm Policy Hearing, Minneapolis, 1960

Farm Rally, Bloomfield, 1959

Farm Speech, Detroit, Michigan, 1960

Farm Speech, Moorhead, Minnesota, 1960

Farm Speech, Nixon Plowing Match, Guthrie Center, 1960

Farmers & Business Mens' Banquet, Davenport, 1959

Farmers' Union, Bloomfield, 1959

Farmers' Union, Waukon, 1960 (Waukon)

Farmers' Union, Jackson County, 1960

 Box 19


58th General Assembly, 1959

First Unitarian Church, Des Moines, 1960

Flight Breakfast, Fort Dodge, 1960

Floyd Valley Watershed Association, 1960

Foreign Students, 1960

Foreign Trade Seminar, Cedar Rapids, 1960

Fourth District, Michigan, 1958

Future Farmers of America, Cedar Rapids, 1960

Government Reorganization

Governor's Budget Message, 1959

Governor's Days, Clear Lake, 1960

Governor's Editorials

Governor's Inaugural Address, 1959

Governor's Platform Speech, 1958

Greetings, 1957-58

Growth of Productivity in Agriculture

Hawkeye Girls State, 1959

Highway Speech, Des Moines, 1960

History and Government Students, Ames, 1960

Home Builders Association, Mason City, 1958

Home Builders Association, Waterloo, 1960

Citizenship -- A Call to Duty , J. Edgar Hoover, 1959

House Committee on Agriculture Hearings, 1960

House Democratic Staff Assistants, 1960

Income Tax Revision, 1959

Independence Day, 1959

Indiana Farmers Union, 1960

Indiana Jefferson-Jackson Day, 1957

Industrial Speech, Eldora

Institute of Gerontology, Iowa City, 1958

Inter-governmental Relations, Kansas City, 1957

Inter-governmental Relations, 1959

Introduction Marion Anderson

Interstate Conference on Water Resources, Chicago, 1960

 Box 20


Iowa Association School Boards, 1959

Iowa Auctioneers Associations, 1960

Iowa Beef Producers Association, 1959

Iowa Conference on Civil Rights, Mt. Vernon, 1958

Iowa Conference on Civil Rights, Des Moines, 1960

Iowa Electric Power Management Conference, 1957

Iowa Enters the Atomic Era

Iowa Farm Brokers Conference, Des Moines, 1960

Iowa Farm Safety Council, Des Moines, 1959

Iowa Farmers' Union Convention, Des Moines, 1960

Iowa Flying Farmers Club, Carroll, 1960

Iowa Motor Court Association, 1957

Iowa Nursing Home Association, Des Moines, 1958

Iowa Nursing Home Association, Des Moines, 1959

Iowa Nursing Home Association, Des Moines, 1960

Iowa Police Association, Waterloo, 1960

Iowa Rural Electric Coops, 1960

Iowa Savings & Loan League, 1958

Iowa Sheriff's Association & County Atty's, Des Moines, 1957

Iowa State Employee Safety Program, 1959

Iowa State Teachers Association, Des Moines, 1960

Israel Speech

Jefferson -- Jackson Day, 1960

Kennedy -- Johnson Agriculture Meeting, 1960

Kiwanis Club, Cedar Rapids, 1956

Kiwanis Club, Missouri Valley, 1959

Kiwanis Club, Cedar Rapids, 1960

League of Municipalities

League of Municipalities, Des Moines, 1960

Len Wolf Dinner, Cedar Rapids

Lions Club, Des Moines, 1960

Logansport, Indiana Farm Tape Recording Transcript, 1960

Loveless Campaign Releases

Memorial Day, 1958

Memos to Governor from Dr. Johnson

Mens Brotherhood, Baptist Church, 1958

Mental Health Institute Dedication, 1959

Mental Health Speech, 1958

Merit Council Meeting, 1959

Midwest Conference, Kansas City, 1960

Midwest Democratic Governors Conference, 1959

Midwest Democratic Governors Farm Conference, 1960

Midwest Farmers and Feeders Banquet, Neola, 1960

Midwest Gas Conference, 1959

Midwest Agriculture Committee Meeting, Des Moines, 1960

Misc. Governor's Campaign File, 1960

Mississippi River Parkway Planning Commission, New Orleans, 1959

Missouri Basin Inter-agency Committee, Glacier National Park, 1958

National Bituminous Concrete Association, Detroit, 1960

National Corn Picking Contest, Cedar Rapids, 1958

National Farm Loan Association, Omaha, 1958

National Fire Protection Association, Des Moines, 1959

National Home Builders Banquet, Des Moines, 1959

National Lamb Feeders Association, Des Moines, 1959

National Police Association, Des Moines, 1960

Natural Resources, League of Women Voters, Mason City, 1960

National Sunday School Union, Des Moines, 1958

 Box 21


New Years Message, 1959

Nine State Inter-departmental Conferences, 1958

Office Transcriptions of Speeches

Oskaloosa Rotary Club Juvenile Speech, 1958

Other Governor's Speeches

Ottumwa Kick-off, 1958

Pancake Day, Chariton, 1958

Personnel & Employment Security, Sioux City, 1959

Physical Handicapped Speech, Des Moines, 1958

Political Introduction, Senator Symington, Red Oak, 1960

Political Remarks, Shell Rock, 1960

Political Speech [No Identification]

Premier Khrushehev Meeting, 1959

Presidential Convention, Waterloo, 1960

Proposed National Minimum Unemployment Compensation Standards, 1959

Prospective Teachers Day, Des Moines, 1957

Public Welfare, 1959

Public Works Subcommittee Hearing, Washington DC, 1960

Radio Spots, 1958

Rapid City Mental Health Association, 1960

Recreation Conference, Des Moines, 1960

Red Rock Dam Meeting, Washington DC, 1960

Red Rock Dam Testimony, Washington DC, 1959

Remarks to Baptist Convention, Des Moines, 1959

Reserve Officers, Cedar Rapids, 1958

Rochester, NY--Foreign Policy, 1958

Rotary Club, Burlington, 1960

Rotary Club, Cedar Rapids, 1960

 Box 22


Salvation Army, Cedar Rapids, 1958

Salvation Army, Maquoketa, 1960

Senate Appropriations Committee, 1959

Senate & House Government Operations Committee, 1959

Senate Interior & Insular Affairs Committee, 1959

Senate Committee on National Water Resources, 1959

Senator Morton Farm Speech, 1960

Sermon--Rev. Buck, 1960

Sheep Empire Days, Keosauqua, 1960

Slack Water Navigation, Sioux City, 1960

Social & Economic Trends Conference, 1958

Soil Conservation, Ames, 1957

Special Message to General Assembly, 1959

Speech on Politics, 1958

Speech Press Releases


State Apprenticeship, Des Moines, 1960

State of State Message, 1961

Statement on Tax & Revenue

Statistics for Governor's Use

Student Meeting, Ames, 1960

Swine Growers

Taxes as a State Issue, 1958

Television Script, 1960

Thanksgiving, Mitchellville, 1958

Thermogas Co., Des Moines, 1960

Town Hall Speech, California, 1957

Transportation Speech, Des Moines, 1957

Unemployment Compensation Hearings, 1959

Unemployment Compensation, 1959

Veterans Day, Atlantic, 1957

Veterans Administration, 1960

Vocational Education Meeting, Des Moines, 1959

Washington State

Water Resources Problems, Washington DC, 1960

Womens' Traffic Safety Conference, 1958

Womens' Chamber of Commerce, 1957

World Hereford Conference, Des Moines, 1960

Young Democrats of Minnesota, 1959

Young Democrats, Iowa City, 1957


 Scrapbooks, 8 items

 Phonograph Record

 Appointment Books, 3 items